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  • Great from Beginning to End!

    Ok, so there was a lot of pressure put on the final episode because LOST has been so intricate and amazing through the years. To me even with all that pressure this episode delivered in spades and gave the kind of satisfying ending I was hoping for without trying too hard to make all the explanations too closed or final.

    But even the people who hated the ending have to admit that this episode by itself, was one of the best produced of the series.

    I mean come on, Jack and Man-in Black's fight on the cliff was hands down the best fight sequence of the entire series run. All the call back's to seminal moments as the characters "awoke" from their death sleep was truly beautiful. And the acting was on a level unparalleled in any LOST episode before it. A very remarkable finish to a unique and much loved show.
  • Great show

    Lost was a great show that kept you on your feet from beginning to end, you never knew what was going to happen next. The show had many twist in it, and many characters died in the process. I haven't been so quickly addicted to a show as fast as i got addicted to Lost. The only problem I have with the show is it had so many important questions not answered in it. And i wasn't the biggest fan of how the show ended, but this show will still be one of my favorite shows, that will probably gain more fans even though it's already over.
  • Lost is just the best show ever to be on television today. You've just got to watch it, it's one of those shows. I pity those in other countries who haven't been able to see the episodes yet. Hopefully they aren't deprived for too much longer.

    Lost is amazing. There's not much else I can say. Watch it. Learn it. Love it. Obsess about it.

    Rewatch it and rewatch it. Never let others diss it and never, I repeat never, stop watching it. The plot twists, mystery, romance, drama, everything about the show will draw in viewers. And, as an avid viewer, you should promote it.
  • Okay, I guess if that's your thing.

    I just don't get why people are fixated with Lost. I just don't like this show. It's boring, hard to follow, and not very original. There have been many shows with a similar consept including Gilligan's Island and Survivor. So why did the network have to add another Survival-themed show. Maybe this show is great, who knows but it's just not my kinda show. If you want to see some really great TV watch, House, it's on Tuesdays at
  • Poor episodic formula and awkward writing more often than not hamper a great concept full of mystery and interesting possibilities.

    JJ Abrams has created one of the most different and fresh shows on network television today with LOST. It's with that in mind, that it's become such a huge torment to watch, as all it's potential is washed out to sea every episode.

    The greatest crime this series makes is focusing so much energy on the characters past, when there is so much more interesting stories to be explored at the present time on this island. It is because of this, that until the final few episodes, the LOST castaways feel severely underwritten when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Despite their being a whole 48 survivors on this island and a huge supporting cast, you very rarely see any more than three people having a discussion together, and when they do it's just the bare minimum to move the plot. Because of this, you rarely feel as though this group of survivors is believable, since they all seem to belong in their own seperate worlds, unlike a series such as HBO's DEADWOOD where you get a real sense of a surrogate family enviroment.

    Those expecting sweeping character arcs and memorable inter-castaway feuds will be sadly dissapointed. All character arcs are regulated to one episode, and generally employ the use of an extensive flashback completely unrelated to the rest of the survivors on the island. Feuds are no more than some snide remarks and suspicious glances here and then. Sorry, one castaway does get tortured by another, but even that is quickly forgotten about and tossed aside.

    I see more to note on character relationships through an episode of SURVIVOR than I did over the entire season of LOST.

    This focus on the past and lack of depth towards the castaway's current status also burdens many of the characters on having to get by simply on their charisma or gimmick, since they're not really given the proper time to establish themselves against everyone else. Unfortunately, for many of the actors, this means that until the later episodes, many of their characters are hard to warm to. The worst culprit of all these is ironically the quasi-leader of the island, Jack, as played by Matthew Fox. Now I have nothing against the Party Of Five alumni, but his character was really unlikeable, and came across as a whiney know-it-all with a power trip for the majority the time on screen. I may be of the extreme who feel this way, but I know many who are indifferent to him, yet none who actually pull for him. Considering some of the other more popular characters on the island, it's strange that he gets most of the writer's push.

