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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • Awesome.

    Bernard attempts to create an S.O.S. signal, but stops when Rose tells him that she wants to stay on the island because she thinks it has cured her cancer. Romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate. Locke continues to lose faith in the island. In flashbacks, Rose and Bernard have their honeymoon in Australia. Michael reappears to Jack and Kate when they try to trade Henry to the Others in exchange for Walt. Wow - what an awesome episode - I love this episode so much. I love the Rose and Bernard scene and back story. I love the Jack and Henry scene, I love them both. I love the scene with Saywer, Jack and Kate - Yay for Jack and Kate. I love the Jack and Kate scenes together, especially the scene where they are trapped together. I love the John and Rose scene amazing. I love Jack he is my other favourite character on the show. I love the ending where Jack and Kate are having a momeny nd then Michael runs out the jungle.
  • A Rose/Bernard-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode because I've been very intrigued by the characters Rose and Bernard ever since they were introduced on the show, so I loved getting to finally learn about their back story. They are definitely both very interesting characters. I also loved getting to learn more about their relationship. All of the flashbacks in this episode were great. In my opinion, they were also very shocking flashbacks too. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost by everyone who was involved, and I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of my Lost: Season Two DVD set so I can find out how the season ends.
  • Great!

    Rose and Bernard have flashbacks of when they met, were engaged, and when Rose told him that she is going to die within a year. For their honeymoon, Bernard takes her to try and gets her fixed. It doesn't work, but she lies to him and says it does.

    Bernard wants to make an SOS sign. Rose is against it, to Bernard's surprise. Nobody wants to help him. Jack and Kate go into the jungle to try and propose a trade with "the Others." Eko and Charlie are building a church. Michael is found by Jack and Kate. Locke works hard to try and redraw the map he saw. He wants to know whether "Henry" pushed the button or not.

    This episode was great! I really like Rose, but I don't like Bernard. I can't believe they found Michael! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Rose experiences the healing properties of the island and Kate and Jack fall into a romantic trap.

    While the flashbacks to Rose's and Bernard's life may not necessarily be the most exciting flashbacks, since they do not involve any of the main cast, they are still very important in terms of the Island and the secrets it holds. John Locke, as Rose knows, is not the only one who has been cured miraculously since the crash.

    What made this episode very special to me, was the interaction between Jack and Kate. Since Kate had kissed Jack and ran away from him, Jack had clearly distanced himself from her, and after the incident where Kate defied Jack and got caught by the Others the relationship between the two had been even more tense. Kate made some endeavours to med things with very little success. I remember having trouble with the fact that their kiss was never mentioned by either one of them, and after waiting paitently, finally in this episode Kate did. But before she does there are some important and hilarious moments between the two of them. The important moment I'm referring to is the one where Kate - who obviously does not believe herself worthy of having anything good in her life and seems to have so much in common with Sawyer - finds a crucial link or sommonality between her and Jack: They are both damaged goods. While Jack does not react to that, it is obvious that Kate has been thinking about how things have changed between them and why that is, and is trying very hard to get Jack to 'let her back in the club', i.e. into his confidence. It seems that while Kate feels the need to run away from anything good, like Tom and Jack, she is unwilling to let Jack run away from her.

    The funny moments ensue when Kate falls into a trap and Jack, trying to stop her, is caught in it right along with her. The close proximity, their inability to move leads to a very funny scene where Kate tries to reach for the gun in Jack's pants and basically feels him up a little. Kate, convinced that she is a better shot then Jack misses the rope, does not believe that Jack can make the shot either. Their whole dialogue is very funny, and when Jack makes the shot it makes for another great little scene.

    Now to the kiss. As they're sitting at a fire, waiting for the Others to appear, Kate apologizes for having kissed him. While Jack is surprised that Kate actually adresses their kiss, he is also visibly relieved telling Kate after a short moment that he is not sorry. Kate looks up at him in surpise and they hold each other's gaze, slowly leaning into each other when they hear a sound (Michael) and the whole mood is spoiled ;)
    It was very interesting to see Kate being surprised at jack not being sorry for her kiss. Up to that point, I was pretty sure that Kate knew that Jack was not mad at her but hurt by her actions. Apparently, Kate's issues and her conviction that she will never have anything good in her life run so deep that she wasn't able to realize the real reason for Jack's distance.
  • great episode

    Rose and Bernard are one of the main supporting characters. It's just a matter of time before they get an episode devoted to them. And this is that episode that features them. Rose and Bernard had an accidental meeting where they ended up getting married. They didn't meet when they were young, they meet fairly recently, and their trip to australia lead them to this island. There are strange things that are unexplained, but somehow it's tied to the island. It's a good episode, it's a step away from the island's mystery, but it's a necessary episode to have. It's a really good one.
  • S.O.S.

