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  • This is one of the most engaging TV shows to come out in a long time.

    I remember being highly skeptical of this show when the previews and promotions first started airing. But I very clearly remember watching the pilot episode and being completely sucked in right from the first moment. This is a rare kind of TV show--one that grabs hold of you and simply doesn't let go all season.

    The key is character development, and Lost has tons of it. I simply feel like I know these people and have invited them into my living room every Wednesday night. I really can't remember a time when I've felt such a strong connection to a TV show.
  • People are a little too impatient on the unanswered questions that the series is displaying. Everything cannot be answered in one season.

    In regards to "Lost", the entire first season was basically a foundation of where the series will go in upcoming years. It's hard for them to lay out many answers ans this is a show that is supposedly going to be on the air for many years. The mysteries have to keep piling up for the first season and will slowly get answered as the years go by.

    The writers on this show are very smart and know exactly what they are doing. With a premise like \"Lost\" it has to be calculated on when things get revealed. The fact of being on a deserted mystery island has its limitations and yet has to be believably and action-packed at the same time. Just give it time beyond the first season. Only the foundation was being set this season. It will all come around in time for impatient viewers.
  • THE WORST SHOW EVER... According to the slow, the dumb and the people unable to understand such extrodinary writing.

    After reading many reviews on this website I began to realise people saying things like it, they ask questions and don't answer them? Well duh! If they solved the mystery in season one what would we expect in further seasons.

    Also in LOST, people say they don't watch the show because it has gotten silly? For example from being a show about survivors on an island with polar bears to a time traveling island. Well duh again! I mean if we had the button, the freighter, time travel and such straight away what would there be left to watch. For those uses to watching the stupidest of shows that don't involve using any part of your brain, you wont understand the world "progression." In a porgramme they start of with little things, the noise of "The Monster" then "The Hatch," then "Jacob's (apparent) Haunted Cabin," then move up in the ranks to "Island moving," and "Time travel."

    If the writers done all the big stuff at the start we would be left with nothing... Zilch! So sorry that this show invoves a bit intelect and problem solving. I believe you all need a few lessons.
  • This is one of the most interesting shows on TV

    I don't know if this is true for anyone else but this show reminds me of the old PC game "Myst". I never fully got through Myst and it always seemed like I wandered around on the island and found things whose purpose I never really knew. It was always a little out there and had a certian mythical aspect.

    I find all these same traits in Lost. There are things on and about the island that never seem to be fully explained. The metal hatch, the smoke, the french woman, the spooky creatures, etc. It is like a puzzle that never seems to be fully solved.

    Having said all that, it really seems to work. The stories and acting are first class and it always seems to challenge your thinking. It is a very special show and my only question is how the story lines will hold up after a couple of years.
  • Epic ending to an incredible journey!

    I thought the final episode was perfect in every way. It was daring and it actually meant something which will challenge people who watched the show for different than for the characters. But for most people, this was an incredibly satisfying ending. It's been a long time since I've been on the edge of my seat for 2 and a half hours while watching any movie, yet LOST was able to do just that with a riveting conclusion that stands with the best episodes the show has ever delivered. It was so emotional to let go. The final shot with Jack's eye was poignant and exceptionally beautiful! a perfect 10~~~
  • This is THE BEST show to come on to television.......EVER.

    Its hard to believe a good show can come out of all this crap that's airing today *cough* reality television *cough* but this show has done it.

    First of all, it just LOOKS so damn good, with it being shot in Hawaii (no sets of course) in the beautiful jungle and the camera capturing every colour of green, brown, blue etc.....it looks perfect. Also, all of the main characters are VERY likeable....it's hard to single out a favorite, but if I had to choose I'd go with Locke or Hurley, and I don't think I even have a least favorite. And if one of them gets killed off (I wont spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it) it hits HARD, I cried and cried when it happened (never done that with a TV show before). This is also the first TV series that uses a whole orchestra for the music...it really sets the mood of the entire show.

