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  • LOST is and all wase will be the best T.V. Show Ever

    Over 5 years now i've watch LOST Grow from being a story of survival into a story of love, hate, anger, mistery, adventure and best of all Redemption. No other t.v. show pushes the bounderes like LOST Has in the past two years going from Plane crash to 1970s Science to Time Travel. Ever year you get something different from ever season and you end up growing more and more in love with the characters. As of late the ratings to LOST has started to fall but the good thing about the ratings dropping is that it show the true veiws who love the show and that makes me fell better knowing that out there, there are Millions of Loving fans Tuning in ever wenesday to follow the lives of what i would call T.VS most LOVED Cast. I look forward to next years Season because when it comes down to it the final season to anything is alwasy the best and to make it even better it the final season to LOST you just Know its going to Kick ASS
  • Quite frankly, and I say this with no exaggeration or hyperbole, the greatest show ever to come onto TV.

    Revolutionary. Ahead of its time. Intelligent. Exciting. Fascinating. Interesting. Philosophical. All of these (and many more) are ways to describe Lost, a TV show unlike anything you've ever seen. Everything in Lost just works. The acting, phenomenal (see Micheal Emerson as Ben Linus and Terry O'Quinn as John Locke)the cinematography, great. The setting is excellent. The writing is smart and well-done. The characters are possibly the greatest most intriguing in any show. The story is never-endingly curious and satisfying. But viewer be warned, this is no Gilligan's Island. If you want to see a simple (and considerably more stupid) show about people trying to survive on an island then go elsewhere. Lost is so much more. There are only so many things that one can say about this show. If you want to see a show that will challenge you, intrigue you and compel you night after night then go out, rent the first season and experience the greatest show on television.
  • The plane crash of Oceanic Flight 315 sets off a series of events involving the survivors, a mysterious island, and others involved.

    "Lost" was the "it" show back in 2004. It was cutting edge, well developed, and unique in the midst of the departure of several iconic shows from the '90s. An interesting method of storytelling via flashbacks, portrayed every character deeply and provided a rich foundation. Needless to say, most dramas of this kind can only get worse throughout the years. Season two was not quite as impressive, but still kept our jaws on the ground. Season three began to border ridiculous as too many questions were thrown into the open and still none were answered. However, it entertained until season four. At this point, the show began to become over-the-top. Season four was good, but to many questions kept coming and weak episodes in season five have not helped.
  • Best show on the Television right now

    I'd tell you what Lost is about, but that would be spoiling it for you. So instead, I'll tell you how it starts. A commercial airliner crashes onto a remote island, and some 40+ survivors must deal with the unique environment, each other, and themselves to survive. It's a dramatic, science fiction mystery. It has an enormous cast, contains several important subplots and details, and engages in abstract and philosophical concepts. As the show progresses, it becomes increasingly important that you do not miss a single episode. If you haven't already been following the show, I highly recommend watching the episodes on DVD in a relatively short amount of time if you want to keep your mind wrapped around what's going on.

    If you're still interested, here's my next piece of advice: think of Lost as one long movie, cut into several hour long intervals. That's the kind of experience you get from this show. Each episode (and, admittedly, some more than others) build on top of all the previous ones, leading towards the final minutes of the final episode. This isn't Gilligan's Island; nobody asks what misadventures our heroes will get into today. Instead, the audience is constantly asking, "What does all of this mean." Yes, it is a show that requires your patience. You will not understand everything until the very end, but that's okay. Lost does an excellent job of making the first season focus primarily on just the characters. You'll find that you love some characters and hate others. You form bonds with these characters, so as the following seasons progress, you become much more emotionally invested in the action. Even if one individual episode does not progress the entire story much further, it's still interesting to see these characters come to life.

    In addition to the abstract, fantastical concepts which arise, there are are several "adult" themes and situations. Each episode focuses on one character in particular, in which you learn details about his or her personal life. Issues include domestic abuse, murder, mental illness, infidelity, drugs, and much more. These details are masterfully brought to life on the island. For some, the island is a chance to reinvent themselves, but no matter how hard they try, they are incapable of completely severing themselves from their pasts. It is fascinating to watch how the writers incorporate the characters personal lives into their current lives, weaving a tapestry of three-dimensional, distinct, human characters.

