Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • Worst episode of Lost yet.

    Well, to me, this episode was nothing more than a set-up. Everything's now going back to the main island, so we can get away from the Alcatraz storyline, and get back to the main storyline. It was still a trainwreck of an episode, though. It was nice that they gave us a little more information about the Others, although the answers that we did get were WAY over-hyped. Three of the biggest mysteries? Not even close. But they were still some fairly interesting answers. Jack's flashbacks were terrible, the worst flashbacks for any character yet. But I don't expect that much from Jack flashbacks anyways, so I wasn't really let-down. I wouldn't call this episode a filler, but as I said before, a set-up. I have a feeling that things are going to get better and better from here.
  • I'm also getting tired of nobody giving the Losties any answers about what the hell the Others are doing.

    As anyone who has had Lost conversations with me knows, I hate Jack episodes. I find Jack and Kate to be the two most boring characters on the show, and last night was no exception. For some reason, his stories seem to be really sappy and I don't really understand what the point was, other than to explain his tattoos and that he's been in a similar situation before (as an outsider).

    Also, I've had enough of the Kate / Sawyer / Jack thing, which the writers said they were going to wrap up in episode 6. I thought her sleeping with Sawyer would put an end to this, but I guess not.

    And I'm also getting tired of nobody giving the Losties any answers about what the hell the Others are doing. Even the captive Cindy and the kids give cryptic answers like "it's not that simple" and "it's more complicated than that". And when Jack finally has a chance to ask a question to Alex, he asks how Juliet is. What about "who the hell are you guys and what the hell are you doing with us, and WHAT THE HELL?"

    I'm also wondering if people like Jin and Sun are even on the payroll anymore. They've been in one episode all season...I miss the good ol' days when everybody was together on the beach.

    But at least one good thing about this episode...we're off that stupid island! Maybe now we can get back to real group stories.
  • Jack status as The Other's prisoner lessens.

    Did this episode give a lot of insight into, or advance the storyline of the show? A little. Was Jack incredibly sexy in it? Absolutely. It's easy to get tangled up in all the kite string, but this episode is about Jack's elevation to something more than just a prisoner (and skilled surgeon)to The Others. We see this in how Mr. Happy and Juliette relate to him and inferred with the translation of his tatoos, supposedly: He walks among us, but is not one of us. The new character, whatever they call her, is a study in cold, calculated evil. Forget the black smoke, this lady is scary.
  • A good episode, but Bai Ling ruined the flashback.

    This episode picks up where Not in Portland leaves us. Jack is trying to prevent Juliet from being executed for killing Danny Pickett to save Kate and Sawyer. The on-island parts of this episode were good, but the flashbacks were terrible. I'm not a big fan of Jack flashbacks anymore in the first place, as he's had too many. Add Bai Ling's horrible acting in to the mix, and that ruins it. Although it was nice to see what Jack's tatoos meant, which we've been wondering since 1x06 "The House of the Rising sun".

    The episode finished up The Hydra island storyline, which was getting a little old. Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell's acting was amazing, and the episode ended with a beautiful score by Michael Giacchino. Overall, apart from the flashback, this was an okay episode.
  • An average Lost episode. Thank god this is the last one in the Lost slump.

    This episode was built up way to much. They said they were going to answer lots of questions but we didn't get anything. To me, this episode was just placed in the wrong spot. This should have been shown in the first season (the introduction and character development season). The only good part was when you saw the long lost characters that didn't answer anything. =]
  • This was a very special episode...if you pronounce it "spethial". The worst of the season, if not the series so far.

    Oh, boy! Tonight we got to find out where Jack got one of his tattoos and what it means! I've been wondering about that since the pilot episode. Finally, we're getting some answers.

    Okay, maybe I should have put "sarcasm alert" before that last paragraph. Honestly, this was a terrible episode, by Lost standards. The acting was good, especially the scenes between Josh Holloway and that kid who plays Karl. As a matter of fact, Josh was great. When he was talking to Karl, saying how every now and then, you come across one who "makes it all worth it", I was actually touched.

