Season 4 Episode 10

Something Nice Back Home

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

ISLAND:Jack is in pain and Juliet figures out that he needs his appendix out. She sends Sun to the medical station with Daniel and Charlotte to get supplies. Bernard helps with the surgery. Jack wants to be awake and talk her through it, so he insists that Kate hold a mirror.

Jack is in so much pain that Juliet wants Bernard to knock him out with the Chloroform that was found at the medical station. Jack implores Kate not to let them knock him out, but Bernard does anyway. Juliet kicks Kate out of the operating tent.

Later, Bernard finds Kate to tell her that the surgery went well and Jack is fine and she can go in the tent. Juliet apologizes for yelling at her and tells her that Jack kissed her, but she thinks it was to prove that he didn't love someone else.

Meanwhile, Jin figures out that Charlotte speaks Korean and asks her to make sure that Sun gets on the helicopter. Charlotte agrees.

Sawyer, Miles, and Claire and Aaron trek through the jungle on their way back to the beach. Miles keeps looking at Claire funny and Sawyer tells him to stay away from her. When they walk over the spot where Rousseau and Karl were killed, Miles knows they are there and uncovers them enough for Sawyer and Claire to see who they are.

As they sleep, Claire wakes up and sees Christian Shephard with Aaron. "Dad?" she says, and follows him into the jungle.

The next morning, Miles says that Claire went off with someone she called Dad in the middle of the night. Sawyer yells for her and finds Aaron, but doesn't find Claire.

FAST FORWARD: Jack is living with Kate and Aaron. At a hospital, Jack completes a consult with a woman, then thinks he sees Christian Shephard walk by.

After getting a call from a doctor at the Santa Rosa Mental Institution, Jack goes to see Hurley. The doctor says that Hurley refuses to take his meds and he's not sleeping. Also, therapy isn't working because Hurley doesn't believe the doctor exists.

Jack talks to Hurley who says that Charlie visits him. Charlie told him to tell Jack that he's not supposed to raise him. Hurley wonders if Charlie was talking about Aaron. He says that Charlie said someone would visit Jack as well.

Jack goes home and wakes up Kate. He asks her to marry him and presents a ring. She says yes.

While dictating notes, Jack hears the smoke alarm beeping and goes into the hallway and takes out the battery. Christian is sitting there and calls his name. Jack is startled to see him, but when another doctor talks to Jack, Christian is gone.

Jack asks the doctor to write him a prescription for Clonazepam because he is having trouble sleeping. She does and he goes home. He hears Kate on the phone saying that Jack never gets home before eight, so she can stay at least an hour. When he walks in, she gets off the phone and tells him that it was one of the mothers from the park.

Later, Jack waits for Kate to come home. When she does, he wants to know where she was and she tells him to just let it go. He continues to ask and she finally says she was doing a favor for Sawyer and Sawyer wouldn't want Jack to know what it was. Jack says that Sawyer chose to stay on the island and that Jack was the one who saved her and brought her back home.

She wants him to get help because she doesn't want him around Aaron when he's like this and he says that she is not even related to Aaron.

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