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  • The "island" needs the Oceanic 6 back in order to stop the out of control time spinning. I think when the ship blew up, it happened simoultaneously with the wheel turning causing them to become linked together.

    Great show! Hopefully the kidnapping of the kids and the other "Tailies" will be explained this season too. Sawyer and Juliette made a great team tonight. Both trying to help everyone be safe during the constant time shifting. Daniel is going to have his hands full for a while, huh? I hope with all that going on that the rest of the "Losties" aren't killed off. Great surprise to see Ana Lucia back for a few moments. Wish they'd bring her back even if she's stuck on the island. Hurley looks like his character is going to be changing a bit now in order to survive.
  • A wonderful follow-up to the premiere, that returns LOST to a familiar format, but keeps up the pace and mystery that comes with season 5!

    This episode had a lot of different reasons to shine:

    It was great to see Kate and Sun together in this episode. Kate has been limited in post-island contact to Jack, and Sun hasn't really been in contact with any of the other O6ers. This segment reminded the audience of Jin's death, but confirmed that Sun does not blame Kate.

    On island, it was nice to see Rose, Bernard, Frogurt and some redshirts acknowledge that this is NOT what we've come to expect on Lost. Some very shocking and mysterious moments were overshadowed by the violence in the episode. Miles finding the boar and Charlotte's memory problems will probably come more to the forefront in future episodes of the season, as their backstories are further explored. Jeremy Davies (Faraday) and Josh Holloway (Sawyer) both continue to put out solid performances in leading island roles.

    Locke and Richard in the jungle were both very interesting, and gave more confirmation as to how this type of time travel works.

    The feeling I got from the flaming arrows and the British Dharmites was that we witnessed events in the ongoing battle between Dharma and hostile, first alluded to in season 3's "The Man Behind the Curtain." Interesting to see how this develops.

    Also, the ending scene with Ben and Desmond's time-guide Ms. Hawking was shocking and raised a ton of questions, as did Ben's visit to the butcher shop. VERY surprising stuff!

    Despite all these wonderful points, the most interesting aspects to the episode came from Hurley. The visit from Ana Lucia was a pleasure, and confirmed all the more that the ghosts are manifestations of the island, trying to get the Oceanic 6 back. Nice to see a traditional flashback, even if momentary, from the perspective of one character. Hurley's dealing with the Lie throughout the episode led to his being backed into a corner by the end. He dealt with the Lie and came to terms with his desire NOT to return to the island. Hurley does not want to go back, and so the police are the only place to turn. Hurley has always jumped to rash decisions, so this seemed to be in-character after everything else Hurley has been through. This should present a major obstacle in the O6 returning to the island; I was beginning to think it would be too easy.

    Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz deliver another absolutely funny episode (Frogurt, Expose, and hot pockets), while maintaining the momentum of the premiere and adding a new emotional dimension to Hurley.

    Good to see Lost return to a centric-character format. Hurley was obviously the strongest player in the episode, despite the numerous other things going on. Very solid, very shocking, and very great.
  • Simply amazing.. It's uncomparable.

    I dont really know how 2 express this in words.. It's really fantastic. The plot is intriguing, the characters are portrayed brilliantly, and the main thing is that the show always ends in such a way that it leaves u at the edge of your seat, just waiting to see what will happen next. It always leaves you pondering about something or the other, there are a lot of unanswered questions in my mind. It's storyline is wonderfully crafted, and the flash backs and later in the show, the flash forwards, are amazing. They really give a very good insight into each of the character's life. Everybody has played his/her part exceptionally well. It's difficult to pick my favourite character, but if I had to pick one, I'll go for the bad boy, Sawyer.
    I think the only time when the show got a little boring, was at the starting of the third season. But it picked up the pace again, and by the end of the season, the excitement was back.
    The show has a bit of everything. It's a perfect blend of action/adventure, emotions, mystery, suspense, and thrill. What more could u ask for? I just love this show and I'm really excited about how the story unfolds.
  • Hurley: "because sayid does all sorts of ninja and cool spy stuff" hahaha

    WOW!!!! I became a lost fanatic as of october 08 (i know i'm a rookie to some) but i had the pleasure of watching every episode in order, without interuption and i've come to a point where im just like all you lost fiends and i need my fix!!!THis season started with a BANG! i mean where do we begin both theses episodes were amazing....The dharma initative guy, ana lucia cameo, ms hawkins!!!!!!! wow shes going to be huuuge (that room under the church was spoooky with the whole map/shifter thingy (all u quantum physics people), i think shes BIG PICTURE level, i mean maybe bigger then widmore and ben, Hurley had the jokes and sayid had 2 great episodes (the second one he was a vegetable haha like weekend at bernies) haha Hurley: "because sayid does all sorts of ninja and cool spy stuf" hahaa always makes me smile. Desmonds goin to oxford where he's to meet Faraday's mother (who is more then likely going to be ms.hawkins) the island is just all over the place (well time) and so much is happening off of it, LOST IS BAAAACK!!! another few months of lost mania begins...
  • I love it so much.without it i will not have to watch tv.

