Season 4 Episode 10

Something Nice Back Home

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on ABC

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  • That was not good at all.

    Sorry about the english and all that...

    I haven't written any "reviews" about Lost S4 in a while, but man, that episode was bad enough to "inspire" me. Like "the Other Woman" "Something Nice..." is nothing more than a filler episode, wich is not what makes it bad. The problem is, this season, with the strike and all we'll have only 13 episodes (at least the last one will be double), and I don't think they can waste time with episodes like this one, were absolutely NOTHING relevant happened. If "SNBH" was a good filler or character developtment episode like "...in translation" or "Tricia Tanaka..." it would be ok even in a shortened season, but that's not the case. It's not a complete disaster like "Stranger in a Strange Land", but that would be impossible. Ok, we had a few good moments:

    - Christian Sheppard appearing for Claire holding Aaron;

    - The possibility that the island may be punishing Jack for trying to leave the place; - The beggining of Jack's downfall; The metting with Hurley and "Charlie's note". The problem is those moments are too rare and short. The rest of the episode just goes nowhere. Just a few examples:

    - The "main plot" of this episode has no tension or emotion whatsoever. We know Jack will leave the island, so we know the surgery will be a success;

    - During the entire episode there are scenes that you're shure that something BIG is going to happen but those moments are aways interrupted, like the writers were saying "not yet". That's very frustrating. Main example: smoke detector, Jack's father in the hospital calling for him... another doctor arrives. I bet a lot of people said something nice like "f*ck this show" on that particular moment.

    - Sawyer/Miles/Claire hiding from Widmore's men. Aaron makes a noise. One of the guys get suspicious take a look around and them... the army leaves. Oh my GOD, that's got to be one of the most old movie cliches ever! I just hope in the next episode "Cabin Fever", Hurley doesn't get scare to death by a jumping black cat once they enter that dark and creepy shack. - Dan is in love with Charllote? I mean, Really? What man wouldn't be at least attracted if was near a woman that hot and beaultiful? Ok, that's my personal taste, but still the thing is irrelevant because (at least to me) it was pretty obvious.

    - Claire is missing... AGAIN!

    That's already too long. That's just some reasos why I didn't like the episode. Well, at least I can say that, even with "SNBH" and "TOW", the season is beeing awsome so far. However, in a shortened season, episodes like this one are much more painful to watch.
  • I was not impressed....

    I missed the episode before this one so I was so excited to see an episode of Lost because I heard the last one was so good...but this one was terrible. The story was so pointless. It was just one of those episodes they stick in the middle that really don't do anything. Ok...so Jack had to have his appendix out...so... and something's going on with Claire and the baby, and her father.... The flash-forwards weren't even that interesting. I would have to say that it was creepy, but not very interesting. Overall, this episode just really let me down. I hope next week's is better.
  • Good but not great..

    When i read on what this episode would be about, I knew it wouldn`t be last week`s standard.
    Still, the episode was interesting with some important facts and imo great cliffhanger. However, it had lot`s of boring and dull moments.
    The opener with Jack and Kate and back to the beach Jack is ill was meh.The whole jack operation was painful to watch. Can`t really see the point. Jack life in danger while we have a flash forward at the same moment showing he is alive. So pointless.Briefly. Beach=Boring.
    On to the good. Sawyer, Claire and Miles scenes were awesome. LMAO at Sawyer`s restraining order. The flash forward was good. I don`t care about about Jack and Kate...never convinced me. However, it was revealed Sawyer stayed on the island..alive. Jack-Hugo stuff was great and it was awesome to see Christian Shepard again. Would love to see his conversation with Jack.
    The cliffhanger was great! Does it means Claire went with Shepard and that`s why she`s not with Aaron in the future? So still alive on the island? How will the oceanic 6 become the oceanic 6?

    A filler episode but still enjoyable.
  • This show has become extraordinarily dull.

    The writers of Lost are now resorting to daytime soap-opera plots to fill air time. All the mysterious events and characters that made the show interesting have been replaced by "Melrose Place" style writing, except that "Melrose Place" was much more fun and interesting to watch. All the interesting plot devices, from the "Dharma Initiative" to the strange smoke monster to "The Others" have been explained away or ignored, making me feel like I've wasted my time watching this show. And there are new characters being introduced, with other characters being killed off for no reason. Why did the smoke monster kill "Mr. Echo"? Why did the writers kill off Ben's daughter and boyfriend and the daughter's mother? Why were these people ever in the show if they had no ultimate purpose? Why are the new people in the show?

