Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2004 on ABC
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Trekking around the Island, Sayid finds himself the prisoner of a mysterious woman (guest-star Mira Furlan) who apparently lives on the Island. Elsewhere, Hurley builds a golf course to try to help the survivors unwind after their traumatic ordeal. Flashbacks in this episode focus around Sayid's choice between his career and his childhood love, Nadia.moreless

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  • Sayid

    Heartbreaking flashbacks are shown for one of the show's most intriguing characters, who also gets himself into some of the best and most mystery-deepening action since the pilot; plus, Hurley brings some fun into the plot that contrasts the rest of the episode's dark atmosphere.
  • Speaking English in Iraq

    First Sayid flashback. Introduction of Danielle Rousseau (even though we supposedly hear her voice in The Pilot Part 2). First (and hopefully last) Island Open.

    To those who commented that the Iraqis are speaking in English it is merely a method of storytelling meant to let us (the audience) in on their conversations. They're actually speaking Arabic but the language was 'translated' for our benefit. Notice that this only happens when they're among themselves. Should an American soldier character eavesdrops on their conversation he would have no idea what they were talking about. Notice when the Arabic language was 'switched' to English the focus was on the speaker's mouth. A similar technique can be found in The Hunt for Red October (the scene where the Russian Admiral kills his sub's political officer).moreless
  • Awesome.

    Sayid finds a cable running out of the ocean and into the jungle. While following it, he is caught in a trap and captured by Rousseau, the woman who sent out the distress signal. Rousseau tells Sayid she was part of a science team, and that they crashed on the island sixteen years ago. She identifies a group of island inhabitants she calls the "Others" as the carriers of a sickness that her companions caught, and says that the Others whisper in the jungle. Sayid escapes and while trying to find his way back to camp, Sayid hears the whispering she told him about. In flashbacks, Sayid is tasked with torturing a prisoner named Nadia, who was a childhood friend. Sayid's superior tells him to execute Nadia, but instead he helps her escape. I wasn't expecting another person on the island - awesome storyline. I didn't really enjoy Sayid's back story, more than the other ones but I liked his story on the island though.I love the way Jack and Sawyer are when they are together - I love them when their talking about Kate. I lvoe Hurley's golf course, he is so cool and so is the golf course, i find it so funny - awesome storyline. WHISPERS!!!moreless
  • Hurley's PGA Tour 04...

    Lost gets better with each episode, This one was really great and we saw the French woman was still alive absolutely crazy. I thought the writers would have dragged this one out a bit but nine episodes into the series we meet the French woman called Danielle Rousseau, I really liked this character she is very mysterious and you know she has loads of back story. Sayid's flashbacks were about torturing the woman he loves probably my favourite Sayid centric episode thus far of the series, most of Sayid's episodes are very similar, he normal gets tortured, or he interrogates someone or he tortures someone he is a bit of a one note character to be honest, I like him and I'm glad his role is decreased throughout the series because I felt in the first season we learn everything about him. The golfing scenes are always fun to watch although it is just to fill the rest of the episode and that they a pretty useless its good to see the survivors bond because we all knew they would be together on this island for a long time.moreless
  • Cosmopolitan Breakthrough

    Sayid was a tormented torturer back in Iraq who rescued the love of his live by killing one of his fellows. On the Island, Sayid is the one being tortured. He also points a gun to a wacky Frenchwoman, steals her mysterious notes and wanders through the jungle surrounded by whispers. Meanwhile, Hurley invents golf and brings civilization to the camp –he also brings Jack a brand new opportunity for showing off. -

    Sayid's first episode is one of the best of the first season, with great revelations, the introduction of a likable if MAD character (Danielle, of course) and an intresting and touching flashback. Naveen Andrews is superb, David Fury's ("Walkabout") writing solid and Greg Yaitanes' (Emmy Award for "House's Head") direction spectacular. Unfortunartely, my grade is brought down by the episode's secondary storyline which involves Hurley "building" a golf course and, subsequently, Jack showing off his abilities in sports (too). Meh.moreless
Xavier Alaniz

Xavier Alaniz


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Scott Paulin

Scott Paulin


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Navid Negahban

Navid Negahban


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Andrea Gabriel


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Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan

Danielle Rousseau

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Christian Bowman

Christian Bowman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • The name "The Others" is first used in this episode by Rousseau.

