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  • As much as I hoped this season would turn out great after the first three episodes, my hopes are nearly gone now in the end...

    "And why is that?", you might ask.

    Well, I'm sorry people but this Days of our lives crap is something my mum watch every evening when she comes home from work. Sure there are leads everywhere, they've got the numbers and the signs and whatnot. Nobody knows if they actually mean anything or if it's there to mislead us.

    What's there to mislead?! Why the hell have I been watching nearly two seasons of a tv-show where the only interesting part is a baby being born, and a hatch with lots of food and good music is hidden?!

    This episode wasn't as bad as the previous though. That doesn't say too much unfortunaly because all we get in abundance is clues and questions. I play chess and poker, patience is my middle name, but for christ sake speed it up!

    Okey, now that I've spilled my guts over this I must confess there are some things I like about the show:

    - When it gets intence and exciting, it's really intence and very exciting.

    - I like the dialogues. I like Sawyer's nicknames on everyone, reminds me of a certain american lost on a living ship in a galaxy far away. I really liked the poker scene some episodes ago. That was funny.

    - I like the fact that anything, and I mean _anything_ can happen. Polar bears are such cuddly animals, bring 'em back!

    What did I like about this episode?

    I like Henry Gale headscrewing everyone back and forth.

    I like Rose and Bernard, they're such a lovely couple. They should get marr... ooh, they already are? Well, I thought that was why Mr Eko was building the church. Nevermind then.

    About the church. Someone mentioned in his review what religion they were going to have. I think Mr Eko's going to start his own and Charlie is going to be his evil deciphal. That would be great. Together they would rule the island, and the rest of the universe, like father and son!

    And Michael is back! Yay. Without Walt of course. In the following episodes we're going to find out what Michael has been up to so maybe we'll get some answers. Or not. I'm beginning to feel like Locke though - getting tired of pushing the button to see if something's gonna happen...
  • What happened?

    This episode for me wasn't really all it was cracked up to be.Here was me expecting a great episode with the break coming up till the next episode but i wasn't too impressed.

    The whole Bernard/Rose storyline was fine with me.I didn't expect her to have been cured by the island as was Locke and speaking of locke i didnt expect her to have been the one to see Locke in the wheelchair.That was interesting.

    To be honest though the only part i really enjoyed was the end with the return of michael.It was great to see him back as i heard a little something about him which im eager to see come out.

    So not the best ep for me but still not bad at all.Hope the next ep is alot better.
  • Im writing a review not a summary.

    Listen, stop bad mouthing this episode. Do you honestly think its possible to have an Oh My God episode every week?
    The writers know what theyre doing....this has never been done before and its so unbelievable. There has not been a bad episode of Lost aired yet. Its a quality show from the writers to the cast to the storyline. And you say theyre just dragging it out to make 7 seasons? Who are you to say whats going on? None of us know anything.
  • Good episode, but now I have to wait three weeks for another new episode...is it worth it? Agree or disagree with me here fellow fans...

    If you want to see what this episode was about, read the allusions or someone elses review, I\'m here to talk about these in-between waits for new episodes to come on. Now I understand that every show can\'t be like \"24\" where it runs straight from the first episode to the last episode, but I mean come on here. Are they directing new shows as we speak, is there not enough trees and sand on the beach to begin production or are they trying to fluff up the suspense so you can clear your schedule when a new episode actually comes on that you have to be there because if you miss it then your week is ruined. The show has a great storyline, an all star cast out of people you I\'ve never seen before (besides the drug addicted hobbit and Locke from various B movies like the blind swordsman) but I\'m really tired of getting excited and then coming on here to write a review and then seeing the next new episode airs next month!!! I\'m not sure who to blame, the network ABC or whoever, but this episode despite how much I liked it was the lowest watched show in terms of ratings for the season...I\'m no physic, but I\'ll bet that the next episode will hit a new low due to the long wait. Looks like Michael should have stayed in the woods because he picked the wrong episode to make his appearance back in...
  • A episode with flashbacks from Rose and Benard. And micheal returns

    This was a very diffrent episode to the norm i think especially with this series it really got back to the rotts of the first series it had something that has been missing from the second series it was about trying to get off of the island and that is one thing we really havent senn this season. I was very shocked when i found out about roses illness and how she had to hide it from benard. I also thought that the hole witch doctor side to the story was very good. I also loved then ending when micheal just ran from the forest i cannot believe they did that and i now have to wait another few weeks to get some more answers. But bring it on.
  • Flashes of brilliance could not disguise that this was the second consecutive lackluster episode of “LOST.”