    The structure and revealing of Season 1 was also apalling. As many others, I felt robbed come the season finale. No, not because the show ended on a cliffhanger, but instead because the show ended on an old question everyone had already been asking for half of the episode count before it, while managing to bring closure to absolutely nothing. That's not a cliffhanger, that's Sloppy Writing. And before anyone jumps down my throat and says that I just can't handle the suspense and have attention deficit disorder, CARNIVALE is one of my favourite series, and that has untold amounts of mystery that is dragged on forever. The difference being that you are given crumbs along the way.

    LOST didn't leave me on the edge of my seat wondering what's going to happen next. It left me with my jaw open, wondering if JJ Abrams actually has a plan or if he's just making this all up as he goes along.

    At the end of the day, they have created one of the most unique shows on network television. Unfortunately, different doesn't always equate to better.
  • This is the best show I've ever seen. I cant wait til September!

    I have plenty of reasons this is the most awesome, exciting, entertaining, time-consuming, most fun, funny, coolest, electrifying, sweetest, most enjoyable shows on tv in my opinion. I watched every single show from October to May and I know almost everything about the show and learned so much about all the characters. The show has excellent actors and actresses. Many who watch this show know and love the main 14 (13 now) charatcers. Some, like me, would cry their eyes out if one of the main thirteen castaways died off the show. Its just, we know them so well that we wont learn any more about that person anymore if they died. It would be very emmotional. The storyline is extemely incredible. Its not just about a plane crash and 48 survivors wandering around looking for food and shelter. Its also about the hatch, the cursed numbers, the "others", Jack and his ex-wife, the "monster", the boy and Claire's baby with the "powers", the mysterious Locke and his thinking of fate and destiny, and much more. People who haven't watched the show probably have no clue what Im talking about. If you haven't watched the first season, you should pick up the DVD coming out in September. Im so obssesed with the show, Im crying right now, knowing the show won't return until September. I would definitely reccomend this show to any drama,action/adventure fan. Thanks for reading and please don't stop watching Lost. I LOVE LOST!
  • A boring show

    This show is so boring. I mean a lot of it doesn't make the most sense. Also there are way way too many flash backs I mean 80% of the show is flash backs. I mean the characters basically get on the ground and go time for another flash back. The show doesn't have any cool parts really. It's just boring to watch. Avoid it!
  • Lost is a shiny new car. When we got it, we were all wowed by the nifty features and smooth upholestry. Ten months later, it's still the same car. We just haven't driven it anywhere.

    Lost is a show that started out great, with an explosive pilot and a promise of vast mystery and depth. This overture, combined with an aggressive marketing campaign by ABC, quickly turned the show into a new sensation. This turned out to be an unfortunate event.

    At the outset, the production team clearly had a plan for Lost, based on the events of the first few episodes and on their comments in interviews. Once the show became popular and the length of the show's run became indefinitely long, it became apparent that this plan wasn't well-suited to indefinite extension. The showrunners have indicated that once the answers are out there, the show is over. So what happens? There are no answers.

    After the first handful of episodes, the series quickly degenerates into mediocrity and nonactivity as mystery after mystery is thrown at the audience and summarily dismissed in an effort to keep the ball of mystery twine rolling. The series of events on the island moves with an extremely lethargic pace, and while the flashbacks can be interesting, some of them feel extremely trivial and only serve to slow things down even further. When your season finale is just as pedestrian as a midseason episode, there's something wrong with your arc.

    The show does have a strong cast that helps to hide these flaws, although Evangeline Lilly would be the weak link as a combination of a lack of experience and an uninteresting character.

    I stuck out the first season of the show and I've had about enough. I'll check in at the start of the next season to see if they've gotten their act together, but if all I see is more aimless muddling, I'll be glad to rid myself of the waste of time.

    Wait up for me, David Fury. I hear you dug an escape tunnel.
  • I have come to the conclusion, that i may have to agree with what some people have been saying. I feel like lost is on its way out. Although everyone seems interlinked, I'm starting to feel that the writers are just doing what will get the best ratings.

    I have come to the conclusion, that i may have to agree with what some people have been saying. I feel like lost is on its way out. Although everyone seems interlinked, I'm starting to feel that the writers are just doing what will get the best ratings.

