Season 4 Episode 10

Something Nice Back Home

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on ABC

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  • The worst episode of LOST. Please read my reasons before disagreeing with my review.

    I think that this was the last episode of the show for me. The writers are killing everyone and all of my favourite characters are already dead or they are being ignored. I just hated everything about this episode. If Jack won't be with Kate in the future than why the hell did the writers had to hurt Juliet so much??? I know that many of you want Kate to be with Jack, but both you and us (Juliet-Jack fans) were disappointed in this episode. It was just stupid. I wouldn't be surprised if they killed Juliet on the island and than killed Jack and Kate later off the island. The only thing that keeps the show going on is the Monster which was shown in the previous episode and Jacob.
    I think that the WGA strike continues in a different form...
  • Fox shaves, soap opera theme continues, and we take another swirl down the toilet as the "why do I care" feeling creeps in again.

    First of all, did they think we wouldn't notice that Matthew Fox (Jack) had shaved his chest? What a friggin' waste...manscaping should be outlawed! I guess we're supposed to believe that the shaving he received before his operation on the island lasted so long that he's now hairless for good? They, at least, could have offered some explanation for it, instead of having him wake up in bed and be smooth as a baby's bottom! And where was the scar? Hmmmm?

    As for the episode overall, it's just too soap-opera like now. One strained heterosexual romance after another, with no end in sight. And on that topic, out of the dozens of people who survived the crash, they couldn't have ONE gay person? I mean, the odds are at least 1 in 10 (1 in 1 for any male flight attendants!). Or how about TWO gay people, and a gay romance story line? I mean, they have a racially mixed couple, and no one bats an eye, but I guess a gay couple would just turn everyone's stomach, eh? Homophobes!
  • Kate and Jack play house in a world full of self deception.

    It is rather sad that Kate's character has been reduced to an empty doll Jack and Sawyer fight over. Or rather one their crazy shippers fight over. Kate's role in the future is simply to be Jack's side kick and it's a sad sight. Because if you believe that making Kate one of the oceanic 6 and giving her Aaron had nothing to do with Jack and the love triangle, then you are delusional. It feels that the writers, in their misguided quest to continue this horrid love triangle going, decided to finally throw the Jaters a bone. We get a rushed, empty, dysfunctional "relationship" which crashes faster than you can say "I'm bored". As usual, things always have to revolve around Jack. Even his proposal, as he only proposed after getting Kate to reassure him that he's good enough. But then that's all his actions have been about, no? Him trying to prove to himself and his father that he IS a hero. That he can do great things. That he is not worthless. And that is what Kate, with her blind adoration, offers him. This was a poor episode and the only reason I didn't rate it lower is because for once, Jack is becoming a somewhat interesting character. And it's about time.

    Unfortunately, as I stated before, Kate is useless as a character and has been for many seasons now. It seems that she all of a sudden desired a child overnight. How did she get there? What changed? How the hell does Kate feel about anything? Why is this woman's character never really dissected and developed? It's sickening sometimes what TPTB do to the women on this show.
  • I have always thought Lost was a roller-coaster ride, the point is the journey, not the conclusion, but now I am beginning to think it is more train chu-chu. Disappointing!

    I have always thought Lost was a roller-coaster ride, the point is the journey, not the conclusion, but now I am beginning to think it is more train chu-chu.
    Ok, so what happened? oh! Jack is with Kate (never saw that one coming) in a flash forward but still a flash back from series 3 from a flash to a ... I get lost. The key moment is he has to have his appendix removed!
    When charactrs you have been building for three seasons die without any particular reason why you start to think the show has lost its way. They seems more a case of cost cutting in budgets than advancing the story. As some have already mentioned here the show is forgetting what's going on. Lost is starting to be about Jack and Ben, a tale of two parts of the island. All the other charactrs are fading into the background as support for these two. On the one side you have bad-ass Ben and on the other screwed-up Jack. Why confront Juliet and Kate with the kiss; why kill off characters needlessly; How convenient that Charlotte just happens to speak Korean; how convenient Bernard understands morse; the appendix operation was actually a little silly and then the abducton of Claire ex deus... left me with a feeling of "what is going on ..." Bad writing folks!
    I hope this was just a filler episode to explain something the writers had forgotten to tell before, or else I am just not going to care what happens.
  • Good filler episode but there are soooo many things I hate about it.