    This week's episode was all about Jack having to have his appendix out. That's it. It's time to vote everyone off this island.

    Oh, and Claire went missing again. They really ought to keep better track of that one.
  • Good filler episode but there are soooo many things I hate about it.

    -We find out that Jack and Kate end up together...ugh

    -then we find out the Rousseau is dead. What about her past, we know nothing.

    -apparently the smoke monster killed none of the bad guys

    -Claire ends up in distress...AGAIN. For the love of god, will the writers please stop messing with me and leave Claire alone.

    But with all those negatives we get a couple positives. -Rose and Bernard were fairly interesting in this episode.

    -We learn that Charlette and Dan like each other.

    -we learn somewhat how Sun gets off the island.

    -we see Jin be badass(awsome) Overall it was a good episode. Not to much is learned but we see some good character interaction.
  • Good but I have expected better it to be :)

    Quite goog episode. But I don't like using the term "quite" when I review any of the LOST episodes. I'm glad that in this and previous one there was "some" Sawyer's part. I am a bit bored with all of those Jack centric episodes. I like him, but I would like to find out something about the others. And I found one thing pretty funny. In Jack's flashforward episode we could see his stomach and... there were no signs on Juliet's surgery. I hope next episode would be more 'fresh'. And I am waiting for some further information about Sawyer's and other heros' decision to stay on the island.
  • Amazing!

    I love this chapter!! First the surprise of Jack and Kate being together with Aaron and playing happy family...I swar I shouted OMG! when I saw Kate on the shower!! Then all the apendicitis problem with him and asking for Kate in every moment. He wants her to be there with them...MAybe he doesn't trust Juliet that much? and as Juliet says at the end he kissed her to prove himself that he didn't love Kate, but, did the prove work? I don't think so...I liked that they don't have a happy ending and that Sawyer has something to do with it...yeah, I'm that cruel, but she had a tough connection with James, impossible to just forget about him and whatever promise she made him...
    And on the other end of the island, Miles, Sawyer, Claire and Aaron trying to reach the camp, and then Claire leaves with his 'dead' father and leaves Aaron behind? WOW..Is that the end of Claire? I expect that not! I can't wait to see what happens next!!
  • SPOILERS INCLUDED!!! I was a bit disappointed with this episode. While it definitely wasn't a typical "filler" episode, it was an odd episode, which in my opinion, failed to deliver. I had such high Lost expectations and ended up feeling robbed.

    As much as I like Jack and even though we now understand the previous flash forward we saw with him, this episode was not "all that" in my opinion. I suppose the problem is that after you have a GREAT episode like "The Shape of Things to Come" ones comes to expect the following episode to be just as brilliant – hence the disappointment. The whole Juliet/Kate vs. Jack situation was not really very interesting - if I wanted to watch a soap opera I would not be watching Lost! I wasn't even surprised that it was Kate in the shower at Jack's place (or Kate's place). The whole appendicitis operation just not that exciting as it was clear to all of us that Jack would survive it. And, just like everyone else, I'm sure that Kate's secret, which she stupidly refused to tell Jack was to see that Sawyer daughter is OK.

    I'm also very disappointed that Rousseau, the French woman, is no longer in the show. I really liked her (actually way back from her Babylone 5 days) and was hoping that we'd get to see more of her story. I do have one nice thing to say about the episode: It's nice to see that the Lawnmower Man (Jeff Fahey) is good. I hope we get to see more of him and what made him join the mission.

    Oh well, next week's episode "Cabin Fever" has Desmond in it and looks to be a promising episode! Have you noticed how all Desmond episodes rock?!!!
  • I have always thought Lost was a roller-coaster ride, the point is the journey, not the conclusion, but now I am beginning to think it is more train chu-chu. Disappointing!