    All of the above pisses me off. I think the show could be innovative, but unfortunately, I feel like the writers are just giving ABC what it needs to keep it on the air and get great ratings. I really hope they can go above and beyond what will get ratings and really bring this show to the height of great drama and action.

    Course, they could have already screwed it up, especailly with the invisible "dinosaur" defense system and the taking of the boy in the season finale.
  • I hated, hated, hated this show!

    I remember being highly skeptical of this show when the previews and promotions first started airing. But I very clearly remember watching the pilot episode and has a great dis-taste from the first moment. This is a rare kind of TV show one that grabs your butt and doesn't let go.

  • Well ok so this isn't a show i'd pick over Smallville Or Summerland Or Jack & Bobby but if there was nothing else on tv to watch then I guess i'd watch it.

    But i really don't like to watch it. It doesn't really make any sense to me. I mean these people are trapped on an island with something on it and they are trying to leave. But really people c'mon they are never getting off the island unless they cancel the show. Oh well it's still a pretty decent show.
  • Booooooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg

    I have so many problems with this TV series it is hard to decide where to start tearing it down. I'm going to go with its unoriginality first. It's like Jurassic Park meets Survivor in this horribly acted drama series. I only had to watch one episode to realize what a joke it was. I heard it was supposed to be good, but wasn't I in for a surprise. Another problem: it is so completely formulaic! Oh my goodness something great is going to happen, and then commercial. And when the program returns nothing happens. I think the best word to describe this show is anticlimactic. I think I already mentioned acting problems... It is possible to have a good show without great actors, but a drama relies more heavily on acting, and in this case not even the editing can help the acting. This show is definitely not for everyone, however if you like mainstream you probably will like this show, and if you rated it you probably gave it a 10. Good for you. However, if you like something that is more interesting and less boring, do not waste your time with this show. It’s a regular snooze-athon. At first I was surprised it was so popular, but then I realized it’s just mainstream America that is watching it. Figures.
  • This is one of the most engaging TV shows to come out in a long time.

    I remember being highly skeptical of this show when the previews and promotions first started airing. But I very clearly remember watching the pilot episode and being completely sucked in right from the first moment. This is a rare kind of TV show--one that grabs hold of you and simply doesn't let go all season.

    The key is character development, and Lost has tons of it. I simply feel like I know these people and have invited them into my living room every Wednesday night. I really can't remember a time when I've felt such a strong connection to a TV show.
  • A FANTASTIC show that is designed for an intelligent audience.

    I have been drawn into this show since the first episode and found well written characters that make me want to come back each week to learn more about them. There are often mysteries exposed and never quite answered, but that is okay, it just leads to a more interesting show. Each week there is a wonderful blend of two or three characters and their stories. And even better their 'backstories' - the stories of how and what brought them to the Island. This makes it all much more interesting.
    This is a show that will give hours of entertainment if you watch it for character build up and development not always tons of action and adventure.
    A fantastic blend of faith and science and law and order and what society should or should not do.
  • all time best tv show. Just fantastic to the core. finally season 6 is delivering and revealing the secrets. cant believe its gonna end. just want it to continue forever!!!!!!There are only five episodes left before the series finale and you can tell the

    all time best tv show. Just fantastic to the core. finally season 6 is delivering and revealing the secrets. cant believe its gonna end. just want it to continue forever!!!!!!There are only five episodes left before the series finale and you can tell the writers are starting to wrap things up. We should expect several big reveals in the future and Desmond's story included one of many…This week's episode took us in the right direction in terms of closure. The pieces are all starting to come together and Desmond will be the one to get everything started. His flash sideways actually served a major purpose and it was cool to see him flooded with memories from the island even though he didn't know where they were coming from.
  • By far one of the most creative and innovative series of its time, Lost delivers on every level.

    Lost is a true masterpiece. It is a show with so much substance that you can spend hours analysing every aspect of it, trying to decipher what it all really means, or you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it has been so far.

