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  • best show ever..

    will stay in ppl minds for generations,, don think any show will come near it for another decade..
  • Watch "Lost" again.

    You will kind of "get it" this time.
  • FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    awesome.......absolutely awesome....from the beginning right till the end....i dont think anttv show can ever top this series....like mant ppl have said it was a love hate but for every person on the show...in the end...it was all worth it...i would love to see some other intriguing show like this again...to the writers...u have a great imagination n keep using it!
  • LOST.

    LOST Ahhh what a mess


    Live Together, Die Alone
  • the best tv show i saw

    the best tv show i saw ever
  • Lost for words?

    I've been watching Lost since episode one, I've been hooked since then. Lost had everything I hoped for in a TV show, dynamic cast, mysterious location, plenty of character development, and questions I couldn't wait to find out.

    That being said, it developed into a love-hate relationship at times.

    Love Most of the show, John Locke, Dharma, Ben, and Sawyer.

    Hate Kate

    So many good things to say, practically grew up on Lost, will never forget it.

    Still my favorite show, I've seen every episode at least four times. (Once on air, then download in iTunes, then right before the next new episode, and a fourth because I missed it after it ended)

    The show ended poorly*, probably because of poor planning. So many loose ends were left for the viewer to figure out. The type of loose ends that need addressing, seeing as they are almost impossible to decode. Feel like all of this mystery that hooked me, dragged me around, and made me fight to reel it in turned out to be a catch and release. I don't think anyone could have ended Lost in a fashion where I would be happy, all I've got to say is, "Thanks for the Journey, it meant a lot to me."

    *The ending was still better than some of the ones I was expecting, probably an 8.5, but nothing over a 9.

    Show could have been a perfect 10. It was up until the ending, just too many threads left untied.
  • This show is for smart people.

    This show is for clever and smart viewers. This is the thinking man's tv show. From the first episode to the last one its all fantastic. Very addictive. And it makes you think. It respects the viewer's intelegence. That ia why its the best show ever made.
  • i absoloutly love this t.v show...

    i absoloutly love this t.v show its soooooo interesting...my fav actor/actress from lost is...all of them they all play there roles very well...i think evrey season it gets more interesting and thats the more you want to watch it...i absloutly love watching it and i like it coming on once a week because then you know that you wont miss any of the episodes...and i like it when they be telling all there storys before the plane crash thats what makes it even more interestinger...then you want to watch it even more and more and thats why evrey season it gets more interestinger!!!
  • Historical

    I think that people has no patience while watching this show... People are always like 'Oh but I don't understand ANYTHING that happens on that show' and I always say: 'KEEP WATCHING! Don't stop watching it'.

    This is an excelent show that made history and that it's going to be remembered forever. The only thing I have to say against the show is that it ends with many unresolved misteries... But it's still a great show :)
  • "Lost"

    I've just finished season 1 (watched in 10 days) and I must say that this is probably the most creative piece of television ever since the times of Twin Peaks (early 90's). All the characters have something about them, something deep, dark and yet lovable. Another thing I love about 'Lost' are flashbacks in every episode. That's what probably makes the show so good. We know these people and we've seen their behavior on the island but we've never seen them in their lives. What are their motives? This really is an amazing show - the writing, acting, directing, entire story telling is just unique. Bravo!

    Update: The later seasons (currently on the 5th one) are not that entertaining but I intend to watch it all the way through the series finale.
  • Warning. This show is Not suitable for idiots

    This show, in my mind is one of the best written shows ever. It has the perfect balance of mystery, character development and often humour. It's compelling, intelligent and very well executed. Season 1 was brilliant, 2 was somewhat of a letdown but still very very good, 3 had a slow start but it was converted to an excellent season near the end with a superb finale. 4 and 5 where also amazing and 6 may be one of the most polarised pieces of television. But in my honest opinion the ending was very satisfying. This series will make you use your brain like no other. If I had one problem with this series is that the character of Kate is a little bit overused.
  • Kate debate

    The point of changing Kate is that on Earth she is a psychopath and can not change into a good person. In Purgatory God has her evolve. She of course has to use her free will to get there...