    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
    I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews
  • I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews


    But my, oh my... Below average episode, considering is the first time they make flashback of non rate 1 characters, nothing good, beside Michaels return, and even that it is going to be for next episode...
    Hope this week episode make up for this one, considering there is only 4 more episode to the season finale.

    Also I liked Jack and Kate exchange, funny!

    Jack: You okay ?
    Kate: Yeah.
    Jack: Oh, good, so you can hear me.

    and what about:

    Kate: I'm sorry I kissed you.
    Jack (pause): I'm not

    Looking forward to see something (ANYTHING!) happening between these two, at leat to create more conflicts (beware, Sawyer, beware!!)
  • O-M-G !!!

    This episode was unbelievable!! I can't wait to see the next one, the suspense is killing me!!! I love the way everything just ties in together. I started watching the whole 1st and 2nd season all over again to catch the little hints and clues I missed the first time around. This show is the BEST series I've ever seen and each episode is better than the one before it! :)
  • Great, everything about S.O.S is great, as many people say this episode sucks, it doesn't. It's one of the best episodes

    Great, everything about S.O.S is great, as many people say this episode sucks, it doesn't. It's one of the best episodes because of the way it blends in a joy\sad moment, and Rose's out of character shouting, and the way she feels safe on the island. This is a classic episode and well worth watching, even though some people say it's rubbish it's not, it's nice to get some info and background characters, as i;ve been wondering a bo ut Rose ever since the pilot episode. Although rose seems a lil wierd at first, she isn't not atall, just... damaged.
  • Im writing a review not a summary.

    Listen, stop bad mouthing this episode. Do you honestly think its possible to have an Oh My God episode every week?
    The writers know what theyre doing....this has never been done before and its so unbelievable. There has not been a bad episode of Lost aired yet. Its a quality show from the writers to the cast to the storyline. And you say theyre just dragging it out to make 7 seasons? Who are you to say whats going on? None of us know anything.
  • So there wasn't all lot of action and violence, big deal!

    I'm tired of people whining that "LOST is crap," and "nothing happened!" As another reviewer pointed out, many questions were answered this week. There does not have to be heart-stopping action and violence every week in order for an episode to be good. Geez.

    What I enjoyed most about this episode was the romance. Rose and Bernard's story tugged at the heart strings and actually brought a few tears to my eyes. And of course, the Jate (Jack and Kate to you non-shippers) moments were adorable, albeit predictable. Who didn't see them getting caught in the trap together, or Jack saying, "I'm not," at the end? :)

    Whether the plots are more character-driven or action-driven, LOST keeps delivering superb episodes. Keep watching and stop complaining!
  • Rose is surprisingly and vehemently opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal; romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate when they trek into the jungle to propose a "trade" with "The Others"; and Locke begins to question his faith in

    Wow what an episode. I am really happy that Michael is back on the show after he was off for a while. I love the Rose/Bernard flashback. I cannot belive that Rose had cancer and was dieing until she crashed on the island. I cannot wait for the rest of the season because it looks really good.
  • This was a wery good ep of lost, I love it and Glag Påsk på er alla.

    Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good.
  • Nice back story except for Rose's illness.

    Except for Rose’s illness, Rose and Bernard have a nice back story. Most of the survivors do not, and it’s interesting finding out how people wound up in Australia. It wasn’t a surprise why Rose didn’t want to leave the island once we found out she had a terminal illness. We had already seen the miraculous with Locke and Sun. And all this time Rose has known that Locke was wheelchair bound!

    Has Charlie been cured of his heroin addiction? He’s looking clear eyed and alert. I wonder why Sawyer’s eyesight hasn’t been restored; he still needs glasses to read.

    Who would have thought Sawyer would share his food with Vincent? I think when no one’s around to observe him, Sawyer’s not quite the hard hearted person he wants everyone to think he is.

    Every time Vincent shows up, something big happens. This time it was the return of Michael! Isn’t it a little too coincidental that Michael reappears right where Jack and Kate are waiting? How can they trust him any more? Michael may be working for the Others now; probably under duress. They could have threatened him with Walt’s life or well-being. He could be leading them into the trap that failed when the evil Henry Gale sent them to find the balloon in an earlier episode. Do we believe that the Others are not well armed?

