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  • First of all I totally agree with user betts4 ! I was bored and I looked for something to do and I was suggested to watch this show and I am very pleased that I did. I agree that this show is not for kids or young teenagers...

    But more for a mature audience. This program is the most movie alike serie I have seen and maybe that's because it's so good and unique... I haven't seen the whole season 1 yet (Next episode 22) but I was already too eager to point out how good this show is. I have become quite demanding when it becomes to tv-programs. All those cliches and normal things that happen in movies over and over again doesn't interest me anymore so much and I wanna see something new. This program has that something that keeps me watching it. I haven't had a single dull moment watching this program and that's something for me. Life hasn't been the same after watching Shawsank Redemption (I hadn't watched it untill just a while ago). Lost may not have the same effect but it's the only tv-serie so far that has had somekind of an effect on me. PS: Sorry for my english, first post.
  • This show is great, very exciting and a great cast. Can't wait for the second season.

    This show got me at episode 1. Very exciting and a great cast. But as the season came to a close there were so many unanswered questions that I almost lost interest. Loche saw the light in the capsule, but 3-4 episodes later we haden't seen anything about that. It disappointed a little at the end, but I hope the new season will bring more adventure...and answers.
  • Possibly the best show to have ever been aired to date. The gripping storylines had me hooked right from the word go. With an excellent cast and talented crew, 'Lost' is easily the number one show around.

    When I saw the advertisements for 'Lost' on the television here in Ireland, I was intrigued. It was said to be the number one show aired in The States, Austrailia, Norway and Denmark.
    At first I was unsure whether indulging into this masterpiece was wise as I was about to take the most important exams in my life in less than six weeks, however I gave into my gut instincts and tuned into the two hour opening episode, to realise that I had made the right choice. I was on the edge of my seat for the duration of the episode and cursed the television set every time an add break came on.
    By the end of the episode I was well and truly hooked, dying to see the next episode in order to find out what would happen next after a mind boggling cliffhanger.
    I then found myself watching repeats of the show, realising that I could not wait an entire week to get my next dosage.
    I found myself reading spoilers online, but by the time the episode came along I was amazed at how vague the spoilers had been and was forced to realise that the plots were indescribable and therefore added to the mystery of the show.
    'Lost' is a masterpiece, a work of pure genious, well and truly magical. In one word 'Lost' is unmissable.
  • Why the hell did i even try to watch it

    The show sucks its horrible it sucks. I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it.
  • A show about a bunch of survivors on an island.

    I would call this show a mix of Jurassic Park and The Lord Of The Flies. It is really good and interesting. You don't hear much about the wild animals that are on the island except in the first eppisode. I love this show because it has adventure and not much but just barley a little bit of romance. I love Sawyer. He is so sweet and inoccent on the inside but on the outside he is like mucho man. And Jack is like all helping but needs to relax a little. And I love the protective brother. He is soooo sweet and hot. I wish I had a brother like that (maybe not the hot part but that would be ok). You should definitly watch the show.
  • Edge-of-your-seat entertainment and exciting.

    This is definitely a show that is a must-see. Granted it's only been one season, and there are countless shows that were good in their freshman years that suffered in the second or third. Hopefully, we don't see this with Lost as it is a captivating series. However, i was disappointed that the finale didn't answer ANY questions as promised it would --- it simply brought up more.

  • A plane crashes and hundreds of people are stranded on a mysterious island. As they live, they begin to learn more about each other's past and start to meet strangers on the island who threaten their stay on the island. Later, some don't make it on the is

    This is one of my favorite shows. It is always thrilling and has a new person to focus on. I like how we get to explore there past and what misfortunes they had before they crashed, which shows how they are all related. The plot of each episode is interesting and very serious. Each day their is always a new adventure, a way to escape, and some trouble they encounter through each day. This is probably the reason why I watch this.
  • What gowing on?

    I like this show, but I don't really know whats gowing on out there. Its like some kind of island not even on earth, with all this wiard stuff flying. But, who cares the more ministries the better. I like the show to be suprising and fun, that exactly what this show is about. Looking forward to see all the upcoming seasons.
  • This is such a great show. Can not wait for next season.

