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  • Best. Show. Ever.

    I'm on my third time through, and it's still just as awesome as the first time.

    There is no other show quite like Lost, Yes Lost has a little bit of every movie or TV show you have ever watched but it is uniquely put together that it stands alone in a genre of complete EPIC story telling.

    Lost however is not for everyone as some people don't like to use what god gave BRAIN.

    Lost is for the observant, The intelligent, the open minded, Its a mystery wrapped inside a drama, coated with action, added to a bit of horror, comedy, Sci fi, and romance.

    Lost is THE GREATEST TV SERIES OF ALL TIME, Hands down. "See ya in another life brotha".
  • Whatever you do. Don't start watching this horrible nonsense.

    Starts out pretty good for about the first season and I held on to the last episode of last season. Give me my lost hours back, no pun intended. :-( The title says it all.

    And all the reviews with the rating 10 must be the actors/directors or someone responsible for this horrible mess. Makes me angry how people want to fool others into watching this. That's just mean and evil.
  • Simply is the Greatest show of all time

    Lost is without doubt the greatest TV series of all time. There has never been a TV series with such depth, Both in character development and mythological intrigue, This show has everything you could wish for. Don't be fooled by the vocal minority that simply didn't understand this complex journey, Lost was more than a TV show, It was a cerebral orgasm.
  • There's been never a show like this

    A brilliant show, a great cast and a thriller of a story with a supernatural element... I just went crazy watching the first two seasons and it just made me sit up and respect the brilliance in screenplay writing season after season until the writers ran out of ideas and completely fizzled out in Season 6. But still there will never ever be a series that was watched with such great interest in the past decade! A great show... Wish it had a killer of an ending than the one we had... Still one of the best TV shows with fans from across the world! :)
  • Weird/Scary show that makes you want to keep watching

    This show is amazing and has an awesome plot!
  • So Sad It's Over

    The thing i loved about Lost is how I could never guess what was going to happen next. I mean, it was so unpredictable! One moment you think you have it figured out and then BANG something totally unexpected happens throwing you off again!
  • Lost. In an Island. Other survivors. Alive or dead. Dead or alive. Black mist monster. Submarines. Mama Cass songs. Time travel. Planes crashing. Polar bears?

    "Lost" was an incredible experience. One hell of a show that had episodes which ended with it's obsessed viewers saying "WTF" because of its WTF moments. I loved every moment of it because there was never a second where I knew or had a feeling I knew what was happening or knew what would happen. In its six awesome seasons, we were left with a few unanswered questions and even more to question yet engrossed by the richness of this close to biblical referenced tale.

    This is all great television writing and from the creation by the very smart J. J. Abrams. Who makes "Lost" his signature piece. It's dominating first season earned its Emmy and Golden Globe. In which we witness one of the most horrific plane crashes ever watched of Oceanic Air Flight 815. The surviving crew members become that of the examples of the bible and passengers of the faith and an Island of deeper grounds and secrets that reveal a more greater meaning.

    Matthew Fox is the surgeon Jack Shepard and he leads the surviving group of passengers with Evangeline Lilly's Kate Austen and the ruthless James Sawyer played by Josh Holloway. All throughout we are taken back into these people's lives, their pasts and the troubles they've wished they'd never bargained for and the losses they've came cross to. Jorge Garcia's Hurley has the humorous of the pasts and Terry O'Quinn's John Locke had the more intriguing.

    There are many elements to look through in Lost. In the views of The Others and the timeline within the past and future. The roles of Desmond (Henry Ian Cusack) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchel) and the actions committed by Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) and Sayid (Naveen Andrews).

    From the many deaths in Lost, the most I felt sympathy for in their parts of the series were for John Locke, Charlie Pace (Dominic Monaghuan), Jin & Sun (Daniel and Yujien Kim) and Michael Dawson (Harold Perrineu). They did what they did because of their nature and because of their scars that never seemed to escape, the roles they took and the redemptions they tried to reach. Yes, I did feel something for Jack of course, who has learned so much and given so much throughout his destined journey.

