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  • Amazing shows! A must if you like mysteries and discoveries!

    You've got to feel lost to love it! Well, at least at the beginning (the first seasons). At first, you are submerger by unanswered questions, so many mysteries, so many truths to be told. You ARE lost! But then, questions got answered, truths are told and it feels good! Everything is connected and everything has got a reason, an history behind it. The show was fully and completely thought of, every detail counts, every sentence counts, every encounter changes the continuation. Some say it's rubbish because it's unreal...lol..who says it wasn't? Personally, I love it and I want more!! I want to be lost
  • The best tv show...most possibly ever

    I have to be honest: I wanted to hate this show so badly when I saw previews for it. It looked like some generic show with wooden characters that would be better suited for a mini-series or movie than a multi-season TV show. I didn't even start watching it until February 2008. I was mildly interested because a few of my friends really enjoyed it, so I started watching episodes online until I caught up. How wrong I was.

    LOST is not just the best show on TV today. It could very well be the best show to ever have aired, period. The character development is superb and continuous; even when you think you've figured out everything there is to a character, they throw a new wrinkle into it. The traditional storytelling device of the flashback is used frequently throughout the first 3 seasons, but the introduction of the flashFORWARD in Season 4 really turned things on its head. Just when you thought they had no more innovation left in which to tell the story, they introduced multiple story arcs from different time periods and incorporated time travel to make everything fit together brilliantly. The constant mystery and suspense are second to none. I will say that Season 3 was a bit slow and definitely stands out as the weakest of the bunch. I see now, though, that the build-up was all necessary when they reached the halfway point to start divulging real answers in Season 4 and onward. This is how real shows should be: dynamic and consistently re-inventing themselves over the course of the show so nothing gets too stale. Just when you think you've seen everything the show can possibly throw at you (and I've reached that point at least 8 times now), they come up with something new, innovative, and genius to keep things going.
  • The greatest show ever. No, the greatest anything ever.

    Lost is seriously my favorite thing ever. No joke. Everything about it is perfect. Every episode, every character, everything that happens is perfect.

    I can't even begin to describe how much I love this show really. I mean, i've watched it from the first episode and it has been my favorite since then. I didn't really want to review it because I don't think I can properly express my feelings.

    The story is unlike anything else. Full of drama, mystery, and everything else you want. Some people say it's too confusing, but maybe they're not smart enough to follow the complex storylines. Sorry, but it's true.

    The word of Lost is huge, because of the work that the writers put in to the mythology that surrounds the show.

    The characters are all amazing, and each one has a unique backstory. I feel like I know all of these characters, and the actors who play them will forever be known to me as their characters.

    Oh yeah, and the community of fans is amazing too. Just check out Lostpedia, it has everything you want to know about the show and more, and is full of people who are just as obsessed as I am. It's actually the only place I discuss the show because i'm afraid that other people won't know enough about it.

    This whole review is out of order, but it doesn't matter, i'm just writing as it comes to me.

    Hmm...what else is there to say? I dunno, I just wish everyone in the world would accept this as the greatest thing ever. It makes me sick to my stomach that some people think that this is anything less.
  • Best thing on tv...by far. Youll need to keep up with it but its most rewarding if you do!

    Lost is in a league of its own. Definitely the best thing on Tv within recent years. If you like the unpredictable, and enjoy the mysterious then its a must see. You cannot miss any of it.. not that you would want to because once you watch its hard to stop and you'll want to see everything thats going on. Be prepared that thinking yourself into oblivion about whats going on comes hand in hand with Lost, so be prepared to absolutely thrive on it. I personally will be savouring all six seasons on dvd indefinitely when it ends next year (2010).
  • My favorite show ever!

    When I started watching the show I got hooked right away, and I think the show is only getting better. I am really looking forward to see how it ends.

    I love the fact that you have to use your head (much more) than many other shows, and Lost is great written and have great actors/actresses.
    I love that Lost leaves us with questions, and that its not common in tv shows - its different than most shows and I love that! My favorite part of Lost is all the mystery there is going on, then there is the character development and the time travel which also is great.

