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  • Lost?? Really?

    When I first heared of LOST I was intrigued with the rest of the world. Airplane crash, deserted jungle, good looking cast members. Everything that would make a show awesome. Unfortunetly all that I could think about when I watched the first episode was "Hello turn the corner and you'll run right into Club Med and they'll take good care of you". After watching the first I couldn't take the cast and story seriously. Subpar acting mixed with a ridiclous story line and yet it keeps on going. Which I give you propse for LOST, way to keep the world panting for more!
  • "Soap opera" this is the one thing i can think of when i am watching it.

    Season one was superb. It has everything, and with evry one episode was getting more and more interesting. Well when season 2 started i was not so good anymore. Things just stuck dragged through the story line and i was very disappointed by this fact. The truth is that with the start of season 3 a way not expecting anything more and i was right. With the first episode many of the character reactions was absolutely unbelievable. I mean how do you react if you are captured by "some people" on a supposeably deserted island and out in a animal cage ?!?! Sure it isn't going to be like Soyer or Kate. And the storyline is ..... is ..... i just don't know what is it, it is just boorng. Now that's my opinion and you may not agree with it, but it is facts, Lost is not, what it used to be anymore.
  • lost

    Heroes will forever be my second favourite show because there is one show that is miles better than anything on TV and its called LOST. Everything about lost is fantastic the first half of the series concentrated on character development which I find the most important part of any story. There is loads of mystery behind the island and mythology. There are twists and turns, action, science fiction, tragic deaths and a hot cast. The show just hits everything I want and that is why its my favourite. The best characters are easily Locke and Ben. Sawyer has been great throughout the series. Sun and Jin are awesome too there relationship has developed the most I love all of there episode to date. Charlie was great in the first three seasons shame he is gone.. Kate, Claire and Juliet are all as hot as each other oh and Shannon how could I forget. This show is just the best.
  • just don't tell me that u all bought that crap

    F###ING KIDING ME ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! And I thought that Smallwille was waste of time,but this giant pile of S##T is unbelievable.
    I still can't grasp the full stupidity of writers,
    did they even watch the show before releasing it on TV,if they did than that great sentence from even greater Albert Einstein its best application (Only two things are infinitive,human stupidity and space and I'm not so sure about space)
    Sorry about my English but u get my point
  • Lost....no seriously I am sooo freaking Lost when it comes to this show!

    When I first started watching Lost I enjoyed and thought it was amazingly well thought out...that lasted for about two or three seasons...Now I am asking myself what...huh? The story line is all over the place and I cant even tell whats going on anymore..They either need to just end it, or actually make some freaking progress into the plot. Just my opinion. Some people still like it and are still watching it but a lot of people aren't any more because of how bouncy the story line is. Chaos describes this series.Like I said its just my opinion. End
  • Best Show Ever!

    I have to say by far the best show I have ever seen in my life is Lost. Its perfect. It disappoints me that this is going to be the final season because i have never seen a show with writing and actors as good as lost it trumps every other show. For any one looking to watch a series, Lost is by far the best choice out there. It is much more than these people who crash on an island crash on an island , their is a reason Lost is the most popular show of all time, and that reason is that Lost owns!
  • One of the few shows that actually requires you to think.

    When I first heard of this show and saw a few trailers, I wasn't too interested. It all looked only like "running in the jungle from something you never see". Then my friend started watching the show and told me that "it's pretty cool". So i decided to give it a shot.
    I got hooked after the first few minutes of the Pilot episode. And the more I watched, the more addicted I became to the show. Not only it had EVERYTHING a TV watcher could want -action, love, mystery, comedy etc.- but it also was one of the few shows that you could call "deep". It has metaphorical, hidden meanings. It uses symbolism to show many things. The plot is very twisted and unique. the show now is on its 6th and final season and it feels that they still hadn't lost it.
    So if you're still not watching, I can only give you one question - why?
  • One of the great shows of the past decade

    Almost half way through the final season and it is just a suspenseful as the first season (well maybe not that suspenseful). Lost will you hooked after the first couple episodes. Strangers stranded on a magical mysterious island with "the others", a group of hostile people is the premise. Each season has its own unique twists and turns which will keep you glued to the television. Now that the series is almost over many of the answers people have been waiting for since season one have been answered along the way but some remain to be unanswered. The hatch, the others, the healing powers, seeing dead people, the black smoke, jacob, the dharma initiative are just a few of the many mysteries that have been seen since season one. A must watch show for the ages.
  • One-time phenomenon!