    -We find out that Jack and Kate end up together...ugh

    -then we find out the Rousseau is dead. What about her past, we know nothing.

    -apparently the smoke monster killed none of the bad guys

    -Claire ends up in distress...AGAIN. For the love of god, will the writers please stop messing with me and leave Claire alone.

    But with all those negatives we get a couple positives. -Rose and Bernard were fairly interesting in this episode.

    -We learn that Charlette and Dan like each other.

    -we learn somewhat how Sun gets off the island.

    -we see Jin be badass(awsome) Overall it was a good episode. Not to much is learned but we see some good character interaction.
  • That was not good at all.

    Sorry about the english and all that...

    I haven't written any "reviews" about Lost S4 in a while, but man, that episode was bad enough to "inspire" me. Like "the Other Woman" "Something Nice..." is nothing more than a filler episode, wich is not what makes it bad. The problem is, this season, with the strike and all we'll have only 13 episodes (at least the last one will be double), and I don't think they can waste time with episodes like this one, were absolutely NOTHING relevant happened. If "SNBH" was a good filler or character developtment episode like "...in translation" or "Tricia Tanaka..." it would be ok even in a shortened season, but that's not the case. It's not a complete disaster like "Stranger in a Strange Land", but that would be impossible. Ok, we had a few good moments:

    - Christian Sheppard appearing for Claire holding Aaron;

    - The possibility that the island may be punishing Jack for trying to leave the place; - The beggining of Jack's downfall; The metting with Hurley and "Charlie's note". The problem is those moments are too rare and short. The rest of the episode just goes nowhere. Just a few examples:

    - The "main plot" of this episode has no tension or emotion whatsoever. We know Jack will leave the island, so we know the surgery will be a success;

    - During the entire episode there are scenes that you're shure that something BIG is going to happen but those moments are aways interrupted, like the writers were saying "not yet". That's very frustrating. Main example: smoke detector, Jack's father in the hospital calling for him... another doctor arrives. I bet a lot of people said something nice like "f*ck this show" on that particular moment.

    - Sawyer/Miles/Claire hiding from Widmore's men. Aaron makes a noise. One of the guys get suspicious take a look around and them... the army leaves. Oh my GOD, that's got to be one of the most old movie cliches ever! I just hope in the next episode "Cabin Fever", Hurley doesn't get scare to death by a jumping black cat once they enter that dark and creepy shack. - Dan is in love with Charllote? I mean, Really? What man wouldn't be at least attracted if was near a woman that hot and beaultiful? Ok, that's my personal taste, but still the thing is irrelevant because (at least to me) it was pretty obvious.

    - Claire is missing... AGAIN!

    That's already too long. That's just some reasos why I didn't like the episode. Well, at least I can say that, even with "SNBH" and "TOW", the season is beeing awsome so far. However, in a shortened season, episodes like this one are much more painful to watch.
  • We see Jack in the future with Kate & Claire goers missing......