    A plane crashes on an unknown island. The survivors of the plane encounter adventures and myesteries. ...Continue »
    This show is excellent. It's all about the overall story of the mystery of the island and about each individuals journey both on and off the island. The acting ranges from excellent to mediocre depending on the actors and the specific episode. The story board is great, but the dialogue is somewhat mediocre at times as well. The production values are first rate. This show reminds me of a Dan Brown novel. Once you start it's hard to stop. One of the flaws with this series is that it feels like they are extending the story in order to have more seasons. I wish they would wrap it up. It really is a great show. Don't ruin it by dragging it on
  • Absolutely well-written, drawn out, and keeps you wanting more.

    LOST is a masterpiece.

    It's funny how the writers have kept back secrets for so long. It's talented, in my opinion. You think your in for a show of "plane crash/deserted island" survival, but your wrong. LOST is so much more then that. The balance of sci-fi, action, drama, and suspense are just so brilliant. Some of the scenes I still can't get over. I decided to give LOST a try last summer, I finished the 4 seasons in a weeks time. I just couldn't stop. The essembled cast members are just as amazing. They fit right into place. The writers are excellent at giving you a feeling for one's character, flash-backs and flash-fowards get you into details.

    Season 1, was simply astonishing. I remember starting the show and wanting to know about island survival, but within the first 20 minutes I see a scene. A scene with a monster stomping along in the jungle. From here, I was hooked. From here, I realized this was more then just a show about survival, it was more entitled to sci-fi and drama.

    Season 2, just as astonishing. The balance of mystery and suspense we're well-written. I loved every single minute.

    Season 3, tended to bore me a little. The beginning had some rough edges, but it was all good during the last 10 episodes of the season! This changed my whole outlook on LOST, this made me even more of a LOST addict! I felt that I needed to know more about the others.

    Season 4, BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I cannot even describe how much I loved season 4. It amazed me. Each episode contained a scene that made me want to tear up, or scream OMG!!

    Season 5, from what I'm seeing, will be epic.
  • A plan crashes on an unknown island. The survivors of the plane encounter adventures and myesteries.

    This show is excellent. It's all about the overall story of the mystery of the island and about each individuals journey both on and off the island. The acting ranges from excellent to mediocre depending on the actors and the specific episode. The story board is great, but the dialogue is somewhat mediocre at times as well. The production values are first rate. This show reminds me of a Dan Brown novel. Once you start it's hard to stop. One of the flaws with this series is that it feels like they are extending the story in order to have more seasons. I wish they would wrap it up. It really is a great show. Don't ruin it by dragging it on.
  • A show about 48 people stranded on a Desert Island.

    Just a great show it's incredible.
    48 survivors of oceanic flight 815 find themselves stranded on a deserted island and they try to get along to survive but the island holds a lot of secrets like black smoke, a mysterious hatch and a group of people that go by the name of the others. The show is soon starting a fith series and never fails to please. It is so popular there has been game releasedon Xbox 360, Pc and Play Station 3 in the United Kingdom. Charecters include Sawyer: a crafty con-man, Kate: a convict, Jack: a docter, Charlie: a guitarest for a band called Driveshaft and many more.
  • Normal people have to work together to get out of an island (but it isn't a normal island).

    Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley, Sun, Charlie, Claire. They are normal people who accidentaly found themselves on an island when their plane crashed. Now they have to work together to save themselves and to get out of the island. However this island isn't as normal as it looked. The island is mysterious and they are not alone.
    And what if I say that there are polar bears in an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This show is full of good stories. We have a love triangule(Jack/Kate/Sawyer), we have murderers, bass players, destiny believers, korean people, black people, white people. We have all kind of people and a lot of emotion. What do you want more to start seeing this show?
    The show also has his lacks. But find out for yourselves.
  • Almost Lost

    Lost has had its ups and downs. The first two seasons were fantastic. Then in its third season the writing seemed to have stuggled to find a direction for its lost characters. New characters were introduced and audiences seemed to be taken on many tangents that appear to stray from where the first two seasons had taken it. Then the fourth season comes along and appears to have placed it back on course. The show was always full of flashbacks and in the fourth season, we began to see flash-forwards which made for a nice finale. Lets hope season five has less of the "filler" that season three used in order to pass the time.
  • Urgently anticipating the next episode!

