Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • This episode was Bernard and Rose Centric. Interesting tidbits are shared.

    Bernard and Rose meet when Rose gets her car stuck in the snow. Bernard helps her get out then Rose asks him if he would like to get some coffee. Right away you can see how smitten Bernard is for Rose. They start dating and he asks her to marry him. Rose looks as if she’ll say “no” but instead she explains she has terminal cancer. Bernard shows the devastation on his face but asks her to marry him anyway. True love it seems. Their honeymoon to Australia turns out to be a bit of a rouse to get Rose to see a faith healer named Isaac. So Bernard even then thinks he can fix her. However, Isaac tells Rose he can’t help her that perhaps this isn’t the “place” for her. She tells Isaac to tell Bernard it worked anyway so they don’t spend the rest of their time together trying to fix her. Meanwhile, on the island Bernard tries to fix the castaways situation by getting together a group to make a S.O.S. sign out of lava rocks on the beach. Rose seems strangely uncooperative. Jack decides he will try to fix the Michael situation by making a trade….Henry for Michael. He asks Kate to accompany him out to the “line” to discuss it with the others. As they travel, Kate tells Jack she’s glad he asked her to go with him. He shares with her his thoughts that because they had kidnapped her and gave her back that they didn’t “want” her. He finishes by saying but then again they must not want him either. Locke starts questioning the reason for the hatch and pressing the button. Rose tells Bernard why she’s been so difficult about participating in making the sign. She believes the island healed her because she doesn’t feel ill anymore. She also shares her memory of running into Locke at the airport when he was still in the wheelchair. She shares her thoughts with Locke about the island’s healing abilities when she tells him that he’s just in a rut because he’s hurt. Locke says Jack told him he’ll be on crutches for about 4 weeks but Rose says we both know it won’t take that long. Finally, as Jack and Kate sit and wait for the others to contact them Michael comes stumbling out of the jungle. Did he really “get away” or was he set free? Even though most consider this a “filler” episode I find it had interesting tidbits of information. Rose being “healed” by the island and seeing how much Bernard and Rose love each other. Especially when Rose shares her thoughts on the island’s healing ability and her unwillingness to leave it in case her illness comes back. Bernard says then we won’t leave. Now that’s true love.
  • This in my opinion was the worst episode of this great season.

    I didn't enjoy this episode at all. It in my opinion was a kid of filler episode apart from the fact that it showed how Bernard and Rose fell in love. Nothing happened on the island except Michael coming back at the end. Brenard wanted to make an SOS sign and in the end no SOS sign was made.Pointless! Kate and Jack go out to the line they're not supposed to cross and want to discuss an exchange,Henry for Walt. All it showed was there journey out to the woods and then Michael running out at the very end and falling unconsious. This was the worst episode of this great season.
  • A very good, charming episode about Rose and Bernard.

    Many people hate this episode beacuse 'nothing happened'. Well, 'something' happened... and not just Michael returning.
    - Locke's faith in danger...
    - Rose was sick, but the island healed her too.. or did it?
    - Sawyer does have love interest in Kate
    - So does Jack...
    - The button does something. Look at Henry's face.

    So yes, that's all. Not much, but _something_ did happen.

    On the other hand, this was, a very entertaining episode. Not a nerve wracking one, no. Bernard's plan to build an S.O.S sign was very funny, especially if you look at the other's survivors reactions.

    The flashbacks were nice. There was a great twist(Rose sick) a great reveal, thanks to Isaac. Magnet plays a great part.

    Basically, Bernard and Rose are both developed to the max in just one episode. Good writing.

    Jack and Kate went on adventure, they got 'caught in the net'... pretty funny. Overally, whole episode had great humor in it.. except the last scene. Michael returns... is it good for us? ...we'll see.
  • An episode of Lost where we could get out minds clear and nothing new happened until the last minute!

    In this episode of Lost 'SOS' we saw the relationshop between Rose and Bernard and flashbacks of them in Australia. Nothin new or exciting happened in this episode but I still loved it. They did need an episode where nothing major happened and we could just get out minds clear. Right at the end we saw Michael running out of the bushes with told me that the next 4 episodes are going to be a long ride filled with information which was a great way to end.