    • When Jack is shown golfing for the second time and the other survivors are watching him, you can see the cord for his microphone pack on the left side of his shirt coming up from the waist of his jeans.

    • When Sayid is upside down in Rosseau's trap we can hear him whisper something in arabic; "La illaha illalah, Muhammadun Rasulullah", known as the "Shahada" this is translated as "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger", a very well known sentence that, among other situations, is pronounced by muslims about to die as a way to enter paradise.

    • When Sayid holds the picture of Nadia he can read a few Arabic words on the back of her picture. They say "If I don't see you in Dunia I will see you in Akhira". "Dunia" is the coranic word for "life on earth" or the present virtual reality (created by God to test us), while "Akhira" means the hereafter or the "real reality" after the present virtuality.

    • This is the first time whispers are heard on the island.

    • Although Sayid is a soldier, his surname "Jarrah" is the Arabic word for "surgeon", which is the profession of Jack Shephard.

    • At the end of this episode, as Sayid enters the jungle, he hears indecipherable whispers,but by isolating the whispers it is possible to tell what they say:

      Lucky the man can't run
      He's a crash survivor
      Why only isolate him
      I said we do... he's coming
      You have no idea how he got here?
      (Radio static)
      (Beeping sound)

      Right here
      He's right behind me
      It's okay
      Who cares
      Help him when?
      Crash survivor
      Why only isolate him?
      Standard orders... go
      You have no idea

      He's coming
      Security issue
      You have no idea how he got here?
      Skip it

    • Numbers: 4

      Sayid tells Nadia there's a supply truck 40 meters outside the door.

    • Island events in this episode take place on October 3rd and October 4th 2004.

    • Danielle said that her vessel was 3 days out of Tahiti when a storm broke out and they crashed. This places the island somewhere due east of Australia.

    • Goof: Nadia still has nail polish on after she spent a month in jail.

    • Danielle Rousseau asks Sayid 23 times (in several languages, including english, german, spanish, french and italian) where Alex is. 23 is one of The Numbers.

    • In this episode Hurley builds a golf course, and on the golf course the grass is short. But how could it be, since it's in an open field which obviously gets sufficient sun and rain?

    • There are Chinese characters on Boone's light blue shirt that translates into "eighty-four". Backwards, this is 48, the original number of survivors from the front part of the plane. Also, 8 is the Chinese number for "good" and 2 stands for "evil". (Yin and Yang)

    • In Sayid's flashbacks to his time in the Iraqi military, his shoulder rank insignia consists of two stars (similar to a US Major General) making his rank that of a Mulazim Awwal (1st Lieutenant). Later, his rank changes to an eagle-like design (presumably because he was promoted) called Ra'id (Major), yet having this insignia would mean he skipped the rank of Naqib (Captain), which consists of three stars.

    • Naveen Andrews's character (Sayid) is Iraqi, but when he is shown interrogating the prisoner at the Iraqi base, he is speaking to him in "Fus'ha", which is the formal form of Arabic, used in books and TV news broadcasts; Iraqi Arabic sounds nothing like it (Naveen Andrews is British and of Indian origin; he does not speak Arabic, so he was probably given the text to be spoken by his character written in English phonetically).

    • In this episode we learn of a French woman named Rousseau. Rousseau was a famous French philosopher who focused on, among other things, child rearing techniques. It is no accident that the French woman's character is named this, as she reveals in this episode that her child, Alex, is missing. Later in the season, we again see that she is involved with the Child theme. Rousseau, the philosopher, was known for giving his children up for adoption (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Jacques_Rousseau), which is of some importance here.

    • On the Iraqi army base in Sayid's flashback, all the equipment is German WWII equipment (a self propelled cannon Nashorn?), a German panzer (either an upgraded Panzer IV or a Tiger), and a quad 20mm aa-gun, however the Iraqi army didn't use this kind of equipment.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Jack: We're surviving here, Hurley. And that's my main concern is keeping us alive. Things could be worse.
      Hurley: How?!

