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  • deepressing

    ok first after i watch this show i got so depressed because its violent i know many people who love this show but its full of weapons no comedy what so ever i dont like any shows with weapons its just full of fighting and everyones to serious i mean enjoy your life watch some comedy also its always raining [ expression ] so i would never watch this show and thats also why i rated it 3 . 0 k now if you watch this show at least watch something non deprresing after like ,scrubs or something thatll crack u up
  • Plane crashes on mysterious Island where many passengers survive and undergo implausible but exciting happenings. Left you wondering why these occurences are happening hoping for explanation.But becoming confusing and no end or explanation in sight.

    At first, good show but now writers making it up as show continues since the producers discovered it unexpectedly popular.Irrevelant characters introduced making it confusing and then you become lost. No real explanations for happenings "Jumped the shark" when characters wanted to return to Island. That's when I lost interest and stopped watching.
    If the show had concluded with all questions answered at end of second series, it would have been a good show, but now some of the characters want to back to the island after all the trauma they sustained in getting off it, it's lost its credibility and my interest. No longer bother watching it.
  • Lost?? Really?

    When I first heared of LOST I was intrigued with the rest of the world. Airplane crash, deserted jungle, good looking cast members. Everything that would make a show awesome. Unfortunetly all that I could think about when I watched the first episode was "Hello turn the corner and you'll run right into Club Med and they'll take good care of you". After watching the first I couldn't take the cast and story seriously. Subpar acting mixed with a ridiclous story line and yet it keeps on going. Which I give you propse for LOST, way to keep the world panting for more!
  • Oceanic Flight 815 crashes down on a deserted island or so they thought.The island is filled with people, the Others,the Dharma people, and now the survivors of Oceanic 815.If you enjoy merry-go-rounds jump on for a dose of unending circular reasoning.

    This is the time I wish that Lost was really lost. The show is just an unending maze of circular reasoning, where one question leads to a dozen more questions. At first this was fun but now it is just getting monotonous. In this latest episode we know have the defunked Sawyer as the undisputed leader of the remnants of the once great clan of Dr. Sheppard. Sawyer and Juliet, the ex-love interest of Dr. Sheppard, now share a bungalow in the Dharma Initiative and are playing house. Can't this Sawyer guy get anything of his own? Meanwhile, Locke returned to civilization through a well and has talked a group of six survivors, which made it back to civilization 3 years earlier, to return to the island. One of these survivors is Kate, which was also an ex-love interest of both Dr. Sheppard and Sawyer. Now the cat fur is going to fly!
  • It had the potential to be something original and great but by the end of season one it quickly became "blue-balling" hell.

    The thing that drew me into this so quickly was the pilot. It gave me a sense that this was going to be a show that loosely used the ideas from the book "Lord Of The Flies". That is, how would the human race react if it was taken away from civilation and forced to rely on each other to survive.

    This theme is evident within the show, with people blaming other people for things gone wrong and killing each other over ridiculous reasons. What we quickly see is that there is a bigger picture to be realized. Suddenly the viewer is thrown a whole lot of puzzles and riddles and we are stuck to figure out the whole mess. This is the hook that kept me watching, but by the end of the season was the reason my taste for this show went from a 10 to a 6.

    Solving the big picture is exciting. Don't get me wrong. However when you are given a whole lot of clues and NEVER any answers, you begin to wonder "What's the point?" I am honestly pondering whether or not the writers of this show even wrote what the big puzzle is. Don't get me wrong, there are certain clues that connect to each other, but by the end you are still left with an unsatisfied appetite.

    Simply put, the show has a lot of build up with no big boom.
  • It is just realy realy bad.

    The show lost is about a group of stranded people. On this island there is "something" scary. This show has a great similarity to BWP since they both focus around the unknown, and that is suposed to frighten us. I personaly think that this show is horrible and that it's going around in cirkles without doing any thing to get the show some "fresh blood". Ive seen around 2-3 episodes and those were just going and going and going. way to many cliffhangers.

    This show will run until 2010, and after around six seasons they will terminate the show, ive fore one think that they should either throw a new concept to make it more apealing, or call it quits right now.
  • Lost started out so well and broke ground in its originality and concept. It fed the imagination and left you hungry for more. So why do I feel like I had my fill by Season 3, Episode 6? I just couldn't bring myself to watch any more.

