Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Sawyer, Kate, and Karl are on a boat. Sawyer sings while he and Kate row back to the main island in the canoe with an unconscious Karl. Kate tries to convince Sawyer to turn around so they can rescue Jack but Sawyer says it's too dangerous and a semi-lucid Karl agrees that the Others would kill them. Karl mutters a phrase from the room 23 video - "God loved you as he loved Jacob" - and falls back asleep.
Tom enters the aquarium in order to move Jack, but Jack accuses him of using it as a euphemism for execution. Tom asks him what kind of people he thinks the Others are and Jack rattles off a list of their crimes. Tom asks if Jack wants some stones for his glass house, and suggests he cooperate. Jack acquiesces and is escorted out by Tom and two Others. As he is led out, he passes Juliet being led into the aquarium with her hands restrained by Isabel and two Others. As they pass, Juliet says to Jack, "Hey." Juliet stares at Jack from her cell as Isabel and Tom confer.
Tom brings Jack lunch in the bear cage and Jack says Juliet grilled them for him. Jack asks who the mysterious Other woman was and Tom refers to her as the figurative sheriff. Jack asks why they moved Juliet and Tom tells him she's in trouble. Tom tells him not to start any trouble and Jack says he knows about the cameras. Tom tries to ask him about his motivation for helping Sawyer and Kate but Jack ends the conversation.
Sawyer and Kate continue to bicker on the canoe, Sawyer is rowing towards the nearest part of the shoreline but Kate wants to row all the way to the main camp to get help from Locke and Sayid. Sawyer says they'll get lost, run out of food and water, and have trouble navigating once it gets dark.
Over a camp fire while it's still light out, Sawyer offers Kate fruit and she refuses. Karl tells them they shouldn't fight because they are lucky to be alive. Kate asks Karl about the Others. He reveals that they live on the main island and only work on "projects" on the smaller island. As for the children that were kidnapped, they "give them a better life." Kate asks, "Better than what?" "Better than yours," says Karl. He says there won't be a moon that night, and that when he and Alex were younger they used to lie out at night in their backyards and make up their own names for constellations. He points to a point in the sky and says that's where "Ursa Theodorus" will appear - "The Teddy Bear." Sawyer remarks, "You had backyards? Well, ain't that quaint."
Juliet is escorted to Jack's cage so she that can request that Jack help Ben with an infection around his stitches. He asks if she wants to help Ben to get off the island and she reveals that she is doing it to get out of trouble for killing someone. Jack refuses to help Ben or her.
At night, Isabel approaches Jack and speaks Chinese, explaining that she is reading the characters in Jack's tattoo. She asks if he knows what it means, since it can be hard to translate, and he insists that he does. She has him brought to a room in the Hydra so she can ask him some questions. They pass Alex, who Isabel sweetly but firmly suggests should visit her father. Isabel faces Jack as Tom and Juliet watch on. She asks if Juliet asked Jack to kill Ben. Jack denies it, saying he made it up to gain an advantage. Isabel asks him why he is lying and he requests to be returned to his cage.
Jack wakes in the morning to a group of people watching him. A woman approaches and he recognizes her as Cindy, the flight attendant from flight 815. He asks why she's with them and she says, "It's not that simple" and they are here "to watch." A young girl, Emma from the tail section, approaches and has Cindy ask Jack how Ana-Lucia is doing, which angers Jack. He yells at Cindy to go away. She and the others leave, including a young boy, Emma's brother Zack, who hands his teddy bear to Emma.
Kate wakes up and shakes Sawyer awake, warning him that Karl is gone. But they hear Karl nearby crying and Sawyer tells her he will deal with him: "Boys only." Sawyer punches Karl in the shoulder to "cowboy" him up. He calls him Bobby (Brady) but Karl doesn't get the cultural reference. Sawyer comforts him and suggests he go back for Alex but Karl says they would kill him this time. Sawyer suggests that for a girl he would "name dumb stars with," it might be worth it.