    Lost has keeped me on the edge of my seat. The cast is great. This is such a great show. Can not wait for the next season. The writers are so wonderful. The ending of this show last year was one of the best. Keep it up. You can not go wrong with this show
  • A plane en-route to Los Angeles loses radio contact and drifts off course hitting high winds and crashing onto an island for unknown reasons. As the castaways deal with the fact that they aren't going to be rescued anytime soon they begin to discover that

    There is little else on TV that reaches the depth of plot 'Lost' offers. In both the mystery and character development this show offeres more and more each week without a repeated thought or action. I don't think I have been this engrossed in a story since Mulder and Scully first met. I was worried that with as many characters that they were introducing there wouldn't possibly be enough time to develope them all, but the writers seem to have found a way for me to care for each castaway equally. Every story is well thought out and deeply intertwined with each other, and the characters seem to grow together.
    If you haven't yet seen this show, be sure to check out the re-runs airing on ABC!
  • One of the best TV shows ever!

    Lost is one of those rare TV shows that is way too unpredictable to ever be boring. The plot line is very intriguing, and my only concern is that they will get to a point where they cant figure out where to go with the next episode. In the meantime, this has become one of my favorite shows, and also one that I will not miss. The unusual story reminds me a bit of the classic Twin Peaks by David Lynch because of the surreal nature of the events that take place. Excellent writing and acting, and finally a show that breaks the mold of the over reused themes. I mean how many cop or hospital dramas do we really need?
  • Lost only if I miss an episode!

    Excellent program. Fantastic acting. Nice eye candy- and producers did not feel the need to have large breasted, low intelligence women bouncing around scantily clad. Bravo. Nice blending of different cultures and personalities to make for a very interesting show.
    Excellent cliff-hanger, completely unexpected events in the finale. I can't wait for the new season. Excellent excellent show. If you have not checked it out, try to catch up on what is going on before diving in to the new season- it won't make sense if you have not followed it from the beginning.
  • Cliffhangers, hidden riddles, and the development of the human condition in a compressed scale. The show manages to develop empathy for the characters, showing hows how their backstories influence their current actions as the grand plot unfolds. And what

    Cliffhangers, hidden riddles, and the development of the human condition in a very compressed scale. The show manages to develop empathy for the characters, showing hows how their backstories influence their current actions as the grand plot unfolds. And what a grand plot it is!

    Lost is not only thrilling but thought-provoking. What I like about this show is that it covers so much about humanity through so few (48 people) in such a short time (survival from crash onwards) and space(one setting: the island).

    It is interesting to observe:

    1. how they will all try to get along despite logical and sociological barriers such as language and that of physical stereotyping

    2. how people deal with changes, individually and collectively, and how they handle this artificial restart as they struggle with their old selves and new selves

    3. the evolution of natural roles and clusters in this new society

    4. the development of characters as the audience gets to know them and their backstories and how certain events in each of their lives influence their actions as the grander plot unfolds

    5. the mysteries that the island holds, the uncovering little by little of things that were previously unknown

    6. the subtleties of patterns and hidden riddles that could hold keys to their whereabouts and their survival

    Very quickly, Lost has shot up to become one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Ever.
  • A very exciting and amazing show!

    I was sitting at home one night, watching ABC when I saw a promo for a new series called Lost. The big selling point for me was seeing Dominic Monaghan utter those ominous words, "Guys, where are we?" Being a total Ringer, I was sold, and couldn't wait for the series to start. Talk about being worth the wait!

    From the first fifteen minutes to the commercial break, I was captured, entranced, excited, mesmerized and dazzled. The crash, the fuselage, the pieces falling all over the place, nameless people trying to make sense of an impossible situation, were incredible to behold and I was breathless. Back from the break, the magic continued to unfold and four months later, it hasn't stopped. The way this series slowly discloses the details of the lives of the stranded is nothing short of brilliant. As with real life, we don't get to know a person in a single conversation, but over the course of our time with them. I LOVE those maddening teases, the cliffhangers, the unanswered questions because that's the point! Too many series give it all to you upfront and there's nothing to wait for. Adoring surprises, this keeps me coming back for more all the time. I can honestly say that this is Appointment Television at its finest, where nothing short of nuclear holocaust or family disaster is going to make me miss this, and in the age of reality TV and dreck that passes for sitcoms, it's been an age since I found a series this compelling. JJ Abrams and Co., thank you from a very grateful viewer.