    I wanted to smack that smirk right off Henry’s face when he had Locke all riled up about pushing the button!
  • wow

    LOST just keeps getting better and better, this episode was great, loved Rose and BErnard Back Story, loved the Rose Locke connection, the set up for Michaels return withJack and KAte roaming around was excellent, so happy we have finally confirmed that the Island does heal at least some people, ecko and Charlie building a church great addition. makes me on pins and needles till the next one
  • Bernard and Rose get a very decent 42 minutes, which manages to not just be a character-development episode by connecting to the island's magical healing properties!

    In many ways, I did prefer this episode to Lockdown. This will no doubt cause some consternation amongst other fans. I will honest that in terms of its scale, action, intensity, acting and attention to the mythology of the show, Lockdown wins hands down. But S.O.S is a very personal, emotional episode, and Lost knows how to produce these kinds of episodes too.
    From the first time we caught sight of them I did like them alot but never thought much about them because they never got much screen time. Thus, it is surprising, firstly, that they should, out of nowhere, get a whole episode. Secondly, it is amazing that their backstory connects to the ongoing mythology. For those that still insist that nothing happened in this episode and that it was all filler, were you watching the same episode, I ask you? It is not a "Lockdown" episode, for sure, but it holds more mystery than any of Kate's episodes put together, for example.
    The mythology referenced in this episode is more subtle than in other episodes. There is no DHARMA Initiative, orientation films, The Others [except a little of Henry Gale] or smoke monsters. It is similar to how the Season 1 episode, "Deus Ex Machina" approached the mystery of the island. It is the metaphysical and psychological approach which made the Season 1 episode and this one work so well.
    It could have been so much less than what was shown. We could have been subjected to 42 minutes of Bernard trying to fish for Pearls and Rose doing a whole bulging basket of laundry, but it is smart that the writers decided to give these two seriously underused characters so many layers.
    So we find out that Rose has an on-island connection to Locke. Now that is a first. Most of our character connections are off-island in some way. This plot thread harks back to Locke's first episode where we learn that his legs are healed by the island. Rose's cancer has also supposedly been cured by the island and explains her calm, fearless attitude towards her new surroundings.
    Because of this connection S.O.S. is as much a Rose episode as it is a Bernard and Rose episode, but Bernard helps to carry it along and give it much emotional depth, as well as some wonderful comic relief. Perhaps the funniest moment was when we learn that he is a dentist, yet when we see his mouth he has worse teeth than probably most of his patients!!
    The scenes between them when Rose confesses her secret to Bernard is heartwrenching and beautiful. But there is even more besides Bernard and Rose to engross in: Jack and Kate getting caught in a net, Jack shouting at The Line [wonderful camera work, by the way], Henry Gale being increasingly creepy, Locke's faith restored and the reappearance of Michael "Waaaaaalt!" Dawson. Because of everything that happens in this episode you get your money's worth and that is also why this episode is special!
  • More back stories

    It was good to see a different back story from the usuall characters, we also discovered that the island has healed another person with an incurable illness, at first it seemed locke was the only one but now it turns out that he isn\\\'t. I think this will help locke come to terms with was at happened to him as he will no longer feel he was `CHOSEN`

    It was also good to see Jack and Kate get the alone time they really needed and to at last give in to what we all know they have wanted for a long long time. as far as sawyer goes, i'm still undecided as whether or not he will help out when he's needed to help, fair enough he did it in season one on the boat/raft, but then again on the boat/raft he had nowhere to run and no way of talking his way out of it, I must admit though that I do enjoy his nicknames for the other losties on the island. All in all i found this episode refreshing, it steared away from the usuall story line and main characters and gave someone else a chance to tell their story and why at least one of them wants to to stay on the island just like locke does.

  • We have a pow trade delegation going out into the jungle, we also have Bernhard getting on a high horse regarding getting off of the island, we have a serious question of faith regarding the island and the mission of the bunker.

    We see at the start of the episode that Bernhard is a man on a mission, he is busy rallying people together for the purpose of creating a sign on the beach that can be seen by satellites or by passing planes. He tries to get Mr Eko and Charlie involved, but he discovers that they are busy building a church. He finds it hard to believe that everyone on the island is building something and that he is trying to get them saved.

    Locke's faith in the bunker and the island is in question, he tries talking to Henry but to no avail, so he goes to take sollace on the beach as he can't get an answer out of Henry. On the beach he and Rose talk and his faith is restored when he talks to Rose and she tells him that she also knows what the island is capable of - refering to Lockes ability to walk and be pain free since getting stranded on the island.

