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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • Rose & Bernard

    Rose and Bernard flashbacks don't disappoint in this more traditional episode of Lost reminiscent of the first season, proving to be a slow burn with a cliffhanger that sets up the final tier of the season quite enticingly.
  • It's time to start axing some of these characters.

    This episode to me epitomized why Lost has been underwhelming in the 2nd season. You've got all these great developments happening with the island map on the door, and they barely take time to examine those mysteries. Instead, they focus on characters we don't even care about. I really don't care about Mr. Eko and his church, Anna Lucia and I especially don't care about Bernard & his wife's pathetic relationship.

    I do care about Kate, Charlie, Claire, Jack, Hugo, Jin & Sun, Sawyer, and especially John Locke. I think "the others" are cool, and the fact that they have one in their prison is riveting. I want to learn more about the others, the island, where the boy was taken to, what the black security system is, and what the code actually does. The writers are just giving us nothing. I expect things to pick up, but why waste time on extraneous characters we don't care about when there is so much better material to explore?
  • Awesome.

    Bernard attempts to create an S.O.S. signal, but stops when Rose tells him that she wants to stay on the island because she thinks it has cured her cancer. Romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate. Locke continues to lose faith in the island. In flashbacks, Rose and Bernard have their honeymoon in Australia. Michael reappears to Jack and Kate when they try to trade Henry to the Others in exchange for Walt. Wow - what an awesome episode - I love this episode so much. I love the Rose and Bernard scene and back story. I love the Jack and Henry scene, I love them both. I love the scene with Saywer, Jack and Kate - Yay for Jack and Kate. I love the Jack and Kate scenes together, especially the scene where they are trapped together. I love the John and Rose scene amazing. I love Jack he is my other favourite character on the show. I love the ending where Jack and Kate are having a momeny nd then Michael runs out the jungle.
  • Seems like its filler, but it reveals a couple of big secrets

    Considering that we're closing in on the end of the season, it comes as a surprise that the writers would choose to focus an episode on two lesser characters such as Rose and Bernard, who aren't even regulars. I didn't object much because Sam Anderson and L. Scott Caldwell are such fine actors that I was actually curious about their back-story. And it turns out to be more significant than you'd imagine
    Since all we've known about Rose and Bernard is that its a love that has survived incredible odds, maybe it's not a surprise that there story is more of the same. Their love is one that the other romances on the island so far haven't matched, which is interesting because it's not as old as we thought. Rose has been suffering from cancer, and when she finally finds the nerve to tell Bernard, he doesn't hesitate a second before asking her to marry him. Jin and Sun are only now beginning to restore that kind of devotion. However, this love has been a source of guilt to Bernard. In his desperation to heal her, they traveled to Australia to visit a legendary faith healer., and on their return voyage, the plane crashed. (I'll get back to this in a moment)

    Bernard is desperate to get off the island, and raises an issue that is actually very pertinent: why have there been no rescue attempts this season? In Season 1, Sayid spent the better part searching for a radio tower to try and make a transceiver work, and the rest of his time decoding maps. Michael built a raft, and after it was set ablaze, the castaway built and launched another one. But this season, everybody seems more determined to settle in. Sayid has spent the better part of the last few weeks mourning Shannon, and only came out of his stupor to begin interrogating this new prisoner that fell into their laps. Michael has been focused on getting his son back, and has been gone. Locke, we know, has no interest in leaving the island, but Jack has become more focused on the hatch then he has about life on the services. Two days ago, a parachute drop with a ton of food landed on the island. No one knows how got there. Both Sayid and Jack were there when they discovered it. Did Sayid begin scouring the skies for planes? Did Jack go to the beach and build a signal fire? No, they both turned to focus on the Other in their hatch.

    Now Bernard actually comes up with a good idea--- build a giant S.O.S sign on the beach so that a plane might pick it u[p. You'd think this idea would get a lot of support, but when he asked Eko, the man who kept him safe for seven weeks for help, he shrugs him off, saying he's building a church (?). A lot of the other castaways don't want to do the work, and when the he tries to lead his team, including Jin and Hurley, both of them give up rather quickly. This is particularly bizarre, consider Jin spent a lot of time building the second raft with a man who initially despised him. Are the castaways just giving up and deciding to accept staying on the island? Or is there more to it than that?

