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  • In a word, unique.

    I am proud to count myself as amongst those who watched LOST while it was still airing on TV. Starting mid - way through Season Four, and joining in online discussion of the show, and wondering whether we'd find out something about Richard in the next episode, or if we'd ever find anything about the blast door, or pondering how the series would close was a magical experience that, unfortunately, no one will ever experience again. That genuinely makes me sad, because that was my favourite part of LOST. Now all it is to me is a brilliantly done show that has more themes, genres, and character building than any other story ever told through any medium. Ever.

    Something that needs to be stated is that LOST, in fact, answered ever question ever posed on the show, and by the community of LOSTies across the net. Most were answered explicitly on the show. Others, implicitly. Some you had to work to figure out, but it was all there. I challenge anyone to provide me with a LOST mystery that can't be explained. What this has to do with the review is that it illustrates the point that this, this apparent lack of answers, is the reason most people give out when they say that the show was bad. Nobody falls mid - way on the spectrum. Nobody thinks LOST was good. You either loved it or you hated it, and that was the power this show had. This show was powerful, it cemented that fact in the opening ten minutes, and it stronly reaffirmed this in the closing ten minutes. The 121 episodes that fell in between were a joy to tune into, and still are. Hell, even Expose is defendable as still being an above average episode. The themes of light and dark, are designed as ambiguous in this series, and life and death as absolute. This themes are set in the background of this enthralling series that forces you to think, that makes you concentrate on each episode as unique, each episode lending a new genre to the show.

    In short, if you've heard a bit about this show, and you've wondered, "Should I check this out?", then the answer is a resounding yes. It's dissapointing that you won't get the full experience, and that you can't dwell on the mysteries anymore (You'll just google it if you don't want to wait), but trust me. Even half the experience is worth it with this show.
  • Lost was probably the best network show ever. First three seasons were classic. Last three were only ok and answered some questions but it doesn't detract from the show being one of the greats.

    I recently watched all of Lost again on DVD and in my opinion, it hold up great even knowing how it turned out.

    The acting (especially from the regulars) was superb and seeing Lost again I definately see that they kept who was compelling and gave great performanced and got rid of those who did not work. The core of Jake, Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Jin/Sun were really like hitting the lottery, as every character had a very interesting hook and the performances were top notch.

    After that, every season brought in new characters where some were kept if they were good. Obviously Ben and Juliet were great and lasted until the final season.

    Were all the characters compelling? no. The infamous tail section characters were mostly gone after one season except for Bernanrd (and Rose) who were mostly cameos and really only had one episode feature them. Re-watching the show, it is appearent to me Libby and Ana were written off for their alleged off set activities, as their arcs were tossed before really developing. Libby never even got one flashback episode. The boat people were underdeveloped (supposedly due to the writers strike) and even Daniel never really jelled.

    Clair and Charlie were terrible..sorry, their acting was awful and I believe it was only fan sentiminet that kept them on the show for as long as did. Claire dissapeared with smokey in season four leaving her baby, which is all she cared about the whole time. They never explained that and it is obvious in rewatching she had one beat (my baby! my baby) and they had nowhere else to fo with her.

    The first three seasons were great and will be what is remembered. It went downhill (appearent in rewatching) in strike shortened season four where the only saving grace was the island dissapearing. Season 5 was also shortened by then as fans started leaving and introduced the Dharma time traveling plot, where it really seemed the writers didn't know where to go with the series. (the nuke at the end was meaningless after seeing what the side flashes were in the final season) After watching season 5, there seemed to be no reason why the characters went back in time and they didn't really learn anything there.

    Season 6 was the writers attempt to tie up the mythology by explaining Richard Jacob and Smokey and to me the explaination was ok. The final also was fine, but rendered the side flashes meaningless. (Jack never had a son..so what was the point of it? it makes no sense if you think about it)

    However, the first three seasons were pure gold as the characters the acting from the "core" group and story is still mesmerizing to this day. No other show delivered more suspense and creepy "what is going on?" than this show did. If you judge a show by its journey and not the ending, there really has never been a better mystery on TV.
  • The best of them all? Yes... and no

    Lost! The biggy! The Best! The one show that the other shows look up to *cough Heroes, Flashforward*. It is true... there is so much to love about this show. The acting from everyone is superb... especially from Micheal Emmerson as Ben, who is also my favourite charactor. The rest of the charactors are brilliant... on thought I can't think of a single one I don't like (okay... Nikki and Paulo but that goes without saying). Charactors you can invest in and feel for. That is what a show needs before it even gets going.

