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    the story was thrilling and the dialogue was well written, The Director's were geniuses when it came to continuity. I can't belive it's over. this is one of those shows that you have to watch it from the beginning to end, you can't start on season 3 :) (yes I tried to do that) this show deserves 10 stars!
  • If your not watching it you should be!!

    Once in a life time, a show comes along that just stands out above the rest and you know there'll neva be another lyk it. For me that is Lost. I was hooked from the first time i saw it in the exhillerating pilot and have been kept in suspence ever sinse. With characters you can relate to and story plots you can get lost in, this show is an instant classic and will be enjoyed by generations long after in ends. if your not watching it you shud be. JJ Abrams is a genius and i thank him for the joy he has brought to so many viewers!! 8D
  • One of the best shows to ever air on television!


    The best show ever! Lost is definitely missed by millions of people. It is by far the best drama that ever aired on tv. The show was full of twists and turns that shocked almost all of its viewers. All of the characters had such personality and star-quality. Emotions were all over the place whenever I watched this show. When someone died, I cried. When someone laughed, I laughed. When someone smiled, I smiled. It was a rollercoaster ride though all six seasons.

  • SPOILER FREE LOST The End Review

    When a series like Lost comes to an end, you really have no idea what the show's writers will throw at you. Everyone had their theories about what the ending will be like. Lost has a history of always finding a way to exceed viewers' expectations and the finale is no different. Does the Ending the writers gave this award winning series live up to the incredibly interesting, entertaining journey that us the viewers, have been on? Some viewers say yes, while others say no. Here is my opinion, Keep It Moving's full review. Before watching The End, I heard a lot of gossip about the ending. It seemed like there were no in between opinions on it. Everyone either hated it or they loved it. So I procrastinated a little on watching it. I was actually worried that my favorite TV show's inevitable ending would be disappointing, rather then rewarding. I faced the finale at 4am this morning. I am happy to say that my scaled opinion tips right to the absolutely loved it side. Yes, I loved it. The only upsetting thing about the series finale is the fact that my favorite show is over. Especially since the show had so much potential. Yes they decided to end it. I really don't see any other way that they could have ended the show this season. I think an alternate season would be the best thing ever. You know, just an entirely new sixth season. I can wish cant I. While I can say the ending was great, I wasn't entirely happy with this season. Maybe that's why people are giving this show such negative reviews. You really had to have watched this show from at least the second season to actually get a feel for these characters and to really catch the drift of just exactly what is happening. If you watched this show from season one you most definitely should get the picture and understand everything. Even if you started watching Lost this season, you may still just be confused during the finale. I didn't see the 2 hour special that aired before it, so they quite possibly could have done a huge recap of the entire series. If that's what the special was and you in fact watched it, then you might not be too confused. Even then you still wont know all the little nooks and crannies that make this show so good. Lost is all about the characters. The character development in Lost has to be the most captivating I've ever experienced on screen. The characters are what made the show take off. You think, there were Flashbacks in the show forever. The flashbacks were probably the smartest thing the creators put in. The only problem with them were, once you do all the characters a couple times, it will probably get repetitive and dull. So they threw some more characters in. Then came the flash forward where they basically foreshadowed some plot details by revealing the characters in the future. Now new to Season 6, flash sideways, which take place in an alternate reality where the plane never crashed and the island is underwater. While it was an interesting twist, I really don't think it was the greatest idea. What a way to confuse new viewers. Anyway, they did it the way they did it and it was really good. So for the finale they basically tie up each characters story in the alternate reality. They also wrapped up the story on the island, you know, the main story. I think any fan will be pleased with this ending. The more I think about the entire series as a whole, the more clever I think it is how it all went down. After you watch it check out my COMMENTS and SPOILERS on "LOST: The Series and The End."

  • This show is just PERFECTION.

