Season 4 Episode 10

Something Nice Back Home

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on ABC

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  • Great episode, but a lot of the subplots are definatly more interesting than Jack's flashforwards. And that's not good. (Spoiler Alert!)

    Summary: Jack goes into surgery after his appedix fails him. Miles, Claire ,Aaron and Sawyer try to escape Captain Kiwi (Keamy). Jin threatens Charlotte. And flashforwards reveal Jack as he begins his downward spiral to gloom and doom. The Pros: All of the subplots sparkled, and they each managed to go out with a bang. Jacks' flashforward was pretty interesting, and provided us with answers to the questions we've been asking since the finale. The Cons: In short, the Jack bits. Sure the flashforward was good, but I'm starting to get tired of Jack as a charater. Also it did not maintain the pace of last week's episode...Although it would be pretty hard to top that. Overall: A very good episode but we're just seeing to much of Jack. Everything else works out nicely though.
  • A great second post-hiatus episode that is sure to spark some dying theories.

    So, Jack gives in and goes to see Aaron. And Kate. Although he does a lot more than just 'see' Kate. Jack and his nephew together were very cute, and Jack does seem like a natural father figure. However, Jack doesn't seem to think so. And he doesn't seem to think he'd made a good husband, either. I'm going to guess that Jack only proposed just so the three could have some semblance of a normal family.

    The writers are messing with our heads, big time. What Hurley said is either a red herring to bring back all the previously debunked theories, or the truth… which will bring back all the previously debunked theories. I prefer the former, but you just never know. Now we've seen dead Christian off the island, but he still only appears to be a manifestation (Smokie, no doubt). And again, he appears on the island. And does Claire really go with him?! Did anyone else find Jack's insistence on wanting to see the surgery a little…creepy? I knew that idea wouldn't work Thank goodness for Bernard and the ether. And the freighties, especially 'Red' (Rose is hilarious!) are becoming more and more interesting. Jin confronting her was preeetty awesome. And it was so nice of Frank to warn Sawyer and co! By the way, I guess the helicopter has refueled. Wonder when they're going to tell anyone?

    Anyway, at least the puzzle pieces are there. They can't all be put together yet, but hopefully many will be by the end of this season.
  • While the episode itself was fine, I can tell I'm definitely Jacked-out.

    I turned this show on expecting it to be a Locke episode, and that probably fueled my disappointment on seeing it was Jack's.
    We get to see the beginnings of Jack's descent into drug and alcohol abuse. Was it really just because he was seeing his father again? Or is there some bigger undertone that we just haven't seen yet? This episode also seems to emphasize how so far, it seems everyone's condition deteriorates after leaving the island. Relationships dissolve (Jack & Kate, Jin & Sun), people start to go crazy (Hurley, Jack), and people once again return to their ways they swore off just before the crash (Jin, Sayid). And what did Charlie mean when he said Jack shouldn't raise him? Does that go all the way back to when Claire was told that only she should raise her child?
    All in all, an OK episode. But after last week's powerhouse, this one seemed to drag a bit. And what bits we did learn, I think could have been thrown in in another episode instead of dedicating an entire show to them.
  • LOST Season 4 "Something Nice Back Home" (chock full of potential spoilers)

    So first off I just realized that when they did the first flash forward they must have been talking about Aaron, when he told Jack "you know how he gets" so I'm guessing maybe that was after this flash foward tonight. I think they had to have those two hook up it was bound to happen. Kate is smokin hot just as a side note. They had Aaron with them, but I wonder if were some of these flash forwards are in chronilogical order.

    I thought that Juliette was going to do something like what Jack did to Ben when he operated, maybe she isn't as bad as we thing, but I stil think she is definitely up to something, and it's not good but that's just my opinion. I thought she would do something especially when Kate left and they kocked him out for the rest of the operation. Rose made an intersting point on how people are supposed to get better not sick on the island. The way they said why would this happen makes it sound like the writers were making fun of themselves, all they needed to do was look at the screen like in Jay & Silent Bon Strikes Back.

    I didn't get to see him that well but who was that visiting Jack? Widmore? I have to admit I was going back and forth since the Indians were in extra innings, they won by the way. How did Hurley know someone would visit Jack, did Charlie really tell him? We saw Charlie before but is that him being in the nut house or really Charlie? I also wonder are they trying to make everything think they are dead, eventhough they have said these people aren't dead, or at least not in purgatory like some people though.

    Claire that was crazy, it's almost too bad Sawyer didn't shoot the guy from the boat who shot Alex. I don't get why everyone's parents are there, Jack saw his Dad I think some other people saw parents there too. Is this another step in getting us to think they are all dead and maybe they are seeing their parents who have passed away already. Didn't Jack's Dad die? Why did they leave Aaron, that seems strange, should they get a child services on the island? The question is were did Claire and the guy who may or may not be her father go.
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