Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Numbers: The list that Michael was holding had 4 names on it.

    • In the first flashback, when Rose rolls down her window to talk to Bernard, there is no ice or frost on it. But when she opens the door after Bernard falls down, the window is covered in white frost.

    • Numbers: Jack said it would take 4 weeks until Locke's leg would heal.

    • Numbers: Kate got 4 oysters.

    • When Bernard gives up on making the huge SOS sign, the camera pulls away to reveal the rocks have been filled in on only a portion of the SOS: two periods, and the bottom curve of the S, this makes a frowny face like that at the prompt of the hatch computer.

    • Bernard said that, at first, 15 people were ready to help him, and later, only 4. 4 and 15 are two of "The Numbers".

    • When Locke sees the timer, some of the numbers we can see are:
      8 and 15 are two of "The Numbers". There's also 1:02, 1:01 and 1:00, but they are not related.

    • Uluru is the aboriginal name of the central Australian rock formation usually known as Ayers Rock. Part of the formation can be seen near the "office" of the faith healer that Bernard consulted, Isaac of Uluru.

    • Island events in this episode take place on November 22nd and November 23rd 2004.

    • Michael's absence is the longest a main character has ever had in the show, having missed seven consecutive episodes in total. Walt's absence does not count, as he is no longer a main character.

    • Geography Error. In the flashback scene where Rose and Bernard are heading out to see Isaac at Uluru, other mountains can be seen through the car's window on Bernard's side. These mountains are lush and full of life. These don't exist near Uluru. Uluru is in fact in the middle of the desert. Also, there was too much grass in these scenes, the area surrounding Uluru is mainly a vibrant red dirt with only wisps of grass.

    • The plates on Bernard's car are the same as the plates on one of Sayid's friend's cars, seen in a previous episode.

    • When Jack and Kate are trapped in the net, Kate takes a shot at the rope to cut them loose. Then, while Jack is aiming, he says that if he misses, they will have 13 bullets left to shoot each other with. Therefore, there were 15 bullets (13 left in clip + 1 used by Kate + 1 used by Jack) in the gun when they left. Also, in the previous episode, titled Dave, Sayid takes a shot at Henry. Therefore, there were 16 bullets in the clip at that time. Both 15 and 16 are one of The Numbers.

    • When Rose goes to see Isaac the "healer", he describes how he heals people. Quote: "There are certain places with great energy, spots on the earth, like the one we're above now, perhaps this energy is geological, magnetic."

      One of DHARMA's research topics on the Island, where Rose feels she has been healed as well as Locke, is Magnetism.

    • Rose and Bernard are most likely residents of Buffalo, New York. In the flashback, Rose says she is used to driving in the snow. In a later flashback, Rose and Bernard are dining at a restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls, which is close to Buffalo.

    • In this episode it seems Vincent is now following Sawyer. This is not the only time that Vincent has been seen keeping the loneliest person on the island company. First it was Shannon after she lost Boone then Ana-Lucia after she killed Shannon and now Sawyer who once again is the most hated person on the island.

    • Michael returns in almost exactly the same way that Claire did in episode 1-14, "Special." He does exactly what Locke described about Claire returning, stumbling through the bushes and collapsing.

    • Goof: When Jack redresses Henry's wound, he only does so to the exit wound. Shouldn't Jack have redressed the entry wound, too?

  • Quotes

    • (Right after Jack and Kate have been trapped)
      Jack: You okay?
      Kate: Yeah.
      Jack: (sarcastically) Oh good, so you can hear me.

    • Locke: I'm done with the hatch.
      Rose: Oh, now you're just frustrated.

    • Bernard: Aren't you remotely curious as to where all this came from? You're acting like we just got back from the supermarket.

    • Rose: Well, I guess I was raised to never question my blessings.
      Bernard: Well, I was raised to question piles of food with weird labels that just fall out of the sky.

    • Sawyer: (About Jack) Oh happy day, here comes Dr. Giggles.

    • Jack: When were you going to tell me this?
      Kate: When you decided to let me back in the club!

    • Isaac: You must be Rose. Why don't you have a seat.
      Rose: So, um, how does this work? I sit here and you chant, pray, or what?

    • Jack: Okay, now give me the gun.
      Kate: Are you going to waste another bullet?
      Jack: We'll still have 13 more to shoot each other with. Come on.
      Kate: Fine. You have a better angle than mine anyway.
      Jack: Oh, that's going to be your excuse when I make the shot?
      Kate: When you make the shot.
      (Jack shoots and hits the rope. They crash down with Kate on top, both smiling)
      Kate: Nice shot.

    • Bernard: If you have time to fix your hut you have time to move some rocks. Come on, we could really use your help.
      Sawyer: What, you got union trouble down at the sand factory, Norma Rae?
      Bernard: Come on, Sawyer, I need your help. What do you say?
      Sawyer: I say Pasadena.

    • Sawyer: (To Kate ) Ah, that's how it's done. Aw, well look at you. That's like four in the last half hour. Let me call the Guinness Book.

    • Rose: I had to beat back half the group to get these. I saved them for you.
      Hurley: No way. I'm on a new diet. Nothing but fish and water. And fish and water.