    The cinematography was also great. Those were the only good things about this episode.

    I mean, really, of all the answers they could have given, we get ... Jack's tats?? Who cares? Did the writers need a break? Sorry about the lateness of this review; we're over a month behind the States.
  • One of the worst episodes, if not, the WORST episode of LOST.

    By the time this episode aired, i was not excited to learn more about Jack, for about the 3rd time this season. Enough Jack backstories. The backstory wasn't even that good, actually it wasnt good at all. Luckily the episodes after have been spectacular, lets hope this episode was the last of season 3's slump. The only reason why I gave this episode a 3.5 was because of Kate and Saywer finally getting off of the Hydra. By now, we will finally get some episodes that are not Jater (Jack-Saywer-Kate) related, at least for a while. I love these characters and all, but there are so many more backstories to explore about the other survivors and I would hope we learn them before any experience a fate similar to that of Boone, Shannon, Libby, or Ana-Lucia.
    This episode is just a bridge into the good part of season 3, which begins to build in Tricia Tanaka is dead.
  • I didn't like the back story at ALL

    The main story to this episode was strong, but the back story fell apart. Something wasn't right. Anyway in this episode Jack's and Juliet's relationship met at a new level, he saved her life, now she owns Jack. It was nice to see Ben once again. What by the way was the mark thye put on Kuliets back? Strange. I'm not sure yet if i like this new 'Others' woman Isabell. Overall i liked most of the episode. I thought doing an episode on Tatoos was a weak idea at best. But i look forward to next week's episode 'Tracia Tanka is dead'. But so far so good. Things can only get better for Jack... right?
  • I love Jack ,But I don't like his story shown to me 3 times.Which is what happens here,you've seen this before. I love Ling Bai ,I want to see more of her.i wish this was on hbo.

    I love Jack ,But I don't like his story shown to me 3 times.Which is what happens here,you've seen this before.
    I love Ling Bai ,I want to see more of her.i wish this was on hbo.

    we know jacks got a really nutzoid side when it comes to women , weve got it !!! but here we go again and its only because were being set up for it to happen again with juliet. Its sad to see the hero turn inside out like this . but still it wasnt a total loss. and by that i mean we got to see why he was in tailand and what the tatoos mean on the show. in real life he got it for party of 5 .plus ling is amazing looking....did i say that already?
  • Not the worst episode ever...but pretty darn close. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

    Ridicously unsatisfying.

    If the writers know that viewers are upset over the absence of regular characters, why on earth did they think it was a good time for another Jack-centric episode? And outside of the Jack-and-Others bit, all we get is Kate and Sawyer...AGAIN. Does anyone even know what's going on with, say, Sayid? Or why can't we get an episode where Hurley has a catharatic moment about what Michael did? He doesn't seem to much care that his girlfriend is dead or that one of the trusted members of the island killed her.

    Jack's flashback was apropos of nothing, and no one's motivation was particularly clear. If it was that big a deal for the girl not to give the tattoo, what did Jack care?

    So, we found that one of the tailies is still alive. Great. But after she says she's there "to watch," Jack starts screaming at her and they all leave. How about asking them some questions, Jack? What are they here to watch? The trial, or Jack? What's happened to her and the other tailies since they were captured? Why does she feel so placid about everything?

    And why did Kate and Sawyer bring the boy this far just to desert him?

    Why does the boy say that he lives on this island? Is he confused, or is that really the case? If so, why the whole deal about a second island anyway? Ben says that he's lived on "this island" all his life (the one he and Jack were on). So how can they "go back" to someplace else?