    This episode is a Jack centred one. In this episode Jack becomes Ill and collapses in front of everyone. We then see Jack and Kate in the future, living in the same house. We see Kate getting out of the shower and she and Jack kiss. We see Jack reading to Aaron.
    Back on the island we see Miles walking through the jungle to get to the beach, and he discovers the body of the French woman and Carl. Claire seems shock up by it. Sawyer promises her that everything will be fine. Jack thinks that he has food poisoning whilst Juliet tells him (after an examination) that it's his appendix and they are going to have to take it out. Sun and a few others go to the medical centre to get the medical supplies needed for Jack's operation. Future Jack goes to see Hurley in his mental ward. Hurley is convinced that they are all dead and that they need got off of the island. Hurley gives Jack a message from Charlie "Your not suppose to raise him" and that someone will be visiting him soon.
    The army men are still alive and are being helped by the pilot of the chopper. In the future Jack asks Kate to marry him. He gives her a ring and with tears of joy, she says yes. We learn that Charlotte speaks Korean, and Jin tells her that when the helicopter comes back she is to take Sun with her, when she leaves the island.
    Jack's operation gets under way and he shouts out in pain and Kate starts cry. In the future we see Jack going home and he takes some tablets to help him sleep. Back on the island Claire wakes up and sees her father holding Aaron. Kate is acting odd in the future and seems though she is having an affair, Jack asks her out right where she was and what is going on. She admits that she was doing something for Sawyer. But she won't admit to him what it is. She says she isn't having him like that around her son and he goes on about how she isn't even related to him, she starts to well up and Aaron appears in the hallway. As Sawyer wakes up and discovers that Claire is missing, he hears Aaron crying. He calls out her name but she doesn't answer, he instead finds Aaron under a tree. Claire is missing.
  • Words can't describe how much it sucked. It was like "Grey's Anatomy" on the island except even worse (didn't know that worse was possible), boring and a complete waste of time.

    So... Jack is kinda sick. And he needs a surgery, which Juliet would be happy to do. Except Jack wants to be awake to watch it and he wants Kate to be around as well. Showtime! Love triangle in a surgical tent! Instead of just knocking him unconscious and doing a goddamn surgery, Juliet does as he says. Big surprise - it doesn't work out and Jack ends up knocked out anyway. But this doesn't matter as the whole episode was already wasted on stupid useless crap.

    Things are even more boring "back home" in Jack's flash-forward. Hurley is nuts and tells Jack that Charlie thinks that Jack should not be raising Aaron. What, the island should be? Polar bears? Presumably dead Claire? Also, Dead-Charlie-Who-I-Never-Liked-Anyway, could you please remember that Jack saved your ass somewhere around the beginning of season 1 and shut up already?

    In other news - that red chick knows Korean, Kate is with Jack in the future and so is his dead father. Boring.
  • Yawn... I suppose the writer's cannot hit a home run every episode, but it sure is a disappointment when they strike out.

    We have a Jack-the control freak-episode. Oh brother. As if it isn't bad enough that we have to endure 43 minutes of Jack we only get a couple of crumbs of entertainment this time.

    Hurley thinks that they are dead. Jin knows that Charlotte is fluent in Korean. Rose has figured out that the island isn't protecting anyone any longer. Miles uncovers the bodies of Frenchie and Karl. Keamy and his mercenaries got severely chewed up by Smokie, but they weren't killed. Sawyer stayed on the island. Claire has disappeared with her Dad while Miles sits on his butt. I admit that I can't stand Jack and enduring him is a test of my willpower. But what was really aggravating was that the story really didn't move forward. The sheep, er, Survivors on the beach all back down when Jack says to wait for the helicopter. Me, I'd be putting Daniel in thumb screws and boiling Charlotte in coconut oil to get some straight answers out of them. This was, in my opinion, the poorest episode of the entire series.

    How can anyone get excited about Jack having appendicitis? You know he isn't going to die because you've already seen him in a flash forward and now he's in another one.

    The only real questions are whether or not Hurley is right; who was Kate talking to and meeting; and where is Claire. Unfortunately, the majority of the episode was a filler to get these issues raised.
  • Jack has his appendix removed.

    Let me just say that even LOST's worst episodes (and this was clearly not their worst) are far better than just about everything else on TV. LOST is the top show on "the tube" right now, and there is no intelligent debate that can be brought up against that point. With all that in consideration, this was not a strong hour of the show.

    While the acting was decent, and the ending was an okay cliffhanger (poor by LOST standards though) you could've watched that last five minutes of the show and not missed a single thing. Where are Desmond and Sayid? Are they okay? What's going on with Locke and Ben? This was such an isolated episode, and it was hard to feel compassion when Jack, Kate and Juliet have been pushed out of the spotlight in recent weeks. Not to mention Jack's appendix was not exactly the most hyped storyline in the world.