    The main reason why this show is so good is the episodes themselves (half of the episode is on the island, and half of it is flashbacks of one character....and it works suprisingly well). These aren't like your average episodes of a TV series......it works more like a mini series, where if you miss an epsiode you'll be lost (no pun intended) but trust me, you WILL NOT want to miss an episode....it just draws you in and never lets go. And it's not just about a bunch of people stranded on an island solving problems that come their way, this island has some REALLY freaky things going on in it. Such as: A "monster" type thing that tears up trees and kills a few people (but no one has actually seen), polar bears start attacking people (on a TROPICAL island), these "special" numbers keep on appearing everywhere, some sort of hatch is embedded in the ground....with no way to open it, I could go on and on.....but it's better if you just see it for yourself. Looking back on the season, I can't even think of a bad episode....all the stories flow so well together (considering how much is going on with all the characters), they're all so good.

    There is only one problem with this show though, a lot of episodes end with a cliffhanger to be solved in the next episode....and this will drive you INSANE!! Especially the season finale, 1 week was hard enough to wait....now I have to wait 3 months for the answer?? Aaaaarg!! Only a great show like this could drive people insane trying to figure out what'll happen next. All and all, this has to be my favorite show of all time and shouldn't be missed......even if your life depended on it :D
  • Add a rich drama with compelling charchter driven storylines, a sprinkle of humour, chunks of island mystrey and monsters, top it with a tearjearker cherry and what you have is Lost, possibly the greatest sci-fi drama ever writen

    The surrivors of Oceanic 815, a plane that crash landed on a mysterious and magical island, starts off innocent enough (Expect for possibly being attacked by a giant monster made out of smoke, and polar bears), with the surrivors seeking rescue, shelter, food and water. Slowly we come to learn the tale of all our surrivors, all their dirty secrets, how they were all destined to arrive on this island and how their lives have always been somehow connected. Divisions in the group appear very early on and esculate as time passes by, some believe they were meant to be their, others believed it was concidence, they are solely their because a plane crashed, they have no divine purpose. The surrivors also learn that they not alone on this island, their are "others"

    The best way to experince Lost without watching it, is to throw a ten thousand piece jigsaw around your house, with people you don't know. Some of the pieces you find will fit to make the bigger picture clearer, some are put their to throw you off (Though they will suprise you as to were they fit and what they show), and other's you will not have a clue about till the jigsaw is nearly complete. You'll learn more of the people you share your time with, sometimes they'll tell you tales that will make you laugh and their will be times that these tales will make you cry, but they will always keep you focused and entertained. When the jigsaw is complete, you'll feel statsified at what your looking at, if not a little suprised.

    Each season of Lost has offered, we the viewers, something different, it has never felt as if it wasn't going somewere but their have been times an episode just fell flat. Everything has its slight imperfections (Nothing will ever be perfect), the things this show does right are so rewarding and enjoyable, you carn't really grumble at one or two bad episodes. Its a show that is not afraid to surprise and shock you, it isnt afraid to make you smile, cry or draw a deep breath at one of its many twists and turns and this is what makes Lost brillant. But to explain any of this show to you now, wouldn't make any sense, you need to watch it from the start, but when its five o clock in the morning and your telling your spouse just one more episode, don't blame me!
  • AWESUM... my personal FAVORITE

    I first started watching lost back in 05 because of a friend. He used to tell me to watch this again and again. So I finally bought the DVD. To be frank, i am not into sci-fi and all, but let me tell u ppl something... this show, LOST, changed me completely.
    After i started watching it on DVD, i could not stop, i watched all the 1st season ep in 2 days, tats how crazy i was. Today i follow LOST every weak, and cant wait for the next week. I just saw S05E06 and this is my favorite episode ever. Right from the start, you attach yourself to the characters and want them to move ahead. Its a show full of MYSTERIES, and the mystery unfolds slowly, and its definitely worth the wait!!. Now, what can i say about the writers, they are BEYOND GENIUSES. After each episode you will find yourself saying "what the hell just happened" and it will blow your mind away...
  • Lost is a wonderful drama series which is so much versatile in nature. It's got mystery, imaginative elements, science fiction, suspense, thrilling and what not. It's got an innovative storyline featuring one/two particular character in each episode.