    I have to say, I don't care about what Ben's spinal problems are. That story arc should have been over several episodes ago. Why not give us a Ben flashback, where we learn why he was out wandering by himself in the forest when Rousseau captured him? Did Ben actually mean anything last sesaon when he told Locke that he was out looking for him (Locke) specifically? If Ben is as evil as he seems, why didn't he escape from Locke when he had the chance? Is there ever going to be any reason why Ana Lucia shouldn't have just killed him in cold blood when she had the opportunity? Whatever happened to the Hanso Foundation, or the DHARMA Initiative? Some stuff was hinted at over the summer about it - I thought that's what this year would really be about. Who's sending all that food? Do they know who's eating it? Are their intentions good or bad?

    Why did the hatch door say "QUARANTINE" on it? Why are the Others so obsessed with capturing children? What happened after Charlie gave Claire those immunization shots for her baby?

    While I don't need to see Michael and Walt return on a full-time basis, I do want to know whether or not they actually got back to shore. I also want to know if Walt actually had any powers or not, and if so, what, and how did he get them?

    These are the burning questions that fans want answered. We don't care where Jack got his tattoo. We don't want these constant mind games of if Ben's in charge or not. Bring our show back!

    Yeah, I know answers aren't everything. But the alternative to mytharc episodes is character-driven episodes. And rather than give us that, the writers are just giving us a new pointless mytharc rather than answering any of the large outstanding questions.
  • Not as bad as it looks, but it's for Jack fans.

    "Lost" is one of those shows that, in every episode, we viewers look for new information, and not mere entertainment. So, because of that, unfortunatelly, this episode could never be a great episode. Here it is: although we can learn one or two things about the Others in this episode, it's a fact that Jack's flashback is not very clarifying. It's not even that interesting. Here we see him in Thayland, meeting a girl that obviously means trouble, and behaving like a classic turist in a foreign land. Most scenes in this flashback are unnecessary, and you could easily skip it without that being a problem to understand what is going on. Watch the first flashback scene, and the two last ones; it's more than enough. Now, there are interesting things in the episode anyway. The actual story has it's moments, with Jack all alone with the Others, and, man, do they play with our favorite doctor! The whole point of this episode, I think, is show us this about Jack: the man is lonely. No, not only now, not only since he is in the island; no, he has always been lonely. He is solitary, he's unique. Now, the one interesting thing here is that this is the episode that tell us, show us how Jack actually force this loneliness over himself. Yeah, yeah, previous episodes had told us that, but the tatoo, I think, is proof that Jack falls for the "this is my destiny" thing. So, anytime he complains about how hard and lonely is to be the one in charge, or be a hero, don't believe him. There's no other place he rather be. There's no mistake: if you don't like Jack, I'm sorry to say, this episode will be kind of boring and pointless for you. And that's why, in my opinion, it can't have a better score - there are fans that will feel, in the end of the episode, that nothing happened. And it's also true that even what was told about Jack was nothing new, just another clue of what we could already figure out on our own. Still, I don't think I can give it a score worst than 7, and call it worst than average. In the end, we do have a new character (an Other), and we do learn a bit more about how the Others work. Oh, and there's Cindy, of course. Yeah, I guess it's worth watching... Just don't expect that much, and you'll be fine.
  • This episode makes Jack more understandable!!!

    I enjoyed this episode because Jack is one of my favorites characters on this show, and watching it made me understand him more...So in this episode he is Thailand and makes the acquaintance of a woman, who is a visionary,called Achara who marks him...That scene when she tells him that he is a leader, a great man, was excellent...So Jack is on the Others’s island and agrees to treat Ben so that he can save Juliet from death...Instead she gets marked...Personally, I think he got duped either by the daughter of Ben or by Juliet herself to save her, and I think that this is a big mistake...So the Others take the decision to leave the Island and to go to a place they call "Home", and they take Jack with them...Another scene I enjoyed was when Jack is in the cage and some people, among who was the Stewardess of their flight watch him,as if they were at the Zoo...Sawyer, Kate and Karl leave the island and they are confronted with guilt,each for another reason.
  • *No Spoilers* Overall this episode was extremely lacklustre, hollow to the centre and pointless (for the time being)

    Overall this episode was extremely lacklustre, hollow to the centre and pointless (for the time being) The discontorted nature of season 3, in which a section is cut from one island with the others, to the island with the hobbit, Iraq and the rest of the fellowship of the ring, seems to, while admittedly different, hamper this season, the others, there island and there characters, just seem uninteresting, the others have been, I feel, humanized too fast, the ambiguous mystery surrounding them has been deduced down to paper cut out’s, more fodder to fill the schedule.