    And that basically summs up season 1. A superb piece for charactor development, especially for Jack, Sawyer and Locke. But of course... there's the mystery.

    And that can sometimes be the problem with Lost. It is a show you need to stick with right form the start or its very easy to get... lost. It frustrates you, it amazes you and only occasionally does it satisfy you. But... when it does satisfy it does it well. It improves season by season; season 5 was by far the best thing on TV this year (well, okay, with my other two favourite shows 24 and Supernatural very close behind.) All in all... a brilliant show that will go down in History and will never be forgotten. Let us hope that when May rolls along and we finally know how it all ends we will finally be satisfied... or i can imagine a certain Cartoln and Cuise being in very grave danger. The Others are coming in January!
  • Whether you disliked the ending or not, at the end of the day the journey is what counts...

    Lost started out and continued to be a show that was unlike any other, due to its complex characters, mysteries and storylines. It was a show that kept you questioning constantly, and still does after it's end. Although myself, and possibly others, may have disliked some aspects of the ending, at the end of the day the journey is what matters. The first 5 series (for me) was pure brilliance. However, I personally, did not like how the show became focused on "protecting the island" and the character Jacob. There can't be any denial that the show left many transfixed into wanting to see more, and understand the character's past(s) and developments. Whether or not you loved the ending, you will always remember the ride the show took you on, moments that gave you goosebumps, deaths that made you cry and the characters you learned to either love or loathe.
  • To those fans who are going to bash the entire show just because you didn't like the ending, re-watch the show for what it really was-the story of Jacob bringing a number of flawed, incomplete souls to the island to find meaning in their lives-eachother.

    Lost, throughout it's series, had many mysteries, answered quite a few of the biggest like why the survivors came to the island, The black rock, the origin of the Dharma initiative, the smoke monster, Adam and Eve, why the plane crashed, ect) and left many more up for interpretation. Still, if you watched solely for the answers, I believe you weren't watching closely. Much more complex than the thousands of mysteries were the relationships of the characters and the character's themselves. All of you had a favorite character, whether you liked the ending or not. Whether it was Jack or Locke, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Kate or Juliet, Desmond or Charlie, or maybe even Miles you had a favorite. You also had favorite relationships and favorite friendships that were explored in many great episodes like "The Constant." The writers of Lost built these characters better than any other cast of characters in the history of television and spent six wonderful years telling the stories we could all relate to or at least sympathize with. Yes, the mysteries were a big part of the show but the characters were the show and with that said, all I have left to say is thank you for six wonderful years and a wonderful ending.
  • Typical of the best of Hollywood: Good, then trashed.

    This series is typical of what hack Hollywood writers do to shows. Some good writer starts out with a good show, good plot, good finance, etc and creates a hit show. Then, after a few months, he/she gets bored and wants to do something else. Then new hacks come in and want to put THEIR spin on the show, without understanding why the audience has made it a hit.

    Then it hits the crapper.

    Lost is typical of this. It starts out intriguing and unusual, with charming and interesting characters, with lots and lots of latitude to go wonderful places with the plot.

    Then the hacks come along and inject a hate-filled atmosphere, with unbelievable characters doing stoooopid things that no one would ever contemplate doing, just to service the lazy writing.

    Just like "land developers": - Wow, what a beautiful lake. Let's develop it!
  • Literally the best ever!

    LOST had me at hello...amazing drama, epic movie quality production values, characters and cast that rival any ensamble ever brought together...this is a once in a lifetime show and you owe it to yourself to experience it from season one to the end of season 6. IMO the best seasons are the perfect season one, the up and down of season 3, and the swan song of season 6...

