Season 1 Episode 10

Raised by Another

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2004 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Psychic: I can tell you, this is important.
      Claire: Okay.
      Psychic: It is crucial that you, yourself, raise this child.
      Claire: You, you mean with Thomas, is he -
      Psychic: No the father of the child will play no part in it's life, nor yours.
      Claire: So what exactly are you saying?
      Psychic: This child parented by anyone else, anyone other than you…danger surrounds this baby.
      Claire: Danger?
      Psychic: Your nature, your spirit, your goodness must be an influence in the development of this child
      Claire: Look, if, if Thomas and I don't, you know, get back together I, I'm putting this baby up for adoption. I just, I just wanted to find out what would give the baby the happiest life.
      Psychic: There is no happy life. Not for this child - not without you.
      Claire: I don't...
      Psychic: Look, there can't be another. You mustn't allow another to raise your baby.

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