    I have a theory about the island and its effects on the people. The island has a regenerative quality to it (SPOILER'S ALERT!). As well, it appears the island is giving everyone what they need, whether they know it now or not.

    Jack: Has overwhelming guilt for turning in his father for his drunken mistake on the operating table, leading possibly to his father's drinking himself to death. Chasing down the vision of his father helped him find the caves and fresh water for everyone. Like Spock's body in Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock, when Jack found his father's coffin, it was empty. Like the Genesis project in ST3, the island also has some fairly violent nature cycles.

    Kate: Is a fugitive. The island has forced her to stop running, as she has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. Emotionally, she is being made to live amongst a group of people without the option of leaving.

    Sayid: Feels horrible guilt after torturing people in the Iraqi army. Let a loved escape from the prison. Was tortured himself by the French woman, somehow enabling him to come to terms with the brutality of his past.

    Locke: Was borderline suicidal and needed people desperately, as witnessed by his "covert" activities in his office drone job and paid sexual services by a prostitute. Denied the Walkabout experience because of being wheelchair-bound, he has been reborn as a capable, respected member of a team, being able to use his legs and mind with equal skill. For a guy who worked for a box company, he thinks outside the box quite effectively.

    Charlie: Truly needed to be recognized and valued for who he is, rather than a member of DriveShaft. He called attention to his "celebrity" status, but in flashback, music and his Catholic faith were his driving forces. Drugs helped to mask the pain of his abandonment by his brother. Becoming clean, he was able to be a help to Claire, save Jack's life and gain real respect from his island mates. Throwing the drugs into the fire, he transformed from the flames to the moth!

    Sun: Was going to leave her husband. Crash left her unable to do so, but in the end, she is finding her true strength in slowly standing up to him, exercising her independence. When Shannon was asthmatic, her skill with herbs created the eucalyptus poultice Shannon needed to breathe, finding a purpose and identity outside being a trapped wife.

    Sawyer: Needs to stop treating everyone like they are the person who conned his family and destroyed his childhood. Like Kate, he can't just disappear after the con is done, but co-exist with his actions and the people around him. This is proving to be a difficult thing (time telling the tale), but he does keep a lot of others on their survival game.

    Michael & Walt: Father and son who need each other. Back in LA, Michael would probably have been too busy to have spent much time with his son. The island is giving them crucial quantity time. The cave-in provided Michael a chance to use his construction site skills to dig out Jack and Charlie safely, and win the respect of his son. Walt has a very eerie skill at wish fulfillment. When he was playing backgammon with Hurley, he rolled everything he needed to win. The comic book he was reading had a picture of a polar bear. One appeared a short time later. More details about this father-son team will be a delight to see.

    Hurley: Needs to be seen as more than just the fat guy. Provided food and sustenance to his island mates, and came up with the idea of checking the manifest to get to know everyone, making the group get to know each other in a more-than-skin-deep fashion. This led to the discovery that Ethan wasn't on the plane. Knew that fun was a vital component for the group and designed the "exclusive" golf course.

    Claire: Needed to feel that people were really there for her and not just the baby. She is finding that in Charlie, who is proving to be more of a true friend than her psychic, boyfriend or girl friend. Is exercising her own independence by standing up to Jack, not just accepting that her attacks were in her imagination. Perhaps with her abduction, she will find the strength she needs to fight for her child and her competence as a parent.

    More details are to come, and I can't wait for 2005! So, if you want a fabulous entertainment experience, take my advice. Get LOST!

  • Lost is cool.

    I like the show Lost. Its an original show. Even though the episodes move kinda slow. Its still entertaining...sometimes. I didnt watch all the episode of season 1, so i didnt get what was going on in some of the episodes. But when i did watch it was OK. Confusing at times but entertaining.
  • Love the mini character backgrounds!

    I just started watching this when it went into reruns because nothing was on for the summer and I love Alias. I'm addicted and won't miss an episode now! I love learning bits and pieces about the main characters through flashbacks. I think that providing a show where the characters are so completely different from each other is great. No other show really brings people together like this (not counting reality show where everything is almost as fictional as the dramas). I'm definitely picking this show up in the fall!
  • Lost Lost Lost Lost .... Im lost for words ha ha ha not very funny am i. Anyway a really like the way Lost is so mysterious, but sometimes it can drive me crazy trying to figure out whats going to happen next and how did that happen....