    Flashes of brilliance could not disguise that this was the second consecutive lackluster episode of “LOST.” Overall, this episode was a dramatic improvement on last week’s “Dave,” but did not come anywhere near the overall entertainment value of past episodes. Though enjoyable, this episode added very little to the overall picture, and felt very much like a rehashing of past events.

    If you’re still not convinced, consider the following from the episode: Locke asks Henry Gale if he pushed the button, and it is revealed that the island has healing properties. Tell me something I didn’t know. With three episodes left, unlike Locke, I am not losing faith in the island, and I’m sure the march towards the finale will be every bit as exciting as last years. This week however, “LOST” falls well short of its high standards.

    Go to www.theislandoflost.com to read up on more \\\"LOST\\\" content.
  • More back stories

    It was good to see a different back story from the usuall characters, we also discovered that the island has healed another person with an incurable illness, at first it seemed locke was the only one but now it turns out that he isn\\\'t. I think this will help locke come to terms with was at happened to him as he will no longer feel he was `CHOSEN`

    It was also good to see Jack and Kate get the alone time they really needed and to at last give in to what we all know they have wanted for a long long time. as far as sawyer goes, i'm still undecided as whether or not he will help out when he's needed to help, fair enough he did it in season one on the boat/raft, but then again on the boat/raft he had nowhere to run and no way of talking his way out of it, I must admit though that I do enjoy his nicknames for the other losties on the island. All in all i found this episode refreshing, it steared away from the usuall story line and main characters and gave someone else a chance to tell their story and why at least one of them wants to to stay on the island just like locke does.

  • Yawns!

    I’m bored!
    The entire season was a snoozer. They throw us a bone with Lockdown and then episode after episode they go back to the slow filler routine.
    And because they really want to keep us wanting more, just before they finish us off with this dull episode (knowing that some of us have lost all interest and patience) they suddenly remembered Michael! Ooooooooh! I am SO excited! So much I can barely sleep at night! (yawns)
    Oh,Oh,Oh and by the way, everything is SO peachy in this island NOBODY wants to go! (yawns)
    Oh and, and, and now that they are building a church they are NOT going to hell anymore because they are going to be SAVED!!!! Yepiiiii Yeiiiiiiii!!!
    But but but! I have a question! Is it going to be a christian church? A muslim church? A buddhist church? A scientology church . . . or what? And what about the jews? Aren’t there any jews in the island?????

    Oh GIVE us a BLEEDING brake!

    Silly, Silly people!

    Well I’ll keep on watching ´cause you know ... Curiosity killed the cat! Until ... Boredom kills the show!
  • Nice back story except for Rose's illness.

    Except for Rose’s illness, Rose and Bernard have a nice back story. Most of the survivors do not, and it’s interesting finding out how people wound up in Australia. It wasn’t a surprise why Rose didn’t want to leave the island once we found out she had a terminal illness. We had already seen the miraculous with Locke and Sun. And all this time Rose has known that Locke was wheelchair bound!

    Has Charlie been cured of his heroin addiction? He’s looking clear eyed and alert. I wonder why Sawyer’s eyesight hasn’t been restored; he still needs glasses to read.

    Who would have thought Sawyer would share his food with Vincent? I think when no one’s around to observe him, Sawyer’s not quite the hard hearted person he wants everyone to think he is.

    Every time Vincent shows up, something big happens. This time it was the return of Michael! Isn’t it a little too coincidental that Michael reappears right where Jack and Kate are waiting? How can they trust him any more? Michael may be working for the Others now; probably under duress. They could have threatened him with Walt’s life or well-being. He could be leading them into the trap that failed when the evil Henry Gale sent them to find the balloon in an earlier episode. Do we believe that the Others are not well armed?

    I wanted to smack that smirk right off Henry’s face when he had Locke all riled up about pushing the button!
  • Interesting

    This was an interesting episode allthough the flashbacks were long and half of them pointless...i am glad that people on the island have actually finally relised they want to get off the island again (at least bernard wanted to)
    i am also glad that the end of the episode has the cliffhanger and not the beginning/middle like the last few episodes...it actually makes me want to see the next episode

    How do the islanders get there tarpauline from??? im sure planes dont have stashes of them in board.
  • wow

    LOST just keeps getting better and better, this episode was great, loved Rose and BErnard Back Story, loved the Rose Locke connection, the set up for Michaels return withJack and KAte roaming around was excellent, so happy we have finally confirmed that the Island does heal at least some people, ecko and Charlie building a church great addition. makes me on pins and needles till the next one
  • This episode was not so hot.

