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  • Was very captivating until.....

    The ending of Season 3 you started to get some clues that the director and writers stopped using their consultants. And by Episode 3 and 4, of Season 4, it really became obvious. I found myself shaking my head every 30 seconds or so, saying out loud to the TV "Why did he/she do that?", or "That doesn't make any or my favorite "I'm completely lost watching There were so many vague things happening that I came to the conclusion that the writers didn't care anymore if it made any sense to the viewers because we would most likely watch it anyway. I still remember in Season 1 when they started to pursue the topic of strange and uncommon animals on the island. But after seeing the cow and the horse in the middle of a jungle environment, they kind of let that one drift off into unexplained-land. Same with the dinosaur bones. Or how about when the black mist "monster" got really close to John and made what appeared to be mechanical robotic sounds. That went nowhere. I;m sure there's a lot of fans that would like to know what the answer to that was. But the most obvious and annoying thing, at least to me, was the sudden change in the background music. Whoever was in charge of the music editing should be shot. It was way over-the-top drama-like. Similar to watching a cheesy soap opera from the 70's. The music was louder than before and seemed to "upstage" the actual dialog or sound effects. For example, in Season 4 Episode 3 there is a sound that the actors are supposed to be responding to in the jungle, but the viewer wouldn't know that because of the overwhelming violin staccato that was playing over the actual sound we were supposed to hear. I don't know how they missed that. But it's silly when the actors are saying "What was that?" and the viewers are thinking "What was what?" I found myself hitting rewind at several points throughout the first few episodes of Season 4, simply because of straining to hear what was being said over the music. So the writing went in the crapper, and so did the audio, and I can't follow it anymore as it's too absurdly confusing. Why bother watching 3 more seasons at this point?
  • Very Good Series Until....

    This was a very enjoyable series until the simple ridiculous time traveling began. I have binge watched this series many times and always stop watching when the story line goes south real fast. I would rate this series a 9 before the time travel and a 1 after. so sadly I give it a 4.5.
  • 2nd Time it so much!

    I am in the middle of binge watching Lost after watching it originally when it aired. I have missed these characters so much and it is so wonderful to have them alive again! I am watching with someone who initially had watched Season 1, but got confused by the plot and story line and eventually quit watching it during its original run. From this perspective he is able to follow the story more easily and he has a very good grasp of what the bigger picture is. One thing he noted was when Libby died, Hurley was able to let go of his fear that he was cursed and face it head on (Roger Work Man episode with the VW Van). I always thought killing off Libby was pointless, but that is true about Hurley. Watching Echo die still makes no sense to me though... Charlie did a heroic thing and was trying to save Claire... so his story line had a good arc. Still so sad. This show is not about a magical island or smoke monsters (although that makes it fun to watch)... it is about finding strength and forgiveness and what you do with your life when you have a second chance. Almost all of them that had that second chance, chose a better way... to live... to love. It is about redemption. Reliving the story lines... so deep and beautiful... sad and haunting... funny and clever... this is without a doubt... my favorite show of all time!


    This show has so many good things about it. The cast is phenomenal and diverse, the plot is really well written and is full of suspense, and I really like the Flashbacks!
  • Tabula Rasa

    Visually stunning and wonderfully acted by an all-star cast, Lost is a creative enigmatic thrill ride with endearing characters and a broad humanistic scope that isn't seen anywhere else on television. Its engaging mysteries drive its addicting plot to a shocking endpoint.
  • awesome tv show

    very nice and entertaining show
  • Finest television experience ever!