    Overall the show moves in directions that are kind of pointless and convoluted but for the show to remain that good despite it all is pretty amazing.
  • Lost is more than just a TV series

    I first started watching Lost with somewhat moderate expectations, I heard it was a good show but never got around to seeing it due to not having a means to watch all the seasons in order and never really was concerned too much. Our English teacher showed us the first two episodes near the end of my Senior year of high school, and I remember thinking how good the show seemed, but just never got around to seeing it. Fast forward 2 years later, during Winter break of my Sophomore year in college. Its new years day and my parents are looking for a new show to watch so they ask me if there are any good TV series, I remembered LOST and told them LOST is supposed to be pretty good. We have netflix on my PS3 so I fired the first episodes up and was instantly drawn in. LOST is show that is so great, it is up there with classics like I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, and Seinfeld. From the first episode, it draws you to the characters. You are constantly wondering who these people are, why they were headed on this plane from Australia to California, what there life was like before the crash, and what secrets they hold. Every episode has brilliant flashbacks, that explain the characters back stories, which is a very strong point of the show. You grow to either love the character or hate them, and slowly begin to understand why they act the way they do on the island, why Jack always wants to be in charge and solve everything, why Sawyer is so dismissive of the other plane crash survivors, why Locke is so curious about the islands mysteries, why Jin is always criticizing his wife Sun, and why Shannon is so snobby and ignorant. The actors all do an incredible job, and really get into their roles. You really would think Jack is a doctor in real life, Hurley is a fat, sarcastic, funny guy, Jin and Sun are native Koreans, and Charlie is a small name musician in a one hit wonder band. Every actor in this show deserves an emmy for their hard work they put forth in every episode and bringing their character to life. The cast of LOST is the best I've seen in a TV series since Seinfeld probably.

    Besides the character development, the show makes good use of the plot development. As the show starts, mysteries about the island and its secrets start to come up. You'll probably have 100 questions by the end of the first few episodes. As the seasons progress, some of the mysteries start to unravel, and when you think you finally have everything figured out, more mysteries and questions come out of the left field. Something you would never be able to predict. This is what makes LOST one of the most creative shows. There is constantly mystery and secrets surrounding the show, and when the show starts revealing the answers, they bring more mysteries to the table. Whats so special about the island?, who are the others? What's their purpose? What can the survivors do to escape the island? Will it work? These constant questions are what keep LOST interesting and add to the shows greatness. Even when the show ends, there will be questions that you are required to figure out on your own.

    The effects and scenery used in LOST are incredible. You really would think the characters have been stranded on an island. The beach and jungle they used to film lost in is just beautiful. The clothes the characters wear, the messiness of their hair, the dirt on their skin, the fires on the beach, the tattered tents are what bring LOST to life. LOST goes the extra mile to make their show a little more believable and realistic. You can actually imagine what the characters are going through and the conditions they are stuck in. The guys behind the visuals and props, as well as costumes did an incredible job and really brought the show to life.

    So my final comments are, I would definitely place LOST on the top 5 shows to watch of all time. Its a very happy show, that has a lighthearted nature to it, but also manages to be serious at the same time. The actors are some of the best I've seen and the characters all have their own interesting and unique stories and personalities. The first 3 seasons are unforgettable, and the last 3 are also pretty good. My only complaint is the last season is a little hard to get into and feels a little redundant, but the show does have a lot of twists that keep it interesting from season to season. Its one of the few shows I was actually upset when it ended, since I really miss the characters and plot. If I ever get married and my wife's never seen LOST, rewatching the series is going to be one of the first things I do with her and if I ever have kids, as soon as they reach high school age, I am rewatching it with them.
  • Best show ever.

    No further comment needed. If you loved it, you'll agree. If not, go watch it again with someone that can explain to you what you didn't understood... And then you'll agree with me.

    If you still didn't feel a thing for it your name must be Dexter.

    This show is not even a show. It's a philosophy, it's a way of life. It revolutionized my way of seeing life. This is the best story ever told indoubdetly. It had it all: love, hate , grief, drama, crime, philosophy, science,science fiction, physics, life and death.

