Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • Seems like its filler, but it reveals a couple of big secrets

    Considering that we're closing in on the end of the season, it comes as a surprise that the writers would choose to focus an episode on two lesser characters such as Rose and Bernard, who aren't even regulars. I didn't object much because Sam Anderson and L. Scott Caldwell are such fine actors that I was actually curious about their back-story. And it turns out to be more significant than you'd imagine
    Since all we've known about Rose and Bernard is that its a love that has survived incredible odds, maybe it's not a surprise that there story is more of the same. Their love is one that the other romances on the island so far haven't matched, which is interesting because it's not as old as we thought. Rose has been suffering from cancer, and when she finally finds the nerve to tell Bernard, he doesn't hesitate a second before asking her to marry him. Jin and Sun are only now beginning to restore that kind of devotion. However, this love has been a source of guilt to Bernard. In his desperation to heal her, they traveled to Australia to visit a legendary faith healer., and on their return voyage, the plane crashed. (I'll get back to this in a moment)

    Bernard is desperate to get off the island, and raises an issue that is actually very pertinent: why have there been no rescue attempts this season? In Season 1, Sayid spent the better part searching for a radio tower to try and make a transceiver work, and the rest of his time decoding maps. Michael built a raft, and after it was set ablaze, the castaway built and launched another one. But this season, everybody seems more determined to settle in. Sayid has spent the better part of the last few weeks mourning Shannon, and only came out of his stupor to begin interrogating this new prisoner that fell into their laps. Michael has been focused on getting his son back, and has been gone. Locke, we know, has no interest in leaving the island, but Jack has become more focused on the hatch then he has about life on the services. Two days ago, a parachute drop with a ton of food landed on the island. No one knows how got there. Both Sayid and Jack were there when they discovered it. Did Sayid begin scouring the skies for planes? Did Jack go to the beach and build a signal fire? No, they both turned to focus on the Other in their hatch.

    Now Bernard actually comes up with a good idea--- build a giant S.O.S sign on the beach so that a plane might pick it u[p. You'd think this idea would get a lot of support, but when he asked Eko, the man who kept him safe for seven weeks for help, he shrugs him off, saying he's building a church (?). A lot of the other castaways don't want to do the work, and when the he tries to lead his team, including Jin and Hurley, both of them give up rather quickly. This is particularly bizarre, consider Jin spent a lot of time building the second raft with a man who initially despised him. Are the castaways just giving up and deciding to accept staying on the island? Or is there more to it than that?

    Because Rose loves her husband, she does something that so far, none of the other castaways have really been willing to do--- tell the truth about something. The faith healer didn't fix Rose, but she he asked him to tell her that they did. But ever since Rose has been on the island, she has not felt the presence of her cancer, and she certainly hasn't manifested any of the symptoms. This is corroborated by the fact that she saw Locke in his wheelchair before they got on the plane. She has been healed and is now afraid that if she leaves, she will die (This is probably an ill-conceived notion given what we will later learn, but lets focus on the present.). When Bernard learns this, he immediate reverses course, and agrees that they will never leave the island. (Of course, there are people who think otherwise.)

    Meanwhile, Locke has been trying to recreate the map that he saw on the blast door, but is getting nowhere with it. This isn't surprising because he's been losing faith in the hatch, the button, and the island, all season. Not-Henry has been pushing his buttons for the last week or so (in this episode he manages to do it without saying a word), so what good is a map going to do him? His pain is so great, he actually comes out of the hatch, and sits on the beach--- something he hasn't done all season. His remark to Rose is very telling ---"it's not my hatch'., but in her own quiet way she manages to restore his faith--- though that feeling won't last for long.

    Meanwhile, Jack is fed up with waiting, and tries to do something proactive-- trade the Other for Walt. He asks for Kate's help, because he assumes that the Others don't want them (We're going to learn soon enough that was yet another lie.) This leads to the first discussion that Kate and Jack have had since the Others grabbed Michael, and they seem to be reconnecting, especially after they get caught in a net (Rousseau or the Others? We never find out, but it's probably the former.) But then, just as they seem to be reconnecting, Kate makes the mistake of telling him about the Caduceus Hatch,. and what she found there when she went out with Claire. Before you can say, self-righteous, Jack gets on his high horse with Kate about lying to him, even though that's exactly what he's been doing for the past week. This is a flashback we didn't need.

    Big surprise, the Others react to Jack's demands with a deafening silence--- or do they? Because at the end of the episode, a figure comes running back to them with his head covered--- Michael has returned after being gone half the season. His action will lead us to the climax that we've been building towards.

    Even though 'S.O.S.' ends with one of those musical montages (man, I thought we were done with them when the batteries in Hurley's CD player burned out) this remains one of the better episodes of seasons 2. It's nice to know that there's love on this island, and that someone was willing to tell the truth about it. (To themselves, not to anyone else, of course.) I would've liked to get to know Rose and Bernard a bit better. A shame they've kind of been buried in the newer group of castaways.
    My score:8.8