    In flashback mode we get to see and understand the situation between Rose and Bernhard, how they fell in love, how their interact and how they both look out for one another in their own way.

    Jack asks Kate to go with him to see the others with regards to a prisoner exchange, as they approach a clearing Kate see and goes to pick up a doll, to the objection of Jack, they both end up in a trap, not one of the others but one of Danielles as it is not as sophisticated. They both try to shoot the rope holding the net in the air.

    Bernhards management style is not working, he even gets Jin's back up leaving him to complete the sign by himself. Rose says so to Locke.

    Rose admits to Bernhard that the ozzie healer was unable to heal her, but she believes that the island did instead, therefore that is why she is not overly committed to getting off of the island. Bernhard understands this and promises that he will stay on the island with her forever.

    Jack and Kate find the clearing where they had their pow-wow with the bearded leader, they wait it out with Jack calling out that they are here to talk. Then at night, a stumbling figure of Michael comes through the undergrowth and collapses before them.
  • The episode provided a look at the background of Rose and Bernard. We see the kind heart of Bernard as well as the grating qualities of his personality. We are also reminded of the special nature of the island. Nice reference to Gilligan's Island too.

    The series continues its recent run of excellent episodes after a bit of a lull in mid-winter. “S.O.S.” reveals how Rose and Bernard met, up in snowy Buffalo, New York. Rose's car is stuck in the snow and Bernard helps her out. Rose takes the initiative and asks Bernard out for coffee. Later, they are seen dining in a restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls, both the (Canadian) Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls. Bernard proposes but Rose tells him she only has a year to live. Bernard wants to marry her anyway. Bernard's response to Rose's illness highlights both the positive and negative aspects of his personality. He shows his true commitment to Rose by marrying her despite her terminal illness. He also shows his impatience as he tries to find a cure.

    His quest leads them to Australia and Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) where he finds a faith healer by the name of Isaac of Uluru. Though Issac can't do anything for Rose, he tells her that there are special places on the Earth where the energy can affect a person. Uluru is not the place for Rose but he suggests there might be another place. Rose decides to tell Bernard that Isaac healed her so that he won't continue his search for a cure.

    Locke is frustrated because he doesn't know if Henry lied when he said he didn't enter the numbers during the lockdown. He is still using crutches. His restlessness leads him to the beach where Rose finds him in her old spot. She tells him that he will be up and about in no time at all. When Locke says that Jack told him it would be four weeks, Rose says that they both know it won't take that long. She gives him a long, knowing look. They both understand that the Island has cured them of their conditions and it's clear that Rose and Locke know about the effect of the Island on the other person. How do they know? Did their cure allow them to sense a similar state in other people?

    Bernard's effort to build a large S.O.S. sign on the beach using black, volcanic rock is reminiscent of the episode “Splashdown” from Gilligan's Island. The castaways built a large S.O.S. sign using burning logs so that a spacecraft passing overhead would see it. Unfortunately Gilligan fouled up the plan as usual. Likewise, Bernard's plan didn't go so well. His abrasive management style drove all of the volunteers away. Rose tells him that she lied about Isaac and her illness. She is cured but it is because of the Island. Bernard realizes that Rose, like Locke, does not want to leave the Island. She is healthier here than on the outside world. He vows that neither of them will ever leave.

    The story was about finding inner peace and hope. Bernard discovered that it's not always necessary to travel and look elsewhere for the answers (although if Bernard hadn't taken Rose to Uluru, they would never have been on Oceanic Flight 815 and they wouldn't have crashed on the Island). Sometimes the answers are right in front of you and you don't have to perform great feats to find them. Eko, who was building a church, told him something similar. When Bernard said that he was trying to save everyone by getting them rescued, Eko said that “People are saved in different ways, Bernard.” Indeed. The end of the episode showed scenes of contentment among the survivors as Jin took quiet pleasure in Sun's pregnancy and Claire cared for her baby.

    But, as you know, “Lost” is not only about character studies and hope. It's also about drama and action. We received a dose of it at the end as someone made a surprising return. There promises to be a lot of action in the following episode. Tune in next time to see what happens. I know I will.
  • Bernard ties to recruit people to build a giant SOS sign whithout Rose's support. Jack and Kate head off into the jungle to try and make a trade with The Others. We learn an important secret about Rose.

    I have to agree that not heaps happened in this episode but i still thought it was good. We learnt a few important things about Rose and it was nice to see her and Bernard get some screen time.