    S.O.S. took us into the backstory of the first non-major characters in lost. The episode had a lot of cute moments and helped remind us that old people can be kinda cute. The plot in the show was stalled though except for three developments. The biggest was that Michael came back from his time abroad, so the show sucessfully ended on a cliffhanger once again. The other intresting parts were a shout out to the wierd electromagnetic qualities of the island being able to cure not only locke but rose. The last thing to note is that there is something odd between them as well. The drama and events during the episode other than Michael's return and Gale's evil smile were pretty unmentionable.
  • Michael returns, but what's next for the Islanders?

    The episdode was a bit boring, as well as infomative. Many people forget about Rose and Bernard ever being on the show. It was nice to get to know them more, but frankly, I didn\'t really care. I found the flashbacks quite boring, but the parts with the island, as usual, were informative. A bit of info in each one. We notice how \"Henry\" is now on the brink of insanity. If the Others agree on trading, maybe our islanders can get Walt back. And everyone will be happy again...not likely, but I don\'t likr it like that anyway. Though it would be nice to see Walt return, seeing Michael return this episode was good enough for me. I look forward to the next episode to see if the Islanders will trade \"Henry.\" He may be a boatload of information, but he\'s also a potential danger...
  • Each flashback contributes to the main plot.

    The slow revelations in individual episodes are starting to become quite frustrating however it's become evident in this episode especially that each episode probably contains some vital information. In this episode it is clear that the writers want us to know about the healing powers the island holds.

    I've read other reviews about this episode which states that the Rose and Bernard flashback is pointless. Well, without it Locke's story wouldn't be reinforced and now we can really understand why Rose said the things she did in this episode and at the beginning when she wouldn't listen to Jack telling her that her husband Bernard is dead for being in the tail section.

    Magnetic force in Rose's flashback - Magnetic force in hatch.
    Island's healing powers - Something to do with this illness Rousseau talked about.
    The drug Ethan gave Claire looks like the one Desmond gave himself, the drug also had the numbers on the side of the container backing up the fact that the illness is connnected to the island.
  • Ok sure not much happened but who cares?

    Sure this episode could have been heartpounding and pivotal. Sure something truly truly interesting COULD have happened but I just don\'t understand why everyone gets upset when EVERY episode isn't like that.

    I\'m sorry but I don\'t want the show to be over in 3 seasons just because the creators have to do something drastic all the time, I\'d really like to take it slow and enjoy this awesome show.

    As for the episode, apart from being a tad slow it still is cool to think that the island is one big healing station. Or at least for Rose and Locke. She\'s a smart lady and I\'m sorry but I\'ve enjoyed her character from her first scene and on. Bernard can get a bit overly dramatic but hey they are on an island with polar bears and strange cloudy monsters so let the man be upset!

    Kate and Jack are awesome, there\'s something really believable about their characters, you forget they\'re just acting which is very refreshing, and HELLO Michael\'s back!
  • A bit of a wobbly episode.

    Yes a bit up and down really, up being Jack and Kate and down being Rose and her old man.

    The episode started well with Bernard questioning the mysterious parachute drop but soon had me drifting off at the onset of his and Rose's story. I'm sorry but I really don't care about those two, the cast is big enough without showing me more peripheral characters backstories. We have Claire, Charlie, Sayid, Ecko and even Kate being criminally underused. Why not just do a Scott or Steve flashback too?, whichever one is still alive.

    It wasn't all bad however, the Jack and Kate romance looks like being on again. There really is something when these 2 actors get together, something I just don't see with Kate and Sawyer. The two of them trapped in the net was a classic Lost moment. Quote of the week: Jack "I'll wait until I get my voice back then I'm gonna yell some more". Top stuff.

    It is also nice to see Locke finally out of the hatch, he really has gone from being Locke the incredible hunter to John the incredibly gullible. This is clearly his major weakness and it shines like a beacon for all to see. Only when he stops pushing that stupid button every 108 minutes will we get the hunter back.

    Just one final thing, I'm starting to get a bit disorientated with the island time. According to Kate the Claire episode was last week and Gale has been locked up for a week. It somehow seems longer to me, hmmm thanks for that ABC. Here's to yet more repeat misery for the next few weeks.
  • its an average episode...

    this is the kind of episode that gives no questions and no answers so its average.

    sure you discover that Lock is not the only one that was healed by the island and that michael is back so thats a good ending that will be helpfull for the next episode but that bernard
    makes a s.o.s signal and at the ending says he wont build it realy feels like a waste of time.

    there were some good scenes about Lock where you can see his losing his faith about the hatch
    or when Jack and kate are trapped in one of the traps.

    overall this episode is not good or bad with lots of boring parts and a good ending.

