Season 6 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2010 on ABC

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Intriguing island arc, twisted and inspiring urban story, convincing acting, surprising relationships and wicked dialogs

    Widmore was obviously doing a little recon in his submarine at the end of Dr. Linus so this episode was obviously about that new arc. It was really unexpected and when I heard his name I instantly thought that his daughter Penny or even Desmond would be around. But Recon featured Sawyer and it's definitely a good thing considering how interesting the character is and how Josh Holloway performance has been convincing so far. Moreover there was something intriguing and ironic about an ex-con doing recon for Locke and his team. With Jack on the other side and now Widmore things are really getting intense. A good and evil battle already sounded epic but now there're three opponents to bet on. Show time !

    One arc logically took place on the island with Sawyer, Black Locke, Kate and the others. The scenes between our two ex-lover birds were delightful because they brought many sweet and sad memories. One of them was well filmed and the smooth editing really contributed to make these moments memorable. One minute Swayer thinks about Kate, the next you see her musing in the jungle. These are the little details you have to pay attention to if you want to comprehend how great this 6th and last season actually is. As for the story itself it was excellent and we even got to learn more about the relationship between Locke, Kate and Claire. These women shared some very emotional moments and I hope the young mother will meet her daughter again one day. For the moment it sounds like an impossible mission but with Kate everything is possible. As for Sawyer I enjoyed his unpredictable behavior as always and wonder if the characters he lied to know it or not.

    The other arc occurred in the city with the Sawyer we all know but with a twist. The beginning was very surprising and the WOW Factor™ of the scenes was really high. In fact I instantly jaw dropped when what was going on was revealed. However now that I think about it the writers could have imagined many other ways to amaze the audience. It's peace of cake when you have the best con in your show. As for the story itself it was quite inspiring, as much as Ben or Kate one. Think and act. Take the right decision, or wrong direction. It's like if these urban legends were metaphoras of what the island characters want. Like John in he Substitute, Sawyer collided with other characters. These encounters and relationships greatly contributed to make him grow on us even more.

    Recon was a unique episode with an irresistible LaFleur flavor and dozens of elements to explore. When it ended I instantly wanted to watch it again because I knew I missed some things. Indeed many dialogs were very powerful and you never really know if the characters tell the truth or not. Last but not least the last scenes were quite intriguing so waiting for the upcoming episode will definitely test your patience.
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