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  • A great cast, a great plot = A GREAT SHOW!

    The first time I heard about Lost, I wasn’t that interested in the show. The story didn't attract me and I thought "Why would I watch that?"

    At the end, I decided to give it a shot and watched the pilot episode, surprisingly the show really impressed me and I was looking forward to the next episode!

    The whole story of a plane crash uniting 15 awesome characters in one place (with other survivors of course) is really great! Each one of them has his/her own past full of secrets and maybe some dirty work! But this doesn't matter anymore when they are among more than 40 survivors struggling for their lives in an island that nobody knows about full of horror and scary events! Relationships start to develop between the characters and the stories gets better within each episode!

    The only thing missing in the show is a love story between any of the characters. Jack and Kate (which are the main characters I guess) look great together, but they didn't get anything, not even a kiss!

    I hope next season such a thing will happen! "Lost" is very recommended if you like original shows with a great plot and awesome cast (I think everyone does!)
  • on the edge of my seat. i love shannon

    this show is always keeping me going for more. i can never wait for a new episode. the sudden twists and plot devlopments are great. i can't wait for the dvd set to come. i can't wait for season two. and what about shannon, (maggie grace), who doesn't want to be on an island with her.
  • i justt started t watch this summer

    i just started watching this summer it's hard to wait a week for a new episode i wish the dvd came out before sept 6th but i watch it every week.

    my wife tuned me into it i watched other shows (Fox) on wensday when i should of been watching this
  • Most Exciting show show in a long time!

    Im not a big fan of the whole adventure drama series or whatever this fits under, but its exciting. And after watching one episode it becomes like a drug and ull have to do it again. At the beginning of the series I was confused but after the characters started to develope I thought wow this cast fits together great and the excitment just keeps on coming. I also find it very funny! And original!
  • Really a great show, it has it al!

    One of the best shows I've seen so far. It has it all, not only a great script but also a GREAT cast.

    You've gotta love the misterious script and sometimes I've got the feeling the writers don't know themselfs where the story is going, but that keeps it fresh I guess :)

    Anyway, I think everybody should watch this show!
  • Why I like Lost. And why everybody should see the show.

    I'm a spanish fan, so sorry about my english.

    First of all, I will talk about why I think Lost is one of the best tv shows.
    When I saw the Pilot, I was impressed, i like it, but I didn't like it so much, it just was a good beginning. Anyway, that "Lostzilla" thing was amazing.

    Then, with the third episode arrived my big surprise. Lost was great! With that Kate's episode I discovered that Lost was more than just a few plane's survivors. It's always the lifes of the passengers, their secrets... That's the big deal with Lost.

    I think Lost wouldn't be so good without the flashbacks. Without them, Lost would be just a tv show, it wouldn't be a show everybody should see, and enjoy it.

    To sum up, I will say that discover Lost has made me think that tv shows can catch you. And Lost won't let you go away soon...
  • Addicting, but not exactly satisfying

    I started watching this show after I already had all of the episodes recorded, so I\'ve been watching 2 to 4 episodes a night for the last few days.

    Pluses: Lots of mysterious characters that you learn about, bit by bit. Usually each new episode focuses to a large degree on a specific character while a flashback side-story gives you some details on why that character was on the plane. Also, lots of hints about larger mysteries on the island, but not much substance. It\'s just the first season but the show has lots of potential.

    Minuses: Given the larger number of characteres, plot development is incredibly slow as they usually focus mainly on one character per episode. I\'m 14 episodes into the show and when I really think about it, lots of questions have been raised but few if any of them have been answered. Maybe that\'s part of the \"hook\", but I\'m suspecting the writers are more focused on stringing you along than actually telling a good story.

    Obviously it built up a lot of buzz for the first season, but unless they reveal a bit more of the plot and story and stop all of the teasing, I think people will conclude that the show is really just great marketing of an average product.

    Of course, by the time I get to the end of the first season I may change my opinion, but I don\'t think so.

    Also, I\'m very disappointed with their incredibly fake looking \"animals\". I was having flashbacks to the B horror movies or tv shows of many years ago where they try to generate a sense of terror by zooming in and out on a stuffed animal head to make you think it\'s a attaching someone. Any sense of drama they\'ve built up turns to disgust and a feeling of having been insulted as soon as I see those \"scary animals\". Maybe next year\'s budget will include some money for acceptable special effects.

