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  • (Insert Chessy Review Title like "I'm totally Lost in this show!" or "I'd love to get Lost with Evangeline Lily!")

    This show is what TV was made to be: Addicting. If you watch it once, you will most likely watch it again. There is no escaping it. You think about it, you talk about it, you worry about it, and you try and get other people to watch it. If there were more shows like this, we'd all be shut-ins.
  • I got LOST!

    I was hyped about this show from the first preview I saw of it. It looked like a great show -- and it was! It was MY most-anticipated show I was looking forward to in the fall of '04. I dragged my father and sisters into getting into as well. Haha. Go me.

    Anyways, the writing is awesome, the plots are great. If I remember correctly, I think that they originally only filmed like 13 episodes at first and then ABC bought more, and it can kind of tell, I think... a lot of the 'shocking revelations' that they've given us seemed to have decreased. I don't know if that was because they had to hurry and write scripts and whatnot to film, but the first season was satisfying. I am looking forward to the second season -- and I have HIGH expectations for it!
  • Excellent!

    Great show with lots of things going on, never boring. I like how the story is told. Where every episode they tell you a little bit about each character, just enough to keep you guessing. Though I am wondering, in season 2, if Jorge Garcia who plays Hurley, will lose any weight? Cause if you watch Survivor, you can see what a month of living on an island with next to nothing can do to your body. So he better be losing some weight soon.. lol...
  • A cross between Gilligan's Island and Survivor

    This show has it all. Mystery, intrigue, a little bit of comedy here and there. Evangeline Lilly is very watchable. You knmow hewr character is going to get together with Sawyer. It's all just a matter of time. They gotta get rid of that annoying kid though. He's a bad seed. They may have. We'll have to see next fall.
  • A Great Show That Every One Should watch.

    Lost is a very good show. The acting isn't the best but it is very good. Every episode gets better and better. The finale is one of the best ones this season. The writeing is very good with many plot twists and surprises. The only thing thing that keeps this from getting a 10/10 is the flashbacks they add to the plot and are interesting but they come up to often. The bottom line is this is a great show that everyone should watch.
  • Truly a ground-breaking show due to the fact that it's not only original, but it's audience is put in a precarious position each week. Deciding who to trust, who to love, and who to hate.

    We have just started watching this show, and we're addicted. We missed the first season, but hopefully we'll catch up over the summer, and be ready for season two.
    I think one of the best things about the show is it's ability to suck you in. You begin to think about what you would do if you were in their shoes.
  • Awesome, shocking and innovative.

    A airplane crashes and the survivors are alone on an island, the idea is not new but this series really knows how to work with this plot. if you started watching the series you cannot stop. you want to watch the next episode right away. i was really suprised of that show being so good. its has so many miniplots going on and so many secrets are there to learn. im really really craving for season 2 because i really wanna know what is in that hatch :). as soon as this series hits the dvdstores over here im going to buy it right away.!
  • A look at one of the most influencial shows of this year. Looks at the characters and the overall story and if the show is worth watching for those new to it.

    The Introduction
    Lost has continued to surprise me every week, and although the story that Alias genius, J.J. Abrams has provided (of which I wouldn't accept any less) is intreguing, I find the characters alone and the actors portrayal of them to be second to none. Why is this? Well firstly, Abrams has provided an excellent base for these actors to work with. The show has a broad genre of drama but Lost seems to breed a style of television all on its own. Each individual story has made styles made popular by shows such as 'The Twilight Zone'. Secondly, the emotion that each of these actors has brought to the small screen can only be described as five-star cinema quality.

    The Show
    For those who are waiting for the DVD release of the show, you will catch on to the scenario before you finish the first disk. Plane crash, survivors, monster, there's no doubt that you will have heard the rumours. What you might not know is that there are questions underlying every individual, every link to the island, and even every episode's sub-story, which usually focuses on one-or-two characters. These characters and their individual stories is - I believe - perhaps the strongest aspect that the show has to offer.

