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  • Abrams - learn from your Alias mistakes...

    Started off great, but the meandering, teasing plots midseason started to grate after a while. I hope JJ Abrams takes some time between seasons to work out the long term plot rather make it all up as he goes along (this seems to have been the problem with Alias, which gets more convoluted and annoying with each season). Still rated highly due to the great actors, the handful of truly outstanding engaging episodes and in the hope that some things actually get resolved.
    Perhaps he should rent the Veronica Mars DVDs and check out how a satisfying season long arc is done.
  • Watching Lost is like an addiction you can't stop and which the writers satisfy every time.

    When I've watched the pilot the show appears to have a magic (stronger by every episode) which brought me inside the story on the island like I would be one of those survivors.

    You can feel the development of characters and unexpected surprises in each of them. Lost awaken feelings in you that makes you happy (thanks to humour) in one moment and in other moment you have to cry, etc. Especially with the background music in some scenes you can't resist these feelings so long.

    Writers did a great job that they kept the secret of the island for the whole first season and didn't stop to surprise me every episode (mainly) by unexptected progress that you can easily reveal in some other TV shows.
  • I Dpnt Like it at all

    It's Like Survivor making fun of people on tv.
    it's an bad to do that im not saying im perfect but i know this show isn't it attracts people in the wrong way. For the pleasure of others pain but you don't think what if you were in that situtation. That what people forget

    (don't qoute on Grammar)
  • What have I been missing?

    Because of a scheduling conflict with another show, I missed just about the whole first season. So to say the least, I'm extremely happy with ABC for airing the reruns this summer. I also plan to purchase the DVD set release in September. What can I say about the show other than it's awesome. Something new and refreshing to television amid the onslaught of reality tv and same ole tv show formulas. Although I've only seen the first 8 episodes my favs thus far are Walkabout and The Moth. Learning the backgrounds of everyone and what their lives were like prior to the crash makes for compelling storylines. Also, when Sun starting speaking english that totally blew me away. Needless to say I'm now addicted to this well above average show and intend on catching it every Wednesday.
  • Take a plane. Take fourteen people with heavy pasts and secrets. Take a mysterious island where nothing is normal. Make the fourteen people be passengers in the plane. Make the plane crash on the island and those fourteen people be

    Take a plane. Take fourteen people with heavy pasts and secrets. Take a mysterious island where nothing is normal. Make the fourteen people be passengers in the plane. Make the plane crash on the island and those fourteen people be among the few survivors. Make them see how strange that plane and the fact that they crashed there is.
    You get Lost, J.J. Abrams's new show, the successor of X-Files.

    What is interesting in the show is not that they crashed and have to live and survive on an island, but what is interesting is that THEY were in the plane that crashed, that THEY survived and that they are on THAT island.
    THEY, they are fourteen. Fourteen characters who took a plane from Australia to California, for different reasons, but always at a turning point
    in their life, be it giving up the baby they carry for adoption, starting a new life with their new-found son and father, trying to
    find a meaning for their life or because they could not leave although they had their last chance just before. They all have heavy pasts and secrets to hide. They did things they regret.
    Some had killed, some had been in robberies, some were treators.

    The fact that the plane crashed is not really important. What matter are the mysteries surrounding the crash. Why this island ? What is this island anyway ? No cardinal points can be found. No one seems to look for them. It seems to be a hot, warm place, but soon after they arrive, they find a polar bear on the island. Are they alone on the island ? Why are there things at place or moment where there should not be ?

    Each episode focus on one character through flash backs of their former life, telling us how they arrived on that special plane. The episode are well-written, with high suspense and end in cliff-hangers. Not to forget a well-needed humor, as the show is stressful otherwise. Not because of big monsters or the like, but because of the lack of information. The show constantly ask questions, but rarely answers them, which puts the viewer in complete unknown.
  • Awesome show!

    Leading into the fall season 2004, I seen the promos of LOST and from what I saw, I knew I wanted to watch the show. I am SO glad I did! This is a AWESOME show. I love all the characters and the writing is superb. I love how the show gives the characters depth and allows the viewer to see their backgrounds and what happened before the plane crash. The music on the show is awesome also - it's all done with a live orchestra and that makes the show all the more special. Catch the second season of LOST this fall... if the season is as good as the first, you won't be sorry!
  • Outcasts trapped on a mysterioius island.