    My favourite part of this episode was when Jack and Kate got stuck in one of Rossoe's nets and they had a moment together! I can't wait until their relationship blossoms!
  • The calm before the storm.

    Rose and Bernard are two interesting castaways as far as casting is concerned. They are the only non-lead cast members to get any significant coverage on the show. So it would make sense to eventually get flashback episodes for the recurring characters like them. While the past between Rose and Bernard wasn't shocking, like they weren't professional assassins on one more hit before retirement, it is still another touching love story, which also tied into some of the recurring themes of Lost.

    Some were caught off guard that Bernard was white, and it also worth noting that they met and married late in life (perhaps this was cheaper than hiring two more actors to play a young Bernard and Rose, which could've worked with a little revision). It'd be interesting to know why Bernard remained a bachelor for 56 years, considering his motivations.

    Bernard would probably get along very well with Jack if they had more scenes together. He spends his time trying to save others, primarily his wife. It starts mildly as he gets her car out of the snow and ice. When he learns that she is terminally ill (presumably cancer), he can't let it go, so he takes her to Australia on their honeymoon so he can take her to a faith healer, going to the extreme of donating 10 grand to get there.

    Rose on the other hand, is a person who prefers to go with the flow, letting fate take her wherever it may. If she is to die of cancer (we assume), so be it. Similarly, if she's stranded on an island, which somehow cures her, that's fine. She only intervenes because she doesn't want to be rescued now, partially out of fear of the sickness coming back, and because she doesn't think she's done what she was put there for. The way she sees destiny is the opposite of Locke's, who believes that it must be pursued aggressively to obtain.

    It is interesting that Rose knew of Locke's handicap before the flight, yet never mentioned it to anyone before now. Along with "The Whole Truth" (assuming it is Jin's baby), the writers are reexamining the concept of the island being able to heal those on it. Perhaps this reiteration is setting us up for a detailed exploration in the future. Isaac, while trying to "heal" Rose, mentioned that the magnetism of that particular area in Australia was special. We know that the magnetism on the island is special too. Although not everyone was healed, as is the case with Hurley's mental illness (it's unclear about Libby).

    Bernard makes some great points in this episode, but the way he handles some of them is problematic. The survivors have gotten awfully comfortable on the island, building things like food pantries and a church. No one is doing anything to get them rescued. While not building another raft makes sense with the possibility of The Others attacking it high, an S.O.S. signal on the beach, in addition to the campfires they have, is a good idea. However, Bernard needs to work on his people skills. While he clearly loves Rose and wants to get her back home, he lets that eagerness get the best of him and fights with everyone, all of whom have passive interest in the project.

    Bernard also questions the food, something no one else has done. Considering the food is packaged with Dharma labels and names ("Fish Crackers" substituting for Goldfish in the last episode), it wouldn't be hard to believe that the food has been tampered with somehow. Everything has the code "DI 9FFTR731" on it. DI obviously stands for Dharma Initiative. The middle is hard to tell. The tag, 731, could refer to Unit 731, a Japanese medical group that focused on Human Experimentation during World War II. The 731 were also used as a part of The X-Files mythology.

    It isn't surprising that what Eko and Charlie are working together on is a church, with Eko's epiphany with the monster and discovering his brother. Charlie helping is interesting, and plays along the Eko/Locke dynamic well. Locke was valuable in helping Charlie kick his heroin, but Charlie's recent behavior, along with Locke's crisis of faith, caused them to fall out. Now it seems that Charlie is pursuing some type of redemption via helping Eko. It'll be interesting to see if more people go on his side and how it compares to Locke last season with Charlie, Boone and Walt.

    "Henry" has declared all out war on Locke through subtle manipulation. His vow of silence is really getting to Locke following last episode's "this hatch is a joke" exchange. It's unknown why "Henry" wants Locke to believe that the hatch is nonsense, but it is working. "Henry" breaks Locke to the point where he declares that he's "done with the hatch". Could anyone imagine the Locke of season one saying that?