    Follow-up: I just finished watching the entire first season. They did a pretty good job on the final 3 episodes and the last one ended with enough substance that I'm looking forward to the next season. It should be interested to see if the pace picks up and is maintained or they slow back down to the slower pace of the earlier episodes.

    This show is the best show on TV to date. I am a male, and I find this show touches me to a personal level, and spiritual level. This show has opened my eyes to what it is like having to trust humans in order to survive. We have to love one another. Or as Jack says "We have to learn to live together, or we will end up dieing alone."
  • This show has adventure, mystery, romance and humor. If I can only watch one show a week this is it!

    Television in the past few years has fallen to an all time low in origonality. If it isn't a cheesy reality show, than it is a police/lawyer show. They all look alike and sound alike.Even Alias didn't appeal to me, since I am still lamenting the gone-but-not-forgotten (and much better) La Femme Nikita. I had gotten so bored with television, that I had almost given it up for good. Then along comes LOST. Heart-stopping action from the first scene, gets your attention, but it is the humor, romance, adventure, and mystery that keep us coming back week after week. The actors are some of the best in the business and the writing is top notch. The musical score is also one of the finest I have heard on weekly television show.
  • Is there such a thing as too much of a premise? Is it possible to do a scripted show about people stranded on a remote island?

    When previewing TV series, you sometimes come across a show and think, "that'd make a good TV movie but I can't see how it'll work as a series". And other times you find a show that makes you think, "this premise is so full of potential story lines it can provide good TV for years". It's rare though that you have both reactions to the same show.

    Lost is from J.J. Abrams – creator of Felicity and Alias – and like Alias the show is packed with a complex story line. The basics are that an airplane has crashed on a deserted island. They discover that they were far off course and have little hope of a rescue. Sounds like enough of a premise … but wait, there's more. The plane was carrying a diverse mix of characters: a doctor, a Korean couple who appear to speak no English, a pregnant woman, a father and his young son. There's mystery around how the plane crashed and a Middle Eastern man who quickly gets named as a terrorist suspect. And then it's revealed that one of the passengers was a prisoner who was being transported back to the U.S. for unknown reasons. So the interactions of this group of people who ordinarily wouldn't interact coupled with the stressful circumstances seems like plenty of fertile ground for storytelling … but wait, there's more. The island, while it appears to be uninhabited by humans does seem to have a large, mean, as yet unseen non-human inhabitant.

    Ok, so what's the problem that makes it hard to see this as a long running series rather than a movie or mini-series. Well remember Gilligan's Island and how ridiculous it was that they had so much clothing on board for a 3 hour tour? On Lost we have a plane crash and the plane was carrying luggage – at least some of which was recovered. Still if the show is to maintain even a semblance of reality (and as a serious drama rather than a sitcom it has to stick somewhat to reality) we'll soon be watching a group of ungroomed people walking around in tatters of clothing. That and to be realistic they're going to have to come up with some reasonable way to supply fresh water and food to the survivors.

    Assuming the writers can overcome some of the problems inherent in the premise we're left with a treasure trove of story possibilities and some interesting story telling techniques. The pilot very effectively uses a cold opening where the viewer is thrust into the immediate aftermath of the plane crash with no prior explanation. Characters are revealed to each other and the viewers very slowly as would naturally occur – most of the survivors didn't know each other before the crash. Bits and pieces of the actual crash are revealed in flashback scenes from the perspective of individual characters. The mysterious creature living on the island remains unseen though the characters and viewers get some small sense of its capabilities and nature. And there's tons of backstory on the characters that remains untold. The dialog between the Korean couple – presumably husband and wife – goes without subtitles and the viewer is forced to attempt to interpret their gestures and actions much as the other characters do.

    It's hard to predict if Lost will be a success or an abysmal failure. It's huge cast of "main" characters and complex (and possibly supernatural) storyline will certainly limit its appeal. Fans of Alias are likely to enjoy Lost as well even though it's not in the same spy genre. People expecting Gilligan's Island are likely to be turned off by the realism and gore. This one's not really for the kids. It'll take a few episodes to determine if the writers can live up to the premise but it should be interesting to watch whether they succeed or fail.

    Lost debuts on Wednesday, September 22 at 8pm on ABC.
  • This show is sooo original. It has every aspect of what a good show should have!