    Because Rose loves her husband, she does something that so far, none of the other castaways have really been willing to do--- tell the truth about something. The faith healer didn't fix Rose, but she he asked him to tell her that they did. But ever since Rose has been on the island, she has not felt the presence of her cancer, and she certainly hasn't manifested any of the symptoms. This is corroborated by the fact that she saw Locke in his wheelchair before they got on the plane. She has been healed and is now afraid that if she leaves, she will die (This is probably an ill-conceived notion given what we will later learn, but lets focus on the present.). When Bernard learns this, he immediate reverses course, and agrees that they will never leave the island. (Of course, there are people who think otherwise.)

    Meanwhile, Locke has been trying to recreate the map that he saw on the blast door, but is getting nowhere with it. This isn't surprising because he's been losing faith in the hatch, the button, and the island, all season. Not-Henry has been pushing his buttons for the last week or so (in this episode he manages to do it without saying a word), so what good is a map going to do him? His pain is so great, he actually comes out of the hatch, and sits on the beach--- something he hasn't done all season. His remark to Rose is very telling ---"it's not my hatch'., but in her own quiet way she manages to restore his faith--- though that feeling won't last for long.

    Meanwhile, Jack is fed up with waiting, and tries to do something proactive-- trade the Other for Walt. He asks for Kate's help, because he assumes that the Others don't want them (We're going to learn soon enough that was yet another lie.) This leads to the first discussion that Kate and Jack have had since the Others grabbed Michael, and they seem to be reconnecting, especially after they get caught in a net (Rousseau or the Others? We never find out, but it's probably the former.) But then, just as they seem to be reconnecting, Kate makes the mistake of telling him about the Caduceus Hatch,. and what she found there when she went out with Claire. Before you can say, self-righteous, Jack gets on his high horse with Kate about lying to him, even though that's exactly what he's been doing for the past week. This is a flashback we didn't need.

    Big surprise, the Others react to Jack's demands with a deafening silence--- or do they? Because at the end of the episode, a figure comes running back to them with his head covered--- Michael has returned after being gone half the season. His action will lead us to the climax that we've been building towards.

    Even though 'S.O.S.' ends with one of those musical montages (man, I thought we were done with them when the batteries in Hurley's CD player burned out) this remains one of the better episodes of seasons 2. It's nice to know that there's love on this island, and that someone was willing to tell the truth about it. (To themselves, not to anyone else, of course.) I would've liked to get to know Rose and Bernard a bit better. A shame they've kind of been buried in the newer group of castaways.
    My score:8.8
  • Transitional Episode, but it has good Scenes!!!!


    Rose is the only character that did not have the chance to be the Main Character and her own flashbacks. So It was time to do it. Has expected, it could not be something trivial, it was necessary to do something special, like locke healed legs for example.

    Through this mindset, her Storyline was construted with a beginning and a end. Since she is not a strong character, it was best this way.

    Make sense that she is healed too, like Locke, but what was not necessary was for her husband to try to make the signal. This was only to fill the episode.

    Other events, like Jack and Kate is a setup, the hatch too.

    Emotions - » Since Rose is not a Strong Character, it was difficult to create better scenes, since the majority for the Audience would not care. All the Scenes featuring the her flashbacks is about Sadness and Hope. Typical Lost Drama.

    Progression - » Since this is a setup, nothing essential happened, so this can be considered filler. This is all about doing a closure for a character that had not time to be one of the main Cast.

    Ending - » Nothing special or impressive.

    Overall - » Good Material, but not enough to be Great. Still, is a good Setup with some good material and closure.
  • Rose & Bernard

    Otro episodio que no esperaba. Me pareció acertadísima la decisión de darle vida a Rose y a Bernard (personajes supuestamente ajenos a la gran trama). Me encantaría que hagan esto, aunque sea un minuto, con cada uno de los que está ahí (hasta algún pequeño flash de Henry). Esto le da vida a la historia y la hace más real y llevadera.
    Parece que todo intento por escapar de la isla es en vano y ya visto como una pérdida de tiempo. Parece que todos están resignados even all that food falling from the sky. Linda escena en donde en el aeropuerto Rose se encuentra con John y su silla de ruedas.
  • Bernard and Rose get a very decent 42 minutes, which manages to not just be a character-development episode by connecting to the island's magical healing properties!

