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  • I hated, hated, hated this show!

    I remember being highly skeptical of this show when the previews and promotions first started airing. But I very clearly remember watching the pilot episode and has a great dis-taste from the first moment. This is a rare kind of TV show one that grabs your butt and doesn't let go.

  • I've seen stupid shows before but this takes the cake.

    What do people see in this stupid show? Wow! People are lost. WHO GIVES A ****?! I sure don't. I can't believe they would be despirate enough to air such a retarded show. It makes no sense to me no matter how many times some tells me what its about. Definately not gettin' my vote for best show. It has mine for being the WORST!
  • "this show is boring and it stupid"

    If this show is like by people who watch it then they are likely to be boring and unoriginal too. I don't like this show cause it is sence less and arrigant. It does not go good in/with my shows and i need no opinion from any one!. lol to "bs" show!
  • final nail in the cofin "were here to take the boy"

    plane crash, polar bear, dodgy french woman, crused numbers, hatch in the ground, were here to take the boy - season 1's 24 eps rounded up in 20 words, season 2 isn't any better, used to watch this with some sort of morbid curosity now i've just decided its utter p**h
  • What a piece of craap! whotf would make this?

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate this show! If you like this show, you are probably lame/ only watch it for the LotR actor. He's gonna die soon anyway, so Stop Watching This WASTE OF TIME! did i mention how much i hate this horrible excuse for a show?
  • This is the stupidiest show ever all they do is be on an island that is supposedlly haunted this is the lamest show ever. They crashed on an island people thats not very interesting!!!! This is a shitty,asswipping show dont watch it , its a waste of time

    This is the stupidiest show ever all they do is be on an island that is supposedlly haunted this is the lamest show ever. They crashed on an island people thats not very interesting!!!! This is a shitty,asswipping show dont watch it , its a waste of time people. ha
  • Stripped of everything,48 survivors scavenge what they can from the plane for their survival.Some panic. Some pin their hopes on rescue.The band of friends, family, enemies and strangers must work together against the cruel weather and harsh terrain if th

    Lost is one of the best show in his history! The story is unique for a tv show, it has all the ingredient to make it big time...it's actually good enough for a movie, but that has already been filmed with Tom Hanks. Still I do think this story is good enough...
  • Miserable show

    I absolutly hate this show. It has no plot except a few rich people who are seemingly stuck on an island. Or are they??? Gilligan's Island was a more intriguing show. The Professor and Maryann had more brains than JOHN AND LOCKE. ihatelost.blogspot.com has the best coverage of this show that I have seen and its funny.
  • A crappy show

    Started watching it, but realised it was just crappy after about 20 episodes. I didn't even bother to watch the season finale of season 1. Started off great, but now I hate it. I don\'t want to watch another episode! It could have been a great show if it only ran for one season...
  • Basically Party of Five on a Island

    One of the worst show to be created inwhile. Uncreative, boring, poorly acted and overhyped are a few statements which sums up this show pretty well. IT's one of thsoe shows thats so dumb and ridiculous that you don't have to think too much about it. Thats why it's a popular show. Once people relize how bad this show is ABC will cancel it for sure.
  • A show that is truly boring.

    This show is so boring that most of the people I know stopped watching it half way through the season because they found it uninteresting. Me though I stopped watching it during the first episode. Pilot episodes should be able to catch your attention keep you asking questions about what will happen next. I wasn't interested I kept getting bored and I didn't care what happened next.
  • Lost is a rip-off of Gilligan's Island.

    Lost is a rip-off of Gilligan's Island. It's unoriginal, though it has more people stranded than Gilligan. Though, it gave ABC a hit, I'd rather be 'lost' in a desert than be watching the show, even though it is popular. I tuned in and it bored me. I didn't like it, and I don't want to watch the show again.
  • Reruns in the second season? Are you serious? After the awsume first season I conld not wait to see the second season. The reruns started and I Lost track of when to watch. What a drag, I loved watching the program. Lost, I agree the program has LO

    I'm not real sure how to put this. The suspense was what kept me watching. The mystery of the Island and its mysterious and elusive inhabitants. I enjoy the super natural aspect of the show. The unusually long and drawn out character back flash information I could have done without. This did eventually come together in the end of the first season to help put things in prospective. 47 days on one side of the Island took a whole season. I suspect all the passengers being killed on the other side of the Island was not as important, this only took 1 show. Wow. Then it happened, The season première very cool. What was it 2 or 3 shows and then the reruns started. This just blew the whole show. I wanted to see more and all I saw is last week, today 12/21/05 there is a 2 hour show. I saw this already!! I just changed the channel and watched Beavis and Buthead. These reruns I can at least laugh at.

