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  • LOST Is Brilliant Television

    LOST boasts one of the best debut seasons in the history of television. Incredibly engaging and addictive, the series has since proven itself a remarkable example of inventive storytelling.

    Viewers complaining about the plot fall into 1 of 2 camps. They either don't enjoy 'unrealistic' television or they simply can't follow the storyline. The rest of us have been rewarded with one of the most intricate and well-thought out programmes in recent memory.

    The characters are well fleshed out. The themes are broad and compelling. The production values are extremely high. This is quite simply, one of the brightest examples of modern television.
  • What begins as a simple plain ride ends in an adventure where nothing is what it seems and everyone is shrouded in mystery?

    The show is well written and brilliantly acted. You will find yourself compelled to watch the show while discovering that you are riddled with questions. Anxiety will grip you as you ponder what this and that is, and what will happen to your favorite characters.

    From weird natives, to mysterious events, from unbelievable monsters, to puzzling places; LOST has enough to rig in any skeptic. After watching an episode you will be begging for more!

    The only flaw in the show is that as it entertains you it also frustrates the hell out of you. Like the way a college professor can stretch a simple topic or idea into a 4 hour lecture, Lost's plot doesn't unfold fast enough, and entire seasons(approximately 22 eps)/episodes(approximately 42mins), can be summed up in 2 sentences or less. Constant unfolding action isn't LOST's forte, but unending suspense and mystery is. So if you can deal with gripping anxiety of not knowing and the snail pace of which information is unfolded to you, then I promise that you will have a good time learning all there is to know about the Island and it's Inhabitants. 8/10.
  • Lost is an epic roller coaster of an anventure that always keeps you guessing.The show revolves around the survivers of a plane crash who have been stranded on an island filled with untold secrets.The survivors must now band together to survive and discov

    Lost has at times been hard to follow flashing back and forth behind between the past and present but its hard to deny how great a show lost is. Full of twists and turns lost takes you where few others fail to thread but i will admit that it does its flaws.At times the show seems be wandering along with m clear end in sight or at least one that was visible but it always seem to redeem itself.
  • If scored during first couple episodes, probably would be a 9. But after the whole season one I must uncap muy red pen and give it a 5.5 They made from a 10 episode argument a whole 26 episode series.

    Positive: The whole idea of a bunch of people living on their own in a far lost island with mysterious things happening is clever and catching. Positive things you will find in other reviews, lets talk about this downhill
    Too slow. Very slow.. all those flashbacks turn the interest in the series down. There where no major events after the few beggining episodes. The characters personalities seem to be unclear after all this months.. I think, they got the idea.. nothing else.

  • survivors of a plain that crashes on an island discover that the island other suvivers and also them selves have more then meets the eye

    if you want a show about gossip school girls and guys look away from this show. but whats good about this show is that it has the mystiry, the romance, the action, and even the medical shows all in one where there is a DR called jack shephard, a fugitive kate austin, a con man with a bit of comic relafe James ford, a soldier who searches for the woman he loves Sayid Jarrah,a lovible big guy Hugo reyas, a rock star Charly, a kourian couple Jin and Sun, and finally a young mother Clair. then there are the others lead by the best vilan in tv history Ben linas, and his advisor richard alpert. i wont say more then this is one of the best tv shows and any one who likes mystery scifi or any kind of show would enjoy this show
  • Amazing!

    Lost is about a group of people who were on a plane crash, that leaves all the 48 people in a desertic island where strange things can happen.

    Lost is a great show. I just started watching this show recently, because before I didnt know it was this good. I first thought it was just survival and I thought it wasnt that good. Then a friend recommended it to me, so I started investigating. Many people likes this show, and the real plot -about what can happen in the island- is what caught me. Then I saw the Pilot episode on the web, and I loved it! Then I rented season 1 in a video store, and it was pretty damn good. Then season 2 I watched it on the web, damn good too. Now I'm in season 3, and is rlly amazing. Too bad that it ends on the next season, and I regret that I didnt start watching this show earlier.
  • A bunch of people on a plane heading to America. What could go wrong?

    Well the story began with a little over fourty people surviving a plane crash. The main characters of that plane crash that are still liveing are Jack, Kate, Locke, Sayid, Sawyer, Clair, Jin, Sun, and Hurley. Jack is the doctor on the island, and some people look to him as the leader. Kate... well I'll just say she was a criminal. Locke is a mysterious man that occasionally helps people out in weird ways. Sawyer also has past issues. Clair is trying to care for a baby out in the wild. Jin and Sun have issues, and Hurley, well I'll just say he's my favorite.
  • I love this show, waiting all summer for the show to start again in september 2009, then they change it to 27 jan 2010. I am so disapointed at this.

