Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • Rose experiences the healing properties of the island and Kate and Jack fall into a romantic trap.

    While the flashbacks to Rose's and Bernard's life may not necessarily be the most exciting flashbacks, since they do not involve any of the main cast, they are still very important in terms of the Island and the secrets it holds. John Locke, as Rose knows, is not the only one who has been cured miraculously since the crash.

    What made this episode very special to me, was the interaction between Jack and Kate. Since Kate had kissed Jack and ran away from him, Jack had clearly distanced himself from her, and after the incident where Kate defied Jack and got caught by the Others the relationship between the two had been even more tense. Kate made some endeavours to med things with very little success. I remember having trouble with the fact that their kiss was never mentioned by either one of them, and after waiting paitently, finally in this episode Kate did. But before she does there are some important and hilarious moments between the two of them. The important moment I'm referring to is the one where Kate - who obviously does not believe herself worthy of having anything good in her life and seems to have so much in common with Sawyer - finds a crucial link or sommonality between her and Jack: They are both damaged goods. While Jack does not react to that, it is obvious that Kate has been thinking about how things have changed between them and why that is, and is trying very hard to get Jack to 'let her back in the club', i.e. into his confidence. It seems that while Kate feels the need to run away from anything good, like Tom and Jack, she is unwilling to let Jack run away from her.

    The funny moments ensue when Kate falls into a trap and Jack, trying to stop her, is caught in it right along with her. The close proximity, their inability to move leads to a very funny scene where Kate tries to reach for the gun in Jack's pants and basically feels him up a little. Kate, convinced that she is a better shot then Jack misses the rope, does not believe that Jack can make the shot either. Their whole dialogue is very funny, and when Jack makes the shot it makes for another great little scene.

    Now to the kiss. As they're sitting at a fire, waiting for the Others to appear, Kate apologizes for having kissed him. While Jack is surprised that Kate actually adresses their kiss, he is also visibly relieved telling Kate after a short moment that he is not sorry. Kate looks up at him in surpise and they hold each other's gaze, slowly leaning into each other when they hear a sound (Michael) and the whole mood is spoiled ;)
    It was very interesting to see Kate being surprised at jack not being sorry for her kiss. Up to that point, I was pretty sure that Kate knew that Jack was not mad at her but hurt by her actions. Apparently, Kate's issues and her conviction that she will never have anything good in her life run so deep that she wasn't able to realize the real reason for Jack's distance.