    Great show! But highly unappreciated. Knowone knows its on. The stories are interesting and mind-boggling. I love the fat guys story about his evil numbers. Everything connects and thats one reason why i love this show. Once you catch on its a show you just can't stop watching it.
    So turn it on in the fall on ABC wednesdays nights at 8.
  • Whats to say!? a bunch of people who went down in a plane crash and survived on a deserted island. But to their suprise they are not alone or are they?

    This show is pretty unique. The show has a wildly deep plot line that twists and turns so much that your sure to get sea sick. So sit back and get some soda crackers, this show has a great cast, great writing, and I have no idea where the script is leading the audience. This island has so many mysteries nancy drew would even consider throwing in the towel. After a few episodes the writers are some what leading us to believe that the island has an unidentifiable monster, ghosts, and some kind of link with random numbers that most of the planes compliment are tied all together. Sorry, that was a mouthfull. If you have not seen this show, I strongly recommend that you watch it. This show is unlike any show I have ever seen in my 30 in existence. If curiousity doesnt bring you to this show the stacks of awards it is winning will, so tune in and enjoy.
  • it's good but they should talk to each other

    I like this show very much but I'm always starving after watching an episode. I find it way too slow and I don't understand why everyone is so secretive about their past. We keep getting flash backs but every character just think it's better not to tell anyone why he just acted weirdly in front of others.
    We know why but noone on the island knows and they just keep going like everything's normal... bah..
    I don't want it to be as fast paced as Alias or 24 can be but less than a clue an ep is too little imo. Maybe on the 9th season, we'll get a real clue :)
    A good show anyway !
  • Always Engaging

    If you have not watched Lost you do not know what you are missing. Lost has answered many questions but still left some of the big questions unanswered then just asked more. It is my guilty pleasure. The rest of the world is turned off for an hour. Everyone knows not to bug me when Lost is on. The story is entrancing. and they have slowly let you get to know more and more about each of the characters. Very well written and the story could not be told in properly in a 2 or 3 hour movie. Tv was the way to go. Season one is only the build up to a great epic story.
  • I enjoy watching Lost. It's different from the normal and the characters of interesting. I enjoy the writing that the show provides. It's fun to watch the unfolding of the characters.

    I have enjoyed watching Lost. It has been refreshing to have a new type of show on. I've grown tired of all the CSI "type" shows and the other "hospital' dramas. Lost brings a new twist that keeps you wanting to know more about the characters and where they are going. The writing is great. It's unbelievable mostly, but still interesting.
  • It's the characters which make it work.

    On paper the show seems almost too contrived to be able to work. How can a show about plane crash survivors on a 'deserted island' last for a season let alone a few episodes. The answer: LAYERS. In order for a show like this it must have layers. What if this island wasn't deserted? What if they were brought here? What if it's not even an island at all?

    Then you have the characters. Each episode delves deeper into one character's past, which reveals something about them we didn't know before. We have characters we like and characters we don't like, but their history helps us understand them better.

    I only have one worry for the show. Is it going to be able to live up to expectations? Unfortunately when watching a show like this We get 1 answer for every question, but then get an additional 3 questions. I'm afraid that if a show like this doesn't "last" WE'LL NEVER get theanswers to all the questions----

    Thankfully the show isn't about that. It's about the characters.
  • Addicting, edge of you seat show, on whats going to happen next.

    Addicting, edge of you seat show, on whats going to happen next. Lost was excellent in its first season at almost all things they could be, It was a totally original idea, that they thought of, and its a very addicting soap opera, if you will. With the Hot Evangeline Lilly,aka Kate and the smart Terry O'Quinn that nobody can figure out but is always the first one to figure things out. Lost gave something new everyweek to look forward to the next week, to see what was going to happen. Season 1 was a huge hit and i can't wait for season 2.
  • An airplane full of people are stranded on a Mysterious Island. Where the jungle is haunted and weirder than weird things keeps happening. People come to life, people are able to walk again,and where trees shake (and it any the wind) i think we can say we

    At first i couldn't watch Lost because it was on the Sametime as Smallville & lord only knows I'm not missing Smallville for anything. So when summer came and i heard they were going to rerun it me and my family began watching it to see what all the craze was. Let me just say that ever since I can't wait til Weds. nights come because I'm so addicted to it.