    • Rose: (To Bernard) Well, honey, just because you're having a bad day doesn't mean you have to raise your voice!

    • Kate: How long are you gonna wait, Jack?
      Jack: Until I get my voice back. And then I'm gonna yell some more.

    • Bernard: Have you all forgotten that we crashed on this island? It's like none of you want to go home again!

    • Bernard (tearfully, embracing Rose): I'd offer to take down the sign but, uh... we didn't get very far.

    • Jack: We're here.
      Kate: Are you sure? I -
      Jack: That's where they took the shot at Sawyer ... right over there is where they pushed you out of the jungle with a bag over your head .... right there is where I ... where I laid my guns down.

    • Bernard (to Rose): If you can't leave, neither can I.

    • Rose: You're in my spot.
      Locke: (sitting on the beach) I can move.
      Rose: Can you?
      Locke: Oh, that's funny. (Rose laughs)
      Rose: I guess your sense of humor got trapped under that door with your leg.

    • Locke: I saw your husband walking through the jungle, hauling rocks ...
      Rose: He's building a big sign in the sand, so the satellites will see it ... That man doesn't know the difference between an errand and a fool's errand ...
      Locke: Well, Rose, most of us don't ...

    • Rose: Maybe we should speak to Jack about this first.
      Bernard: Do we have to run everything by Jack? He is not the president. He is a doctor.
      Rose: You are a dentist!

    • Rose: When you're sick and you have got something inside that doesn't belong there you can feel it. And after the crash, I couldn't feel it anymore. At first I thought it was just shock, but it wasn't. It's this place!

    • Kate: I'm flattered.
      Jack: Yeah ... Why is that?
      Kate: Because you chose me to go with you instead of Sawyer.
      Jack: I asked Sayid first but he turned me down. And I only asked you because they don't want you. They grabbed you, they had you at gunpoint, they could have kept you but they didn't. Then again, they didn't really want me either.
      Kate: (smiles) Damaged goods. Both of us.

    • Rose: Have you ever stopped to think, maybe the reason people are quitting is because you got yourself a management problem?
      Bernard: What is the matter with you, Rose? I am just trying to do something.
      Rose: That's just why ... You're always trying to do. Why can't you just let things be?
      Bernard: If I didn't always have to do something you wouldn't be here.

    • Bernard: Can I at least grab some of these logs? We could surely use...
      Eko: We're using them.
      Bernard: For what exactly?!
      Charlie: A church.

    • Jack: I'm going back out into the jungle to talk to our friend with the beard. See if we can make a trade.
      Sawyer: Ah ... The old prisoner exchange. And you're inviting me along 'cause you wanna gun, huh?
      Jack: I'm not inviting you, I'm inviting Kate and I've already got a gun, but thanks for offering.
      Sawyer: How the hell did you get a gun?
      Jack: Does it matter?

    • Bernard: My God, Rose, they built a kitchen on the beach! They've given up.
      Rose: Given up? On what?
      Bernard: On getting rescued.

    • Bernard: You bunk with a guy for forty-eight days and now he doesn't call or write.
      Mr Eko: Hello, Bernard.

    • Bernard: Don't you wanna go home?
      Claire: Of course we wanna go home.
      Hurley: Dude, we like built a raft.....but..... it blew up.

    • Ana Lucia: I'm not sure trading people is their thing.
      Jack: Talking to him is getting us nowhere so maybe we can get something for him.

    • Ana-Lucia: I've pushed your button.
      Locke: It's not my button.

    • Rose: You'll be out of that splint and running around the island again in no time.
      Locke: And yet, Jack said it'd be at least four weeks.
      Rose: But honey, you and I both know it's not gonna take that long.

    • Kate: I'm sorry I kissed you.
      Jack (pause): I'm not.

    • Bernard (to Eko): I think I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick.
      Charlie: I like you just the way you are.

    • Bernard: A church?
      Eko: Yes.
      Bernard: Everybody on this island is building something. I'm trying to get us saved.
      Eko: People are saved in different ways, Bernard.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Guinness Book of Records: When Kate struggles to pry mussels loose from rocks and succeeds in removing only four in a half hour, Sawyer remarks that it's time to call the Guinness Book. This is a reference book published annually, containing an internationally recognized collection of world records, both human achievements and the extreme of the natural world.

    • Norma Rae

      While Bernard is asking Sawyer's help to build the sign, Sawyer mockingly asks if he is "having union troubles down on the beach, Norma Rae." This refers to the 1978 Sally Field film of the same name, dealing with a woman's attempt to unionized garment workers.

    • Rose Bowl Parade

      Sawyer comments "Pasadena" to Bernard when asked to volunteer for a group project. Floats in the Rose Bowl Parade held every year in Pasadena, CA use hundreds of volunteers to assemble them.

    • Dr. Giggles

      Sawyer is referring to The comedy/horror film called Dr. Giggles about a psychopathic son of a mass-murdering doctor, who escapes from his mental institution to seek revenge on the town where his father was caught. The giggling doctor kills his victims with a surgical theme. His goal is to give one of the townfolk a heart transplant.

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