    • Sayid: (Turning on Danielle's music box) You see...some things can be fixed.
      Danielle: Thank-you! Thank-you so much, thank-you so much.
      Sayid: Danielle, please let me go.
      Danielle: Go?
      Sayid: Back to the people I told you about.
      Danielle: You can't. You have to stay - it's not safe.
      Sayid: Not safe? What's not safe?
      Danielle: You need me! You can't leave.
      Sayid: Danielle... (The sound of an animal comes from outside)
      Danielle: If we're lucky it's one of the bears.
      Sayid: If we're lucky? It might be that thing out there! The monster.
      Danielle: There's no such thing as monsters.

    • Hurley: What are you guys doing out in the jungle at night?
      Ethan: Best time to hunt.
      Locke: Ethan here has some experience...spotted some tracks, looked like they might be rabbit or some other rodent.
      Hurley: Rodent, yum.

    • Jack: I've got enough on my plate without having to treat hypochondriacs.
      Hurley: Yeah, but that's like my point, man. We're all fried. I'm mean, have you taken a look at everybody out there? Everybody's way tense. Dude, I'm just saying, it'd be sweet if we could have, I don't know, something to do.
      Jack: We're surviving here Hurley, and that's what my main concern is, keeping us alive. Things could be worse.

    • Jack: Looking for someone, or just admiring the view?
      Kate: It's been two days since Sayid took off on his own. I keep looking up, thinking I'm going to see him coming back.
      Jack: He'll come back when he's found what he's looking for, the French transmission.
      Kate: He wasn't looking for anything. He left because of what happened...for what he did.

    • Jack: I'm here because no one else wants anything to do with you.
      Sawyer: She does.
      Jack: Change your own bandages!

    • Kate: I almost didn´t recognize you. You´re smiling.
      Jack: I have to watch that.

    • Boone: You're never going to believe this.
      Shannon: You finally learned how to tie your own shoes?
      Boone: Funny. Someone at the caves built a golf course.
      Shannon: Are you high?
      Boone: Seriously, a golf course. Apparently Jack's playin' right now.
      Kate: Jack...is golfing?
      Boone: That's what I hear. (Kate looks at him in disbelief, Boone shrugs) I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna go check this out.
      Shannon: Wait for me, Bonehead.
      (They leave, Kate drops the wood she is carrying and goes to follow them)
      Sawyer: Doctor playin' golf. Woo, boy howdy. Now I've heard everything. What's next? Cop eatin' a doughnut?
      Kate: If you want to come you should just say.
      Sawyer: I think I'll pass on that, Freckles. Not big on crowds. And let's face it, the crowd's not too hot on me, either.
      Kate: One outcast to another -- I'd think about making more of an effort.

    • Sayid: This isn't a game, Nadia.
      Nadia: Yet, you keep playing it, Sayid...pretending to be something I know you're not.

    • (Jack is putting for the win)
      Hurley: Five bucks says he sinks it.
      Charlie: Mate, you're betting against me?
      Hurley: Sorry dude, but you're a duffer like me.
      Boone: Make it ten and you're on.
      Guy: I don't have any cash but I'll bet my dinner on the doc.
      Sawyer: I've got two tubes of sunscreen and a flashlight says he chokes.
      (Everyone just stares at Sawyer for a minute)
      Kate: I'll take that action.
      Boone: Yeah, yeah, me too.
      Shannon: You just bet on Jack, dumb-ass.
      Boone: We need the sunscreen, Princess.

    • Sayid: Danielle! Who is Alex?
      Danielle Rousseau: Alex, was my child.

    • Sayid: Please I don't wish to hurt you.
      Danielle Rousseau: You already have. (Danielle lifts her gun, ready to fire)
      Sayid: Don't! (Sayid squeezes the gun trigger but it is jammed)
      Danielle Rosseau: The firing pin has been removed. Robert didn't notice it was missing, either, when I shot him.

    • Sayid: Have you seen other people on this island?
      Danielle Rousseau: No, but I hear them - out there, in the jungle. They whisper. You think I'm insane?
      Sayid: I think you've been alone for too long.

    • Nadia: You were always older than your years, weren't you Sayid?
      Sayid: Not old enough to understand that being pushed in the mud was a sign of affection.