    Unfortunately, the blast door map, his sign to set him straight, was only shown to him for a few seconds in less than ideal conditions. He can still recall some of it, but obviously, there are going to be a lot of missing pieces. Despite his best guesses, he can't figure out how to drop that door and turn on the black lights again for a closer look. It would make sense for them to start mapping the island, using what Locke can remember alongside Rousseau's map.

    Since "Henry" isn't worth keeping around, Jack's right in attempting to try to get The Others to trade him for Walt. It also places Jack in a position with Kate again, where they can finally talk about things like the kiss and "Henry". Kate has been out of Jack's good graces for some time lately. If this were season one, Kate would have told Jack about The Staff hatch and Jack would've mentioned "Henry". Of course, open communication about all the weird things they encounter is best for the group, as it'll help them compare notes as to what is really happening.

    However, this hasn't affected their chemistry, exemplified when Jack and Kate get caught in that net. I think most of the guys I regularly watch Lost with wouldn't mind trading places with Matthew Fox in this scene. The tension is palpable, as they have to maneuver their hands close to each other's body, and when they get free they fall on top of each other.

    Despite the trust issues they have, Jack seems to still be willing to pursue some type of relationship with Kate, as he expressed no remorse over the kiss. Jack probably never invited Sayid, who I seriously doubt wouldn't want to be involved in some action against The Others, and instead used this alone time to hash out the problems they've faced recently. Of course, once Michael stumbles in, such conversations are moot.

    Throwing Michael back into the fold sets up the final act even further. There isn't much to go on from his brief appearance. It's unknown if he managed to scout The Others effectively or if they captured him. If The Others had him, what did they do and why didn't they come out and confront Jack about the trade? Clearly there is a lot to be answered, since he was gone for so long. Whatever happened will certainly play a big role in the final episodes.

    This episode, while touching on some recurring elements of Lost, feels like the calm before the storm. Michael's return is certainly going to make things interesting, as it appears things with the Others are going to reach a head by the end of the season.
  • Maybe a bit of a filler episode, but a few interesting things crop up.

    Benard and Rose. The story of hope. Rose had the belief that Benard would be alive and she never gave up that hope.
    The Flashback scenes show how that initial bond was formed.

    Interesting to note.

    Locke and Rose have both been cured buy their time on the island. But interestingly, as my friend David pointed out to me, we can see how this episode links back to Sun\'s.

    Jin was infertile. Initially I thought Sun was pregnant because she was unfaithful. But if you think about it, maybe the island also cured Jin\'s infertility. He said it was a \"miracle\" which coincides with Locke being a man of faith, and Mr. Eko\'s faith.

    They are building a Church!

    good overall episode!
  • nice episode!

    to start with: i didn't really care too much about rose's and bernard's story (i quite like "rose" but sam anderson, the guy playing bernard is doing some serious overacting at times) but it was nice to find out after all that the island really seems to have some kind of special power and to see rose being able to restore some of locke's faith in it.

    i really liked the scenes betwen jack and kate. guess, this round has gone to jack in the "menage à trois" and if michael, having been away for so long, just would have waited a tiny little bit longer with breaking out of the jungle .... aaaaaaaaaaargh ....

    not the best episode so far ... but nice ...
  • Information was presented that was necessary, whether you believe it or not.

    I am sick and tired of people dishing this episode. If it isnt about Jake, Lock, Hurley and Kate it is not worth while. That is just stupid because it was Lock who said that they were ALL brought there for a reason. And I am of the opinion that means ALL of them including all those people on the beach.... Rose and Bernard included. I think before the entire truth will come out we will need to meet all the survivors and hear all their stories, and figure out the connections between them.
  • Zzzzzzzzzzz...wah? It's still on?

    Nothing really happened in this episode. It was pretty dull. I was excpeting more but I did not get anything. We find out that Rose was really sick before the crash and she does not want to get rescued because she thinks if she does she will get sick again.

    The only thing that really happened to make this episode worth watching was Jack and Kate got caught in a net and it was funny watching them try to get out of it. Kate says she is sorry that she kissed Jack and Jack tells her that he is not sorry. When you think that they are going to have a little romantic, Michael has to show up with a bag over his head and his hands tied behind his back to mess up the whole moment.