    I have always thought Lost was a roller-coaster ride, the point is the journey, not the conclusion, but now I am beginning to think it is more train chu-chu.
    Ok, so what happened? oh! Jack is with Kate (never saw that one coming) in a flash forward but still a flash back from series 3 from a flash to a ... I get lost. The key moment is he has to have his appendix removed!
    When charactrs you have been building for three seasons die without any particular reason why you start to think the show has lost its way. They seems more a case of cost cutting in budgets than advancing the story. As some have already mentioned here the show is forgetting what's going on. Lost is starting to be about Jack and Ben, a tale of two parts of the island. All the other charactrs are fading into the background as support for these two. On the one side you have bad-ass Ben and on the other screwed-up Jack. Why confront Juliet and Kate with the kiss; why kill off characters needlessly; How convenient that Charlotte just happens to speak Korean; how convenient Bernard understands morse; the appendix operation was actually a little silly and then the abducton of Claire ex deus... left me with a feeling of "what is going on ..." Bad writing folks!
    I hope this was just a filler episode to explain something the writers had forgotten to tell before, or else I am just not going to care what happens.
  • Fox shaves, soap opera theme continues, and we take another swirl down the toilet as the "why do I care" feeling creeps in again.

    First of all, did they think we wouldn't notice that Matthew Fox (Jack) had shaved his chest? What a friggin' waste...manscaping should be outlawed! I guess we're supposed to believe that the shaving he received before his operation on the island lasted so long that he's now hairless for good? They, at least, could have offered some explanation for it, instead of having him wake up in bed and be smooth as a baby's bottom! And where was the scar? Hmmmm?

    As for the episode overall, it's just too soap-opera like now. One strained heterosexual romance after another, with no end in sight. And on that topic, out of the dozens of people who survived the crash, they couldn't have ONE gay person? I mean, the odds are at least 1 in 10 (1 in 1 for any male flight attendants!). Or how about TWO gay people, and a gay romance story line? I mean, they have a racially mixed couple, and no one bats an eye, but I guess a gay couple would just turn everyone's stomach, eh? Homophobes!
  • Interesting and thoughtful as always. Questions asked and no real answers. Lost at its subtle best.

    Jack is spining out of control. He sees life as a threat because he can not control all the bells and whistles. He wants Kate but only on his terms and heaven forbid if she does something without his knowledge. He knew she cared about Sawyer yet back home that something nice is threatened by what could have been. He is looking for a reason to hate Kate because he is already beginning to hate himself. However, Rose asked the question, innocent and revealing. The island cured Locke, it cured her and yet it would not cure Jack just as it would not cure Ben. Perhaps that island with all its secrets knows that those two men do not really understand what the island is really capable of. Ben because he thinks he can control the power and Jack because he does not really believe in the island or its power.
  • Toned down from the previous week's gunplay, this one is a spooky, romantic double love triangle Jack-centred story.

    The flash forward could be dated to the days following 21 Aug 06 or 30 Aug 07, both of which were weekend Yankee sweeps of the Red Sox. Aaron is a toddler, he is 2 or 3 yrs old? This appears to be a few weeks before the scene in the season-ender for season 3. Anyhow, back earlier on the island Jack faces some jungle surgery, that nasty old appendix needs excising. Surprises, Hurley's off his meds and wonders what plane of existence they are on. Maybe he's right. A ghostly figure appears in both timelines. Is Jack a family man? Are meds the answer? Kate seems odd, something's not right. Many bits and pieces here add to the various mini-stories, most of the major role players get in the act. Good thought provoking episode.
  • Something nice next week...unless Claire is dead...

    Finally, the episode we've all been waiting for, the answers we've all been waiting for - Jack survives...still.
    To be quite honest, episodes like this are why you can no longer say "you need to watch Lost from the beginning". "Something nice back home" has all the trimmings of a filler episode with just enough information to make us sit through the commercials.
    However, to it's credit, episodes like this one tend to showcase the other characters a bit more than usual and for that I am glad - I was really hoping that Jack would have shockingly died.
    This anti-climatic episode did get the viewer where we needed to get, just enough info to make us salivating for next week when we find out what happens to the grossly underrated (and hottest Islander) Claire - but at least we can all rest assured, Sawyer is better than Jack....right Kate?
  • A surprisingly strong and deceptive episode

    After the dense and surprising "The Shape of Things to Come", the writers seemed to be stepping back into neutral territory with this Jack-centric episode. They also seemed to be following up on the elements introduced in "Through the Looking Glass", "Eggtown", and "The Other Woman". In other words, particularly in the beginning, it was shaping up to be another episode about the Love Polygon of Epic Boredom.