Alex breaks the camera outside Jack's cage so they won't be watched and asks Jack why he would help Ben after what he did to them. Jack demands to know what is going on with Juliet. Alex explains that they are reading Juliet's verdict. They are strict about killing their own, demanding an "eye for an eye." She reveals that she killed Danny to help Jack's friends escape. Jack says that he helped Ben because he said that he would. He asks if Ben is still in charge. Alex says he is, and Jack tells her to get him out of the cage.
Jack storms into the operating room and warns the others in the room that they aren't treating Ben properly. Ben's wounds are seriously infected and it's possible he might not walk again. Jack says he'd be more impressed if they had a proper surgeon and Ben says they did - Ethan. Jack bargains with Ben, offering him proper treatment in return for him commuting Juliet's death sentence. Ben warns him that whatever Jack thinks Juliet did to help him, she's still "one of us." But Jack presses on and Ben prepares to write down his orders.
Jack and Alex storm over to the deliberation room where a group of Others are readying to give Juliet's verdict as she watches on. Tom grabs Jack but Isabel stops him and takes Ben's orders from Alex. Ben has commuted Juliet's sentence as "the rules don't apply" but also ordered her to be marked.
Juliet brings Jack a grilled sandwich with toothpicks in his bear cage. He asks to see her mark and she reveals a brand with a small circle and eight radiating lines on her lower back. He requests that she bring him an aloe plant, and he applies the aloe to her back. She asks why Jack helped her. He says so that Ben will keep his word. She asks how, and Jack says "together." Juliet informs him that they have to go back to where they live because Jack's friends will come to the island to look for him. Jacks asks where and she says that Ben calls it "home."
Kate argues with Sawyer about him letting Karl go. She complains about him ordering her around. Sawyer says she is just angry because she feels guilty, not about leaving Jack, but for having sex with Sawyer. He says she only did it because she thought he was going to die. Kate is speechless, looking hurt. They move on.
The Others are gathered around a boat on the beach and Isabel tells Jack his tattoo says "he walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." Jack confirms they say that, but counters that isn't what they mean. Jack, Ben, and two others row out to a larger boat.
Later that night, Sawyer looks sadly at Kate as they make their way back towards the main camp; somewhere else on the island, Karl sits by a fire and looks up at the stars.
Later, Alex looks up sadly at the same night sky Karl is gazing at from his camp on the island. Juliet looks at Jack as they and the Others travel through the night on the larger boat.
Jack exits a hut on the beach in Phuket, Thailand, admires the scenery, and is greeted by a Thai boy whose only English seems to be "Doctor Jack want soda?" Jack buys a soda and gives him a tip. He sets down a kite kit but struggles to put it together. A Thai woman on the beach is amused by his predicament and helps him put together and fly the kite. She introduces herself as Achara.
Later, Jack and Achara eat together at a restaurant where her brother Chet serves them food, calling Jack "very brave." She asks Jack why he doesn't know how to fly a kite and he starts to tell her about his childhood and his father but she stops him, saying some things are personal. She asks if he is in Phuket to find himself. They are interrupted by a Thai man who gives Achara a thick envelope which she puts in her purse after exchanging the Hindi "namaste" salutation, and explains only by saying she has "a gift."
While Jack is sleeping, Achara sneaks into his room, undresses, and slips into his bed as he wakes up. She says she had gone for a swim in the ocean and Jack comments that she is "washing off the day." She asks if he has a question for her and he says it might be nice to know something about her after a month of her coming and going. She says there are things he would never understand. They roll onto the floor kissing and she suggests he stop asking questions and try to have fun.
Jack follows Achara and discovers her in what appears to be a private tattoo parlor. She says this is where she works and he shouldn't be there. She says she is not a tattoo artist, that her gift is her ability is to see who people are, and the tattoo defines and marks her customers with her vision. Jack demands to know what she sees about him but she protests that she is not allowed to use her gift on an outsider. He insists and she reveals that he is a leader and a great man, but this makes him lonely, frightened, and angry. Jack makes her tattoo him, even though she claims there will be "consequences."
The next day, Jack exits his hut but this time the Thai boy runs away from him. Chet and a group of Thai men approach Jack, uncover his tattoo, and beat him to the ground. Chet orders him to leave the beach and the country. He spits on Jack and the group of men walk away with Achara as she is moved to tears.
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