    • Kate: So how'd you come up with this?
      Jack: It wasn't me, it was all Hurley. I've been going crazy trying to make everyone feel safe. I haven't been sleeping because I want everyone to feel safe. He builds a golf course, everyone feels safe.
      (Hurley hits the ball)
      Hurley: Oh Crap! Do over.
      Charlie: It's a mulligan. Mulligan, it's a gentleman's sport, gotta get the words right. Mulligan.

    • Hurley: (to Jack) "Try and keep your mind off it"? What else has that guy got to do but stress?

    • (About Sayid)
      Jack: It was an accident.
      Kate: Well, accidents happen when you torture people, Jack.

    • Sawyer: Oww, easy jackass.
      Jack: You want it easy? Quit moaning, I got to change these bandages.
      Sawyer: Well, try not taking my skin off with them. So, how'd I score the house call, Dr Quinn? Trying to ease your conscience?
      Jack: My conscience is fine thanks.
      Sawyer: Of course, what do you have to feel guilty about? I mean you just let that damn Arab torture me, stood by and watched. Now, you figure you'll patch me up and buy you a ticket into heaven.

    • Nadia: Come with me.
      Sayid: I can't. Desertion. They would kill my family. I don't have your courage.
      Nadia: You have more than you know.

    • Nadia: Am I so different from the little girl in the schoolyard who used to push you in the mud? And your mother would tell my mother, 'Why must you pick on Little Sayid?' And I'd answer, 'Because he ignores me.'

    • (Hurley has built a huge golf course)
      Hurley: Welcome to the first and... hopefully last Island Open!
      Jack: What?
      Hurley: It's two holes, for now, three par, and no waiting.
      Jack: Hurley, you built... a golf course?
      Hurley: Rich idiots fly to tropical islands all the time to whack balls around.
      Michael (incredulous): All the stuff we gotta deal with, man... this is what you've been wasting your time on?
      Hurley: Dudes... listen. Our lives suck. Everyone's nerves are stretched to the max! We're lost on an island, running from boars and monsters...freakin' polar bears.
      Michael: Polar bears?
      Charlie: (to Michael) You didn't hear about the polar bear?
      Hurley: Look, all I'm sayin' is if we're stuck here, then just surviving isn't gonna cut it. We need some kinda relief you know, we need some kinda way that we can, you know, have fun. That's right, fun, or else we're just gonna go crazy waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

    • Sayid: I'm a survior of a plane crash. I found the wire on the beach. I followed it. I thought it might have something to do with...a transmission we picked up on a receiver...a recording - a mayday with a French woman repeating on a loop for sixteen years.
      Danielle: Sixteen years. Has it really been that long?

    • Sayid: Tell me, or I swear I will hurt you.
      Nadia: Oh, I know, Sayid.

    • Sayid: I'm not sick.
      Danielle: I know.
      Sayid: Then why kill me?
      Danielle: I can't let you go. Don't you understand? To have someone - to talk to, to touch.
      Sayid: You'll find me in the next life, if not in this one.
      Danielle: What?
      Sayid: The writing on the back of Nadia's photograph. I know what it's like to hold on to someone. I've been holding on for the past seven years to just a thought. A blind hope that somewhere she is still alive. The more I hold on, the more I pull away from those that love me.

    • Jack: This is bad.
      Michael: Yeah. I mean, I know what I would do, but...this has gotta be your call.
      Jack: Alright...give me the 7 iron.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Episode title: This week's song title was most likely "Solitary" by Yearning.

    • Michael: Sink this shot and you get to wear the blazer.

      Golf pros who win the Masters golf tournament get the privilege of wearing a green blazer.

    • Rousseau is named after the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. One of his more famous papers, "Origins and Foundations of Inequality Among Men", asserted that civilization created all the ills of mankind. He asserted that people were horrible to one another and did not help one another because of civilization and the only way for man to be free was to spurn civilization and become a "natural man", living in the woods away from all convieniences and civilizations.

    • Sawyer: How'd I score the house call, Dr. Quinn? Trying to ease your conscience?

      Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was a popular television show in the 1990s about a 1860s woman in the west who took care of her town and three children she adopted. It starred Jane Seymour as the altruistic doctor.