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  • it started well and it turned to hell. (read my review and tell me if you agree with me) =)

    it started really good and made wanna wait for every next show... but as time went by (and it went really slow beacause this show is broudcasted once a week) it became more and more annoying, i mean every episode you think you are going to reveal something cool, new, ineresting - but no, don't be fooled, id dosen't it only leavs more and more new loose ends and none of your questions at the end is getting answerd - and that sucks ass. i liked it really much at the beginnig but it went downhill really fast. it became so boreing that i had to download it from the interne in order not to kill myself and wait for the next (also boreing) episods. so if you feeel like watching something cool and mysterious, with movie like effects and twists.. well go see a movie goddamit! (and if you want a list of some good ones i am willing to give you: Basic, The Recruit (sucks ass but has some twists) oh and a good movie witch i liked really much Memento)

    have fun peaople and you feel that you must whatch Lost please download it from the internet.
  • This will never be lost!!..

    The acting is powerful and suspense filled .. There’s a twist and surprise breaching every first thought opinion .. You predict strongly, only to be shocked by the outcome of the situation .. The atmosphere, emotions, feel and eye acting within each scene is mesmerizing .. This is a classic and a legend of a series .. It will never be lost ..
  • A plane has crashed on a small remote island and all the survivors have to work together to try getting rescued.

    For a pilot, I though this show was absolute garbage. You thought they would have at least have scripted the pilot as well as they scripted the second episode. I don't believe how big a hit this was in America. All the hype meant 6mil tuned into the UK debut but wait until you see the second episode figures. They'll probably be down at 2mil. The only thing I thought was funny about this show was a) the crazy Japanese people and b) the Dominic Moghahan impression I do. I was doing it throughout immitating his bad acting. I mean I'm a rock star who's addicted to drugs. Hmmmm, we haven't seen that before have we. And this doctor going around saving everyone's life. So stupid. And it's humanly impossibe to sew yourself back up with a needle and thread.
  • Pure dead brilliant

    This programme is genius, i love the fact that its never been done before, it takes the premise of being stuck on a desert island to the next level, i have only seen the first 3 episodes and have been left gagging for more, it has a stellar cast of well known and new actors and great special effects. The storylines so far have been perplexing to say the least and they aren't giving anything away about the island. I only hope that it doesn't get cancelled too soon as a lot of great programmes from the states seem to disappear without a trace in the middle of a season.

    Great programme looking forward to more of the same
  • a plane crashes onto a beach. what happens to the survivers???

    Many die but still there are some that survive. including a Doctor, a criminal but the marshall watching her died, a father and son who's mother resently die, a brother and sister who believe they will be fine as they know the plane had raidor, a chinesse couple, a theif, a electronic expert and many others.

    This was really good. worth watching
  • Survivors of a downed airplane try to survive and get rescued on a deserted island.

    The real core of the shows, I think, are the back stories to these people because they're awesome. You would never guess who these people were from just looking at them. Some of their stories are heart breaking also. I don't know how the second season will be like but the season finale of the first one was very, very cool.
  • well as i have only just saw the first two episodes last wednesday i thought it was absolutly fantastic i was confused about the polar bear in the jungle but im sure ill understand it more as the stroy continues

    As i have already said i got kind of confused but i do think that this is a fantastic show it had a good storyline behind it and the way it shows u each persons story every episode personally that keep sme entertained because its interesting to find out how most people survived my favorite character at the moment is sawyer as he is most like me easy to annoy and not scared of many things i know that sound big headed but who cares i had heard of sawyer from the film league of extrordinary gentle classic film a must see anyways getting back to lost I would like to see what the gigantic creature than devoured the pilot was that will be a shock for sure i think its a dino but that would be to predictable wouldnt it But i will keep watching every wednesday and as soon as the dvd comes out i will be buying it
  • Great show, about how to survive on a tropical island with models..... Great season long suspense.

    A show about people who landed on a strange island after a plane crash....OK, sounds interesting.... Hey…What do you know, it is interesting, kinnda, I guess.

    After watching the first season I must admit I really liked the show. It's kind of addictive, because when you watch one episode, you want to watch the next, even though in half of the season's episodes nothing much happens, just a bunch of people stranded on an island, a beautiful island, sitting on a beach catching some rays, walking around in a jungle, eating fresh fruits….right

    Oh yeah, and the occasional monsters roaming around and apparently some really freaky locals. I still really like the show, once you’re hooked it’s tough to let go.

    I just hope the second season moves along a bit faster than the first.
  • It's a great show, but sometimes you just think "what?"