    In many ways, I did prefer this episode to Lockdown. This will no doubt cause some consternation amongst other fans. I will honest that in terms of its scale, action, intensity, acting and attention to the mythology of the show, Lockdown wins hands down. But S.O.S is a very personal, emotional episode, and Lost knows how to produce these kinds of episodes too.
    From the first time we caught sight of them I did like them alot but never thought much about them because they never got much screen time. Thus, it is surprising, firstly, that they should, out of nowhere, get a whole episode. Secondly, it is amazing that their backstory connects to the ongoing mythology. For those that still insist that nothing happened in this episode and that it was all filler, were you watching the same episode, I ask you? It is not a "Lockdown" episode, for sure, but it holds more mystery than any of Kate's episodes put together, for example.
    The mythology referenced in this episode is more subtle than in other episodes. There is no DHARMA Initiative, orientation films, The Others [except a little of Henry Gale] or smoke monsters. It is similar to how the Season 1 episode, "Deus Ex Machina" approached the mystery of the island. It is the metaphysical and psychological approach which made the Season 1 episode and this one work so well.
    It could have been so much less than what was shown. We could have been subjected to 42 minutes of Bernard trying to fish for Pearls and Rose doing a whole bulging basket of laundry, but it is smart that the writers decided to give these two seriously underused characters so many layers.
    So we find out that Rose has an on-island connection to Locke. Now that is a first. Most of our character connections are off-island in some way. This plot thread harks back to Locke's first episode where we learn that his legs are healed by the island. Rose's cancer has also supposedly been cured by the island and explains her calm, fearless attitude towards her new surroundings.
    Because of this connection S.O.S. is as much a Rose episode as it is a Bernard and Rose episode, but Bernard helps to carry it along and give it much emotional depth, as well as some wonderful comic relief. Perhaps the funniest moment was when we learn that he is a dentist, yet when we see his mouth he has worse teeth than probably most of his patients!!
    The scenes between them when Rose confesses her secret to Bernard is heartwrenching and beautiful. But there is even more besides Bernard and Rose to engross in: Jack and Kate getting caught in a net, Jack shouting at The Line [wonderful camera work, by the way], Henry Gale being increasingly creepy, Locke's faith restored and the reappearance of Michael "Waaaaaalt!" Dawson. Because of everything that happens in this episode you get your money's worth and that is also why this episode is special!
  • We have a pow trade delegation going out into the jungle, we also have Bernhard getting on a high horse regarding getting off of the island, we have a serious question of faith regarding the island and the mission of the bunker.

    We see at the start of the episode that Bernhard is a man on a mission, he is busy rallying people together for the purpose of creating a sign on the beach that can be seen by satellites or by passing planes. He tries to get Mr Eko and Charlie involved, but he discovers that they are busy building a church. He finds it hard to believe that everyone on the island is building something and that he is trying to get them saved.

    Locke's faith in the bunker and the island is in question, he tries talking to Henry but to no avail, so he goes to take sollace on the beach as he can't get an answer out of Henry. On the beach he and Rose talk and his faith is restored when he talks to Rose and she tells him that she also knows what the island is capable of - refering to Lockes ability to walk and be pain free since getting stranded on the island.

    In flashback mode we get to see and understand the situation between Rose and Bernhard, how they fell in love, how their interact and how they both look out for one another in their own way.

    Jack asks Kate to go with him to see the others with regards to a prisoner exchange, as they approach a clearing Kate see and goes to pick up a doll, to the objection of Jack, they both end up in a trap, not one of the others but one of Danielles as it is not as sophisticated. They both try to shoot the rope holding the net in the air.

    Bernhards management style is not working, he even gets Jin's back up leaving him to complete the sign by himself. Rose says so to Locke.

    Rose admits to Bernhard that the ozzie healer was unable to heal her, but she believes that the island did instead, therefore that is why she is not overly committed to getting off of the island. Bernhard understands this and promises that he will stay on the island with her forever.

    Jack and Kate find the clearing where they had their pow-wow with the bearded leader, they wait it out with Jack calling out that they are here to talk. Then at night, a stumbling figure of Michael comes through the undergrowth and collapses before them.
  • Ok

    Rose is strongly opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal. Romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate. Locke continues to lose faith in the island. Rose and Bernard remember their first meeting and their honeymoon in Australia. This episode is near the bottom of the barrel because nothing realy happened it would have been decent if the sos sign was finnish or Jack and Kate saw somthing on the line rather than stand there shouting with nothing happening.
    The only good part of the episode is where we see Michael return at the very end of the episode.
  • Another enjoyable week with a great storyline

    The episode itself was like last weeks, just the same enjoyment and action.
    The Rose/Bernard story was nice. We as an audience were probably always wondering what happened to them just before the crash and were not expecting it to be their centric this time.
    The action was very little like last week, but the wonderful storylines in both episodes made them into very great episodes. It has been great having episodes like these but now that Michael is back, someone will be killed off next week. Bernard and Rose had a bad turn in their married relationship when she was opposed to Bernard bulding an S.O.S sign on the beach. the flashbacks during their visit in Australia were hilarious. "Bernard.. You brought me to a faith healer?". "This is why you wanted to come to Australia, to bring me to some kind a kook?" Said Rose. Lol, funny...
    This episode ended in great shape and with mysteries.
    But, beware of fake Henry...