    It started late in the UK so I had heard all the hype about wat an amzing show it was. I tuned into the pilot and it was amazing i was in ough and imetiadtly hooked. I continued and the show just got more mysterious and amazing. Matthew Fox,Evangilline Lily,Terry O'Quin and Emile De Raven where my fave actors who all gave good performances. When i followed the show into season 2 i enjoyed the new characters and got my fave couple!! Sayid and Shannon love them only to be dissapointed when they kill of Maggie Grace :(. Season 2 was really well thought out we got lots of secrets reveled! In season 3 the show didnt live up to my expectations! Yeah it was good but lost is great not good!! It was the same with DH n 24 that season all lost their touches. I missed Michael n anna n shannon and some random people like Paulo and Nikki just did not do. Ben and Juliette were good aditions though! Now in season 4 the show has really proven itself to be good again!! It just had a bad season i guess. This year has good mystery's and there bringing back Michael YAY!!!!! Also Mader is sooooo good i luv er even though i wish Kristen Bell had taken the role but i still love Elle! I hope this quality continues for the show throughout the shows run. Thank god the writers strike is resolved so i can get me lost fix hopefully the break does not mean they have lost there mojo!! I'm also happy about the move to sky one. Cause if they didnt get lost i think the Futurama, simpsons and Buffy re-runs where getting old! I really hope the show does not get cancelled before it has the next 2 seasons cause I WANT CLOSURE!!
  • To make the long story short you've got a hole bunch of people stranded on an island. There's Oceanic 815 survivors; The others; The tailies from the Oceanic plane; The Dharma Initiative; The other others; Is there any I missed, probably.

    After Oceanic Air Flight 815 tears apart in mid-air and crashes on a Pacific island on September 22nd 2004, its survivors...flashback...flashforward...flashsideways?..Smoke monster...another plane...The tallies...Dharma...holy Sh*t...Kate...Sawyer...Jack...The others...Ben...?...
    To make the long story short you've got a hole bunch of people stranded on an island. There's Oceanic 815 survivors; The others; The tailies from the Oceanic plane; The Dharma Initiative; The other others; Is there any I missed, probably.
    and six seasons later it's become one of the best shows ever for the following reasons: I love Jacob and the mysterious man in black. Sawyers sexy. Each week we get a new cliffhanger that we will desperately try and figure out before the next episode airs. With every episode you get a tiny piece of the puzzle.
  • A show I'll remember forever. A true classic.

    I can still remember how excited I was to hear about the show before it premiered. It mixed all the things I love in TV and books: sci-fi, mystery, action, adventure, drama. It was well planned and well executed with a great cast. I simply could not wait for Lost day, and the hiatuses between seasons were sheer agony. This show made me cry, and I never cry. I introduced this show to anyone and everyone I knew. We would spend vast amounts of time discussing, ranting, arguing and speculating about it. I bought corny Lost merchandise and read Lost related books. I have never been so heavily invested in a TV show. It's the one show I'm sure I'll pop in and watch 20 years from now.
  • Watching lost was the best decision i ever made

    I wish i had seen lost when it was still on tv. i never actually saw it when it was on tv and now i wish more than anything that i had, because lost has become my favorite tv show of all time and probably always will be. Before i actually watched it i just thought that it was some show about people trying to stay alive on an island, and i thought that i wouldn't like it. Until my friend who is huge lost fan, said to me, how do you know you hate the show you've never actually watched it, you might enjoy it. So i watched the very first episode, then i watched the next episode and the next and within the weekend i finished the first season. I think it kind of became and addiction, every week i'd watch a couple of episodes.

    I think that the story line and the concept behind lost is so well constructed, which is what made lost so great. In each episode you learn something new about a character, or you get to see pieces of their past. which is what made people feel like they really knew the characters and understood who they were as people. One part of lost that i loved, was the fact that the writers perfectly intertwined so many different genres into one tv show. They combined sci fi, drama, action and adventure and made them into one great tv show.

    i think what makes so many lost fans forget that lost is just a tv show, is because like i'm sure many other fans did, i got emotionally attached to the characters and the story line, which is what made it all feel so real. I remember when charlie died and i was crying my brother said to me, you do know that charlie isn't a real person right, the actor didn't die. and i had to laugh because that was just in the 3rd season and i realized how much i had come to love the show. Lost will always be the show that had me on the edge of my seat, trying to anticipate what will happen next, and i'm really glad i listen to my friend and decided to watch that first episode.
  • One of the greatest shows of all time.