    This show stays with you long after you've seen every episode, and it holds up to repeat viewing in the way that Lord Of The Rings trilogy is a yearly watch for me, this show will be in my blu-ray player off and on for years to come!
  • WOW!

    I hear a lot of people saying things about this show like, 'I hope I get the ending I deserve or I've wasted 6 years on this show". I do not understand this at all~ What kind of ending could possibly live up to that? And what are those people looking for exactly? The whole reason we care about this show is because it's been an awesome and entertaining story that has thrilled, entertained, and even comforted and moved us to tears. It's been an incredible and cathartic journey following characters who, like all of us, are deeply flawed and in search of redemption. Most of us have had hours of theorizing about certain plot lines with friends and co-workers for years now and all the fun and enjoyment has never been dependent on one single pay off at the end of the series. Moments like the first flash forward in season 3, finding out what was in the hatch, Desmond and Penny in the Constant, the raft launch, Sawyer's revelation about Jack's father from the bar in Sydney...All extraordinary payoffs this show has delivered and there have been so many...

    I have truly enjoyed the journey this show has taken us on, and no final episode is going to change that. The writer's can end the show however they want to in my opinion...it's been worth it!
  • One of the Best Shows on Earth :)

    I love this show. It kept me watching for weeks! I love how the story progressed and how they let the viewers connect to the characters. Yeah, it had bad moments and boring episodes. But the over all story was awesome. LOST just proved that "everything happens for a reason".

    God. I miss this show. It's suuuuuper good. Very unpredictable. Exciting. Cool. Awesome.

    I love it because it kept me thinking. The finale was freakin' mind buggling. Yes, it was confusing. Yes, there are some questions which aren't answered, but it was all worth it. Oh ABC, We need a spin-off!
  • A group of strangers find themselves bound together by fate after their plane crashes onto a deserted island, or is it?

    This show is intense, every episode has me wanting more, and leaves me speechless to say the least. The writers are incredible, as is the genius behind this whole concept. I find the twisting story line sometimes confusing, yet completely astounding to say the least. It is a great show for those who love spontaneity, and unpredictable outcomes. Just when I thought I had it figured out it changes, shifts, and leaves me guessing once again. I am hooked every minute, and can't wait to finally know what the mystery behind this strange island is. Two thumbs up! A great watch for any mystery, or suspense seeker.
  • Lost: A show which for the first 5 seasons created many intense mysteries that left the viewers enticed and anxious for the next episode week in and week out. The 6th and Final Season pretty much is a hit & miss.


    I would've given the show a 10 had the finale actually revealed there being an alternate reality instead of an afterlife-limbo holding place. The end of season 5 had ended with Juliet hitting the bomb with a rock which was in the hatch that eventually with holds the electromagnetic energy that brings the plane down 30 years later. So this BEGGED the question..In the final season will the Losties had changed their destiny or will it not matter? When you watch LA X for the first time..you'll see that it seems both things are happening..and that it looks like in the series finale that these two timelines are about to merge somehow...Damon and Carlton pull out the limbo storyline..which seemed to not make any sense since Jack in the afterlife holding place has a son with Juliet...does his soul even exist? I'm by no means a Lost basher or hater since I've watched the Series Finale..I just thought the journey would build up to something unimaginable..but it turned out to be something completely the opposite. I was eagerly watching 'The End' waiting to see how the writers of Lost are going to merge two time lines together...but alas... no such thing.

    No matter what though..Lost is one of the greatest television dramas in history and paved the way for storyline expectations in season-long ARC writing. 9.5 out of 10. Long Live Lost
  • Lost is just the best TV-show ever!! I love it!!!!

    I think that Lost is so good because all of the drama. there's something new happening in every episode. And the cliffhangers, i think that they are great, but at the same time i want to now what happens!! but i guess i'll have to keep watching Lost to find that out!!! i'm really looking forward for season 2. and i really hope that it will answer some of the mystories on the island!!
    My favorite characters are: Sawyer(he's the best, he's funny, he's soooo cool and he's just the best!!!!
    Hurley is also so funny!!! I like all the characters, but some of them can be really anoying!! like Walt!!! but i really don't care because the show is so good!!! **I JUST LOVE LOST!!!**
  • It is the unopened box with the toy JJ Abrams talked about.

