Season 4 Episode 10

Something Nice Back Home

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on ABC

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  • this was a good old school lost episode! No matter what other people say, I just like that type of episodes so much!

    So this episode was written by Eddy and Adam, so it must be goood. They wrote "GReatest hits" and "Tricia Tanaka is dead" as well as "confirmed dead". All great episodes. I really liked the flashfoward of jack and kate being together...
    Everybody in this episode has something to do like in the old ones...even rose is back and more important than ever..
    I enjoyed them helping jack and th etalk between kate and jack i think they will still end up together in the future...
    thank god they didnt end the episode with a flash...i like it when it ends on the island...i miss episode endings with music and no real cliffhanger...please give them back to us....
  • Jack and Kate are together

    This is a wonderful episode, through the flashforward we learn that Kate and Jack are a couple and that they also got engaged! Jack visits Hurley in the mendal clinic and Hurley says to him that he saw Charlie and he gave him a note to deliver to him. The note wrote "You are not supposed to raise him",and obviously he meant Aaron. In addition,we find out how Jack started to drink and became depressed. That's because his father's spirit (black smoke?) visits him and Jack starts taking pills to avoid seeing him. At the end of the flashforward, we see that his relationship with Kate starts changing, and it seems that they are going to break up.
    On the island, Juliet has to remove Jack's appendix. Bernand and Kate help her as well.
    Sawyer,Miles and Claire are on their way to the beach. However,during the night, Jack's/Claire's father appear and takes Claire somewhere with him. When Sawyer finds out about it the next morning, he starts looking for her and he finds Aaron alone in the jungle.
    Great episode which prepares us for what's coming next!
  • I like when lost gets subtle...they are at the height of their powers when they tell Character stories!

    This was a really great episode I thought...It was not the same as last weeks or the amazing season four offering, "The Constant" but the reason I give it such a high rating is that is was amazing in more subtle ways of how it dealt with very important set up and relationship info that would not be believable without episodes like this to move things along...people who just want the action or mystery elements may forget the show from season 1 where this episode would have fit in perfectly...for this return to form with the writing and acting I give it a 10, not that I would want the show to go back to this style permanently, but I think LOST gets a bad rap when they remember their roots from the newer fans who forget how to appreciate the nuanced wonder that is LOST>
  • great episode

    Jack collapses on the beach. Juliet and Kate help him out. Juliet performs an operation on him so he won't die. Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue to walk to the beach. They come across someone in the forest who are planning to kill the survivors. It's a really exciting episode, the flash forwards show something about kate and jack in the future. it seems that both of them are getting along. it's an awesome episode, we get to see stuff in it. i enjoyed every minute of it. i can't wait for the next episode. it's really good, the writers did a good job.
  • this is probably the most best episode to date...flash forward shows jack and kate together.. and the present reveals that jacks relationship with juliet is a result of "trying" to prove a point, which evidently fails!!!

    this episode kicks off with jack climbing out of bed with nothing but a towel around him, there a pair of ladies underwear,who's could it be? kate or juliet? he continues walking placing two wine glasses in the sink (obviously a very romantic night), and then goes to the bathroom where the mystery woman is showering..they tlk a bit.. and then..the moment we've (jack & kate fans) have all been waiting for...its kate..nd they kiss..and all is as it should be..

    JACK PROPOSES TO KATE!!! wooohhooo

    but a mixture of events sadly then leads to jack at home gradually becoming more and more like his father...an alchaholic..and kate unable to reveal the truth about doing favours for sawyer..

    so what will happen next..stay tuned!!
  • One of the best episode

    this series is of the best in the industries right now, what i found the most interesting is how jack is going back to his roots, drinking and using medications, honestly i love this episode Is really important to see how jack and kate are doing and how jack's life is going to hell, but for me was a perfect 10, keep them coming producers, casue you are doing a hell of a job.......another part that really like me was when jin is talkin in korean and he knows that Charlotte can understand, love that part, he tells her I will break your friend's fingers, you got that"...jejeje

    keep the good job
  • Just Amazing!

    OMG, what can I say, I think this, is one of the best episodes of the whole 4 season of Lost. It´s is good to know that and the end Jack is gonna end with Kate, and forget Juliet, but as the writers are letting us Know that it is not gonna be as easy as it seems to be. What is Kate doing for Sawyer? (we find out in this episode that he is staying in the island).