    My name is Eric and I was glued to this series from the first episode. I admit that if you only watched the first episode or if you watch a random episode out of order by itself then you will be completely "LOST", and not know what is going on and nothing will make any sense. You really have to pay attention to enjoy the show. This show is probably easier to watch on a DVD box set or recorded on TV. You absolutely cannot miss an episode! I do not know why this show has taken such a long break between seasons. But, I am urgently anticipating season 5!!, starting January 21st.
  • No really who thought of this?!

    I've been watching Lost , and by watching I mean I've been seeing the images of lost on my Tv screen and trying to process the information into my head. In the beginning it seemed to go one way, like they landed in Jurassic park, but then came the polar bear, oh the 1 minute of fame polar bear, and it kinda ruled out the idea of dinosaur era (but the french woman kinda brought it back). So i went for eden, and that too, was obviously wrong because who the f@ck in eden owns a 1912 design computer, not to talk about what it really was for, keeping energy magnetic crap stable, which really pissed me off because ben owns a f@cking submarine, but he couldn't up date the program to repress it self every 108 minutes, Oh and if we are already talking about ben, why would you have some one with all the power act so stupid on a deserted island, was he planing to crash a plane? is he really linked to al-kida? or two other answers: have the usual suspects character played by spacey, or god, way to keep a low profile! yet i still go with the usual suspects,even though it's cliche, because they can't make an ultra twist making him g-d, only morgan freeman can be that. Oh, and how f@cking corny was the Jacob idea, i mean seriously did they have him on just to tell us he is the father and brother of the":all related cast"? "That" would be pushing it! Man i'd write more but i'm laughing too hard... wait for part 2.

    a little something to do till then...

    Now you can do this at any place all you need is to be very bored or not have a girlfriend, pretty much a non social life, who ever owns a life would not be advised to do this. To all the cyber living community you can do this! We are of course talking about a real life!

    Why was there a polar bear on the island?

    A. He was on the plane B. He was the brains behind the "Con: idea that led to sawyer's mom's death

    C. He was in charge of pressing the button before they replaced him D. He was one of the priests in the drug dealer group that crashed the island

    E. None of the above make sense, just like the show

    That pretty much sums up the idea.
  • plane, island, polar bear, smoke, rabbit, road runner, super man, and the incredible hulk, pohk (as random as the story :P)

    when most people begin to watch lost they think its new and dosen't follow a style but after a while you find the reason it dosen't follow a style is because they just cut up words throw them on the table and take what ever it says as the new "STORY" (speech marks as sarcastic hand gestures).
    the story is absolutly random and has no substance, the characters have so many flaws and all there historys are so dirty like i killed someone and your my uncle, and my brother, and we had a child together, but no one cares.
    previously on lost: plane, island, polar bear, smoke, rabbit, road runner, super man, and the incredible hulk, pohk
  • Lost is an American serial drama television series. It follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island.

    Lost is really an amazing show. It is simply fantastic. Every episode just leaves you hanging. This is definitely my favorite television series by far. I love the storyline and every character in it very much. Desmond and Sawyer are my two personal favorite characters :) If you have not started watching this show yet you can start here. Each season just gets better and better. You will grow to love this show very much. Trust me. http://ABC.GO.com Full Episode Player :)
    It has every episode of every season in High definition quality.

    What are you waiting for!!! Start watching!!

    Season 5 premiere begins on January 21, 2009 just for your information.
  • Best show ever!

    There are so many great things about this show that I don't know where to start...;). I love all the characters. My fav character was Charlie and I was sad to see him die for the island. I love all the mystery that surround the different characters and the writers respect the viewers opinions on which characters to kill off. I HATED Anna Lucia and was glad to see her go. I just wish that they could have saved the other woman. I felt bad for Hurley that she was killed. I hope that the 5th season doesn't disappoint. Jan 21 can't come soon enough!
  • Lost is revolutionary in more ways than one. Simply amazing.