    Development. Building. These are not just terms that are used by construction workers. The job of the writer is to develop an entertaining story that builds toward a climatic moment. There was no true emotion regarding Jack's surgery. Did anyone think he was going to actually die?

    Miles and Sawyer are developing an interesting bond and should be nice to see what this builds toward. Still though, it's hard to get into anything Claire does on the show, and I could care less where she is right now. It's not just that the actress portraying her fails to take over the screen it's just that there are more important things on the viewers mind. We're no more anticipated toward next week's episode now than we would be had she not disappeared.
  • in most parts....

    on the whole i was happy about jack and kate getting together, and the fact that jack is on the slippery slope to where we left him in the last season finale, when he is talking to kate who is heavily pregnant, jack's baby???
    and claire, oh dear is this why kate has her baby?
    poor jack in the jungle and needed an operation, could'nt have been in better hands with the help of bernard who so kindly put jack out of his misery with chloroform, all went well after that.
    but what spoilt it a bit was that the 'firing squad' from the frieghter actually survived the black smoke!!! how did that happen????? i thought they would have been in 'bits' by now, literally!!!! at least frank warned sawyer, claire and miles to hide.
    awww and poor hurley, had tears streaming down his face when taking to jack, made me take a big gulp...i dont like seeing men cry! hurley warning jack that charlie said he will get a visit and no prizes for guessing who that would have been before we got to see him.
    as usual...cant wait for next week.
  • LOST Season 4 "Something Nice Back Home" (chock full of potential spoilers)

    So first off I just realized that when they did the first flash forward they must have been talking about Aaron, when he told Jack "you know how he gets" so I'm guessing maybe that was after this flash foward tonight. I think they had to have those two hook up it was bound to happen. Kate is smokin hot just as a side note. They had Aaron with them, but I wonder if were some of these flash forwards are in chronilogical order.

    I thought that Juliette was going to do something like what Jack did to Ben when he operated, maybe she isn't as bad as we thing, but I stil think she is definitely up to something, and it's not good but that's just my opinion. I thought she would do something especially when Kate left and they kocked him out for the rest of the operation. Rose made an intersting point on how people are supposed to get better not sick on the island. The way they said why would this happen makes it sound like the writers were making fun of themselves, all they needed to do was look at the screen like in Jay & Silent Bon Strikes Back.

    I didn't get to see him that well but who was that visiting Jack? Widmore? I have to admit I was going back and forth since the Indians were in extra innings, they won by the way. How did Hurley know someone would visit Jack, did Charlie really tell him? We saw Charlie before but is that him being in the nut house or really Charlie? I also wonder are they trying to make everything think they are dead, eventhough they have said these people aren't dead, or at least not in purgatory like some people though.

    Claire that was crazy, it's almost too bad Sawyer didn't shoot the guy from the boat who shot Alex. I don't get why everyone's parents are there, Jack saw his Dad I think some other people saw parents there too. Is this another step in getting us to think they are all dead and maybe they are seeing their parents who have passed away already. Didn't Jack's Dad die? Why did they leave Aaron, that seems strange, should they get a child services on the island? The question is were did Claire and the guy who may or may not be her father go.
  • Very simply to me this was a waste of time... Looking forward to this episode had me all hooked up, but i got let down

    This definetely wasnt my favourite lost episode. Having to wait for what you want to see does have its perks though. Maybe this episode was decide to build tension? We'll never know. Im really looking forward to the episode where locke, ben and hurley find the cabin. But unfortunately for me and anyone who agrees with me this episode hasnt been put in my good books. As with jacks health could this somehow fit in with the deaths of pregnant women? To me this seems likes like a unlikly coincidence, if anyone doesnt agree with me please send me messages or hassle me.

    Thanks for reading
  • Meh.

