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  • Lost: The Best Show on TV

    This show in amazing, Im so tired of people bashing it for not answering any questions. They don't seem to understand that if they gave all the answers out then there wouldn't be a point to continuing this show, the writers/producers want this to last as long as they can, they do this for a reason, so you will come back and watch season 2. I thought the season finale was awesome.

    This show has me hooked, I love how every episode ends on some sort of a cliff hanger, it keeps you guessing and thinking throughout the week untill the next episode comes around. This show in brilliantly written and executed. Anyone else who doesn't like it, stop complaining and change the channel because us Lost fans don't care.
  • This is by far the most interesting show on television. I watch it every Wednesday and if I missed it I would never forgive myself.

    If you are one of the few people who don't like this show, you're too impatient for it. You can't expect to have all of the questions answered in one season! What the heck would they have to write about? Why would they want to come up with all of these different questions, it would just let all of you critics down again. How can you all say you didn't like it anyway, it kept you around all season didn't it? That's a sign of great writing. If they could keep you idiots around for twenty-something weeks, then it might as well get a 10. Anyway, for you people who love Lost as much as I do, you rock!
  • Lost is an amazing show.

    This show is amazing! I like how you think it may be predictable and it goes totally in another direction. I cannot wait until next season! It is my new wednesday night show, and I have to read every review and article about the cast and the show, it rocks!
  • Got me hooked after the pilot.

    Suddenly, there's a buzz abouth Lost and I quickly download the pilot. What an amazing series! The writers are very creative. Each episode ends bigger, and make you crave for the next. Phenomenal! Each main characters have their own story, mostly dark history. But personally I think the writers have to plan better, the recent season finale drives some fans angry because it left them with more questions than answers. If the writers constantly make more questions in every episode, than the fans will start to feel annoyed and left this very promising series. Nevertheless, I'm impressed with the first season and hope the coming season will be better. Keep up the good work!
  • Lost is about 48 survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, 1000s miles off course stranded on a desert island.

    Lost is a show that has been thought about but the question was always how would you do it. JJ Abrams has finally answered. The questions and theme the writers have woven into the show will keep you watch. They have explored only 15 characters leaving 32 more characters to be explored. It is imaginative and smart. The major things needed to watch are there is a creature on the island with them, two the island brought them there for some reason, three they are not alone, and last but not least are the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42.
  • What can i say wow, such a unique and a intresting pogramme.

    Loved LOST it had me hooked, had great characters, i love hurley he's so funny. The programme will have you hooked every episode shows you knew things and watching the same episode twice gives you a diffrent perspective.
    i recomend LOST im sure it will become a classic, it could move a little quicker but i think thats how they make it so intense.

  • The best show on tv, thought provoking and intriguing. Only one minor flaw: the season finale was weak. Other that that a stunning show that puts all others to shame!

    Lost is the kind of show that you will find yourself talking about between episodes and will keep you coming back for more. There's a LOT going on in these shows, look for the connections between the characters, to numbers and so on.
    There is no other show on TV at the moment that keeps me so interested!
  • Lost , about 40 surviors of a plane crash, all of them seem to be on the island for some reason though they dont know it yet.

    Lost is an unbelievable show. Fox truly scored big with this, Great storylines, great Cast. It just keeps you wanting to watch more. The way that viewers know things that the characters don’t know , makes it more interesting. The fact that actors don’t even really know where the show is going till they get a script is cool in a sense they are as clueless as the audience. There are always bigger surprises around the corner, like in the season finale with the dynamite scene. The Survivors have been on the island for 40 days yet there is still so much of the island they haven’t seen and things they don’t know about. What is the Famous Monster, is it a living creature ? , who exactly are this others? These are just a few questions that viewers have to think about and hope to get answered in later seasons.
  • Lost is one of the most breathtaking series im watching right now!

    After a big publicitary campaign from Sony Entretainment Television and AXN, two cable channels from Latinamerica, and with a little Scepticism i started watching Lost, the results: I cant't stop now!

    Lost inmediatly after the first few seconds (i'd say after the first one) catches your attention and as you watch you will find that everytime, there is something new! Everyone has secrets in the show, and many times the show has made my jaw drop.

    Filled with suspense, action and even sometimes horror, this is one of the best shows i've watched in my life
  • Originally created by ABC to be a drama based on the reality show Survivor.

    \'Lost\' was orginally created by ABC to be a drama similar in tone to \'Survivor\'. JJ Abrahms brings his own plot twisting to the genre and Lost has easily surpassed just being a bad Survivor retread.

    The show can prove difficult to get into if you get behind on viewing or strart in mid-season.
  • A whole new genre on its own. Simply AMAZING. One of the greatest television epics this past decade.

