Season 4 Episode 10

Something Nice Back Home

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on ABC
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Kate and Juliet must learn to work together when Jack's health is seriously compromised. Something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue their trek away from Locke's camp and back to the beach.

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  • this was a good old school lost episode! No matter what other people say, I just like that type of episodes so much!

    So this episode was written by Eddy and Adam, so it must be goood. They wrote "GReatest hits" and "Tricia Tanaka is dead" as well as "confirmed dead". All great episodes. I really liked the flashfoward of jack and kate being together...

    Everybody in this episode has something to do like in the old ones...even rose is back and more important than ever..

    I enjoyed them helping jack and th etalk between kate and jack i think they will still end up together in the future...

    thank god they didnt end the episode with a flash...i like it when it ends on the island...i miss episode endings with music and no real cliffhanger...please give them back to us....moreless
  • Kate and Jack play house in a world full of self deception.

    It is rather sad that Kate's character has been reduced to an empty doll Jack and Sawyer fight over. Or rather one their crazy shippers fight over. Kate's role in the future is simply to be Jack's side kick and it's a sad sight. Because if you believe that making Kate one of the oceanic 6 and giving her Aaron had nothing to do with Jack and the love triangle, then you are delusional. It feels that the writers, in their misguided quest to continue this horrid love triangle going, decided to finally throw the Jaters a bone. We get a rushed, empty, dysfunctional "relationship" which crashes faster than you can say "I'm bored". As usual, things always have to revolve around Jack. Even his proposal, as he only proposed after getting Kate to reassure him that he's good enough. But then that's all his actions have been about, no? Him trying to prove to himself and his father that he IS a hero. That he can do great things. That he is not worthless. And that is what Kate, with her blind adoration, offers him. This was a poor episode and the only reason I didn't rate it lower is because for once, Jack is becoming a somewhat interesting character. And it's about time.

    Unfortunately, as I stated before, Kate is useless as a character and has been for many seasons now. It seems that she all of a sudden desired a child overnight. How did she get there? What changed? How the hell does Kate feel about anything? Why is this woman's character never really dissected and developed? It's sickening sometimes what TPTB do to the women on this show.moreless
  • We see Jack in the future with Kate & Claire goers missing......

    This episode is a Jack centred one. In this episode Jack becomes Ill and collapses in front of everyone. We then see Jack and Kate in the future, living in the same house. We see Kate getting out of the shower and she and Jack kiss. We see Jack reading to Aaron.

    Back on the island we see Miles walking through the jungle to get to the beach, and he discovers the body of the French woman and Carl. Claire seems shock up by it. Sawyer promises her that everything will be fine. Jack thinks that he has food poisoning whilst Juliet tells him (after an examination) that it's his appendix and they are going to have to take it out. Sun and a few others go to the medical centre to get the medical supplies needed for Jack's operation. Future Jack goes to see Hurley in his mental ward. Hurley is convinced that they are all dead and that they need got off of the island. Hurley gives Jack a message from Charlie "Your not suppose to raise him" and that someone will be visiting him soon.

    The army men are still alive and are being helped by the pilot of the chopper. In the future Jack asks Kate to marry him. He gives her a ring and with tears of joy, she says yes. We learn that Charlotte speaks Korean, and Jin tells her that when the helicopter comes back she is to take Sun with her, when she leaves the island.

    Jack's operation gets under way and he shouts out in pain and Kate starts cry. In the future we see Jack going home and he takes some tablets to help him sleep. Back on the island Claire wakes up and sees her father holding Aaron. Kate is acting odd in the future and seems though she is having an affair, Jack asks her out right where she was and what is going on. She admits that she was doing something for Sawyer. But she won't admit to him what it is. She says she isn't having him like that around her son and he goes on about how she isn't even related to him, she starts to well up and Aaron appears in the hallway. As Sawyer wakes up and discovers that Claire is missing, he hears Aaron crying. He calls out her name but she doesn't answer, he instead finds Aaron under a tree. Claire is missing.moreless
  • Something of a let down, but a couple of modest reveals along the way

    Up until, the flashforwards haven't shown much involvement within the Oceanic 6. We know that Sun and Hurley seem to have broken away; we knows Hurley's now institutionalized, and in the last episode, we saw the real reason Sayid has become Ben's hitman. About the only thing that's been unclear is what has been leading Jack from the stable person we saw in 'The Beginning of the End' and 'Eggtown' to the tottering wreck he was in 'Through the Looking Glass' It's even harder to believe him from the opening scenes of this episode, where he seems to be playing house with Kate and Aaron, more at peace than he's ever been at any time on the series.