    My flames of passion for the show are no more than smouldering embers now. It was not until I had long term illness that I decided to watch S3 and S4 back to back. Every get the feeling you were right all along? That was me for S3. S4 however did the job of recovering the show to its former glory. What I find hard to get my head around is how they messed it up so much more in S5?

    My view of Lost and what brought about its demise can be broken down into a few bullet points.

    1. Capitalisation.
    2. Prolonging the inevitable.
    3. Weakened plotlines.

    It is clear that ABC want to make as much money from this show as possible, hey that's the way of the world but surely it would be wise to keep their product viable instead of relying on its hype to keep it going. Random events that happen in the show and add nothing to the unfolding plot line, should not be included. I refer mainly to the 'flash forwards' of S5 in particular. This is the most ludicrous idea I have ever seen in TV history. They serve no purpose but to waste time in an episode and extend the life of the show. Why would you want to see that Sayid had worked for Ben as a hit man? I gleamed nothing from knowing this except Sayid had reason to distrust Ben, as if he didn't before. This could have been mentioned in a conversation to drop the information to the viewers without minutes being wasted. Same goes for the flashbacks to an extent. This was a plague to S3 that made it unwatchable to all but the sheep-minded out there. I recall one episode of S3 burning 28 minutes of a 42 minute episode on flashbacks regarding Loc. This could have been done in 6-8 minutes with equal effectiveness.

    What makes me so sad about Lost is that there is so much potential for events to happen that had its foundations laid back in S1 and S2. Now with the addition of the time jumping, it opens up a door for so much more. Why waste episodes away with trivial detail and pointless information? Are the writers under pressure to draw out events for as long as possible, or is there something more sinister taking place behind the scene?

    Lost must take a page from the strong rival shows around it, mainly Heroes and Dexter. Heroes shares much in common with Lost in that it has the potential for a lengthy storyline with gripping plots and twists in each event. With newly gifted people popping up all over the place and most of them taking the good or bad path, it allows for continued development of the main characters. Dexter on the other hand could have a shorter life span unless its writers continue to do the excellent job they are doing. There is only so much killing that can happen before those close to Dexter begin to suspect him (again). Both these shows seem to get by without the need for meaty yet pointless flashback (or forwards) to drag out the show. They both thrive on keeping the storylines moving and stimulating the viewer. I can only hope that Lost S5 proves to be the turning point for it to find it self once more.
  • Lost...mediocre and overrated.

    I wonder if anyone besides myself has been reminded of the old "The Prisoner" series from the 60's starring Patrick McGoohan while watching "Lost". Lost seems to employ the same basic gestault of the Prisoner series but not as well. And with any work of fiction, especially with a science fiction or fantasy theme,in order for the viewer to continue to appreciate the storyline and continue to watch, a willing suspention of disbelief is necessary on the part of the viewer. I'm sorry, but with Lost...it just doesn't work for me as it did with the old prisoner series. Lost kis a study in mediocraty.
  • really lost

    The first 2 seasons were great. can't say the same for the last 3 seasons. I knew they would have a hard time to tie the loose ends and mystery strings they sewed.

    As the 5th season started, the show looks like a desperate tentative to fill all the holes they randomly opened during the first 4.

    It is obvious they didn't have any idea of a "main mystery plot" when they first wrote the first seasons, that now anything they come up to give an explanation is interestingly complicated. (it is not really complicated, but u don't want to use brain power to try to solve it).

    But one really disappointing move is to tie the whole think to a "time travel" matter. It is the most used and overused and obvious thread there has been.

    Here is how the show is gonna be this 5th season: Action, action and again action. why? because they will have difficulties to tie the loose ends, they will drawn the subject into action, to disperse our attention. Action hypnotizes and takes u away from questions like "hey, what about that polar bear thing? what was it doing on a tropical island?" ;)
  • Lost is a show that would work as a movie, but asks too many questions and doesn't answer anything.

    When Lost is good, it's good. The pilot had plenty of suspense and action, but for some reason the suspense was completely taken out for the rest of the season until the three-part finale. The 19 episodes in between were not very interesting. They relied on how much you liked the character that was the center of the backstory flashbacks. There were so many mysteries in Season One-- What is the monster? What is in the hatch? Why can Locke walk? What are The Numbers? Who are The Others? The season finale answered nothing. We may or may not have seen The Others and seen 2% of the monster. Besides that, we learned nothing. It makes you wonder if the writers even know the answers.
  • I've seen greater shows

    But they were made by the master of cinema himself called David Lynch and nothing will ever be comparable to his works so I'm not even gonna try that..