    This show is one of the best on Tv. It has a very diverse group of characters, each with their own plot. The show shows their lives and how they were before the crash. I love this show because of its complete originality! This show gets an A from me!
  • effing fabulous!

    this show is brilliant. I started watching it because i'm a big fan of JJ Abrams work.. (ALIAS) so i decided to see what this new project was all about. Wow, incredible. i was hooked by the first episode.. and now i have to endure an entire summer of no lost before i can find out what happens after the amazing finale of season 1. I've already preordered my dvds.. and i suspect i don't even need to convince you to do the same.. because anyone who has any sense has already seen it... for those who haven't, make sure you give it a good look.

    I love the characters.. or should i say i love the way abrams has developed the characters.. there are some that you love to 'hate'... and others that you feel quite emotionally invested in.. and that's all brilliant. The point is, each character is fascinating, and so interesting to watch their pasts unfold, and how they change and what they go through on the island.

    Each episode reveals a new mystery, and makes you ask even MORE questions then the questions that are answered.. it's almost a snowball effect. overwhelming mystery.. You think you've figured out the characters, and the mysteries..
    and then you realise you know even less then before.

    The plot runs deep. it's not 'easy' viewing.. so either you'll be hooked and watch every episode religiously.. or you won't watch it at all.

    i know what i'll be doing come september!
  • This is the best show that has come to televison

    This show will hold u and not let go its that good. The story will always keep you guessing. The charecters do great in their acting for a bunch of nobodys and you'll become attached to them all the way through. This is what telivison should be screw that stupid survivor ****.
  • This show has very good writers writing awesome plots and conflicts. One of my favorite shows on telivision. The only problem is... WILL IT EVER PICK UP FASTER!

    The show first captured me in on the pilot. I thought to myself "now this is a show" when the people were plane crashed and forced to live on an island together. Every character had there own personality they brought to the show. For instance Shannon with her snobby atitude trying to tan in the chaos or Hurley with his great since of humor. As the show went on they went deeper into the story with Claire getting kidnapped and Boone eventually dying which the writers alays made interesting. The only problem with this show is that it is always SO slow with the storylines.
    Every episode Im like "does it happen yet Huh?" They wait FOREVER to get to the good part so it just drags on and on. Sometimes I think it just is a waste of time to watch it.In the end though it happens and it turns out pretty good. If you ask me I think you should DEFINATLY watch it.
  • A group of people get stranded on an island of mystery, and must survive and discover it's secrets.

    “Lost” is the perfect name for this show. It describes the plot and all too often the viewers. Each episode has it\'s own gotcha. And everything ends up adding more questions than it answered from the previous episodes. A majority of episodes simply end with you asking the question “what?”

    Why are there polar bears? Who are the others? What's the black rock? Why does their hair still seem to be professionally done?

    There\'s plenty of plot and it\'s has its charm. It\'s quite watchable and I recommend it highly. However, don\'t expect to have anything answered. It\'s like Gilligan\'s Island crossed with a jerk-you-around soap opera at times. Overall I would say it\'s addicting, perplexing and good.
  • this was great

    i thought it was a goood waste of time if u r a movie maker. the special effects r great and the past life views r good also. i most enjoy the dreams and that at the beginning u belive there is 2 enimies, the man who kidnapped the pregnate lady and the monster how killed the pilot.

    I can't wait until the next season comes out. I have never missed an episode and I don't plan on it. Just the plot of the show tells you that there is going to be suspense in it. A bunch of people crashed on an island with almost everyone surviving. The show is a bit confusing at times, trying to keep up with all of the backrounds of the people before they crash and stuff, but this show is truly a masterpiece. The only thing that dissapointed me in the show was that it didn't show the creatures that were chasing them, ever, except for the giant polar bear, which was dead before you saw it. Other than that, this show keeps me coming back for more. Can't wait for next season.
  • A group of people land on a, as it seems, abandoned island. But soon they discover that it's not abandoned at all, and that strange things are happening.

    Wauw, is this show great or what!
    Every episode, you see how the people are struggling to survive on the island. The show also takes one character each time, where it goes into the background of their lives and what brougth them to the island.

    When I saw the pilot, I was hooked to the show. There's not a better told story then Lost when it comes down to suspense, creepyness, dinosaur like creatures, flying black clouds that take people away.
    It all sounds very wierd and like a bad nightmare, but it is filmed in such a way, that you really feel like you're there and feeling the suspense.
    This show rocks and can't wait to find out next season, to what's behind that freakin' hatch!!
  • Forty-eight plane crash survivors pick up the pieces, living on a strange and almost supernatural island.

