Season 4 Episode 10

Something Nice Back Home

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on ABC

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  • in most parts....

    on the whole i was happy about jack and kate getting together, and the fact that jack is on the slippery slope to where we left him in the last season finale, when he is talking to kate who is heavily pregnant, jack's baby???
    and claire, oh dear is this why kate has her baby?
    poor jack in the jungle and needed an operation, could'nt have been in better hands with the help of bernard who so kindly put jack out of his misery with chloroform, all went well after that.
    but what spoilt it a bit was that the 'firing squad' from the frieghter actually survived the black smoke!!! how did that happen????? i thought they would have been in 'bits' by now, literally!!!! at least frank warned sawyer, claire and miles to hide.
    awww and poor hurley, had tears streaming down his face when taking to jack, made me take a big gulp...i dont like seeing men cry! hurley warning jack that charlie said he will get a visit and no prizes for guessing who that would have been before we got to see him.
    as usual...cant wait for next week.