    In general, as a lead character, Jack seems, quite dislikible in my opinion, very obnoxious, the back-story that accompany him, have a tendency to be somewhat lacklustre in comparison with other characters e.g. Locke, even John Lockes first backdrop story for season 3 felt random and rushed in comparison to his excellent season 1 and 2 backdrop storys.

    If like myself, you find the love triangle scenario, somewhat, tedious, in a whimsical Jane Austin sense, then you probably will find the more predominant story of Jack, sawyer and kate, increasingly cringe inducing.

    Well, I have no doubt, there will be fans of the show (especially females) who will be blind to the lack of quality of this episode, the episode itself isn’t especially bad for a television show standard, it just, for lost standards, and the high values you may have come to expect, disappointing, and you can somewhat, by watching this episode, empathise why so many people are turning away from it.

    To sum up, this episode, feels pointless, like a train going at a steady speed from start to finish as opposed to a rollercoaster, you could quite happily skip this episode.
  • Going worse and worse. show is cancelled for me. they'll have to pay people to watch the next episodes

    Lost is now too far from the main plot, that it has lost its interest.

    too many unanswered questions, uninteresting situations, made the mainstream so boring that even if they gave the best answers, it will never be enough to maintain the first interest they gathered in the previous seasons.

    But worst of all, since the discovery of a civilization in the next iland, the whole plot has burned out. What was making this show interesting was first of all "the deserted iland" plot. So who ever came up with the idea of "others living in an iland next door", crushed the show worst than the plain in the first episode.

    New Characters are a nice try, but they will not save the show. So the best they can do now, is ending the whole think this season, and learn from the mistakes for perhaps much better shows.
  • An ok episode with flash backs fleshing out of jacks character and tracing kate and sawyer back to the island.

    i can understand why some people would really hate this episode, its slow in places, doesn't give you anything you don't already know and pulls sawyer and kate further apart (why cant those crazy kids jus make up). but i think this episode does great favours for jacks character revisiting the "off the rails" jack that we saw in a previous episode (when he obsessed about who his ex wife's new man was/accused father). this is great as we never like jack more than when he's a man on a mission. this episode is really a building block for jack, building to what....... i don't know, but i think its big and its going to involve the darker side of jacks personality
  • Jack gets kinky.

    For a disclaimer: I really like Jack and I do believe he’s the great man and the leader his lover once saw in him. That being said, the stupid j**k that demanded total honesty from her as if truth itself were nothing but another form of domination is simply not the man I’m used to see and part of me can’t help but wonder if that’s the reason why things never work out for him and Kate; because he can’t help but to control every situation, including his love life, just as he does when he spares Juliet from punishment because of what she did to Danny by trading medical care for her life, which puts him in control over her now as he’s entitled to demand total honesty from her as well.

    His mysterious tattoo, however, is read without an effort by the new other introduced in the episode, the sheriff, whose search for the truth deeply contrasts with Jack’s as it’s shown not as a form of domination but as a real quest for answers about what happened to Danny Pickett and Juliet’s involvement in his demise, meanwhile the price for that shooting is already sailing away, as we see Kate, Carl and Sawyer dealing with the aftermath of their decision to leave Jack behind, which keeps them conflicted, belligerent but above all things: alive.
  • jack has flashbacks. Kate and sawyer return.