    This show is fantastic, can´t wait for it to start again.
    Crasy when LOCK is not lock in the show, and they are in the 70´s and the future.
    How will this show end? in chaos where everyone dies or that everyone goes back in time and have no memory of this? Well I hope that it ends well and don´t have to be irretated on it for many years to come. But what vacation the crew/actors have on this fantasic Island, I would want a role in that show if any. Well it will probably be perfect in the end.
  • Amazing show

    Lost is the kinda show u could watch over and over again. so many twists and turns in the show that always catch you off guard. really great show. there is so much to love about each and every character in the show. the storytelling methods of the show are also amazing. flashbacks, flashfowards, time travel. u never know what to expect from this show. and each twist gets you more and more hooked. it is the kind of show anyone could watch and love. i cannot wait for the sixth season to come. there are sure to be exciting twists and turns.
  • Lost!

    Lost is one hell of a show. It keeps you hanging on a thread waiting to see what is going to happen next. The mystery that lies behind the show keeps you wanting to come back for more. The crazy thing is after watching the first five seasons you still cannot figure out the plot. This show is unpredictable and this is what makes it so special. In addition the crew is diverse and presents people from different backgrounds and ethnicity (not to forget very hot guys). I do not want season 6 to be the last season! But on the other hand it's better for the show to end now with such high ratings. Destiny, miracles, love, faith... This is Lost!

    The only thing better than watching a new LOST episode on television is when you can watch it upon release on dvd/blu-ray. The show is so brilliantly written that you feel as if you are one of the survivors on the island. You become emotionally drawn to the characters and can feel what they feel. My favorite television show of all time. It is just sad to see that there is only one season left! If you are not yet a fan, it is highly recommended that you give it a shot. You are missing out on something extraordinary. LOST.
  • Lost is a great show, the greatest I've ever seen!

    Lost... When I first heard about this series, I became very interested, after the promotions in the Hungarian TV channel which first time shown this great series. I was very satisfied with the first two episodes, where the Oceanic 815 airplane crashed on an island, but after this I bacame more satisfied, and I couldn't wait for the next episodes! I really like how Lost introduces the characters, the flashbacks, later flash forwards. The mysteries are great, and the fun is, the creators don't display to us the answers a little bit after the mystery. The show's characters are great, everybody has interesting attribute, and we get to know about them a lot in flashbacks, and we get to know a little about the reason of their act based on them. There are lots of interesting thing on the island. Lost's character factor is on of the strong points. The story on the island and in the flashbacks / forwards are also amazing, and surprising. There are always more and more mysteries (but in season 5 we get to know a lot of things, and the story, and the mysteries bacame clearer)
    I like for example the smoke monster, who is in the 1st season too, but we don't know everything about it in season 5. Or what are those numbers. Who or what is Jacob, what is DHARMA...... All the seasons close with a great cliffhanger, which is mainly for 'watch the new season!' from the point of view of the creators, and for the viewers of Lost it makes the feeling, I want to watch it, I can't wait! Because of the kind of the story, it gives the chance for the people to make their own theories. The story is also emotionful, with love stories, tragedies, and lots of drama. The story of lost is great as the cast. What about music?
    Well... music of LOST... is...


    ...GREAT! Michael Giacchino is a great music composer, and his music is really important in the series, it gives lots of plusses for the series. It highly gives the mood of the series! I have all the OST-s, and they're all great! I can't say it is very repeatative, just he uses the same base for the music in some cases, but it's not a problem. Anyway there are new OSTs for every season, which is really good, and all the Original Soundtracks are different! I can't wait for season 5 OST!

    This is the TV show that I can't miss, I watched all the seasons more than one time, I really enjoy this series all the fans of mystery/action/drama series!

    Lost is one of the best TV show!
  • amazing!!!!!!!....is an understatement....

    lost is one show i have never missed.....its absolutely thrilling!!!....how do u people actually do this stuff??....hats off to u guys......awesome@@@!!!...totally,,,.....the first episode of lost put it in my all tym favourites.....the effects. ..the story...the casting....simply mind blowing.....undescribable!!!!....everything i say bout it is an understatement....i really wish these shows did not hav to b in seasons nd they would go on and on...............i'll seriously regret the day its over......it is a fast paced, minboggling experience watching lost......its got an incomparable unparallel plotthat leaves behind all other tv shows.....seriously...lost has it all.......indeed hope continues to do well....best of luck..nd kip up the gud work....
  • Lost is an adventure almost every week.