    To say that Lost is the best television show to hit the airways in an uncountable amount of years is an understatement. I find it difficult to find praise words that are really worthy of Lost, but one that seems important is revolutionary. Lost does something that no other television show had ever done before and no other has really done well since: it combines the classic pleasures of regular television, like good story arcs and masterful writing, with a canonical mythology that begins to rival the great canons of literature (Lord of the Rings) and film (Star Wars, Star Trek). The fact that the creators of this show can weave a compelling story into an almost-infuriatingly complex canon amazes me. While Lost may not be the biggest ratings winner anymore, nor the biggest awards hauler, it will go down in television as a revolution in the television experience. And gosh darn, I just love that Sawyer.
  • I for one hope that by bringing Locke's body back to the island he will NOT magically jump out of the coffin and start playing backgammon again.

    In part 2 of the pilot Claire mentions that she has not felt the baby (Aaron) move since yesterday (the day of the crash). Baby's normally kick and move and all that good stuff, but Aaron is either being lazy and sleeping for 24 straight hours or he died in the crash. Later on in that same episode Jin is making some fish and he wants other people to try it first to make sure its not poisonous. Hurley declines, but Jin is able to talk Claire into trying it. Not 2 seconds after she puts it in her mouth and swallows, she instantly feels Aaron start kicking. Could it be that the fish she ate which came from the island brought Aaron back to life?
  • my favorite show for sure :)

    I've grown quite fond of this show ever since the first episode aired in my country. I can't wait for season 5 to start, the anticipation is killing me! What i like most about it are the twists and turns that happen so unexpectedly and are hardly ever predicable. Episodes like 'The Constant' show how the show can still keep fresh considering for how long its been running. I quite love the fact that its about real, every day people put in extraordinary situations, and having to cope with everything. The new perspective with the flash-forwards also shed a new light onto the show and really took most of us by surprise when we were all expecting another flash-back. Having said all of that i would have to make this my favorite show and give it both thumbs up!
  • This is my first review so bare with me

    The season finale was the best yet. Seeing Kate and Syed working together was cool, set up Syed's future partnership with Ben nicely. It's finally confirmed that there is time trave in the lost universe. Keamy deserved to die but Ben was still wrong to sacrifice those people on the freiter. Some have said that Michael had to die to atone for his betrayel, but he will still be missed. Even if you believe that the island wouldn't let him die Christian did tell Michael that he could go. That whole scene on the freiter as it was about to explode was awesome. I've rewatched it many times, knowing the ending does not take away the excitement. I hate to say it but I think that Jinn and Claire are dead too. It was heartfelt to see Sawyer sacrifice his chance to leave to save them, he's coma a long way since the pilot. Ironically he now thinks they're all dead but hopefully there will be a reunion in season 5. What exactly did Miles mean when he said that Charlotte has been there before? Is she Annie? Miles told her just enough to keep her there and allow him to manipulate her later. He's an opportunistic weasel and I respect him for it. Why is Sun alling with Widmore. I can understand blaming Ben for what happenned to Jinn, but Widmore hired Keamy. Maybe she is planning revenge against both of them, Widmore certainly seemed suspicious of her. Desmond and Penny's reunion was cool, but I fear that if we see them again they'll be in danger, especially considering Ben's threat. Season 5 should be intresting.
  • Insane but brilliant, One of the finest examples of serialized story-telling.

    Lost is a show that attempts to push the boundaries of storytelling - that is, the writers are never afraid to jump the shark. Most people would see that as a bad thing - but as the writers have said before, they want Lost to 'jump the shark' every single week, and I think that those who realize that, embrace it, and simply go along with it, are the ones who get the most enjoyment out of it as a series. Add to that the mystery, characters and over-arching plot, and Lost is a real treat for those who 'get it'.

    What crazy, 'holy f*ck!' moment do the writers have planned next? And that's why I am hooked to this series.

    Explaining Lost to somebody who does not watch the show is simply impossible. There is no nut-shell explanation, and that's why I love it. Sure, I can see why people's complain about the show. Especially those who don't watch it. There are tons of plot-threads, the story is extremely dense, and yes, I can see why some people would just see it as 'another desert island show'. But seriously, what other desert Island show would have the stranded survivors find rescue by having a character - who had previously been trapped in an underground hatch pushing a button to save the world - jump back in time 8 years in his life in order to tell an ex-girlfriend to keep her phone number for 8 years so he could then make contact with her 8 years in the future so that she could determine the location of the Island and then send a search party to go find them?