    I very boring and dull episode of lost. this was the first episode of lost that i actually couldn't bare to watch. It was just so boring. jacks flashbacks were ponitless and didn't really make sense. the kate, sawyer thing was abit boring to.
    A big dissapointment from last weeks. I prefer it when it focus on the actual island with people like sahid,locke,hurly charlie etc.
    May be the close end for lost.
  • "He walks amongst us but he is not one of us"

    Jack has never been my favorite character on LOST even though he is the "leading male role". I wouldnt really consider the secrets as HUgE EXPLoSIVE REVeALS but even the smallest of secrets is better then nothing at all. The reason why i am not enjoying season three as much as i have enjoyed the first two is that I miss the Island storylines, I miss the characters from the first season. This episode had none of that. It was once again focused on Jack, Kate and Sawyer. I still have to wonder 'is Juliet for or against Jack?'. I can never really decide. I also want to know why Ben is still so powerful. What has he done to these people or for these people that still let him have all of the power even though he is on operating table still half alive/dead. I will say i love Sawyer and Kate though. Sawyer was right when he said Kate felt guilty about the two of them. I however don't. I am glad she chose Sawyer over Jack, even if only for a moment. I will say that there is nothing more powerful then music at an end of any episode. The power of body language is almost always more powerful then words.
  • Bad advertising

    I thought that this episode was an allright episode but to me so far is the worst of season 3. This episode was a Jack episode but I didn't really like the flashback in the episode because to me it wasn't really something I wanted to know. This episode also had very bad advertising before the episode with 3 secrets being revealed, but if you watched the lost moments that were aired that you already knew one of them which was Cindy from the tail section and the kids. One of the things I did like in this episode was the ending sequence with the music but there weren't really a lot of things that I liked. Overall this episode was alright but not the best.
  • ABC purports that this episode will reveal "3 of the biggest Lost mysteries." Not likely.

    After last week's break from the main story, we focus back in to learn a little bit about Jack's past.

    Let me talk about the flashbacks first. I've got to say that I wasn't overtly thrilled when watching the flashback sequences. It just seemed so...what's the point? So we finally get to see Jack in Phuket as we've been teased about for two and a half seasons now - but it's not really all that interesting. He hangs out on some island (which looks mysteriously like the crash-site island), meets a mysterious vixen, stalks her, and then...gets a tattoo. It feels like it was only thrown in there to answer the question of where they came from. Although I do get the mild parallels between the flashback story and the "modern" story - in both stories, Jack is a foreigner who doesn't belong. He is a "Stranger in a Strange Land." Not to mention that they didn't even show how he got the whole tattoo - just the Chinese stuff. Are they saving that one for another tattoo flashback episode? I hope not.

    That said, the main story wasn't bad, it just...couldn't hold my interest for some reason. It felt a whole lot like filler. We learned a bit more about how the Others operate, I suppose, but I don't know. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something just seemed off to me. The Kate and Sawyer stuff mostly just irritated me because it is so obviously filler to keep them from returning to the beach as long as possible. There were some interesting character moments in there, but nothing that couldn't have happened once they got back to camp. They're putting off the eventual rescue attempt for as long as they possibly can and it's starting to grate my nerves.

    Some other things - ABC claimed that this episode would answer three burning questions. They totally did, if your definition of "answer" is "let the audience know that they haven't forgotten about it without actually answering anything."

    We got the tattoo stuff. Boring. Check.

    The other "big" mystery that was "solved" was what's going on with Cindy and the kids who were abducted from the tail section. And we didn't really get what's going on with them. They just showed up long enough for the audience to realize, "Hey, those guys aren't dead or in limbo. The writers still remember." Other than that, it was vague nonsense about "watching" and whatever. Laaame.

    I can't even figure out what number three is. Nothing caught my eye, so who knows?

    Don't get me wrong - I know this is how Lost rolls. They answer questions with more questions before finally giving away the big reveal. I guess I blame the advertising department then, because come on - if you're going to claim that an episode is going to do something, make sure the episode is going to have the actual payoff so people don't get pissed. Sensationalism doesn't do anyone any good.