    And it's not only the back stories which are dark; the survivor's on-island experiences and interactions can be painful, unethical, disturbing, and gruesome. Characters will betray one another, lie to one another, kill one another. The situation starts out ugly and doesn't get much prettier, but it becomes infinitely more interesting and intense. And I don't want to give you the impression that Lost is one long, bloody melodrama. It is far from it. There is an appropriate amount of humor peppering nearly every episode, ranging from tension-breaking wisecracks to downright hilarious lines and situations. Really, I don't know what this show could possibly be lacking. It really has it all.

    So, in conclusion, if you're looking for some intense, exciting escapism, watch Lost. But be warned, it requires your time and dedication. Don't skip episodes, and please don't think you can start watching from the middle and know (or care) what's going on. You wont. Just start from the beginning and go on from there. You wont be disappointed.
  • This is a great show and I wish that I had started watching it when it first came on. This show has everything I would want in a show. It has drama,comedy, suspense.

    First of all this is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to see something that leaves you hanging on every word that is said and begging for more when it ends. I am going to watch some episodes online and see if I can get caught up to the present. Jack is a great guy and a wonderful doctor. Kate is beautiful but also has a good head on her shoulders. Sawyer is the bad boy who you want to help but he is dead set on not showing his true self. Boone and Sarah are two of the characters I also enjoy watching. Locke is mysterious and a great hunter who I enjoy watching. I like the way the show goes into their lives before their airplane crashed and gives you details of why they do the things they do. I really enjoy Sayid is a character that I also think is a good person and I really think Naveen Andrews does a great job of portraying his role of Sayid Jarrah. Charlie is a really sweet guy and I really think he adds to the show with his beautiful accent and he tries to help even though he has been battling with getting of the drug. I am totally hooked.
  • lost is a series that talks about a group of people that have a plane crash but some how it took us to something far beyound our expectations i think the author is just fabulous to have this ability to create this chain of events and make us go with it...

    it is the most amazing weired complex show ever it shows us different people lives and you even know if it is true or not is it really happening or what i hope that in the last season of LOST we understand it all but it still so exciting keeping you waiting to know what will happen will they be rescued at the end or not it is confusing it opens our imaginations alot of possibities we can all imagine a certain end to the show but we can all be hit by a end that we would never expect so we will keep watching it but what about the end!!!!!
  • Every season has a different reason for being great.

    Everyone is so (rightfully) caught up in the episode-by-episode developments that it is easy to not step back and see how each season is great on its own terms. This current season is the heavy sci-fi season before coming back to more character-based material in the final season. I love having my head spun around, knowing that I'll have something wonderful to examine when it stops spinning...I suspect that, when all is said and done, at the end of the final season, everything will have fallen in place, whether it is obvious or not, and we'll be watching the show in its entirety again to really grasp every connection...
  • Oceanic Flight 815 crashes down on a deserted island or so they thought.The island is filled with people, the Others,the Dharma people, and now the survivors of Oceanic 815.If you enjoy merry-go-rounds jump on for a dose of unending circular reasoning.

    This is the time I wish that Lost was really lost. The show is just an unending maze of circular reasoning, where one question leads to a dozen more questions. At first this was fun but now it is just getting monotonous. In this latest episode we know have the defunked Sawyer as the undisputed leader of the remnants of the once great clan of Dr. Sheppard. Sawyer and Juliet, the ex-love interest of Dr. Sheppard, now share a bungalow in the Dharma Initiative and are playing house. Can't this Sawyer guy get anything of his own? Meanwhile, Locke returned to civilization through a well and has talked a group of six survivors, which made it back to civilization 3 years earlier, to return to the island. One of these survivors is Kate, which was also an ex-love interest of both Dr. Sheppard and Sawyer. Now the cat fur is going to fly!
  • Sawyer was a great leader. Now what's Jack gonna do there? I knew they'd be back when ...

    Sawyer was a great leader. Now what's Jack gonna do there? I knew they'd be back when Sawyer mentioned forgetting his "freckles"!!!
    Finally some movement and all for the best. The race for the end of the season will be amazing. I'm besides myself having to wait. I can't wait for them to explain the statue. This might provide some answers. Richard is back in this one and I am impressed the way he was used. This series is getting better all the time. For a while I was starting to think that the return to the island would only come at the end of this season, but the surprise was very welcome. JJ, is the the best. Now I'm really eager to see his version of Star Trek. May '09 is way too far.
  • One of the best episodes of LOST...ever.