    Lost's strength lies in its immense story. On one hand you have the ongoing mystery surrounding the Island, and on the other you have the conflict and struggles of the main characters, all of whom have their own demons they must face during the series. The way in which the story is told makes each character equally important to the overall mythology. And it is this mythology that makes Lost stand out from the other shows. Battlestar Galactica had it. And so does Lost.

    I often think that the best way to describe Lost would be to think of it as a game of chess. Imagine two sides, one black, one white, playing this game. The board is the Island. Now imagine the castaways as pieces on this chessboard. These two sides, good and evil, have been manipulating these characters over the whole series, all leading towards this final season when everything will be decided.

    We are now midway though this final season and I believe it is definately the best one yet. The writers have been delivering on their storylines, wrapping up each thread in such a way that it seems as though they really did know where it was heading from the beginning. It is just effortless viewing. We have been given so many answers to all of the questions that have been asked over the years, it feels so very satisfying to behold.

    I cannot wait to see how it ends, no matter how sad it will be to see it go.

    Lost, it's been an honor. Thank you. SK
  • Explosive

    And so it begins, as we draw to a close the inevitable deaths of the lead characters begins its climb to the finale, in which probably only Jack will feature. This is suggested by Sayid who reveals he in fact did not kill Desmond (big surprise there) before running off with a bag of C4 and blowing up. Although this may seem an abrupt way to kill a character of 6 seasons, we all know that the real Sayid died at the end of last season, being replaced by a rather pitiable ghost of his former self. It reminds me of the death of Libby, killed out of the blue in order to shock and keep us on our toes. The death of Sun and Jin was truly poetic, and could mark the best ever scene in lost. Although it lacks to WOW revelation factor that us losties have become addicted to, the tragic fate of two lovers reunited was one of the saddest scenes I have ever witnessed. Even the switching between languages, which previously I have found to be annoying, gave the scene an added depth and made their floating bodies later in the episode even more unbearable to watch! Frank got short changed in this episode, but then again he was the only one not to receive a flash centric episode, so I don't feel too bad. Music was brilliant as usual, you would think the repeated use of Life & Death would get repetitive after 6 seasons, but it seemed to sum up the concluding scenes perfectly. It was a nice touch to make John the candidate for an operation in alt-verse, while Jack basically made the successor of Jacob in ours, with Sayid remarking "It will be you" or something along those lines, though I would not be surprised if the creators made Hurley the new Jacob at the end, as I'm pretty sure Sawyer has destroyed his chance of becoming it and I guess it doesn't really matter which Kwon was the candidate it was anymore does it!
  • The Greatest show ever MADE!

    Lost is a show that aired in 2004 in present time where a plane flying from Sydney - Los Angeles Oceanic Flight 815 and crashed on a mysterious Island filled with many many questions. It goes into depth with character development with Flash backs from season 1-3 then flash forwards 4 and now flash sideways? 6.
    The show is very Mysterious ''Hence'' the title but it's much more than just people trying to get off an island i would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about watching the show because their are only 4 episodes left but it's just superb in every possible way.
  • Across the Sea-well done!

    I loved this episode -it was beautifully thought provoking and was just the right time to take us away from the well known and loved characters and go to a deeper layer of understanding of the islands history. It just produced a more intense craving of further knowledge for me. I love the challenge from week to week of having to come up with my own answers to the unanswered scenarios played out-it is one of those few pleasures that TV shows or movies never offer-they do all the thinking for us and summarize everything before we have had a chance to use our own imaginative minds for possible solutions to grand mysteries. ...and for all those asking what the brothers name is and why they didn't mention it last night....know that it has to be something so revealing they couldn't possibly say it as to give something deeply informative away before the Final episode airs-therefore I think his name is Lucifer. Although the brother was a normal human being (as goes the bible) his sole was tortured for many reasons and therefore when he dies (transforms) he becomes the black smoke, the black soul, the devil. Just a thought...

    I do think the mother is Eve-but don't believe the brother to have been Adam....She most likely has been protecting "Eden" all these years and is grateful when her son kills her so she can finally die and move beyond pergatory.