    Lost is one of those shows that hold you glued to it and after watching each episode you are bound to say "It could not have been any better." The show is very much enriched for the way the writers have incorporated their storylines and imagination in it. A bunch of people are destined to crash on an island which is full of endless mysteries and unpredictable turns. The show got better and better as each season ended followed by a new one. You will feel like you are also lost with the characters in this island as you'll watch it and you will feel sad as they keep trying to make all the unsuccessful attempt to escape the island. The show is in its 5th season and there are still tons of mysteries to be solved. You definitely can't stop watching until you get into the end of the season. This show is that awesome.
  • AMAZING! Only gets better with time...

    It's so funny that some people have watched this show from the beginning and are suddenly now complaining that it's not realistic. this is a show that introduced a jungle smoke "monster" in the first episode of the series!! I'm not sure how delusional you have to be to not notice that this is a mystery/fantasy show after watching it for 4 seasons, but I guess that is a testament to the amazing writing and acting on LOST, that they could have polar bears in the jungle, a smoke monster, and a magic button that saves the world and people still felt it was all plausible until time travel was introduced...amazing!
  • This show is absolutely phenomenal. I am intrigued by every single episode and they always come up with something no one has ever thought of before. The show is influential and inspiring.

    This show is absolutely phenomenal. I am intrigued by every single episode and they always come up with something no one has ever thought of before. The show is influential and inspiring. There is also a sense of spiritualness that the show gives off. After every episode, there is a distinct moral or lesson learned. The show is far from just an entertainment it is a show that teaches and expands your mind. When I first saw this show on television I thought it was boring and the plot line was too confusing. However, once I went to Abc family's episode player and saw the episodes before I grew to love this show. This is the not the kind of show you can just watch once. You have to get to know each of the characters and their struggles. I am so glad I gave this show another chance.
  • 'Lost' starts with a plane crashing on a mysterious island. The survivors soon discover how strange and dangerous the island -- including a monster, a group of 'Others', and underground hatches -- can be. Drama and action follow for the survivors.

    'Lost' had me at hello. The first season was truly gripping. The characters were complex, interesting, and interacted well with each other. The storyline was exciting and mysterious, riddled with thought provoking events and mysteries. The writing was EXCELLENT. The following seasons have, admittedly, seen a decrease in quality -- but that's all a matter of opinion. I still love this show, even if it's not quite perfect. Its flaws include a sudden transition from drama to science fiction, and sometimes the dialogue can be horrible. The characters tend to shine for an episode at a time, and then fade into the background shortly afterward. BUT! Don't let this criticism stop you from watching this show. It's incredibly gripping and intense. The acting, especially, is great. You may not like all the characters, but you can probably relate to them. 'Lost' truly transports you to the island, and viewers are left to sort out the riddles and drama of this great television story.
  • The best show on tv.

    Lost is the best on tv. They crashed on an Island now they have to get off, Thats what I thought when this show first started, But no, Then there's a monster whitch turned out to be made of black smoke, Then there's the creepy people who have lived there for years, Who start kidnapping people for no apparent reason, Then there appears to be some sort of time delay. The suprises never stop coming. I wish that they would make more than just six seasons, But at least it will go when it's still awesome and not get streached out and dull.

    Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of the hit show LOST. You've seen the previews, read the 5-star reviews, and heard the conversations about it at the water-cooler. If you haven't started watching it yet, you might wonder if you should start watching. Well, let's put it this way.

    If you like shows with action, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with complex characters and interactions, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with drama, mystery, and suspense, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with humor, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows where you can watch an episode twice and view it in an entirely different way, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows where each and every scene has a meaning... Get the picture?

    Quite simply, if you have ever liked a TV show at all, you will be hooked.

    LOST is a show about a plane crash on a mysterious island. 48 people survive, but the show centers around 14, all with secrets. At first, there is confusion. But as the show goes on, friendships develop, and we learn that there is more to the island than what it seems...

    The characters are fantastic--don't pay any attention to those who say the cast is so diverse it is clichéd, those are probably the same people who would have criticized it if it was all white.

