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  • Best show I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

    I became interested in this show the first time I saw the first teaser-type commercial for it. I have been watching TV for all of my natural life, and I have to say this is the first show that I have made a priority. With other shows, I wouldn\'t mind taping them if I was unavailable and then watching them later. With Lost, every episode is a must-see event at the time it is aired. The last thing I need is for everyone at the office talking about the episode I missed the night before, and ruining the experience for me. That\'s right, I said experience. This is much more than a TV show for me. The visuals are stunning, the music is completely in tune with the feelings evoked by the amazing performances, and every actor feels right for the role they are in. Lost will draw you in, and keep you within its firm grasp until the last episode of the season, then let you go only for you to want to come back for more.
  • My favorite show on tv right know. every ep make you want to come back for more

    This is one of the most unique shows ever. almost every ep ends in a cliffhanger. And the season ended in the biggest cliffhanger ever. You might think people would stop watching because of that but they keep coming back to watch and find out what is going to happen only to find another cliffhanger. A truly awesome show.
  • This is just the most fantastic show to hit the screen since 24. Once you start watching it you\'re sure to be hooked forever!!!

    This show totally rocks for me! It\'s got everything and is totally fast paced. The characters all have their shady pasts but they still charm the pants off you!! My favorite guys would have to be Hurley (so funny) Jack (so dependable) and Sawyer (so D*amn HOT). I can\'t wait to see what season 2 brings, so many questions left unanswered...Love this show and I highly recommend it to everyone :wink:
  • Lost is a refreshing addition to a wide array of cringe-worthy television shows.

    There isn't a television show that can confuse me as well as Lost can. Almost nothing is really explained by the end of the first season, but this factor intrigues people just as much as it frustrates them. There are many things I love about the show:

    (1) There is such diversity among the characters, and this show portrays each person realistically.
    (2) There is an extraordinary amount of clues hidden around the island and in every episode.
    (3) Each episode features the back-story of a character, which is always fascinating.
    (4) Almost every episode is riveting, if not frightening.
    (5) The viewer almost always finds themselves saying 'wow' or 'whoa' by the end of each episode.

    These are just a few of the major things that differentiate Lost from other television shows. They are also the very reason I watch Lost. It's definitely worth the time to go through the episodes. I appreciate the fact that the creators consider the audience to be quite intelligent. It's quite obvious that a lot of thought has been put into the show.
  • Well how should I sum this show up? It is creepy, thrilling, exciting, chilling, it has great and interesting characters, a strange yet very cool storyline, and the people who made this must be pure genius!

    Lost premiered in the fall of 2004, not even a year ago to this day! At first I was merely interested, and that became a feeling of urgency! This show defiantly keeps you excited all the way through, there was never a boring episode in sight! The acting in this show is superb! Matthew Fox who plays the leader and doctor on the island, has a superior sense about him throughout the show, even though he is kind, and friendly, he is still the most valuable and important figure on the island. Another character is the criminal girl Kate, who is tough, intelligent, and not afraid to show it, however she has a haunting past that fills her with a sense of low self esteem.

    Charlie is the drug addict who is (despite his addiction) a caring person. Being on the island changes him more than anyone would expect. John Locke is the most interesting character by far, his past is strange, and he himself is a little on the crazy side, but he is talented in many different things, and a big asset to the survivors. There are many other intriguing characters on the island as well, and according to sources from abc, there will be a new set of characters coming in the second season!

    The glances back at the survivors lives before the crash are all very neat, and make sense as to why they had to get on that plane, that would take them on the fateful plunge into a horrific island, plagued with beasts, mysteries, and even death. But the story that involves them all on the island itself is even more haunting than that of their pasts. Black smoke, polar bears, a person who has been there for over sixteen years, strange numbers, that seem to connect to different people, a hatch that will not open, all mysteries still unexplained.

    When the 1st season left off, and it seemed to resolve little, I was not angry however, nor do I think many of the viewers were. It keeps you hanging on, clinging to the thought of that blessed season premiere in the fall, and we all know that it will resolve everything eventually! This show is simply brilliant, and is defiantly a classic.

  • Lost is a show that might not have the best effects, but has amazing scenes perfectly acted out and set up and is worth watching. Lost is one of a kind.

    Lost is about strangers having to work together on an island with its mystery because of a plane crash they all were in. The cast of lost are really good actors and the sets and props are perfectly done. It isnt that addictive but the ideas are just so great that you have to watch it anyway. Each episode reveals something about a character and unlocks mysteries of the island they are stranded in. Each character of lost is unique in their own way. You can never predict what will happen next in lost and is a show people should watch.
  • LOVE IT!!