    As for Smokey not being able to get off the island-remember back a few seasons when we saw how torturous and horrible everyones lives were when they did get off the island-Jack was an alcoholic who wanted to commit suicide etc etc-was that a possible glimpse into the future if smokey did get off the island and what havoc he could wreak for humankind? and is that to say that the writers are eluding to the fact that this is how things really are in the world today? hard to say, but this is why I say it is wonderful how much the writers do leave to our own imagination-we never know if what we are thinking is correct, but it is fun each week to use our imagination nevertheless and gratifying if we do actually get something right and even more eye opening when we are wrong.
  • Simply the best!

    This is a show that will go down in history as one of the most creative and original shows of all time. The sprawling narrative, the left turns, the amazing characters that draw you in, the brilliant writing...it all combines and makes for one heck of a ride.

    LOST's most thrilling feature in my opinion is the large ensemble cast. They are so diverse and so unique that every episode that features a specific character has the opportunity to explore a completely different tone. For example an episode featuring Hurley is like a comedy, Jack's episodes are more hospital drama, Sun and Jin's feel like a foreign film, etc...These layers and diversities make LOST have more depth that any other show. 10 stars!!
  • There will never be another

    Its a concept ,a brilliant brilliant concept.How genius of these writers to come up with a story that could be flipped in so many ways ,turned in so many directions that its captivates you into thinking like , what if to yourself all day at work ! The castings great , the mystery is fantastic ,the humor is overwhelming , the wit is meticulous .Bravo to this star magnificent piece of work, it shall grace the shelves of my tv cabinet till the day i die .My favorite actor i`d have to say Sawyer ,then BEN (nervy guy who`s so manipulative and cunning through out the whole thing )and then the physicist guy . Well done to the cast of lost to providing us with such good thrilling entertainment .A pity it has to end , u`d think such a great once in a life concept would be milked for generations and generations to come .
  • This show is epic!

    The storyline, the moments, all of it are touching and gives me the chills. They could not have picked a better cast for the show. Although the best season was the fourth, it hasn't gotten worse, it's just stunning, the whole concept. And I hope the writers and creators don't mess up the final episode... There are so much for them to clear up and so little time, I remember watching season 5 finale and my heart was pumping like never before. I really hope it will this time too. All I can say for these lovely seasons twists and drama is... Epic series from the beginning (hopefully) til the end!
  • Possibly the most brilliant and Complex show ever!

    There aren't many shows that I will write (type) review on but this one is phenomenal. I've been waiting till the show is almost over to write this review just in case my opinion of it dropped. Also I couldn't write a review for it after the last episode. So now seems perfect timing.
    After watching this show religiously since it came out and seeing the thought that has gone into it I can't imagine if another TV show will ever be as popular.
    Some of the links that you had forgot happened in earlier series that are finally explained. The detail that the writers have gone into to get the best they can out of the script and their ideas.
    With any TV show you are going to have continuity errors and that's no exception in Lost either (most recently "Adam and Eve" bodies).
    I cannot even think where to begin how to describe what this show is about. If someone who had never heard of the show asked me what it's about. All I would be able to say after watching it right through is "it starts with a plane crash on an island" followed by "just watch it"
    My rating of 10/10 isn't just because it's my favorite TV show. It's because you can see the thought that has gone into the show, the way it's told, the brilliant (although far fetched storyline).
    It is what all shows should be. A brilliant piece of TV!
    What TV show will take the dominance on our screens when this has finished.

    The finale: The most anticipated episode of a show in TV history!
  • The show is absolutely fantastic...

    Lost is a truly remarkable show which not only dazzles viewers but also forces them to think and ponder. Throughout the first five seasons of the show, we have been led into one mystery after the other and finally one by one all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are fitting together in the final season of the show. It has been a remarkable journey and we have been seen absolutely brilliant performances throughout the course of the show. I absolutely love the character of desmond, I think some of the episodes are special simply because of his performances. One hopes, that the series finale will live up to the expectation and deliver a satisfying conclusion to one of the best tv serials of modern time.
  • THe best tv show of all time!