    First of all - it was 6 seasons of great fun and excitement and I enjoyed almost every second of it till the end ... but ... when I watched the JJ Abrams speech on TED.com few weeks ago I realized we are not going to get any answers. The whole point of the series was to give us the incredibly pleasant feeling of hope of getting all the answers one day and that was it. It is the unopened box with the toy JJ Abrams talked about. So keep on trying to understand what was going on but I'm afraid there is nothing more to it. Just a pile of questions that don't have any answers. ... which makes the ending incredibly clever ... what can be a bigger question without an answer than death, what a perfect balance.
  • it's just perfect.

    This is indeed the greatest show on earth.It's bloody brilliant.I watched season 1 and it was ok then when i watched season 2 and 3 it became boring but when i watched season 4 and 5 i couldn't stop watching.It was so perfect.Season 4 ,5 and 6 are brilliant.I liked each character from the beginning.The plot for characters were perfect.It was quite a mixture of action,drama and fiction.I have never watched any show with such addiction.I was addicted to the characters. The suspense about the island was quite a story from beginning.Every episode had a story which just leaves you thinking about when the next episode will be airing.
  • A groundbreaking show that lost it's luster in the final season.

    I don't want to whine and complain about the lack of answers in the series finale because i'm kind of tired of hearing that Lost was a waste of time.That's ridiculous.Actually,I'm on the fence about the issue.I think that we should have gotten a better explanation about the island and the numbers and all the other unresolved mysteries.But on the other hand,the writers allowed us to use our imagination and make theories of our own and of course it would be impossible for the writers to provide answers that would satisfy everyone.
    So,enough about the finale...Let's elaborate more on the plot.So,Lost is a show about a group of people whose plane crashed on a mysterious island.This island hides many secrets some of which are revealed throughout the seasons.There are other people living on the island,known as the Others,there are polar bears,there is a hatch and many other stations that were used by the Dharma folks,a group of scientists that lived on the island a few years ago and many other intriguing mysteries..
    So,now let's move on to the characters,a huge part of the story,according to the writers.There are many different and complex characters on the show and a lot of them get killed off!!But,anyway there are other characters that i can't stand like Jack who is supposed to be the leader and the hero or Sayid who gets on my nerves.
    Now let's move on to the seasons.
    Season 1 was propably one of the best seasons of any tv show ever and definitely the best season of Lost.Everything was new and exciting and the whole experience was fresh and original.
    Season 2 was a great season,in my opinion.It was definitely not as good as the first but it was still brilliant.
    Season 3 was a good season but not as good as the first two.We got to know the "Others" better and we lost one of the best characters,Charlie.
    Season 4 was when the show got more complicated generally because the flashforwards started and the show was going through a transitional period.Not the best season but not the greatest either.
    Season 5 was a bit better than season 4 but still puzzling.The whole time travelling plot didn't make much sense or the plot when some of them were in present day and some of them were in 1977.Anyway,above season 4 but still not up to the quality of the first seasons.
    Season 6,to me,was the worst season.The writers wasted most of their episodes with insignificant plots rather than resolving issues and it felt like they were winging it.Some episodes like Ab Aeterno or The Candidate were great and provided some wonderful moments.
    Overall, Lost is an innovative and amazing show that will remain alive through the DVDs and that everyone will remember.I think this show has had an impact on television and on many viewers.
  • Lost - a show designed for the many and the few. Its multilayered take on reality and beyond allowed viewers to be transported into venues questioning what's it all about.

    Lost in my opinion is the most ground breaking commercial TV of the last 30 years. Thinking back only David Frost's Twin Peaks elicited as much conversation and controversy. The show allowed this viewer to project into a reality that cultivated so many different possibilities that it literally managed to invigorate my imagination into the possible in the impossible.

    Fantasy and fiction have long been tools to help us grow and exceed our own limitations of thoughts and imagination. They also help to open doors into the realms of spirituality and its endless potential and opportunity to evolve. Our species has reached a point in its evolution where it has become aware that it is now participating consciously in aspects of its own evolvement. Lost is part of that consciousness and its creators and actors are participants as we the viewers were.