    The cinematography is kindof overdone. I really like the plotlines of each episode, but i dislike the fact that you have to watch every episode to understand the whole story. Matt Fox is an awesome actor and I think a lot of the acting is well done. Many times though, LOST feels like a soap opera. You have the times when there is an actor staring at the camera for three seconds and it just feels very cheesy. The show can really evoke an emotion in people, but so can anything. The show deserves it's great reviews, but it is far from perfect.
  • In this age of style over substance it is nice to see a show that finally lives up to the hype.

    We Brits being the unlucky fellas we are only just got the 1st season of Lost. Unlike our American buddys across the pond we've been without Lost for quite some time, but on Wednesday it hit our screens. Few Brits probably failed to notice Lost. Channel 4, on which the show is airing, has demonstrated an ability of marketing beyond which I've never seen. Marketing for Lost was a feat in itself. As well as the mandatory blanket television coverage, there were newspaper ads, and I even had to explain to my sister what it was after she saw it advertised in the cinema (she'd thought it was some kind of movie)

    I have to say I don't normally go in for hype, but I was anticipating Lost. I'm of a belief that seems to be somewhat lacking in many circles, that television is going through a sort of renaissance, in particular American television. Recently we have been treated to the joys of Six Feet Under, the Sopranos, Nip/Tuck, Scrubs, and more. The US television market is positively heaving with creative, well written television. Lost seemed noteworthy, not least because it comes from the writer of Alias. I was never a huge Alias fan (my sister is) in my hectic life I never seem to have the time to get into a show like Alias, by the time I was interested in it, it was several seasons in, and with a serialised show like Alias you really need to watch from the start. Here was my redemption from Alias.

    Channel 4 aired the first two episodes of Lost on Wednesday, followed by the third on E4 (its sister channel) later that night. I must say, I am genuinely impressed. I had heard that Lost's first episode was the most expensive pilot ever made. I am not surprised. The show looks amazing. The first sequence greets us with all the glory of the aftermath of the plane crash which has stranded 48 people on an island. An incredible display of pyrotechnics happens as a man stands in front of a jet engine and then WOOSH is shot right up into it, causing it to explode. Later on Our Heroes(TM) search for the cockpit, where they think they can get the transceiver and call for help. The set for the cockpit itself is incredibly impressive.

    Lost is a show that does not waste itself on background details either. There are 48 passengers and while each and every one obviously can't be a star there is a genuine feeling that each and every one has a story to tell. The characters are fully fleshed out from the get go. Flawed, well rounded individuals, as is the mark of post-millenium American TV. Personally I think my favourite will turn out to be Sayid, an ex-member of the Iraqi Republican Guard. There's a wonderful duality to this character, and it will be interesting to see what becomes of him.

    But the Swiss Family Robinson this ain't, while Lost does get down to the business of the aftereffects of the crash there is a Big Bad Menace(TM) on this particular island, who apparently can move trees, pull men out of cockpits and throw them across large distances. There's also a polar bear, which has apparently decided to take a summer holiday to a nice warm climate in the South Pacific. Lost is mysterious, you get the feeling that this is going to be like the X-Files. Every mystery unveiled will unleash new mysteries, digging deeper and deeper. However the X-Files had a vital flaw. The X-Files never provided any real payoff. Even at the finale the X-Files was still mysterious, much not explained. I found this somewhat... irritating. It was almost as if mystery was being held for the purposes of mystery rather than as a part of some grand master plan. Alias does have a bit of a grand master plan feel to it, as does Lost, even when you're only 3 episodes in. Teasers of future plotlines dot the landscape tantalising yet difficult to figure out.

    There is a dark side however. I mentioned a renaissance in TV earlier, but those shows that have come from the US and shown real promise, Scrubs, Six Feet Under, Nip/Tuck, hell even Buffy, have all had one thing in common. None of them are 100% grounded in reality. Well no show is 100% grounded in reality. Reality is boring and needs to be made exciting by a team of scriptwriters, but there's a certain unworldly appeal to all of them. This is escapism, great escapism, but escapism nonetheless. Lost is just another show, disconnected from real life in a sea of disconnected shows.
  • This show starts in an island where a plane crashes. This is not just any Island a Mysterious one. Its as if everyone in the Island was destined to come for a special reason.

    This program is great. It always keeps it viewers at the edge of their couches. Its a roller coaster ride. you feel it from your heart.
    Full of supsense. THe actors playing here does a great job too. At the end of the first season I was expecting an end but offcoarce it didnt and a opened up a whole new story.
  • In my opinion this is a very well written show, it has great potential to follow all the various cast member’s lives, both before and after the crash. With some imagination and creative filming anything can happen.

