Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • It may be a filler, but it's still a good episode.

    Rose and Bernard, They were finally reunited in the episode "Collision"; now it is time to find out their back story. It's a touching one for that.

    Rose and Bernard meet on a cold winter night when Rose's car gets stuck in the snow. Bernard offers to help Rose get out of the snow. When they get it out they joke and introduce each other. They both seem interested in each other so, reluctantly Rose offers Bernard a cup of coffee. Five months later, Rose and Bernard dine in a resturant settled on top of beautiful waterfalls. A soft violin plays and Bernard asks Rose to marry her. After a short pause Rose tells Bernard that she is dying, she has terminal cancer with half a year left to live. Bernard says that she hasn't even answered his question. Rose agrees to marry him.

    The couple go to Australia for their honeymoon. Bernard surprises Rose by taking her to a healer named Issac. She goes to see him about healing her cancer. Unfortunately, the man says that Australia is not the place where her cancer will be healed. Us the viewers know that the island is. Rose lies to Bernard saying that the healing worked.

    At the airport Rose drops her bag of medication and John Locke, who is in a wheelchair, picks it up. They both know that the island has healed them.

    The island story is another tale. Bernard says to Rose that the survivors have stopped trying to be rescued. He says that he has come up with an idea to get them rescued. He is going to round up some survivors to build an S.O.S. sign. Rose doesn't agree with this idea since the island healed her. When Bernard finds out her says that he was a bit too overpowering and that he will stay on the island with her his whole life.

    Overall I think S.O.S. was very touching and I wouldn't mind seeing more of Rose and Bernard in season three.
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