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  • Get Really Lost

    When i saw the first episode the plan crashed and the survivors i said to myself "ALlright good start lets see how they manage to "survive" a hole season because think there's only survivors and an island its like "Castaway" with Tom Hanks but without him
    The first season was awsome with the discovery of the hatch at the very end let me thinking "Now what...?"
    Season Two awsome really new characters and really good Michael betrayal! (That's rude) and the Others taking prisioners
    Season Three like me much Why? I leaned a lot about The Others and the so-called Smoke Monster really nice
    Season 4 was awsome too what makes me watch it most How The Oceanic 6 where rescued?
    Now i saw Season 5 trailer 3 times already with my sister and really awsome i cant wait!!!
  • Love The Season Five Trailer Cant Wait To See It Wish It Was On sooner its been sooo long since last seen lost. finally gointo see them leave the island and find out what happened to the rest of the survivors then there going back how crazy is that?

    lost is a show taht if you miss 1 episoe you will not get it you need to watch it from season 1 episode 1 which i have done now its time for season five episode 1 on the 1st january 2009 and it wont come quick enough as i have loved every episode i have ever watched and im really looking forward to season five and hope there is still more of lost to come after season five would hate it to end its a show that always keeps you hanging week after week annoying as it may be lol i still keep watching cause i love it so much and i would advise anyone who has not watched it to start from season 1 eisode 1 and you will surely be hooked like iwas lol. please watch and enjoy start now and ull be ready for season five in the new year.
  • There are no words to fully describe the impact of LOST. But I will try.

    From the heart pounding pilot episode to the shocking revelations, LOST does one thing and it does it well. LOST delivers. Everyone looking for any kind of show is in for a treat. Romance, comedy, mystery, drama. All packed in to 42 minutes that will keep you on the very edge of your seat. I have watched this show from the very beginning. Every episode has "something" about it. Something special that means missing it would be your loss. Characters with so much depth and definition you feel like you know what they will do next. Then, from the middle of nowhere and like a bolt of lightning, something totally unexpected will shock and awe you.

    Keep watching, America! I have a feeling this show will amaze us all.
  • Descent Show

    When i irst hear about LOST i imagine Tom Hanks movie "Cast Away" done a TV show i said "Who it this possible?" I mean lets face it no one could imagine a tv show about people lost on an island but for my surprise the show is good the misteries and the whole thing of the island are excelent really good
    The flashback thing was expectable on the show i mean to get episode per episode full on 42 minutes but they are ok and the flashfowards awsome too
    This show deserves a chance really a nice Tv show about people lost on an island and the misteries not only of the island the misteries of everyone of them
  • On 22nd of September 2004, Oceanic Flight 815 was unexpectedly brought down for unknown reasons. As the time, characters and show develops into a more intriuging and deep TV series we are drawn into the world, episode, after mystery, after misery.

    When LOST was first promoted in the UK, I didn't think much of it, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and here I am now today, ensured that LOST is my favorite TV show of all time!

    The meaning and story being LOST is above average, above great and above me. I consider myself intelligent, but the thought provoking and theorising behind the phenomenon that is LOST just amazes me.

    I started watching LOST and of course, was hooked from the first episode and during the rest of the season is was drawn in and connected with the show and its characters.

    With everyone having their own past and the fact that we will never really know these people although we will subsequently be dizziying through their past's and now futures, every character is a story and world of their own. So if you dont like the initial show, you may just like to watch it for a certain character.

    The references in LOST are easter egg type scenarios for the audience to research and indulge with. For example, the Wizard of Oz references; the audience can figure out that a book, quote or name is a refernce to this classic story. And then they will be drawn to it, to see its significance and learn more about the show, the audience then have been (if not already) introduced to this new aspect of narrative and can enjoy something other than LOST still trying to see if the are clues to decipher LOST.

    All in all, LOST, being the hugely promoted TV show is not for everyone, granted you don't to be intelligent to watch it, people are on an island and suffer whilst trying to escape also. But for those who can deeply 'commune with the island' can devote some time to the external canons of LOST such as the Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) and such.

    LOST will forever regin supreme in my eyes, but what do you think?
  • Great episode

    "Raised By Another" is one of my favorites of season one. The episode starts with a terrifying dream sequence with Claire. She is awoken by Charlie and the other Lostaways. The dream is so terrifying for Claire that she digs a 1/4 inch deep cut in her palms. Later on Claire has a dream that she swears was real and somebody is trying to hurt her baby. Jack is worried that she is being stressed out and hallucinating. Which is very upsetting to claire and decides to leave the caves. The alleged attack cause Hurley to draw up a census. In making out the census he finds out one of the castaways wasn't on the list. Great, mysterious episode with tons of surprises. One of my favorite scenes is when Hurley asks for the flight manifest from Sawyer.
  • plain crash,survivors,the others,oh come on you know what it is!!!