    But as everybody who's been watching the show by now knows, Jack is his own worst enemy. His compulsive need to fix things lead and need to constantly do better have shaped him all this way. All his life he has been under the strain of being Christian's son, and he has loved and hated his father for it. Maybe he thought that on the island he could get away from it, but as we've seen repeatedly, Christian is still a presence on the island. Now, not surprisingly, the pressure of his father is what leads to him destroying the first really good thing he's had in his life. Even after all the things he saw on the island, he still can't accept the evidence of his eyes. He'll only get there after he completely destroys himself.

    All of this is accelerated by a visit to Hurley, who in the years between his return to Santa Rosa really seems to have lost any impetus to help himself. He is now convinced that everyone on the island is dead, including Jack , Kate and himself. It's hard to argue when you know that he's seeing his own ghosts --- the difference is, he now believes them. Jack tries to stave off his own problems by proposing to Kate, but all that does is hasten his own degeneration. In a sense, we saw Jack destroy his marriage to Sarah because he couldn't let things go, and he essentially does the same thing involving Kate. It's hard to figure out what kind of promise she's keeping for Sawyer, but his mere mention seems to completely unseat the foundation of their relationship. (This is supremely ironic considering what will happen when Jack does return to the island)

    In the here and now, the major action doesn't have a lot of suspense. Jack's suddenly coming down with appendicitis isn't much of a cliffhanger, considering that the very flashforward demonstrates that he will survive it. What is far more telling is how much Jack tries to control even his own surgery. There is something very telling in the fact that even though Juliet is performing the operation, he still wants Kate to be in the room. Indeed, Bernard has to chloroform him for anything constructive to happen. Equally telling is what Rose has picked up (and what might have concerned the fans as well). If nobody on the island has gotten sick, and the healing process is accelerated, why did Jack's appendix suddenly become infected at such a critical point? We know the island won't let him die, but it's becoming clear that it also doesn't want to let him leave.

    Meanwhile, in the jungle, Sawyer is leading his own group of people back to the beach. He seems determined to protect Claire and Aaron from something--- as if he knows there's even more danger out there for her. (Then again, a smoke monster and a bloodthirsty band of mercenaries is pretty dangerous on its own.) He runs into Keamy and the mercenaries, who are bloodied, but not completely broken. (Widmore must be paying them millions to keep this up). But it's all futile, because in the end, he loses Claire in one of the more shocking scenes of the episode. Claire wakes in the middle of the night to see Christian holding Aaron, something that would be difficult for a ghost to do. Claire says "Dad?", we get a scene break, and when daylight comes Claire is gone, and she's abandoned Aaron. There was a popular theory on the net that everyone thought Claire might have died while in the barracks. Since we now know that this is not the case, the question arises: why would the island choose to separate Claire from her baby? Why does Christian appear both to Jack and into Claire, aside from their filial bonds? For that matter, why did Miles, who said he saw Claire walk into the woods with a man, just let her do it? Maybe he thought that Claire was already dead. Still, a guy in a suit appears in your camp, and you don't let anything happen. Seems like Miles has been taking his lessons on the island from everyone else.

    Sawyer and Jack seem to be in the process of reversing roles. Jack will deliberately hurt everyone around him, have a singular obsession that rules him, and will end up broken and alone. Sawyer is becoming heroic, making bold talk, rushing out to save people. And given the way things are on and off the island, it's looking like Kate still won't be able to make a clear choice between them. Even now as the series winds down, she doesn't seem to have been happy with either one. Perhaps her final choice will come down to Aaron. 'Something Nice Back Home' is a pretty good episode, and given the information that we get, we can't exactly classify it as a filler. There were some great dialogue between Miles and Sawyer (a match made in snark heaven) a little revelation about Charlotte that makes Jin reveal his brutal side yet again, and all those Jack and Kate shippers must have loved the flashforwards. Still, considering that the main action seems to be happening in the jungle and back on the freighter (what the hell have Sayid and Desmond been doing the last two episodes?) I can't help that it feels a bit less developed than the rest of Season 4. Jack may be tottering on the brink of his sanity, but he doesn't know that the real craziness is still to come.

    My score:8.5moreless
  • Jack has his appendix removed.

    Let me just say that even LOST's worst episodes (and this was clearly not their worst) are far better than just about everything else on TV. LOST is the top show on "the tube" right now, and there is no intelligent debate that can be brought up against that point. With all that in consideration, this was not a strong hour of the show.

    While the acting was decent, and the ending was an okay cliffhanger (poor by LOST standards though) you could've watched that last five minutes of the show and not missed a single thing. Where are Desmond and Sayid? Are they okay? What's going on with Locke and Ben? This was such an isolated episode, and it was hard to feel compassion when Jack, Kate and Juliet have been pushed out of the spotlight in recent weeks. Not to mention Jack's appendix was not exactly the most hyped storyline in the world.