    And from the performances of Fox, O'Quinn and Emerson do we have a complete saga that never failed to approach its ambition. In the end, when we see them all in the Church (the passengers, now in the after life they were destined to connect to) we simply accept it all and don't question the rest. And we are happy for them all.

    My rating: 9
  • Amazing show badly let down by its final season

    It's difficult to decide on my favourite season of Lost; watching them concurrently, with the exception of the third, each seemed to get better and better. The introduction of the hatch, the flash forwards and the time travelling was superb and kept the show feeling fresh and progressive. For me, the peak was seasons four and five, which was often nothing short of astonishing television

    Sadly, it transpired that the writers had bitten off more than they could chew. Where the sixth season should have provided insight and resolution, it actually introduced unnecessary new characters and inconsequential plotlines, so that the moments every Lost fan had been waiting for were either rushed in a completely unsatisfying manner, or just didn't happen at all. Key characters were just disposed of (Widmore, who had been built up as crucial to the show was simply shot) and the Jacob's 'powers' were explained by some daft 'magic potion' nonsense. It was a slap in the face to everyone who'd faithfully given it their time. The final 'twist' made very little sense within the context of the show until that point, and rendered much of what we'd enjoyed watching inconsequential.

    Terrible final season aside, this is well worth anyone's time, for the show at its peak is incredible. One day I'll go back and watch it all again, but for now what feels like a betrayal by the writers still stings.
  • Mathewparet

    yes, try Under the Dome or Fringe. there both solid tv series and you'll like it
  • Like the name, I was always lost in the show

    I loved this show (and Prison Break). Do anyone here know of any other show that is similar and is currently running on tv?
  • LOST

    cool tv SE enjoy it everyone
  • Lost the best

    One of the best tv series ever. Exiting, adventures, and always has a twist. In lost you get to know the characters very well and understand them. I re watched this show already and I would re watch it again. Amazing show 10/10
  • The show of the generation

    It was the one that triggered my obsession with the TV. Billions of viewers, sincere reaction of those to every twist and turn, a huge boom that the finale caused. It was truly a legend, a phenomenon.
  • OK show

    This show is very boring, but it's not terrible.
  • Terrible ending

    Some of the characters were quite likeable, and most of the series had me looking forward to the next episode. I began to get a little exasperated by the plot twists and the fact that there were always more questions being created than answered. The ending does pretty much tie it all up, but in a very unsatisfying manner. Overall I'd say I wasted a lot of time watching this series.
  • Don't sleep on Lost.. It's a complete show

    One of the best shows I've ever seen.. I definitely recomend checking it out in entirety. It's awesome watching the characters grow and change from start to finish.. I am sure ill be upset when I'm done watching it. I'm on season5 right now. In the first couple seasons I was a little bit annoyed with all of the character flash backs but the writers did a pretty good job of tying everything together. There are questions that arose in the 1st season that have still not been answered but I keep watching hoping the next episode will explain it.. Definitely a lot to take in, I think I could re watch the entire series to tie up the loose ends. 9.5 so far.. Definitely
  • THis is imeracle

    L dont have a coment for this showe amez....
  • Incredible Character and Setting Driven Show

    The first season of this show is really, in essence what the entire show is about - or should be about. The first season is the best because it delves deep into the characters' psyches and intelligently develops not only character-to-character relationships but character-to-island (or setting) relationships. I feel like as the show progressed it became more about power struggles and less about the philosophical and mystical aspects of the characters and the island. It's a gradual decline, I think, from season to season, as the show begins to rely more and more on twists and action, rather than the subtle mystery and intrigue of the first season. Still, Lost is one of the greatest and most fascinating shows I've ever seen.
  • The BEST EVER!!!

    I loved watching every bit of it. The great story, best screen play and the best cast & the crew.
  • Still one of my all time favourites

    Lost is easily one of the most memorable tv shows of all time, TV classics. Its highly creative plot and engaging characters makes it one of (in my opinion) best shows of all time.