    The only person i really don't like is Sawyer that was until i really understood this story and why he was the way he was but I still don't like him a whole hell of a lot. I mean nobodies that hard up for a kiss has he ever heard of being respectful ....my guess is no!!

    Another thing that sets Lost in a difference from any other TV series is at until about seven episodes in you really don't understand why anyones the way that they are and each episode explains why or how a few came to be on the plane. I really like this way of revealing the plot piece by piece it helps draw the viewer in and make the series more interesting to watch.
  • An amazing programme that brought people together to be friends and help each other survive after a horrific plane crash

    when i first saw this programme it was amazing i was glad that the people who survived the horrific plane crash came together and helped each other survive.I was shocked that there was a pregenant women on the island tho.I wish this programme produced more episodes and hopefully more seasons as well because i really love this programme.
  • Hands down one of the best shows ever put on the tube.

    This is my kind of show. Easily one of my all time fav. shows. Its about time that shows of this kind are finally getting the attention they deserve. X-Files is odvisouly the linch pin for this type of show. i would put shows like Nght Stalker or Twin Peaks as the linch pin, but neither grabbed the frenzy that X-Files did. I just hope this show is not dragged out for too many seasons. Let this one go out with a bang not a wimper.
  • You'll find yourself Lost in the world of every person on the island.

    Lost is the best drama on television. Last summer when I saw previews for this show, I was skeptical. How do you make a whole series about some people stranded on an island? How can you keep it interesting for more than a few episodes?

    This is how.

    By making it a human drama rather than a cheesy thriller, JJ Abrams makes you care about the characters while exploring a show as deep and mysterious as the island itself.

    Each episode revolves around a few specific characters. Where Abrams really succeeds is the fact that every character has a history that will make you think and care about the character.

    Incredibly well-written and superbly acted, Lost has us counting down the days until Season 2.
  • A show that is truly boring.

    This show is so boring that most of the people I know stopped watching it half way through the season because they found it uninteresting. Me though I stopped watching it during the first episode. Pilot episodes should be able to catch your attention keep you asking questions about what will happen next. I wasn't interested I kept getting bored and I didn't care what happened next.
  • Lost... something refreshing and new

    This is the only television show That I have tuned into on a regular basis, the first in over four years... I missed it at first but got hooked over Thanksgiving/Christmas when they started rerunning the first episodes. No matter where I am I take time out and watch Lost
  • I saw the entire first season in 2 days. I still cant stop thinking about it. This is, quite simply, great tv

    I saw the entire first season in 2 days. I still cant stop thinking about it. This is, quite simply, great tv. Nothing comes close to the suspense and feel of the island. Its one of the best shows ive seen in awhile, and an on-going series to boot. The characters are amazing. i never would have thought a rag tag bunch of cast aways could cause this much intensity and excitement in an hour every week. The \"hope\" this show generates is beyond comprehension. Season two is coming up and I cant wait to find out what\'s under that hatch.
  • Finally a show that has everything TV has not supplied for so so very long!!

    In my most likely sanctimonious opinion, this has to be the best damn show on television!! I remember thinking to myself back in the old days... 'oh yeah, might check this show out, its got the dude from party of five in it and that guy from lord of the rings, might be cool'. Little did i know that i would be sitting at work tearing my hair out in anticipation for the next episode to come by. I don't think i have been wow'd by such a show since i walked out of the first Matrix.

    The shows character building if by far the best i have seen on any TV show to date (closest i can think would be 24). I was on the edge of my seat right from the first frame of the pilot episode. The production value really does enhance the "pulled in" factor. Casting is absolutely brilliant with the super A grade performances from Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly and most notably Terry O'Quinn.

    If you haven't seen this show yet then i seriously advise you go and pre-order season 1 as I guarantee it will be the best $40 you will spend. If you like being entertained that is...
  • This show really makes you think and dream, and I think it's the "show to beat"! I almost gave up on TV, and then I got Lost! I AM A LOSTIE!