    Lost is one of a kind TV phenomenon. The series is amazingly written, the beauty of the show is that you can't understand anything and you have to tune in and watch. Although seasons 2-4 weren't as good as the first season that was unbelievable but on season 5 they came back stronger then ever ! I believe that season finale will be something so unexpected that non of us would ever thought about and that is what I love about the show and all the other millions I believe. The secrets is starting to be reveled but we have along way until we understand everything that is happening on that show although I think that not all the questions will be answered and the show will end as enigma as it started. I need to praise the network or the producers that made only 6 seasons to that show and didn't try to milk the show until everyone had enough and started to hate it!!!
    Anyway I look forward to finale....

    I'm completely happy...it's incredible, but the all series and this end made me think in my life an i was like 5 minutes with tears in my eyes and with a smile on my face. It's true, we didn't get all the answers to all the misteries, but that's because, in the end, they weren't important! Maybe later i will think more rationally about all the series but now i only want to enjoy the sensational feeling that the all series has gave me and i only have two words in my mind, COMPANIONSHIP and LOVE! Live your life the best way you can!
  • Very touching ending. But as always Lost did left the end unknown!!

    What a quit show I just Love LOST and the ending was good from my opinion.
    The end was opened for us to think what might happen. did they all died and then lived again. or they just died and when that was their memories, like they died before but then lived again and then they remembered what happened. maybe they we're dieing and living and that's how Jakob knew all of them!! but the most important thing that we saw all the characters happy ever after and that was touching.
    We just need to say, LOST is one of the most strong series ever been made. and anything that is similar to it will just be compared to LOST. and nothing will be as LOST.
  • lost is one show that has one of the best first and final episodes and i believe no other show will ever be compared to it, it started with questions and ended with questions

    the first episode had me grinning and wondering what in the name of earth was going on? a plane crashe on an island,they gather around saving eachother and choose a leader who decides to build a smoke signal then later on something wakes up in the forest, this is my description of the first episode. to me the rest of the episodes are a bunch of sleepless nights trying to come up with possible answers for whatever was hiding behind the trees,the numbers the black smoke that shoots out of the earth,the dharma Initiative,Locke, walt(who i thought would do great things)the others,Rossouw(you have three choices run,hide,or die) Desmond and Eko, Jacob fhe famous foot and other things that i actully became addicted, now that it has ended i feel empty,almost lost. i will miss many things like Kate, Claire Littletn,Jack, sawyers wit, the black smoke(before we knew what it really was season 1-3, best appearance-season2 the 23rd Psalms)then there are was Eko with his quiet manliness and charlie with his rude comebacks(you gonna hit me with yur jesus stick?)and of course there is the whole show which stands as the best of the best.
  • The best tv show ever made!

    This is my favourite show of all times its amazing! I never miss a episode in my life, I'm so addict! I cant beleive we have to wait until February, I dont know why they are making all of us lost fans wait until then, I'm nearly killing myself here! My faourite season is one, but then I love season three, saying that season two is really great too! My favourite charactors are Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Locke and Ben. They Are really great actors, infact they are better than great they are amazing! Every single episode has never let me down, there so brillant! I also loved Charlie I was crying when Charlie died, but i think everyone who watched it was! I love the whole story with Jack, Kate, Juliet and Sawyer. I hope Kate and Jack get together in season four, its meant to be! I mean Kate and Sawyer are really good but I dont think it will work! All in all lost is a brillant show, I cant wait until season four!
  • Yes, a little religious at the end but the triumph we all hoped for. A fantastic account of living, dying and relationship. We are living in hell on earth right now and this show gave us so many cool messages of hope. The twists and turns were so clever!

    Who cares if all questions aren't answered. Those sad freaks must ask themselves, have they answered all the questions in 5years of their own lives?! Exactly! Lost certainly gave us answers of how to confront life and death. 'Live Together Die Alone'/'You all everybody!' To end an addiction is usually tough but the ending enabled us all to 'let go' in a beautiful way. Free of Lost now yet it will definitely make good reading and reflection in years to come! This show will be missed in my eyes and I will pass down the box-set from candidate to candidate.
  • This is the best show on television, despite the fact that the writers "sold out" this final season.

    Overall, LOST is the most intriguing, well-acted television show I've ever watched. In the past, it's been absolutely captivating. Unfortunately, the final season has been disappointing. Some explanations are just too obvious and simplistic and make me laugh. I cannot believe how the lead up and teases were so dramatic and spurred so much internet and talk show chatter, and then the writers just stopped trying to be interesting and provocative when it came to the promised reveals. Sometimes, I lose interest and forget to watch the rest of an episode. Other times, I have been insulted and stopped watching. Nonetheless, it's still the best show going.
  • Excellent, best damn show EVER!