    It is so gratifying that in todays confused and tumultuous world when things look so bleak that a show of this quality and message can become so popular. Perhaps in the relationships that developed between the characters over the course of six years we have seen ourselves. The best and the worst of what we are and the possibilities that through the choices we can create a now and a future with less fear and more love. As we proceed in our daily lives the question is constantly put before us in the choices we make - what would love have me do? Lost gave us the opportunity to see ourselves reflected in the wonderful character portrayals and writing. Seeing ourselves as individuals with all our flaws leads to the problems we experience collectively. This oh so well collected ensemble of you's and me's presented us to ourselves. The relationships developed can go in so many directions and once again it is largely determined by the choices we make. The choice is so easy when we ask the question: what would love have us do? When we choose otherwise we walk the road towards and in many cases into the "black smoke". When we choose love we travel the path of freedom and fearlessness. Thank you ABC for such groundbreaking TV. And especially thank you to the writers, directors and cast of Lost. You will be missed but not forgotten.
  • Great show but way to slow. This better not drag on as long as The X-Files. (9 Seasons)

    This better not drag on as long as The X-Files. (9 Seasons, BTW). Listen i love this show, but when r we gonna find out anything?? Every single episode the commercial tells us, "This... is the episode when we will find out, everything!" Uh huh, whatever. But thumbs up for all the hot guys! Hello Boone and Sawyer! And Jack and Charlie aren't bad either! Man i am so upset though that Boone died. He was gorgous! Couldnt Sayid die. Man i really hate him and Shannon! So anyway, good show but drags on too long, keeps you waiting until the very end leaving you with a cliffhanger every single episode, which i love.
  • Great from Beginning to End!

    Ok, so there was a lot of pressure put on the final episode because LOST has been so intricate and amazing through the years. To me even with all that pressure this episode delivered in spades and gave the kind of satisfying ending I was hoping for without trying too hard to make all the explanations too closed or final.

    But even the people who hated the ending have to admit that this episode by itself, was one of the best produced of the series.

    I mean come on, Jack and Man-in Black's fight on the cliff was hands down the best fight sequence of the entire series run. All the call back's to seminal moments as the characters "awoke" from their death sleep was truly beautiful. And the acting was on a level unparalleled in any LOST episode before it. A very remarkable finish to a unique and much loved show.
  • Great show

    Lost was a great show that kept you on your feet from beginning to end, you never knew what was going to happen next. The show had many twist in it, and many characters died in the process. I haven't been so quickly addicted to a show as fast as i got addicted to Lost. The only problem I have with the show is it had so many important questions not answered in it. And i wasn't the biggest fan of how the show ended, but this show will still be one of my favorite shows, that will probably gain more fans even though it's already over.
  • Lost is just the best show ever to be on television today. You've just got to watch it, it's one of those shows. I pity those in other countries who haven't been able to see the episodes yet. Hopefully they aren't deprived for too much longer.

    Lost is amazing. There's not much else I can say. Watch it. Learn it. Love it. Obsess about it.

    Rewatch it and rewatch it. Never let others diss it and never, I repeat never, stop watching it. The plot twists, mystery, romance, drama, everything about the show will draw in viewers. And, as an avid viewer, you should promote it.
  • Okay, I guess if that's your thing.

    I just don't get why people are fixated with Lost. I just don't like this show. It's boring, hard to follow, and not very original. There have been many shows with a similar consept including Gilligan's Island and Survivor. So why did the network have to add another Survival-themed show. Maybe this show is great, who knows but it's just not my kinda show. If you want to see some really great TV watch, House, it's on Tuesdays at
  • Poor episodic formula and awkward writing more often than not hamper a great concept full of mystery and interesting possibilities.

    JJ Abrams has created one of the most different and fresh shows on network television today with LOST. It's with that in mind, that it's become such a huge torment to watch, as all it's potential is washed out to sea every episode.