    This episode of LOST is really different from the rest. The story is unfolded in such an excellent manner, through flashbacks, etc..The character development is unprecedented for a Season 5 episode, and the pacing is phenomenal. Sawyer is definitely one of the best characters on the show, and his transformation as a character is something to be remembered for a long time. The music featured in this episode is the best of season 5. Sawyer's new motif is really good; I applaud Giacchino for his masterpieces. I will say this though, the ending is a bit abrupt, and it makes me wish I was just watching these episodes on DVD or Blu Ray.

    i have never enjoyed a show more than i have enjoyed Lost. Every episode brings excitement and new information, i live for wednesday nights, and i alos hate them because then i have to wait a whole other week for a new episode! The writers are complete genius' and every character is lovable. I hate it when people say that its confusing. Honestly, it really isnt, its just so well thought out, and the way everything fits together is amazing, everything that happens on the show happens for a reason, and u always have to pay attention to the details. The suspense that is built in the show is amazing. I don't know what i will do with myself once this show ends after its 6th season!
  • Oceanic Airlines flight 815 crashes on a tropical island. The survivors must learn to depend on one another for survival.

    This is the best TV show of all time. It causes you to think, which is what sets it apart from other shows that merely tell you a story and explain everything for you. Lost keeps you guessing every single episode. Those of us who have been "Losties" from the beginning are given enough each week to discuss and rehash every person, every line of dialogue, everything we see, trying to figure out what each and every small detail means. And last week's episode. Just when you think maybe Ben just might be telling a little bit of the truth, AAARGGGGHHHH! Out comes the EVIL BEN! Oh,and did I mention that I adore Sawyer?
  • By far the best show on television.

    Lost is by far my favorite show on television. I will admit that I was one of the people who 'Lost' interest when the show went on one of it's earlier hiatuses but once it went to it's current flow of playing all new episodes back to back it has been my favorite show to watch.
    It was a difficult show to watch in seasons 2 and 3 because you felt that with every episode the show got more confusing and things never seemed to add up. It seemed there were always more questions and no answers. However, once season 4 started, so did the answers and the viewer has benefited.
    If you haven't seen this show before go "rent" it and get cuaght up. You won't be disappointed.
  • Best show of mine for over 4 years.

    I started watching this show when the first season came out on DVD. I was searching for something to rent and this was new so I rented it. But yea that ain't really the review part, so I'm gonna go ahead and start. This show is a show that hooks you on from minute one to minute 40. When I am watching this it's like time doesn't pass. The creator of this is a genious in my book, to think of these thing, and the director of how everyone plays their roles is simply amazing. You never know what to expect, it's not a show that you know what's going to happen ( Almost like all shows these days ) No, you think something is going to happen, but in the end you find out that it was the opposite! The story line for this is basically amazing, I mean everyone will give it a shot of atleast one episode, I mean plane crash on a 'deserted island' everyone likes that, but as the story progresses you do get a bit angry, because everything just adds up and keeps adding with no answers just questions, but when you finally get an answer... it's like a piece of heaven! Too get to the end of this boring review, for me this show is something I look forward to each week, because I know for those 40 or so minutes, I have nothing to think about just Lost. One of the best thing TV has ever seen.
  • this is a good show, I think it has gotten away from the whole, not knowing the person beside you aspect that it originally was but still good

    I miss the everyone showing up in a small way in flashbacks, and there aren't as many teamups of different people as there once were. One teamup that was actually quite short but I wanted to see more of was Sayid and Sawyer, remember when they teamed up when they were worried about Juliet in their camp? That was cool and I loved how Juliet was saying who it's weird that them two are the ones policing. And there is very little dynamic between sun and Kate anymore. I just miss the group solidary aspect to the show. Everyone seems set as to who we're going to see them with. But I still watch and the puzzle is still interesting.
  • Simply the best show on television at the moment (or ever).

    When I first heard that they were making a show on a bunch of people stuck on an island after a plane crash, I started to laugh. "These guys are gonna write themselves into a hole, and the show won't last longer than a season" I thought. After all, how much can happen on one island?
    Man, was I wrong. With the clever use of flashbacks and later on, flash-forwards, the show is unique in every way.
    The island itself is still a mystery after 5 seasons.
    As each question is answered, another 10 come up. The way they keep you wanting more after each episode is something that you can't find in any other show.
    And ... it also helps that the characters are really interesting and each actor is amazing.
    I only started watching the series on DVD, after the 3rd season was finished. I was so enthralled, that I watched all 3 seasons in less than 2 weeks and couldn't wait for the next one to start. Although, I thought that the show had reached its prime, and there was no way they could keep it that good for another season, especially with the writer's strike beckoning. After all, very few shows are better in their latter years.
    Man ... I have never been so wrong ... again! Season 4 was absolutely magnificent. Even though there were only 10 or 11 episodes in the season, I think it is the best season of television I have ever seen.
    I don't often remember the titles of episodes (I don't even remember easy things like my mom's birthday sometimes :)), but "The constant" in season 4 was perfect - no other words to describe it.
    I'm busy watching season 5 now - and unbelievably it is still great (I think I've rated each episode as a 10 - I don't often give episodes 10s, you can check). I'm really looking forward to a lot more seasons from this awesome show.
    I definitely recommend everyone to watch it.
  • AWESUM... my personal FAVORITE