    The episode after this makes up for this dull one.
  • pretty boring episode. nothing was accomplished

    wow. what a bad episode. nothing happened until the very end where michael comes back. now we've got 3 annoying characters back: jack, michael and kate. that SOS sign was completely useless. it just developed the character plot of bernard and rose who are such minor characters that i have no clue why the producers did it.
  • S.O.S.

    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
  • i know some people are getting mad when they see low rates for their favourite show,but hey this is also my favourite show,or why would i bother to write?it was addictive in first season but now it sucks more each week.


    Ok what happened in this episode was : rose was cured by the island just like Locke.Michael was found.

    thats it.The rest is bullcrap.All those silly details,all those things we've seen before.Who's idea was it to make a rose centered episode? we learned nothing new!! we already knew that island heals,so it healed the woman too,big deal!
    There were nothing interesting in flashbacks,nothing we havent seen before,jack + kate cool off and warm up circle keeps on;and it keeps on just because the writers have nothing interesting to write and they dont want to lose the fans of one relationship over another with the kate - sawyer - jack thing.

    basicly;nothing happened.Michael running off from the island;it is probably supposed to make us thing;why did they let him go or whatever but it was just plain lame. Just like every single thing else happening on the island. i am sooo sick of unnecessary chats,locke depressing over something silly,boring backgrounds of unnecessary characters,(they still do tell them just because it's the format of the show,not because they tell us anything or surprise us in anyways anymore.i'm even starting to get sick of sawyer;who is definitelly the most rewarding character of the whole show.(i cant even count how many episodes i didnt quit watching just to see sawyer pick on someone or stuff like that:)))

    let me tell you.there's not much to go down from here.the show will sure get better since it is the last episodes of the season and they will release the good stuff,but if they give a 3rd season anything like that;i'm out.

  • I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews


    But my, oh my... Below average episode, considering is the first time they make flashback of non rate 1 characters, nothing good, beside Michaels return, and even that it is going to be for next episode...
    Hope this week episode make up for this one, considering there is only 4 more episode to the season finale.

    Also I liked Jack and Kate exchange, funny!

    Jack: You okay ?
    Kate: Yeah.
    Jack: Oh, good, so you can hear me.

    and what about:

    Kate: I'm sorry I kissed you.
    Jack (pause): I'm not

    Looking forward to see something (ANYTHING!) happening between these two, at leat to create more conflicts (beware, Sawyer, beware!!)
  • A good episode, mainly a build up one i believe...

    I was pleased to finally see some background of Rose and Benard, which i had been pondering about for some time. The episode need not have much action. However it did leave us with a bit of a teaser at the end which was seeing Michael again, the only question that needs answering now is, what happened to Walt?! :)
  • A little remeniscent of a soap opera, but overall a good episode.

    I was excited to finally see the past of Rose and Bernard. I\'ve been curious about them for a while. Though their little love story in tis episode was a little too close to a steriotypical soap, it was still well-written and enjoyable.

    In other areas of the episode, I am glad to see Michael\'s face again. It\'s been a long time. It also raises all the questions about Walt back from their assumed grave. All aspects of this episode were done well: the trademank of Lost.
  • The name Henry Gale....

    I was trying to remember where I had heard the name Henry Gale. Then realized it is from The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy Gale\\\'s, uncle\\\'s name is Henry Gale. What means of transportation did Dorothy try to get home? A hot air balloon. Mmmm...the real Henry Gale was flying in what?...A hot air balloon. Is there a wizard on this island?
  • Whos really that interested in Roses story?....boring

    Honestly, this episode didn’t really do or say much, I mean, who is really interested in rose’s story? She’s not even a main character, so personally this ep was just a filler until we get to the real stuff i.e. what happened to Michael and Walt? And….what’s happening with the monster?
    Also from the looks of Jack and Kate’s trip, are we gonna see them get closer?
    I’m waiting to see what happens if lock tries to go to the area marked ‘?’ on the map he saw. Crossing my fingers next ep with has some answers!
  • What happened to Lost?

