Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • What an utterly boring and useless episode.

    IF there was only one part that was worth it, it was when Rose saw Locke in the wheelchair and understood the healing properties of the island. I like that mystical stuff. Also the ending was quiet good, Dieing to find out what happened to everyone\\\'s favorite dad. Other then that! The episode was boring, dead, nothing happened. It was no interesting at all!
  • blueballin' it

    here we go on yet another big lost break where the writers can sit around their lacquered one-piece felled ancient redwood board table and wring the juice out of their already drippin' stress-induced sweat rags onto carefully itemized agendas detailing statistics on demographics, ratios, and sustainability.
    Q: "how'm i gonna pay of my two jags and my summer home on kauaʻi this season j.j.?"
    A: "well, we can bring back michael for starters..."

    I have to say this episode has been the least in "progress" of all!! Locke, Rose, and Bernard were the basic charecters. The only thing i enjoyed was the scene with Kate and Jack and where Jack is screaming. I won't be able to wait for the next episode, in two weeks (I think) since their basicly hasn't been any attributes to the story. I do think this episode was a basis so the creators could build more about the "Mystical propeties" of the island.
  • I rated a 10 because I refuse to let Lost get bad reviews


    But my, oh my... Below average episode, considering is the first time they make flashback of non rate 1 characters, nothing good, beside Michaels return, and even that it is going to be for next episode...
    Hope this week episode make up for this one, considering there is only 4 more episode to the season finale.

    Also I liked Jack and Kate exchange, funny!

    Jack: You okay ?
    Kate: Yeah.
    Jack: Oh, good, so you can hear me.

    and what about:

    Kate: I'm sorry I kissed you.
    Jack (pause): I'm not

    Looking forward to see something (ANYTHING!) happening between these two, at leat to create more conflicts (beware, Sawyer, beware!!)
  • O-M-G !!!

    This episode was unbelievable!! I can't wait to see the next one, the suspense is killing me!!! I love the way everything just ties in together. I started watching the whole 1st and 2nd season all over again to catch the little hints and clues I missed the first time around. This show is the BEST series I've ever seen and each episode is better than the one before it! :)
  • Utterly useless filler crap

    What the hell is up with Lost? Its just filler after filler after filler. 2 minutes of interest every hour is NOT on. Commercials are MORE than 20 minutes of each episode, and absolutely nothings happening. Now i have to wait a MONTH for something? What\'s next episode gonna be like? 50 minutes of boredom till the last few minutes something happens to leave you hanging again?

    Writers of Lost- get some bloody DIRECTION back in your writing. You\'re losing your most loyal fans fast...
  • i know some people are getting mad when they see low rates for their favourite show,but hey this is also my favourite show,or why would i bother to write?it was addictive in first season but now it sucks more each week.


    Ok what happened in this episode was : rose was cured by the island just like Locke.Michael was found.

    thats it.The rest is bullcrap.All those silly details,all those things we've seen before.Who's idea was it to make a rose centered episode? we learned nothing new!! we already knew that island heals,so it healed the woman too,big deal!
    There were nothing interesting in flashbacks,nothing we havent seen before,jack + kate cool off and warm up circle keeps on;and it keeps on just because the writers have nothing interesting to write and they dont want to lose the fans of one relationship over another with the kate - sawyer - jack thing.

    basicly;nothing happened.Michael running off from the island;it is probably supposed to make us thing;why did they let him go or whatever but it was just plain lame. Just like every single thing else happening on the island. i am sooo sick of unnecessary chats,locke depressing over something silly,boring backgrounds of unnecessary characters,(they still do tell them just because it's the format of the show,not because they tell us anything or surprise us in anyways anymore.i'm even starting to get sick of sawyer;who is definitelly the most rewarding character of the whole show.(i cant even count how many episodes i didnt quit watching just to see sawyer pick on someone or stuff like that:)))

    let me tell you.there's not much to go down from here.the show will sure get better since it is the last episodes of the season and they will release the good stuff,but if they give a 3rd season anything like that;i'm out.