    This is a much watch before dying
  • Loved watching LOST

    I really loved this show--it was full of unexpected turns & kept me glued to the TV. (Which is rare for me!) I truly enjoyed the show and it characters. I hated to see it end!!
  • Keep alive

    Need to watch this guys.. Survivors in "Lost" island.. Dont know what to do, whom to trust, what to eat, how to keep alive..
  • Perfect and Epic

    My favorite series all time, fantastic and spetacular.
  • Diverse characters, location and stories all mixed up to make great TV

    LOST for me benefits from one great thing, and its not the paranormal workings of the mysterious island, it is the characters and the diversity between them. Very few shows (save maybe Community) have a premise that allows for people of all different backgrounds (whether it is ex-republican guard, con-man, a bereaving doctor, fugitive, drugged up rock star or a paraplegic man who works for a box company) to not only interact but survive together against all kinds of odds.

    The 2nd and 3rd seasons do stagnate a bit with filler episodes and open ended questions (many of which never get explained) but when season 4 rolls around you will be glad you stuck with it. ABC made a brilliant decision and allowed the writers to have a pre-set amount of episodes left after season 3, and it shows, immediately season 4 feels as it we are building towards a series finale and all 3 of the later seasons are greatly improved by this.

    Character deaths are mostly handled very well and their unexpectedness can make for some great quality TV, the famous 'not pennies boat' episode is one of my favourite character deaths of any show, probably helped by my affection for that character.

    As for the somewhat controversial finale, I personally really enjoyed it, it gave purpose to all of their experiences on the island (something I was worried would be undone) as well as a passable explanation of what the Island was and the ultimate reason they were there. I've never heard any finale hater give even half a suggestion as to how to finish off this show differently.

    A definite must watch for any truly avid TV fan, just be warned season 3 may try your patience occasionally, especially Rose and Bernard.

  • LOST, It's the viewers that are lost, not the people on the island!!!

    Me and my wife started watching the series on Netflix. The first 3 seasons were infectious. We couldn't stop watching the show. Then, I don't know what happened. It is getting more ridiculous and stupid. It seems like it became a popular show and they were just running out of stuff and kept making stuff up that felt unreal and fake. I can't wait until the show is over so we can get back to our lives! The argument with my wife is to just watch the 1st 5 min of each show and then the end of the season to get it over with. BTW, we are totally LOST, and have no idea what is happening. We are on the 1st episode of season 6.
  • Amazing.

    People who had seen all the seasons of Lost told me that the ending was terrible and it wasn't worth sitting through all of the episodes. I disagree with them completely, right from the very beginning to the very end I was hooked into this show like a monkey on a banana farm. I couldn't get enough, it truly is a shame that it had to end. My mother said that she was glad it ended, so she could get back to doing things like going to work and lawn care. It was a truly spectacular show, I loved every minute of it. Perfect.
  • A perfect blend of character drama, mystery and adventure

    "Lost" is one of the few series that I never get tired of watching because it is the perfect blend of character drama, mystery and adventure. Even though there are a lot of characters, I felt myself caring about almost all of them, since the show does an amazing job of making you feel for them by exploring their back stories and linking their present dilemmas with situations they faced in the past.

    While it was a source of frustration to some, I am still fascinated how "Lost" managed to pose so many intriguing questions. Even upon rewatch when I know some of the answers, it is easy to get caught up in the mysterious atmosphere of the setting.

    While I was disappointed in the final season, I do find that I can still watch the first five seasons, and derive a lot of enjoyment out of it, because I like the characters and the non-linear storytelling. With a sweeping musical score and beautiful cinematography of the beach and jungle, "Lost" ranks as one of my top 3 favorite series of all time.
  • Lost!

    It has been the best show I have ever seen! Sorry it had to end, wish they could come back with more!
  • EPIC!!

    As a tv series I haven't found one that can match Lost. The story, characters, scenery, location, friendships, romance, love triangles, survival. This series had it all, it made you feel like you were there walking among them trying to get off the island. I'm so grateful they made this Tv series I can't put into words how much I enjoy watching and falling in love with all the characters in Lost. Each character was important so if one dies you felt it too just like you were there. This is a truly amazing show, and I don't think I would ever find a series like this. I will remember this show for the rest of my life, and most of all the true feelings I felt while being there on that island with them :).
  • Lost, i'm lost , what's happening ?