    Weather you hated or loved the finale, there is no argument that Lost is one of the greatest and most influential shows of the past decade. It turned the simple idea of a plane crash onto a deserted island, into one of the greatest mysteries in television history. A mystery that even now, more than one year after it's ended, we still don't have all the answers to. But the greatest part about Lost was not the mystery it was the heart. From Charlie's death, to the ending of The Constant, to The End. This show juiced more tears out of viewers than Old Yeller. And it's one thing that many of the new Lost-wannabe shows are missing (The Event, Flashforward). The mystery, the confusion is all there, but viewers want more than that. If you haven't seen Lost I recommend you watch it, but make sure you start from the beginning. Don't be one of those people who saw one episode halfway through season 4 and complained that "It doesn't make sense, this show is stupid". I used to be one of those people, now it's one of my favorite shows.
  • Simply put, The Best TV show of all time.

    Everyone has heard of Lost.(unless they've been living under a rock)But if you haven't seen it yet, make it a point to watch the pilot as soon as possible. You won't regret it. When you hear a Lost fan talking about the show it might sound stupid.The island, smoke monster, the hatch, time travel etc..It sounds a bit far fetched. But the truth is, Lost is a show like no other.There's nothing like it on TV and I don't think there ever will be.After watching the finale i had this weird feeling like a friend had left me forever. And the background score by Giacchino is awesome. In concluson, Lost is the best thing i've ever seen. It's something you want everyone to experience. i am sure i'll rewatch it many times over the years.
  • Sorry to all hardcore fans but I love the finale.

    Perhaps is not the best for everyone. Perhaps too many questions still left and some people want an explanation for everithing. But sometimes the explanation isn't needed at all, it's part of the magic of the show, to let things open to everyone's mid so we can make the answers ourselves. I allways look LOST as a tv series about characters, I really don't care if they travel in time, between universes or if the had to fight some damn fog-monster. The sparkle of the show that keeps me until the last episode is how the characters (the old ones and the new) are developed as the time goes by. If you take away the island, the mithology, the unexplained phenomens and the little bit of supernatural forces, the show mantains a lot of this sparkle.

    For my this last six years was a hell of a flight for Oceanic 815 people. I enjoy every episode the way I could (the good ones and the bad ones also). All good things allways come to an end. But at the end I like it more than else.
  • After following Lost for about three years I thought it'd be worthwhile to write up a little summary and some reflections on the show (Note: this is strictly my own interpretation of the show and for all I know I could be completely off).*Spoilers*

    Lost is finally over and at the end it becomes clear that as far as the plot goes, Lost is nothing more than a Sci-Fi that attempts to reconcile science with religion; yet ironically, by strengthening the religious aspects of the show under the science "fiction" heading it in a sense ridicules religion as nothing more than fictitious material.

    That being said, I think Lost is a superb show as it doesn't really leave any plot holes to fill. The themes and ideas remain completely consistent throughout Lost despite the show's intricate plotline. In fact the story is so complex it would be difficult to simply dive into a summary, so it'd be best to start with some major themes.

    Dharma: The show definitely draws heavily from Buddhist ideas. Although I am no expert on Buddhism I find it quite easy to grasp these ideas due to my personal religious background. The word dharma has various deep meanings; literally it means "rule" or "law" in Buddhism, but not just any rule or law in general. Dharma is supposed to be the teachings (rules) established by Buddha that can lead individuals to enlightenment. In Lost this idea is used simply to show that the island possesses the quality of dharma, where a set of rules is established that allow all the characters on the island to discover their true nature. If you look at what DHARMA stands for in Dharma Initiative (Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications...wtf does that even mean?!) you'd realize that the writers basically chose that name to signify that the island has some unique properties of dharma and a group of people (Dharma Initiative and later Charles Widmore) are trying to study it and control it for their own benefits; other than that, what Dharma stands for is pretty much meaningless.