    LOST is very well written. It follows various cast member’s lives, both before and after the crash, so the potential to shock the audience is huge. The ‘win the lottery with unlucky numbers’ was one of the best so far! My family loved the first season and especially the finale!!! Who snatched the kid – was it pirates? Will Claire’s baby be ok, or did the nutty frenchwoman do something to him we don’t know about? Will more survivors suddenly wander into camp, or are there survivors from previous plane/boat crashes in the hatch that looks like a submarine?
  • This show is a must-watch!

    This show has just started in the uk on channel 4, it aired 2 episodes and then a third on e4's 'first look'. This is the most fantastic american drama I have seen in a very long time! It peaked at almost 7 million viewers (excellent for channel 4 dramas) and deserved every one! The clever camera angles don't give away the shows biggest secrets. The only problem is it seemed to finish awfully quickley. This is certainly going to be a series that I will watch every week untill it finishes! I hope that this show will continue to surprise me throughout the rest of the series!
  • cracking!

    just seen the pilot last night, brilliant, thats all I can say, really gripping stuff!

    looking forward to more of the same please!

    good ensemble cast as well, they all play well together, polar bears in the sun? and i wonder what eat the pilot? my guess is a dinosaur...we shall see..

    also, the island looks like the one in the Lost World?
  • A great show that always leaves you wonderig.A bit confusing though.

    Lost is a great show that always leaves you wondering.The flash backs that the survivors have is a good feature a bit confusing though.The island is inhabited by all sorts of weird creatures.From the begining I always wondered what the hell was making the trees crash to the ground.Later on I found out it was a security system.After watching the last episode I saw it was invisible and was a bit disapointed I was hoping to see what the hell this thing looked like.after watching the last episode I thought their has to be a sequel.So if anyone knows about a one please email me.
  • I love this show bc its got great episodes and the little details of it are amazing.

    I like that they got such a variety of people in this show, a bad guy, an asian couple, an overwieght dude(he's kewl), a pregnant woman, a doctor,etc. Any ways I think that this show will be remembered as a great one. The cast in this show work very hard, I can tell, to make this show happen. It reminds me of the movie Lord of the Flies, only with different kinds of people and not just little boys. I think that they can go very far with show....but I do think that they should create something so amazing to happen that it will be remebered for a great while such as someone else on the island who has the same problems only with another batch of people. But overall I like this show alot.
  • Truly original

    Within its first ten minutes, Lost had me hooked. In an age where reality tv is all the rage, this show was so refreshing and original. You really want to see these people rescued. Of course we know that won't happen because if it did then there would be no more show. It does have its share of flaws though. After a whole season we still don't have any idea what evil forces there are on the island. I have a bad feeling we are going to be let down by these revelations, but until then I will enjoy the ride. I was very sorry to see Ian Somerhalder leave the show. HOnestly if I had to pick one character to go it would be Harold Perrinau's MIchael. I've enjoyed him in other shows but I find his character in this show to be completely unlikable. The most understated performance comes from Yunjin Kim. She can say more with a simple look than many actors can with an entire page of dialogue. I hope this show doesn't suffer from the sophomore slump.
  • This show is so cool you can't help but think who thought of this. My mom and I always watch it when it's on-it's so great!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is so cool you can't help but think who thought of this. My mom and I always watch it when it's on-it'sso great!!!!!!!!. It's really interesting too it makes you think. I cried when boon died it was soooooooooooooooo sad. I hope some creepy thing happens and boon comes back to life-that would be really cool and awesome. One of my best friends even watches it with her mom and brother. My sister doesn't like it though-she's a fool for not liking it. I feel bad for that old guy-I can't remember his name-I also have to wonder what's in that big tube thing-i mean who wouldn't wonder that.

    LOST is a great show that keeps you thinking about the show.The people are on a very weird island with \"OTHERS\".The others are very weird people who take your children and try to turn them into what they are!
    if you love drama and action packed shows,you will love lost
  • A lot of unanswered questions, even more than in X-Files. If I think back I can't decide whether it was a full waste of time or if it was a prelude to a much better next season.

    This series was very ambiguous from the first episode. It develops its storyline very slowly with a lot of flashbacks, which sometimes has almost nothing to its main chain of events.

    If you watch the last episode, you almost know everything you need to know and it still does not give you any clues what is going on around this remote island.

    I believe that the story has great potentials but the story-telling is too slow with too much flashbacks. If the whole story had been told in 12 episodes, it would have been less annoying to sit through the long hours of the first series.