    Hands down the greatest cinematic experience in all of entertainment history. LOST is just mesmerizing and carries with it an extraordinary amount of replay value. Come discuss your love and passion for the show over at my LOST themed Facebook group called "LOST FANS UNITE!" The members are very friendly and there is tons of great LOST related content to be found on a regular basis. Come join us over at "LOST FANS UNITE! and easily fall in love with our show all over again! :)
  • it will alwys be the best show

    best show i literaly have no words of how much i love the show and always recommend lost to whoever is looking for a new show i can't explain how good this show i hope they do a reboot lost.......
  • The Philosophy of Lost is key to understanding

    My wife and I started watching lost a little over a year ago and finished it a about a week ago. Throughout the series we both fell in love with it so much it is now our favorite show. We came across it on Netflix and We decided to give it a chance after seeing my oldest brother obsess over it till "the end". After he watched the last ep on season 6 his love faded like many fans that followed the show over the years. When everything was said and done him and many fans felt for lack of a better words lost. Knowing these view points from the start we payed close attention to every ep. By the time we got to the last ep we were so afraid the show we've grown to love so much would end in disappointment like the many fans before us. To both of our surprise it gave us the closure we needed not only that but for the most part all of our questions were answered. From the island itself, the magnetism it generates, everyone that was ever on the island and the protectors of the island. For the most part it was all answered thoughtout the series if you pay close attention. The only question that went unanswered was how the dharma inquisitive found the island in the first place and what ever happend to Aaron after leaving the island. All we know is that Katte raised him until 10 years old I think correct me if I'm wrong. Other then these minor questions the series covered all the major questions if I'm not mistaken. Although after talking to my oldest brother today I was able to answer all his questions expect the two above. Halfway though our conversation it occurred to me it's been over a decade since he sat down and actually watched the show. So the thing that my wife and I noticed is many of the people like my brother that didn't understand the show was the ones that watched it week by week or as every season was released. If we would of watched it like that we would of been confused as well. Lost is not a very easy show to understand no matter how you watch it the one thing that helped us was keeping an open mind throughout it all. What I mean by keeping an open mind is by not over complicating some of the concepts or problems that are introduced. If your still having trouble understanding there is one last thing that was key to helping me. As one may notice the main characters of the show are all named after some of the greatest philosopher's that ever lived. This goes without saying the character's are supposed to represent these great philosopher's. With that comes the understanding of each individual philosopher which helped me understand why they act and do the things they do during the show. There's is one last key concept that is really important to understanding the show. That is that the island is a real concept created by another renowned philosopher. The only thing is the island itself was the writers idea. the geography of the island is what suppose to represent the concept the philosopher created. If you Google the philosophy of lost it will tell you about the philosopher's and the concepts that the show brought to life. I hope this brings some kind of understanding or at least helps you understand what the writers were doing when creating the show. :-)
  • Give me a break

    Well after binge watching for a few weeks on Netflix I have to give Lost a pretty low rating. The show had potential but drifted off into a labyrinth of nonsensical garbage. I began watching the show after suggestions from friends and family and will forever question their recommendations in the future. Fortunately I had hours and hours of mundane computer work to do otherwise I would be incredibly irritated I wasted so much time on this series. Cue suspenseful climatic sound, zoom in on facial expression, and cut to commercial break/flashback.... and repeat repeat repeat. Quick, run from the mysterious smoke monster that apparently plays the trumpet. But first, lets cut back in time about a young boy getting yelled at by his father and is forever scared. Blah. After way too long of time we discover the show is some poor attempt on afterlife, deeper meaning, purgatory type crap... and just down right bad. My apologies to all you hardcore fans but let's get real; 9-10 stars? As much as I thought the show was garbage, I won't give it 1 star but it will get no more than 3 because it doesn't deserve it. Cannot believe all the hype for this show. Could certainly have used more creative writing and plot planning rather than the slew of nonsense. I wouldn't suggest starting/watching this series and if you do, stop at season 1.
  • Had me guessing the whole time!

    I finally just finished this show after 2 months of binge watching and can I say that this show had it all? From the Pilot to the finale I had questions the whole time, after I satched "The End", I was thinking about that show the whole day, Lost consumed my life for 3 months!! I don't know what to do with my time now, this show is very binge worthy, perfect acting from a great cast, with a perfect plot with MANY twists and turns all the way from the pilot to the finale, I give this show a 9.3/10!
  • Best Show Ever!!!!

    this is simply an awesome show. if you ever have 4 months of free time on your hands you just definitely watch this show. the ending was great and might even make you cry. #vincent is awesome
  • I miss Lost

    I still miss the show. Season 6 was not that good and though I had liked the finale I always thought, just like millions of viewers, Lost had deserved a better ending. It has been 11 years since it first aired! I am planing to watch it for the 2nd time
  • Lost--

  • Lost yes.