    OMG what an episode....I LOVED every second of it. If anyone has doubts about this show, they should slap themselves in the face becuase this show is unlike any other....its simply AMAZING! It's the most unique show out there....just the greatest show on earth (there's never gonna be another).
    I won't give too much away but I just have to say one thing SPOILER (look away if you havent seen this ep).........

    ...the statue gave me goosebumps....OMG I had chills....if you are dying to see the four toed statue then you will get a glimpse of it. This episode was pure brilliance.
  • WOW

    This story has now come full circle...I for one have found the journey amazing and the whole thing feel complete. Even though there are mysteries left to the imagination, I love the way the writers went with this even if it was not what all fans wanted. In the end it is exactly what this fan wanted and i am so glad that it did not belittle our imaginations by spoon-feeding us everything. What we got was an emotional wallop of a series finale that will be debated and talked about for many years to come and the show has earned that kind of renown. Long live LOST!
  • The end comes, whether we want it to or not...

    Well, by the end of the second season, I knew that this show was just insane. Entertaining as hell, sure, but it ultimately became too confusing to be resolved. And yes, I still have plenty of questions, which I have refrained from listing here. But what drew me to the show in the first place was the characters and their interactions, not the science fiction or weird plot twists. I grew to love Jack&Kate, Penny&Desmond, Charlie&Claire, Jin&Sun, Hurley&Libby... So though none of my nitpicky questions were answered in the series finale, and the ending image of Christian Shephard walking into "the light" was about as cheesy as it gets, I was ultimately satisfied. In purgatory, or whatever the hell that parallel universe was, the characters found and remembered each other, and their best moments together. It reminded me of the best this show had to offer. So farewell, Lost--a decent finale, but it really was your time.
  • Lost started out so well and broke ground in its originality and concept. It fed the imagination and left you hungry for more. So why do I feel like I had my fill by Season 3, Episode 6? I just couldn't bring myself to watch any more.

    My flames of passion for the show are no more than smouldering embers now. It was not until I had long term illness that I decided to watch S3 and S4 back to back. Every get the feeling you were right all along? That was me for S3. S4 however did the job of recovering the show to its former glory. What I find hard to get my head around is how they messed it up so much more in S5?

    My view of Lost and what brought about its demise can be broken down into a few bullet points.

    1. Capitalisation.
    2. Prolonging the inevitable.
    3. Weakened plotlines.

    It is clear that ABC want to make as much money from this show as possible, hey that's the way of the world but surely it would be wise to keep their product viable instead of relying on its hype to keep it going. Random events that happen in the show and add nothing to the unfolding plot line, should not be included. I refer mainly to the 'flash forwards' of S5 in particular. This is the most ludicrous idea I have ever seen in TV history. They serve no purpose but to waste time in an episode and extend the life of the show. Why would you want to see that Sayid had worked for Ben as a hit man? I gleamed nothing from knowing this except Sayid had reason to distrust Ben, as if he didn't before. This could have been mentioned in a conversation to drop the information to the viewers without minutes being wasted. Same goes for the flashbacks to an extent. This was a plague to S3 that made it unwatchable to all but the sheep-minded out there. I recall one episode of S3 burning 28 minutes of a 42 minute episode on flashbacks regarding Loc. This could have been done in 6-8 minutes with equal effectiveness.

    What makes me so sad about Lost is that there is so much potential for events to happen that had its foundations laid back in S1 and S2. Now with the addition of the time jumping, it opens up a door for so much more. Why waste episodes away with trivial detail and pointless information? Are the writers under pressure to draw out events for as long as possible, or is there something more sinister taking place behind the scene?

    Lost must take a page from the strong rival shows around it, mainly Heroes and Dexter. Heroes shares much in common with Lost in that it has the potential for a lengthy storyline with gripping plots and twists in each event. With newly gifted people popping up all over the place and most of them taking the good or bad path, it allows for continued development of the main characters. Dexter on the other hand could have a shorter life span unless its writers continue to do the excellent job they are doing. There is only so much killing that can happen before those close to Dexter begin to suspect him (again). Both these shows seem to get by without the need for meaty yet pointless flashback (or forwards) to drag out the show. They both thrive on keeping the storylines moving and stimulating the viewer. I can only hope that Lost S5 proves to be the turning point for it to find it self once more.
  • Dont bother watching it, they are all dead end of story.