    The first 2 seasons of lost are iconic, tv gold, however that was because that was all the producers were expecting to do with the show, however as the fan base grew, so did their desire for more seasons, season 3 was also highly successful in my eyes. It was only around season 5/6 where the lack of plot became evident as things were becoming more confusing and less explained, however, for me lost was always about the characters not the story.

    however this show is still a tv must watch, highly recommend it!
  • Whata show

    was a gret cast and a great storyline love love love it but the ending was a little to expected could have uesed a little more the eps before it were creative and the ending let it down a little

    but I still loved the show very good
  • Spectacular

    Yes, it had its minor flaws, but Lost won in every way possible - the setting of the show, the plot twists, everything about it made it wonderful. The best part of the show for me was its characters. Each character had a great story that was developed masterfully - the conflicts, the relationships, everything about the characters made this show worth watching. I cried multiple times throughout the series. It's one I'll never forget. Juliet, Sun, and Jin were my favorites.
  • Ratings for S1-3, 5-7

    S1: 5/10

    S2: 0/10

    S3: 0/10

    S5: 0/10

    S6: 0/10

    S7: 0/10
  • The best ever.

    It's the best series i ever seen, You must see to believe. It have all you want: Drama, Sci-fi, Aventure, Thriller and more. I'm wonder how and from were come the ideea because who wrote this screenplay is touch by some magic. And the cast for this series it was pick very good, all the actors are very talented people who played in many others series or movies. So my advise for all the people who wants to see something different and really excitind, Don't lose any of these episodes and if you dont't like it, change the channel. It's very simple!
    Bye! and be LOST in this aventure.

    Why are you looking at this review, go watch the show and you'll see why i gave LOST a 10 out of 10
  • A tear in my eye...

    Im not going to lie, i really liked lost, to the point where after i watched the last episode a state of emotion i have never had came over me. I left my houe, began walking to work and said to myself, "its over" and i felt myself filling up inside. On looking back (this was a few years ago now) i can see why i enjoyed it so much. I dont know of another show that was so entertaining, whilst in the same instance took a full season for you to learn about the characters in the show. The seasons that followed were so enjoyable, different twists and unpredictable at times gave me many a debate at work. I do feel that along with many other shows though, season 4 was slightly let down due to the writers strike and that the story thereafter was slightly rushed. But the 2 seasons after that kept me thinking whilst ejoying the show. I would happily trade in all my other shows i own on DVD/Blu Ray to get and watch the full length of Lost again
  • A Favourite

    Though I never made it to the end of Lost, (I need to watch the final few episodes of Season 6) it has become a favourite which only took me about a month to get through. It would be an agonsing wait for a new episode to be released each week as I couldn't wait to see it, and I was never disappointed. Lost has s many tense and exciting plots and storylines in it as well as the secrets of each character. Sawyer and Miles are definitely my favourite characters, they never failed to make me laugh in each episode.
  • A lot of wasted time...

    I loved season 1. It was interesting and it felt realistic. I loved Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Locke, Sun, Jin and Kate. The second season was worse, the third was horrible. The fourth and fifth I could barely watch. I've just started the sixth and it is abysmal. Jack, my favorite character, is suddenly a daredevilish rude idiot. What the writers don't understand is that an occasional turning point in the story, a dramatic scene, shocks viewers and makes them interested. But to have a turning point EVERY episode just makes it boring and difficult to understand. If I understood the plot, I could speculate, guess what would happen next. The actors are great, but the things they say are often stupid and cheesy. In season one, they often focused on SURVIVAL, but as the seasons went on, I noticed that they simply HAVE water and food. Never starve, never get dehydrated, never need sleep or shelter. They're on an island for goodness sake!

    (WARNING: Don't read the next part if you haven't made it past season 5.)

    I think the thing that ruined it for me was when they returned home. The story wasn't interesting anymore. There was nothing to look forward to, the island didn't seem mysterious anymore. Then after they returned back to the island... Where did the other passengers go? It's like they just disappeared. And then all this time travel, it was too confusing, but mostly stupid.
  • brilliant ...

    yuh i wished it didnt end that way lol
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