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  • Lost. In an Island. Other survivors. Alive or dead. Dead or alive. Black mist monster. Submarines. Mama Cass songs. Time travel. Planes crashing. Polar bears?

    "Lost" was an incredible experience. One hell of a show that had episodes which ended with it's obsessed viewers saying "WTF" because of its WTF moments. I loved every moment of it because there was never a second where I knew or had a feeling I knew what was happening or knew what would happen. In its six awesome seasons, we were left with a few unanswered questions and even more to question yet engrossed by the richness of this close to biblical referenced tale.

    This is all great television writing and from the creation by the very smart J. J. Abrams. Who makes "Lost" his signature piece. It's dominating first season earned its Emmy and Golden Globe. In which we witness one of the most horrific plane crashes ever watched of Oceanic Air Flight 815. The surviving crew members become that of the examples of the bible and passengers of the faith and an Island of deeper grounds and secrets that reveal a more greater meaning.

    Matthew Fox is the surgeon Jack Shepard and he leads the surviving group of passengers with Evangeline Lilly's Kate Austen and the ruthless James Sawyer played by Josh Holloway. All throughout we are taken back into these people's lives, their pasts and the troubles they've wished they'd never bargained for and the losses they've came cross to. Jorge Garcia's Hurley has the humorous of the pasts and Terry O'Quinn's John Locke had the more intriguing.

    There are many elements to look through in Lost. In the views of The Others and the timeline within the past and future. The roles of Desmond (Henry Ian Cusack) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchel) and the actions committed by Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) and Sayid (Naveen Andrews).

    From the many deaths in Lost, the most I felt sympathy for in their parts of the series were for John Locke, Charlie Pace (Dominic Monaghuan), Jin & Sun (Daniel and Yujien Kim) and Michael Dawson (Harold Perrineu). They did what they did because of their nature and because of their scars that never seemed to escape, the roles they took and the redemptions they tried to reach. Yes, I did feel something for Jack of course, who has learned so much and given so much throughout his destined journey.

    And from the performances of Fox, O'Quinn and Emerson do we have a complete saga that never failed to approach its ambition. In the end, when we see them all in the Church (the passengers, now in the after life they were destined to connect to) we simply accept it all and don't question the rest. And we are happy for them all.

    My rating: 9
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