    Awesome the best thing ever to be aired,I have never been hooked on anything like this,I mean I can't do anything when its on,its rush the kids to bed get somerthing to much and get totally lost in the show so it lives up to its name really!!This is the reason the tv was made!!! even my son watch's it in bed it just a shame that cos I live in the uk we got to wait for ages to see the next season!if anyone out there can update me on the next season i would be most greatfull!!! I am new to this site and didn't notice that this had to be 100 words long so i am trying to take them up.Hey we all start somewere don't we?
  • Throw in a plane. Make it crash. Send 48 people from the plane on a survival mission to get rescued. Add "The Others" and you've got yourself a brilliant T.V show.

    Oceanic flight 815 was supposed to fly from sydney to Los Angeles with no problems whatsoever. However when the plane suddenly started experiencing some turbulance, the plane split up into pieces and crashed on an island. The front of the plane landed on one side of the island while the "tailies" landed on the other side of it. The survivers soon give up hope of a quick rescue and reaise they are not on an ordinary island. The island holds many secrets as they find out they are not alone as people called the others start to kidnap and kill people.
    This is by far my favorite show. Every episode has you hooked and the plot twists and turns are really amazing. If you haven't watched this then you seriously need to watch it soon because it is amazing.
  • Lost is basically about humanity struggling for survival and be freed from the mistake of what you done in the past. The island brought your here for a reason. All the character have met before and some turns unknown relative.

    Lost is basically about humanity struggling for survival and be freed from the mistake of what they done in the past. The island brought your here for a reason. All the character have met before and some turns unknown relative. Lost is the story of reuniting and working together for freedom, stop the complicated living, It comes to better life. Island is like the world to teach a valuable lesson. Every character has improve their valuable lesson. It is very unpredictable, suspenseful, and obsession. It makes you want to feel hyped up for the next level to start. Looking forward to watch this show.
  • Lost follows the survivors of Oceanic Flight 816 as it crashes onto a mysterious island. There are many mysterious forces at work as the surviving victims struggle to survive on the island.

    This is by far, my favorite show on television. The in-depth plot is just mind blowing and the cast couldn't be any more convincing. Each episode is filled with clues and you really need to pay attention to each and every scene. Although some of the ideas are beyond my range of intelligence, I manage to follow Lost completely. Lost is one of those shows that you are, pardon the pun, lost if you miss an episode. I happened to download the pilot when season 1 was wrapping up on television. From then on, I was hooked. I haven't looked back since.
  • The oceanic 6 finally make it off the island but not at a cost.

    Sawyer and Jack catch up to Locke and Hurley at the Dharma station, where Locke tells Jack he has to lie to everyone if he leaves the island. Kate and Sayid captured by Richard and the others stop Keamy. Faraday starts leading people to the freighter. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid and Frank fly the helicopter back to the freighter but have a bullet hole it the fuel tank, which leads Sawyer to make the biggest sacrafice by jumping from the helicopter and into the ocean. Michael, Jin and Desmond try to stop the bomb on the freighter. Frank takes Jack, Kate, Hurley, Aaron, Sayid, Sun and Desmond onboard the chopper with Jin and Michael left on the Freighter when it blows up. Meanwhile Ben moves the island and Locke becomes the leader of the others. When the island is moved the chopper crashes into the ocean and the survivors get on board a raft where they see Penny's boat. Desmond and Frank stay on Penny's boat whilst the oceanic 6 sail to Figi. In the flashforwards Hurley is visited by a older Walt and is broken out of the mental hospital by Sayid and Jack and Ben have a conversation about how to get back to the island and Locke is revealed as the man in the coffin.
  • Best show on TV but we cant understand it !

    Lost is the best show on tv . Hell it even won the award in its first season, and had over 16 mill viewers! but it has been slowiey falling down hill , and even tho they try to make it not fall as fast, its still falling!!

    the first season of the show was amazing, then they tryed to do what ever show does ( switch the storey lines soo the same old thing dosent get borning). well i think they switch the story lines a bitttt to early, but thats ok it could of been much worse. Ane even tho the story line they switched to is very suspensfull and shocking, it is to confussing for alot of teh viewrs ( hince why they are losing ratings) this show has 2 season left to clean up its act, i am confident that they are going to do soo and have a amzing ending to LOST
  • LOST can be addictive but if I miss an episode I end up completely lost with no idea what is happening.

