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  • 2nd Time it so much!

    I am in the middle of binge watching Lost after watching it originally when it aired. I have missed these characters so much and it is so wonderful to have them alive again! I am watching with someone who initially had watched Season 1, but got confused by the plot and story line and eventually quit watching it during its original run. From this perspective he is able to follow the story more easily and he has a very good grasp of what the bigger picture is. One thing he noted was when Libby died, Hurley was able to let go of his fear that he was cursed and face it head on (Roger Work Man episode with the VW Van). I always thought killing off Libby was pointless, but that is true about Hurley. Watching Echo die still makes no sense to me though... Charlie did a heroic thing and was trying to save Claire... so his story line had a good arc. Still so sad. This show is not about a magical island or smoke monsters (although that makes it fun to watch)... it is about finding strength and forgiveness and what you do with your life when you have a second chance. Almost all of them that had that second chance, chose a better way... to live... to love. It is about redemption. Reliving the story lines... so deep and beautiful... sad and haunting... funny and clever... this is without a doubt... my favorite show of all time!