    This is certainly one of the coolest shows on TV Unlike anything we have seen before in a television format. The clues, the mystery, the suspence, excitment and drama. This show is jammed packed. I often wonder if when the writers first started this show they had any clue as to where they were going. There have been so many lost stories and new developments one has to be suspiscous if it was all mapped out. Despite that fact, the show still is one of the best on Tv and the way the story has ended up developing has been tremendous. I am just sorry we don't have much left.
  • If there is a perfect show which there isnt It will be LOST.

    wow!!Im in shock,really in shock I just saw the end of season 5,what can I say it is amazing,fabulous,and so great that I can even find the word to express what is on my mind about Lost,it really made us get Lost and it did made millions of people Lost in the show...

    Im not gonna replay and restudy the story as this show is all about the story and no one can mention all of it and remember every thing,but one thing that I know for sure it was a hell of a story,absolutely mind taking...
    As for the characters,they are the show,they are made in such a way that they seem to live with you,it makes you think that you know all of them and know all about their life,these people on this Island are all there for a reason,for a purpose,and they all had some-thing that made them come to this Island,a destiny that gathered them all together on this mysterious Island.

    in this show we can see that there are a lot of cool and great visual/sound effects that make you go woop and sucks you in to the show even more,those sound effect they used in the show are all well designed and well put in their places all to make us fell the vibe...

    The greatest hing in the show that make it all complete in away is the time lining,here we can see that the times we see is a way to show every thing in detail,and to give us every little thing on the characters life:like in season 1-2 and a part of season 3 we are watching those peoples life before coming to the Island and that make us know why they were brought here,then after 1 and 2 that timing is used to show us some of the most important things that happened on the island and some that will happen.
    and there comes the time traveling in the 5th season which make it all about perfect just a little less than perfect,Those theories of Faraday was so amazing that it did really made the show better and better.

    In the end I want to say I have never seen a show like this and probably I will never see a show like this again in my life.
    and I have a little thing to those who dont like the show because they dont understand it or they get dizzy by watching the show:I say to them dont judge what you can not understand ad what you have not seen completely...

    enjoy the rest of the show while you can,this new one will be the last :( , and it may be aired in the fall :)

    Hats of for you "LOST" and all of those who made it and made it possible for us to be Lost...
  • Best Show EVER!

    Lost is a show that I didn't even hear about until about maybe a year ago. I'm still real young and mostly watched Nick or Disney Channel. I wondered what all the hype that was surrounding Lost about so I bought season one on dvd and I was hooked right away. Soon after, I bought season 2 and finished it within 2 weeks. I watched the first part of season three online and I'm all caught up. I never get bored because there is a different mystery around every corner. Every character has their own story and are some are connected in strange ways. I love the flashbacks because they make you think why are the creators showing you this and a few episodes later, you find out. This is by far the best show on ABC now and I don't see how the ratings sunk so low. I'll forever be a fan of Lost and I hope it goes for at least five seasons.
  • The most BRILLIANT show of all time!!!

    In my opinion, Lost is the most BRILLIANT tv show of all time!!! 10 is not enough for Lost. It deserves at least 11 out of 10 but unfortunately I can't rate it with 11. When I first heard of it, I thought that it was a lame, based on Survivor, show... boy I was wrong!!! The truth is that when I watched the first season I wasn't that impressed but right from the second season's opening scene I was hooked for good!!! My favorite characters are: Locke, Ben, Sawyer, Desmond, Jacob, Jack and Kate (and everyone else!). Lost is the only show that every new season is better than the previous one and I can't wait for the last season of the unique and beyond perfection show!!! Thank you J.J.Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Jeffrey Lieber... well I thank all the brilliant writers, the whole perfect cast, the directors and everyone else who's involved, one way or another, to the creation of the show.
  • Lost is soooo addicting!!