    Karma: This is another recurring theme in the show and a very important one. Karma is all about free will, causes and effects, actions and consequences, and more importantly it is about reincarnation. Specifically, karma is about the relations between people and other living things. In Buddhism, an important part of reincarnation involves "memory loss" (you can't, or at least shouldn't be able to remember your past lives), and this obviously plays a huge role in the final season of Lost. Basically reincarnation is a vicious cycle, a form of repeated suffering that people must endure one life after another until they have achieved self-purification (through dharma) and only then will they become like Buddha so they can leave this earthly cycle and head into nirvana.

    How this all ties in with Lost: If we are to view the characters' lives from the karma point of view then the only way to make sense of the transition from one life to another is by following the characters' memories. As long as the characters maintain consistent memories then they are living and acting in the same life. This means that everything that happened prior to their memory loss would be in the same life, which includes everything from seasons 1-5 and all the stuff that happens on the island in season 6, and after the memory loss would be their next life, after they all died. But unlike traditional view of karma where you reincarnate into something completely different, the transition into a different life is more like a transition into an "alternate life" or "alternate universe" in Lost, which is why all the characters maintain their same forms. I guess this would be the real sci-fi portion of Lost, with all the time travelling and entering into alternate universe. All the interpersonal conflicts in the show represent the vicious cycles of karma that all the characters struggle to remove themselves from. In order to leave this cycle they must find and achieve some purpose in life.

    Love: Despite how corny it may seem, love is without a doubt the most important theme in the entire show. Love alone can explain some of the unanswered questions regarding supporting characters. The show seems to suggest that the purpose of life isn't some sort of self-enlightenment through dharma, but instead the true purpose is to "let go" (very Buddhist idea). And it also suggests that for many, only when you have found "true love" can you "let go" of all the things in life and leave the "purgatory" and move on into heaven. In Lost, purgatory isn't just the island; it seems to be the entire earthly world. This explains why Ana Lucia, Miles, Michael, and any other characters who never find true love do not end up in the end scene where all the main characters are "moving on." Ben must stay in purgatory and deal with Alex and her mom. Daniel doesn't regain any memories when he comes into contact with Charlotte because they have not spent nearly enough time with each other to establish any kind of serious relationship. Hence why Desmond says he's not taking Daniel with him when Eloise asks him; it isn't because he chooses not to take Daniel, it's because he simply can't. Daniel must remain in purgatory until he finds true love. However, if this theory sounds somewhat convincing at all, it doesn't really explain why Locke and Boone get to move on, which remains somewhat of a mystery (especially Boone...wtf was he doing there? For Locke though it's probably because he somehow manages to "let go" of something trapping him in purgatory...like the guilt he feels about his father).

    Everybody Died: I find this to be a brilliant idea to end the show. This is why they all manage to move into the next life where they all meet each other, but definitely not at the same time. The final conversation between Hugo and Ben suggests that they obviously remain alive on the island for a while to protect it but they must've died eventually, too, and everyone who got off the island on the plane all died. It doesn't matter whether the plane crashed or they all manage to live out the rest of their lives, they all died in that one life eventually. Another sci-fi part of the show suggests that memories from past lives can be regained through intense physical (visual, sensual, etc.) experiences. Desmond becomes the center piece that reunites everyone simply because he is the first one to regain memories from the past life.

    Overall the show is outstanding even though there are many questions left unanswered (but it's a sci-fi after all so it's best to just take it as it is). There are probably no answers for things like the origin of Jacob and his nameless brother and their mother, etc. But I still find one part of the show particularly troubling...