    I can't find one thing that I dont like about the show (maybe just one :))- it is a little stressfull to not having a clue to whats going on. But after the 4th season I started to have an idea of what its all about, and I cant wait to see if Im right :)
  • Lost is one of the greatest Drama's on the air. With it's confusion, suspense, twists and turns, it just makes it an action packed fun thriller ride. Better every season with a great Script and great actors. **SPOILER ALERT****

    Lost is a show about many different people from America, England, Australia and even Africa were they all were at Sydney airport and where catching Oceanic flight 815 from Sydney to L.A. It then Crashes on a mysterious Island that appears to be unknown, after a while all the survivors from the plane crash start to think that maybe the rescue people aren't coming to save them. They eventually find things like Wild Boar, Guava and fruit to eat. The Island then becomes weirder and weirder. They then find out that there is a group of people on the Island called ''The Dharma Initiative'' a group that started in the 70's and have been living their ever since. Up until the end of season 4, their are people who then get off the island who are then refered to as ''The Oceanic 6'' when they land they lie about all the other survivors who are still their. After a while they all start to come together because they all have to go back, as they then crash on the island the island kept going through time and once they got their they became part of ''The Dharma Initiative'' they all had their own jobs and that's what the show is up to. Lost is really great because it's so much more then just people getting off an Island. It shows how they're surviving, friendships, relationships and crazy stuff that is happening on the island. What is also great is that in the old episodes it shows flashbacks on characters and how they all came together in Sydney to catch the flight. Lost is a brilliant show that everyone should enjoy even though it's ending after season 6. It's a lot of fun that I reackon people will love. Some people say it's gone past it's prime. But I think that it is better every season. The future of Lost will hopefully still be good because season 5 is solid as a rock!
  • A plane crashes on an island, and no one comes to help. The survivors lives are just beginning, with monsters, hostiles, time travel, and a few love triangles to boot....

    Each episode is tied with flashbacks, and (later) flash forwards on the island. Season 1, September 22nd, 2004, Oceanic Flight 815 crashes over the Pacific, and as the survivors wait for help, slowly, it dawns on them that they are not alone. A huge smoke monster terrifies the survivors, and a strange hatch is found, A french shipwreck survivor 16 years ago, leaving an SOS on a loop which has never been found, mysterious numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 linkning the hatch and the numbers used on a lottery, by an ex psychiatric patient....

    Season 2, The tail section of the flight is introduced, and eventually killed off, pregnancy on the island is an issue, the Others are noted, and strengthened with the introduction of Benjamin Linus, A time traveller called Desmond, and his quest for his lost love, two people are granted permission to leave, and remains of a statue are located....

    Season 3, three characters are inprisoned and escape, and more Others are introduced including Juliet, the fertility problem is expanded, Naomi arrives searching for Desmond, but the freighter she is on, in the distance, bears a secret, and Locke does not want them to leave, having finally diabled Rousseau's SOS....

    Season 4, The crew of the freighter arrive on the island, with disastourous consequences for all including Rousseau, Alex and Karl, 6 people get off the island, (but how?) and Benjamin Linus uses the wheel hidden in the islands base.... Season 5 .................
  • ****LOST****

    lost is a very nice show and i watched it since season 1 and it become one of my favorite show i like about it the mystery the most if i missed one of the episodes i can't understand what is happening but i never missed any episode and i hope i won't until now there is thinks that i don't know about it like the black smoke what it is ??
    i think season 3 is the best season of the show
    I believe that the product worked very much in the series to produce such a series
    i like all the cast but jack , kate and Juliet the most
    i think it's a great series to watch at all the times
  • A show where anything can happen at any time or place and frequently does, which creates a constant desire to feel at ease, that is never really satisfied.

    Lost was great for the first few seasons, the writers would gently push us into a world we knew nothing about, they would seduce us into belief. Now, every week they ask you to swallow 500 large pills of rediculous! In all fairness this problem really started to get bad when the network started messing with the shows schedule and number of seasons. You never knew when the show was going to be on, and then suddenly there it was, beyond that ABC suddenly decided to abandon the show when it was one of the networks top rated. This action forced the writers/creators to accelerate everyones story line into hyper drive and leave out all the juicy details and tantalizing anticipation we sooo loved about LOST. The acting is usually quite stellar, especially considering what these actors are suppose to make us believe. The direction is pretty good though it becomes the same. The Direction of Photography is absolute art!
  • I've been with this show since the pilot and it's absolutely amazing. Lost is one of those series that you crave.