    Even though I don't really get the show , it is a great one.
    Season One , SLAM , Season Two .... hmmmm , what's going on , Season Three .... oh yeah .... another Island ! Well, to be hones I really like this show even though it's getting a wee bit long , but ok , they have to tell the story of every character . But tell me this : How is the huge dude not getting any thinner ? There is no food on this island , his stash is gone and .... there is no food on this island . Where do all those new people come from ? In every episode some new people arrive out of the blue , in the camp of the survivors ? I don't get all of it , but it's somehow still a great show.
  • Good stories,bad writing.

    I rented the first season on DVD and started watching... first disc, second disc, third disc...till the end, always waiting for something to wow me, but nothing has. Everything that happened was so predictable that I could see it miles away (the one with the girl losing her memory...please! I actually knew this would happen but thought to myself no writers in the 21st century would actually do that nowadays...). The writing is mediocre at best (I can't believe David Fury from Buffy & Angel fame actually wrote a few episodes), the acting is okay, and the characters are mildly likable. But that's it. It's not brilliant, it's not amazing, it’s not "zOMG WTF" show at all. It's average in all departments.
    The plot is too slow pacing. I don't mind all the unanswered questions, the more the merrier, but at least give us the feeling that something is happening, don’t give us an episode with 90% flashbacks and only 10% of actual stuff that we care about and actually WANT to know.
    The 2nd season is a bit better.finally there's some progress in the story and an actual mystery,but if anything,the second season is proof that the hype had built the show,and not the other way around.

    update: Season three seems to be better than the first 2, since the writers seem to know where they're going. unfortunately, a lot of "mysteries" from the previous season (the whole tribe thing "the others" had) seems the become obsolete now. Overall, i think they should stick to making episodes with just one plot and not ones with A and B plots that pretty much suck all the time. overall, it is clear that the storyline is affected by outside interference (like actors that are forced to leave the show for some reason or another, and thus ruining any plot that involved them). They should just decide now when it will end and not drag it on and on until the audience won't care anymore.
  • Very captivating plot-enforced show filled with exciting cliff hangers

    The show, from basically the first episode, has suspense building and building about what are the strange things going on on this island. The survivors of a plane crash find themselves stranded on an island, but mysterious bunkers and people called the others are just some of the mystery that surrounds the plot. I loved the cast and plot, making me watch more and more. But I must admit, I felt as the plot was a cheap suspense builder, and the ending didnt even answer many of my major questions. This suspense led me to believe that it would answer the questions at the end; a solution. Even though I didnt get all my questions answered and the constant cliff hangers were getting very repeatative as the end of the show came closer, I must say that the plot is golden (never experianced a island with mystery before) and the show provides heapsof thrilling moments, from start to finish. I have watched this since it started airing and each time I finished a season I was so excited for the conclusion of the cliff hanger. The end is more of a "happily ever after" end to the show and that satisfied me very well. I love sad endings that just capture my love for the show. Love the show and definetly worth watching.
  • after the AMAZING ending.. LOST proves to the world that it is the best show ever made.

    after the AMAZING ending..
    LOST proves to the world that it is the best show ever made.

    lost is a global phenomenan that captivated people from all over the world . if you go to a village in the middle of nowhere they will know lost .

    lost is the most beloved tv series of our time .
    lost is the most watched show on the planet .

    everyone who has been watched lost in the past 6 years should consider himself very very lucky ,

    cause a show like lost only happens once in a lifetime , and i dont there will never be a show like lost, NEVER .
  • LOST is the only show in television history that keeps getting better and better. and has the most amazing ending ever. LOST redifines television.

    LOST will forever be in hearts .

    its the only show that doesnt get worse , it keeps getting better and better .

    if you ask me which is my favorite season i'd say :
    my favorite is the final season then 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 .

    i am not kidding .

    its does not have a single bad episode NOT a single one .

    lost changed the face of television ,

    lost has it all , mystrey , action , drama , comedy , romance .

    every good thing is in this show .

    sooo ... why are you not watching ? go and watch this master piece
  • Great show just disappointed it ended. The show had so much more potential, there was limitless directions for the show to keep going with the story, and it wouldn't have matter where it ended. All we can hope for is a Lost II. That's right no one is...


    Great show, but did it really end?

    The show had so much potential, and there was limitless directions for the show to keep going with the story, and it wouldn't have mattered.

    What? a Lost II. That's right no one is...

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