Season 4 Episode 10

Something Nice Back Home

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on ABC

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  • Highlight of Season 4

    This week's episode, 'Something Nice Back Home', may not have had too many island based mysteries, but it took leaps and bounds in terms of joining what we know of Jack in the future to his present state. Sports results, a proposal, cryptic messages from beyond the grave and a ship fast enough for you, old man...

    We see a big insight into Jack's post – island life; how he dips into insanity and alcohol addiction, his relationship with Kate and Aaron and a possible explanation to why he really wants to go back. The episode ends in true cliffhanger fashion; Claire is missing after mysteriously seeing her father and she leaves Aaron behind. Mind you, I've seen bigger cliff-hangers in between commercial breaks but at least we have a proper reason to tune in to the next episode rather than the blind faith of something better happening.

    Usually in Lost; the questions and answers being offered are signposted but here, it's left to us to decide how we want to interpret it which makes this a very puzzling episode, even by Lost's standards. This is probably one of the darkest episodes of the fourth season which is fuelled partly by the glum performances from almost all the leads but also by the sense that something scary will happen but never really does.

    Miles and Sawyer provide comedic chemistry that is just as funny as the Sawyer on Jack, Sawyer on Hurley, and Sawyer on Ben…. actually make it any exchange with Sawyer in it. We also get the sense that Miles knows a lot more than he's letting on…..

    We see yet another look at the future Hurley who has progressed from an overweight joker to a gloomy and withdrawn person in the mental asylum. He gives Jack startling news that leads us to believe that "prophet" may also be on his repertoire. This is just a flat - out excellent installment of Lost. It truly is something nice back home.