    In short, watch. You will be hooked, unless you're one of those nitpicky people who have a hernia if every single detail in the very first episode isn't exactly correct. Otherwise, I must ask the question... Why aren't you watching?
  • Pushing back the limits

    A fascinating show to watch, always pushing back the limits of storytelling. It started with a mysterious island, lost people with a loaded past. Quite simply really, even if these characters came to have maybe the most detailed backgrounds of the history of television ( too detailed sometimes : who cares about Jack's tattoo ? ) When flashbacks grew old ( somewhere in early season 3 ), they quickly found a new tool with flash-forwards. When they got it covered, they used time travel. And then, the game changed again with the flash-sideways. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss ( the flash-sideways, in particular, can be pretty confusing and boring ) , but which show keeps reinventing itself like this ? And that's because one thing this show doesn't lack is imagination. Yes, sometimes, it requires HUGE suspension of disbelief. ( The black cloud thing is a PERSON ? okay ... The island can move through space AND time ? why not ... ) Maybe too much sometimes. But it makes the ride full of unexpected turns and all those "wtf" moments you'll remember. No matter if the end is satisfying or not, it was worth the watch. It's been mind-boggling, it's been scary, it's been funny, it's been heartbreaking. It's been LOST.
  • Best show on the Television right now

    I'd tell you what Lost is about, but that would be spoiling it for you. So instead, I'll tell you how it starts. A commercial airliner crashes onto a remote island, and some 40+ survivors must deal with the unique environment, each other, and themselves to survive. It's a dramatic, science fiction mystery. It has an enormous cast, contains several important subplots and details, and engages in abstract and philosophical concepts. As the show progresses, it becomes increasingly important that you do not miss a single episode. If you haven't already been following the show, I highly recommend watching the episodes on DVD in a relatively short amount of time if you want to keep your mind wrapped around what's going on.

    If you're still interested, here's my next piece of advice: think of Lost as one long movie, cut into several hour long intervals. That's the kind of experience you get from this show. Each episode (and, admittedly, some more than others) build on top of all the previous ones, leading towards the final minutes of the final episode. This isn't Gilligan's Island; nobody asks what misadventures our heroes will get into today. Instead, the audience is constantly asking, "What does all of this mean." Yes, it is a show that requires your patience. You will not understand everything until the very end, but that's okay. Lost does an excellent job of making the first season focus primarily on just the characters. You'll find that you love some characters and hate others. You form bonds with these characters, so as the following seasons progress, you become much more emotionally invested in the action. Even if one individual episode does not progress the entire story much further, it's still interesting to see these characters come to life.

    In addition to the abstract, fantastical concepts which arise, there are are several "adult" themes and situations. Each episode focuses on one character in particular, in which you learn details about his or her personal life. Issues include domestic abuse, murder, mental illness, infidelity, drugs, and much more. These details are masterfully brought to life on the island. For some, the island is a chance to reinvent themselves, but no matter how hard they try, they are incapable of completely severing themselves from their pasts. It is fascinating to watch how the writers incorporate the characters personal lives into their current lives, weaving a tapestry of three-dimensional, distinct, human characters.

    And it's not only the back stories which are dark; the survivor's on-island experiences and interactions can be painful, unethical, disturbing, and gruesome. Characters will betray one another, lie to one another, kill one another. The situation starts out ugly and doesn't get much prettier, but it becomes infinitely more interesting and intense. And I don't want to give you the impression that Lost is one long, bloody melodrama. It is far from it. There is an appropriate amount of humor peppering nearly every episode, ranging from tension-breaking wisecracks to downright hilarious lines and situations. Really, I don't know what this show could possibly be lacking. It really has it all.

    So, in conclusion, if you're looking for some intense, exciting escapism, watch Lost. But be warned, it requires your time and dedication. Don't skip episodes, and please don't think you can start watching from the middle and know (or care) what's going on. You wont. Just start from the beginning and go on from there. You wont be disappointed.
  • Why Lost ?

    What can anyone say about this !? Fantastic , amazing and hugely frustrating and irritating at the same time . Action , romance and twists and turns all over the place, in fact you may want a lie down after you watch it. I want to stop but i cant because it has that special something that keeps you tuning in . I just wish it would a end little less painfull(if thats the right word) at the end of each episode but i guess thats why we keep watching .

    now i'm off to hawaii for a spot of polar bear spotting :-)
  • Survivors of a crashed flight struggle to survive on their mysterious island home.