    Overall, a great and happy episode. Now, it's time for the real action...
  • A Rose/Bernard-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode because I've been very intrigued by the characters Rose and Bernard ever since they were introduced on the show, so I loved getting to finally learn about their back story. They are definitely both very interesting characters. I also loved getting to learn more about their relationship. All of the flashbacks in this episode were great. In my opinion, they were also very shocking flashbacks too. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost by everyone who was involved, and I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of my Lost: Season Two DVD set so I can find out how the season ends.
  • Hmm..

    Fire+Water is rated 7.9 whereas S.O.S. is on 8.7. Now I know many people are turned off by the really unique style of F+W, but as far the storyline goes, there was more progress in F+W. I hate it when people say Lost is a soap opera, because it isn't. But this episode had soap opera aspects to it, for sure.
    The entire Rose and Bernard flashback was heart warming, and finding out Rose haD a terminal illness(cancer) was surprising at first, but then, not so much. We knew the island has healing powers, it's been proven, so it's proven again. Okay. I'm fine with that as long as we get something new. But no. Nada. Zilch. Blah. The backstory started off well with the revelation, but ended up like a shipwreck, as it contributed nothing to the island story. We already guessed that the island is a special place. Thanks Isaac.

    The island storyline, not much better. The giant SOS sign idea wasn't that bad, I didn't really understand why people laughed at Bernard, I think he was right: they don't want rescue. Well they do, but the writers really messed up because they wanted Bernard to have a stupid idea but a giant SOS sign isn't. Based on the flashback, Rose could've started with telling Bernard what she told him in the end... what I'm trying to say is that the entire episode felt like a unneccessery side dish. The only valuable part was Jack and Kate going to the borderline the others specified to trade Henry for Walt. Predictable as hell, but still, it was nice to see... MICHAEL come back. But since he didn't say a thing, his return was just a huge tease.

    Overall, a very slow, sometimes painful episode that was saved by Jack/Kate scenes, Locke's struggle and the great acting by Sam Anderson(Bernard).
  • Great!

    Rose and Bernard have flashbacks of when they met, were engaged, and when Rose told him that she is going to die within a year. For their honeymoon, Bernard takes her to try and gets her fixed. It doesn't work, but she lies to him and says it does.

    Bernard wants to make an SOS sign. Rose is against it, to Bernard's surprise. Nobody wants to help him. Jack and Kate go into the jungle to try and propose a trade with "the Others." Eko and Charlie are building a church. Michael is found by Jack and Kate. Locke works hard to try and redraw the map he saw. He wants to know whether "Henry" pushed the button or not.

    This episode was great! I really like Rose, but I don't like Bernard. I can't believe they found Michael! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Rose experiences the healing properties of the island and Kate and Jack fall into a romantic trap.

    While the flashbacks to Rose's and Bernard's life may not necessarily be the most exciting flashbacks, since they do not involve any of the main cast, they are still very important in terms of the Island and the secrets it holds. John Locke, as Rose knows, is not the only one who has been cured miraculously since the crash.

    What made this episode very special to me, was the interaction between Jack and Kate. Since Kate had kissed Jack and ran away from him, Jack had clearly distanced himself from her, and after the incident where Kate defied Jack and got caught by the Others the relationship between the two had been even more tense. Kate made some endeavours to med things with very little success. I remember having trouble with the fact that their kiss was never mentioned by either one of them, and after waiting paitently, finally in this episode Kate did. But before she does there are some important and hilarious moments between the two of them. The important moment I'm referring to is the one where Kate - who obviously does not believe herself worthy of having anything good in her life and seems to have so much in common with Sawyer - finds a crucial link or sommonality between her and Jack: They are both damaged goods. While Jack does not react to that, it is obvious that Kate has been thinking about how things have changed between them and why that is, and is trying very hard to get Jack to 'let her back in the club', i.e. into his confidence. It seems that while Kate feels the need to run away from anything good, like Tom and Jack, she is unwilling to let Jack run away from her.

    The funny moments ensue when Kate falls into a trap and Jack, trying to stop her, is caught in it right along with her. The close proximity, their inability to move leads to a very funny scene where Kate tries to reach for the gun in Jack's pants and basically feels him up a little. Kate, convinced that she is a better shot then Jack misses the rope, does not believe that Jack can make the shot either. Their whole dialogue is very funny, and when Jack makes the shot it makes for another great little scene.