    14 Strangers, each with a purpose, each with a past board Oceanic Flight 815 en route to Los Angeles from Australia. The plane crashes. This is their story. An estranged doctor, an evasive convict, a father taking home the son he just met, a brother just trying to care of his sister, a good-natured Iraqi, and more.

    Their past unravels. A twist every episode. As each episode goes on, you learn more about each person. What they did to get there. Where they were going. And why they were going to go there. Day by day, they learn about each other, and more importantly try to learn about the island. Suspense and mystery ensue as each person has their own dark secret.

    How did they land here? What brought them here? Was it fate that brought them together? Or maybe just luck? Where are they? They're lost.

    Along with 24, and a few others, one of the best TV shows in over a decade.
  • Gilligan's Island meets Survivor meets Land of the Lost meets the Twilight Zone

    I was hooked from the first minute of the first episode. I look forward to Wednesdays when Friday used to be my favorite day of the week. I'm disappointed when the hour is over and immediately begin counting down until the next episode. I enjoy talking to others about the show and speculating about the "hidden meanings" of things which may or may not even have hidden meanings. I totally recommend this show! Bring on season 2!
  • Lost is a show that brings together different people and shows how they can all be alike in some way. A great show that will make you ask a whole bunch of questions , but it gives hardly any answers. That is what keeps me watching Lost.

    Lost is one of those shows you really never thought could be so good. It show that is different from other shows in that it can make you: happy, sad, laugh, yell, and even scared. This is a great show to watch on Wednesday when you just can’t wait ‘till the end of the week. The show makes you think and wonder: “What in the world is happening on that island?” Even though its cliché, I just love getting LOST with this show.
  • Enjoyable despite slow-moving plot and annoying schedule.

    I don't know what to think of this show. It has good production values, good acting, and an interesting premise. As I watch each episode, I can't deny that I enjoy it.

    However, often times when an episode is over I feel like I've wasted an hour. The story hasn't progressed forward at all, and sometimes even seems to move backwards. Not every episode is like this, but it was more often than not in the second half of the season that nothing of consequence or surprise happened.

    I understand they can't explain everything in one season, but I can't help but feel that they're trying to stretch the show out as much as possible and it's suffering for it. They could've easily accomplished the same amount in 18 episodes as they did in 25, and it'd be a lot more enjoyable that way. The staggered, uneven airing of new episodes also didn't help the feeling that things were not being revealed quickly enough.

    The frequent (and time-consuming) flashbacks rarely reveal anything of note about the characters, but I do like seeing what was happening in their lives before the crash. And as I said, I enjoy watching the show. Despite its flaws, I'll keep coming back for more.
  • This is one of the most interesting shows on TV

    I don't know if this is true for anyone else but this show reminds me of the old PC game "Myst". I never fully got through Myst and it always seemed like I wandered around on the island and found things whose purpose I never really knew. It was always a little out there and had a certian mythical aspect.

    I find all these same traits in Lost. There are things on and about the island that never seem to be fully explained. The metal hatch, the smoke, the french woman, the spooky creatures, etc. It is like a puzzle that never seems to be fully solved.

    Having said all that, it really seems to work. The stories and acting are first class and it always seems to challenge your thinking. It is a very special show and my only question is how the story lines will hold up after a couple of years.
  • The tension, the jokes, the action, the... polar bears? Intrigued yet?

    After two years of thumbing my nose at what could be the second greatest artistic medium ever created (the first being literature, of course), I was intrigued by an add while getting a glass of water. A plane crash? On an island? Interesting. And of course, Matthew Fox. Even more interesting. My mind was snagged.

    From the first episode I was hooked, laughing with the Lostaways, crying with them, in fear with them. How could fourteen people work their way into my life so completely, so successfully, that I barely even noticed the change?

    If you haven't watched this or you watched part and didn't "get" it, maybe it's time for you to try. From the slightly shady pasts lurking over everyone's shoulder to the danger of the island to the great friendships being created, LOST has it all. Romance, danger, tension, action, comedy, science fiction, and mysteries. Oh, the mysteries.

    If you haven't heard it yet, and even if you had and can't stand to hear it again: Get Lost.
  • People are a little too impatient on the unanswered questions that the series is displaying. Everything cannot be answered in one season.

    In regards to "Lost", the entire first season was basically a foundation of where the series will go in upcoming years. It's hard for them to lay out many answers ans this is a show that is supposedly going to be on the air for many years. The mysteries have to keep piling up for the first season and will slowly get answered as the years go by.

    The writers on this show are very smart and know exactly what they are doing. With a premise like \"Lost\" it has to be calculated on when things get revealed. The fact of being on a deserted mystery island has its limitations and yet has to be believably and action-packed at the same time. Just give it time beyond the first season. Only the foundation was being set this season. It will all come around in time for impatient viewers.
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