    Get on with the show or get off the air!! It Is Irritating to watch reruns of a new show I did enjoy watching. In the beginning of a new season reruns suck.

    I suspect if the show is ever completed with the cast starting to get arrested and all, I will watch it on DVD without the commercial interruptions or THE RERUNS.


  • Sucked...

    Seriously, this sucked as hell, totally boring, the hatch thing was stupid! How can people watch something like that? I really don't understand why 28 million morons watch this stuff! I surely will NEVER EVER be watching that again! Veronica Mars will be the show to watch in this timeslot!
  • Is it just me or is this show starting to get boring?

    It feels that the story is going nowhere. Watching mildly interesting people living mildly interesting episodic life on an isolated island without any real story-line progress is starting to get sour. The flashbacks from the previous lives of the main characters are also getting old. I don't want to know all this minor irrelevant stuff about those characters. And as long as the rating is high we all know that those poor people will never get of the island. This means that each episode will continue to iterate over the same old recipe; slow progress of the island story-line + flashbacks.

    I had enough, get me "firefly" back instead :)
  • LOST sucks.

    i have to say i think this program is somewhat BS !

    They claim to be \"lost\" yet a fully trained camera crew always seems to be following there every move. You never see the camera crew and surley by now they must be starving!

    and if they managed to send the tapes to Channel 4 then you would think they had the brains to send a god dam SOS message! idiots ! Arrrhhhhhhhhh! idiots.

    Also is that dam aeroplane engine ever gonna stop spinning ! and whats the deal with the never ending fire!
  • I'll keep it short and simple.

    This is one of those shows that I feel like have been done a million times, I know I have seen this type of program before.

    I don't understand it, this shows isn't that well acted and its plot is campy and silly. The storylines will run dry next year.
  • I had to watch it once because of all of the buzz. Can I get my 60 minutes back please?

    From the first time I saw the information on the pilot I thought this sounds ridiculous and absurd, I couldn't believe ABC picked it up. It isn't the type of show I have any interest in so I never watched it. I had heard so much good about this show so I decided I should really check it out and see what everyone was talking about. I still don't get it. I found the show boring and uninteresting, the characters really didn't make me care if they were ever rescued or not. I have been a fan of Fox's since Party of Five and while I'm happy for him that the show is a success, it's not one I'll be watching.
  • This so is decent!

    I mean the show everyone talks about I watch and expect to see some amazing stuff. I was bored. I watched the first epidose and it was interesting and it had its high points. But I was bored way too much. The ending to the season finale was lame. I think I will watch the first next season to see how it is but if it is just like season 1 no thanks short stop!
  • Who ever thought this show was good was completely out of there mind. I think the show should of been cancelled after the first episode. The show is a drain on the network.

    The show sucks. The plot and setting to mellow dramatic. The show has gone way the hell out there to come up with the crap that it has. It should of been cancelled and been replaced with a better show like Family Guy. Farscape would be a awesome replacement for this crappy show. Lost should of been lost or accidentally destroyed in a fire. The director, script writer, crew and actors should be fired for putting crap like this on the air. Nice try Fox but Lost it sucks and to me should of not made it past the first episode. I would like to know how stupid do you have to be to like this show.
  • The idee is nice, But the presentation of the story the characters there the worst i've ever seen in a tv-show

    Its pure crap, the characters are dull, fake, pretensis and the acteurs are one of the worst i've ever seen. The show could be really cool, but the presentation off the show the angle its taking is really bad, its really not exciting to watch and completly overrated typical american bullshit (not that I hate american tv-shows) but this is really bad
  • One of the best pilot episodes ever. As for the rest of the series? (snooze)

    I didn't catch Lost during it's initial run, I decided to catch up on the repeats, since everyone has been raving about this show. ABC ran the pilot episode and most every episode starting the week (or two) after the finale aired.