    Best show on TV at the moment. Love the concept, love the actors (mmmmm Matt Fox)

    Can't wait for next season. Loved how it finished but dying to know whats down the Hatch. Looking foward to the new cast members too, should be interesting. Looking foward to see what happenes with Walt and "The Others".
  • WOW!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ

    What a terrific show! There is so much that happens in each show. I have so many questions about it. Like where does the hatch lead to, what happened to Walt, and why was Boone the one to die? Did he die by fate, did he die cause Locke set him up, or did he die cause the island gave life by Claires baby, and then in return the island has to take life?????????? Many questions. But thats what i love about the show. It keeps you guessing. Oh ya, did i mention what the heck is the monster? Is it just a alarm system, or an actual monster? Did u notice something, remember when Walt was reading the comic book with the polar bear on it? Well then what happened, the gang ran into a polar bear!!!!!!!!!HUH. Also in the finale when they boarded the plane, Walt didnt speak or smile till he saw Hurley. HUH. Then what is up with Hurleys numbers. WOW. That is strange. I cant wait till next season. Peace
  • An airplane crashes in the middle of nowhere. The survivors attempt to survive on an island hiding secrets and terrors they could never possibly imagine.

    I remembering watching "Lost" for the first time from some tapes my friend let me borrow. The experience was so addicting that I spent a whole day just trying to catch up to my friend. Each minute was intoxicating. I realized then that "Lost" was perhaps the best television show I've seen in years.

    If there was one thing that kept me glued to the television screen, it was the story. Written by the brilliant J.J. Abrams, "Lost" was intended to be a drama - and it succeeds with some pretty powerful moments. There are plot twists and turns, suspense, and mystery in "Lost" so that it becomes necessary to keep watching to put the pieces together. Never has a show been so captivating as "Lost" has, making you want to know more about the secrets of the island and the people.

    Speaking of people, the characters are excellent. Each one brings their own unique trait to the show, diverse and rich with life. The actors are so well put together sometimes I think it' reality TV.

    But if you're looking for action and adventure, "Lost" won't let you down either. There's really never a dull moment.

    "Lost" comes out on DVD later this year. If you haven't watched it, what the hell is wrong with you!? Pick up a copy, because you're going to like what you'll see.
  • Lost is about a group of people with intresting backrounds stranded on a mysterious island because of their plane crash. The island is very mysterious and scary and exciting. There are times when you're jumping out of your seat out of excitement.

    I think lost is one of the greatest shows ever made. There hasn't been one episode thats disappointed me. The characters are very charming and interesting and some have mysterious and sad backrounds. In an episode they have flashbacks that tell a life of a character before the plane crash while telling whats happening on the island, it's a very unique way of telling a story. The survivors of the plane crash try to solve the mysteries of the island and try to get back home but it is not easy and some even die. There have been sad times when even someone that rarely cries (me) sobs away at the unfortunate events of lost. Overall lost is a great show but you should not watch it if you don't have time to watch it every wednesday night because if you watch one episode you will get hooked
  • I love it, and hope it stays for a long time! The best thing since Buffy.

    I am a huge fan of this show! Part reality, cause anyone could get stranded on a island, and part sci-fi. Who knew there were huge mystical beings on an unchartered island! I have missed Buffy and then Roswell was shut down, and finally i have something good to watch. The first episode was very riviting and it just kept getting better. I definatly give it props!
  • 48 survives a plane crash. That is just the beginning and the survivors must fight too survive when the rescue aren't comming

    When it's all start we see a closeup of an eyelid, the person soon wake up and we follow him as he run throufh a forest and comes to a beach. We see the remains of a plane and we find out it has crashed they have to stay together if they wanna survive. But this is no ordinary island. Its something else on it. Some kind of animal. And as well as we see what's going on on the island, the characters has flashbacks and we get too see how they were before the crash.
    It's really interesting and really, really, great. I am so in love with this show.
  • This show is just amazing. It's got everything a great show needs: a lot of comedy, beautiful romance, exciting thriller, a little sci-fi and the most important thing: it makes our heads go crazy. Not because we don't like it, it's because we love it.