    Eloise: Even after the show has ended Lost does not seize to amaze me, how such a small part of the show, a side character, can hold so much seemingly solvable mystery. I find Eloise to be the most troubling character of all, because she seems to know exactly what's going on. In season 6 episode 11 – "Happily Ever After," the episode where Desmond begins to regain memories, Eloise was absolutely opposed to Desmond reuniting the main characters. Not only does she keep "the guest list" away from Desmond (presumably the list has the info of all the main characters), she even says "whatever happened, happened" as if she knows about everything that happened in the past life, even though Charles Widmore, who appears in the same episode, seems to know nothing. Eloise's extensive knowledge on the whole situation is further shown when she asks whether Desmond is taking Daniel in the end. So who is this woman?!?! Why did she not lose her memories in the alternate life? Daniel's character is also a bit confusing but not so much as Eloise. Dan seems to be at a stage where he can feel some weird past-life phenomena but can't quite explain why (love at first sight and writing up crazy equations). Anyway, for all the devoted Lost fans, Eloise is definitely a character worth exploring.
  • Absolutely beautiful

    After the finale aired, their were thousands of people online trying to tear the show apart and complain about how unsatisfied they were. These people either didn't understand the show or weren't truly fans in the first place; moreover, I believe that true fans of the show, i.e. people who have been watching since season 1, appreciate the ending more than those who are just casual fans. These true fans are also the ones who realize that Lost consists of more than just the series finale. Lost has been the most compelling drama that has ever been shown on television, as it has consistantly kept viewers on the edge of their seats, and more importantly forced them to actually think, for six years. The journey that Lost fans have enjoyed has been the most complex, intelligent, detailed, and delightful ride of all time. Even if people didn't like the finale, they can't say that the whole show was a waste of time, or they wouldn't have watched in the first place. Of course the finale is going to spark lots of debate, that is what the whole show is about, letting people interpret it as they see fit and then share their ideas with others. However, the show is a character-based drama first, and the mythology, even though it is the best on tv, still comes second. So the finale is really the perfect ending for this show. Sure, there could have been other, possibly more well-received endings, but the story of the characters could not have been summed up and brought to a full circle in a better way than what the writers did. The closure that was provided was what the show needed, and watching Jack's eye close was the perfect final image. Now I know most people are angry about all the unasnwered questions (Walt, fertility, the island in general) but leaving them open to theorize about is the best way to do it. Even though it may be frustrating and hard to swallow, getting a straight answer isn't always the best path, as then their is no more joy in using your imagination. For instance, when the whispers were explained, people just kind of shrugged it off as "Oh, that makes sense, cool" but lost all the excitement in being able to decide the answer for themselves. All in all, Lost succeeded in changing the landscape of television, successfully doing things that no other show has done before by becoming more than just a show, but a truly interactive experience which people can feel like they belong to. Hopefully Lost will be remembered for it's greatness and beauty, regardless of how people feel about The End.
  • Is Lost the Greatest TV Show Ever?

    There's no such thing as a "Greatest TV show ever."
    An impossible and unfair question.

    Based just on what everyone has had to say about LOST, makes it something that you can't really do with other shows. The Shield? Breaking Bad? The Sopranos? The Wire? If I could sum up the singular greatest achievement LOST was able to pull off its this:

    They did it without having to be on cable.

    Without the racy language or graphic violence. Without the nudity. Going to the HBO well is a little too easy in my opinion. Cable has an advantage with more storytelling freedom. Yet LOST managed to place itself among the elite without those advantages. Hell, the constrictions make the show more creative, and more accessible for a wider audience. If you were to look at the legacy of all the shows in your own personal 'Top 10s' how many of them were truly innovative? How many have left an indelible mark on the television landscape forever? How many of them spawned copycats? How many of them can you actually talk about with friends and they've actually seen it? There's only a handful, I'm sure.

    It's easy to talk about Cheers or M*A*S*H or Seinfeld, or The Simpsons, but it's a case of apples and oranges. Best show ever? Best sci-fi drama? Maybe. Sorry Star Trek and BSG fans, LOST is arguably 'cooler' to watch. It just has a lot more going on, with a lot more to say and a ton more to take away personally.

    A more ambitious show has never been made.

    I actually love that the end is left open for interpretation, as is the entire series, which was above all else, more about the journey itself. Not many other shows can say that. A mixed reaction for sure, but is polarizing a bad thing? The emotion and reaction this show can stir, the relationship with its audience- unparalleled.