    What was the point to this episode? 40 seceonds waiting for Jack to opens up his eyes in the opening scene epitomise just how much time this episodes wastes. Much feels pointless and not exactly gripping. I think like everyone else there so much more we want to see than Jack survive surgery! Whats the point to him and why should I care, can we see the people that have interesting connections to the Island please! Ok I dont like him, so thats unfair, but it was a waste of time, valuble minutes are lost! Of course, not wanting to spoil too much, all the revelations adding to the key storylines, were ace! On a personal note seeing Rose and her husband back in action was a good treat. Throwing back into play some old fan theories was great! Are they dead? Love it! Finding out the fate of Rosseu was not so good. To a large degree this episode was almost a disaster, and it definatly wasted time; it was not all that important, and everything big we found out could have been done in many other ways. Nevertheless it was a high quality episode with no bad choices besides not being too interesting. Its still Lost so still a cut above the large portion of show at it worst. This episode wasn't at its worst
  • While the episode itself was fine, I can tell I'm definitely Jacked-out.

    I turned this show on expecting it to be a Locke episode, and that probably fueled my disappointment on seeing it was Jack's.
    We get to see the beginnings of Jack's descent into drug and alcohol abuse. Was it really just because he was seeing his father again? Or is there some bigger undertone that we just haven't seen yet? This episode also seems to emphasize how so far, it seems everyone's condition deteriorates after leaving the island. Relationships dissolve (Jack & Kate, Jin & Sun), people start to go crazy (Hurley, Jack), and people once again return to their ways they swore off just before the crash (Jin, Sayid). And what did Charlie mean when he said Jack shouldn't raise him? Does that go all the way back to when Claire was told that only she should raise her child?
    All in all, an OK episode. But after last week's powerhouse, this one seemed to drag a bit. And what bits we did learn, I think could have been thrown in in another episode instead of dedicating an entire show to them.
  • Ok, so this wasn't exactly the star of the show but there were a few good sides to it

    Ok, so this wasn't exactly the star of the show but there were a few good sides to it.

    Firstly, I was impressed with the answers we got, such as Charlotte speaking Korean and in which we did not know about. Hugo's craziness words turned out to be true when both Jack and Claire saw their father (Christian Shepherd). Though, Jack's relationship with Kate and nothing more really happened. I was a little disappointed because the show only comes on once a week. I am glad that these particular kind of episodes don't come around often, otherwise I'd have been out of here ages ago. This season is not like the LOST I knew, but the previous episode "The Shape of things to come" was awesome, an instant classic. What I did enjoy from this episode was the Sawyer/Miles/Claire story. The answer is yet to be revealed: Where is Claire? Overall, this one let me down but I enjoyed some parts. Let's just make sure we don't get another one like this anytime soon. Getting excited about the next one, we go back to the Freighter ship.
  • Something nice next week...unless Claire is dead...

    Finally, the episode we've all been waiting for, the answers we've all been waiting for - Jack survives...still.
    To be quite honest, episodes like this are why you can no longer say "you need to watch Lost from the beginning". "Something nice back home" has all the trimmings of a filler episode with just enough information to make us sit through the commercials.
    However, to it's credit, episodes like this one tend to showcase the other characters a bit more than usual and for that I am glad - I was really hoping that Jack would have shockingly died.
    This anti-climatic episode did get the viewer where we needed to get, just enough info to make us salivating for next week when we find out what happens to the grossly underrated (and hottest Islander) Claire - but at least we can all rest assured, Sawyer is better than Jack....right Kate?
  • Good but I have expected better it to be :)

    Quite goog episode. But I don't like using the term "quite" when I review any of the LOST episodes. I'm glad that in this and previous one there was "some" Sawyer's part. I am a bit bored with all of those Jack centric episodes. I like him, but I would like to find out something about the others. And I found one thing pretty funny. In Jack's flashforward episode we could see his stomach and... there were no signs on Juliet's surgery. I hope next episode would be more 'fresh'. And I am waiting for some further information about Sawyer's and other heros' decision to stay on the island.
  • My theories on the Triangle.