    The characters are perfect, If I were to crash on a mysterious island I would want it to be with the lost cast. All of the connections are clever: the numbers, the characters unknowing encounters, the literature, the episode titles, etc. While some aspects of this show are confusing to say the least, it is most definatley worth it to commit, and eventaully you won't think anything of it when a polar bear turns up, Desmond sees the future, an entire island disappears, and the losties live in the 70's for awhile.Lost will always keep you at the edge of your seat, predicting what will happen next and always wanting more.
  • To describe LOST in short is nearly impossible, as the story is one of the most complex and innovative around. The show follows a group of strangers, stranded on an island, who face to face their past demons while trying to find rescue.

    The simple concept of a group of strangers who crash on an island, each with their own fleshed out back stories and problems, soon turns into a fantastic adventure of mystery and intrigue. You can watch this show for just about anything. There's mystery (a lot of it!), drama, suspense, sci-fi, romance, and just about anything else you could expect from a great TV show. Both the plot and characters are complex and interesting, so if the island action isn't your thing, you have the intense and emotional character struggles to be amazed with. The acting is top notch, especially from such Emmy nominated actors as Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson. The writing team, lead by showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, consistently deliver some of the best episodes of television I've ever seen. LOST is truly a magnificent show and is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and make your jaw hit the floor with its frequent and exciting twists. The twists and turns along the way make for one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had while watching a TV show. Chances are you've probably heard all about LOST, and have never given it the time of day. Maybe the concept isn't that appealing to you, but I promise you that whatever you expect from this show isn't what you're going to get. This isn't just any TV show, it's an experience unlike no other. I highly recommend this to any fan of TV.
  • Namaste Sayid :)"You are the killer"

    Sayid centre episode. Typical flashbacks story , we have a lot of past situation form Sayid life`s. Young Sayid and his family... uuu poor chicken :)already know who is Illiana and how Sayid get to the plane to Guam. His face when he see others O6 and said "please flight next plane" was brilliant. Also we can see too a many connections between Ben, young Ben and Sayid. Producers give us a little new character - Oldham , he`s some kind of Dharma Initiative "wizard" :) Sayid already know why he back to Island... he must kill Ben but he don`t know "Whatever happend, happend" :)

    Summary that is really curious episode.
    Finish that episode is the best and really dark :) Who watched that know.

    Note 10

    Ave Lost
  • I will have to say this was an excellent episode, it has a little bit of suspense and also give us an insight on what did happen back on the days when Ben was a little kid and waht his fellings were.

    I will have to say this was an excellent episode, it has a little bit of suspense and also give us an insight on what did happen back on the days when Ben was a little kid and waht his fellings were and how did the people on DHARMA handle things, I also like the fact that this was a Sayid centric episode and that we got to see a little bit of Sayid's family, they also explain why Sayid was been taken to Quam and by whom!personaly this is one of the most coolest episodes on this season, I really love this show!!
  • Plot moving Lost that is a little predictable

    Does anyone not get it yet! people who have reviewed this episode so far think it is just filler and they do not understand why the oceanic 6 needed to go back to the Island. But here is the kicker Ben knew that he had been banished from the island, when he moved it he cried because he knew he had to leave a place he loved, he let his daughter die because he did not want to leave. Charles Whidmore left to save the island he loved (maybe that is how Ben conned him to do it). So these season 4 and 5 flashforward/flashbacks show Ben manipulate the Oceanic 6 because he needed them to get back to the Island he hitched a ride he used them! Ben has lied and lied and lied so that he could get back to the island he killed locke because the oceanic six would have asked why do we need Ben and so once he found out who knew how to get back to the Island Ben lied to get there for himself and his purposes. Remember when he was speaking to whidmore in his bedroom he said the race is on to find a way back to the island well Ben won that Race.
  • WOOHOO!!!!!......