    Confession time: My favorite TV show of all time is My So-Called life. A 1-season canceled tragedy that simply chronicled the teenage life of one Angela Chase. Yes, this grouchy reader holds a teen drama higher than anything he's ever seen. My opinion on LOST (a close no. 2) may have just been completely invalidated. But I wanted to be honest so you know that even I myself personally hold no bias to LOST as 'best show ever'. I don't obsess over things, but I obsessed over this show.

    Knowing how it ends, the series almost demands at least one more re-watch all the way through. I've recommended LOST to every person I've ever met, and will continue to do so. I have converted many of my friends into fans.

    Best TV show ever?
    I've never wondered that about Damages or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There aren't debates about The Twilight Zone or 24.

    Let me put it this way:

    The fact that people even ask this question speaks for itself.
  • The Greatest TV Show of All Time

    Lost follows a group of survivors whose plane crashed on a mysterious island. Lost has everything: drama, action, adventure, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, romance etc. Lost is amazingly detailed and in-depth and downright inspirational at times. Seasons 1-4 are brilliant, season 5 is decent, and season 6 was somewhat disappointing but still good. Anyway, it's not about the end; it's about the amazing journey and roller-coater ride Lost takes you on. The character development in Lost is unlike anything I've seen in any show. Season 1: 10
    Season 2: 9.5
    Season 3: 9.5
    Season 4: 9
    Season 5: 7.5
    Season 6: 7
  • The greatest show of all time.

    Lost is about a group of people on a plane who crashed from the oceanic flight 815 on a mysterious island. As the show progresses you find out more about this island, why they are there and why nobody can find them.

    The show in my opinion is the greatest ever. The first 4 seasons were spectacular. Season 5 was very good, but not great and season 6 was quite good but disappointing. It started off with a simplistic style, people with very mundane lives trying to get off the island. But then by season 4 it took a more supernatural turn, which many people didn't like because of the confusion it caused but in my opinion, it was a good choice. The acting, the writing and the direction are all top notch. Some people were unsatisfied with the shows ending; and in some respects i would agree. I thought that all of them meeting up at the end was very nice, although there were many questions that were left-un answered. I mean according to Damon Lindelof (Creator) that everything would be explained. There were characters that we didn't see in the church that we should've and don't tell me it was a casting issue because one of them just showed up in the middle of the season. Also, in the famous season 4 finale the spinning wheel wasn't explained. I am expecting that there will most likely be a film adaptation in the works, but other than this it is still a great show.

    If you haven't seen this show, you are missing out. I believe that it is possibly the greatest tv drama ever. People who got confused just didn't concentrate enough, it's not that hard to understand. I would recommend this show to anyone.
  • Lost. Enough said....

    I watched Lost from the very first episode. I am not able to say that about most of the great shows of the past decade. Lost is not the best show that has been on television in those 10 years, it's not the most emotional or the most dramatic, but it is very nearly the best in every category. This is a masterpiece of television. It is obvious that the writers never really knew where they were going with it, as is evident by the ending, but none of that really matters. Maybe it didn't end in the best possible way, and maybe some (many, many) things were left unexplained or had an inadequate finish. But overall there is basically nothing wrong with this show. Week in, week out it delivered emotional, tense drama and the storytelling was compelling and mostly well thought out. The mystery was what kept most people coming back to it and for a very good reason. My only quarrel with the show is that the central theme that ultimately drove everything that happened wasn't even revealed or hinted toward until the fourth season. But like I said it doesn't really matter. Overall, a great piece of television that should be seen by everyone. I am currently re-watching it and would recommend it to anyone.
  • An interesting concept, but the dull flashbacks all but ruin it.

    "Lost" got off to a good start with the very interesting two-part pilot episode. Survivors of a plane crash are stranded on a tropical island, and the longer they're there, the stranger they realize the island is.