    They are stretching it far too thin. The first season left so many loose ends and more than halfway through the 2nd season but we are still in the dark. Having too many "coincidence" per episode is not gonna make viewers keep watching the show. From being a plot-driven show, it has now become a character-driven show. The only difference is they are all in an island. Big Deal!
  • Pivotal Episode to setup the rest of the season.

    I am excited to see Michael is back and has further information involving the Others. It raises questions, however, too. Michael has shown to be desperate to get Walt back on more than one occasion. As revealed in the preview for the next episode, Michael says there are only a handful of Others and they can take them out and get his son back. Is it a suicide mission to get Walt back?

    On another note concerning Michael. "Henry Gale" never revealed how he came to be an Other. Has Michael become one of the Others? He has been gone for quite a while, now. Who knows what they have done to him and what his state of mind is? Could he now be a spy for them? Who would suspect him, otherwise? This would help explain Henry's silence for so long, as he has been waiting for this exchange to take place, and how he just so happened to come into the hands of the survivors. Did anyone else find it strange that the doll Kate picked up looks just like the one seen earlier in the season when the "Others" walked by? It has seemed strange to me since Henry was introduced that he was alone and Danielle just so happened to capture him. Jack and Kate were caught in a similar net of Danielle's. Has Henry's capture been the Others way to get an insider into their camp to have a party sent to them to be trapped and slaughtered as Henry has hinted at doing?

    I do wish last week's episode would have been addressed a little further in this episode. It is as though the last episode never occured. It is getting increasingly frustrating to keep positive about Lost but I am holding out for a fantastic finish to the season.

    One final question. Doesn't it seem strange to anyone else that if the island has a healing power, of sorts, how has Claire's baby gotten sick? What was that which Ethan injected that makes it so the baby gets sick? S.O.S. focused alot about the healing effects of the island but Claire's baby has been ill on two seperate occasions.
  • Not the best of Subplots.

    The characters in this episode are probably not my favorite. I am all for the backstories to these characters but Rose and Bernard arent the most riveting of characters. The disclosure at the end of the episode as to the healing nature of the island is something we already knew. In all the whole episode seemed like a filler. Jack and Kate\\\'s \\\"talk\\\" was pretty pointless, it seems like they are going in circles.Now onto what I liked abt the episode. I liked how the fact that everybody on the island had accepted their fate was shown. I could feel the desperation in Bernard\\\'s character. Overall the very tight acting and high production values still prevailed. Not LOST\'s best episode.
  • O-M-G !!!

    This episode was unbelievable!! I can't wait to see the next one, the suspense is killing me!!! I love the way everything just ties in together. I started watching the whole 1st and 2nd season all over again to catch the little hints and clues I missed the first time around. This show is the BEST series I've ever seen and each episode is better than the one before it! :)
  • This week’s episode of ABC’s hit series LOST offers little to no action and all character development.

    There are some sweet scenes in there, brief ones that are both revealing and foreboding, so watch out for those. Other than that we again get to see an aggravated Ana Lucia, no wonder with all the steroids she has to take due to Michelle Rodriguez’s cockroach allergy.

    There were and still are speculations, esp. after her legal troubles in December 2005, that the authors would write her out of the story anytime soon but that remains wishful thinking for a majority of the audience of LOST. Rumor has it though that a major player will get seriously hurt in one of the upcoming episodes.

    One thing is for sure, it won’t happen while building a silly S.O.S. sign with three lines of black rocks on the beach, i.e. on sand that is going to shift with every tide…

    Flashbacks are a central part of what LOST is and it fulfills its purpose of building the characters even further, however as I stated before… the plot thickens elsewhere and already there are quite a number of viewers who would rather see the island plot line advance a tiny bit faster (if we can call it fast at all) than it does now.

    It’s cool to see how all the characters are connected somehow and how that reflects on them being on the island together. Rose knew Locke was in a wheelchair, so what? Someone must have seen him being carried onto the plane during boarding? How often does it happen that they carry a guy to his seat on a flight? No one would notice? Quite possibly so, because in reality we tend to blind out everything around us that does not fit into our “normal” environment.