    So one can say Lost isn't so bad after all. No not at all! Actually I really enjoyed the first 5 seasons where you could only guess what is really going on. Now last season is running and I am willing to participate my thoughts.

    And they are as simple as the following:

    Maybe the (on the go) writers should have left us in the dark instead of cutting lost puzzle pieces out of carton =)

    And please never ever let Allison Janney act again. It hurts peoples feelings to see her mimics and hear her bad latin with american accent (LOL) in a once so great show...
  • Ratings for S1-3, 5-7

    S1: 5/10

    S2: 0/10

    S3: 0/10

    S5: 0/10

    S6: 0/10

    S7: 0/10
  • just don't tell me that u all bought that crap

    F###ING KIDING ME ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! And I thought that Smallwille was waste of time,but this giant pile of S##T is unbelievable.
    I still can't grasp the full stupidity of writers,
    did they even watch the show before releasing it on TV,if they did than that great sentence from even greater Albert Einstein its best application (Only two things are infinitive,human stupidity and space and I'm not so sure about space)
    Sorry about my English but u get my point
  • This show is getting just a little too weird, and hard to follow.

    This show is getting just a little weird. It started out great, but it has gotten to strange and hard to follow. It is hard to believe that people are still sticking with this one. Where is all this weirdness heading to? The characters are not very likable and get freakier by the week. This show should have ended a long time ago. The show just seems to go nowhere, and it is hard to stay interested in it. They need to pick up the pace on this one and give it some true direction, as it is putting us to sleep.
  • I think the category for this show is Soap Opera.

    I know a lot of people think this show is great. But it is nothing more than a creative soap opera. From the unreliable friendships to the lying, cheating and murder. There is not one thing about this series that stands out as a reason to watch it much less buy it on DVD. How or why Ben is still around and allowed to call all the shots is beyond me. I hope that Hollywood can eventually find a way to produce some real classics again, because shows like this are definitely not made for family viewing with young children.
  • The worst show in tv or at least one of the worst

    Ok...really why i see this show. I have take the desicion of stop watching. I found it lame, slow, poor acting, poor writing, ...and do they think im stupid.
    Come one they dont find anything more interesting than timetravel. I mean toy have flashbacks, flashforwards...and now timr travel.
    Every scene had to begin with "not showing the character" come on is the 5 season we know all the character, its just stupid. So well all true blind lost fans dont worry you wont recive more reciews from my persona. Im done with this show, its worst that the disapointing heroes, still heroes may reborn of the ashes. Lost is lost since the 3 season. I will stay with shows like battlestar and true blood where at least they are not lieying to me.
  • How can a show that used to be so good suck so much now?

    Seriously, when this show was first out I was fascinated by it. It had what I thought to be a really good storyline and seemed to be going places. Now though the show is completely ridiculous. The show's quality is going downhill fast and not even a giant parachute is going to stop it from coming to a crash at the bottom. At the end of season one there were a lot of questions left unanswered, but I was fine with it because I thought that they would be answered in the second season. Well, I'd be wrong wouldn't I? The second season hardly answered anything and instead decided to raise more questions that aren't going to be answered ever. This show is ridiculous, don't even waste your time watching it. All users who disagree know where they can stick it.
  • This show should not be number one.

    Lost is the stupitest show I have ever watched. I don't know why its on TV, it should of only lasted one season. It should not be number one in most populare shows, I do not know why people waest there time watching one of the worst shows in the world.

    This show is worst than those stupit Lifetime movies, that are so bad I just walk out of the room. Why anyone would watch this show is beony me. Now charatoons are a lot better than this show. It should be off the air, but what do I know, its just my opinion so don't get mad at me, I like what I like.

    I may not like Lost, but know out there get mad at me for telling everyone what I think. It is just what I think, and you people most likely don't like some of my shows, and some of you make bad RWs about my shows so just deal with my thoughts.
  • As much as people love this series, I don't find the point in it. I mean it is interesting and it has good drama and good storylines but some things are too freaky that I don't understand how they came to be. I mean how do they survive in that island?

    This show is a show that I see once in a while online. I do like the story lines because all of them are interesting. Most of the characters in that island are very unique and different from each other. They also have good pasts that make us understand why they are the way they are. The setting is okay but how do they get food to survive and how do they get clothing, and how do they stay clean. I don't get it. I also don't get how they always meet new people if they're on an island and what is the BIG mystery. I do like the fact that they do flashbacks in every episode but other than that I don't get this sci-fi show.
  • Show with promise that went to the crapper in mid season 2.