    Best ABC show in the history!!!!!!It's about a plane[Oceanic815]and it crashing because, well watch and find out.=D Reruns show on Sci-fi.It should be on every week including the summer!!Seriously!If it were a grade it would be an A+++. If a percent, 150%. I'm sad for the people who died.That includes Boone,Shannon,Anna Lucia,and Libby just to name a few.My favorite charecter is Sawyer because he is like the assistant leader and is really funny.I started watching this show the first time it aired,and I just turned 7.So if you haven't seen it then you should because its awesome and it is sort of like a puzzle.Anyways,BYE!
  • I have to give this show an 8, since there are only about three other shows even worth watching on tv anymore.

    to start i want to respond to another comment. it was about dragging the show on, possibly for money and ratings. well ive got news for you, they have TEAMS of people working on ways to do just that, for EVERY show. its just the world we live in. everything needs to be given 'added value' to extend its life expectancy or a gimmick to keep you hooked until the next installment. its pretty sickening really.

    on that note i have to admit, i think the only reason i watch this show still is because i want to know more about richard halpert, jacob and the smoke monster. its clever writing to give elements like that, which can go for long periods without any answer.

    the last episode has kind of left me feeling a bit exhausted in regard to the shows format. they finally get off the island, only to return, but of course thats not enough, it has to be thirty years in the past; and of course no one can just explain whats really going on. who would believe a story about time travel on a magic island /sarcasm. so now for another 5-10 episodes we will have to watch this game of lies and tip toeing around. i of course realize this is all so we can get an understanding of what happened on the island. but its still exhausting, lol.

    jacks character is a little banal at this point. i really didnt like the scene, in a previous episode, where him and john talk and he says 'your not special, blah blah blah'. the dude was a criple that could somehow walk again, he was shot and left for dead and recovered like it was nothing, hes talked to jacob and traveled through time. i think that makes him a little special... also, i dislike how everyone treats the island like its supposed to exist, be the way it is and that being there is a mistake and an obstacle in the way of them getting back to their really amazing lives. its a f'king magic island folks!! if i ended up there, just like john, i would see it as destiny. but i guess some people would rather go back to their 3 square meals and the 9 to 5 push? yawn
  • Top Ten Greatest Shows of all time unless I don't like how it all ends in a few years.

    I got to say that this show for me was one of those can't wait to watch. I love it so much. I think that the more I watch it the more it makes me feel like it goes way above and beyond the bounds of regular television. The first season especially for me was the best but the more you watch the other seasons it expands the universe of the show and makes it better and better. What I love the most about this show is that it doesn't stay bound by a single genre and regular TV conventions. I would highly recommend this show for those of you that have not had the chance to check it out really should.
  • LOST is and all wase will be the best T.V. Show Ever

    Over 5 years now i've watch LOST Grow from being a story of survival into a story of love, hate, anger, mistery, adventure and best of all Redemption. No other t.v. show pushes the bounderes like LOST Has in the past two years going from Plane crash to 1970s Science to Time Travel. Ever year you get something different from ever season and you end up growing more and more in love with the characters. As of late the ratings to LOST has started to fall but the good thing about the ratings dropping is that it show the true veiws who love the show and that makes me fell better knowing that out there, there are Millions of Loving fans Tuning in ever wenesday to follow the lives of what i would call T.VS most LOVED Cast. I look forward to next years Season because when it comes down to it the final season to anything is alwasy the best and to make it even better it the final season to LOST you just Know its going to Kick ASS
  • Quite frankly, and I say this with no exaggeration or hyperbole, the greatest show ever to come onto TV.

    Revolutionary. Ahead of its time. Intelligent. Exciting. Fascinating. Interesting. Philosophical. All of these (and many more) are ways to describe Lost, a TV show unlike anything you've ever seen. Everything in Lost just works. The acting, phenomenal (see Micheal Emerson as Ben Linus and Terry O'Quinn as John Locke)the cinematography, great. The setting is excellent. The writing is smart and well-done. The characters are possibly the greatest most intriguing in any show. The story is never-endingly curious and satisfying. But viewer be warned, this is no Gilligan's Island. If you want to see a simple (and considerably more stupid) show about people trying to survive on an island then go elsewhere. Lost is so much more. There are only so many things that one can say about this show. If you want to see a show that will challenge you, intrigue you and compel you night after night then go out, rent the first season and experience the greatest show on television.
  • The plane crash of Oceanic Flight 315 sets off a series of events involving the survivors, a mysterious island, and others involved.

