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  • The Philosophy of Lost is key to understanding

    My wife and I started watching lost a little over a year ago and finished it a about a week ago. Throughout the series we both fell in love with it so much it is now our favorite show. We came across it on Netflix and We decided to give it a chance after seeing my oldest brother obsess over it till "the end". After he watched the last ep on season 6 his love faded like many fans that followed the show over the years. When everything was said and done him and many fans felt for lack of a better words lost. Knowing these view points from the start we payed close attention to every ep. By the time we got to the last ep we were so afraid the show we've grown to love so much would end in disappointment like the many fans before us. To both of our surprise it gave us the closure we needed not only that but for the most part all of our questions were answered. From the island itself, the magnetism it generates, everyone that was ever on the island and the protectors of the island. For the most part it was all answered thoughtout the series if you pay close attention. The only question that went unanswered was how the dharma inquisitive found the island in the first place and what ever happend to Aaron after leaving the island. All we know is that Katte raised him until 10 years old I think correct me if I'm wrong. Other then these minor questions the series covered all the major questions if I'm not mistaken. Although after talking to my oldest brother today I was able to answer all his questions expect the two above. Halfway though our conversation it occurred to me it's been over a decade since he sat down and actually watched the show. So the thing that my wife and I noticed is many of the people like my brother that didn't understand the show was the ones that watched it week by week or as every season was released. If we would of watched it like that we would of been confused as well. Lost is not a very easy show to understand no matter how you watch it the one thing that helped us was keeping an open mind throughout it all. What I mean by keeping an open mind is by not over complicating some of the concepts or problems that are introduced. If your still having trouble understanding there is one last thing that was key to helping me. As one may notice the main characters of the show are all named after some of the greatest philosopher's that ever lived. This goes without saying the character's are supposed to represent these great philosopher's. With that comes the understanding of each individual philosopher which helped me understand why they act and do the things they do during the show. There's is one last key concept that is really important to understanding the show. That is that the island is a real concept created by another renowned philosopher. The only thing is the island itself was the writers idea. the geography of the island is what suppose to represent the concept the philosopher created. If you Google the philosophy of lost it will tell you about the philosopher's and the concepts that the show brought to life. I hope this brings some kind of understanding or at least helps you understand what the writers were doing when creating the show. :-)