    Now to the kiss. As they're sitting at a fire, waiting for the Others to appear, Kate apologizes for having kissed him. While Jack is surprised that Kate actually adresses their kiss, he is also visibly relieved telling Kate after a short moment that he is not sorry. Kate looks up at him in surpise and they hold each other's gaze, slowly leaning into each other when they hear a sound (Michael) and the whole mood is spoiled ;)
    It was very interesting to see Kate being surprised at jack not being sorry for her kiss. Up to that point, I was pretty sure that Kate knew that Jack was not mad at her but hurt by her actions. Apparently, Kate's issues and her conviction that she will never have anything good in her life run so deep that she wasn't able to realize the real reason for Jack's distance.
  • The story behind Rose and Bernard

    I love the story behind Rose and Bernard. When i grow old that is the type of releationship that i want to have. I felt a little bad for Bernard because no one wanted to help him. But I felt the same way as he did. I would be wanting to get off the island too. I doubt if the whole S.O.S thing was gonna work but it was a plan. i think by now everyone on the island has become conteint with being stranded on the island except for a select few. John on another note is still in that hatch doing whatever it is that he's trying to do.
  • Not the best. But not bad.

    I didn't think this was one of the better episodes from the LOST barrel. But it certainly was not a bad episode and I don't regret spending 45 minutes watching it.
    In fact I thought Rose and Bernard needed an episode to build up their characters. Since we had Rose frequently saying that Bernard was alive in the first season and then had Bernard return alive and mostly well in the second season. Afterwhich we saw them briefly getting together and then that was it. We didn't get to see much except them arguing and walking around the island interacting with the main characters.
    Anyways, this may not be a groundbreaking episode. But it wasn't bad.
  • For me, this is amongst the worst of the Lost episodes.

    Rose and Bernard are that type of couple that neither bothers you nor interests you on the show. So to have the story be central to their lives on the island and before their time on the island in this episode doesn't really capture your interest the way that lets say Sun and Jin's story may. But it's not even their story that makes this episode so bad. At least one's compassion for Rose will be there when her belief that the island healed her is revealed; or there for Bernard who only wants to protect his wife. What's so bad? The usual really. Forced and contrived Jack/Kate scenes. They're just awful in this episode. Trying to force this couple upon us won't make my interest in them grow - they're bad enough as individuals so putting them together and trying to make it romantic is just as bad as it gets.

    The caught in a net scene is just downright silly and almost painful to have to watch. The writers shouldn't write passion for a passionless couple such as Jack and Kate. The ridiculous caught in a net expression is used in the follow-up episodes and gets to the point of high school when Sawyer takes it as a sexual implication. Dear oh dear, writers.
  • Save.Our.Soals from this episode

    Rose is strongly opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal. Romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate. Locke continues to lose faith in the island. Rose and Bernard remember their first meeting and their honeymoon in Australia. This episode is near the bottom of the barrel because nothing realy happened it would have been decent if the sos sign was finnish or Jack and Kate saw somthing on the line rather than stand there shouting with nothing happening.
    The only good part of the episode is where we see Michael return at the very end of the episode.
  • "I'm going to tell him you fixed me."

    This is the first episode to feature flashbacks for characters that aren't full time series regulars. Viewed on its own, this episode is pretty much fine-the actors do a good job, the musical score is nice, and the ending is quite good. When it's put into its place in the season, however, it suddenly loses quite a lot of its shine. For the second episode in a row the ongoing plot is advanced very little, and it's actually advanced less in this episode-at least the Fenry subplot of last episode appeared for more than a couple of minutes. For the first time since his appearance, Fenry has only one line of dialogue, and appears on screen for less than two minutes.

    The main plot of the episode involves Rose and Bernard, though, and we'll get to Fenry later. L. Scott Caldwell is once again a joy to watch onscreen, and no matter how bad things get on that island, as long as Rose is still there I would feel safe. She gets to show some emotional depth in this episode, though, as Bernard decides to build a massive S.O.S. signal on the beach. The main plot ties directly into the flashbacks, as both characters act in the same way we see them acting months previously. Bernard, as he says, has to try. When he sees that the Losties are building dining room tables and churches (Eko's mystery project finally revealed), he decides that people have gotten too accustomed to life on the island, and for good reason. We've seen everybody else, and how their past lives have sucked miserably. Aside from maybe Ana-Lucia, who still has the Others hanging on her head because of what she's done, Bernard is the only person who really doesn't seem comfortable on the island. We've seen him be rather irritable, the direct opposite of his wife, who hasn't lost her cool the entire series thus far. Therefore, he's going to build a signal, and he's going to use as many Redshirts to help him as he can. Rose, though, wants to let things be, something consistent with her.