    I started watching it when I heard that Dominic Monaghan (my precious) had a lead role in it. I enjoy the fact that it's a slow-moving show...that gives me something to obsess over for until I'm 18! Maybe even longer! J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindeloff (spell check), you rock! And my special thanks to the person who did the casting. You are sooo right by casting Dom Monaghan. The people who just watch it because of Dom probably make up about 20% if not more of the Losties.
  • Mystery,sci-fi,dramma rolled into one.

    best sci-fi/drama series ever since the X-Files...Love LOVE LOST! A very well-put together show that begs us for more! Second season will show us more on people we have yet familiarized ourselves with. The introduction of Anna Lucia on Exodus One is a huge hint on what we will be seeing more of...the other survivors!
  • My New Best Friend is an Understatement! LONG LIVE LOST!

    I turn on the TV every Wensday, and the first thing that pops into mind is LOST! It screams in my head, and I switch to the chanel and realize its only 4:00. Im not trying to say im obsessed, that would be an understatement. This show kills! The cliff hangers are well planed out and keep me comming back for more. The flash backs show me who the characters really are, and what they are. And when they are at the island, its all pure adventure, mystery, action and suspence. I haven't been watching the show for very long, but I still have to say this... Long Live LOST!
  • Lost is a rip-off of Gilligan's Island.

    Lost is a rip-off of Gilligan's Island. It's unoriginal, though it has more people stranded than Gilligan. Though, it gave ABC a hit, I'd rather be 'lost' in a desert than be watching the show, even though it is popular. I tuned in and it bored me. I didn't like it, and I don't want to watch the show again.
  • Lost is the calibur of TV show that gives hope to a new generation of reality dredge.

    Lost isn't about how a stack of people left on an island learn to live with one another. Thats Survivor. Lost is about uncovering secrets and mysteries. Figuring out what connections these planewrecked characters have to one another. Gradually unlocking why this island seems to want to keep these people in fear, and what desperately people we are completely unaware of actually want.

    In one series of Lost we have watched a community of people continue to hide from one another. We know their pasts, and yet they still know nothing about each other. They disguise their histories, ignore their co-incidences. Act erractically to help or discourage one another.

    Lost combines everything from exceptional character development to vicerial action sequences. We learn to love these characters, to mourn their deaths and cheer their accomplishments. Many are quick to claim that in an entire season, that "nothing" has happened.

    It couldn't be furthur from the truth - the first season was dedicated to teaching us everything that we need to know about the characters. The second is destined to unlock a hell of a lot more.
  • This show follows the survivors of a plane crash. It shows their fight for survival on the island this being from the creatures who go bump in the night or the other castaways. The show follows their story on the island and the background stories leading

    This show has done 2 great things to television: 1. Help put a end to the reality TV invasion 2. Shape the future of primetime TV. This show has raised the bar so high that we can expect more shows like this. Each character is different and their clashes can be seen such as Jack and Sawyer or Boone and Sayid. However their differences don't matter when it comes to survival that being their main priority. They simply must work together however. J.J. Abrams has created a groundbreaking show that delivers!
  • The best show on television, period.

    JJ Abrams' ability to create mystery after mystery, built on the answers provided by the earlier mystery and certainly much more intriguing than the one before is worth all my viewing time! I've been a fan since Alias, unfortunately that show's gone downhill, but I attribute that to the success of Lost, and I'm all the happier for it!
  • lost is great its an entertainment ride of a life time. You never know what is going to happen next! Great show and a guilty pleasure all in one!!!

    lost is one of my favorite programs because you can never tell whats going to happen next? the 2 hour pilot was amazing and from there it just got better. i admit some episode were pointless and just made you wanna kill yourself because you just wanna find out something. the last few episodes were really coming along in the storyline. it was really intresting to find out what was going to happen next. then the season finale came and at the end they opened the hatch and it ended when they were just about to open it! now that was a cliffhanger but an annoying one at that. so now we just have too wait for the second season to begin!
  • This is great! It always keeps you wanting more.

    I always love watching this show. It keeps you interested each week. It is very original with that mystery spin to it. I hate missing this show for two reasons. It's so good that it's really hard to miss and if you miss it then you lose some of the plot and its kind of hard to catch up. Even though you can get reviews and other stuff to tell you what happened, there is no really way of getting all of the stuff you need unless you see the show. But otherwise this show is great and I recommend to anyone above the age of 13 (It would probably too hard for anyone under 13 to understand).
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