    LOST can be addictive but if I miss an episode I end up completely lost with no idea what is happening. This I don't like or enjoy. I like a show where if I miss something it doesn't completely through me off but you still want to watch the missed episode. The plot and story line seems to get stranger and stranger as the show develops. To be honest I don't completely understand whats going on 100% of the time. In saying that, I do still enjoy this show when I have the time to watch episodes in order and have the attention span to concentrate on what is going on.
  • Awesome show that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

    A random good show. It's hard to explain but it's funny and exciting at the same time. It's the kind of show to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. Who's on their side? and who's going to turn on who?
    It's the kind of show that you cant wait till it's on. It has a general idea of a plane crashing. Survival is the main thing you need. But then there's other things that pop out. Pets, friends, relationships, and Trust...is all about the show. What will happen next on Lost? ? ? ?
  • The Joys of Being Lost An Episode-by-Episode Look Of the Island, the Survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, and the Wonderful Mysteries That We Unfolded

    There are arguments made everyday about how today's viewer living in a golden age of television. In a world where shows like Big Brother, According to Jim, and Jerry Springer co-hosting a talent show, that can be hard to swallow. But as someone who has been watching for more than a decade, I can say with some confidence that among the trash there is a whole lot of treasure, particularly now that the world of basic and pay cable seem to have finally come into their own.

    One can debate about what the best shows on television currently are, and the final verdict on what the best shows are were. But in my mind, since the beginning of the new century--- from 2001 on, for all you math phobes---- there have three programs that have not only been the most exceptional series on the air, but have redefined what the medium is capable of, and what it can do. The first is Fox's 24, Kiefer Sutherland's suspense thriller filmed in real time that proved that following one story for a single season was workable. The second was HBO's The Wire, a haunting social commentary on the fate of America disguised as a police procedural. The third is Lost, a series which has forced television critics and viewers to their dictionaries trying to figure out which genre it belongs to. Sci-fi? Action-adventure? Ensemble drama? Mystery? Mythology series? All of the above are correct, yet only tell part of the story.

    Cult shows like this have been known to dominate certain audiences and critics alike--- Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer--- so that's nothing new. What is new, and practically unheard of, is how eager the media has been to play along with the mysteries. Publications like TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly have become so enraptured with Lost that they will have articles seemingly every week. During the 2005-2006 season, USA Today got so caught up that they, like millions of viewers, began videotaping episodes, freeze-framing them, and then revealing what they saw in each episode to the viewers. Books have been published about the symbolism of the island and the passengers, as well as detailing all of the stories, movies, and other influences on the series in order to help crack the code. And hanging over this is the fear that is tied to all mythology series---- when all the curtains have been pulled away, will the solution actually answer all of the questions the writers have created?

    Subtracting the show from the hype can be extremely difficult. But the work of writers such as J.J. Abrams, David Fury, Damon Lindelof, et al, and the brilliant cast, which somehow manages to keep growing even though we were stuck on the island for the first three seasons, can not be denied. Furthermore, with the creators established an ending point for the series (Spring 2010, after approximately 116 episodes) the writers say that they now know how this series is going to end. (It may just be a coincidence that this is around the perfect number of episodes for syndications, but as we know, there are no coincidences on Lost. Diabolical laughter)

    About these things I will speculate occasionally. For the most part, however, the purpose of these reviews will be to relate my initial impressions of my impressions-in as rational a tone as I can manage--- of the mysteries and discoveries of this show, as well as how I felt they played out to the world. It may not be satisfying, but as is the case with shows like these--- and Lost in particular--- it's all about the journey. So let's be begin at the beginning, with the blink of an eye.
  • I don't really know what to say about this show.Even if a season is not really good it's still my favourite show.Mystery, good acting, all at perfect mix

    Well I like many shows not just this. But It's probably the only show that gets me stuck at my couch if you know what I mean.Well this and Prison Break but that is a completely different kind of show.I don't know but the story is one of the best ever. Yes maybe some people can't stand this that there are lot of mysteries and there aren't always answers but for me It's tottaly worth it. And if I have to wait till 2010 I will. And when I watch this I feel that I'm tottaly in the island an dthat I'm one of them
  • Used to be better!!