    Lost is an unbelievable success in Sweden. Not since Roots and The Macahans an international show has been so popular. Every Wednesday about 1 million people get lost in the popular drama. (That is 1/9 of our population.) Other shows like Desperate Housewives and The O.C. gets ratings like 600 000 viewers. Just those numbers proves how great it is.
    I got lost in Lost in just a few moments. At first, I just added it to my I-got-to-see-this-on-TV-list that involves maybe 5 TV-shows that I just follow. Nothing more. But after a couple of episodes it was my absolute favourite TV-show ever. And I tell you: I've seen a lot.
    I started looking for it on the internet and kept me updated in every new episode that had aired in the U.S. (See, I live in Sweden, and TV4 shows the latest episode from U.S.A. after about 8 weeks airing over there.) I know all the names of the stars and I know all the names of each episode, which number it had and who it was about.
    Talk about lost in Lost. But I just can't help myself. A few years ago I was lost in the drama Lois & Clark. I still like it, but Lost has taken that special place in my heart. There's just something about it that makes it so great. And I know I'm not alone.
    Talking about the numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42? What is that? Another mystery on this island, I guess. Then there's the Hatch. What is inside of it? Will we find out next season? Who will die, anyway?
    I hope it's not anyone I like. But then, I like every carachter. All the carachters are just so special and so well-written. Their stories are both sad and sometimes happy. That is another thing that makes this show worth getting lost in.
    Now, my favourite carachters are Sawyer and Sayid. Pretty odd, since they kind of "hate" each other. Then there's Shannon and Kate, that I also like.
    I could sit here and write on and on about them and how great they are, but it's up to you to find out and watch the incredible show when it's second season begins in Fall on ABC.
    Find Lost, get lost.
    It doesn't get any better than this.
  • Overall Lost is a great show, with an awesome cast, great crew and cool story lines.

    As I said before, Lost is an awesome show. It has great, interesting story lines, and it has proved to be a favourite amongst viewers. One thing I did not like, was the fact that it never seems to answer our questions, instead it just leaves us with more. First the polar bear, the pilot, whats inside the hatch, I mean it just goes on and on. When will we get some answers? But because of this, the show continues to attract viewers, because we all want to see what happens. The question is, when?
  • One the the most ingenious shows to come out on ABC in a long time. This show proves that even a group of castaways can be very interesting.

    This show starts off with the most amazing begining and does never look back. The character development is the most interesting I have experienced on a major four network since I can remember. The details of this show keep millions of fanatic fans glued to the tv every wednesday night. You have to check this out or hate yourself for missing it.
  • Amazing, absolutely amazing! I'm totally obsessed with LOST! It's addicting!

    I have found LOST to be the most interesting, mysterious, and addicting show that I've ever watched! I became addicted just a few episodes in and haven't missed an episode or a second of the episodes. I go to many online sites for LOST and check the spoiler pages constantly. If you want a greatly written show, this is it! Join all my fellow LOST addicts! This show is well worth your time, I promise!
    I love it more and more each day and watch it every time it reruns! It is often compared to the x-files, and has earned that comparison. The writing is brilliant! It makes you fall in love with the characters and constantly want answers for many hanging questions! It gives you humor, suspense, action, angst, and mystery all in one! Each character has a story and a secret past. They each bring something to the big picture and are amazing actors and actresses.

    I am buying the season 1 dvd, even though I have every episode on tape and on my computer! Watch LOST, so you can see the greatest and most addicting show there has ever been.
  • Definitely better than expected.

    This show has had massive advertising before it started over here. Usually heavily promoted stuff delivers not what the initial promotion promises. However this show has definitely found a way how to tie you up and almost read the words from the lips of the characters.

    JJ does a great job creating more and more mysteries on the island and has found a way creating episode overlapping cliff-hangers. It is not unusual that the cliff hanger of one episode does not get touched (and definitely not explained) for at least another episode.

    I\'ve seen only the first half of season 1. But so far it delivers great entertainment.

    The only risk I see with this show is that too many mysteries will be created and never resolved. I\'ve seen other series being broken and destroyed by this. So be careful JJ!!!
  • Best show on TV.

    Lost is easily the GREATEST show on tv right now.

    From it's fun cast, to great storylines, this show has everything.

    Every Wednesday, I'm glued to my tv as I watch the new episodes, as well as the reruns. Then I get on-line and come to tv.com(tvtome when it was open), and spend at least an hour talking about the show. Later that same night, I often rewatch the episode, and write down stuff I missed the first time, and get up early and post some more.

    If you haven't had a chance to watch this show, check out the reruns during the summer.

    You'll Love it
  • Mysterious,interesting and down right frustrating but I love it. Top notch characters and stories.

    Each week takes you further into the mystery of the island. Where are they? Who are they? What entities or people's inhabit the island with the survivors? Are they all part of a big plan or are they just castaways with a lot of bad luck? If you like nail biting frustration. Lost is your show.
  • An airplane crashes on an island in the middle of nowhere filled with secrets and mysteries. The survivors struggle to live as the island reveals itself, bit by bit, with dangers and hazards these survivors never expected.

    J.J. Abrams obviously is a genius. "Lost" is a frickin' masterpiece!