    On first glance, the "present-day" elements and the flash-forward appear distinct from one another. Of course, it doesn't take long to recognize that the connective tissue is Jack's most glaring flaw: his need for control. When Jack can apply his self-interested brand of pragmatism to a situation, he's confident and the world is a happy place. (His calm and measured treatment of patients in this episode is a convenient example.)

    Throw something at him that upsets or threatens that balance, however, and Jack begins to fall apart. Juliet admits that her behavior with him at the end of "The Other Woman" was as much for his benefit as her own. It granted him a sense of control over his own emotional confusion (and the new aspect of the threat Ben might represent). This effectively undermines one of the interpretations of "The Other Woman" that would have strengthened Juliet's character, but it is consistent with the idea that she cares enough for Jack to do what's best for him.

    While Juliet continues to have a substandard arc for the fourth season, these events continue to add context to Jack's downfall in the future. Shortly after "Eggtown", Jack decides to pursue a relationship with Kate, despite his issues regarding Aaron and the lies they've told. This arrangement seems to be working out quite well. Of course, the future is already written; events push them back apart and it is not going to be pretty.

    This is where Jack's need for control comes into play. Jack visits Hurley and discovers that the ghosts of the past are more potent than he imagined. It's revealed that Hurley's visitation by Charlie was not the only one, and that Hurley has been getting information. It has driven Hurley down a dark path where he believes all the Oceanic 6 are dead. Jack wants to dismiss it, but once the crack forms in his facade of control, it's just a matter of time.

    One of the truly confusing moments in "Through the Looking Glass" involved Jack's occasional comment about his father, who has been dead for years. This episode begins to supply an answer to the riddle, and it's surprisingly consistent. Jack's reaction to seeing his father is application of anti-psychotics and alcohol, which is always a great idea. Already off kilter, he becomes suspicious of Kate's behavior (which, honestly, he probably should have expected sooner or later).

    Kate's behavior is in some way related to Sawyer (because, of course, it must be), and this just gets under Jack's skin more. Jack has never been particularly secure in his relationships, thanks to the need for control, and inevitably, this distrust and self-medication destroys Jack's relationship with Kate and Aaron.

    The theory, then, that Christian Shepherd is Jacob is gaining ground. Jacob can clearly take on the appearance of other people, and Jacob has been watching the survivors of Oceanic 815 (especially Jack and Locke) for some time, all the way back in "White Rabbit". This is actually quite important, because it serves to provide another connection between "present" and "future". The Christian Shepherd that appears to Claire is probably also Jacob. As previously speculated, the version of Charlie that appears to Hurley could be Jacob as well.

    This makes sense because Jacob's nature lies at the heart of the island's mysteries, and his active role in Hurley's madness and Jack's descent would appear to drive Jack's insistence that they return. Jacob, in essence, is the one telling Jack that they all need to go back, perhaps to finish what they started.

    If all this is true, then logically speaking, it follows that the man in the casket in "Through the Looking Glass" represents some final confirmation of the fact in Jack's mind. Not only that, but Jack's decision to attempt suicide could be directly linked to the manner of the dead man's demise. It would need to be someone who had strongly influenced Jack's slide, and based on Kate's reaction, it had to be one of the Oceanic 6. Based on the area where the funeral took place and the lack of surviving relatives, the prime candidate must be Hurley.

    Claire's decision to leave Aaron behind and leave with "Christian Shepherd" connects all too well with the warnings given by Richard Malkin in "Raised by Another". While Malkin's honesty has been placed in doubt, Kate's "adoption" of Aaron and the events of this episode seem to suggest that vision of the future was true. It also raises the possibility that Locke and Ben will find Claire at Jacob's cabin. (Frankly, it's about time that Claire's character became important to the "Lost" tapestry again.)