    The Actors
    I have never watched an episode of 'Party of Five,' so I can't proffer an opinion on Matthew Fox's growth as an actor between the two shows. I have however, seen Abrams' talant in his other shows 'Felicity' and 'Alias,' and, in my humble opinion, the acting difference between the three shows (Lost Vs. Felicity & Alias combined) is substantial. The only combarable link between the shows is Terry O'Quinn, who plays the less-than-charismatic John Locke. Whilst O'Quinn provides a steller performance as Director Kendall in Alias, within the first few episodes of Lost you will find O'Quinn's performance to be moving, reserved piece of acting. It is never overdone, and each sentance of dialogue is thought out so thouroughly that it is impossible to miss a week of this incredible action.

    The Story
    whilst the sub-stories are what hold this show together, I have found the overall story-arc to be a little disjointed. The monster who makes his appearance in the first episode comes back erratically throughout the show, and there are also various little storylines (which I won't mention because the show is still running in places such as Australia and parts of Europe) that appear staggered throughout the series.

    The Conclusion
    Whilst I believe that the format that Lost provides has set a standard which is yet to be matched or beaten, it does have some fine tuning to do before the show can be a bonafide classic. It's strong followers worldwide may disagree, calling it an instant classic - but if you're looking to see if Lost is for you, just be warned - it is addictive television, but the overall story may jump a little while.
  • great show but they dont reveal enough they allways leve it opern again and again

    i think its a great show but its just so annoing how they all ways don get to see whats in the forest and maybe "lock" (sry if i splet it wrong)has seen it but when he got asked he said he hadnt seen it did he or did he not see it?
  • I love this show, but cliff-hanger caught me by surprise. Writers better have a really good explanation to "the Others"(if it's them) having a boat and still remain on island.

    I love this show, but cliff-hanger caught me by surprise. Writers better have a really good explanation to "the Others"(if it's them) having a boat and still remain on island. Is it another dream scenario, where somebody wakes up with nightmare? I’m not saying that everything has to be 100% realistic, I like the idea of a monster (keeps suspension up) but seems to me that writers jump forward and back little too much. It’s like they don’t have a plan for next few episodes. Did the show become a smash hit to soon? Writers didn’t have time to find out where the show should go? Sometimes the island monster is a real threat and then it’s 5-6 episodes where there is no monster??

    So far the show is more like a drama to me, idea of every person on earth have 4 links between them. And it is more telling each survivors personal story. It keeps me coming back for more. I can’t wait for next season to start. Give me more.
  • Bottom line: Lost is one of the best tv seires of this decade.

    Lost is a fresh TV series, having just complete its first season. The story is set on an island where survivors of a plane crash struggle to survive and coexist with each other. The show has a diverse cast with great acting and the producers of the show did a great job portraying the previous lives of each character prior to the plane crash. Unlike most TV shows, Lost's episodes never fail to deliver; the end of each episode will leave you craving for more What's great about this show is that it blends comedy, mystery, action, adventure, romance and thriller all into one - there isn't anything not to like.

    However, the end of the first season did not conclude much, with about 4-5 different cliffhangers that would only make any viewer of Lost crave for the next season to begin.
  • A plane crash, survivors, not knowing what your going to find around the bend. There's a little bit of everything on this show. Not knowing what or who's on that island is the biggest question of all. The strange numbers are the biggest mystery of all.

    This is a great show. Each week leaves me wanting more. I expect excitement and suspense every week and I get it. It's a show definitely worth watching. Each of the characters lives are so interesting and the way they show them back before the crash is so very creative. The characters are all from so many different backgrounds and lead so very different lives. This so-called monster they keep not showing makes you want to come back for more. You really want to know what it is. You know it can't be a polar bear, cause they showed that. It sounds like a dinosaur, but there have been so many shows with dinos, it makes you think it won't be one. Just have to wait and see.
  • A plan leaving Sydney to LA crashes on an island and 48 survivors soon learn that the plan crash might not have been an accident and that they were ment to come to this mysterious island.

    When I first heard of this show I thought oh no, not another "plan crashes on island and must find way back home" so I stayed out of it for a long time untill a friend of my conviced me to at least watch an episode of the series. So before I watched the episode I had very low expectations and I was blown away. It is absolutely amazing. It is always full of suprizes. This is the kind of show we want.
  • Great show

    I love the way they show the back grounds of everyone on the show. the flash backs are great. I look forward to this show each and every week...when i cant watch it i DVR it. If there was ever a way to spend your wednesday nights ...this is it.
  • There is something to be said about a long movie.