    Guaranteed to baffle anyone who misses an episode and intrigue loyal followers, Lost is in a class all by itself.
    The plot gets wilder each episode, and touches on everything from romance to action to science fiction. There's something for everyone. The actors and actresses are very well cast, and they all have excellent chemistry. The major drawback is the fact that the writers seem to have such little idea where the show is going that it becomes overly complicated and far fetched. Luckily, due to a projected end date, the writers should be able to tie it all together evetually. Overall, a lot of fun and a great mystery.

    There is no other show quite like Lost, Yes Lost has a little bit of every movie or TV show you have ever watched but it is uniquely put together that it stands alone in a genre of complete EPIC story telling.

    Lost however is not for everyone as some people don't like to use what god gave BRAIN.

    Lost is for the observant, The intelligent, the open minded, Its a mystery wrapped inside a drama, coated with action, added to a bit of horror, comedy, Sci fi, and romance.

    Lost is THE GREATEST TV SERIES OF ALL TIME, Hands down. "See ya in another life brotha".
  • Simply the best!

    This is a show that will go down in history as one of the most creative and original shows of all time. The sprawling narrative, the left turns, the amazing characters that draw you in, the brilliant writing...it all combines and makes for one heck of a ride.

    LOST's most thrilling feature in my opinion is the large ensemble cast. They are so diverse and so unique that every episode that features a specific character has the opportunity to explore a completely different tone. For example an episode featuring Hurley is like a comedy, Jack's episodes are more hospital drama, Sun and Jin's feel like a foreign film, etc...These layers and diversities make LOST have more depth that any other show. 10 stars!!
  • Lost is the best!!!!

    People!! I cant believe how many people I hear complaining about all the unanswered questions on Lost. That is the point of the show!!! You have to pay attention to every little detail and even then the light bulb may not go on. That is what makes the show so great. It is a continuation.... It is not a series with a tidy little ending every week. This show really makes you think. Unlike most of the other garbage on television. The depth they have gone to with each character is awesome in my book. I love this show and personally will be very sad to see it end.
  • Simply the best show on television at the moment (or ever).

    When I first heard that they were making a show on a bunch of people stuck on an island after a plane crash, I started to laugh. "These guys are gonna write themselves into a hole, and the show won't last longer than a season" I thought. After all, how much can happen on one island?
    Man, was I wrong. With the clever use of flashbacks and later on, flash-forwards, the show is unique in every way.
    The island itself is still a mystery after 5 seasons.
    As each question is answered, another 10 come up. The way they keep you wanting more after each episode is something that you can't find in any other show.
    And ... it also helps that the characters are really interesting and each actor is amazing.
    I only started watching the series on DVD, after the 3rd season was finished. I was so enthralled, that I watched all 3 seasons in less than 2 weeks and couldn't wait for the next one to start. Although, I thought that the show had reached its prime, and there was no way they could keep it that good for another season, especially with the writer's strike beckoning. After all, very few shows are better in their latter years.
    Man ... I have never been so wrong ... again! Season 4 was absolutely magnificent. Even though there were only 10 or 11 episodes in the season, I think it is the best season of television I have ever seen.
    I don't often remember the titles of episodes (I don't even remember easy things like my mom's birthday sometimes :)), but "The constant" in season 4 was perfect - no other words to describe it.
    I'm busy watching season 5 now - and unbelievably it is still great (I think I've rated each episode as a 10 - I don't often give episodes 10s, you can check). I'm really looking forward to a lot more seasons from this awesome show.
    I definitely recommend everyone to watch it.
  • The perfect mixture of everything this show is my own personal favorite. I've watched this show religiously since it's first start and I'm going to miss it when it finishs!