    Sawyer has shown leadership ability in the past, particularly when it works to his own best interests, so it's not entirely surprising that he stands up to protect Claire in this situation. While his roguish nature will likely remain until the end of his days, he has changed since gaining vengeance against the "real" Sawyer. This is the kind of man Hurley thought Sawyer could be back in the third season. The nice touch, of course, is that the writers simply let it happen without fanfare.

    Miles' reaction to the "whispers" is quite interesting. If he is some kind of psychic, able to communicate with the dead, then it reveals some important information about the nature of death on the island. Does the electromagnetic anomaly on the island "trap" the non-corporeal "souls" of those who die on the island? Does this phenomenon manifest, perhaps, in three distinct ways (the whispers, Jacob, the "smoke monster")? If any of that is true, how does it tie into the purpose that Jack and the rest of the survivors were meant to fulfill?

    That mystical side to the island is further reinforced by the conversation between Rose and Bernard. If something about the island is scientifically able to promote healing, then it should be constant. Instead, it's very selective. If leaving the island is a bad idea, is Jack being punished for leading the charge back into the world? The suggestion is that Hurley and Jack are both targeted after the fact. Perhaps Hurley is targeted more directly because of his current connection to Jacob.
  • This season is definitely on a roll that rivals season 1...

    So much happened in this episode, it reminded me a bit of season one in the way that there were so many plot advancements integrated in the different stories that were being told all at the same time.
    This show always works best when all the castaways are working together in some way for a common purpose. Now that getting off the island is a possibility they are united in that, but in this episode, helping the sick doctor gave everyone on the beach something to do which naturally led to revelations from Jin, Daniel, and Juliette that were seamlessly woven into the micro story in the episode...very well written...
  • Another really solid episode which continued to raise a lot of questions and mysteries.

    Another really solid episode which continued to raise a lot of questions and mysteries.

    Off the island

    - Jack has now accepted to see Aaron and he is dating Kate
    - Jack asks Kate to marry him and she accepts
    - Jack sees Hurley who tells him they are all dead
    - Hurley tells Jack that he has a message from Charlie which says "You're not supposed to raise him"
    - Jack sees his dead father
    - Jack starts to losing his mind

    On the island

    - Jack has appendix and Juliet operates on him
    - Charlotte understands Korean and Jin tells her to take Sun with her
    - Sawyer takes care of Claire
    - Claire sees her father holding Aaron and wonders off
    - Aaron is found crying, whilst Claire can't be found anywhere

    All those things that happened during this episode made more mysteries than it solved. Maybe this will be the start of explaining how Aaron is now with Kate and what happened to Claire.
  • You're not supposed to raise Claire's son.

    Jack's mysterious illness turns out to be regular appendicitis and the woman he finaly ends up with turns out to be a regular former fugitive raising his sister's son which wouldn't be a problem if it weren't because of the skillfull Doctor he left behind on a desert island and deceased rocker Charlie who shows up to warn him "He's not supposed" to raise Claire's son. Of all the people who have died on Lost both Charlie and Christian are the ones you would expect would protect Aaron beyond the grave, just like Ben's bond with his daughter hasn't dimished one bit because of her death, Charlie's bond with Aaron remains as strong as Christian's bond with is own daughter. None of which changes Jack's mind as he asks Kate to marry him.

    However it's not the resolution of the Kate/Jack/Juliet love triangle what picks my attention but rather the subtle yet tender reveal of Daniel Fradays and Charlotte Lewis's feelings for one another, feelings that Jin uses to threat Charlotte he'll harm Daniel if she doesn't help Sun and Juliet to threat Daniel Charlotte willd suffer if they don't help her.
  • Jack-centric storyline.

    I think everyone is too hard on Jack as a character and the storylines that revolve around him. To me, all the actors and characters on this series are great. The writing of this series is the one of the best EVER. Jack is clearly the main 'hero' of the group. It only stands to reason his character, by nature, is not as exciting as the others, but his storylines are still terrific (ex. his father, why does he fall apart and want to return to the island, etc..) Of course, I have my favorites too, and Jack is probably middle of the pack, but by no means the worst (Ben rules! Jin and Sun episodes are just wasted on me...) Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it seems like a lot of piling-on when it comes to Jack. I say cut some slack and enjoy the mystery of this series while it is still on!!
  • The worst episode of LOST. Please read my reasons before disagreeing with my review.