  • So there wasn't all lot of action and violence, big deal!

    I'm tired of people whining that "LOST is crap," and "nothing happened!" As another reviewer pointed out, many questions were answered this week. There does not have to be heart-stopping action and violence every week in order for an episode to be good. Geez.

    What I enjoyed most about this episode was the romance. Rose and Bernard's story tugged at the heart strings and actually brought a few tears to my eyes. And of course, the Jate (Jack and Kate to you non-shippers) moments were adorable, albeit predictable. Who didn't see them getting caught in the trap together, or Jack saying, "I'm not," at the end? :)

    Whether the plots are more character-driven or action-driven, LOST keeps delivering superb episodes. Keep watching and stop complaining!
  • An episode which reveals alot about a character but not much about the main storyline...

    A steady episode which reveals more about the characters of Rose and Bernard. This is a welcome addition as up to now we only knew them as a married couple kept apart by the island then re-united.
    The storyline about Rose's terminal illness was touching and showed yet again the power of the island as the energy she needed to heal her was there all along.
    Once again the story of the island only warms up towards the end as in this episode Micheal stumbles into the arms of Jack and Kate as he returns from his search for Walt. What happened on that search? Did he find Walt? Lets hope the writers don't leave it as long as they did with Claire to tell us the answers...
    Oh yeah and lets hope that smirk gets wiped off 'Henry's' face sooner rather than later!
  • Another pointless episode with and development to the main plot. It is obviously clear by now that there is no greater plot and that episodes are being written mostly independently. The goal is clearly the pointless 7 season series...

    This is my first review at tv.com and, as expected, there are generally two strong motivations to post. This one will be due to the most obvious reason: depreciation. By now it is obvious that the plot is being written in order to provide the greatest number of episodes possible. Now you may believe that this is the very nature of a TV series but that’s were you’re wrong. The first objective this kind of TV series should be to have the best plot possible. As you can see, this is not the case for Lost. There is really no point in being very thorough as even the most distracted viewer would realize by now that the plot scenario has changed considerably. They seam to have run out of both boars and polar bears and whatever giant creatures may have inhabited the island. The best argument found to perpetuate their absurd condition on the island is to have a hatch to wash clothes and have showers and get food dropped out from airplanes... And for 7 weeks they keep living on the beach and build exactly nothing!
    But the truth is that I’ve watched it so far... so what does this TV series have to offer that will keep you watching? First of all, I’m not watching on TV so I would probably guess that if that was the case, I wouldn’t watch it at all! This means I’m watching it for interactions of the actors. But how long does this keep you watching I wonder... I much rather go watch Prison Break which as a very fine plot. You should learn from them.
  • Bernard, Rose, whatever...

    The biggest dissapointment was that nothing happened between Jack and Kate. How long are they gonna drag it? In this useless episode that would have been the piece that would have saved the boring episode.

    Rose was saved by the island. Everybody was saved by the island. It is the best place to be, except for the monsters and saveges who might kill you.

    Hopefully Locke will draw that map and go find some interesting place soon. Michael, I bet you don't remember a thing, do you?

  • Not one of the best episodes of the season.

    This episode was not one of the best episodes of the season. It had too many things going on, and no storyline made much progress.

    I was disappointed that Michael's return was dropped in our laps as a cliffhanger in the last scene. Since Michael's turn was foretold in the official ABC episode description and with a 3-week break after this episode, I could have used a more substantial revelation to hold me over until the next new episode.
  • intresting

    I really liked the episode I mean who new Rose would lie like that but I totally understand her reasons I mean if you were watching when she looked out the window oh my gosh you could tell he was going to be happy when she told him she was fixed and plus who would want to waste their marriage trying to find away to stay alive I mean come on. Then it was so weird when Jack and Kate went out and crossed the line and Micheal came out, did the others send him or what? ! ?
  • not much happens...

    This episode seemed to me like a long winded way of revealing another miraculous "healing" that has took place on the island. This is then filled out with flashbacks of Rose's and Bernards relationship, which dosent really reinforce their characters as the flashbacks were dull and predictable.

    As always, the scenes involving locke and henry gale were the highlight. It still frustrates me why no one will push (the fake) henry gale to his limits, and force answers from him. Im also pleased that the once great character of Locke (the mysterious locke who shot knives into trees and seemed to walk a higher path) has taken a fresh outlook on everything, and i am eagerly anticipating the episode where he tells jack to shut his mouth then batters him (it will come all u locke fans).