    The more important for me, in this episode is . what is happening with Jack´s and Claire´s father?, is he alive?, is just an illusion?, what is gonna happens with Claire?, and the big surprise ...Charlotte speaks Korean, and Jim knows that!

    Good work, and thanks for this great show!
  • This season is definitely on a roll that rivals season 1...

    So much happened in this episode, it reminded me a bit of season one in the way that there were so many plot advancements integrated in the different stories that were being told all at the same time.
    This show always works best when all the castaways are working together in some way for a common purpose. Now that getting off the island is a possibility they are united in that, but in this episode, helping the sick doctor gave everyone on the beach something to do which naturally led to revelations from Jin, Daniel, and Juliette that were seamlessly woven into the micro story in the episode...very well written...
  • Jack-centric storyline.

    I think everyone is too hard on Jack as a character and the storylines that revolve around him. To me, all the actors and characters on this series are great. The writing of this series is the one of the best EVER. Jack is clearly the main 'hero' of the group. It only stands to reason his character, by nature, is not as exciting as the others, but his storylines are still terrific (ex. his father, why does he fall apart and want to return to the island, etc..) Of course, I have my favorites too, and Jack is probably middle of the pack, but by no means the worst (Ben rules! Jin and Sun episodes are just wasted on me...) Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it seems like a lot of piling-on when it comes to Jack. I say cut some slack and enjoy the mystery of this series while it is still on!!
  • A Jack-centric episode.

    Let just start off by saying that I've only seen all of season one, some bits and pieces of season three and every episode of Lost since the show has returned from the writers strike, so I don't know exactly who all of the characters are, but I've been able to understand all of the season four episodes that I've seen so far. But, if I ever get any of the details of show mixed up, I apologize. Anyway, as for the actual episode itself, I really loved it. I loved all of flash forwards of Jack's life. I thought that they were very interesting. I can't believe that Hurley is going to be in a mental institution in the future. From what I've seen so far of the character Juliet, I really like her too. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. I loved Sawyer in this episode. I also love the fact the show is now doing flash forwards into the future. I think that they're great. All things considered I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and this was definitely a very good episode of Lost. I can't wait to see how season four ends.
  • Juliet and Kate must work together to ensure Jack's survival. While Sawyer Miles and Claire with Aaron in toll, travel through the island to get back to the beach.

    Though many mythology lovers, Jack haters, Skate worshipers will deem this episode painfully to watch, I got to disagree with them. Though I'm not much of shipper, I can admit that Jack and Kate's relationship does play an important role in the show, if not in the ratings, same with Kate and Sawyer's.

    Since the beginning till the end this episode was enjoyable. With Jack's stubbornness to assist Juliet in his own surgery, to him and Kate playing house, to Sawyer and Miles restraining order, to Hurley's message from Charlie, to the engagement, to Daddy Shepard reappearing to both of his children, to Jack's insecurities and downward spiral with pills and alcohol, to Juliet taking charge in both the surgery and her place in the 'Love Quad', this episode was worth watching.
  • LOST Season 4 "Something Nice Back Home" (chock full of potential spoilers)

    So first off I just realized that when they did the first flash forward they must have been talking about Aaron, when he told Jack "you know how he gets" so I'm guessing maybe that was after this flash foward tonight. I think they had to have those two hook up it was bound to happen. Kate is smokin hot just as a side note. They had Aaron with them, but I wonder if were some of these flash forwards are in chronilogical order.

    I thought that Juliette was going to do something like what Jack did to Ben when he operated, maybe she isn't as bad as we thing, but I stil think she is definitely up to something, and it's not good but that's just my opinion. I thought she would do something especially when Kate left and they kocked him out for the rest of the operation. Rose made an intersting point on how people are supposed to get better not sick on the island. The way they said why would this happen makes it sound like the writers were making fun of themselves, all they needed to do was look at the screen like in Jay & Silent Bon Strikes Back.

    I didn't get to see him that well but who was that visiting Jack? Widmore? I have to admit I was going back and forth since the Indians were in extra innings, they won by the way. How did Hurley know someone would visit Jack, did Charlie really tell him? We saw Charlie before but is that him being in the nut house or really Charlie? I also wonder are they trying to make everything think they are dead, eventhough they have said these people aren't dead, or at least not in purgatory like some people though.