    Lost was one of those shows where it had such a great first season i could not see how they could mess it up in season two. But oh boy did this show go into the toilet fast. Oh so very disappointing. The first season had logical mystery, suspense, tension and story telling teaching us about the people on the flight. It was shocking when it was revealed that Locke was once was a handicapped person. With the cliffhanger ending of season 1 i thought the second season would continue what i loved about the show, but nope. Through logic out the window with the black guy being killed by smoke monster and having the people from the tail of the plane survive and the list goes on for how the show become oh so crappy.
  • Lost....no seriously I am sooo freaking Lost when it comes to this show!

    When I first started watching Lost I enjoyed and thought it was amazingly well thought out...that lasted for about two or three seasons...Now I am asking myself what...huh? The story line is all over the place and I cant even tell whats going on anymore..They either need to just end it, or actually make some freaking progress into the plot. Just my opinion. Some people still like it and are still watching it but a lot of people aren't any more because of how bouncy the story line is. Chaos describes this series.Like I said its just my opinion. End
  • People are sheep - they will follow a manipulator straight into a red hot oven, if the manipulator knows the right words that makes them to follow. That is what LOST is - manipulation! And it sucks!

    This show looks fantastic! The people are beautiful, the topography is blue earth, and the atmosphere - Twilight Zone! Great stuff! But...

    This show is a mess of creative execution! Why kill off the stars of the show? Why are your writers frustrating your fans when you know the fans hate you! Why are you cutting back when you should be giving us more! Why are Lieber, Abrams, and Lindelof giving their truly half-assed all to this show? Abrams, how about directing LOST out of the hole you have put it in, Stupid! You made this mess! Fix it!
  • Wasn't even worth the time to watch, this has been done before and alot better.

    This show is nothing but a Gilligan's Island rip off, but with out all the qualities that made that show great. Its pathetic and unoriginal not to mention way to much drama, who needs another drama show on TV. The characters are 2d they have no depth, and nothing about this show managed to draw me into it. I gave it a try I watched two episodes the pilot and the second episode Tabula Rasa before I decided to watch something else. I don't know why people watch this show but its not for the stories, I've seen better stories in B movies. All in all a very forgeable show, one that I won't miss once the network finally cancels it.

    have a nice day
  • a group of plane crash survivors must survive on an island

    LOST is about the adventures of plane crash survivors on a mysterious island. They find all manner of bizarre and strange things there such as underground chambers led to by a hatch, steamy mist that assumes the shape of an aeroplane and appears to be a mechanical ghost of some variety, several strange finds such as virgin mary dolls filled with drugs and a corpse in a plane, and all manner of other bizarre finds. They encounter strange things and fight 'the others' a mysterious group of islanders. Meanwhile all the bizarre events seem to lead to some grand inevitable conclusion, though as of yet it has not been granted us for our satisfaction. Due to its overly dramatic nature, overly complex plots and rather complicated and weird nature i don't enjoy it that much, and besides, get to the darn coclusion already!
  • Interesting show, but depends on continuity and makes it hard to really feel for the characters

    Lost is a great show with an interesting concept, and since season 5 it has really become a 'hate it or love it'-show because of the time travelling. I didn't like it at first, but it started to grow on me and I'm starting to like it now (I just watched episode 5x04).

    The problem with this show is that you have to know the whole history to understand it. If you haven't watched the first seasons and pick up in, let's say season 4, you're lost. And it's not just a show where you can lay back in your sofa and take a break, Lost demands some serious thinking on behalf of the viewer. These things are probably the reason why this show has lost a big amount of viewers: only the core remains. And with +/- 9 million viewers, it's still a good one.

    There isn't really a zoom in on the emotions of the characters or they aren't likeable and that's why I can't really feel for them. Maybe it's also because of the huge cast, but it makes the drama less confronting and that sucks, because I really wanted to love this show. Since season 4, it's become better and I'm glad about that.

    To end on a positive note, it's good to know the show's going to end next year. There are a lot of questions and it's frustrating to keep waiting for the answers, but knowing everything will be revealed (at least) next year makes it a lot less harder.
  • Purgatory or no Purgatory? That is the question...