    Lol, when I first saw the 100 words min, I thought it said 100 words max. Trying to sum LOST up in 100 words - it's a tricky feat to do! I don't think I could! Character driven with underling plots of mythology and romance, LOST is my personal favourite in TV history! I fully feel that my 10 rating on the show is true! I have never managed to see a show that has kept it's momentum through all five seasons. This show is something special and as such should be celebrated. Season 1 started out by introducing the unfortunate Losties, the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 that crashed mysteriously on a seemingly deserted Island. And so the fun begins; each character has their own interesting and some seriously dark histories attached to them and as their story of survival unfolds so does their past and how they begin to redeem themselves for it. As they all struggle to survive, the mysteries of the island begin to intrude. The puzzling noises in the jungle and the crazy French woman talking of whispers and 'The Others' And as the seasons developed some good characters died - R.I.P Charlotte, Charlie and Boone and some not so good characters died - alah Paulo and Nikki! And some crazy plot lines emerged like Kate blowing up her stepdad who actually was her father, Like Locke's con-man daddy who coined him out of a kidney was also the man who slept with Sawyer momma causing his fathers murder and suicide! See what I mean - crazy! It's almost the best storylines a soap opera could come up with - yet, with a fantastic writing team and superb cast - none of the episodes are contrived or fake (with one or two exceptions). I don't want to boar people too much with talk of shipping and the dreaded triangle of doom. But, my own personal opinion thinks that the romance between Jack and Kate is wonderful! (I'll leave the rest for my blog) The most recently airing season - Season 5 - is an epic season so far! The questions that have been raised since the beginning are coming to their answers and it comes with a sort of melancholy feeling. With a definite end date in line, the end is coming to one of Televisions finest shows.

    I can't really say much more without going into an episode by episode deconstruction. For those of you who are considering watching LOST - please do. It is truly a triumph for those involved in the process.
  • Absolutely well-written, drawn out, and keeps you wanting more.

    LOST is a masterpiece.

    It's funny how the writers have kept back secrets for so long. It's talented, in my opinion. You think your in for a show of "plane crash/deserted island" survival, but your wrong. LOST is so much more then that. The balance of sci-fi, action, drama, and suspense are just so brilliant. Some of the scenes I still can't get over. I decided to give LOST a try last summer, I finished the 4 seasons in a weeks time. I just couldn't stop. The essembled cast members are just as amazing. They fit right into place. The writers are excellent at giving you a feeling for one's character, flash-backs and flash-fowards get you into details.

    Season 1, was simply astonishing. I remember starting the show and wanting to know about island survival, but within the first 20 minutes I see a scene. A scene with a monster stomping along in the jungle. From here, I was hooked. From here, I realized this was more then just a show about survival, it was more entitled to sci-fi and drama.

    Season 2, just as astonishing. The balance of mystery and suspense we're well-written. I loved every single minute.

    Season 3, tended to bore me a little. The beginning had some rough edges, but it was all good during the last 10 episodes of the season! This changed my whole outlook on LOST, this made me even more of a LOST addict! I felt that I needed to know more about the others.

    Season 4, BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I cannot even describe how much I loved season 4. It amazed me. Each episode contained a scene that made me want to tear up, or scream OMG!!

    Season 5, from what I'm seeing, will be epic.
  • Top of my list as the best episode of LOST so far!! This has got to go down as one of the top reasons i watch this show!! 5 stars :)

    If someone tells you they got to the end of this episode and their mouth wasn't hanging open, they're lying!! Despite the ending the rest of this awesome season finale was brilliant! We had everything you could want from LOST, a main character (tear jerking) death, some others getting blown to pieces, more from the love triangle and Hurley kicking ass in his hippy van!! When LOST finally ends and the dust settles, this episode will most definently go down as one of the major revelations throughout the show, mayb only contested by john lockes futuristic death in the season 4 finale! this finale was very well written and directed (i believe by damon and carleton themselves??). I was a little confused (as im sure others were) during the episode as to what was happening in jacks flashes, and again like everyone else was trying to pinpoint which point in his past this was happening, i couldnt hav bin more wrong, all throughout the episode we were seeing little snippets of the shape of things to come on the show, such as charlies death affecting the group split in season 4, pennys presence becoming stronger as she gets closer to finding des, which we all no happens at the end of season 4, jack actualy stating he loves kate, the invicible benjamin lynus being 1 step behind for a change, and john lockes insanity! (lol just kidding), to sum up this episode was fantastic as they fit so much in that shaped things to come, it was a turning point in the show, and as far as im concerned when kate stepped outta that car, it brought LOST to an amazing new level! And we hope it can only get better! :)
  • If your not watching it you should be!!