    Such an amazing show to watch,I'm glad I started watching it now when it was still airing. From the extremely confusing flashbacks and multiple storylines, to the neverending love triangle (Jack,Kate,Sawyer). My favourite thing about this show is how everyone's lives someone connect. Like when in a flashback, you see Jack talking to the secretary at the airport, then Locke rolls by in his wheelchair. Another thing I love is all these mysteries on the island. For example, the smoke monster, the hatch, the others, Jacob, and many more. To finish off, i love Lost because of the love triangle. Althought I realllly dont like Sawyer, he makes the whole Jack and Kate storyline more interesting. But I hope in the end, Jack and Kate end up together.
  • great show. but...

    this show all way's has a great story line. it's a great show that i watched from the first season. and something that i noticed a first was that they over act a lot. now they don't do it as bad. but like jack would over react to everything that would get on my neveves. maybe that was just me. but i do like the character connections. how they all knew each other some time and now they are all on the same island. im with john when he say's there is a reason they are on the island. i can hardly wait for the last season to see how it ends. but i have the fear that we the viewers won't know why they are on the island.
  • A group of strangers crash land on an un-charted island somewhere in the pacific.

    people don't watch the show because it's confusing and doesn't answer questions in a hurry. but they do this for good reason. if they gave you all these mysteries and solved them as they went along, they would just be making it up as they go along.

    lost is set to end next year, so all the mysteries they have had from the begining will be solved in the end.

    however there are people who watched season 1 and 2 missed 3, started watching 4 and complained that its to confusing and they don't know what's going on.

    those people should maybe keep up. because it is an amazing show and i wish more shows were as creative.
  • Ground breaking television

    Where do I start? – Season one I guess, Lost is one of the few shows I've watched that sucked me in right from the get go. My friends and family also fell into the trap, but happily so. The series is full of great characters, fresh storylines, and a rich and detailed world with its own mythology. Although I have to admit that I thought Season 4 went off the boil a bit by its own standards but this Season has been amazing, with time travel actually being used as a genuine narrative tool rather than just a cheap gimmick. My favourite character is a toss up between Jack (this season in particular) and Ben. Although it's hard to pick any character and say that there extra baggage, which is always a good thing. Genuinely don't know what I'm gonna do with myself once the series wraps up next year. Probably rewatch it on DVD :)
  • This epic tale chronicles the life of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, who stumble upon a mysterious island of intrigue, containing a smoke monster, a mysterious initiative, and a tribal group called the others. This show is perfect, a must see.

    This show is amazing. The characters are built with the help of the flashbacks, the setting is filled with mystery and history, the story is riddled with constant plot twists and recurring themes, and overall, it's a likely candidate as one of the best shows of all time. Take a look at this story from the perspective of a survivor. Jack Shepard plays a leader for the survivors on the island, a role model and one you can always count on. Could you suspect him to have a troubled marriage and a habit for fixing things in the past? Could you look at the faithful hunter, Locke, and pull out the story of how his father stole his kidney? The characters are strangers, and on the island, they are giving the chance to have a new life, erasing their horrible pasts.
    The underdog of cinematic tropes is the setting. Not with Lost. Lost takes place mostly on an island with polar bears, smoke monsters, secret hatches, the ability to heal and the antagonistic group called the Others. It's practically a character itself. Speaking of characters, the net is definitely a large one. Each story line is woven into the other, personalities are established and relationships are easily identified. I could go on and on about this epic series, but you have to watch it to understand how epic it really is. This show is absolutely perfect in almost every way, and I consider it the best show of the 21st century, by far.
  • Oceanic flight 815 crashes on a "deserted" island and by some miracle, many people survive. Their first priority is obviously to get rescued, but they soon discover that's not an option, so they turn to survival. They realize that the island is strange.

    A fantastic show, easily my favorite or tied for favorite show ever. Great writing, acting, shock factor, and emotional appeal. this show has been amazing from the very beginning. you have to see it from the beginning to appreciate it and understand it. This show has everything. Action, drama, suspense, romance, and even comedy, especially in Hurley and Sawyer. The ideas are not repetitive and the episodes never get old. probably the only show ever that centers around a different character every episode. They show flashbacks from the characters life pre-crash. That is one of the things that make this show great, two stories in one. If you are not watching this show already, I strongly suggest that you should if you want to be entertained. Just make sure you watch it from the beginning.
  • I love this show...You have to see it from the beginning to really appreciate it.

    At first I didn't see this show, but after all the hype I just had to see what it was all about,and i'm glad that I did because i would be missing out on such a good show that keeps you on your toes with anticipation as to what is going on and what is going to happen. Everything that has happened to all this characters I believe is about to get even more interesting in the new season, which by the way I just can't wait!!! We finally see Jacob, and Find out or Speculate That The new person (Who by the way I still can't figure out who he is to Jaoob, but I'm sure we'll find out eventually)who wants Jacob dead, has been impersonating John Locke and possible Jack's Dad as Well. Here I was actually thinking that people can back to life in The Island, but now we see that it's not really them.