    One o fthe greatest shows ever. I love lost of much. Great storylines, convincing actors, and very well written. Of course I think we all could have done without the nikki and paulo story. Anyways, really great show, even though the end was very sad.
  • Most clever writers ever

    The most clever thing these writers ever did was to write a show that is clearly about Purgatory, yet convince all of their fans that the show wasn't about Purgatory.

    LOST is simply the greatest tv series of all time, Why? Well, I could say its because of the incredibly brilliant characters, flawlessly written and acted, Or I could say its because of the massively intriguing story, Or I could tell you about its geniusly unique non linear story telling technique, Or maybe even about the fact that LOST is more than what you see on screen, Lost asks the questions other shows are afraid to ask, Who are we? Why do we do what we do? What is our purpose? The truth is LOST is the greatest tv series of all time for so many reasons, ignore the naysayers that most likely misunderstood the shows complexity, make your own mind up.
  • This is probably the most complicated show you'll ever see.

    If you're not prepared for the strenuous task that is watching this 117-episode mystery, then save yourself the trouble and don't even view the Pilot (part one or two). Honestly, the show's quirky mysteriousness gets old around season four or five when you realize that the pieces of the puzzle will never quite fit together and that for every answer the show provides each season, it asks five more questions. In the same way that many survivors of Oceanic 815 gave up hope of rescue, you eventually give up hope that Lost will come to a reasonable conclusion.

    Still, you must commend the writers for the interesting characters they've created. Almost every season introduces a new faction to what was supposed to be a deserted island, and no matter how new the characters are, their back stories and roles compel you to care about them (except for season three's Nikki and Paulo who were dropped into the show and therefore despised).

    Yet, there is a downside to having an ensemble show with an ever-expanding cast: there is always a shifting focus. While episode two of a given season may focus on your favorite character, you may have to wait another seven to twelve episodes before your character becomes the focus again, which is also the reason why some storylines take forever to complete.

    One storyline that never goes away (until "The End") is the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet love quadrangle that effectively denies the two couples from developing meaningful relationships that aren't tainted by suspicion and jealousy.

    And, after suffering through those exasperating elements, if you manage to make it to the finale, you'll still be bawling like a newborn. Although the show begins to drain your life force after its fourth season, it provides a somewhat satisfying end to it all, so that you're more than ready to let go and move on.

  • The best show ever

    The show lost is one of the best shows i have ever watched. At first, I thought that the show was going to be dumb and stupid, but it is amazing and made me so emotional. To this day I still get emotional when discussing lost with fellow colleagues because I grew emotionally attached to each character. Watching all 120 episodes in the summer, in a short period of time made me have no life. But it was the best life because all i did was watch Lost. The first season struck me because i thought it was dumb because it was about a plane crash, But once Ethan came and kidnapped Claire, it began to be bizarre and scared me into knowing more about the show. The noise effects, the music, lights, costumes, plot, design just about everything in this story made it whole and fascinating. The way each character was explained in separate episodes made the story more intriguing and interesting. The episodes also had famous actors in it which made the show more interesting. Although I hated Benjamin at first, I grew to love him even though he murdered people. At the end, I did cry including throughout the story, Great show!!! Best show ever!!!!!! Wish they would have continued. The only thing I wish was changed is the ending. The ending should have been explained in more detail. But overall, i am emotional just typing this!!
  • great tv series .....

    except they spoil end of the series.....
  • Lost in the amazing world of Lost! ;)

    10/10 spell binding. Binge-watched the whole show in a week. Amazing beginning, suspense and the ending took my breath away unlike anything I've watched before. It touched a nerve. That closing scene... Watch it. Laughing, tears, wanting to kill half the characters then love them again 10 minutes later.
  • thumbs up

    Great show .. kinda got alittle aggravated at the fact they kept leaving enemies alive just tie them up and leave them so they can chase you later, and make sure their dead!.. put those rifles to work, bullet between the eyes means one less bad guy to deal with.
  • I rank all episodes of Lost

    10. The House Of The Rising Sun (Season 1)

    9. White Rabbit (Season 1)

    8. Walkabout (Season 1)

    7. Raised By Another (Season 1)

    6. The Moth (Season 1)

    5. Confidence Man (Season 1)

    4. Tabula Rasa (Season 1)

    3. Solitary (Season 1)

    2. All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (Season 1)

    1. Pilot (Season 1)
  • My favorite show of all time!

    Didn't even know too much about this show until my mom was watching the season 2 premiere! I eventually went back and watched season 1. I loved this show instantly! You definetly have to watch it from the beginning or you will be very confused.