    I wrote a review right after the show aired and gave it a 4. I thought the ending was lame, but hey - they were all in purgatory, so no explanation was necessary as everything that happened was just people's perceptions of this transitioning stage to another dimension or something like that. Reading the reviews here, it looks like the events in the show actually happened with survivors of the crash. If this is the case, we do need some answers. But hello - how could Juliet have survived in one piece if the bomb exploded under her nose? How could Jack and Kate have killed MIB if the body of Locke was in another place, i.e. - MIB in a Locke's body was an illusion... Anyways, I am changing my score to 1 as if purgatory is not the answer, it is much worse that I thought... and the show needed more specific answers to cover for that events that actually happened.

    SUGGESTION TO ABC - if there are no contractual obligations with the current writers, do an alternate version of season 6 - Normal IQ Fan's Edition - based on theories from some great sites that explain Lost mysteries based on mythology. Some of these theories are plausible and could give closure to many mysteries such as The numbers, Jacob, smoke monster, time travel and so forth. ABC could form a team with these folks - probably a younger team than the one that gave us yesterday's finale, with much more energy and brain power to connect all the dots in the main story of the show.
  • This is the best show on television, despite the fact that the writers "sold out" this final season.

    Overall, LOST is the most intriguing, well-acted television show I've ever watched. In the past, it's been absolutely captivating. Unfortunately, the final season has been disappointing. Some explanations are just too obvious and simplistic and make me laugh. I cannot believe how the lead up and teases were so dramatic and spurred so much internet and talk show chatter, and then the writers just stopped trying to be interesting and provocative when it came to the promised reveals. Sometimes, I lose interest and forget to watch the rest of an episode. Other times, I have been insulted and stopped watching. Nonetheless, it's still the best show going.
  • The end is the beggining of the end

    The end is the beggining of the end. That is what I think about what was "Lost" after all of its six seasons. When I first watched at 2004, I've got really impressed about how realistic it was being, reporting the drama about the plane's accident and how people's life were changed, showing the "afters" and "befores". Also, it had such beautifull scenes of the jungle, the sea, and so on. Not to mention the cast, that was excelent and totally fundamental to the development of the story. Every episode used to end leaving some disturbing questions. It was the first time people were seeing the concept of "flashbacks" and that was gripping!

    The meantime during the development of the series's next seasons was painfull to wait, because the fans were so curious about what was going to happen in the island. While I was waiting for the next seasons premiere , I used to have discussions with friends about predictions of next episode's events. So, when the debut day comes, the last mysteries were solved and new mysteries were being made. The main story was been filled with far-fetched events, some new characters were being introduced and some others were dying. At this point, it was easy to discover those who were playing the role of key characters. Sometimes, episodes were fast-moving and scary, sometimes they were really moving, but the main story itself was so far to make sense. It was just an island full of secrets and supernatural events, where who is in there wants to get out, and vice versa.

    Then, as "Lost" were getting closer to the end, all those past events, doubts and supernatural events were being solved. And if you can remember of the initial chapters, the whole plot starts to make sense. They all were dead since the first moment, and were given a chance for redemption, accepting their faults and facing their fears. Also, it left some spiritual concepts about living and, specially, the reason to be true and honest with itself. Everyone has a second chance, no matter where you are. The most clear example of this concept was in a scene where Desmond, one of the key characters, said to Jack in his first appearance: "See you in another life, brotha".
  • If anyone has any intellectual ability whatsoever, they would know better.

    Well, as all debut episodes do, it started off as a 'bang'. Since the first episode, it has been as all American Dramas are:

    Terrible. The actors, look as if they are presenting a speech for a eulogy at a funeral, the sets are as original as Douglas Haig's idea of crossing No Man's Land without body armour, and the accents of Dominic Monaghan and Co. are as about as convincing as a man who is trying to give a speech on history in a pair of sunglasses.

    If you hate American directors, if you hate American soap operas, if you DETEST American acting, then do not waste half an hour of your time watching this R U B B I S H.
  • Pure dramatic psycho babble each episode.

    This show is garbage. There are about a million loopholes and plot twists that were random and meant nothing. Once the producers figured out they had absolutely nowhere to go anymore they just threw in another big plot twist to make us forget about the ones that came before.
    What happened to the 'monster', or the black smoke?
    What happened to libby being in the same mental institution as hugo?
    What happened to the giant foot or whatever on the island?
    I resent the producers for not knowing where they were going. I think now they finally have a plan because of all the criticism they've been receiving.
    They didn't know what to do with ana lucia and libby so they killed them off.
    What is this garbage about desmond being able to see the future?
    If you want to see proper story telling and not some extravaganza of pure bull every episode, then watch heroes. At least they have a vague idea of what is happening.
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