    Development. Building. These are not just terms that are used by construction workers. The job of the writer is to develop an entertaining story that builds toward a climatic moment. There was no true emotion regarding Jack's surgery. Did anyone think he was going to actually die?

    Miles and Sawyer are developing an interesting bond and should be nice to see what this builds toward. Still though, it's hard to get into anything Claire does on the show, and I could care less where she is right now. It's not just that the actress portraying her fails to take over the screen it's just that there are more important things on the viewers mind. We're no more anticipated toward next week's episode now than we would be had she not disappeared.moreless
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Bill Fiddler

Dr. Stillman

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Carla Von

Miss Berenberg

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Traci Toguchi


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Sam Anderson

Bernard Nadler

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L. Scott Caldwell

L. Scott Caldwell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Aaron has a black and white whale doll.

    • If the Red Sox-Yankees article is correct (August 2007) it contradicts the date of the funeral in "Through the Looking Glass" which is believed to be April 2007. It would set these events after the funeral, not before which is what we are led to believe.

    • The examination table that Sun shows Jin in The Staff medical station is completely different from the one on which both Sun and Claire were examined previously.

    • Jack gets his prescription from Skadden's Pharmacy, a fictional pharmacy named on several episodes of "CSI".

    • In Juliet's list of medical supplies, "forceps" is incorrectly spelled "forcepts." "Gauze pads" also appears to be incorrectly spelled as "gause pads."

    • Island events take place on December 28 and 29, 2004. These are the 98th and 99th days for the survivors.

    • Jack's labcoat spells his last name as "SHEPARD". However, the door to his office and his name in the lobby of the St. Sebastian Medical Center where he works spells it "SHEPHARD".

    • When Jack sees his dad in the seating area late at night, it can be seen that he is wearing white sneakers instead of shoes.

    • Goof: When Kate walked over to Aaron to pick him after he overheard she and Jack arguing, he was holding a killer whale plush doll with the head pointing upwards. After she had grabbed him and lifted him up, the whale was pointing head down.

    • Numbers:
      -During Jack's first flash-forward, when he's in bed, the phone rings 4 times before he answers.
      -Jack comments "ARod" after scanning the newspaper. Alexander Rodriguez or "ARod", a player for the New York Yankees baseball team, had 4 hits in the 1 Oct 2005 game against Boston. That game was won by the Yankees 8-4 to clinch the American League East title.
      -A nurse shows Jack X-rays of someone's L4 vertebra. Ben's tumor was on his L4 vertebra.
      -Juliet sews Jack's wound with 8 stitches.

    • If trust was an issue regarding going to the medical station for the surgey material, Bernard could easily be the one going there since he has medical training.

    • Only one date is viable for the Yankees/Red Sox newspaper article: August 31, 2007. This was the only time pitcher Cheng Mei Wang finished the Yankees' sweep beating Cut Schilling 5-0.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Hurley: (delivering a message from Charlie to Jack) You're not supposed to raise him, Jack.

    • Bernard: Honey, I am sure Jack is gonna be ok. An appendectomy is just about the most common kind of surgery there is.
      Rose: That's not what I was thinking about. I was thinking, ''why did he get sick?''
      Bernard: Why? It's just-it's just bad luck.
      Rose: The day before we're all supposed to be rescued, the person that we count on the most suddenly comes down with a life-threatening condition, and you're chalking it up to bad luck?
      Bernard: Well, what are you saying, that-that Jack did something to offend the gods? People get sick, Rose.
      Rose: Not here. Here, they get better.

    • Jack: But he's not here, is he? No. No, he made his choice. He chose to stay. I'm the one who came back. I'm the one who's here. I'm the one who saved you.

    • Miles: Morning.
      Sawyer: It's way too early for Chinese. Where's Claire? Ladies' room?
      Miles: Nope. She just walked off into the jungle.
      Sawyer: What? When?
      Miles: In the middle of the night. Just got up and left.
      Sawyer: You let her go alone?
      Miles: She wasn't alone.
      Sawyer: Well, who was she with?
      Miles: She called him Dad. I'd have followed them, but I have a restraining order.

    • Frank: Keamy's coming back, and if he sees you, he'll kill all of ya.

    • Jin: Do you think she knows he likes her?
      Sun: She's a woman. She knows.

    • Hurley: Hey, Jack? Charlie said someone's gonna be visiting you, too. Soon.

    • Dr. Stillman: Therapy's... been rendered useless.
      Jack: And why is that?
      Dr. Stillman: Because he doesn't think I exist.

    • Jack: When was the last time you did this?
      Juliet: An appendectomy or shaving a man's stomach?