    It's strengths lie in the drama and mystery. Some episodes are so powerful they move my heart and soul, which rarely occurs. My favorite episode that demonstrate's "Lost" to its full dramatic effects was Walkabout. Learning about Locke's disability and how the island helped overcome it was very very powerful. Then there's the mystery, which makes "Lost" very addicting. You just want to know the secrets of this mysterious island, and the plot thickens and gets dipper with every episode. The first time I watched Numbers, I was blown away with the fact that Hurley's cursed numbers were on the hatch. I just wanted the hatch opened so that my curiousity could be satisfied... I can't wait for season 2 so that all these endless questions can be answered. What is Walt's mysterious power? Why did the Others take him? What's in the damned hatch?

    Coupled with some terrific actors and new faces, "Lost" is a really fresh example of a perfect cast. My favorite would have to be the guy who plays John Locke (forgive me because I don't know his name). He puts a signature mysterious and renegade personality into Locke. Everyone else is great, playing characters that are so diverse and have different histories that there is never a dull moment.

    ABC has harbored a hit, and it's called "Lost." If you're looking for drama, mystery, suspense, excitement, etc. - LOST delivers, and it packs a punch!

    *****/***** EXCELLENT
  • The best thing to come along in years!

    I am thoroughly addicted and can't get enough. Everytime I think I know what's going to happen, I'm stumped again. The cast is perfect and I feel like I've known them forever. This show draws you in and then keeps you guessing until you want to scream...but you love it at the same time. I'm counting the days until it starts up again!
  • Best show on prime time

    this is by far one of the best shows in the entire world. I love it! I can't wait for the next season it is going to be awesome! the season finale was incredible. hurley is probably my favorite character on the show. but charlie is pretty close. and so is walt.
  • Instant classic, but not for everyone; Lost is a brilliantly unconventional show that is slower than most action shows, and is extremely character driven. Each show focuses on a mystery, main character, and their back story. I highly recommend this show i

    Lost is a fantastic show, and one of the best I have seen since I started watching The Shield last year. I watched the entire season of Lost (all 26 episodes) in three days: it's that addicting.

    That said, the show is not for everyone. I screened it with some friends who gave up on it after only one episdoe. The show is very slow for people used to action and gun fights. There is very little romance and very few gunfights. The show is entirely character driven, which is actually quite refreshing since most shows these days are more action or reality based.

    The entire first season is essentially creating the groundwork for what will definitely be a long run on network TV, and there are countless subtle hints and tricks in each episode.

    In short, give Lost four episodes to win you over. If it doesn't get you addicted by then, then it probably never will.
  • 42 castaways (possibly more) on a deserted island have to survive loss of food, a monster, a crazy french lady, the others, and each other.

    This show makes me cancel all of my plans on Wednesday nights. It reminds me of those serials during the early days of cinema. The structure of each episode is really interesting. The only thing that kept me from giving the show a perfect 10 is that they are soooo stingy with new information.
  • This show is excellent well written and keeps you guessing what will happen next. There are no meaningless episodes like most shows, each one has a story to tell that will impact a future episode. If you haven't seen it check it out, quality television th

    This show is excellent well written and keeps you guessing what will happen next. There are no meaningless episodes like most shows, each one has a story to tell that will impact a future episode. If you haven't seen it check it out, quality television that you want regret watching
  • By far the best show on television. Lost Outstandingly Superior Television

    The writing is amazing, the cast is top notch, the scenarios are practically endless. You may be watching the Desparate Housewives, but you should watch LOST. No show on TV has been this good in years. If you havent watched it yet, do yourself a favour and watch the best television show being made today.
  • Lost!!!

    Once again, JJ Abrams has another hit on his hands. Just like Alias, this show is full of suspense and twists and turns, never letting the viewer down. Daniel Day Kim is a superb actor and does great for not having any english lines in the show at all. The entire cast is perfect.
  • Plane crashes ona mystic islands, tangled romances and thrilling back stories keep this drama alive

    I love it, its great, Me and my family watch it every wensday, its a great show, the episodes are dark and gritty, the romance is tangled, and the back stories get better every epidode, I will rush out and buy this DVD set when it comes out.I thought this was gonna be a stupid Gilligans Island remake but I was wrong again, Truly and amizing show, the mystery of that monster and the season finale was heart stopping. Nothing else belends action, adventure,and drama better than Lost.
  • Wonderful!

    I have watched this show since mid season because I originally thought the show was going to be a waste of time. A friend turned me on to the show and ever since I haven't been able to stop watching and following it. It's mysterious characters and their pasts are great to follow.
  • Lost is about the passenger of a plane crash on a tropical island, but there is more to this mysterious place than meets the eye. They must work together in order to survive.

    Never have I been so captivated and obsessed with a show, it is the greatest thing on tv. And to those of you who don't like it, you probably just can't understand it, so why not try something simpler, perhaps spongebob? Like it or not lost is one of the most popular show on television.