    I think that this was the last episode of the show for me. The writers are killing everyone and all of my favourite characters are already dead or they are being ignored. I just hated everything about this episode. If Jack won't be with Kate in the future than why the hell did the writers had to hurt Juliet so much??? I know that many of you want Kate to be with Jack, but both you and us (Juliet-Jack fans) were disappointed in this episode. It was just stupid. I wouldn't be surprised if they killed Juliet on the island and than killed Jack and Kate later off the island. The only thing that keeps the show going on is the Monster which was shown in the previous episode and Jacob.
    I think that the WGA strike continues in a different form...
  • Not so good as it could have been!

    It looks like a filler and very Jack centered! We keep seeing part of his future as well as of his present. We got rid of his appendix and he'll be fine. He proposed to Kate, but he keeps having the ghost of Sawyer in his life... Apparently, Kate can't love only one of them... I thought we were going to know exactly what happened to Claire, but for now we just know that she left with her father, another ghost in the island, and that Aaron stayed back alone. I hope soon we'll get to know what are those ghosts exactly, because they keep changing the characters and make them disappear or do strange things.
  • This was ok.

    In this week's episode of Lost, Jack has to get surgery and Juliet is the one that has to perform it on him. To the inner-part of the island, Swayer, Claire, Aaron, and Miles are marching back to the beach. This episode was alright, but it was really missing the "epicness" that last week's episode had. I have to admit the Jack flash forward was pretty interesting, we got to see that Jack did indeed try to marry Kate and have a life with her before he became a druggie and obsessed with the island like we saw in the finale of season 3. His visit was Hurley was really a filler of five minutes, we already knew that Jack was going to get a visitor from a earlier part in the hospital and since we know Jack seems to implode, we knew he wasn't going to be the one to take care of Aaron. Swayer and Miles had some interesting quick-witted convo going back amongst themselves which I thought was pretty clever on the part of the writers. Also hopefully, it seems Swayer lives through all of this, after Jack and Kate that their fight, when Jack said Swayer made his choice to stay on the island, hopefully that means he is still alive, and that might mean Locke is still alive too :) Next week's episode looks to be awesome, I can't wait!
  • A Jack-centric episode.

    Let just start off by saying that I've only seen all of season one, some bits and pieces of season three and every episode of Lost since the show has returned from the writers strike, so I don't know exactly who all of the characters are, but I've been able to understand all of the season four episodes that I've seen so far. But, if I ever get any of the details of show mixed up, I apologize. Anyway, as for the actual episode itself, I really loved it. I loved all of flash forwards of Jack's life. I thought that they were very interesting. I can't believe that Hurley is going to be in a mental institution in the future. From what I've seen so far of the character Juliet, I really like her too. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. I loved Sawyer in this episode. I also love the fact the show is now doing flash forwards into the future. I think that they're great. All things considered I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and this was definitely a very good episode of Lost. I can't wait to see how season four ends.
  • Yawn... I suppose the writer's cannot hit a home run every episode, but it sure is a disappointment when they strike out.

    We have a Jack-the control freak-episode. Oh brother. As if it isn't bad enough that we have to endure 43 minutes of Jack we only get a couple of crumbs of entertainment this time.

    Hurley thinks that they are dead. Jin knows that Charlotte is fluent in Korean. Rose has figured out that the island isn't protecting anyone any longer. Miles uncovers the bodies of Frenchie and Karl. Keamy and his mercenaries got severely chewed up by Smokie, but they weren't killed. Sawyer stayed on the island. Claire has disappeared with her Dad while Miles sits on his butt. I admit that I can't stand Jack and enduring him is a test of my willpower. But what was really aggravating was that the story really didn't move forward. The sheep, er, Survivors on the beach all back down when Jack says to wait for the helicopter. Me, I'd be putting Daniel in thumb screws and boiling Charlotte in coconut oil to get some straight answers out of them. This was, in my opinion, the poorest episode of the entire series.

    How can anyone get excited about Jack having appendicitis? You know he isn't going to die because you've already seen him in a flash forward and now he's in another one.