    I first started watching lost back in 05 because of a friend. He used to tell me to watch this again and again. So I finally bought the DVD. To be frank, i am not into sci-fi and all, but let me tell u ppl something... this show, LOST, changed me completely.
    After i started watching it on DVD, i could not stop, i watched all the 1st season ep in 2 days, tats how crazy i was. Today i follow LOST every weak, and cant wait for the next week. I just saw S05E06 and this is my favorite episode ever. Right from the start, you attach yourself to the characters and want them to move ahead. Its a show full of MYSTERIES, and the mystery unfolds slowly, and its definitely worth the wait!!. Now, what can i say about the writers, they are BEYOND GENIUSES. After each episode you will find yourself saying "what the hell just happened" and it will blow your mind away...
  • This show is absolutely phenomenal. I am intrigued by every single episode and they always come up with something no one has ever thought of before. The show is influential and inspiring.

    This show is absolutely phenomenal. I am intrigued by every single episode and they always come up with something no one has ever thought of before. The show is influential and inspiring. There is also a sense of spiritualness that the show gives off. After every episode, there is a distinct moral or lesson learned. The show is far from just an entertainment it is a show that teaches and expands your mind. When I first saw this show on television I thought it was boring and the plot line was too confusing. However, once I went to Abc family's episode player and saw the episodes before I grew to love this show. This is the not the kind of show you can just watch once. You have to get to know each of the characters and their struggles. I am so glad I gave this show another chance.
  • Lost is a wonderful drama series which is so much versatile in nature. It's got mystery, imaginative elements, science fiction, suspense, thrilling and what not. It's got an innovative storyline featuring one/two particular character in each episode.

    Lost is one of those shows that hold you glued to it and after watching each episode you are bound to say "It could not have been any better." The show is very much enriched for the way the writers have incorporated their storylines and imagination in it. A bunch of people are destined to crash on an island which is full of endless mysteries and unpredictable turns. The show got better and better as each season ended followed by a new one. You will feel like you are also lost with the characters in this island as you'll watch it and you will feel sad as they keep trying to make all the unsuccessful attempt to escape the island. The show is in its 5th season and there are still tons of mysteries to be solved. You definitely can't stop watching until you get into the end of the season. This show is that awesome.
  • The best TV show ever!!

    This is not really a TV show in terms of quality and scale...somehow the producers of this show manage to create a mini movie every episode...That's how great it looks and how great the writing and production values are.
    It's simply epic. the themes that the show tackles range from faith and doubt, to existence and fate. Every season so far has been great. Obviously the first season is probably the most special in that it was flawless and because it was the first time network TV gave us quality of this sort. Only twenty-some episodes left of the series now and we are headed for an amazing finale in 2010!!
  • I think the category for this show is Soap Opera.

    I know a lot of people think this show is great. But it is nothing more than a creative soap opera. From the unreliable friendships to the lying, cheating and murder. There is not one thing about this series that stands out as a reason to watch it much less buy it on DVD. How or why Ben is still around and allowed to call all the shots is beyond me. I hope that Hollywood can eventually find a way to produce some real classics again, because shows like this are definitely not made for family viewing with young children.
  • Although it is a good show in general, the best LOST has is its perfectly plotted stories, which need to be very well studied and presented to reach a good amount of audience while keeping it complicated.

    LOST it's a revelation for everybody that watches it regularly. On the begining you could think that they were just messing around, presenting crazy thigs in front of you so you could say its somewhat science fiction while the way was shooted was more like a story about people and their relationships.

    And it was at the beginning that you thought that because the characters were being presented by flashbacks, and all of them had their own lives before the crash, lives that will affect the way they react on the island in certain situations. Besides the crazy stuff, which was barely justified to the audience, nothing seemed to happen.