    It was also great to see Jack treating Kate nicely again, the scenes with them in the net where a lot of fun. Some serious built up sexual tension between those two (will they just get together already!!). Kate-"Im sorry i kissed you" Jack- "Im not..." ;-) So Eko and Charlie are building a church. Thats interesting but ive got to agree with bernard in saying that i think they might be getting a little to comfortable when they start building churches.

    I loved the convo between Rose and Locke("Honey, you and I both know it's not going to take that long.") She knew Locke was in a wheelchair and never said! i used to find Rose annoying but i like her after this ep.
  • Very interesting.

    I was surprised and pleased that Rose and Bernard's stories were highlighted in this episode, something that hasn't been done before and turned out to be an entertaining story as well. Seems I'm one of the few that thinks that, but what I found most interesting about this episode was the revelation that someone on the island knows Locke's secret. (Besides Walt.) What's more, Locke seems to know that Rose is aware of his condition, and it was nice to see the two of them have a shared sense of faith and bewilderment at the island's mysterious power to heal. Locke's recovery has been, for me, the most intriguing of the island's secrets, and it was good to see it brought back to the forefront for an episode, and with a different character.

    Also, Isaac mentioned that certain places have energies that people can tap into, and I'm beginning to think that electro-magnet on the island has something to do with them. We still know very little about the strong magnetic field present on the island, but we do know that Sayid showed Jack a compass last season which was displaying a puzzling reading, the result of which could only be from a magnetic anomaly. I hope they reveal more on this soon.
  • Continues Great Character Development

    This show is quite wonderful and very well written. From some of the reviews that some on here have given it, it is pretty clear that some cannot enjoy a show that takes its time in presenting a story, i.e. some of these reviewers would not be reading The Brothers Karamazov.

    This particular episode looks at two minor characters and shows a bit of their life before the island. This episode attempts to further enhance the mystical properties of the island and its regenerative powers. Now two members of this flight have been healed.

    The most enjoyable parts of the whole story of Lost is the conflict with the Others, and the writers of the show need to realize that they cannot shove this aside too often, or they will lose viewers who lack the patience for a long story. I can only hope the finale of season two reveals some great mysteries about the Others.

    In the trailer for the next episode, Michael says that the Others are not really that strong. Interesting.....Is Michael right? or was he captured, brainwashed, and released back to further toy with the crash survivors?

    We shall see.

    To those who are getting bored, I say, go read Dostoyevsky. :)
  • Information was presented that was necessary, whether you believe it or not.

    I am sick and tired of people dishing this episode. If it isnt about Jake, Lock, Hurley and Kate it is not worth while. That is just stupid because it was Lock who said that they were ALL brought there for a reason. And I am of the opinion that means ALL of them including all those people on the beach.... Rose and Bernard included. I think before the entire truth will come out we will need to meet all the survivors and hear all their stories, and figure out the connections between them.
  • All of you are morons, you need to realize what lost is about.

    This episode was good nonetheless. It revealed several things that were sort of important. Since everyone already wrote what they thought about the show, i will write what i thought. I believe this show was not the best, but it weas not the worst. Also, some of the ppl that wrote reviews said that there getting tired of how some lost episodes have suprises at the end. Well, i hate to break it to you, but they have been doing that on all the episodes except for like 2 or 3. So stop whining because thats what puts interest into the show, the wait, and then the random episode that answers all the questions, such as the season finale that is coming up. So please, stop whining because its getting near the end of the season, and this is what they did last season, filler stuff.
  • Sweet and true to theme.

    I was pleased to see the character and relationship development between Rose and Bernard. I thought it was a very sweet episode, and while I wouldn't want to see too many of these (cheapens the romantic authenticity), I thought this one was in very good taste. I also appreciated Rose's nudge to Locke, seeing as how they are two of the most faith-based characters we've seen on the show thus far (while both being, interestingly enough, not strictly religious).
  • A Rose and Bernard story...finally.

    This episode was long overdue. I, for one, was always wondering about Rose and Bernard. They seemed to be so...normal. There had to be an interesting story in there somewhere. This is Lost!

    Anyways, I believe this episode's strongest point is the foreshadowing. Locke's conversation with Rose is probably the prime example of this. It's just a nice conversation until we realize what it really means in the final flashback.

    Another example of foreshadowing was Rose being opposed to getting off the island. When she first explained her reasons for not building the sign, I thought it was a really bad explanation. But then everything fell together at the end.