    The only real questions are whether or not Hurley is right; who was Kate talking to and meeting; and where is Claire. Unfortunately, the majority of the episode was a filler to get these issues raised.
  • Juliet likes Jack. Daniel likes Charlotte. But does Sawyer like Claire or something? Besides that, it was a nice episode.

    I liked this episode becuase its lack of frantic plot twists and overloaded storylines. This season seems to be cramming in as much as possible, and that's understandable condsidering the strike, but it's nice to have a relaxing episode. The FF was enjoyable to see how Jack and Kate get together and the beginning of Jack's downfall with the pills. The surgery seemed a little pointless unless it becomes a bigger deal later on, but Juliet and Kate interacted so well. I even liked Juliet's snarky comment at the end.

    But what is the deal with Sawyer? This whole season he has been a huge nuisance, which is a shame because I really like him. He seems flatly angry at everything and doesn't pull off being sincere. And is there supposed to be something going on between him and Claire? Oh God, I hope not. That just seems to be too forced.
  • Jack-Centric Episode. Some minor questions are answered and new ones are raised. Great for character development, not much more than that though.

    This Jack-centric episode focused mainly on character building, which irritates some people, but is a necessary part of a show that is as deep as Lost is. It wasn't the best episode this season, and ranks down there with Eggtown, but it was solid and par for the course of the show overall-it was not on par with the season thus far. Unlike some of the lesser episodes that set up future events and have to be viewed in the context of the entire show, this one seemed to tie up minor loose ends and answer/raise a few questions.

    The flash forward involves Jack waking up and putting away some women's undies, when he meets the woman in the shower-it is Kate-big shocker there. It seems he is living with her and Aaron after her trial ended, but before his breakdown. Jack is still working as a doctor and even pays a visit to Hurley who isn't taking his medication, it is here that Hurley gives Jack a message from Charlie who says that Jack IS NOT the one to be raising Aaron. Despite this, Jack asks Kate to marry him, and she agrees. Jack also sees his father at his office, but is interrupted by a coworker-he gets her to write him a prescription for Clonazepam because he cannot sleep. He also overheard Kate talking to someone and he grows suspicious, by this time he is drinking and popping pills. He asks Kate what she was doing and she reluctantly tells him she was doing a favor for Sawyer. Jack says that he got Kate off the island, he is the reason they are alive, and that Sawyer stayed behind-indicating he is still alive and that there are people still on the island.

    On the island, Jack falls ill due to appendicitis. Juliet will operate with Kate and Bernard assisting. Juliet sends Daniel, Charlotte, Sun, and Jin off to the Medical Station to get surgical supplies. Nobody in the group trusts Daniel and Charlotte anymore, but Daniel knows what the equipment needed is. On the way it is revealed that Daniel likes Charlotte and that she can speak Korean. Jin later threatens to harm Daniel if Charlotte doesn't get Sun off of the island. Jack insists that he be awake for the surgery with Kate there, Juliet reluctantly agrees, but has Bernard sedate Jack with Chloroform after he moves around too much. Juliet also tells Kate that Jack kissed her, but not because he likes her (Juliet), but to prove he isn't in love with Kate (which he is).

    Sawyer, Miles, and Claire continue their trek, when they bump into Lapidus. He warns them of Keamy who is leading his troops after being attacked by Smokey. Sawyer and company manage to avoid them, and Sawyer admonishes Miles for staring at Claire. He warns him that he "has a restraining order" and will hurt him if he does anything bad. As they sleep, Claire awakes to find Aaron is not close to her, but is being held by…Christian Shepard! Claire recognizes him and leaves in the night. As Sawyer tries to track her down, he finds Aaron safe under a tree-all alone.

    Good episode, not great, not on par with Season 4. It was great for character development and actually very interesting, it just wasn't very engaging. It was just plain good all around, nothing really stood out. Though next week looks to be awesome and should be right on track.
  • Juliet and Kate must work together to ensure Jack's survival. While Sawyer Miles and Claire with Aaron in toll, travel through the island to get back to the beach.

    Though many mythology lovers, Jack haters, Skate worshipers will deem this episode painfully to watch, I got to disagree with them. Though I'm not much of shipper, I can admit that Jack and Kate's relationship does play an important role in the show, if not in the ratings, same with Kate and Sawyer's.