    I rest my case.
  • Everything happens for a reason.

    The concept is that passengers from a flight are stranded on an island. And island with a 'mysterious' inhabitant(s). My first thought was: how many backstories would I have to see before this show has run it's course? Answer: Reveal stuff slowly, let the stories of each person come to light, let the survivors' stories' intertwine, and see what they do with the information they already know about each other play out. Lost Season 1: 9.9 / 10
    Lost Season 2: 8.9 / 10
    Lost Season 3: 9.0 / 10
    Lost Season 4: 9.4 / 10

    Five words left: Bring on season five!
  • in spanish!!!

    El vuelo 815 de Oceanic Airlines se estrella en una remota isla en medio del océano Pacífico. Los 48 supervivientes pronto se dan cuenta de que están realmente perdidos a miles de kilómetros de su ruta prevista y que no serán rescatados. En su lucha diaria por la supervivencia, observan en aquel lugar se ocultan peligrosos secretos y extraños fenómenos, donde las más improbables coincidencias se suceden sin explicación. Miedo, odio, amistad y otros insintos básicos se combinan en un ambiente de pesadilla con situaciones extremas y explosivas, en un entorno cada vez misterioso: cada día que pasa es un nuevo reto de supervivencia
  • Show with promise that went to the crapper in mid season 2.

    Lost was one of those shows where it had such a great first season i could not see how they could mess it up in season two. But oh boy did this show go into the toilet fast. Oh so very disappointing. The first season had logical mystery, suspense, tension and story telling teaching us about the people on the flight. It was shocking when it was revealed that Locke was once was a handicapped person. With the cliffhanger ending of season 1 i thought the second season would continue what i loved about the show, but nope. Through logic out the window with the black guy being killed by smoke monster and having the people from the tail of the plane survive and the list goes on for how the show become oh so crappy.
  • Why Lost ?

    What can anyone say about this !? Fantastic , amazing and hugely frustrating and irritating at the same time . Action , romance and twists and turns all over the place, in fact you may want a lie down after you watch it. I want to stop but i cant because it has that special something that keeps you tuning in . I just wish it would a end little less painfull(if thats the right word) at the end of each episode but i guess thats why we keep watching .

    now i'm off to hawaii for a spot of polar bear spotting :-)
  • 'Lost' starts with a plane crashing on a mysterious island. The survivors soon discover how strange and dangerous the island -- including a monster, a group of 'Others', and underground hatches -- can be. Drama and action follow for the survivors.

    'Lost' had me at hello. The first season was truly gripping. The characters were complex, interesting, and interacted well with each other. The storyline was exciting and mysterious, riddled with thought provoking events and mysteries. The writing was EXCELLENT. The following seasons have, admittedly, seen a decrease in quality -- but that's all a matter of opinion. I still love this show, even if it's not quite perfect. Its flaws include a sudden transition from drama to science fiction, and sometimes the dialogue can be horrible. The characters tend to shine for an episode at a time, and then fade into the background shortly afterward. BUT! Don't let this criticism stop you from watching this show. It's incredibly gripping and intense. The acting, especially, is great. You may not like all the characters, but you can probably relate to them. 'Lost' truly transports you to the island, and viewers are left to sort out the riddles and drama of this great television story.
  • Survivors of a crashed flight struggle to survive on their mysterious island home.

    Guaranteed to baffle anyone who misses an episode and intrigue loyal followers, Lost is in a class all by itself.
    The plot gets wilder each episode, and touches on everything from romance to action to science fiction. There's something for everyone. The actors and actresses are very well cast, and they all have excellent chemistry. The major drawback is the fact that the writers seem to have such little idea where the show is going that it becomes overly complicated and far fetched. Luckily, due to a projected end date, the writers should be able to tie it all together evetually. Overall, a lot of fun and a great mystery.
  • Lost...mediocre and overrated.

    I wonder if anyone besides myself has been reminded of the old "The Prisoner" series from the 60's starring Patrick McGoohan while watching "Lost". Lost seems to employ the same basic gestault of the Prisoner series but not as well. And with any work of fiction, especially with a science fiction or fantasy theme,in order for the viewer to continue to appreciate the storyline and continue to watch, a willing suspention of disbelief is necessary on the part of the viewer. I'm sorry, but with Lost...it just doesn't work for me as it did with the old prisoner series. Lost kis a study in mediocraty.

    Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of the hit show LOST. You've seen the previews, read the 5-star reviews, and heard the conversations about it at the water-cooler. If you haven't started watching it yet, you might wonder if you should start watching. Well, let's put it this way.

    If you like shows with action, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with complex characters and interactions, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with drama, mystery, and suspense, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with humor, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows where you can watch an episode twice and view it in an entirely different way, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows where each and every scene has a meaning... Get the picture?

    Quite simply, if you have ever liked a TV show at all, you will be hooked.

    LOST is a show about a plane crash on a mysterious island. 48 people survive, but the show centers around 14, all with secrets. At first, there is confusion. But as the show goes on, friendships develop, and we learn that there is more to the island than what it seems...

    The characters are fantastic--don't pay any attention to those who say the cast is so diverse it is clichéd, those are probably the same people who would have criticized it if it was all white.

    In short, watch. You will be hooked, unless you're one of those nitpicky people who have a hernia if every single detail in the very first episode isn't exactly correct. Otherwise, I must ask the question... Why aren't you watching?
  • Very interesting characters running around on an island and found out they're not the only people/survivors there. The Others are not appreciating their presence. The conflict between them goes on.

    I was previously very skeptical about this show. Why are these so-called survivors are still running on the island for 4 seasons. I had no idea what the story was about before watching. Until I was in need to looking for a new show to watch because of the writers strike. The pilots were totally not what I'd been expecting but later on it makes perfect sense as the producers are using flashback and exploration to tell the story. Each episode there's a centric character, flashbacks and current events of that character would be shown back forth. So you really get a chance to know the entire Lost cast every bit on each season. I thought an Island has only trees and wildlife. Until I watched a few episode and found out that there's some sci-fi elements in it. The mysterious white bear on a tropical island and what's the monster/black smoke/whispering sound. Later they found their first 'hatch' Dharma station and acknowledged that there were people on the island. They're not alone. The filming location as I heard it's one of the island in Hawaii. There's that beautiful beach and green jungle with streams and waterfalls. If you have a HD system, you won't be disappointed by just seeing the woods. Lost has about a dozen of lead and supporting casts. Many of them made their names in this show. Sayid, Locke, kate and Sawyer are my favorite characters in the show. Their roles in the show make them stand out from the others. Jack is great too. But he looked tired in season 3 & 4. Not as consistent as the others. Sawyer is absolutely hilarious when he's with hurley. He called everybody with his choice of nicknames. There's even a nickname generator on the official web. :D Desmond came in the show later and he turned out to be a great addition to 'one of us'. He's a very serious actor. His line 'See you in another life brother' became one of the fans' favorites.

    The plot of this show is smart. Not just because they can extent and stretch every bit with the flashblacks, but also the storytelling style which helps explain why the characters were on the plane prior to the crash. Many things traits back to what happened before.
  • One of the best acted, written, directed and visual shows on television. Simply stunning.

    Where do I start with one of the most innovative television shows of this generation. Lost started on September 22nd 2004 and ever since it's been joining audiences alike all over the world with it's intricate plots, amazing actors and stunning visual effects. From the first moment Jack Shepard opened his eyes the world was united in one belief...this is one of the best television shows ever. A Lost review is not complete without mentioning the amazing acting that is going on. Matthew Fox's role as Jack Shepard gives a sense of tragicness and yet also hope to the islanders as he spends all his time desperately trying to get them rescue. Terry O Quinn compliments this performance as the mysterious John Locke who believes that the island is not just an island but something much more alive. Lost is very much an ensemble cast and includes great acting, especially Naveen Andrews in, "One of Them," Josh Holloway in, "The Brig" and Evangeline Lilly in, "What Kate Did." But it is definately the amazing visual effects that help make the show what it is. From a column of Black Smoke ripping up passengers were it finds them, to the ability to create any city in the world in the small state of Hawaii, Lost does not go about things the simple way and is all about wowing an audience in every single minute of the show. However before I end this review one thing that needs a shout out is the fans of the show. One thing I always look for in a television show is something that is not scared to enter into various forms of genre and Lost has not failed to deliver. Lost has told its story through television, books, video games, internet games and even online episodes which give an added depth to the show. Like a lot of TV shows thesedays (Heroes and Pushing Daisies included) the writers are never scared to try a new format and tell the story in interesting ways and this is one of the things that makes Lost one of the most unique and fantastic shows in the world.
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