    Unfortunately, the writers decided to make heavy use of the narrative crutch known as flashbacks. Time to show character development? Flashback! Time to reveal someone's true motivations? Flashback! But ultimately, the characters aren't nearly as compelling as any of the island's dozen mysteries, and so the flashbacks that take up about a third of the show's airtime tend to destroy the momentum that builds up for the other 30 minutes. "Lost" has an interesting concept, but the dull flashbacks all but ruin it.

    Charlie's puzzled "Guys, where are we?" at the end of the second episode was terrific, but it's been downhill from there. More and more questions are raised and then all but ignored. The characters rarely ask questions or try to get to the bottom of things, which makes the viewer wonder if the survivors aren't the 48 least-curious people in the entire world.
  • It had the potential to be something original and great but by the end of season one it quickly became "blue-balling" hell.

    The thing that drew me into this so quickly was the pilot. It gave me a sense that this was going to be a show that loosely used the ideas from the book "Lord Of The Flies". That is, how would the human race react if it was taken away from civilation and forced to rely on each other to survive.

    This theme is evident within the show, with people blaming other people for things gone wrong and killing each other over ridiculous reasons. What we quickly see is that there is a bigger picture to be realized. Suddenly the viewer is thrown a whole lot of puzzles and riddles and we are stuck to figure out the whole mess. This is the hook that kept me watching, but by the end of the season was the reason my taste for this show went from a 10 to a 6.

    Solving the big picture is exciting. Don't get me wrong. However when you are given a whole lot of clues and NEVER any answers, you begin to wonder "What's the point?" I am honestly pondering whether or not the writers of this show even wrote what the big puzzle is. Don't get me wrong, there are certain clues that connect to each other, but by the end you are still left with an unsatisfied appetite.

    Simply put, the show has a lot of build up with no big boom.
  • Lost is a show that would work as a movie, but asks too many questions and doesn't answer anything.

    When Lost is good, it's good. The pilot had plenty of suspense and action, but for some reason the suspense was completely taken out for the rest of the season until the three-part finale. The 19 episodes in between were not very interesting. They relied on how much you liked the character that was the center of the backstory flashbacks. There were so many mysteries in Season One-- What is the monster? What is in the hatch? Why can Locke walk? What are The Numbers? Who are The Others? The season finale answered nothing. We may or may not have seen The Others and seen 2% of the monster. Besides that, we learned nothing. It makes you wonder if the writers even know the answers.
  • "Lost" has completely, well, LOST my interest.

    When "LOST" began, it had more buzz than I had heard for a show in a while. I started watching out of curiosity and became immediately addicted. The characters were intriguing, the setting was cool, and the whole show was innovative and entertaining. Was. It seems, for me at least, that this show has been slowly going down hill. Maybe it was the fact that American Idol aired at the same time, but I just didn't feel a need to watch it. I wasn't craving the next episode. It LOST my interest. I don't know if I'll pick back up for the second season. I might try, but I won't count on it.
  • Kinda weird but cool in away I don't know how tho.

    the show has its upsides and its downsides its kind of hard to know whats happening with all of the different stories going on at the same time so it gets confusing and crazy but the first reason i started to watch it was because I saw Dominic Monagan(spelling?) was in it. he was in the LOTR one of the hobbits. so I wanted to check that out and to my surprise he was a drugie! Wow thats nice. but then I got in to it and I watch it as offten as I can every wed. And each time I get more and more confused I guess its a good way to keep some one hooked.
  • Plane crashes on mysterious Island where many passengers survive and undergo implausible but exciting happenings. Left you wondering why these occurences are happening hoping for explanation.But becoming confusing and no end or explanation in sight.

    At first, good show but now writers making it up as show continues since the producers discovered it unexpectedly popular.Irrevelant characters introduced making it confusing and then you become lost. No real explanations for happenings "Jumped the shark" when characters wanted to return to Island. That's when I lost interest and stopped watching.
    If the show had concluded with all questions answered at end of second series, it would have been a good show, but now some of the characters want to back to the island after all the trauma they sustained in getting off it, it's lost its credibility and my interest. No longer bother watching it.
  • deepressing

    ok first after i watch this show i got so depressed because its violent i know many people who love this show but its full of weapons no comedy what so ever i dont like any shows with weapons its just full of fighting and everyones to serious i mean enjoy your life watch some comedy also its always raining [ expression ] so i would never watch this show and thats also why i rated it 3 . 0 k now if you watch this show at least watch something non deprresing after like ,scrubs or something thatll crack u up
  • The first episodes were cool, now its getting lame.