    Season 1 usually focused on one character per episode so you can get a quick background on where they came from and why they are on the island which is important to know! There were a lot of characters on this show but you will love them! the acting is fantastic! My favorite character was Charlie by the way.

    After each episode, you always wanted to know more! it was so addicting! Definetly one of the greatest shows i ever watched! Highly recommended!
  • one will be lost in LOST

    The show is awesome. The story is very complicated and if you do not pay close attention there is a good chance that you will be "Lost". The strength of the show is it's spectacular casting. It couldn't have been more perfect. Josh Holloway aka Sawyer is my favorite. The novel approach of "flashbacks" was another of its strength. The show has everything Time travel, Mythology, Science, Romance, Comedy, Suspense, Thrill, Mystery, Ghosts, plane crash etc. In fact most shows combining such "genres" end up messing them but "Lost" nailed it perfect. No complains but I was really interested in the story Jacob , The Monster and the Island's origin which weren't covered up in much details
  • Confusing story plot

    I was really confused by the plot line. It made it hard for me to understand fully what was going on. The show is more climactic than Survivor but at least you got a grip on what was always going on there. Still, the show had exciting moments. I just wish the writers tried to make the plot more simpler to follow.
  • Greatest TV Show Ever Made Until Season 6

    I rewatched this for the third time and still have to agree it is the greatest story with the most rewarding cast I have ever seen until Season 6. With the rating down, I think the writers gave it a quick closing. If the story had gone another way... for example when the Oceanic 6 were rescued on Penny's boat, they should have told the truth, not lied. This would have made a new story ending for Season 6 and everybody could have lived. Realizing the writers wanted to express why these people were there in the first place but could have been more with them coming back and maybe Witmore and others could have helped them with different story lines of what they encountered in trying to get back to the island. I think ratings could have raised if the bomb didn't go off and a different story line written. Once the bomb went off, an entirely sorid and sad ending was envitable (sp). It had the greatest story while on the island with the outstanding cast. Not happy with ending. Furthermore it did not show what happened to those on Ajira 316 when they flew off, we just assume it crashed too. All that with the church, afterlife, could have been avoided and the show could have continued and ratings would have gone up if only the writers did not give up. I loved the show and wish it could have gone on a few years more and gave everyone a happier ending. All that said, it was one of the greatest ever. Too bad it couldn't end something like Fringe.
  • Dharma Prespective

    They should re-vitalize the series from the dharma point of view. Start back in the 60s or whenever it started. They could use the dharma tapes as some reference points. I would definitely watch that.
  • Clever Beyond Belief

    A show that can offer question after question with very few answers and still remain utterly engrossing is something special. The show has a huge cast, expanding as the show progresses, all of whom are very interesting due to the characters all being fleshed out through flashbacks. Mystery, intrigue, suspense, action, drama. The amalgamation of these ingredients make for one of the best shows ever made.

    The enjoyment of the show comes from the journey not the ending, and what a journey it is. 10/10.
  • " Pure and Simple " LOST

    ohh. And i m writhing. So, a few minutes ago, i saw the last eisode of the last season by LOST. Simple , i cried when the LOST was over. I am impressed about what they did , the actors by LOST. I don t see so much tv series , but that , LOST, was awsome. If you saw the all season of LOST, wach again in few years. You know what ?!, because is so good to see how they playing, the actor , and to understand how as you can of that story. If you know some movies with this actors, please give me a sign on Facebook . Search Alex Bruno, and ... " Aye" sorry for my english, All the best!!!
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