    I always find the sequences around the signal to be somewhat humorous, as every time we see the beach there are less people there. This episode is a great trivia one, though, as it gives us names of four more castaways-Richard, Jerome, Craig, and Neil the frogurt guy. None of them last long, though. Claire leaves rather quickly, and Hurley and Libby disappear after a bit (their relationship is developing, however). Jin is the last one who's there, and his decision to leave is completely hysterical. He's speaking Korean, but it's still clear what he's saying-"You want to do it on your own?! Fine, go ahead!" Jin is more concerned with his wife, who is now pregnant, if you recall. The final scenes between Rose and Bernard are quite moving, and excellently played by both actors. It's not often on television that you see a couple that's older and married. Most couples are either young and dating/engaged, or they're married, but still not over the age of forty. Rose and Bernard are an elderly couple compared to everyone else on the island, yet the drama between the two of them is just as relevant as the drama between Jack and Kate.

    The flashbacks are different from the other flashbacks, in that they cover a great deal of time very shortly. This has to happen because there really can't be follow-up flashbacks to these. L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson aren't under a season-long contract, so the producers can't turn the flashback camera on them once or twice a season. Therefore, this episode goes from when the two first meet all the way up until they board the plane-if the characters were series regulars, the last couple of flashbacks probably would have been shown in the Season 1 finale. The flashbacks are nice, though, in that they present a crisis for both characters. Bernard finds out that his wife is dying of cancer, and decides that he has to do something. Therefore, he spends $10,000 to get his wife in to see a faith healer. Rose's "I didn't ask for this!" is the first time we see her raise her voice, and it makes quite an impact. Then, when Isaac says that he can't heal Rose and that her "place" is somewhere else (the island), she has to make a decision. Ultimately, she makes the right one. She tells Bernard everything worked out fine, so that they can enjoy the time they have left. She's healed on the island though, and the comparison between her and Locke is great. I love the scene between the two of them by the ocean. Roes encourages Locke to go back to the hatch and try and see if he can renew his faith. Rose has gotten new faith since arriving on the island-she's healed, and she knows Locke is too.

    Locke, meanwhile, is having a crisis of faith. His belief in the button has shattered, and he's barely pressing it now. He tries to do away with the hatch completely, but can't bring himself to do it. He doesn't allow it to become his hatch again anymore though-he says to Ana-Lucia, "It's not my button." He freaks out at the armory door when Fenry won't give a definitive answer on whether he pushed the button or not, and almost loses his faith completely. By the end of the episode, though, he's recovered some of it-he redrew the blast door map right (although very sketchily), and maybe he'll be able to recover. That takes place in the music montage at the end of the episode, which can be annoying and sappy for some people, but I like having things resolved nicely, and a happy ending. Therefore, seeing everyone together, and Sawyer feeding Vincent his dinner, is something I enjoy. The song that plays is well chosen, and the way Michael Giacchino ends the scene, with his own music, is also really good.

    The last subplot of the episode involves Jack and Kate. Jack decides to go out to the line in the jungle and demand that the Others trade Walt for Fenry. All I can say is, it's about time someone other than Michael did something about Walt! The kid's been missing for nearly three weeks, and Michael disappeared trying to find him. Neither were mentioned again. Therefore, Jack suddenly doing something about it is a nice change of pace. Normally I'd have a problem with Kate being all mushy-gushy over Jack, and especially the net scene, but the rest of the scenes are good enough to balance it out. The net seems to have been put in there only for the Jack-Kate shippers, but the rest of the scenes have little, if any, romantic moments. The scene when Kate tells Jack about her and Claire's adventure is excellently played by Evangeline Lilly, and Matthew Fox's yelling while at the line is brilliant. The camera work is also great here, as it just circles around Jack's head again and again, all while the rain continues to pour down. It's a great image, and probably my favorite moment of the episode. Of course, the sequence is remembered for the end-after Kate basically says, "I don't like you," and Jack basically says, "I like you, though," they hear noises, and Michael stumbles out of the jungle, half-conscious. It's a great way to end the episode.

    Overall, the episode doesn't really do anything wrong. It just suffers from poor timing. Frankly, the only thing that will have more than subtle importance to the remaining four episodes of the season is Michael's return. I think if this episode had been shown earlier in the season (with changes, of course) it would have worked fine, but its placement here just slows down the pace that had come up so brilliantly in Lockdown, just like the previous episode did.
  • great episode

    Rose and Bernard are one of the main supporting characters. It's just a matter of time before they get an episode devoted to them. And this is that episode that features them. Rose and Bernard had an accidental meeting where they ended up getting married. They didn't meet when they were young, they meet fairly recently, and their trip to australia lead them to this island. There are strange things that are unexplained, but somehow it's tied to the island. It's a good episode, it's a step away from the island's mystery, but it's a necessary episode to have. It's a really good one.
  • It may be a filler, but it's still a good episode.