    I totally loved Cast Away,(Tom Hanks movie). At first glance you would think of this. Before you continue reading I would like to say that I'm gonna spoil somethings, the first episodes were totally rad, but then creatures and lame supernatural stuff got in. I dont know but I dont like sci-fi shows, here we got a mix between Cast Away and Jurassic Park lol.

    The cast is great, not many familiar faces but its good.
    The plot can get reaaally boring.

    To sum up, its a great show, but its not my thing. So if you're gazing thru the channels and there's nothing better to watch tune in Lost for a good time.
  • Seinfeld often joked that it was the show about nothing. Nothing ever really happened, things never really changed, the stories were often ridiculous, etc. Despite these things, watching Seinfeld was entertaining. Like Seinfeld, Lost is also a show abo

    Seinfeld often joked that it was the show about nothing. Nothing ever really happened, things never really changed, the stories were often ridiculous, etc. But in spite of these things, watching Seinfeld was entertaining.

    Like Seinfeld, Lost is also a show about nothing. Nothing ever really happens, things never really change, and the stories are ridiculous. Unlike Seinfeld, watching Lost is a severe waste of time.

    It seems like everyone says things about Lost like, "OMFG BEST SHOW EVARRR!!!1" or "this is TEH BRILLYANCE!" but all I see is the opposite. The writers have setup some neat things about the island and the people, but you have to sit through an entire episode where almost nothing happens before anything interesting is revealed. Lost strings you along week to week with these interesting ideas, then fails to develop them or just ignores them until the finale. Rather than develop these ideas or give the viewer something to think about, the writers of Lost have characters foolishly feud among eachother and waste 40 minutes of an episode, then throw in a cliffhanger or puzzling question at the end only to repeat the same thing next week.

    Lost might be worth watching if all of the pointless crap was cut out and the writers had the characters not act like idiots so often. But as the show is, all you really need to see are the first couple of minutes of an episode and the last couple of minutes and you won't miss anything really important.
  • Interesting show but not one of my favorite

    I only watch it when I've got nothing to do
    actually I only watched the first middle of the season and I read recaps of the end

    I really can't understand why so many people are "addicted" to it, but I have to admit that I adore Matthew Fox and Naveen Andrews who play Jake and Sayid and that my only good reason to watch this show!
  • This so is decent!

    I mean the show everyone talks about I watch and expect to see some amazing stuff. I was bored. I watched the first epidose and it was interesting and it had its high points. But I was bored way too much. The ending to the season finale was lame. I think I will watch the first next season to see how it is but if it is just like season 1 no thanks short stop!
  • An ordinary show. Worth to watch if you feel particularily bored, but definately no crisis if you miss an episode or ten because you have something better to do.

    This show is definately overrated. It is ok to watch, but nothing more than that. There isn't really anything with this show that makes it special. The writers seems to be very fond of making cliffhangers, and I can see why. With a show like this, that is really the only reason you can get people to keep comming back. The entire first season would have been much better off as a 2-hour movie instead, could have cut back on all the waste of time this show was.
    I have watched the entire first season, mostly because I was bored, and the show is just plain average all the way through...
  • Maybe I\'ll try this show again when it\'s repeated.

    Maybe I\'ll try this show again when it\'s repeated. It looked like it was good but its glacial pace turned me off. I\'m not sure how interested I am in a long drawn out mystery after suffering through X-Files\' innumberable non-climactic climaxes. And I thought to myself that I have enough serial dramas at the moment to keep up with, spoiled as I am these days with the new Battlestar Galactica and Desperate Housewives and Grey\'s Anatomy.
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