    LOST is about not telling anyone else about yourself or anything you have lost … and found. Like another hatch for example, or a pillar of curling smoke making strange noises hovering in front of your face. Ah, no, let’s not tell anyone, let’s go back to camp and build a church instead.
    So the real question for you at the end of this episode is: “Did you press the button, Henry?!?!?!”
  • I think the Rose and Bernard story was really good and sweet. Jack and Kat are so cute together.

    I am so happy that Michael is back but why did he come back just as Jack and Kate were going to kiss. I want them to together and it has already taken long enough lol. When they got stuck in the net together i thought this is it they are going to kiss and then when they fell on the ground i thought yes. Awwww Kate was like i'm sorry I kissed you and Jakes like i'm not how cute was that they sooooooooooo like eachother lol.

    Poor Rose she wants to stay on the island and I don't blame her. She doesn't want to get sick again and day as well as she saw how the island cured Locke. Bernard is a sweet husband but sometimes he does get a bit on my nerves.
  • Summary of Every Lost Season2 Episode since episode#4: 35 minutes of dragging and extending, with 5 minutes of a cliffhanger. But when the next episode comes on, the previous episode\\\'s cliffhanger turns out to be another dud.

    Let me start by saying that I love and have always loved Lost, since it is based on a remarkable intriguing storyline. However, the producers and ABC are undoubtedly milking it for all its worth, to the show\\\'s detriment.

    All of Season 1, and the first few episodes of season 2, contained flashbacks, but all the flashbacks were interesting for 2 reasons.

    1) They revealed a previously unknown facet of the episode\\\'s protagonist\\\'s character.
    2) Each character would come upon a current situation on the island which would test whether the protagonist had learnt from their earlier experiences. But here is the critical part, the choice the character made, always had extremely high stakes, including being matters of life and death. Also, the choice directly decided what, and how much more of the island\\\'s mystery the group would learn about.

    The other component of lost is the current, on-island actions, and these used to always have tensions between the fundamental personality of the characters, but they would have to figure out a way to work despite their differences and hatreds, because the island always posed a greater threat. The tensions between Jack, and Sawyer, Jack and Locke, Locke and Charlie, Kate and Jack, Kate and Sawyer, ohh the list goes on, made the show quite remarkable.

    However, in the newer episodes all these facets of the show have been ignored. The main problem is that the Island is no longer a threat. The dangers posed by the island forced people to interact, even if they hated each other. However, now that the island does not do anything, or at least thats what the characters think, if they get frustrated with each other, they can just decide to walk to another part of the island (Hurley in the previous ep decides to break away. In season 1, this would be unthinkable, because the island was too dangerous.) Besides, secondary characters are suddenly being thrown into prominence. I mean a flashback on Rose for heavens sake! I would not mind the elevation of secondary characters if it was not so random. What in earler episodes prompted Rose\\\'s prominence?

    It seems that they are running out of material. Earlier, each plot would last a couple of episodes. Tensions would only be resolved a few episodes later, if they were ever resolved that is. However, the new plot lines are basically tangents from the main story, (interaction with the island, and with each other in the context of the island, ) for plots that struggle to last an episode.

    I hate to say this, but Lost is definitely going the X-Files way. Come on Lost writers, you can still turn this around. Dont sell out.

    On another note, whats up with the ridiculously long breaks?

  • Great, everything about S.O.S is great, as many people say this episode sucks, it doesn't. It's one of the best episodes

    Great, everything about S.O.S is great, as many people say this episode sucks, it doesn't. It's one of the best episodes because of the way it blends in a joy\sad moment, and Rose's out of character shouting, and the way she feels safe on the island. This is a classic episode and well worth watching, even though some people say it's rubbish it's not, it's nice to get some info and background characters, as i;ve been wondering a bo ut Rose ever since the pilot episode. Although rose seems a lil wierd at first, she isn't not atall, just... damaged.
  • S.O.S.