    The greatest crime this series makes is focusing so much energy on the characters past, when there is so much more interesting stories to be explored at the present time on this island. It is because of this, that until the final few episodes, the LOST castaways feel severely underwritten when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Despite their being a whole 48 survivors on this island and a huge supporting cast, you very rarely see any more than three people having a discussion together, and when they do it's just the bare minimum to move the plot. Because of this, you rarely feel as though this group of survivors is believable, since they all seem to belong in their own seperate worlds, unlike a series such as HBO's DEADWOOD where you get a real sense of a surrogate family enviroment.

    Those expecting sweeping character arcs and memorable inter-castaway feuds will be sadly dissapointed. All character arcs are regulated to one episode, and generally employ the use of an extensive flashback completely unrelated to the rest of the survivors on the island. Feuds are no more than some snide remarks and suspicious glances here and then. Sorry, one castaway does get tortured by another, but even that is quickly forgotten about and tossed aside.

    I see more to note on character relationships through an episode of SURVIVOR than I did over the entire season of LOST.

    This focus on the past and lack of depth towards the castaway's current status also burdens many of the characters on having to get by simply on their charisma or gimmick, since they're not really given the proper time to establish themselves against everyone else. Unfortunately, for many of the actors, this means that until the later episodes, many of their characters are hard to warm to. The worst culprit of all these is ironically the quasi-leader of the island, Jack, as played by Matthew Fox. Now I have nothing against the Party Of Five alumni, but his character was really unlikeable, and came across as a whiney know-it-all with a power trip for the majority the time on screen. I may be of the extreme who feel this way, but I know many who are indifferent to him, yet none who actually pull for him. Considering some of the other more popular characters on the island, it's strange that he gets most of the writer's push.

    The structure and revealing of Season 1 was also apalling. As many others, I felt robbed come the season finale. No, not because the show ended on a cliffhanger, but instead because the show ended on an old question everyone had already been asking for half of the episode count before it, while managing to bring closure to absolutely nothing. That's not a cliffhanger, that's Sloppy Writing. And before anyone jumps down my throat and says that I just can't handle the suspense and have attention deficit disorder, CARNIVALE is one of my favourite series, and that has untold amounts of mystery that is dragged on forever. The difference being that you are given crumbs along the way.

    LOST didn't leave me on the edge of my seat wondering what's going to happen next. It left me with my jaw open, wondering if JJ Abrams actually has a plan or if he's just making this all up as he goes along.

    At the end of the day, they have created one of the most unique shows on network television. Unfortunately, different doesn't always equate to better.
  • This is the best show I've ever seen. I cant wait til September!

    I have plenty of reasons this is the most awesome, exciting, entertaining, time-consuming, most fun, funny, coolest, electrifying, sweetest, most enjoyable shows on tv in my opinion. I watched every single show from October to May and I know almost everything about the show and learned so much about all the characters. The show has excellent actors and actresses. Many who watch this show know and love the main 14 (13 now) charatcers. Some, like me, would cry their eyes out if one of the main thirteen castaways died off the show. Its just, we know them so well that we wont learn any more about that person anymore if they died. It would be very emmotional. The storyline is extemely incredible. Its not just about a plane crash and 48 survivors wandering around looking for food and shelter. Its also about the hatch, the cursed numbers, the "others", Jack and his ex-wife, the "monster", the boy and Claire's baby with the "powers", the mysterious Locke and his thinking of fate and destiny, and much more. People who haven't watched the show probably have no clue what Im talking about. If you haven't watched the first season, you should pick up the DVD coming out in September. Im so obssesed with the show, Im crying right now, knowing the show won't return until September. I would definitely reccomend this show to any drama,action/adventure fan. Thanks for reading and please don't stop watching Lost. I LOVE LOST!
  • A boring show

    This show is so boring. I mean a lot of it doesn't make the most sense. Also there are way way too many flash backs I mean 80% of the show is flash backs. I mean the characters basically get on the ground and go time for another flash back. The show doesn't have any cool parts really. It's just boring to watch. Avoid it!
  • Lost is a shiny new car. When we got it, we were all wowed by the nifty features and smooth upholestry. Ten months later, it's still the same car. We just haven't driven it anywhere.