    "Lost" was the "it" show back in 2004. It was cutting edge, well developed, and unique in the midst of the departure of several iconic shows from the '90s. An interesting method of storytelling via flashbacks, portrayed every character deeply and provided a rich foundation. Needless to say, most dramas of this kind can only get worse throughout the years. Season two was not quite as impressive, but still kept our jaws on the ground. Season three began to border ridiculous as too many questions were thrown into the open and still none were answered. However, it entertained until season four. At this point, the show began to become over-the-top. Season four was good, but to many questions kept coming and weak episodes in season five have not helped.
  • Best show on the Television right now

    I'd tell you what Lost is about, but that would be spoiling it for you. So instead, I'll tell you how it starts. A commercial airliner crashes onto a remote island, and some 40+ survivors must deal with the unique environment, each other, and themselves to survive. It's a dramatic, science fiction mystery. It has an enormous cast, contains several important subplots and details, and engages in abstract and philosophical concepts. As the show progresses, it becomes increasingly important that you do not miss a single episode. If you haven't already been following the show, I highly recommend watching the episodes on DVD in a relatively short amount of time if you want to keep your mind wrapped around what's going on.

    If you're still interested, here's my next piece of advice: think of Lost as one long movie, cut into several hour long intervals. That's the kind of experience you get from this show. Each episode (and, admittedly, some more than others) build on top of all the previous ones, leading towards the final minutes of the final episode. This isn't Gilligan's Island; nobody asks what misadventures our heroes will get into today. Instead, the audience is constantly asking, "What does all of this mean." Yes, it is a show that requires your patience. You will not understand everything until the very end, but that's okay. Lost does an excellent job of making the first season focus primarily on just the characters. You'll find that you love some characters and hate others. You form bonds with these characters, so as the following seasons progress, you become much more emotionally invested in the action. Even if one individual episode does not progress the entire story much further, it's still interesting to see these characters come to life.

    In addition to the abstract, fantastical concepts which arise, there are are several "adult" themes and situations. Each episode focuses on one character in particular, in which you learn details about his or her personal life. Issues include domestic abuse, murder, mental illness, infidelity, drugs, and much more. These details are masterfully brought to life on the island. For some, the island is a chance to reinvent themselves, but no matter how hard they try, they are incapable of completely severing themselves from their pasts. It is fascinating to watch how the writers incorporate the characters personal lives into their current lives, weaving a tapestry of three-dimensional, distinct, human characters.

    And it's not only the back stories which are dark; the survivor's on-island experiences and interactions can be painful, unethical, disturbing, and gruesome. Characters will betray one another, lie to one another, kill one another. The situation starts out ugly and doesn't get much prettier, but it becomes infinitely more interesting and intense. And I don't want to give you the impression that Lost is one long, bloody melodrama. It is far from it. There is an appropriate amount of humor peppering nearly every episode, ranging from tension-breaking wisecracks to downright hilarious lines and situations. Really, I don't know what this show could possibly be lacking. It really has it all.

    So, in conclusion, if you're looking for some intense, exciting escapism, watch Lost. But be warned, it requires your time and dedication. Don't skip episodes, and please don't think you can start watching from the middle and know (or care) what's going on. You wont. Just start from the beginning and go on from there. You wont be disappointed.
  • This is a great show and I wish that I had started watching it when it first came on. This show has everything I would want in a show. It has drama,comedy, suspense.

    First of all this is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to see something that leaves you hanging on every word that is said and begging for more when it ends. I am going to watch some episodes online and see if I can get caught up to the present. Jack is a great guy and a wonderful doctor. Kate is beautiful but also has a good head on her shoulders. Sawyer is the bad boy who you want to help but he is dead set on not showing his true self. Boone and Sarah are two of the characters I also enjoy watching. Locke is mysterious and a great hunter who I enjoy watching. I like the way the show goes into their lives before their airplane crashed and gives you details of why they do the things they do. I really enjoy Sayid is a character that I also think is a good person and I really think Naveen Andrews does a great job of portraying his role of Sayid Jarrah. Charlie is a really sweet guy and I really think he adds to the show with his beautiful accent and he tries to help even though he has been battling with getting of the drug. I am totally hooked.
  • lost is a series that talks about a group of people that have a plane crash but some how it took us to something far beyound our expectations i think the author is just fabulous to have this ability to create this chain of events and make us go with it...

    it is the most amazing weired complex show ever it shows us different people lives and you even know if it is true or not is it really happening or what i hope that in the last season of LOST we understand it all but it still so exciting keeping you waiting to know what will happen will they be rescued at the end or not it is confusing it opens our imaginations alot of possibities we can all imagine a certain end to the show but we can all be hit by a end that we would never expect so we will keep watching it but what about the end!!!!!
  • Every season has a different reason for being great.