    Oh well. Not a bad episode, but not really all that good of one either. Hopefully we get some better stuff next week.
  • This is the end of this series for me. I can't take it anymore.

    I have been watching this series from day one. I loved the first season and told all my friends to go and watch it. The second season started to dissapoint me. It seemed that they don't really want to tell us anything but not important stories. And then the third season arrived. I watched the first seven episodes and almost gave up. 7 episodes, nothing happens. No answers. Nothing. Just more charecters. So I decided to stop watching this series, you can't fool me for so long. But then they aired a promo for episode 9 (I didn't watched episode 8), a promo that said: "at least 3 big questions will be answered". So.... I watched the episode, I wanted to know the answers. And guess what? No answers. Nothing. Sawer and Kate are talking about nothing, Jake do some stuff that aren't that intersting... and this is the end. This is where this series ends for me. You can't make fun of people and lie to them with huge promos.

    One thing I did like in this episode is the scene where Jake shouts at a woman (while he is held in a cage outside). I liked it because I also wanted to shout.
  • GREAT!!!

    I can't help it. I love it. This episode wuz great, but it wulda been better if the flashbacks tied in more with what wuz happening on the island, even tho it tied in with Isabel askin him if he knew what it meant. But i liked it so i still give it a 10. Everything else was fine. It wuz an overall good episode. I liked how we are starting to see Jack/Juliet. I thought it was nice how he saved her, and reminded Ben about his promise. It was a well written episode. I wonder what's going to happen tonight.
  • great episode

    This episode returns to Jack, Sawyer and Kate after taking a detour last week to a new character Desmond. The flashback focuses on Jack, he went to Thailand where he got the tattoo on his arm. The present shows something with Sawyer and Kate as well as Ben and Juliet. The episode shows enough events to make it interesting, I had a really good time watching this, the plot was well thought out. The writers surely came up with another good episode. The Thailand scenes looked really good, the myth about Jack was somehow expanded to relate to the present events, I can't wait for the next episode.
  • What in the world was this? Nothing but filler. Let's hope this is the only slip in the season this time around...

    Yes, I am probably among the most rabidly obsessed internet blogger fans of LOST (though I am a huge nerd and have absolutely no life whatsoever). However, I will not let this episode slip. How silly was this? I mean, the moving of Jack from one cage to another was pretty... uh... important... but I was appalled at the inconsistencies of the flashback. I mean, first of all, I am learning Chinese (I read at about a second grade level), and I asked my mom what the tattoos meant. Being too fast for her to see, she couldn't make out all of it, but she was sure it didn't mean "He walks among them, but he is not one of them" Isabella crap. And then, why would a Thai woman in Thailand make tattoos for Jack that were in Chinese? They didn't have to confine the whole story in Thailand just because of the poker game with Sawyer back in Season 2. And besides, Bai Ling is Chinese! Would've made more sense. At least Jack got his ass beat. Finally. I've been getting more and more crazy about Jack and his strange decisions. Check out 301 Tale of Two Cities again. "You can have the car, the house, I just want to know his name." Man, that guy certainly will do anything over something frivolously silly. He slammed poor Achara into the wall over the "Do me with the tats now plzzz" thing! Finally, some comeuppance. Well, all we can do now is pray that 310 Tricia Tanaka is Dead will prove me wrong about things.
  • I don't know... moderately better than last week. Disappointing from commercials.

    The commercial I saw last week looked like it showed major mysteries solved this week, but maybe I heard it wrong. Nothing even remotely big was revealed. Some of the 'missing' passengers from the flight are somehow content to be living with the others. Brainwashing? Cult? Who knows... what on earth were they there to watch? The sentencing of Juliet? Why do they have to be so irritatingly cryptic??? Why not just say what you're there for? "We're here to watch". Ya. Sense Makes.