    Lost Lost Lost Lost .... Im lost for words ha ha ha not very funny am i. Anyway a really like the way Lost is so mysterious, but sometimes it can drive me crazy trying to figure out whats going to happen next and how did that happen.... I mean it is just amazing and so unexpecting. I was just amazed on what happeded to Clair and the season finale was UNBELIEVABLE. the cliffhangers alone would drive anybody insane. and the part where micheal was taken oh my god... i mean that is who they (the others) wanted all along. it is just an amazing show!!!!
  • Abrams - learn from your Alias mistakes...

    Started off great, but the meandering, teasing plots midseason started to grate after a while. I hope JJ Abrams takes some time between seasons to work out the long term plot rather make it all up as he goes along (this seems to have been the problem with Alias, which gets more convoluted and annoying with each season). Still rated highly due to the great actors, the handful of truly outstanding engaging episodes and in the hope that some things actually get resolved.
    Perhaps he should rent the Veronica Mars DVDs and check out how a satisfying season long arc is done.
  • Watching Lost is like an addiction you can't stop and which the writers satisfy every time.

    When I've watched the pilot the show appears to have a magic (stronger by every episode) which brought me inside the story on the island like I would be one of those survivors.

    You can feel the development of characters and unexpected surprises in each of them. Lost awaken feelings in you that makes you happy (thanks to humour) in one moment and in other moment you have to cry, etc. Especially with the background music in some scenes you can't resist these feelings so long.

    Writers did a great job that they kept the secret of the island for the whole first season and didn't stop to surprise me every episode (mainly) by unexptected progress that you can easily reveal in some other TV shows.
  • I Dpnt Like it at all

    It's Like Survivor making fun of people on tv.
    it's an bad to do that im not saying im perfect but i know this show isn't it attracts people in the wrong way. For the pleasure of others pain but you don't think what if you were in that situtation. That what people forget

    (don't qoute on Grammar)
  • What have I been missing?

    Because of a scheduling conflict with another show, I missed just about the whole first season. So to say the least, I'm extremely happy with ABC for airing the reruns this summer. I also plan to purchase the DVD set release in September. What can I say about the show other than it's awesome. Something new and refreshing to television amid the onslaught of reality tv and same ole tv show formulas. Although I've only seen the first 8 episodes my favs thus far are Walkabout and The Moth. Learning the backgrounds of everyone and what their lives were like prior to the crash makes for compelling storylines. Also, when Sun starting speaking english that totally blew me away. Needless to say I'm now addicted to this well above average show and intend on catching it every Wednesday.
  • Take a plane. Take fourteen people with heavy pasts and secrets. Take a mysterious island where nothing is normal. Make the fourteen people be passengers in the plane. Make the plane crash on the island and those fourteen people be

    Take a plane. Take fourteen people with heavy pasts and secrets. Take a mysterious island where nothing is normal. Make the fourteen people be passengers in the plane. Make the plane crash on the island and those fourteen people be among the few survivors. Make them see how strange that plane and the fact that they crashed there is.
    You get Lost, J.J. Abrams's new show, the successor of X-Files.

    What is interesting in the show is not that they crashed and have to live and survive on an island, but what is interesting is that THEY were in the plane that crashed, that THEY survived and that they are on THAT island.
    THEY, they are fourteen. Fourteen characters who took a plane from Australia to California, for different reasons, but always at a turning point
    in their life, be it giving up the baby they carry for adoption, starting a new life with their new-found son and father, trying to
    find a meaning for their life or because they could not leave although they had their last chance just before. They all have heavy pasts and secrets to hide. They did things they regret.
    Some had killed, some had been in robberies, some were treators.

    The fact that the plane crashed is not really important. What matter are the mysteries surrounding the crash. Why this island ? What is this island anyway ? No cardinal points can be found. No one seems to look for them. It seems to be a hot, warm place, but soon after they arrive, they find a polar bear on the island. Are they alone on the island ? Why are there things at place or moment where there should not be ?

    Each episode focus on one character through flash backs of their former life, telling us how they arrived on that special plane. The episode are well-written, with high suspense and end in cliff-hangers. Not to forget a well-needed humor, as the show is stressful otherwise. Not because of big monsters or the like, but because of the lack of information. The show constantly ask questions, but rarely answers them, which puts the viewer in complete unknown.
  • Awesome show!