    But as the show was going forward, science fiction started to take place, and all of us that were just asking ourselves "What the hell is happening overthere?", started to say... "AWESOME!!!". The more the show advances, the more is revealed, but, and here is the "ahead of its time" thing, barely nothing that it's being presented and explained, is new, instead, the show it's always consistent with the first pillars presented in the first season, which blows your mind because you know now that every single detail happens for a reason and will most likely be used to reveal more secrets.

    This way of development is quite special in a show like that. Normally, this kind of plot will be used in a mini-series, were you know exactly where you are going. But LOST just keeps going, and every season writers need to know how to wrap up just in case the show is ended, or how to continue without using new naterial, I mean, using what you stablished since the very first episode.

    And the most important thing; to continue writing the show the way it's been written, the plot must be evolving in a very complicated one. The more episodes you have to write, the more implications you have to give to the original plot, that means a good deal of names, situations, relationships... but not every fan of the show is a rocket scientist and keeps a log for every name and word that's been said on the island, so you have to keep it simple to remember and understand, and here is were I find the hardest work being done in the writing and editing process. ABC is trying to explain every chapter now with the "untangled" episodes, but as the shows goes (now even through time and space), the need of a road map is imperative.

    Be good, and keep watching LOST.
  • The perfect mixture of everything this show is my own personal favorite. I've watched this show religiously since it's first start and I'm going to miss it when it finishs!

    Lol, when I first saw the 100 words min, I thought it said 100 words max. Trying to sum LOST up in 100 words - it's a tricky feat to do! I don't think I could! Character driven with underling plots of mythology and romance, LOST is my personal favourite in TV history! I fully feel that my 10 rating on the show is true! I have never managed to see a show that has kept it's momentum through all five seasons. This show is something special and as such should be celebrated. Season 1 started out by introducing the unfortunate Losties, the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 that crashed mysteriously on a seemingly deserted Island. And so the fun begins; each character has their own interesting and some seriously dark histories attached to them and as their story of survival unfolds so does their past and how they begin to redeem themselves for it. As they all struggle to survive, the mysteries of the island begin to intrude. The puzzling noises in the jungle and the crazy French woman talking of whispers and 'The Others' And as the seasons developed some good characters died - R.I.P Charlotte, Charlie and Boone and some not so good characters died - alah Paulo and Nikki! And some crazy plot lines emerged like Kate blowing up her stepdad who actually was her father, Like Locke's con-man daddy who coined him out of a kidney was also the man who slept with Sawyer momma causing his fathers murder and suicide! See what I mean - crazy! It's almost the best storylines a soap opera could come up with - yet, with a fantastic writing team and superb cast - none of the episodes are contrived or fake (with one or two exceptions). I don't want to boar people too much with talk of shipping and the dreaded triangle of doom. But, my own personal opinion thinks that the romance between Jack and Kate is wonderful! (I'll leave the rest for my blog) The most recently airing season - Season 5 - is an epic season so far! The questions that have been raised since the beginning are coming to their answers and it comes with a sort of melancholy feeling. With a definite end date in line, the end is coming to one of Televisions finest shows.

    I can't really say much more without going into an episode by episode deconstruction. For those of you who are considering watching LOST - please do. It is truly a triumph for those involved in the process.
  • At first I wasn't sure how I felt about lost. The mysterious island, the subplots, the dharma initiative, and all the other mysteries though have intertwined. In fact, the show seems to get better with each episode....

    At first I wasn't sure how I felt about lost. The mysterious island, the subplots, the dharma initiative, and all the other mysteries though have intertwined. In fact, the show seems to get better with each episode....

    The show has good character development, and every show plays some part of a bigger master storyline. It doesn't seem to go off into useless tangents; in fact, it's always on track & there's always a big overarching objective. Things are always going on with the show, unlike other TV shows which seem to slow down & hit dead time, and some episodes appear to just be filler. Every episode of lost develops the character and the show further...

    In fact, I like the show better now than I did during season 2 or season 3.

    Early on I preffered Heroes, but lost has started to become my favorite TV show.
  • Who's going to watch 4 seasons of being stuck on an island? Please...

    For 3 years I was saying those words. My sister always talked about Lost, I knew that it was a show about survivours of a plane crash. Modern Robinson Crusoe. And then I found out that single fact... J.J. Abrams was the executive producer. And I said to myself: This has to be watched.

    I am great fan of Alias, I watched it on a local television almost from the start. Extremely intrigued and entertainted, I craved for more when the show ended (actually, the 4th season was the last on that local television, I downloaded the 5th season later). And that one night, I took the pilot episodes from my sister. Love at first sight, I must say.