    Like being taken for a ride? Like you intellegence being insulted, like seeing everything good and fun about a show being absolutely neglected? Well watch Lost.

    This is an amazingly complex story with very few answer far too any red herrings and zero credibility: seriously Doctor Who is more convincing. The biggest problem is that you want answers to the mysteries of the Island but it is dominated by the charecers personalities, and even if that sound Ok, the further you get into the show the more the best charecters are sidelined. Rose, Bernard, Locke, Claire, Hurley, Ben, Danelle, and so many more get lost in the word work, and you will always be stuck with Jack and Kate. Jake and Kae over and over and over, it's grinds you down it wastes your time, if you anything like me come the 3rd you'll be wishing them dead, but rest assure there the last thing you see.

    I have been a dedicated viewer and there has been many grand moments, but it never reaches climax, it never satisfies you and everything becomes hinged on the final episode, with you hoping every diversion every extra element and every stalling tactic is compensated for with answers, you only get more questions, and that is not good because it makes you want answers and there is very little point in trying to solve something which has been deliberatly written to be wide open to interpretation. I'm sure they thought they were being clever, but I think they have treated their viewers like fools.

    Just don;t bother watching it's 200 hours of yout life will NOT get back and you will want them back.
  • Epic ending to an incredible journey!

    I thought the final episode was perfect in every way. It was daring and it actually meant something which will challenge people who watched the show for different than for the characters. But for most people, this was an incredibly satisfying ending. It's been a long time since I've been on the edge of my seat for 2 and a half hours while watching any movie, yet LOST was able to do just that with a riveting conclusion that stands with the best episodes the show has ever delivered. It was so emotional to let go. The final shot with Jack's eye was poignant and exceptionally beautiful! a perfect 10~~~
  • THE WORST SHOW EVER... According to the slow, the dumb and the people unable to understand such extrodinary writing.

    After reading many reviews on this website I began to realise people saying things like it, they ask questions and don't answer them? Well duh! If they solved the mystery in season one what would we expect in further seasons.

    Also in LOST, people say they don't watch the show because it has gotten silly? For example from being a show about survivors on an island with polar bears to a time traveling island. Well duh again! I mean if we had the button, the freighter, time travel and such straight away what would there be left to watch. For those uses to watching the stupidest of shows that don't involve using any part of your brain, you wont understand the world "progression." In a porgramme they start of with little things, the noise of "The Monster" then "The Hatch," then "Jacob's (apparent) Haunted Cabin," then move up in the ranks to "Island moving," and "Time travel."

    If the writers done all the big stuff at the start we would be left with nothing... Zilch! So sorry that this show invoves a bit intelect and problem solving. I believe you all need a few lessons.
  • The best show on TV that I won't be watching next season.

    Let me start by saying that "Lost" is well written, well cast and well acted. It has a lot going for it and I'd *like* to continue watching it, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Why not?

    "Lost" suffers from the same affliction that plagued the later years of "The X-Files"... an incredibly elaborate plot that only deepens in mystery over time - without giving up any secrets of consequence. It's true, we've only had one season so far, but many of the plot threads were active for more than half the season and we understood even less about them by the finale compared to when they were introduced. Each rare revelation the writers gave up was overshadowed by multiple new mysteries.

    While I applaud the introduction of compelling new shows - and "Lost" is certainly compelling - I can't help but see myself two, four, six years down the line being frustrated that the plot has only become more elaborate and mysterious without revealing anything of substance.

    An ever-advancing plot is a good thing, but the writers of "Lost" need to close some doors amidst all the new ones they open. This is a good show with the potential to be a great show.
  • The best show ever on television! What happens when it finally ends? Where do we go from there with shows constantly being cancelled by all the major networks?

    Where is television going to with all the cancellations, I've seen alot of good quality shows being cancelled and being replaced with reality t.v. because it's so much cheaper to produce. I've been following "LOST" for the last 3 years and watched all the older shows on cable, to fill in all the gaps...haha....if you could possibly do that.Lost is so complex and twisted, it is riveting television.What are we going to do when it's over? The quality of t.v. has hit an all time low,when the writers went on strike a couple of years ago and when they came back, it hasn't been the same since their return. What is this some kind of revenge to get back at the industry by churning out crap???..... The only people that are suffering is the public by having to watch the crap their putting out. I guess the people are going to have to go back to spending more quality time together as a family, which is what we need to be doing now anyway, quality t.v. is on the way out and into the crapper. It's a good thing for people wanting to get into reality t.v., but not for the viewing audience... What do you think????.....
  • This is a show of intrigue and complexity that goes beyond even what the writers can handle. If you miss one episode, you'll be out of the loop. It is well crafted, bu