    Advice for the next series: give some more clues and action otherwise the series will become dull and boring.
  • Amazing

    You can't not watch this show. At first I thought that show sounds stupid but as soon as I watched the fisrt episode I ditched smallville which was one of my favortite shows to watch Lost. Now I'm as happy as can be because I get to watch my 3 favorite shows all on the same night One Tree Hill, Lost, and Veronica Mars.
  • this is a great show called lost, wich is on fox.

    i think is a suspenseful show.although i did not see the first few episodes, i can still understand it. i hope it get's ordered another season or 2 atleast. it is a very good series, like a more suspenseful less funny gilligan's island. i do hope they get off of the isleand
  • Lost in Paradise

    Lost has a storyline in which they always keep you guessing. They always come up with something new. It is exciting and the cast is really great. For the cast members not having had any real experience, they are better than most professional long time actors/actresses.
    I am wondering though if they are trying to make it about heaven and hell sort of thing. The island being the Garden of Eden. Interesting and am waiting for more.
  • Compleatly origianl. This show of compleatly different castaways on one island show what can happen in todays culture is put into isolation.

    This is my favorite show up to date, so there may be hinderness into my bias. This reminds me a lot of the novel "Lord of the Flies": people are divided, civilizations grow, terror strikes, and desperation to leave the scary island. One aspect of the show that is really important is that there is no main character, yet who is important among the others, or, who you consider important. Many believe Jack is the most important because of his knowlage in medical diagnositcs and treatment. Some say Sawyer is important: he knows where everthing is (the merchant). And Michael: the architect who may be their only hope in getting out of the island. The characters tell their interesting stories of their past and, most importantly, why they are to come on the island. Mystery shrowds the charaters and leaves its viewrs on the edge of their seats. I think this unique idea for a television show is excellent for thoes who enjoy action thrillers and suspence. I highly reccomend it!
  • Another excellent piece of work, which shows that even people who do not like sci-fi very much, can start enjoying it, once it is presented to them in a different way.

    Watched the show, because I heard a lot of people talking about it. Did not expect anything really and the first five minutes were not all that impressive, but right after those five minutes, it started to get more and more interesting. Now every episode gets better. The show has plenty of plot twists, and you just cannot predict what will come next.

    It was a really good series, all the time I was waiting for the next episode and to start understanding what is the island about.
    But at the end of the firts season where you should be having answeres about the place, maybe leaving you with something unclear, NOO it completely tell you nothing, so you have seen people living in the island and nothing else, you dont get any answere of anything I HATED THE END OF FIRST SEASON
  • Lost earns its hype, but it could easily fall by the wayside unless the creators get serious and tighten some screws.


    Lost has a killer premise--extreme Survivor scripted with loads of mystery and danger--and an absolutely stellar cast. Your favorite character may very well change from week to week as you get to know the dozens of castaways. The narrative structure of following one character per episode, alternating between a flashback of their past leading up to the crash and recent tribulations in the present on the island, is also extremely effective and engaging.

    However, I strongly suspect this show can stall at the gate unless the creators really take the show seriously and move the story forward. Remember, for instance, how Alias began? Cool cast, neat premise, and then lots of mystery and foreshadowing, all leading to . . . nothing. I get the feeling the creators planned out the little bits and pieces, but never crafted the whole story, its beginning to middle to end. And with its ratings success, they show has no motivation to move anywhere at all anymore, which could quickly turn into small, baby-step revelations that go nowhere, or large answers that turn out to be misleading after all, etc.

    The season finale was perhaps the biggest, most disappointing sign that the show is a tad lost itself. In between ALL the answers (which no one expects so soon) and pretty much NO answers (which everyone agrees we got in the end) are some developments that move the story forward. Suspence without progression becomes episodes, rudderless, and eventually numbing.

    With this cast and tone and situation, the show could become one of the greatest ever. But without direction and courage to follow it through to its logical, dramatic end, Lost could very well lose steam, lose its audience, and in turn lose its way.
  • This show is about a group of plane crash survivors. It is full of mysteries and has great characters.

    This is the best show I\'ve ever seen. I\'ve tried to watch other shows, but this is the first show I\'ve ever watched from the first episode. It\'s so good I even watch the repeats. The casting is perfect. All the actors are excellent. The stories are original and there are twists that I don\'t see coming. It has actually made me cry, which is the first show to do so. Actually, it made me cry more than once. Warning! If you like to have questions answered right away, don\'t watch this show! It\'s mysteries, however, are one of the best parts of the show, right after the characters. I can\'t recomend this show highly enough!
  • No description accurate enough. It's freaky, funny, creepy, touching, heart stopping, heart pounding, and fun, fun, fun.

    WOW! Those are the first words you say, and keep on saying, and keep on saying...I make everyone I know watch it. Now they make everyone they know watch it. I want to share this show with everyone. From the first moment to the last shot of the season all I could think was LOST. You don't even have to give it an episode to be hooked. Give it 5 minutes, you're hooked.
  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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