    Oh my god, how great was that first hour? The horrors of a plane crash. The constant cries for help. The constant cries of pain... and then the mystery began. Something else is on the island.

    I ran right back to the TV, week after week... until I relized something... nothing happens. Nothing interesting ever happens. They cut to flashbacks like some kid just learning how to produce film or TV, it's laughable.

    And will they ever stop using these flashbacks? I was trying to explain to a friend how the flashbacks are the worst part of the show. But now I'm starting to realize that the most interesting things happen during those flashbacks, with the exception of when nothing really seems to happen in the flashback except acting out some crap we already know.

    Are we supposed to care about these characters? every episode I hate a new character because I just had to sit through his/her boring life story.

    I could go on and on about every aspect of the show; but since I've ripped into the flashbacks, I oughta explain my problem with the island stuff as well.

    Here is a run down of the "news-worthy" things:

    In the first epsiode of the two part "pilot", we have the actual plane crash.

    In episode 7, Jack got buried alive in a cave. And yet again, the show kept getting interupted with flashbacks of Charlie's music career.

    In episode 8, we learn that Sawyer's name is not really Sawyer, in one of the best written episodes, but who really cares? Sawyer is an ass. Who cares what his name is?

    In epsiode 10, Charlie and Claire get kidnapped.
    -11, Charlie comes back
    -12, Claire comes back

    Anyways, it must be really easy to write for this show when great episodes like 10-12 could've and should've been just one episode... it's no wonder that their season finale was 3 Hours long...

    This show runs slower than... I can't think of something that moves as slow as this show. But the next time someone says that Stephen King is long-winded, I'm gonna say nothing is as slow as Lost.
  • Whatever you do. Don't start watching this horrible nonsense.

    Starts out pretty good for about the first season and I held on to the last episode of last season. Give me my lost hours back, no pun intended. :-( The title says it all.

    And all the reviews with the rating 10 must be the actors/directors or someone responsible for this horrible mess. Makes me angry how people want to fool others into watching this. That's just mean and evil.
  • Ratings for S1-3, 5-7

    S1: 5/10

    S2: 0/10

    S3: 0/10

    S5: 0/10

    S6: 0/10

    S7: 0/10
  • This was the worst ending ever written for a semi-decent TV series.

    This was the worst ending ever written for a semi-decent TV series. I saw the recap show prior to the final episode. The writers were patting each other on the back. The final few seasons were horrible, from a viewing and writing perspective. Too many loose strings that were knotted up. The story was convoluted. They needed to stick to the Island story. We do not need to know how they hooked up after the flight landed. We needed to know what happened to the characters and the island. There were no discernable answers given regarding the first few seasons.
  • In our "Creative Writing 101" class in college we were taught that worthwhile fiction must not leave the reader feeling cheated.

    Sherlock Holmes cannot solve the most diabolical crime in his career...and then spring the heretofore unknown clue in his explanation. The writer must give the reader (or in the case of TV, the viewer) all the clues necessary to arrive, hopefully, at the same conclusion as the protagonist in the concluding pages of the story. A writer who cannot accomplish this goal is simply wasting the time of his audience. Our beloved writers of the "Lost" series; while spinning a exceptionally compelling tale for six years, I'm afraid, would receive a failing grade in their concluding chapter. To expect the viewer of this "Lost" series to accept a 'faith-based' heavenly miracle scenario as the conclusion to the complex storyline which has so widely been promoted to provide closure is reminiscent of the plots of "I Dream of Jeanie" or "Bewitched"! It is an insult to even the moderately intelligent viewer. The ending was little different from the twitch of a nose or the blink of a genie. It must be noted that the writers of this series most certainly started out strong and have shown a solid 'middle game' strategy...but their 'end game' following the consistent 'promise of closure' leaves the viewer wishing two things. Firstly, that the stirring plots of the above comedies were still in vogue and secondly that the writers of "Lost" had all taken an additional year's course in creative writing. It would not be surprising to learn that any future series done by the same team as "Lost" will receive much less credibility.
  • Purgatory or no Purgatory? That is the question...