    Lost is a very well-done show. It starts with the survivors of a plane crash on an Island, and then reveals all of the backstories of the survivors and digs deeper into their interesting lives. The whole series can be looked at as one giant storyline, in a very complex mode. The issue I have with it is, it's too complex sometimes. By that I mean, the show has gone on so long that the writers have put themselves in so far that they cannot get out. They went from 40 people on a beach to time travel. And they've even stated they won't be able to explain everything. For exmaple, when Walt was on the island it was said that he had special abilties and that he could make himself appear in places he didn't belong. But they never fully explained how that was possible. That is just an example of many. There are so many questions that people have about Lost that will not be fully answered. And there has to be a balance between the questions and the answers. A show does not have to answer things all at once, but Lost's answers only lead to more questions....and it's almost too much. For over five years it just got deeper and deeper with nothing solid coming out.

    Regardless, it is still one of the most captivating shows on TV today.
  • All of them have a secret, all of them are Lost!

    Imagine a tree as the template plot, then the branches as subplots (in this case, one branch for every character) – well, Lost adds twigs to each branch and then tiny twigs to those twigs as other story lines. If you're a brother/sister to one of the main characters in the flashbacks, you will get your own storyline. If you're a DOG you will have your own storyline.
    J.J Abrams has fantastic mind that blows the audience each time an episode is released & always try to keep your mind in questions.....This the beauty and greatness of that show.....
    I wish he could end it in its best way and let people always remember that "Lost" is possibly the best show ever to hit television.
  • really lost

    The first 2 seasons were great. can't say the same for the last 3 seasons. I knew they would have a hard time to tie the loose ends and mystery strings they sewed.

    As the 5th season started, the show looks like a desperate tentative to fill all the holes they randomly opened during the first 4.

    It is obvious they didn't have any idea of a "main mystery plot" when they first wrote the first seasons, that now anything they come up to give an explanation is interestingly complicated. (it is not really complicated, but u don't want to use brain power to try to solve it).

    But one really disappointing move is to tie the whole think to a "time travel" matter. It is the most used and overused and obvious thread there has been.

    Here is how the show is gonna be this 5th season: Action, action and again action. why? because they will have difficulties to tie the loose ends, they will drawn the subject into action, to disperse our attention. Action hypnotizes and takes u away from questions like "hey, what about that polar bear thing? what was it doing on a tropical island?" ;)
  • Pushing back the limits

    A fascinating show to watch, always pushing back the limits of storytelling. It started with a mysterious island, lost people with a loaded past. Quite simply really, even if these characters came to have maybe the most detailed backgrounds of the history of television ( too detailed sometimes : who cares about Jack's tattoo ? ) When flashbacks grew old ( somewhere in early season 3 ), they quickly found a new tool with flash-forwards. When they got it covered, they used time travel. And then, the game changed again with the flash-sideways. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss ( the flash-sideways, in particular, can be pretty confusing and boring ) , but which show keeps reinventing itself like this ? And that's because one thing this show doesn't lack is imagination. Yes, sometimes, it requires HUGE suspension of disbelief. ( The black cloud thing is a PERSON ? okay ... The island can move through space AND time ? why not ... ) Maybe too much sometimes. But it makes the ride full of unexpected turns and all those "wtf" moments you'll remember. No matter if the end is satisfying or not, it was worth the watch. It's been mind-boggling, it's been scary, it's been funny, it's been heartbreaking. It's been LOST.
  • This is, by far, the most intense drama series I've ever seen.

    I first heard about "Lost" a few years back and I've seen a few episodes at ABC.com and I absolutely love it. I know it's had its ups and downs, especially during the third season, but the producers know where they're going with it and I'm looking forward to the end. The writing is good, the cast is exceptional, and I must admit this is a better fantasy series for me than "Heroes", which I'd given up on. And then there's the extraordinary musical score by Michael Giacchino which proves orchestral scores should still be written for television in any way possible.
  • Starting to Love It Even More

    So, the second season is over for me... It was much more interesting than the previous season and things started to get more exciting... I am glad that I won't be seeing that Ana Lucia biatch anymore... I really started to like John Locke even more. Desmond character seems like a cool character as well. Poor Hurley couldn't score and it is too late for him anyways...

    My favorite character is still Sawyer and I don't think it will ever change. However, the fact that he still could not screw Kate, makes me sad. :-( I am impatiently waiting some action from Sawyer.
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