    Rose and Bernard, They were finally reunited in the episode "Collision"; now it is time to find out their back story. It's a touching one for that.

    Rose and Bernard meet on a cold winter night when Rose's car gets stuck in the snow. Bernard offers to help Rose get out of the snow. When they get it out they joke and introduce each other. They both seem interested in each other so, reluctantly Rose offers Bernard a cup of coffee. Five months later, Rose and Bernard dine in a resturant settled on top of beautiful waterfalls. A soft violin plays and Bernard asks Rose to marry her. After a short pause Rose tells Bernard that she is dying, she has terminal cancer with half a year left to live. Bernard says that she hasn't even answered his question. Rose agrees to marry him.

    The couple go to Australia for their honeymoon. Bernard surprises Rose by taking her to a healer named Issac. She goes to see him about healing her cancer. Unfortunately, the man says that Australia is not the place where her cancer will be healed. Us the viewers know that the island is. Rose lies to Bernard saying that the healing worked.

    At the airport Rose drops her bag of medication and John Locke, who is in a wheelchair, picks it up. They both know that the island has healed them.

    The island story is another tale. Bernard says to Rose that the survivors have stopped trying to be rescued. He says that he has come up with an idea to get them rescued. He is going to round up some survivors to build an S.O.S. sign. Rose doesn't agree with this idea since the island healed her. When Bernard finds out her says that he was a bit too overpowering and that he will stay on the island with her his whole life.

    Overall I think S.O.S. was very touching and I wouldn't mind seeing more of Rose and Bernard in season three.
  • Review

    Learning about Rose and Benards backstory was a little boring for me...mainly because all it really showed us is that there is more to this islands healing powers then we may have origanlly thought. Not only was Locke saved by this island, but Rose was as well which was kind of interesting to learn. Kate and Jack scenes stole the show of this episode, with the both of them having a wonderful on screen connection. And right before it seemed like that they might have another kiss, Michael falls out of the jungle and it looks like the episodes are about to pick up as Im sure Michael has a lot to tell about what happened. Locke losing faith in the button, yet focusing heavy on that blast door map was kind of cool. The rest of the episode was filler - with the SOS storyline ending after only one episode. Filler to me, hopefully next weeks will be better...
  • Rose's/Bernard's first centric episode, and a real tearjerker. & Jack and Kate's romantic trap. Also is the Mysterious Island an Island of Faith?

    In this episode we discover that Rose has some kind of disease, while looking back at one of her flashbacks. We also discover that Rose and Bernard end up in Australia because Bernard takes Rose to Australia for a honeymoon in faith that she might be cured by some Guru.

    In fact she isn't cured, but in some sort of mysterious way she is cured by the Island. Not only is she the only person cured, but John Locke is also cured from being paralyzed.

    Maybe this Island isn't bad after all, and was all part of faith. We'll have to see in the next episode or in the next season. Meanwhile, Jack and Kate set out to go look for the "Others" to try and see if they can trade Michael and Walt for the prisoner they have in their hatch, at the end of the episode they both find Michael running and passing out.
  • Well I guess the writers thought after 2 intense episodes it's time for a filler.

    Well, if you wan't to be up to date, it's very important to watch every episode. Because even fillers have little things that are revelant to the plot.

    Now, not saying you don't have to see S.O.S at all, but the last 15 seconds is all you need.

    S.O.S is a Bernard and Rose centric episode. It's funny, because they are only recurring characters. We learn how they met, and, that, Rose has cancer, and she only has a little time left, but Bernard doesnt matter what, wnats to marry her.

    This was the only remarkable twist. The on island plot is more likely a parody, it's reeally light hearted. Bernard wants to build an S.O.S sign but eventually veryone leaves him alone.
    Jack and Kate decides to go out in the Jungle to force a trade(Henry for Walt).

    We learn that Rose does know that Locke was in wheelchair - this one tiny bit of revelation was good too, I must say.

    Then at the end, finally Michael pops up. About time.
  • Very average, not really special.

    This episode is average, but not because it's Rose and Bernard-centric, that was great, but there wasn't so much shocks in this episode, except when they found Michael.

    I'm really sorry for Rose and Bernard. Who knew they wanted to stay on the island?