    • Sawyer: Don't even think about it.
      Miles: What?
      Sawyer: Don't look at her. Don't talk to her. Don't mess with her. You got a restraining order. 20 feet.
      Miles: What are you, her big brother?
      Sawyer: No. I'm the guy who's gonna put a boot in your face unless you say, "Yeah. I getcha."
      Miles: Yeah. I getcha.

    • Daniel: I can help you. I'm familiar with surgical instruments. Uh...
      Juliet: I thought you were a physicist.
      Daniel: Yeah, well, I've done some animal autopsies, too, so if--if--

    • Juliet: It's your appendix, Jack. When did the pain start?
      Jack: Yesterday.
      Juliet: Has it ruptured?
      Jack: Not yet.
      Juliet: Well... I guess we're just gonna have to take it out.

    • Claire: It's better. Bit of a headache, but at least I'm not seeing things anymore.
      Miles: Yeah? What'd you see?
      Sawyer: Back off, Donger.

    • Kate: It's just... it's just sweet hearing you say nice things about your dad.

    • Jack: I wonder if I've been changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? But if I'm not the same, the next question is, Who in the world am I? Aha, that's the great puzzle.

    • Jack:Morning.
      Kate: Morning yourself. I bought you a razor.
      Jack: What, you don't like the scruff?
      Kate: (Laughs) Razor's by the sink, Jack.
      (Shower shuts off)
      Jack: Morning.
      (They kiss)

    • Kate: Jack. You can't--you can't do this. If you have problems, you need to figure them out. All right? 'Cause I can't have you like this around my son.
      Jack: Your son? You're not even related to him!

    • Jin: If you continue to lie, I'm going to hurt your friend Daniel. I'm going to break his finger's one at a time.

    • Juliet: (To Kate) You know he kissed me.
      Kate: What?
      Juliet: The other day, when you came back from the other side of the island, Jack kissed me. It was nice. But it wasn't for me, it was for him. I'm pretty sure he was trying to prove something.
      Kate: Prove what?
      Juliet: That he doesn't love someone else.
      Kate: Thank you, Juliet. Thank you for saving his life. (She leaves)
      Juliet: (To Jack) I know you're awake.

    • (Jack is talking to Kate)
      Jack: I wanna know where you were. I wanna know who you were with.
      Kate: It doesn't matter, Jack. please.
      Jack: No, tell me. Tell me!
      Kate: I was doing something for him.
      Jack: For who?
      Kate: For Sawyer.

    • (Jack is talking to Hurley)
      Jack: Why aren't you taking your meds?
      Hurley:Cause we're dead...all of us, all the Oceanic Six. We're all dead. We never got off that island.

    • (Kate is walking Jack to the stretcher)
      Kate: So, it looks like I'm gonna be your nurse.
      Jack: Wouldn't be the first time. (Kate smiles remembering) Listen, ahm, if something happens to me...
      Kate: Shut up, Jack.
      Jack: (smiles) Fair enough.

  • NOTES (7)

    • International Air Dates:
      Belgium: September 29, 2008 on VT4
      Ireland: May 5, 2008 on RTE Two
      Norway: May 7, 2008 on TVNorge
      Australia: May 8, 2008 on Seven
      Denmark: May 9, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Sweden: May 14, 2008 on TV4
      The Netherlands: May 18, 2008 on Net 5
      Latin America: June 9, 2008 on AXN
      Spain: July 3, 2008 on FOX
      Italy: August 25, 2008 on Rai 2
      Czech Republic: September 14, 2008 on AXN
      Hungary: September 14, 2008 on AXN

    • The title refers to a line Bernard has, in which he asks Jack whether or not he would rather be "dreaming about something nice back home" (in reference to the chloroform he is trying to get Jack to use).

    • John Terry, as Christian Shephard appears on this episode, but it was not listed in the ABC Press release.

    • Although credited, Harold Perrineau (Michael), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Michael Emerson (Ben), Naveen Andrews (Sayid) and Terry O'Quinn (Locke) don't appear.

    • This flash forward takes place after Kate's trial in "Eggtown", but before Jack attempts to commit suicide in the season 3 finale, "Through the Looking Glass."

    • This is a flash-forward episode.

    • A Jack-centric episode


    • A Christmas Carol

      Hurley relays a message from Charlie, a spectre, telling Jack that someone is going to be visiting him. This is very similar to a scene in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" where Jacob Marley's spirit tells Ebenezer Scrooge he will be visited by three spirits.

    • Sixteen Candles: Sawyer calls Miles "Donger", referring to a weird foreign exchange student in this 1984 coming-of-age movie.

    • Star Wars: Jack steps on a Millennium Falcon toy. Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars series in which the Millenium Falcon appears in, was raised by his uncle, as Aaron is being raised by his uncle as revealed in this episode.