    Claire that was crazy, it's almost too bad Sawyer didn't shoot the guy from the boat who shot Alex. I don't get why everyone's parents are there, Jack saw his Dad I think some other people saw parents there too. Is this another step in getting us to think they are all dead and maybe they are seeing their parents who have passed away already. Didn't Jack's Dad die? Why did they leave Aaron, that seems strange, should they get a child services on the island? The question is were did Claire and the guy who may or may not be her father go.
  • Pretty great episode, I'll eat my hat

    Well, I have to take back my prediction that Danielle was just wounded a few episodes ago. But at the time I thought they couldn't possibly have dispatched such an important recurring character with such little fanfare, so she must just be wounded. Nope, dead and rotting in the ground. Oh well, if there's one thing we've come to expect -- and this episode has made it even clearer -- is that people don't stop being characters on the show just because they're dead. Look at Jack / Claire's father. He's been dead since before episode 1 and he's one of the most recurring of all. And now back in the forefront.

    And how did you like the way they spoon fed us Jack's incongruous sickness with that Rose & Bernard exchange while washing down the operating table: "Nobody gets sick here, don't you think it's odd that the day before we're supposed to get rescued.." and so on. I know the writers have to do that from time to time to make some pivotal plot points crystal clear to the casual viewer but that one stuck out as particularly in your face. Usually the task lies with Hurley and he does it more organically.

    Interesting point: Jack yells at Kate, "You're not even related to him." Him in this case being Aaron. Does this imply that Jack knows at this point in the future that Aaron is his nephew (ok, half-nephew)? It might.

    I think this episode brought out a problem with the flash forward plot device. It's hard to put them in chronological order. For example, the very first flash forward of them all had Jack and Kate meeting at the airport. Was that before or after their engagement? Is Hurley's re-admission into the psych clinic before or after his visit with Sun and her son to visit Jin's grave. And Jack's slide into drug and alcohol abuse, where does that figure in? Maybe it's too early to complain. It will probably get filled in better as time goes on. And one last thing: I was a little disappointed that the smoke monster couldn't do more than bloody the face of just one of the six mercenaries. It appears to be all smoke and no bite.
  • Amazing!

    I love this chapter!! First the surprise of Jack and Kate being together with Aaron and playing happy family...I swar I shouted OMG! when I saw Kate on the shower!! Then all the apendicitis problem with him and asking for Kate in every moment. He wants her to be there with them...MAybe he doesn't trust Juliet that much? and as Juliet says at the end he kissed her to prove himself that he didn't love Kate, but, did the prove work? I don't think so...I liked that they don't have a happy ending and that Sawyer has something to do with it...yeah, I'm that cruel, but she had a tough connection with James, impossible to just forget about him and whatever promise she made him...
    And on the other end of the island, Miles, Sawyer, Claire and Aaron trying to reach the camp, and then Claire leaves with his 'dead' father and leaves Aaron behind? WOW..Is that the end of Claire? I expect that not! I can't wait to see what happens next!!
  • A fantastic and explosive episode, as always.

    I have to say that I've always, deep down, rooted for Jack and Kate. I hadn't really hoped to ever see them together romantically, not even after seeing Jack struggle to declare his former crush on Kate in "Eggtown". No, they did such an effort to rub Sawyer/Kate in that I let go of all my hopes on that front.

    So of course it was a nice surprise to find out what a happy family Jack-Kate-Aaron seemed to have at the beginning of the episode. Their romantic little scenes made my heart positively flutter as the chemistry I always thohaught they had oozed of off the screen. But of course fairy tales never seem to last.

    This time they really took a step down re: pace in comparison to last week's episode. I realize that that was obligatory but somehow I didn't think the appendectomy was all that crucial to the Jack/Kate relationship. Nonetheless it brought up some nice questions concerning the overall plot (Why did the island let Jack get sick? The same reason it made Ben get his disease?). Hurley's mental state during the flasforwards made my heart ache terribly. I was also a bit dissapointed about not hearing anything from Locke's Camp, either. But you can't have everything, I guess.