    Once in a life time, a show comes along that just stands out above the rest and you know there'll neva be another lyk it. For me that is Lost. I was hooked from the first time i saw it in the exhillerating pilot and have been kept in suspence ever sinse. With characters you can relate to and story plots you can get lost in, this show is an instant classic and will be enjoyed by generations long after in ends. if your not watching it you shud be. JJ Abrams is a genius and i thank him for the joy he has brought to so many viewers!! 8D
  • Absolutely beautiful

    After the finale aired, their were thousands of people online trying to tear the show apart and complain about how unsatisfied they were. These people either didn't understand the show or weren't truly fans in the first place; moreover, I believe that true fans of the show, i.e. people who have been watching since season 1, appreciate the ending more than those who are just casual fans. These true fans are also the ones who realize that Lost consists of more than just the series finale. Lost has been the most compelling drama that has ever been shown on television, as it has consistantly kept viewers on the edge of their seats, and more importantly forced them to actually think, for six years. The journey that Lost fans have enjoyed has been the most complex, intelligent, detailed, and delightful ride of all time. Even if people didn't like the finale, they can't say that the whole show was a waste of time, or they wouldn't have watched in the first place. Of course the finale is going to spark lots of debate, that is what the whole show is about, letting people interpret it as they see fit and then share their ideas with others. However, the show is a character-based drama first, and the mythology, even though it is the best on tv, still comes second. So the finale is really the perfect ending for this show. Sure, there could have been other, possibly more well-received endings, but the story of the characters could not have been summed up and brought to a full circle in a better way than what the writers did. The closure that was provided was what the show needed, and watching Jack's eye close was the perfect final image. Now I know most people are angry about all the unasnwered questions (Walt, fertility, the island in general) but leaving them open to theorize about is the best way to do it. Even though it may be frustrating and hard to swallow, getting a straight answer isn't always the best path, as then their is no more joy in using your imagination. For instance, when the whispers were explained, people just kind of shrugged it off as "Oh, that makes sense, cool" but lost all the excitement in being able to decide the answer for themselves. All in all, Lost succeeded in changing the landscape of television, successfully doing things that no other show has done before by becoming more than just a show, but a truly interactive experience which people can feel like they belong to. Hopefully Lost will be remembered for it's greatness and beauty, regardless of how people feel about The End.
  • This show is epic!

    The storyline, the moments, all of it are touching and gives me the chills. They could not have picked a better cast for the show. Although the best season was the fourth, it hasn't gotten worse, it's just stunning, the whole concept. And I hope the writers and creators don't mess up the final episode... There are so much for them to clear up and so little time, I remember watching season 5 finale and my heart was pumping like never before. I really hope it will this time too. All I can say for these lovely seasons twists and drama is... Epic series from the beginning (hopefully) til the end!
  • One of the few shows that actually requires you to think.

    When I first heard of this show and saw a few trailers, I wasn't too interested. It all looked only like "running in the jungle from something you never see". Then my friend started watching the show and told me that "it's pretty cool". So i decided to give it a shot.
    I got hooked after the first few minutes of the Pilot episode. And the more I watched, the more addicted I became to the show. Not only it had EVERYTHING a TV watcher could want -action, love, mystery, comedy etc.- but it also was one of the few shows that you could call "deep". It has metaphorical, hidden meanings. It uses symbolism to show many things. The plot is very twisted and unique. the show now is on its 6th and final season and it feels that they still hadn't lost it.
    So if you're still not watching, I can only give you one question - why?
  • Excellent, best damn show EVER!

    OMG what an episode....I LOVED every second of it. If anyone has doubts about this show, they should slap themselves in the face becuase this show is unlike any other....its simply AMAZING! It's the most unique show out there....just the greatest show on earth (there's never gonna be another).
    I won't give too much away but I just have to say one thing SPOILER (look away if you havent seen this ep).........

    ...the statue gave me goosebumps....OMG I had chills....if you are dying to see the four toed statue then you will get a glimpse of it. This episode was pure brilliance.
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