    I'll admitt to hating Jack and Kate together. I truly just don't think they work well together at all. And this episode showed exactly why: there is no chemistry between the two of them. Kate is trying to be a happy domestic person with a perfect cookie-cutter happy ending but it just doesn't work out. I have a theory on the triangle- and this episode executed it perfectly. Kate is afraid of ending up like her mother and falling for a man like her father, Wayne. On the outside it seems like Sawyer is the triangle counterpart of Wayne- no good hick from a broken family. Kate even admitted to thinking this in the season two episode: What Kate Did. So she goes for Jack, thinking he's the "good guy." And he turns out to be the Wayne counterpart- drinking and popping pills. Yelling at her and being unreasonably suspicious. And jealous, totally jealous of Sawyer. It's an ironic twist- Kate runs to Jack out of fear of Wayne only to discover that Jack is just like Wayne.
  • I actually liked it.

    Flash forward: I know it wasn't exciting or anything, but nothing makes me happier than Jack and Kate getting together. I've been rooting for them since the season premiere. Just the idea of these two getting together gives me the goosebumps. I know, weird huh? Jack has always been my favorite male character on the show and actor, Matthew Fox has been one of my favorites of all time. Kate is easily my favorite character on the show and Evangeline Lilly is class and good acting in one package.

    Jack's Camp: One of the members requires surgery and trust issues cause this person's life to be more at risk than it already is. Honestly, this was boring, but the flash forward really compensated.
  • I really love this show, I really don't understand this show, jajajaja Many things happened, the character change all the time and we don't know what is going to happened to our favorites characters, see their future not is the solution.

    In this episode we see Jack and Kate with the little baby, Jack and Hurley in the hospital, Jack's father, ... Why Jack can't life with Aaron??? Is his uncle, that's good I think.

    In the present (or something like that), we see Jack sick, and Juliet is going to operate to save his live.

    I really understand less this show with the development of the episodes, but I really love this show, I don't know why because all the time I have the sensation that I don't know anything about the characters or the island.

    I need answers to the most question of this show.
  • (:

    When Jack's health is seriously compromised, Kate and Juliet must learn to work together in order to save him; and something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue their trek away from Locke's camp and back to the beach. In flashforwards, Jack starts losing his sanity, receives a chilling message from Hurley, and his relationship with Kate begins to fall apart. Another awesome episode of "LOST" season four. I have to admit, that this episode isn't one of my favourites, and I love Jack and Kate together. After seeing this episode my favourite characters have changed, I still love Jack and Kate, but it is kind of getting annoying. But am not saying this episode was bad, it was very good and interesting. Can't wait to watch next weeks episode.
  • So strange!

    Jack has flashfowards to when he is living with Kate and taking care of Aaron with her. He proposes to her and she says yes. Jack goes to see Hurley and Hurley tells him that he's been seeing Charlie and that Charlie says that Jack shouldn't be raising him. Jack sees his dad in places and he begins to get hooked on prescription drugs.

    Jack's appendix needs to be taken out. Juliet is going to perform the surgery. Charlotte, Jin, Sun, and Faraday go to get medical supplies. Jin finds out that Charlotte can speak Korean. The surgery is a success. Sawyer, Miles and Claire are walking back to the beach. Claire sees her father and follows him, leaving Aaron behind. Miles also finds the bodies of Danielle and Karl.

    This episode was great! I really want to know what's up with Jack and Claire's dad. The ending was great! The surgery part was just a tad boring. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Amazing!