    Lost is a show that started out great, with an explosive pilot and a promise of vast mystery and depth. This overture, combined with an aggressive marketing campaign by ABC, quickly turned the show into a new sensation. This turned out to be an unfortunate event.

    At the outset, the production team clearly had a plan for Lost, based on the events of the first few episodes and on their comments in interviews. Once the show became popular and the length of the show's run became indefinitely long, it became apparent that this plan wasn't well-suited to indefinite extension. The showrunners have indicated that once the answers are out there, the show is over. So what happens? There are no answers.

    After the first handful of episodes, the series quickly degenerates into mediocrity and nonactivity as mystery after mystery is thrown at the audience and summarily dismissed in an effort to keep the ball of mystery twine rolling. The series of events on the island moves with an extremely lethargic pace, and while the flashbacks can be interesting, some of them feel extremely trivial and only serve to slow things down even further. When your season finale is just as pedestrian as a midseason episode, there's something wrong with your arc.

    The show does have a strong cast that helps to hide these flaws, although Evangeline Lilly would be the weak link as a combination of a lack of experience and an uninteresting character.

    I stuck out the first season of the show and I've had about enough. I'll check in at the start of the next season to see if they've gotten their act together, but if all I see is more aimless muddling, I'll be glad to rid myself of the waste of time.

    Wait up for me, David Fury. I hear you dug an escape tunnel.
  • I have come to the conclusion, that i may have to agree with what some people have been saying. I feel like lost is on its way out. Although everyone seems interlinked, I'm starting to feel that the writers are just doing what will get the best ratings.

    I have come to the conclusion, that i may have to agree with what some people have been saying. I feel like lost is on its way out. Although everyone seems interlinked, I'm starting to feel that the writers are just doing what will get the best ratings.

    All of the above pisses me off. I think the show could be innovative, but unfortunately, I feel like the writers are just giving ABC what it needs to keep it on the air and get great ratings. I really hope they can go above and beyond what will get ratings and really bring this show to the height of great drama and action.

    Course, they could have already screwed it up, especailly with the invisible "dinosaur" defense system and the taking of the boy in the season finale.
  • I hated, hated, hated this show!

    I remember being highly skeptical of this show when the previews and promotions first started airing. But I very clearly remember watching the pilot episode and has a great dis-taste from the first moment. This is a rare kind of TV show one that grabs your butt and doesn't let go.

  • Well ok so this isn't a show i'd pick over Smallville Or Summerland Or Jack & Bobby but if there was nothing else on tv to watch then I guess i'd watch it.

    But i really don't like to watch it. It doesn't really make any sense to me. I mean these people are trapped on an island with something on it and they are trying to leave. But really people c'mon they are never getting off the island unless they cancel the show. Oh well it's still a pretty decent show.
  • Booooooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg

    I have so many problems with this TV series it is hard to decide where to start tearing it down. I'm going to go with its unoriginality first. It's like Jurassic Park meets Survivor in this horribly acted drama series. I only had to watch one episode to realize what a joke it was. I heard it was supposed to be good, but wasn't I in for a surprise. Another problem: it is so completely formulaic! Oh my goodness something great is going to happen, and then commercial. And when the program returns nothing happens. I think the best word to describe this show is anticlimactic. I think I already mentioned acting problems... It is possible to have a good show without great actors, but a drama relies more heavily on acting, and in this case not even the editing can help the acting. This show is definitely not for everyone, however if you like mainstream you probably will like this show, and if you rated it you probably gave it a 10. Good for you. However, if you like something that is more interesting and less boring, do not waste your time with this show. It’s a regular snooze-athon. At first I was surprised it was so popular, but then I realized it’s just mainstream America that is watching it. Figures.
  • This is one of the most engaging TV shows to come out in a long time.

    I remember being highly skeptical of this show when the previews and promotions first started airing. But I very clearly remember watching the pilot episode and being completely sucked in right from the first moment. This is a rare kind of TV show--one that grabs hold of you and simply doesn't let go all season.

    The key is character development, and Lost has tons of it. I simply feel like I know these people and have invited them into my living room every Wednesday night. I really can't remember a time when I've felt such a strong connection to a TV show.
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