    I wish they concentrated more on the "?" sign, that's the really interesting thing. Wow, the creepiest thing was Henry's smile... Huh.

    Anyway, this episode was kinf of average, nothing special, because it was more on the characters, nothing about the island.

    Well, just hope the next episode will be more about them on the island, of course and about characters but not that much as now.
  • BOOOO!!!

    I cannot express how much I hated this episode, not only did nothing happen, but Rose and Bernard aren't even likable characters, so I'm no gunna give this episode the satisfaction of a good score.

    I really do think that they could have done a much better job on this episode, I hate Bernard so that's kind of hard to deal with and Rose is just annoying, "The cereal goes on the left Bernard," like who the hell cares (please do not report abuse, I trying to be as formal as possible).

    Even in most episodes the cliff-hanger ending saves it from being a mediocre episode, but no matter how cool it was to have Michael back, this episode had dug itself way to deep for anyone to save it.

    Kate: Michael!?

  • Bernard ties to recruit people to build a giant SOS sign whithout Rose's support. Jack and Kate head off into the jungle to try and make a trade with The Others. We learn an important secret about Rose.

    I have to agree that not heaps happened in this episode but i still thought it was good. We learnt a few important things about Rose and it was nice to see her and Bernard get some screen time.

    It was also great to see Jack treating Kate nicely again, the scenes with them in the net where a lot of fun. Some serious built up sexual tension between those two (will they just get together already!!). Kate-"Im sorry i kissed you" Jack- "Im not..." ;-) So Eko and Charlie are building a church. Thats interesting but ive got to agree with bernard in saying that i think they might be getting a little to comfortable when they start building churches.

    I loved the convo between Rose and Locke("Honey, you and I both know it's not going to take that long.") She knew Locke was in a wheelchair and never said! i used to find Rose annoying but i like her after this ep.
  • The big SOS sign and the story of Bernard and Rose's lives.

    Bernerd the 'doer' wants to make a large sign so that they can be rescued, he is annoyed that Rose thinks he is giving people false hope. Whatever happened to the fire they had going at the beach? Don't you think someone would have noticed that?

    The Henry Gale imposter torments Locke by not saying if he did or did not push the button. With his strong will it is hard for Locke to decide whether he should risk it and not press the button, which he has been pressing for nearly the whole season. In the end he carries on pushing it.

    Jack and Kate go looking for the others and instead Jack gets a sore throat, then they find Michael.

    In all this was a rather plain episode with no extraordinary revelations apart from the discovery of Michael at the end.
  • Going inside Lost\'s first guest star-centric episode.

    Overall, S.O.S. wasn\'t bad, being that it was Lost\'s first episode that centered around guest stars. I gave it full marks for the characters, because Rose and Bernars really came to life. The acting, as always, was superb. Also, we got to see how multidimensional Rose\'s character was, especially in her reactions to her husband\'s idea for rescue.
    It wasn\'t Lost\'s usual take on things, though. Instead of being an action-packed thriller, it seemed to me that it was a little more like a chick flick. This is fine for me, but others might be turned away by that. I see it as though it was neccesary to see some Rose/Bernard backstory, but not much of the overall story advanced.
    The writing was excellent, with exceptional dialogue from our main characters. The camera angling was also good. S.O.S. was a change of pace for Lost, but I\'m open to change.
  • Rose and Bernard. Was this episode necessary?

    Season finale is close, but we still have lots to discover about this series.

    Bernard attempts to build an SOS sign on the beach in order to b rescued by some kind of plane but, surprisingly, Rose doesn´t support him, telling Bernard not to give people false hope.
    We learn in the Flashback how they met, and we can also see how Bernard Proposed her. After Rose confesses having terminal cancer, Bernard makes clear his thoughts and tells her he wants to share every moment with her, no matter what.
    Later in the flashback, Bernard takes Rose to Australia as honeymoon, but she realises that she was taken there only because a faith dealer lived in close proximity and Bernard wanted him to fix her.
    Although Rose gets very angry whith Bernard, she decides to visit him only to satisfy Bernard´s wishes and, when the faith healer assures he can´t do anything to fix her, she decides to tell Bernard she has been fixed, so that he won´t loose his hope.

    You may ask if this characters worth an episode. I would say yes because, even though they are not main characters, you can learn more about the island healing powers, which, in my opinion, is the most importand point of this episode. Locke gained his ability to walk again and now we´ve learnt that the island also fixed Rose.

    The end of this episode is shocking! Michael makes his appearance in front of Jack and Kate, who were intending to trade prisoners with Mr. Friendly...
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