  • What happened to Lost?

    They are stretching it far too thin. The first season left so many loose ends and more than halfway through the 2nd season but we are still in the dark. Having too many "coincidence" per episode is not gonna make viewers keep watching the show. From being a plot-driven show, it has now become a character-driven show. The only difference is they are all in an island. Big Deal!
  • Another pointless episode with and development to the main plot. It is obviously clear by now that there is no greater plot and that episodes are being written mostly independently. The goal is clearly the pointless 7 season series...

    This is my first review at tv.com and, as expected, there are generally two strong motivations to post. This one will be due to the most obvious reason: depreciation. By now it is obvious that the plot is being written in order to provide the greatest number of episodes possible. Now you may believe that this is the very nature of a TV series but that’s were you’re wrong. The first objective this kind of TV series should be to have the best plot possible. As you can see, this is not the case for Lost. There is really no point in being very thorough as even the most distracted viewer would realize by now that the plot scenario has changed considerably. They seam to have run out of both boars and polar bears and whatever giant creatures may have inhabited the island. The best argument found to perpetuate their absurd condition on the island is to have a hatch to wash clothes and have showers and get food dropped out from airplanes... And for 7 weeks they keep living on the beach and build exactly nothing!
    But the truth is that I’ve watched it so far... so what does this TV series have to offer that will keep you watching? First of all, I’m not watching on TV so I would probably guess that if that was the case, I wouldn’t watch it at all! This means I’m watching it for interactions of the actors. But how long does this keep you watching I wonder... I much rather go watch Prison Break which as a very fine plot. You should learn from them.
  • Hmm..

    Fire+Water is rated 7.9 whereas S.O.S. is on 8.7. Now I know many people are turned off by the really unique style of F+W, but as far the storyline goes, there was more progress in F+W. I hate it when people say Lost is a soap opera, because it isn't. But this episode had soap opera aspects to it, for sure.
    The entire Rose and Bernard flashback was heart warming, and finding out Rose haD a terminal illness(cancer) was surprising at first, but then, not so much. We knew the island has healing powers, it's been proven, so it's proven again. Okay. I'm fine with that as long as we get something new. But no. Nada. Zilch. Blah. The backstory started off well with the revelation, but ended up like a shipwreck, as it contributed nothing to the island story. We already guessed that the island is a special place. Thanks Isaac.

    The island storyline, not much better. The giant SOS sign idea wasn't that bad, I didn't really understand why people laughed at Bernard, I think he was right: they don't want rescue. Well they do, but the writers really messed up because they wanted Bernard to have a stupid idea but a giant SOS sign isn't. Based on the flashback, Rose could've started with telling Bernard what she told him in the end... what I'm trying to say is that the entire episode felt like a unneccessery side dish. The only valuable part was Jack and Kate going to the borderline the others specified to trade Henry for Walt. Predictable as hell, but still, it was nice to see... MICHAEL come back. But since he didn't say a thing, his return was just a huge tease.

    Overall, a very slow, sometimes painful episode that was saved by Jack/Kate scenes, Locke's struggle and the great acting by Sam Anderson(Bernard).
  • wow

    LOST just keeps getting better and better, this episode was great, loved Rose and BErnard Back Story, loved the Rose Locke connection, the set up for Michaels return withJack and KAte roaming around was excellent, so happy we have finally confirmed that the Island does heal at least some people, ecko and Charlie building a church great addition. makes me on pins and needles till the next one
  • Every single week that passes, my interest in this show decreases at a rapid pace.