    LOST started out as a show that the casual viewer didn't seem smart enough to understand. Most critics and people predicted it would reach the same level of success that ALIAS reached (both LOST and ALIAS are made by JJ Abrams). However, the premiere episode went beyond most expectations and proved that supernatural shows weren't dead. While LOST can become increasingly frustrating with it's constant questions without answers, the show itself is told beautifully. The flashback sequences mix with the events of the island and show the continuous character all the way through. With plot twists left and right, LOST is a supernatural thriller I won't soon forget.
  • Lost is one of a kind. The show is so Interesting to watch.Each episode has a hanger so it just makes you want to watch over and over again. The actors are so good they do a great job.The first season was great! i hope the second one is.

    Ok Lost is about haha... well a group of people who are lost in a desert island and they are trying to find their way back home. But things keep apearing out of no where.Theres some kind of monster on the island too.But nothing is going to stop them nothing!
  • This is THE BEST show to come on to television.......EVER.

    Its hard to believe a good show can come out of all this crap that's airing today *cough* reality television *cough* but this show has done it.

    First of all, it just LOOKS so damn good, with it being shot in Hawaii (no sets of course) in the beautiful jungle and the camera capturing every colour of green, brown, blue looks perfect. Also, all of the main characters are VERY's hard to single out a favorite, but if I had to choose I'd go with Locke or Hurley, and I don't think I even have a least favorite. And if one of them gets killed off (I wont spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it) it hits HARD, I cried and cried when it happened (never done that with a TV show before). This is also the first TV series that uses a whole orchestra for the really sets the mood of the entire show.

    The main reason why this show is so good is the episodes themselves (half of the episode is on the island, and half of it is flashbacks of one character....and it works suprisingly well). These aren't like your average episodes of a TV works more like a mini series, where if you miss an epsiode you'll be lost (no pun intended) but trust me, you WILL NOT want to miss an just draws you in and never lets go. And it's not just about a bunch of people stranded on an island solving problems that come their way, this island has some REALLY freaky things going on in it. Such as: A "monster" type thing that tears up trees and kills a few people (but no one has actually seen), polar bears start attacking people (on a TROPICAL island), these "special" numbers keep on appearing everywhere, some sort of hatch is embedded in the ground....with no way to open it, I could go on and on.....but it's better if you just see it for yourself. Looking back on the season, I can't even think of a bad episode....all the stories flow so well together (considering how much is going on with all the characters), they're all so good.

    There is only one problem with this show though, a lot of episodes end with a cliffhanger to be solved in the next episode....and this will drive you INSANE!! Especially the season finale, 1 week was hard enough to I have to wait 3 months for the answer?? Aaaaarg!! Only a great show like this could drive people insane trying to figure out what'll happen next. All and all, this has to be my favorite show of all time and shouldn't be missed......even if your life depended on it :D
  • Didn't think this show would go anywhere, but boy was I wrong!

    Lost is my absolute favorite TV show ever. There's nothing else like it out there, and in an era when primetime dramas are usually different versions of the same show and reality shows just get ridiculous and recycled, Lost is a break from it all. The way the show is written is ingenious, as the storyline and plot are not driven along by the action, but on character development over every episode, happening in flashbacks to each character's past. Not to say that the action is not good, of course, and that the slowly unraveling mysteries about the island are just unbelievable; on the contrary, I think the happenings on the island are another fresh break from "reality", and having some sci-fi/fantasy things happen is great. J.J. Abrams is a great writer, and manages to keep me on the edge of my seat and my eyes glued to the television and always wanting more after each episode. Five stars, a perfect 10, whatever you want to call it, but Lost is an absolutely fabulous show, and I cannot wait for the second season this fall.
  • Survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, which has mysteriously crash landed on an island, must work together to keep eachother alive and get off the island. All while watching out for mysteries presented to them by the island itself and their fellow survivors...

