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  • Give me a break

    Well after binge watching for a few weeks on Netflix I have to give Lost a pretty low rating. The show had potential but drifted off into a labyrinth of nonsensical garbage. I began watching the show after suggestions from friends and family and will forever question their recommendations in the future. Fortunately I had hours and hours of mundane computer work to do otherwise I would be incredibly irritated I wasted so much time on this series. Cue suspenseful climatic sound, zoom in on facial expression, and cut to commercial break/flashback.... and repeat repeat repeat. Quick, run from the mysterious smoke monster that apparently plays the trumpet. But first, lets cut back in time about a young boy getting yelled at by his father and is forever scared. Blah. After way too long of time we discover the show is some poor attempt on afterlife, deeper meaning, purgatory type crap... and just down right bad. My apologies to all you hardcore fans but let's get real; 9-10 stars? As much as I thought the show was garbage, I won't give it 1 star but it will get no more than 3 because it doesn't deserve it. Cannot believe all the hype for this show. Could certainly have used more creative writing and plot planning rather than the slew of nonsense. I wouldn't suggest starting/watching this series and if you do, stop at season 1.