    I wrote a review right after the show aired and gave it a 4. I thought the ending was lame, but hey - they were all in purgatory, so no explanation was necessary as everything that happened was just people's perceptions of this transitioning stage to another dimension or something like that. Reading the reviews here, it looks like the events in the show actually happened with survivors of the crash. If this is the case, we do need some answers. But hello - how could Juliet have survived in one piece if the bomb exploded under her nose? How could Jack and Kate have killed MIB if the body of Locke was in another place, i.e. - MIB in a Locke's body was an illusion... Anyways, I am changing my score to 1 as if purgatory is not the answer, it is much worse that I thought... and the show needed more specific answers to cover for that events that actually happened.

    SUGGESTION TO ABC - if there are no contractual obligations with the current writers, do an alternate version of season 6 - Normal IQ Fan's Edition - based on theories from some great sites that explain Lost mysteries based on mythology. Some of these theories are plausible and could give closure to many mysteries such as The numbers, Jacob, smoke monster, time travel and so forth. ABC could form a team with these folks - probably a younger team than the one that gave us yesterday's finale, with much more energy and brain power to connect all the dots in the main story of the show.
  • The end is the beggining of the end

    The end is the beggining of the end. That is what I think about what was "Lost" after all of its six seasons. When I first watched at 2004, I've got really impressed about how realistic it was being, reporting the drama about the plane's accident and how people's life were changed, showing the "afters" and "befores". Also, it had such beautifull scenes of the jungle, the sea, and so on. Not to mention the cast, that was excelent and totally fundamental to the development of the story. Every episode used to end leaving some disturbing questions. It was the first time people were seeing the concept of "flashbacks" and that was gripping!

    The meantime during the development of the series's next seasons was painfull to wait, because the fans were so curious about what was going to happen in the island. While I was waiting for the next seasons premiere , I used to have discussions with friends about predictions of next episode's events. So, when the debut day comes, the last mysteries were solved and new mysteries were being made. The main story was been filled with far-fetched events, some new characters were being introduced and some others were dying. At this point, it was easy to discover those who were playing the role of key characters. Sometimes, episodes were fast-moving and scary, sometimes they were really moving, but the main story itself was so far to make sense. It was just an island full of secrets and supernatural events, where who is in there wants to get out, and vice versa.

    Then, as "Lost" were getting closer to the end, all those past events, doubts and supernatural events were being solved. And if you can remember of the initial chapters, the whole plot starts to make sense. They all were dead since the first moment, and were given a chance for redemption, accepting their faults and facing their fears. Also, it left some spiritual concepts about living and, specially, the reason to be true and honest with itself. Everyone has a second chance, no matter where you are. The most clear example of this concept was in a scene where Desmond, one of the key characters, said to Jack in his first appearance: "See you in another life, brotha".
  • Typical of the best of Hollywood: Good, then trashed.

    This series is typical of what hack Hollywood writers do to shows. Some good writer starts out with a good show, good plot, good finance, etc and creates a hit show. Then, after a few months, he/she gets bored and wants to do something else. Then new hacks come in and want to put THEIR spin on the show, without understanding why the audience has made it a hit.

    Then it hits the crapper.

    Lost is typical of this. It starts out intriguing and unusual, with charming and interesting characters, with lots and lots of latitude to go wonderful places with the plot.

    Then the hacks come along and inject a hate-filled atmosphere, with unbelievable characters doing stoooopid things that no one would ever contemplate doing, just to service the lazy writing.

    Just like "land developers": - Wow, what a beautiful lake. Let's develop it!
  • Booooooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg

    I have so many problems with this TV series it is hard to decide where to start tearing it down. I'm going to go with its unoriginality first. It's like Jurassic Park meets Survivor in this horribly acted drama series. I only had to watch one episode to realize what a joke it was. I heard it was supposed to be good, but wasn't I in for a surprise. Another problem: it is so completely formulaic! Oh my goodness something great is going to happen, and then commercial. And when the program returns nothing happens. I think the best word to describe this show is anticlimactic. I think I already mentioned acting problems... It is possible to have a good show without great actors, but a drama relies more heavily on acting, and in this case not even the editing can help the acting. This show is definitely not for everyone, however if you like mainstream you probably will like this show, and if you rated it you probably gave it a 10. Good for you. However, if you like something that is more interesting and less boring, do not waste your time with this show. It’s a regular snooze-athon. At first I was surprised it was so popular, but then I realized it’s just mainstream America that is watching it. Figures.
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