    Everyone is so (rightfully) caught up in the episode-by-episode developments that it is easy to not step back and see how each season is great on its own terms. This current season is the heavy sci-fi season before coming back to more character-based material in the final season. I love having my head spun around, knowing that I'll have something wonderful to examine when it stops spinning...I suspect that, when all is said and done, at the end of the final season, everything will have fallen in place, whether it is obvious or not, and we'll be watching the show in its entirety again to really grasp every connection...
  • Oceanic Flight 815 crashes down on a deserted island or so they thought.The island is filled with people, the Others,the Dharma people, and now the survivors of Oceanic 815.If you enjoy merry-go-rounds jump on for a dose of unending circular reasoning.

    This is the time I wish that Lost was really lost. The show is just an unending maze of circular reasoning, where one question leads to a dozen more questions. At first this was fun but now it is just getting monotonous. In this latest episode we know have the defunked Sawyer as the undisputed leader of the remnants of the once great clan of Dr. Sheppard. Sawyer and Juliet, the ex-love interest of Dr. Sheppard, now share a bungalow in the Dharma Initiative and are playing house. Can't this Sawyer guy get anything of his own? Meanwhile, Locke returned to civilization through a well and has talked a group of six survivors, which made it back to civilization 3 years earlier, to return to the island. One of these survivors is Kate, which was also an ex-love interest of both Dr. Sheppard and Sawyer. Now the cat fur is going to fly!
  • Sawyer was a great leader. Now what's Jack gonna do there? I knew they'd be back when ...

    Sawyer was a great leader. Now what's Jack gonna do there? I knew they'd be back when Sawyer mentioned forgetting his "freckles"!!!
    Finally some movement and all for the best. The race for the end of the season will be amazing. I'm besides myself having to wait. I can't wait for them to explain the statue. This might provide some answers. Richard is back in this one and I am impressed the way he was used. This series is getting better all the time. For a while I was starting to think that the return to the island would only come at the end of this season, but the surprise was very welcome. JJ, is the the best. Now I'm really eager to see his version of Star Trek. May '09 is way too far.
  • One of the best episodes of LOST...ever.

    This episode of LOST is really different from the rest. The story is unfolded in such an excellent manner, through flashbacks, etc..The character development is unprecedented for a Season 5 episode, and the pacing is phenomenal. Sawyer is definitely one of the best characters on the show, and his transformation as a character is something to be remembered for a long time. The music featured in this episode is the best of season 5. Sawyer's new motif is really good; I applaud Giacchino for his masterpieces. I will say this though, the ending is a bit abrupt, and it makes me wish I was just watching these episodes on DVD or Blu Ray.

    i have never enjoyed a show more than i have enjoyed Lost. Every episode brings excitement and new information, i live for wednesday nights, and i alos hate them because then i have to wait a whole other week for a new episode! The writers are complete genius' and every character is lovable. I hate it when people say that its confusing. Honestly, it really isnt, its just so well thought out, and the way everything fits together is amazing, everything that happens on the show happens for a reason, and u always have to pay attention to the details. The suspense that is built in the show is amazing. I don't know what i will do with myself once this show ends after its 6th season!
  • Oceanic Airlines flight 815 crashes on a tropical island. The survivors must learn to depend on one another for survival.

    This is the best TV show of all time. It causes you to think, which is what sets it apart from other shows that merely tell you a story and explain everything for you. Lost keeps you guessing every single episode. Those of us who have been "Losties" from the beginning are given enough each week to discuss and rehash every person, every line of dialogue, everything we see, trying to figure out what each and every small detail means. And last week's episode. Just when you think maybe Ben just might be telling a little bit of the truth, AAARGGGGHHHH! Out comes the EVIL BEN! Oh,and did I mention that I adore Sawyer?
  • By far the best show on television.

    Lost is by far my favorite show on television. I will admit that I was one of the people who 'Lost' interest when the show went on one of it's earlier hiatuses but once it went to it's current flow of playing all new episodes back to back it has been my favorite show to watch.
    It was a difficult show to watch in seasons 2 and 3 because you felt that with every episode the show got more confusing and things never seemed to add up. It seemed there were always more questions and no answers. However, once season 4 started, so did the answers and the viewer has benefited.
    If you haven't seen this show before go "rent" it and get cuaght up. You won't be disappointed.
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