    Great.....more reruns coming. But really, I think I might just have to give up on lost next year. I will finish season 2 because I am sure something interesting HAS to happen for the season finale. But for me, I was never a fan of the flashbacks. I am a fan of what's going on with the island. And since they are going to drag that out as long as possible, I am stuck most of the time with my least favorite part of the show. Some episodes with the flashbacks are good, but I need a nice mix of flashback heavy shows, and island heavy shows. Except the island heavy shows has to actually give me some interesting information to keep my interest. None of this showing some map on a wall and not deal with that again till season 4 (at this rate). How about show me the map AND have some explaination of it the next episode from GALE. (I do like that Locke is going crazy though, that is the only thing interesting to me right now character wise, because ITS DIFFERENT) When I watched season one, I had favorite characters and I was interested in watching the interaction between them. Now I can care less. I don't know but the past 10-13 episodes has just killed my interest in Lost. And really, do you think we are going to find out anything interesting or have any concrete answers any time soon? Here is a show that ABC wants to keep for many many years. I would guess at least 7 or 8 seasons if the ratings hold up. So they have to drag the questions on for a long time. And I really get the sense that in Season one they gave questions and some answers and moved the island story arc at a nice pace to get viewers hooked. Once they got the viewers and realized "damn, we need to stretch this 7 more years" they have slowed everything to a crawl. Here is an example of my favorite episode the past few months -- the one about Claires baby, gave some answers, brought up new questions but it at least DEALT with the issues at hand. Perfect mixture in my mind. But since then? We have this Gale guy who is a Other. I am thinking "good, next episode we are going to find out something" Nope. Nothing. (except for the numbers running out and nothing happing...WHICH we are still not sure if thats true or not) Alright, "maybe THIS episode we will find out something concrete"... nothing expect for seeing Michael for a moment and now its another 2 weeks till we find out anything about that. Any guess's that Michael will be still unconsious for the first 59 minutes of the next episode and then will wake up just to say one word and then credits? Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but Lost is just showing it's title is true...the writers of this show are lost on how to drag this thing out and find that right balance of story-telling. I have seen the 24 vs Lost conversations, and really it should be 24 vs. Sopranos. Lost does not belong in the same conversation.
  • Rose is surprisingly and vehemently opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal; romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate when they trek into the jungle to propose a "trade" with "The Others"; and Locke is no more concerned about pushi

    It just couldn't get worse. Why can't the Lost writers focus on the main characters only. Why the hell do they have to keep going off track again and again. Wasn't the previous stupid episode on Hurley not enough that they got Rose and Bernard this time ? Who cares what happened in te previous life of these two ? And I think they have finally shown that no one is going to try and get out of that damn island. All seem to have their peace with it. This is just too stupid. And what happened to Kate's role ? Wasn't she supposed to be their hero ? Where has she disappeared all of a sudden ?
  • This in my opinion was the worst episode of this great season.

    I didn't enjoy this episode at all. It in my opinion was a kid of filler episode apart from the fact that it showed how Bernard and Rose fell in love. Nothing happened on the island except Michael coming back at the end. Brenard wanted to make an SOS sign and in the end no SOS sign was made.Pointless! Kate and Jack go out to the line they're not supposed to cross and want to discuss an exchange,Henry for Walt. All it showed was there journey out to the woods and then Michael running out at the very end and falling unconsious. This was the worst episode of this great season.
  • For me, this is amongst the worst of the Lost episodes.

    Rose and Bernard are that type of couple that neither bothers you nor interests you on the show. So to have the story be central to their lives on the island and before their time on the island in this episode doesn't really capture your interest the way that lets say Sun and Jin's story may. But it's not even their story that makes this episode so bad. At least one's compassion for Rose will be there when her belief that the island healed her is revealed; or there for Bernard who only wants to protect his wife. What's so bad? The usual really. Forced and contrived Jack/Kate scenes. They're just awful in this episode. Trying to force this couple upon us won't make my interest in them grow - they're bad enough as individuals so putting them together and trying to make it romantic is just as bad as it gets.

    The caught in a net scene is just downright silly and almost painful to have to watch. The writers shouldn't write passion for a passionless couple such as Jack and Kate. The ridiculous caught in a net expression is used in the follow-up episodes and gets to the point of high school when Sawyer takes it as a sexual implication. Dear oh dear, writers.
  • BOOOO!!!