    LOST is so dense and rich, it's so much more than just a tv show. It's an epic journey that beautifully shows the pathways of a group of people who have been united by a catastrophic event (plane crash) and the bond of having to figure out how to work together in order to be saved. It's an allegory of sorts in the most creative and modern sense possible.

    The finale was heartbreaking and and perfectly concluded the narrative with the castaways finally finding some peace. Who knew how prophetic the words, "see you in another life brotha" would turn out to be! Awesome!
  • What a ride!

    I love LOST...this show is amazing and the final episode is one of, if not the best of the entire series. People constantly whining about answers just don't get it. They don't get classic literature devices..unfortunately our current culture's obsession with stupid reality shows has caused much of the tv viewing public to be incapable of actually putting the pieces together and thinking through a story themselves. BUT Lost does not stoop to that level and delivers incredibly intricate narrative threads where one discovery applies to answers another even if the connections are not always spelled out for us.

    Actually the DVD available in August does include 20 minutes of new material shot during season 6 that answers the questions about Dharma food drops, Walt, life after Jack's death on and off the Island staring Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia. It''d be nice if the haters would please stop complaining about an expensively produced tv show that we all got to watch for free on network television. (and you can still watch for free on hulu and abc.com. If it was not entertaining, then why did we all watch it for 6 years? Lost did not owe anyone anything. If you paid $10 to see 121 episodes and you hated them all then I would understand you feeling ripped off, but it was absolutely free, 121 hours for your enjoyment...saying it was all a waste is not being honest no matter what you thought of the end.
  • Classic TV with a twist!

    LOST is obviously not for everyone. The amount of people who watch reality tv is a testament to this, you really can't go from "the Hills" or "American Idol" to LOST and not be horrified at how mind-numbing and soulless most of TV is compared to a show like this...I can't believe that the producers of this show actually got away with delivering the level of intelligence and symbolism on network television! All I can say is, "Well Done"!

    It's just sad the state of affairs where people are so spoiled and if they don't get exactly what they want they go out of their way to try and spoil it for others. It's TV for crying out loud, and LOST has delivered year after year after year...Don't believe the haters, people, LOST is so worth it!!
  • This show instantly hooked me!

    I have never seen any show quite like this one where I am dying to find out what will happen on the next episode! The show has strong chracters and a very well done story line. The second season started off tremendously and is getting even better as the show progresses. This is a must watch show!
  • Interesting show, but depends on continuity and makes it hard to really feel for the characters

    Lost is a great show with an interesting concept, and since season 5 it has really become a 'hate it or love it'-show because of the time travelling. I didn't like it at first, but it started to grow on me and I'm starting to like it now (I just watched episode 5x04).

    The problem with this show is that you have to know the whole history to understand it. If you haven't watched the first seasons and pick up in, let's say season 4, you're lost. And it's not just a show where you can lay back in your sofa and take a break, Lost demands some serious thinking on behalf of the viewer. These things are probably the reason why this show has lost a big amount of viewers: only the core remains. And with +/- 9 million viewers, it's still a good one.

    There isn't really a zoom in on the emotions of the characters or they aren't likeable and that's why I can't really feel for them. Maybe it's also because of the huge cast, but it makes the drama less confronting and that sucks, because I really wanted to love this show. Since season 4, it's become better and I'm glad about that.

    To end on a positive note, it's good to know the show's going to end next year. There are a lot of questions and it's frustrating to keep waiting for the answers, but knowing everything will be revealed (at least) next year makes it a lot less harder.
  • As much as people love this series, I don't find the point in it. I mean it is interesting and it has good drama and good storylines but some things are too freaky that I don't understand how they came to be. I mean how do they survive in that island?

    This show is a show that I see once in a while online. I do like the story lines because all of them are interesting. Most of the characters in that island are very unique and different from each other. They also have good pasts that make us understand why they are the way they are. The setting is okay but how do they get food to survive and how do they get clothing, and how do they stay clean. I don't get it. I also don't get how they always meet new people if they're on an island and what is the BIG mystery. I do like the fact that they do flashbacks in every episode but other than that I don't get this sci-fi show.
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