    Sure...Its not what us Lost fans are used to- the focus on auxillary characters (Rose and Bernard) and not main ones(Jack, Locke, Kate etc...). Yes, I would like to know more about the map on the door, and the others, and "Henry". But they are most certainly leading up to it. Remember the end of the episode- I'm sure Michael will drop some bombs about the Others.

    Concentrating on the episode itself, the Rose and Bernard scenes were beautifully enacted- even though many of us weren't that interested in their relationship.

    The scene showing Locke in a wheelchair picking up Rose's medication before they boarded the flight was perfectly timed. Another way the lives of the castaways have interesected.

    Showing life on the island as peaceful and routine was nice...and then boom Michael literally runs into Kate and Jack out of breathe ready to tell everyone about what he experienced/saw/learned about the Others. This episode was a bit filler though, just because they have to set up the last couple episodes of the season.
  • Not the best follow-up...

    Following some of the twists and turns of \"Dave,\" I guess I was expecting a bit much from this episode.

    I like the story of how they met, and their reason for being on the plane...and it was interesting to get more hints toward the importance of the island.

    And the big kicker. Rose knew about Locke. Though I\'m curious as to how she could\'ve been the only one. It was a full flight wasn\'t it? Somebody else had to notice a guy in a wheelchair. Or maybe they just weren\'t paying attention.

    We also see the return of Micheal. Looking forward to seeing how this season comes to a close.
  • I realize that this episode was not good, but it wasn\'t bad.

    I wanted to watch this edisode merely because I wanted to know how Rose and Bernard met. I am satisfied. Now as for you idiots bad mouthing this episode because it wasn\'t good, just be quiet. I want un-biased reviews. You, however, see everything as a conspiracy theory and alert the mass media about it. No One Cares!! And you people that say that they have not congruancy with the plot. Of Course They Do!!! Why would they include things that aren\'t necessary, it would just confuse people. You\'re all paranoid. Please spell things right!
  • Sweet and true to theme.

    I was pleased to see the character and relationship development between Rose and Bernard. I thought it was a very sweet episode, and while I wouldn't want to see too many of these (cheapens the romantic authenticity), I thought this one was in very good taste. I also appreciated Rose's nudge to Locke, seeing as how they are two of the most faith-based characters we've seen on the show thus far (while both being, interestingly enough, not strictly religious).
  • As much as I hoped this season would turn out great after the first three episodes, my hopes are nearly gone now in the end...

    "And why is that?", you might ask.

    Well, I'm sorry people but this Days of our lives crap is something my mum watch every evening when she comes home from work. Sure there are leads everywhere, they've got the numbers and the signs and whatnot. Nobody knows if they actually mean anything or if it's there to mislead us.

    What's there to mislead?! Why the hell have I been watching nearly two seasons of a tv-show where the only interesting part is a baby being born, and a hatch with lots of food and good music is hidden?!

    This episode wasn't as bad as the previous though. That doesn't say too much unfortunaly because all we get in abundance is clues and questions. I play chess and poker, patience is my middle name, but for christ sake speed it up!

    Okey, now that I've spilled my guts over this I must confess there are some things I like about the show:

    - When it gets intence and exciting, it's really intence and very exciting.

    - I like the dialogues. I like Sawyer's nicknames on everyone, reminds me of a certain american lost on a living ship in a galaxy far away. I really liked the poker scene some episodes ago. That was funny.

    - I like the fact that anything, and I mean _anything_ can happen. Polar bears are such cuddly animals, bring 'em back!

    What did I like about this episode?

    I like Henry Gale headscrewing everyone back and forth.

    I like Rose and Bernard, they're such a lovely couple. They should get marr... ooh, they already are? Well, I thought that was why Mr Eko was building the church. Nevermind then.

    About the church. Someone mentioned in his review what religion they were going to have. I think Mr Eko's going to start his own and Charlie is going to be his evil deciphal. That would be great. Together they would rule the island, and the rest of the universe, like father and son!

    And Michael is back! Yay. Without Walt of course. In the following episodes we're going to find out what Michael has been up to so maybe we'll get some answers. Or not. I'm beginning to feel like Locke though - getting tired of pushing the button to see if something's gonna happen...
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