    I cannot express how much I hated this episode, not only did nothing happen, but Rose and Bernard aren't even likable characters, so I'm no gunna give this episode the satisfaction of a good score.

    I really do think that they could have done a much better job on this episode, I hate Bernard so that's kind of hard to deal with and Rose is just annoying, "The cereal goes on the left Bernard," like who the hell cares (please do not report abuse, I trying to be as formal as possible).

    Even in most episodes the cliff-hanger ending saves it from being a mediocre episode, but no matter how cool it was to have Michael back, this episode had dug itself way to deep for anyone to save it.

    Kate: Michael!?

  • Save.Our.Soals from this episode

    Rose is strongly opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal. Romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate. Locke continues to lose faith in the island. Rose and Bernard remember their first meeting and their honeymoon in Australia. This episode is near the bottom of the barrel because nothing realy happened it would have been decent if the sos sign was finnish or Jack and Kate saw somthing on the line rather than stand there shouting with nothing happening.
    The only good part of the episode is where we see Michael return at the very end of the episode.
  • I realize that this episode was not good, but it wasn\'t bad.

    I wanted to watch this edisode merely because I wanted to know how Rose and Bernard met. I am satisfied. Now as for you idiots bad mouthing this episode because it wasn\'t good, just be quiet. I want un-biased reviews. You, however, see everything as a conspiracy theory and alert the mass media about it. No One Cares!! And you people that say that they have not congruancy with the plot. Of Course They Do!!! Why would they include things that aren\'t necessary, it would just confuse people. You\'re all paranoid. Please spell things right!
  • Bernard, Rose, whatever...

    The biggest dissapointment was that nothing happened between Jack and Kate. How long are they gonna drag it? In this useless episode that would have been the piece that would have saved the boring episode.

    Rose was saved by the island. Everybody was saved by the island. It is the best place to be, except for the monsters and saveges who might kill you.

    Hopefully Locke will draw that map and go find some interesting place soon. Michael, I bet you don't remember a thing, do you?

  • More back stories

    It was good to see a different back story from the usuall characters, we also discovered that the island has healed another person with an incurable illness, at first it seemed locke was the only one but now it turns out that he isn\\\'t. I think this will help locke come to terms with was at happened to him as he will no longer feel he was `CHOSEN`

    It was also good to see Jack and Kate get the alone time they really needed and to at last give in to what we all know they have wanted for a long long time. as far as sawyer goes, i'm still undecided as whether or not he will help out when he's needed to help, fair enough he did it in season one on the boat/raft, but then again on the boat/raft he had nowhere to run and no way of talking his way out of it, I must admit though that I do enjoy his nicknames for the other losties on the island. All in all i found this episode refreshing, it steared away from the usuall story line and main characters and gave someone else a chance to tell their story and why at least one of them wants to to stay on the island just like locke does.

  • This was a wery good ep of lost, I love it and Glag Påsk på er alla.

    Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good.
  • Another boring and meaningless episode, with an ending I saw coming.

    So Rose, is not the holy woman she appeared to be from season one to now.....she lies just like the rest of us.

    I'm tired of the same old boring trend that Lost has been reduced to. Season one flashbacks were interesting but it seems the writers have no idea what to do anymore.

    I happy to say that I saw the ending coming.....I knew that was Micheal before he appeared. It was about time he came back.
  • Not the best of Subplots.