    Several series are very episode based, evil-of-the-week type of show (for example "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Charmed").

    "Lost" does not have that.

    The show is about a plane crash, in the middle of nowhere, on an island. They do not know where and they do not know how to get back to the "real world", they are lost. This far it sounds much like the movie "Alive", but in a different climate. But the comparison to "Alive" stops here.

    As far as they know, they are the only people living on this island. But something strange is there with them, mysterious sounds coming from the forest, unseen creatures that chase them. Something is not quite right on this island.

    With the background stories giving each character more depth. showing how they are connected, how they have met without knowing it. Each character also comes with a story. There is a medical doctor, a grifter, a convict, a millionaire, a drug addict. The list goes on. Some more able to adapt to their new situation and some in complete denial.

    With the continous development of characters and the twists it is easy to want more. To need more. "Lost" has that movie quality, much like "24", everything is connected and waiting for the next episode is like having a movie on pause for a week, it is close to impossible.
  • When i first caught wind of this show before previews came on promoting the show i was a bit skeptical because how can u do a show surrounding people on a stranded island after a plane crash. Yes at first i didnt watch but no i'am hooked and love it.

    In a place where so many questions are asked very little answers are given thats the reason why Lost is a brilliant show. JJ has definately done it again with this one not only is this a great show but it exceeds Alias. I've only watched the first two episodes and im hooked i only wished i wouldve watched it when it first came on. I love the story and how it tells you whats going on but really doesnt give you all the story which makes you think i love a good show where you have to think .
  • I'm gonna be honnest: when I frist saw the pilot of this now hit show, I was like, Oh my God, what the hell is this crap all about ?? So not realistic, too big, too much. But then I started to enjoy getting 'Lost' every week,... more and more...

    I'm gonna be honnest: when I frist saw the pilot of this now hit show, I was like, Oh my God, what the hell is this crap all about ?? So not realistic, too big, too much. But then I started to enjoy getting 'Lost' every week,... more and more...

    Because despite all the things I was critizing at the beginning (that is so cannot happen, unreal...), even though I still beleive it, I don't care ! I mean this show is so great, so well-written, is a so Grab-you-by-the-throat-drama, with suspens and everything, that you end up forgetting about the unrealistic thing... You start seeing beyond that, and you cannont enjoy it more.

    Now, it's a daily fix to me and I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next !
  • This is good shit! I have'nt seen all the episodes, but the most of them, and the serie is so... great! Sry, but I can't express my self better... well... Its so exiting, chilling and the story is so perfectly told... You gotta be good if you wanna beat t

    I loved the series in the beginning, but started to get a little bored after a while (don't ask me how, I thought they where repetive or someti'n) so I scipped some chapters. But now, I've start watching it againg, and now its better then ever... I just love that Sawyer guy. He has so many personalities, and I like his story. And Mr. Locke surley takes home the price of the coolest guy in a serie, with his attitude and his big knife... haha, joki'n... And, what the hell is it in the forest? And who are the crazy folks in the woods? Well, I think it's better to just whait and see.........
  • Lost was a favorite before I even saw an episode for the first time!

    I loved this show before I even saw an episode. After the season finale had already aired, I decided to start watching it. The first thing I did was read all of the first season transcripts. Right when I did, I fell in love. All of the character's have secrets and problems they hide, the island is a total mystery, and everything gets better the more you learn. When I finally saw the pilot episode I was hooked and I know I will definately watch the rest of the series with great enthusiasm. I really can\'t wait for Season 2!
  • The best show out there.

    I love this show. I think it is well written and gives just enough answers to keep you watching because you want to find out more. I also like how we are given a look into each character\\\'s back story to get a feel for who they are. Some people find it confusing, but it\\\'s one of those shows that you have to watch from the beginning otherwise you\\\'ll end up even more LOST than had you been watching all along. ;)
  • I'm not sure if it will have legs, but the first season was brilliant.

    How can you not love the show that gave us the line, "You've got some Arzt on you"? Lost started off with a powerful two hour premiere, but it's most impressive accomplishment has been maintaining that level of intensity for an entire season. Where it goes from here is unknown, but season one was a spectacular success.
  • This show is all about cliffhangers, and that adds to the excitement and the experience of the show.

