Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

When Bernard attempts to recruit people to build an SOS sign on the beach, Rose uncharacteristically defies him, telling him that he shouldn't give everyone false hope.

FLASHBACKS reveal the source of her hesitation, as we highlight Rose and Bernard's love story from the day they met to the day he proposed. When Bernard takes a knee, Rose confesses that she is sick and has less than a year to live. But it doesn't deter Bernard -- he loves this woman and wants to marry her, regardless.

We follow their hopeful love affair through to their honeymoon in Australia to learn that it was, in actuality, a ploy by Bernard to get Rose to see a faith healer in an effort to cure her terminal cancer. Rose clearly isn't a believer, but goes along with it to satisfy Bernard. And though the healer tells her that he cannot help her, Rose decides to let Bernard think that he did. Her hope may be gone, but she is going to preserve his.

On the island, Rose finally comes clean and admits to Bernard that she was lying to him. She confides that after the crash, she began to feel better and that she suspects it was the island that fixed her. Bernard has a difficult time believing this and maintains that it was Isaac who did the healing. But Rose is insistent. And in the final flashback we find out that her conviction lies in the fact that she saw John Locke, on his feet on the island, in a wheelchair at the airport.

Bernard realizes that Rose doesn't want to be rescued because she thinks she might get sick again. And in an act of faith and love, Bernard vows to stop work on the SOS and tells her that they will never leave the island.

Back in the hatch, Locke attempts to draw the map he saw on the blast door from memory. But his commitment is clearly waning and he leaves the hatch in frustration. It's not until Rose convinces him to maintain faith, that Locke returns with a sense of renewed purpose and continues drawing.

Meanwhile, Jack and Kate go out on a mission to attempt to trade Henry for Walt. While they wait for Mr. Friendly to make an appearance, Michael stumbles out of the jungle and collapses at their feet.