    I love this chapter!! First the surprise of Jack and Kate being together with Aaron and playing happy family...I swar I shouted OMG! when I saw Kate on the shower!! Then all the apendicitis problem with him and asking for Kate in every moment. He wants her to be there with them...MAybe he doesn't trust Juliet that much? and as Juliet says at the end he kissed her to prove himself that he didn't love Kate, but, did the prove work? I don't think so...I liked that they don't have a happy ending and that Sawyer has something to do with it...yeah, I'm that cruel, but she had a tough connection with James, impossible to just forget about him and whatever promise she made him...
    And on the other end of the island, Miles, Sawyer, Claire and Aaron trying to reach the camp, and then Claire leaves with his 'dead' father and leaves Aaron behind? WOW..Is that the end of Claire? I expect that not! I can't wait to see what happens next!!
  • great episode

    Jack collapses on the beach. Juliet and Kate help him out. Juliet performs an operation on him so he won't die. Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue to walk to the beach. They come across someone in the forest who are planning to kill the survivors. It's a really exciting episode, the flash forwards show something about kate and jack in the future. it seems that both of them are getting along. it's an awesome episode, we get to see stuff in it. i enjoyed every minute of it. i can't wait for the next episode. it's really good, the writers did a good job.
  • One of the best episode

    this series is of the best in the industries right now, what i found the most interesting is how jack is going back to his roots, drinking and using medications, honestly i love this episode Is really important to see how jack and kate are doing and how jack's life is going to hell, but for me was a perfect 10, keep them coming producers, casue you are doing a hell of a job.......another part that really like me was when jin is talkin in korean and he knows that Charlotte can understand, love that part, he tells her I will break your friend's fingers, you got that"...jejeje

    keep the good job
  • This season is definitely on a roll that rivals season 1...

    So much happened in this episode, it reminded me a bit of season one in the way that there were so many plot advancements integrated in the different stories that were being told all at the same time.
    This show always works best when all the castaways are working together in some way for a common purpose. Now that getting off the island is a possibility they are united in that, but in this episode, helping the sick doctor gave everyone on the beach something to do which naturally led to revelations from Jin, Daniel, and Juliette that were seamlessly woven into the micro story in the episode...very well written...
  • Jack-centric storyline.

    I think everyone is too hard on Jack as a character and the storylines that revolve around him. To me, all the actors and characters on this series are great. The writing of this series is the one of the best EVER. Jack is clearly the main 'hero' of the group. It only stands to reason his character, by nature, is not as exciting as the others, but his storylines are still terrific (ex. his father, why does he fall apart and want to return to the island, etc..) Of course, I have my favorites too, and Jack is probably middle of the pack, but by no means the worst (Ben rules! Jin and Sun episodes are just wasted on me...) Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it seems like a lot of piling-on when it comes to Jack. I say cut some slack and enjoy the mystery of this series while it is still on!!
  • This show has become extraordinarily dull.

    The writers of Lost are now resorting to daytime soap-opera plots to fill air time. All the mysterious events and characters that made the show interesting have been replaced by "Melrose Place" style writing, except that "Melrose Place" was much more fun and interesting to watch. All the interesting plot devices, from the "Dharma Initiative" to the strange smoke monster to "The Others" have been explained away or ignored, making me feel like I've wasted my time watching this show. And there are new characters being introduced, with other characters being killed off for no reason. Why did the smoke monster kill "Mr. Echo"? Why did the writers kill off Ben's daughter and boyfriend and the daughter's mother? Why were these people ever in the show if they had no ultimate purpose? Why are the new people in the show?

    This week's episode was all about Jack having to have his appendix out. That's it. It's time to vote everyone off this island.

    Oh, and Claire went missing again. They really ought to keep better track of that one.
  • After last week's explosive perfectness, the show slows down for maybe the weakest episode of season 4.

    This one is another bit of a "slow burn" for me. Jack-centric episodes aren't quite what they used to be, but I feel uncomfortable saying that since he's my favorite character on the show. Here, Jack needs his appendix out. That's random. On the one hand, this plot hearkens back to the day to day conflicts of season 1. But on the other hand, the show has moved far from those small problems to much bigger issues. So in a way, this was a step backwards. What I did like was seeing Jack and Kate together and happy in the future, if only for a brief moment in time. It can get annoying that Jack still sabotages the good things he has, and is still seeing his dead father. I don't want him to get repetitive.
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