    Since the beginning till the end this episode was enjoyable. With Jack's stubbornness to assist Juliet in his own surgery, to him and Kate playing house, to Sawyer and Miles restraining order, to Hurley's message from Charlie, to the engagement, to Daddy Shepard reappearing to both of his children, to Jack's insecurities and downward spiral with pills and alcohol, to Juliet taking charge in both the surgery and her place in the 'Love Quad', this episode was worth watching.
  • Not nearly as good as everyone is making it out to be.

    I chose 'not my favorite storyline' because this is the 2nd flash-forward of this shortened season focused on everyone's least favorite character, Jack. I find it amusing how fans of this show absolutely love Locke and absolutely dislike Jack. But yet this doesn't stop the writers from ever swaying from their obsession with showing us Jack's role in everything. Last week's episode was one of the best ever: solid action, wonderful dialogue, marvelous acting - the works. But something else was wonderful, too, that I bet most people haven't really thought about: Jack was hardly in the episode at all. Everyone knows what happened in this episode (that is what the episode summary section on the main page is for) and this is why I like to write reviews of episodes that are more editorial. In short, the most exciting thing about this episode was that Jack fainted. Wow. And anyone who didn't see that in the flash-forward Kate was speaking with Sawyer and running errands for him coming a mile away, you might want to ask yourself just how big of a fan you are of this show. That was about as obvious as the sun rising every day. And, finally, the never fail equation for LOST: No Locke, Ben or Desmond in an episode at all = A not so good episode. And that is exactly what happened. Did anyone actually think Jack was actually going to die!? That is beyond ridiculous... Hear is to hoping (and I think this is going to be the case) that next week's episode is wonderful.
  • Dreams coming trough and breaking...

    This was one of those episodes what somehow had not too much connection with the things going on but still - there was many revelations - the flashfowards - really intriguing and I am sure quite many have been waiting for that to happen. Now they have a it..

    The whole things going on on the beach camp.. they were not the best. I much more enjoyed what was going on with the party on their way to beach. They meeting those soldiers who escaped, then Claire in the night disappearing. That really nailed this episode and I am sure the next episode will give us more light on it.

    oh, yes we got quite some answers (if they can be called like that) in this episode. I think maybe more important than those in future, now we have no second thoughts that Karl and Danielle are dead. Sad... I am still mad about the way those with Alex were killed.
  • My theories on the Triangle.

    I'll admitt to hating Jack and Kate together. I truly just don't think they work well together at all. And this episode showed exactly why: there is no chemistry between the two of them. Kate is trying to be a happy domestic person with a perfect cookie-cutter happy ending but it just doesn't work out. I have a theory on the triangle- and this episode executed it perfectly. Kate is afraid of ending up like her mother and falling for a man like her father, Wayne. On the outside it seems like Sawyer is the triangle counterpart of Wayne- no good hick from a broken family. Kate even admitted to thinking this in the season two episode: What Kate Did. So she goes for Jack, thinking he's the "good guy." And he turns out to be the Wayne counterpart- drinking and popping pills. Yelling at her and being unreasonably suspicious. And jealous, totally jealous of Sawyer. It's an ironic twist- Kate runs to Jack out of fear of Wayne only to discover that Jack is just like Wayne.
  • A pleasant change of pace from last weeks' episode.

    So I really enjoyed this episode. Granted, it wasn't as "shoot-'em-up" as last week but there was some major revelations going on. We finally see the beginning of Jack's descent after leaving the island. Which by the way, was also a little awkward. There was something about the whole living situation with Kate that made watching it, a little uncomfortable. Maybe it was just me wondering how life can be so awesome when there are obviously others stranded on an island. Aside from that I was also happy to see a little bit of Jin and Sun. Jin has made it clear that he is looking out for his wife and baby and I can respect that. It also raises hope that, that in the flash-forward they showed 3 or 4 episodes back, Jin isn't really dead but rather just stayed behind on the island.

    But in light of all the story lines that are receiving some clarification there are a lot more questions raised: "What are those people from the freighter really doing there? Is Hurley really crazy or actually the only who is seeing things as they are? Why did Jack get sick? And most importantly, what happened to Claire? Because we knew she'd never leave Aaron alone. I guess we have no choice but to wait and see.
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