    Everything I ever thought I had known about this show disappeared. It was a mixture of drama, sci-fi, mystery, comedy, adventure. But I think the sci-fi element was crucial for me to really want to watch it. Dominic Moaghan was a big plus too, for I love The Lord of the Rings. And now, I have been a Lost fon for more than 6 months. I really regret letting my prejudices stand between me and this great show, but I hope I'm mostly going to use the rest of the show to enjoy it.

    I admitt there were some boring moments, but the producers did say it was stalling. But from the second half of season three and onwards, Lost is absolutely perfect, and I hope it's going to get even better. Sci-fi, adventures, mysteries (and solving mysteris too), comedy, action... I cannot wait for the series finale, but I am sad because it's going to end, just like Harry Potter, who I really enjoyed reading and expecting.
  • The best show. ever.

    This show has proven to me that there is hope for television after all. I discovered LOST really late in the game. It was just a few months ago, my little sister was watching a DVD and while I was eating lunch I figured I'd join her. It was halfway through season 1 and three hours later I was saying "Just one more episode PLEASE!" I was literally hooked after about 10 minutes.

    LOST is the type of series that makes you feel completely connected to the characters. When they hurt you hurt, when they cry you cry, and when they are standing there staring in complete confusion with that "WHATT?" expression you are sitting on the cough screaming at the tv "WHATT?!?!?" By now all of you on here know exactly what I am talking about, and you know that this is by far the best series that has ever existed on television.
  • You can't make this stuff up... or can you ? ? ?

    Wow... I mean wow, as in : " Wow this show is a load of crap ".
    Really?! A smoke monsters? A time machine island? A polar bear? A magnetic stabler machine thingy ? And to top on all that a dog! thats already pushing it. Next thing you'll tell me this island has french people on it... oh no, wait a minute, it does! What amazes me more than how do well educated adults... and the writers of "Lost" still manage to draw such an audience for this show, is why do i still watch it. I'm pretty sure it's not the "clever" scripts (not mentioning the plot) because to see such a dialog I can crash at my 4 year old nephew's house and watch barney. (I'm of course talking about Hugo's lines, which by the way does remind me of barney except he is missing a tail, but i have my fingers crossed maybe the island will grow him one).
    And if it was the beautiful actresses on the show i can always watch Ftv. Which leaves me with one option and that option is that I'm that anxious to find out the out come of the show... I don't even know why i wrote this review...
  • The story of the survivors of the Oceanic Flight 815 who crash on a mysterious island where strange occurances and findings happen

    The greatest show ever. Elaborate and well thought, the only show to suceed in confusing the crap out of you but makes you addicted. Characters you love, monsters, secrets, weird. What's not to love? I started to watch the show only about 6 months ago, watching the sesons on DVD. I got so addicted I finished 1 month before the new season started. It's the only show to make me pause it and look for clues. It's the show that comes into your mind so much you be walking along and see a manhole and cry "Oh my god! A secret hatch!" The kind of show where you're conversations mainly start with,"You watch Lost last night?" or "Holy crap Lost makes me brainhurt!" Great show. May it live forever!

    MeepSween XD
  • Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on an island. The survivors have tried to find a way off the island and many have died. They have had to deal with The Others, time travel, and trying to understand why the heck this is happening to them.

    Absolutely incredible. Lost is an amazing show. It keeps you entertained and makes you think at the same time. It is filled with all the things someone could want in a show. Action, Adventure, Mystery, Giggity Giggity, and even some comedy. There are plenty of things to keep your mind confused. Whether its the polar bear, smoke monster, DHARMA Initiative, The Others, or the survivors past and future, it always leaves you wondering what will happen next. It is very confusing to try and watch the show from where its at now. You should go on ABC.COM and watch the first seasons to understand everything. There is no other show around like Lost and its ending in 2010 so get busy watching.
  • I think is the most interesting and entretaining tv series I'va ever seen. Lost is a series that makes you think a lot, yeah that's true, and it makes you feel a lot of sensations when you see it.

    When I started watching this series, I thought it was bored, why? because I think it was a simple series about some people in a desert island, and I thought that was like a bad film for children. But when I see the series, I saw it was reaaly interesting. I tmakes you think beacause it has mistery, and is very entretaining because it has drama, action, romance, etc. And when you have that together in a series, that's the best you can have. Well, that's all, for all people who think that the fifth season is the worst or that the series is now worse than before, I'll only say that they don't know what are saying.
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