    Leading into the fall season 2004, I seen the promos of LOST and from what I saw, I knew I wanted to watch the show. I am SO glad I did! This is a AWESOME show. I love all the characters and the writing is superb. I love how the show gives the characters depth and allows the viewer to see their backgrounds and what happened before the plane crash. The music on the show is awesome also - it's all done with a live orchestra and that makes the show all the more special. Catch the second season of LOST this fall... if the season is as good as the first, you won't be sorry!
  • Outcasts trapped on a mysterioius island.

    Great show! But highly unappreciated. Knowone knows its on. The stories are interesting and mind-boggling. I love the fat guys story about his evil numbers. Everything connects and thats one reason why i love this show. Once you catch on its a show you just can't stop watching it.
    So turn it on in the fall on ABC wednesdays nights at 8.
  • Whats to say!? a bunch of people who went down in a plane crash and survived on a deserted island. But to their suprise they are not alone or are they?

    This show is pretty unique. The show has a wildly deep plot line that twists and turns so much that your sure to get sea sick. So sit back and get some soda crackers, this show has a great cast, great writing, and I have no idea where the script is leading the audience. This island has so many mysteries nancy drew would even consider throwing in the towel. After a few episodes the writers are some what leading us to believe that the island has an unidentifiable monster, ghosts, and some kind of link with random numbers that most of the planes compliment are tied all together. Sorry, that was a mouthfull. If you have not seen this show, I strongly recommend that you watch it. This show is unlike any show I have ever seen in my 30 in existence. If curiousity doesnt bring you to this show the stacks of awards it is winning will, so tune in and enjoy.
  • it's good but they should talk to each other

    I like this show very much but I'm always starving after watching an episode. I find it way too slow and I don't understand why everyone is so secretive about their past. We keep getting flash backs but every character just think it's better not to tell anyone why he just acted weirdly in front of others.
    We know why but noone on the island knows and they just keep going like everything's normal... bah..
    I don't want it to be as fast paced as Alias or 24 can be but less than a clue an ep is too little imo. Maybe on the 9th season, we'll get a real clue :)
    A good show anyway !
  • Always Engaging

    If you have not watched Lost you do not know what you are missing. Lost has answered many questions but still left some of the big questions unanswered then just asked more. It is my guilty pleasure. The rest of the world is turned off for an hour. Everyone knows not to bug me when Lost is on. The story is entrancing. and they have slowly let you get to know more and more about each of the characters. Very well written and the story could not be told in properly in a 2 or 3 hour movie. Tv was the way to go. Season one is only the build up to a great epic story.
  • I enjoy watching Lost. It's different from the normal and the characters of interesting. I enjoy the writing that the show provides. It's fun to watch the unfolding of the characters.

    I have enjoyed watching Lost. It has been refreshing to have a new type of show on. I've grown tired of all the CSI "type" shows and the other "hospital' dramas. Lost brings a new twist that keeps you wanting to know more about the characters and where they are going. The writing is great. It's unbelievable mostly, but still interesting.
  • It's the characters which make it work.

    On paper the show seems almost too contrived to be able to work. How can a show about plane crash survivors on a 'deserted island' last for a season let alone a few episodes. The answer: LAYERS. In order for a show like this it must have layers. What if this island wasn't deserted? What if they were brought here? What if it's not even an island at all?

    Then you have the characters. Each episode delves deeper into one character's past, which reveals something about them we didn't know before. We have characters we like and characters we don't like, but their history helps us understand them better.

    I only have one worry for the show. Is it going to be able to live up to expectations? Unfortunately when watching a show like this We get 1 answer for every question, but then get an additional 3 questions. I'm afraid that if a show like this doesn't "last" WE'LL NEVER get theanswers to all the questions----

    Thankfully the show isn't about that. It's about the characters.
  • Addicting, edge of you seat show, on whats going to happen next.

    Addicting, edge of you seat show, on whats going to happen next. Lost was excellent in its first season at almost all things they could be, It was a totally original idea, that they thought of, and its a very addicting soap opera, if you will. With the Hot Evangeline Lilly,aka Kate and the smart Terry O'Quinn that nobody can figure out but is always the first one to figure things out. Lost gave something new everyweek to look forward to the next week, to see what was going to happen. Season 1 was a huge hit and i can't wait for season 2.
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