    Overall: Lost kicks ass as always and I can't wait for next week! Gimme more or I'll explode!
  • (:

    When Jack's health is seriously compromised, Kate and Juliet must learn to work together in order to save him; and something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue their trek away from Locke's camp and back to the beach. In flashforwards, Jack starts losing his sanity, receives a chilling message from Hurley, and his relationship with Kate begins to fall apart. Another awesome episode of "LOST" season four. I have to admit, that this episode isn't one of my favourites, and I love Jack and Kate together. After seeing this episode my favourite characters have changed, I still love Jack and Kate, but it is kind of getting annoying. But am not saying this episode was bad, it was very good and interesting. Can't wait to watch next weeks episode.
  • So strange!

    Jack has flashfowards to when he is living with Kate and taking care of Aaron with her. He proposes to her and she says yes. Jack goes to see Hurley and Hurley tells him that he's been seeing Charlie and that Charlie says that Jack shouldn't be raising him. Jack sees his dad in places and he begins to get hooked on prescription drugs.

    Jack's appendix needs to be taken out. Juliet is going to perform the surgery. Charlotte, Jin, Sun, and Faraday go to get medical supplies. Jin finds out that Charlotte can speak Korean. The surgery is a success. Sawyer, Miles and Claire are walking back to the beach. Claire sees her father and follows him, leaving Aaron behind. Miles also finds the bodies of Danielle and Karl.

    This episode was great! I really want to know what's up with Jack and Claire's dad. The ending was great! The surgery part was just a tad boring. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • A pleasant change of pace from last weeks' episode.

    So I really enjoyed this episode. Granted, it wasn't as "shoot-'em-up" as last week but there was some major revelations going on. We finally see the beginning of Jack's descent after leaving the island. Which by the way, was also a little awkward. There was something about the whole living situation with Kate that made watching it, a little uncomfortable. Maybe it was just me wondering how life can be so awesome when there are obviously others stranded on an island. Aside from that I was also happy to see a little bit of Jin and Sun. Jin has made it clear that he is looking out for his wife and baby and I can respect that. It also raises hope that, that in the flash-forward they showed 3 or 4 episodes back, Jin isn't really dead but rather just stayed behind on the island.

    But in light of all the story lines that are receiving some clarification there are a lot more questions raised: "What are those people from the freighter really doing there? Is Hurley really crazy or actually the only who is seeing things as they are? Why did Jack get sick? And most importantly, what happened to Claire? Because we knew she'd never leave Aaron alone. I guess we have no choice but to wait and see.
  • A great second post-hiatus episode that is sure to spark some dying theories.

    So, Jack gives in and goes to see Aaron. And Kate. Although he does a lot more than just 'see' Kate. Jack and his nephew together were very cute, and Jack does seem like a natural father figure. However, Jack doesn't seem to think so. And he doesn't seem to think he'd made a good husband, either. I'm going to guess that Jack only proposed just so the three could have some semblance of a normal family.

    The writers are messing with our heads, big time. What Hurley said is either a red herring to bring back all the previously debunked theories, or the truth… which will bring back all the previously debunked theories. I prefer the former, but you just never know. Now we've seen dead Christian off the island, but he still only appears to be a manifestation (Smokie, no doubt). And again, he appears on the island. And does Claire really go with him?! Did anyone else find Jack's insistence on wanting to see the surgery a little…creepy? I knew that idea wouldn't work Thank goodness for Bernard and the ether. And the freighties, especially 'Red' (Rose is hilarious!) are becoming more and more interesting. Jin confronting her was preeetty awesome. And it was so nice of Frank to warn Sawyer and co! By the way, I guess the helicopter has refueled. Wonder when they're going to tell anyone?

    Anyway, at least the puzzle pieces are there. They can't all be put together yet, but hopefully many will be by the end of this season.
  • Great Episode Hindered By Online Hatred Of Jack...

    I have never and will never get the hatred that surroundes the character that Matthew Fox plays in this series. No matter what the man does, ever since season two his character has been very disliked.I think it has to do with the fact that John Locke became the most popular survivor on the island and his problems with Jack really caused a lot of people to hate Jack when I dont think the writers planned to have that happen. Onto the epsiode itself, it was a really good episode. One of the better flash-forwards of the year, though none of them have been down right bad. Kate and Jack have always had a powerful on-screen connection and I liked to see them together in the future. Jack begins his trip into depression in this epsiode as Hurley eventually works his way into Jacks mind. Jack is beginning to become hobbled as Kate does something for Sawyer, which we still dont know what that was. We learn that Sawyer made the choice to say, which was interesting. Overall I thought the flash-foward was the best part of the episode.