    Locke's story was interesting and intertwined nicely with the Rose and Bernard story. She's right, he's been in the Hatch way too long.

    The Jack and Kate storyline was interesting as well. As much as I enjoyed the net scenes, the whole idea just seemed to be a little too contrived. But whatever, the point is that I enjoyed them right?

    Another positive was that there were no more mysteries introduced! Yeah, Michael coming back sort of another mystery, but we've been wondering what he's done for the past eight episodes or so.

    The last three episodes have been good in my opinion. This episode, while NOT a pivotal episode in the series was still a good one. Good entertainment, that's all I need.

  • hmmm

    i dont get all these people saying they are finding it hard to stay a fan. why?!? cos every episode isnt full of action? each episode relates to the story. the whole picture. although some episodes are more exciting than others. they all count. and i love them all. i think lost attracts too much of the wrong kind of television viewers. the kind of viewers that cause shows like arrested development to be cancelled before it manages to reach its conclusion at its own pace, and shows like hope and faith to live on well past the first terribly painful episode.

    all i have to say is shut up and watch the show. and eventually we will find out what happens. only till the series is completely over (all 4 or 5 seasons) can really be allowed to comment on it. right now for all you know, this episode could be the most IMPORTANT in the whole story! its like reading a book halfway through, stopping at a part of the book with character exploration because its not "exciting", then saying it was a let down!

    ITS NOT FINISHED. Shut up and watch the damn show. head over to dharma secrets and lets have fun discussing what could be happening in the show!
  • This episode actually answered more questions than it posed. Good non-action episode.

    Though I\'m sure some people think this was a \'filler\' episode, but think about it:

    This might of been the first episode ever that more questions were ANSWERED than posed!

    1. What is Eko building? answered.
    2. Did Kate tell anybody about the medical hatch? answered.
    3. Who knew about Locke\'s dissability? answered.
    4. Is the island a healer? answered definitely.
    5. Is Micheal alive? answered.
    6. Does Henry know about the Others? answered definitely.
    7. What is Rose/Benards backstory? answered.
    8. Did Locke remember the map? answered.
  • Rose and Bernard finally get their own episode, and Henry continues being really creepy.

    Tonight's episode centered around two characters who have never got their own flashback episode before - Rose and Bernard. While some people may think that Rose and Bernard don't need a flashback episode, I think that it added to the overall character development of the show, and was a chance to get some more interesting facts about the two of them.

    In the past, we get to witness the meeting of Rose and Bernard, the proposal of Bernard to Rose, and their honeymoon. The honeymoon is not what you'd think, because it turns out that Rose has an incurable disease that is going to kill her very soon. Bernard takes Rose to see a faith healer, and although it doesn't work, Rose tells Bernard that it does so that they can enjoy what time they have left together. I can see how some people might find the flashbacks boring (especially for such a late season episode), but I found that they were actually quite interesting, and really added depth to both Rose and Bernard. It was weird seeing Rose angry so much, and the extra development time for Bernard was nice.

    On the island, Rose and Bernard argue about Bernard's plan to set up a massive S.O.S. (hence the title) to get rescued. I myself appreciated this storyline, because I was wondering why nobody seems to want to leave the island anymore. It was nice seeing all the characters being used, and it was cool finally knowing what Eko is building (although many had already suspected as much). To cap it all off, the surprising connection between Locke and Rose was neat to see, and I know that there will be many more of these connection between the survivors in the future (Boone or Shannon maybe?).

    Besides Rose and Bernard, I really enjoyed Locke this episode. He seems to be on a journey to find his true purpose on the island, and it was awesome seeing him remember that diagram. Jack and Kate go off into the jungle to find the Others and make a trade for Henry. At the very end, we get a nice surprise, one that I think will have some major ripples throughout the final episodes of the season.

    Overall, while not the huge episode that I expected (being before the last break and all), it was still a satisfying one nonetheless. We got to see some more characters in-depth, and we also got some more on Henry (that creepy smile will haunt my nightmares!). The episode was great, and I can't wait until the break is over, because it's going to get a lot more crazy from here on out.

    (Don't forget to visit www.theislandoflost.com for all your Lost needs!)
  • intresting

    I really liked the episode I mean who new Rose would lie like that but I totally understand her reasons I mean if you were watching when she looked out the window oh my gosh you could tell he was going to be happy when she told him she was fixed and plus who would want to waste their marriage trying to find away to stay alive I mean come on. Then it was so weird when Jack and Kate went out and crossed the line and Micheal came out, did the others send him or what? ! ?
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