    Just by hearing, the concept of a group of people who crash land on an island you would think Lost is done before it even airs. However, many factors make Lost one of the greatest shows of all time. First, the cast and characters, which is superb due to many things, like diversity and chemistry. Bringing together different cultures like Asian (Sun and Jin), Arabian (Sayid), Australian (Charlie), African-American (Michael and Walt), among other ethnic groups. Certain characters possessing humor (Hurley), mystery (Locke), and ruggedness (Sawyer) also play a key role in the show. The second factor that makes Lost so appealing is the various plots. Most episodes have a story in a story. Relationships between characters add to the effect of the mysteries of the island. From the very beginning, the audience is subjected to the survivor’s constant struggle to get off the island, and struggle to stay alive while on the island. Among other storylines are the mysterious monster that reeks havoc on the island, polar bears, a crazy French woman, a distress call, a seemingly impenetrable hatch, and towards the end of the first season the threat of ‘the others’. The third reason why you should ‘get Lost’ is the character developments through the use of ‘backstories’. Each episode, some of a character’s life before boarding Oceanic Flight 815 is revealed. These stories reveal things to the audience that some of the other survivors might not even know. For instance, one of the survivors is a lottery winner, one is a fugitive of the FBI, one was in a wheelchair before the crash, and another is on a quest for a long lost love. The final reason why I love Lost is how it makes you think, and you constantly want answers to the questions it posses – you want to know what is coming next. Ending a fabulous first season, the creators and writers have answered some questions and left you wanting to know what is going to happen next. For those who want in on Lost but think it is not possible, watch it, you might catch on, watch the reruns, or buy the complete 1st season DVD collection, which is being released this September. In the end, we all want to know where the survivors are, is there a reason they are on the island, and does it all come down to the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. If you do not know what those numbers are, you will have to watch the show to find out!!!
  • Best and most original show on TV

    This is a fresh show that breaks many television trends and is a continual surprise. I appreciate the mysteries which in my mind help keep the show interesting. I can understand why some people would be frustrated by the lack of answers to each new mystery, but I am willing to wait the show out and see where this is going. I think that this is probably one of the best that has ever been aired, and I am in it for the long haul.
  • Early pacesetter, but fizzled out

    When Lost first screened, it was excellent. The premise was unique as far as TV dramas go, and the style of focusing on individual character's histories in each episode helped one feel drawn to each character. However towards the end of the season, the show's writers seemed to lack inspiration as they seemed to attempt to draw the show out as long as possible. I think the show would've been a classic as a 1-season limited series, the later episodes in the season were absolutely average, and the finale was an utter disappointment.
  • Lost is good, the reviews on this page speak for themselves, as do the ratings. What concerns me is the possibility it just won't be able to last. How long can we have people running around on an island before it gets old?

    Lost is entertaining and it's reasonably intelligent. In much the same fashion as the original season of Alias, it doesn't spell any of the "answers" out - they're there, you just need to look. It's not like Desperate Housewives in that regard.

    Season one was good. At times it was merely average, but for most of the part it kept me entertained. But in the fashion of Alias, I'm beginning to suspect season two might not be that good - the story will go on and on about the "others" and the reason behind why the plane crashed. Throw in some more Biblical references and musings about fate versus free will, and they'll drag another three or so seasons out of this.

    I just can't see this show staying good for a long time. As much as there's a lot of weird stuff on this island, at the end of the day it's still an island. It's big, but it's not huge. I don't think they're as free with this as they are with say, Alias.

    The survivors have been on the island for forty days. How long are they going to be there? How long can they survive there without absoloutly hating the sight of each other? This is something the writers will need to eventually address if Lost is to go on much longer.
  • What would you do if you were stranded on a islan with people you dont know?

    This show is one of the best shows i've watched so far, 1. it never makes you get bored of it. 2. you get to know everyones before life before the accident, 3. Theres alot of mysterys.. and cmon we all love mysteries... 4. Every episode gets better and better. what more can i say?
  • It really is a cutting edge show. When one question is answered, another still remains.

    This show has potential. It makes you keep watching because so many questions remain unanswered. In that first episode we knew we had so much to learn about these characters to understand who they would become. As we learn about their past, their secrets are revealed and it gets us hooked. I just hope it picks up the pace a little next season.
  • A plane crashes into a tropical insland. A tropical insland with polar bears and weird eating-people-monsters. Now a bunch of strangers will have to become a family, to protect themselves from the secrets of the island and maybe, even from themselves.

    From the start, this is being the best series in the season. Not only the plot is amazing and the turning points unexpected, but the cast is one of the best when it comes to drama/sci-fi. Don't miss a second of it or you'll regret it for life! A "Lord of the flies" tribute...
  • This show is AMAZING.

    This show is AMAZING. Good acting and great plotlines make this show a must-see. Not to mention all the little intricacies you can spot if you are a dedicated fan. J.J. Abrams knows how to make a good show, and he's done it with Lost. If you haven't seen it, you are missing out.
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