    There are so many twists in Lost, that I can't even think to list them all. The cast of characters all have strange pasts and different reasons why they were "brought" to the island. Each person has different things about them that makes others not trust them. For example, Charlie, the Hobbit from the Lord of the Rings we formarly knew as Merry, has a previous obsession with drugs. He still sort of had it when he was in the island, but things quickly changed whenever he met the Preagnet girl Claire, who is a native Austrailian in the show. Going back to the show, Lost's season finale left us with the cliffhanger of Jack, the doctor, and John Locke, the box company employee opening a hatch with dynamite. They didn't show what was down the hatch, but we were left with the camera zooming down and down showing nothing but a ladder. Also, the end of the show also had other characters boat blown up while they were trying to escape the island. The cliffhangers add to the excitement in my opinion, and I can't wait for the new season to start in September-October.
  • Lost is amazing...

    Im not really a fan of shows that deal with these types of things. When I first saw Lost, I thought it was going to be one of those shows thats completely dumb. Well...after watching the first two episodes, I was completely hooked. There is something different about this show that makes it interesting every time you watch.

    This is one of the best shows on ABC and I hope that JJ Abrams does more shows like this. I cant wait too see the next season.
  • Lost: The Best Show on TV

    This show in amazing, Im so tired of people bashing it for not answering any questions. They don't seem to understand that if they gave all the answers out then there wouldn't be a point to continuing this show, the writers/producers want this to last as long as they can, they do this for a reason, so you will come back and watch season 2. I thought the season finale was awesome.

    This show has me hooked, I love how every episode ends on some sort of a cliff hanger, it keeps you guessing and thinking throughout the week untill the next episode comes around. This show in brilliantly written and executed. Anyone else who doesn't like it, stop complaining and change the channel because us Lost fans don't care.
  • This is by far the most interesting show on television. I watch it every Wednesday and if I missed it I would never forgive myself.

    If you are one of the few people who don't like this show, you're too impatient for it. You can't expect to have all of the questions answered in one season! What the heck would they have to write about? Why would they want to come up with all of these different questions, it would just let all of you critics down again. How can you all say you didn't like it anyway, it kept you around all season didn't it? That's a sign of great writing. If they could keep you idiots around for twenty-something weeks, then it might as well get a 10. Anyway, for you people who love Lost as much as I do, you rock!
  • Lost is an amazing show.

    This show is amazing! I like how you think it may be predictable and it goes totally in another direction. I cannot wait until next season! It is my new wednesday night show, and I have to read every review and article about the cast and the show, it rocks!
  • Got me hooked after the pilot.

    Suddenly, there's a buzz abouth Lost and I quickly download the pilot. What an amazing series! The writers are very creative. Each episode ends bigger, and make you crave for the next. Phenomenal! Each main characters have their own story, mostly dark history. But personally I think the writers have to plan better, the recent season finale drives some fans angry because it left them with more questions than answers. If the writers constantly make more questions in every episode, than the fans will start to feel annoyed and left this very promising series. Nevertheless, I'm impressed with the first season and hope the coming season will be better. Keep up the good work!
  • Lost is about 48 survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, 1000s miles off course stranded on a desert island.

    Lost is a show that has been thought about but the question was always how would you do it. JJ Abrams has finally answered. The questions and theme the writers have woven into the show will keep you watch. They have explored only 15 characters leaving 32 more characters to be explored. It is imaginative and smart. The major things needed to watch are there is a creature on the island with them, two the island brought them there for some reason, three they are not alone, and last but not least are the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42.
  • What can i say wow, such a unique and a intresting pogramme.

    Loved LOST it had me hooked, had great characters, i love hurley he's so funny. The programme will have you hooked every episode shows you knew things and watching the same episode twice gives you a diffrent perspective.
    i recomend LOST im sure it will become a classic, it could move a little quicker but i think thats how they make it so intense.

  • The best show on tv, thought provoking and intriguing. Only one minor flaw: the season finale was weak. Other that that a stunning show that puts all others to shame!

    Lost is the kind of show that you will find yourself talking about between episodes and will keep you coming back for more. There's a LOT going on in these shows, look for the connections between the characters, to numbers and so on.
    There is no other show on TV at the moment that keeps me so interested!
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