    The island stuff wasnt as explosive as The Shape of Things to Come, but nothing they did would have been that amazing no matter how hard they tried. Jin / Sun / Dan / Charlotte got some more screen time when they went back out to the Arrow and I thought that was really well done. Jin calling out Charlotte really begins to set up the finale now that we know that Sun gets off the island somehow. Sawyer / Miles / Claire scenes were solid, though I find it hard to believe that no one of the bad guys are dead and that Keamey didnt look into the weird sound that he heard in the jungle. Overall, great epsiode for character and relationship devolopments and I think this season is going to finish out very strong!
  • Good filler episode...

    Ok this episode was not as good as last weeks but it was still pretty good. I thoought it filled in some of the gaps on the flashfoward storylines, like how Jack first started to take the drugs and how he became suicidal and more importantly why. To be honest I'm more of a Skate fan so the whole Jack and Kate story was not important. The best scenes in this episode were the trek back to the camp, did you notice Miles was dressed alot like Charlie in his hoody I thought it was cool, the ending was decent, I cant wait to see what happens there, it looks like Claire is finally going to get a good storyline. Another great scene in this episode was with Hurley at the mental hospital, I think he is the best character at the moment. The favour Kate was doing for Sawyer, I think it has something to do with Casey and Sawyer's child because remember Kate knows Casey aswell. Well this episode was a good episode, but to be honest it was more of a filler episode.

    9.3 out of 10.
  • Toned down from the previous week's gunplay, this one is a spooky, romantic double love triangle Jack-centred story.

    The flash forward could be dated to the days following 21 Aug 06 or 30 Aug 07, both of which were weekend Yankee sweeps of the Red Sox. Aaron is a toddler, he is 2 or 3 yrs old? This appears to be a few weeks before the scene in the season-ender for season 3. Anyhow, back earlier on the island Jack faces some jungle surgery, that nasty old appendix needs excising. Surprises, Hurley's off his meds and wonders what plane of existence they are on. Maybe he's right. A ghostly figure appears in both timelines. Is Jack a family man? Are meds the answer? Kate seems odd, something's not right. Many bits and pieces here add to the various mini-stories, most of the major role players get in the act. Good thought provoking episode.
  • The beauty of this puzzle isn't the fact that all the pieces fit with such precision, but the near-terrifying control with which those pieces are dispensed.

    "Through the Looking Glass" showed us the future in which a cried-out, tired Kate can no longer stand to look at the obsessive, self-destructive force Jack has become off the island. "The Beginning of the End" immediately followed this up by showing us a Jack who is still employed as a surgeon and one who has only begun to drink.


    The tragic beauty of this story is in watching the unapologetic pieces fall into place and being able to consciously observe the way they make us feel. We KNOW how close Jack will come to committing suicide. We KNOW that Kate won't be able to speak with him. We KNOW that their happiness isn't meant to last. And yet, as "Something Nice Back Home" deliberately unravels the post-island future of the Oceanic 6 following the completion of Kate's trial, we can't help but sigh as Jack finally expresses his love for Kate and subsequently proceeds to self-destruct. Even in knowing exactly what will happen, what MUST happen, Lost succeeds at shocking us.

    The episode follows season 3's precedent in showing us a darker side of Jack - obsessive, flawed, and hopelessly human. And as his plans for rescue are questioned with Daniel's revelation that they're not here to rescue anybody in the last episode, Jack feels his control - and his hopes - slipping away from him faster than he could have imagined. Off the island, Jack professes his love to Kate, but we know how this story will end. His paranoia drives him to obsess over Kate's phone call and his desire to right his wrongs drives him to destroy everything he has... their entire illusion of happiness is shattered. Once again, control has been wrested from his hands and Jack finds himself in a hopeless torrent of dark turns, sliding further and further down to become the broken man we saw in "TTLG." But we knew all of this! We knew exactly what kind of person Jack is - one who can never settle, one who can never live with an illusion of happiness, but will instead destroy everything he has and drive himself to look for more. We have even literally glimpsed into the future. So how is it that as we watch him ride this downward spiral we cringe and, even knowing the future, we beg the TV screen to not allow this to happen... we beg Jack to stop before it's too late.