    The Kate and Jack flirting scenes seemed abit dumb 2 me, because of the way they both act like little kids. Also, in the 2 months every1s been on the island hav any of theme even had sex? or is that just offscreen..

    I didnt think Micheal stumbling out from the woods was such a great cliffhanger. In season one episode 15 it was so obvious (to me anyway) that it was Claire who was stumbling through the bushes, and in exactly the same way i knew it was micheal who was about to appear. And as is the norm with lost a great exciting ending at the end of one episode is NEVER followed by huge exciting revelations in the next episode. Its my guess that micheal will remain partially concious throughout the next episode, and his story will only be revealed after a couple more episodes (its not a guess actually, i read all the synops's :)

    Id also like to say something about the idiots who whine about people whining about filler episodes (like this one) in lost. Lost would lose its charm if their was guns, persuits and explosions in every episode but it also is grinding to a halt for me cos of its incredibally slow pace. In the same way bernard is frustrated by peoples lack of enthusiam toward being rescued, it frustrates me to see people just accept filler episodes because they add to a bigger picture. This is television, not real life.
  • A Rose and Bernard story...finally.

    This episode was long overdue. I, for one, was always wondering about Rose and Bernard. They seemed to be so...normal. There had to be an interesting story in there somewhere. This is Lost!

    Anyways, I believe this episode's strongest point is the foreshadowing. Locke's conversation with Rose is probably the prime example of this. It's just a nice conversation until we realize what it really means in the final flashback.

    Another example of foreshadowing was Rose being opposed to getting off the island. When she first explained her reasons for not building the sign, I thought it was a really bad explanation. But then everything fell together at the end.

    Locke's story was interesting and intertwined nicely with the Rose and Bernard story. She's right, he's been in the Hatch way too long.

    The Jack and Kate storyline was interesting as well. As much as I enjoyed the net scenes, the whole idea just seemed to be a little too contrived. But whatever, the point is that I enjoyed them right?

    Another positive was that there were no more mysteries introduced! Yeah, Michael coming back sort of another mystery, but we've been wondering what he's done for the past eight episodes or so.

    The last three episodes have been good in my opinion. This episode, while NOT a pivotal episode in the series was still a good one. Good entertainment, that's all I need.

  • Rose is surprisingly and vehemently opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal; romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate when they trek into the jungle to propose a "trade" with "The Others"; and Locke begins to question his faith in

    Wow what an episode. I am really happy that Michael is back on the show after he was off for a while. I love the Rose/Bernard flashback. I cannot belive that Rose had cancer and was dieing until she crashed on the island. I cannot wait for the rest of the season because it looks really good.
  • The only positive point of the show is that Michael returns...

    Rose and Bernard's story wasn't that good. We learned that some places with magnetic power can heal people and that Rose saw Locke in wheel chair, but exept that... Bernard going crazy on the island was boring...
    The smile of Henry Gale when Locke was talking to him was awesome.
    Next episode should be more interesting because we'll probably learn what Michael was doing
  • Another epiosde were the Island brings Miricales to the castaways who are feeling to comfortable.

    A great epsiode.

    The greatest scene In Lost history between Jack and Kate we could all feel it. good way to get them close and quite funny to. I was not surprised to see Micheal as I was to see Libby in a mental Institution But none the less Im glad Harold is back in the show. I bet the "others" let Micheal go after hearing Jack.

    Henry is toying with Lockes mind but can someone tell me why Henry looks so evil??

    It seems to me that the Island heals people. I was not happy about a Bernard and Rose Epsiode since they were not a guest stars, but I still enjoyed it. The fact that Rose had faith that she was cured becasue Locke had been healed was a nice touch. Sure Rose did not go to extreme highs like Locke did to stay on The Island (like hitting sayid) I guess this was the place for Rose her "center" are maybe the Darma gives people what they need physicology issuses are physical??

    There has not been a song at the end of a Lost epsiode since "in translation" So I was kinda surprised.

    The next epsiode Looks better and since Ana is a "bad seed that the others seem to want" Like Goodwin tried to kill her and now Henry.
  • Good filler

    I think that overall this week's episode of Lost was pretty decent for a filler episode. It had a good ending, and I enjoyed watching it. I can't wait to see how the next episode turns out. It's a shame that there are no new episodes for a few weeks.
  • not amazing

    this was not an amazing episode nothing really happened the whole thing between kater and jack was great though i just want them to get togethor( even though i love sawyer i think kate is better with jack) did you see henry's smile when locke was pounding on the door it looked so evil!
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