    Lost used to be my favorite show on tv ,, before i couldn wait when the new episode are gonna come out .. but now i dont even watch it . . I dont even get those new episodes..But yeaa its still a good show if you like Drama or Science-Fiction shows .During the first two seasons, some characters were written out to make room for new characters with new stories. Boone Carlyle was the first major character to be written out, dying near the end of season one. Lost was also ranked number one in the "Best of 2005 TV Coverage: Critic Top Ten Lists"
  • Is Lost As Good As Everyone Makes It Out To Be? Or Is It Lost?

    Overview: I had heard a lot about this series and I had to watch it because of how much of a success it was back when it first aired, so I begun to watch it back in 2005 (wow that feels like so long ago now) and I fell in love with the show and it started my obsession with TV shows.

    The Cast: 9
    The original cast was amazing every character was likable and you cared for them they where portrayed by some of the best young actors on TV. The new additions to the cast in the second season where also awesome but since then we have seen a lot of characters come and go and now where left with the over used characters and the under used characters that no one cares about. Apart from the likes of Sawyer, Ben and Desmond.

    The Story: 9
    Simple story but I like that now the show has went into another direction of late and it is really confusing and too much Sci-Fi and not enough Drama.We rarely see any character development and see too much fast paced action I mean that's decent but one of the main reasons I loved Lost in it's first couple of season is the character development.

    The Writing: 10
    We see some of the best writing in the show finales and premieres are always amazing the dialogue is really nice we get a lot of clever humor.

    Overall: 9.5
    I will always remember this show for those amazing early seasons and I will remember it for starting my addiction to Television. It's just a shame about the direction this show is slowly going to well and as of season four it's getting there even quicker.
  • Lost is one of the best shows on television and of all time. Possibly even the best. It's also, one of the best written, acted and produced shows on television.

    Lost is one of the best shows on television and of all time. It's a really high quality, first-rate and intelligent program as well. A wildly unpredictable thrilling mystery series with twists and turns involving every episode, at any time. The characters are engaging and fully developed. Even the side characters. The plot is intentionally convoluted. This causes the viewer to think deeply about what has transpired and what may happen as the show goes on; eagerly anticipating the next episode, wanting to find out more. While watching episodes of Lost the viewer never knows what to expect or what's coming even if someone thinks they do. In conclusion Lost is one of the best written, acted and produced shows on television. Possibly even the best.
  • This show is amazing! It has you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

    I have been watching this show for years and it has always been one of my favorites. Season four was the best seaseon they had by far. There were so many mysteries and so much suspense you could not wait tni the next week to see the new episode. The last episode of the fourth season almos left me with more questions then I had, but I still love the show. I can not wait until the new season of Lost to come out some time in November. I am so curious about how they are going to get back to the island and who's funeral Jack broke in to.
  • well, its amazing what you can do whit a show wich was just supose

    well, its amazing what you can do whit a show wich was just supose to be a mini series. well i can admit that i have been thinking that why the hell dosent thay kill the show thay cant speculat on the island forever. But so far thay have done a realy great jobb, i have realy enoyed it, just hope season 5 is gone be as good as all the other once. and i am kind of happy thay are gone kill the show later on, after the season final. Beacuse i want this show to go off whit the pride that it disurve, and not lose all the viwers. I think the show whuld get a seresly hit, whan the folks is tierd of the island...
  • Amazed. Serieously. Survivors of a plane crash, and a freaking mystery island. What the heck is going on?

    A tv show about the survivors of a plane crash? Shouldn't that be boring? Not when they crash on a island with a freaking polar beer, wild pigs, and a monster. And with beaitifull intresting people( A surgeon, a hot mysterious smoking guy, a ex soldier, a bald weirdo with 400 knives(who is very smart) an ex prisoner, a pregnant girl... A lot of exciting stories in Lost season one about their lives and makes you wonder.. what the heck is going on?

    I just started watching Lost( beginning September 2008). After 5 episodes I decided to buy it on dvd. I never regret it. I actually got my whole family hooked to Lost. We start with a men in the jungle, wearing a suit( A really clean suit). He opens his eyes and suddenly there is a dog( A lab) . Where does the dog come from? Our men stands up, runs trough the jungle to the beach( Beautifull sea and nice camera work) He goes the the left and suddenly we hear noises. We see a piece of the airplane, screaming people. Our hero runs to a men, calls for help and saves a men( but the guy lost his leg). There is a highly pregnant woman, who is screaming, she is having early contractions. A fat dude with curly hair( He is funny) helps them. Jack( The doctor) helps a black woman( And we have a hot guy who says he is a lifeguard). First we have panic, then people starts to form groups. Jack goes to the jungle, he is injured. A woman comes out and helps him( Kate). Jack decides to go in the jungle to find the cockpit. Kate wants to go with him and they are joined by a men( We likes to sing and is funny) And they find the cockpit. We see bodies(Yuk). They open the door and a body falls out. They try to find the transiver, and suddenly the pilot wakes up( That scared me a lot, didn't expect that) He clims out the plane and suddenly he is gone! ( And a splash of blood lands on the plane, I was schocked. I'm scared really quickly). Charlie, Jack and Kate run for their lives... For good acting and camera work. In the end they find the pilot( Dead with a lot of blood)
    Exciting opening what keeps you hanging for more. Nice actors( Obviously the plane crashed with a lot of beautifull people in it) But hey, that doesn't matter. I like the action, but also the drama. A lot of charachters, but in the next episodes you'll get to know them better. A story about the survivors, their lifes, and what is that things that ate the pilot, and is there a monster?( But I think we probably never find out
  • great show the best show on tv