    It only goes to prove YET AGAIN the complete mastery these writers have over their audience, and this reviewer wonders how much more time will pass before this mastery is rightfully acknowledged by the critics and appropriately rewarded. Sawyer's transformation into a true leader, foreshadowed since the middle of season 3, seems finally complete, and Dan stands up and separates himself from his fellows by scolding Charlotte's unhelpful attitude in front of the entire group. Bernard's increased presence feels both natural and welcome, and Claire's disappearance marks the onset of the finale... the question of why she is not on the fateful flight off the island while Aaron is seems - all of a sudden - to be nearing resolution. This reviewer can only hope that John Locke, the centerpiece of the following episode, receives his overdue attention... and that the treatment seems as just as the one given Jack. -pW
  • I really love this show, I really don't understand this show, jajajaja Many things happened, the character change all the time and we don't know what is going to happened to our favorites characters, see their future not is the solution.

    In this episode we see Jack and Kate with the little baby, Jack and Hurley in the hospital, Jack's father, ... Why Jack can't life with Aaron??? Is his uncle, that's good I think.

    In the present (or something like that), we see Jack sick, and Juliet is going to operate to save his live.

    I really understand less this show with the development of the episodes, but I really love this show, I don't know why because all the time I have the sensation that I don't know anything about the characters or the island.

    I need answers to the most question of this show.
  • Interesting and thoughtful as always. Questions asked and no real answers. Lost at its subtle best.

    Jack is spining out of control. He sees life as a threat because he can not control all the bells and whistles. He wants Kate but only on his terms and heaven forbid if she does something without his knowledge. He knew she cared about Sawyer yet back home that something nice is threatened by what could have been. He is looking for a reason to hate Kate because he is already beginning to hate himself. However, Rose asked the question, innocent and revealing. The island cured Locke, it cured her and yet it would not cure Jack just as it would not cure Ben. Perhaps that island with all its secrets knows that those two men do not really understand what the island is really capable of. Ben because he thinks he can control the power and Jack because he does not really believe in the island or its power.
  • I actually liked it.

    Flash forward: I know it wasn't exciting or anything, but nothing makes me happier than Jack and Kate getting together. I've been rooting for them since the season premiere. Just the idea of these two getting together gives me the goosebumps. I know, weird huh? Jack has always been my favorite male character on the show and actor, Matthew Fox has been one of my favorites of all time. Kate is easily my favorite character on the show and Evangeline Lilly is class and good acting in one package.

    Jack's Camp: One of the members requires surgery and trust issues cause this person's life to be more at risk than it already is. Honestly, this was boring, but the flash forward really compensated.
  • in most parts....

    on the whole i was happy about jack and kate getting together, and the fact that jack is on the slippery slope to where we left him in the last season finale, when he is talking to kate who is heavily pregnant, jack's baby???
    and claire, oh dear is this why kate has her baby?
    poor jack in the jungle and needed an operation, could'nt have been in better hands with the help of bernard who so kindly put jack out of his misery with chloroform, all went well after that.
    but what spoilt it a bit was that the 'firing squad' from the frieghter actually survived the black smoke!!! how did that happen????? i thought they would have been in 'bits' by now, literally!!!! at least frank warned sawyer, claire and miles to hide.
    awww and poor hurley, had tears streaming down his face when taking to jack, made me take a big gulp...i dont like seeing men cry! hurley warning jack that charlie said he will get a visit and no prizes for guessing who that would have been before we got to see him.
    as usual...cant wait for next week.
  • Highlight of Season 4

    This week's episode, 'Something Nice Back Home', may not have had too many island based mysteries, but it took leaps and bounds in terms of joining what we know of Jack in the future to his present state. Sports results, a proposal, cryptic messages from beyond the grave and a ship fast enough for you, old man...

    We see a big insight into Jack's post – island life; how he dips into insanity and alcohol addiction, his relationship with Kate and Aaron and a possible explanation to why he really wants to go back. The episode ends in true cliffhanger fashion; Claire is missing after mysteriously seeing her father and she leaves Aaron behind. Mind you, I've seen bigger cliff-hangers in between commercial breaks but at least we have a proper reason to tune in to the next episode rather than the blind faith of something better happening.