    The characters in this episode are probably not my favorite. I am all for the backstories to these characters but Rose and Bernard arent the most riveting of characters. The disclosure at the end of the episode as to the healing nature of the island is something we already knew. In all the whole episode seemed like a filler. Jack and Kate\\\'s \\\"talk\\\" was pretty pointless, it seems like they are going in circles.Now onto what I liked abt the episode. I liked how the fact that everybody on the island had accepted their fate was shown. I could feel the desperation in Bernard\\\'s character. Overall the very tight acting and high production values still prevailed. Not LOST\'s best episode.
  • pretty boring episode. nothing was accomplished

    wow. what a bad episode. nothing happened until the very end where michael comes back. now we've got 3 annoying characters back: jack, michael and kate. that SOS sign was completely useless. it just developed the character plot of bernard and rose who are such minor characters that i have no clue why the producers did it.
  • Well I guess the writers thought after 2 intense episodes it's time for a filler.

    Well, if you wan't to be up to date, it's very important to watch every episode. Because even fillers have little things that are revelant to the plot.

    Now, not saying you don't have to see S.O.S at all, but the last 15 seconds is all you need.

    S.O.S is a Bernard and Rose centric episode. It's funny, because they are only recurring characters. We learn how they met, and, that, Rose has cancer, and she only has a little time left, but Bernard doesnt matter what, wnats to marry her.

    This was the only remarkable twist. The on island plot is more likely a parody, it's reeally light hearted. Bernard wants to build an S.O.S sign but eventually veryone leaves him alone.
    Jack and Kate decides to go out in the Jungle to force a trade(Henry for Walt).

    We learn that Rose does know that Locke was in wheelchair - this one tiny bit of revelation was good too, I must say.

    Then at the end, finally Michael pops up. About time.
  • Not one of the best episodes of the season.

    This episode was not one of the best episodes of the season. It had too many things going on, and no storyline made much progress.

    I was disappointed that Michael's return was dropped in our laps as a cliffhanger in the last scene. Since Michael's turn was foretold in the official ABC episode description and with a 3-week break after this episode, I could have used a more substantial revelation to hold me over until the next new episode.
  • Zzzzzzzzzzz...wah? It's still on?

    Nothing really happened in this episode. It was pretty dull. I was excpeting more but I did not get anything. We find out that Rose was really sick before the crash and she does not want to get rescued because she thinks if she does she will get sick again.

    The only thing that really happened to make this episode worth watching was Jack and Kate got caught in a net and it was funny watching them try to get out of it. Kate says she is sorry that she kissed Jack and Jack tells her that he is not sorry. When you think that they are going to have a little romantic, Michael has to show up with a bag over his head and his hands tied behind his back to mess up the whole moment.

    The episode after this makes up for this dull one.
  • Transitional Episode, but it has good Scenes!!!!


    Rose is the only character that did not have the chance to be the Main Character and her own flashbacks. So It was time to do it. Has expected, it could not be something trivial, it was necessary to do something special, like locke healed legs for example.

    Through this mindset, her Storyline was construted with a beginning and a end. Since she is not a strong character, it was best this way.

    Make sense that she is healed too, like Locke, but what was not necessary was for her husband to try to make the signal. This was only to fill the episode.

    Other events, like Jack and Kate is a setup, the hatch too.

    Emotions - » Since Rose is not a Strong Character, it was difficult to create better scenes, since the majority for the Audience would not care. All the Scenes featuring the her flashbacks is about Sadness and Hope. Typical Lost Drama.

    Progression - » Since this is a setup, nothing essential happened, so this can be considered filler. This is all about doing a closure for a character that had not time to be one of the main Cast.

    Ending - » Nothing special or impressive.

    Overall - » Good Material, but not enough to be Great. Still, is a good Setup with some good material and closure.
  • The only positive point of the show is that Michael returns...

    Rose and Bernard's story wasn't that good. We learned that some places with magnetic power can heal people and that Rose saw Locke in wheel chair, but exept that... Bernard going crazy on the island was boring...
    The smile of Henry Gale when Locke was talking to him was awesome.
    Next episode should be more interesting because we'll probably learn what Michael was doing
  • not amazing

    this was not an amazing episode nothing really happened the whole thing between kater and jack was great though i just want them to get togethor( even though i love sawyer i think kate is better with jack) did you see henry's smile when locke was pounding on the door it looked so evil!
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