    I could have sworn the kid in Kate and Sawyer's boat said something about God loving them... but he mumbled too much. But it looked as though he *was* being brainwashed last week.

    There definitely better be some stuff revealed here soon. Although I am glad to see them going back to the 'Others' homes, so we can see more of where they live, and hopefully find out who they are.
  • Absolutely terrible...

    During this episode, we find out the origin of Jack's tattoos while suffering thru half an hour of unbelivably annoying flashbacks. Kate and Sawyer argue about the exact same thing over and over again, and the "others"...actually I can't say I know what they did. But, I think that this is one of the only bad episodes that LOST has ever produced. This season, while not the best, has been pretty good so far. To those of you that are considering not watching the show anymore, please, stay tuned. While most shows don't, LOST has a way of pulling off some of the most amazing comebacks I've ever seen. After 2 great seasons, I can't believe that LOST could have gone permanently bad.
  • Definitely the worst episode so far.

    It's not that there are boring moments in this episode. We've had some dull moments before. But the whole episode is utterly meaningless for the story as a whole (if there is an over arching storyline here). You could sum up the whole episode into five (5) minutes: the meaning of Jack's tattoo is revealed, Kate and Sawyer reach the main island, and the Others and Jack leave the smaller island. That's it! This could have been a great 'start' for an episode but now it's just stretched over the whole length of an episode with Jack's meaningless flashbacks and Kate and Sawyer arguing about nothing.

    A real disappointment. If the next episode is anything similar, I'm done with Lost.
  • Trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To start with my real rating for this episode is 0.0. The reason I gave this episode the same rating as John Belushi's grade point average in Animal House is because this show is officially dead to me. This episode which was probably the worst one of the entire series summed up this entire season. "Garbage” Why has it taken them 9 episodes to tell us, Kate and Sawyer escaped and Mr. Echo died? Because that is all that's happened this season. I have never seen a show do a 180 like this before. It use to be the best show on TV and now it's the worst. The only enjoyment I will get from this show now, is if it get's cancelled mid season and nothing get's answered. R.I.P. Lost, the first two seasons was some of the best television ever produced.
  • What the!?

    This is one of the worst episodes of Lost I have ever seen! I enjoyed it a tad bit more than the previous one that many seemed to enjoy for some reason. This episode focuses on Jack. Kate, Sawyer and Karl finally get to tehir island, but Karl leaves. They are deciding Juliet's fate, but Ben makes the order that Juliet be marked insted of executed. The question to where Jack got his tattoos is finally answered. He went to Taiwan for vacation, fell in love and disrespected the country. Giving him a girlfriend, tattoos and a good beating. Horrendous episode, they can do better.
  • What happened to Lost's ingenuity??

    While in the big picture I am a solid follower and supporter of Lost, I must admit that this was the absolute worst episode of the show that has ever aired. Period. The quality of writing was shockingly low in this episode (Achara: There will be consequences, Jack. Jack: There always are.) The characters were acting significantly out-of-character. Heroic leader Jack would NEVER force someone to tatoo his arm against their will - and more importantly, Jack is known as the quintessential "Man of Reason" who wouldn't buy the idea that a random, overly-sexual, bangs-sporting Thai woman could "know" him on a soul level and transform this knowledge into body art. Smart, quick-thinking Sawyer and Kate would have forced any and all knowledge possible about the Others and the island from Karl, rather than idly chat with him about backyards and "The Brady Bunch". And the awful closing montage with the cheesiest music ever heard in the history of the show was completely out of place and sadly begged the viewers to care about two characters they barely know: Karl and Alex. And why introduce new, mysterious characters like Isabel when even more mysterious, older characters (Ben, Juliet, Tom, Alex, etc...) have even greater mysteries that haven't even been scratched yet?

    What were they thinking? Lost has included many episodes which were pioneering and grand and of which the producers should be quite proud. But "Stranger in a Strange Land" was simply Bad TV. That's all there is to say.
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