    I will definitely see the new season and any season after that, just don't let it run too long, because we want to keep this show memorable, not be bored after a while,and have it be predictable, no way.
  • Revolving around the survivors of Oceanic flight 815, this is a beautiful story of survival, mystery and intrigue. A crashed plane, survivors, a mysterious Island, a smoke monster, a bunch of Others...what more can you ask for?

    This is the best show on American television of its time. Great characterization, amazing visuals, mind-blowing plot twists and a thoroughly entertaining hour of good television.
    Lost is one of the few shows that actually indulge your mind in the act of thinking.
    It started brilliantly focusing initially on character development and now has aged into a more complicated story revolving around the mysterious Island, the survivors of flight 815 crashed onto and its odd inhabitants.
    This show has kept its fans enthralled season after season. Can't wait for the next season to begin but can't bear for Lost to end either.Lost you will be missed!
  • Hate it and love it...

    Let's accept it; Lost is one of the best shows in TV history. From the first trailer till now, I couldn't stop watching it. I want but I can't. When you are watching one episode at the same time you are thinking the next one.
    It doesn't matter how many times the story change or unbelievable things happen, it just hypnotizing. For this reason I curse and love the script writers. The characters are strong and well developed. The acting is really but good sometimes I get tired of watching Kate.
    I think 2010 will our last season and answers of all our questions. I can't wait it.
  • One of the best shows on tv! It makes the most unbelievable storylines believable.

    I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this show is!
    The best way to watch this show is to get the dvd's and watch it back to back! This show follows the survivors of a plane crash, who are stuck on a island that isn't what it seems. Each episode gives you some background story about a certain character or event. But don't think it will answer key questions you'll bound to have while watching this! The why's will remain a mystery for a long time. And watching each episode does not mean you know what is going on. The writing for this show is great! There are some really unbelievable twists and storylines, but for some reason in the world of Lost you will find it realistic. The acting is superb, with characters you'll get to know and care for. And, not to forget this show has the best villain I have ever seen on tv, the scheming and manipulative Benjamin Linus! With only one more season left, I'm really excited to see how they will wrap it all up, and hopefully shed some light on what's going on and answer all our burning questions. This tv show stays interesting, even after 5 seasons and will be greatly missed after the last season (6).
  • Whoa...

    There has never been a show, which could surprise me every week again. "Alias" had a lot of mystery, but that was nothing compared to this one. The beginning was already genius! With Jack waking up somewhere in the jungle and you have no idea what's going on.
    At first you thought it was about the survivors of Oceanic 815 and their fates, but to introduce the Island as a character for its own was mind-blowing. The characters are very deep. They developed throughout the seasons and you learned more about their backgrounds and their future through flashbacks and flash forwards. And it's never standing still. There are constantly new characters introduced which I either hated (Nikki, Paolo) or loved (Desmond, Ben, Daniel). But all of them play a part and have a purpose. Some purposes were already discovered, but to find out what the fate of most of the survivors is we will have to wait until season 6. So many questions need answers that it seems impossible to cover them in only 17 episodes to come. But it's "Lost". That means nothing is impossible. I just hope it will all come to a satisfying ending. Until then, I will watch it again and again, because once you're in this complex system that is "Lost", you simply just can't stop!
  • This is the greatest show ever. The script writers keep me glued and waiting for every other new season. You guys are amazing...the best in the industry. I like Jacob, to bad he dies before we all become acquainted with him and his character. good work

    I love the show. The new season, season 5 is just amazing, it has answered so many questions and left us with a few. like who is the Locke impostor. Is he the guy who spoke with Jacob in the first episode under the statue? What's his name and who is he...what is his role in the island? Where has he been all this time? And where is Claire? How could that guy get to Jacob? Isn't Jacob like the 'god' of the island...so many questions! The show is great though. I love it. Keep us dependent. I hope though that you answer all this questions in the final season.
  • great tv show , but it s going on for some time im anxious for the end of this show

    great tv show , but it s going on for some time im anxious for the end of this show
    for almost 5 years we have been watching this expectacular show and seeing a lot of carectors deing and new appering the question is wen is this show going to end? and if it was worth watching it for this long time?
    So what are the future misteries?
    Why they are in the iland?
    Why is jacob like that?
    when did the darma iniciativ start why the others kill them all?
    I hope to like the show until the end if not why will cry because why wasted all those hours.
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