    will they or wont they get of the island they probaly will because the shows gonna finish at some point i think it would be good if they didnt get of the island because everyones exspecting for them to find a awy off
    a great tv show season 3 seem to take a long time for something good happen season 2 was great because we found out who ben was and there was a lot of action season 1 was good as well worth watching i have all the boxsets and i watch them other and other again if you dont watch it your missing out
  • Plance Crash Survivors land on a seemingly deserted island, mystery, suspense, terror all ensue... Enjoy.

    This is the best show i've ever watched on television. It is not an easy show to follow, but it is a an amazing show. I can't paraphrase all of its elements into a review, so all i can say is just watch it in ORDER... It won the emmy for Best Drama in 04' and was shutout in seasons 2 & 3, not for lack in quality but due to the episode selection. This show has redefined how television is made, it's impact on television will be felt for many years... Some episodes at time will feel like filler episodes but in later seasons you realize why that episode was needed.. Best Show On Tv hands down and one of the best ever made.
  • The best season finale.

    I think season four was the best season of Lost so far, I hope that next season will be better. From the season finale of third season to this moment, there was a question about who was in the coffin. I would not be suprised to see if that had been Ben but I had no clue that it was John Locke. Also a very important development happened and the island moved, dissappeared and once again Lost did a good job with great suprises and its story. I am looking forward to the next season as everyone has to go back to the island, I wonder how Ben and Jack will persuade people, especially Kate.
  • For me it is one of the most suspensful edge of the seat and one of the best shows on TV

    Lost is about 47 passengers who crash on a mysterious island unaware of were they are and what kind of island that they are on. The show has many main characters and we often see flashbacks about their lives before the crash. But they arent alone on the island a mysterious group of people whom they call the others live there as well but the passengers believe them to be hostile but as the series progresses they seem to become more and more aquainted with each other. Mysteries and secrets arise from these people. This is one of my favorite shows ever, if you like edge of the seat adventure, suspence, some action then this is a great show.
  • Can anyone believe this crazy show.

    I'll admit it I am absolutely hooked on this show. The cast. The writing, the execution. It wouldn't be a bad day job to work in Hawaii on a major hit show. I just hope they wrap it up right. I'm a bit scared of how they will end it. The characters seem to be getting knocked off left and right but the plot is always thickening. The third season fell off a bit but I fell its back on track. Love this show. Evangeline Lilly is a vision, I can't believe she just came out the wood work. Matthew Fox is hotness.
  • Put us out of our misery please!

    In the 80s we wanted to know who shot JR and in the 90s the question on everyone's lips was who killed Laura Palmer. Now the tv watching world waits with baited breath to find out ... why are they all on the island??

    I must admit, I was sceptical when previews of the first series called Lost the world's greatest ever tv mystery. But four series on I am convinced that this is not only the greatest tv mystery, but the best tv show ever. It combines drama, adventure, science fiction and philosophy, and tells the story through a combination of real time events, flashbacks and flashforwards, without ever losing the viewer's interest. Pure genius.
  • The best tv show ever!

    I love this show, it is so amazing. I love the fact that u get to learn about the characters backgrounds using flashbacks. Each character has a completly different stroies to why they were on the flight. I find it quite interesting how they are all conected to each other and some of them have seen each other in the past before the flight. I did find it quite sad and sometimes emotional when one of the characters dies in an episode. The saddist death i found was Charlie as he did not die by accident, he choose to die to save the rest of the crew. That was the most shocking death to me, even though i knew he was going to die sometime. My favourite characters are: Sawyer, Kate, Charlie, Desmond, Hurley, Mr Eko, Locke, Boone, Shannon, Claire, Sun, Jin, Jack, Sayid and Alex.
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