    Usually in Lost; the questions and answers being offered are signposted but here, it's left to us to decide how we want to interpret it which makes this a very puzzling episode, even by Lost's standards. This is probably one of the darkest episodes of the fourth season which is fuelled partly by the glum performances from almost all the leads but also by the sense that something scary will happen but never really does.

    Miles and Sawyer provide comedic chemistry that is just as funny as the Sawyer on Jack, Sawyer on Hurley, and Sawyer on Ben…. actually make it any exchange with Sawyer in it. We also get the sense that Miles knows a lot more than he's letting on…..

    We see yet another look at the future Hurley who has progressed from an overweight joker to a gloomy and withdrawn person in the mental asylum. He gives Jack startling news that leads us to believe that "prophet" may also be on his repertoire. This is just a flat - out excellent installment of Lost. It truly is something nice back home.
  • Another really solid episode which continued to raise a lot of questions and mysteries.

    Another really solid episode which continued to raise a lot of questions and mysteries.

    Off the island

    - Jack has now accepted to see Aaron and he is dating Kate
    - Jack asks Kate to marry him and she accepts
    - Jack sees Hurley who tells him they are all dead
    - Hurley tells Jack that he has a message from Charlie which says "You're not supposed to raise him"
    - Jack sees his dead father
    - Jack starts to losing his mind

    On the island

    - Jack has appendix and Juliet operates on him
    - Charlotte understands Korean and Jin tells her to take Sun with her
    - Sawyer takes care of Claire
    - Claire sees her father holding Aaron and wonders off
    - Aaron is found crying, whilst Claire can't be found anywhere

    All those things that happened during this episode made more mysteries than it solved. Maybe this will be the start of explaining how Aaron is now with Kate and what happened to Claire.
  • A very enjoyable and emotional character driven episode. A nice change of pace, and also works well as a transitional episode.

    Let's break it down into 3 parts.

    1. The beach: The weakest of the three. I enjoyed the Jin/Sun scenes(especially the scene where Jin confronts Charlotte).But it still felt somewhat dragged out. However, the surgery was surprisingly well done. I liked the drama there, even though we all knew Jack wouldn't die. That's where the main issue of this episode is. We know Jack doesn't die! Had this been before his flashforward, it would've been suspensful. But this way, it was... weightless. Also, I thought the writers might use Jack's illness to have some huge conflict on the beach that would require Jack's leadership -- no. It didn't happen. SHAME!!! At least... I thought that would've been great.

    2. Claire/Sawyer/Miles: Oh, I smell a winner right here. This was really exciting. I grew to like Miles alot more. I don't know why, I just did. And finally, we found out Rousseau is dead! I'm sorry, but I just can't believe how everyone doubted that. I went on several forums creating theories/reviews where I mentioned she's dead -- everyone told me I'm stupid, she's not. Anyway, that scene where Miles "experiences" the shoot out -Interesting. I just hope we'll get some kind of explaination, and it's not just something we should accept without anything to back it up. I liked Sawyer once again. I can't believe it actually happened: he's a caring person. But the main event is Claire running off.... with Christian? What the heck? That was creepy. And that just kind of confirms my theory from last episode that she'll end up in the cabin with Ben and John.

    3. The flashforward: Great. Started somewhat slow, but in the end it was really great. Showing Jack's breakdown was done well. It was very subtle, and I think considering the circumstances, realistic. But how the hell did they get off the island? And at what price? I really don't think it's just 6 people flying off on a helicopter, then cruising away on a huge ship. Everyone seems so traumatized about it. I'm starting to feel that the writers are smart saving this for the finale. Hurley's(or Charlie's) prophecy was goosebump worthy. So apparently Jack can't raise Aaron. And Hurley knew Christian would visit him! Aaaah, what's going on? Is this even real? I'm not a particular fan of Jack/Kate but this episode really made me feel for them. I think big part of why this episode was good is due to Matthew Fox's amazing acting. And Evangeline was awesome too.Of course hanging around half undressed is always a plus point... hehe. Anyway, the flashforward was very emotional, and well done.
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