Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • jack's tattoo means nothing to anyone with a brain

    this season is really just crashing and burning. probably the only good episode of the season the week before is followed by possibly the worst episode the series has had yet. the preview for this episode made it seem like this episode would actually reveal something important. nothing remotely important was revealed. wow they live on the other side of the island that the survivors live on. everyone already knew that! who cares about the lady with her kids. we already know the others do a lot of weird crap to people. and jack's tattoo mystery? not a mystery. no one cares. the flashbacks just sucked and were completely pointless. LOST can't say their gonna actually reaveal something for once and then not reveal anything and expect people to stick around. its like their determined to milk this cow until there's nothing left. there's NO WAY they'll be able to explain every question they've created. LOST's quality ended at the end of season 2. You can really see the writers don't know where they're going with this. I also think its hilarious how some people are still blindly praising the way things are going.
  • Finaly the mystery of Jacks tatoos are explained i realy enjoyed this episode as it gave us a bit more of an insight into the others

    Finaly the mystery of Jacks tatoos are explained i realy enjoyed this episode as it gave us a bit more of an insight into the others and brought back an old face from the second series; Cindy the air-hostess but i found myself asking why Jack couldn't simply ask what they were watching instead of shouting yet again rather than raise yet another question for viewers to ask but i was also interested in "the others" branding, court system, "better life" and who Jacob is and why God loves him so much Jack of course had the best line: "That's what it says, that's not what they mean."
  • yet another jack-centric episode i know i'm not the only one sick of them.

    omg i am so bored of jack and his meaningful past, blah blah blah... the only thing that i thought made his flashbacks interesting was the connection of his dad but this episode was just a load of dribble about some tatoos- who cares? so what if his girlfriend has a gift, doesnt everybody. it wasnt even clear when this flashback was. thats the problem with having flashbacks, you never know how long ago it was. i found that for once the best part of the episode was kate and sawyers scenes. i still miss the people on the beach, its not like they just dissapeared thats at least ten good characters there just wasting. all that kept me from going to bed was the pure hope that somthing improtant would happen but no.i am happy that next week will hopefully be mainly island centered- i do want to learn about the others but all we're getting from theere camp is jacks story and, well to be honest we know it al already.

    Also- what on earth was with the whole "we're here to watch"? absolute nonsence.

    i really loved lost and all my favorite shows seem to be ending so i dont want this to just go completely off track and make me loose hope. maybe my expectations are too high, but i keep failing to see a reason for any of this.

    sorry to moan and i know lost of people will disagree so please if you have some sort of insight or would just like a debate message me on my profile or comment on the blog post i am about to write. x
  • I actually fell asleep during this episode - who cares about Jack's tattoos - hardly a big mystery - truly depressing to see a show go so downhill

    Afte the brilliance of last week's episode, nad the way the trailers said that three of the biggest mysteries would be unveilied, I was really looking forward to this.

    But no - all Jackbacks are boring, but these have to be the worst yet - they spent half the episode explaining his tattoos. Was this one of the threee answers we were going to get? Three of the biggest mysteries... and we get Jack's tattoos explained - hardly a big mystery, Cindy and the kids are still alive... which we knew already from previews, and that the Others live on the Losties Island... which we already kenw from Tale of Two Cities. This really was painful to watch, and I am just praying that next weeks is a drastic improvement... or Lost may be losing another viewer
  • We learn the origin of Jack's tattoos, possibly the least pressing mystery on Lost, and even that isn't divulged without 44 minutes of drawn out nothingness.

    Frankly, Lost seems to be heading into tough territory as far as I, a pretty devoted fan of the show, can see. People are getting more and more fed up with the lagging storylines. I personally don't think its the fault of the story; if we consider what happened in season 1 (essentially nothing but the survivors building a camp, finding a French woman, falling of a cliff and having a baby), and compare it with seasons 2 and 3, the later episodes have arguably more action and intrigue. And yet, somehow, Lost seems to be going as slow as ever. The central problem with the latest episodes, and probably the series in general, is that for all of the tension much of the clever arranged plots and characters generate, all excitement in the show (such as the brainwashing scene, the eye-patch man in the hatch, and indeed who the hell the others are in general) is completely disfused with episodes like 'Stranger in a Strange Land', which are basically schmaltzy extended metaphors about as inconsequential as a dirt in a quarry and serve to only make me puke at the over-done sentiment and the fact that all 120,000 interesting mysteries failed to be adresses at all!

    Lost at the best of times has a tenuous grip on its audience, wanting to keep them just close enough to remain in the show's orbit but not to close as to bring them crashing onto the surface and revealing the mysteries to soon. The problem now is its alienated us, the loyal viewer, too damn much. Between the strange Sherrif Isabel, the tattoo artist whose job it is "too see who people are", the taken survivors "watching" and the sheer amount of slow-bloody-motion, I thought I'd stumbled into a pretensious art-house movie. I had that little idea what was going on, and without that I couldn't possibly be interested in this episode much at all. The only relief came from the interrogation of Jack and the strange courtroom scene, but that, of course, was frustratingly fleeting.

    What do I want from the future? Less schmaltz and soap and more ideas actually being explored. I can properly receive the idea that two people are developing feelings for each other, or are missing each other, without slow-mo and violin music, and I need the development of metaphors such as "being marked" (the theme of this episode) about as much as I need a Sayid style bamboo-shoot up my index finernails. Lets see more of what Lost does, or rather should do, best. Intrigue, suspense, and exploration into the depths of the unknown jungles of the human mind (hows THAT for a Lost metaphor!)
  • Much better than flashes before your eyes, but not a episode which made me go WOW.

    This really was a filler episode, as it quickly explained Jacks tatoo (something which has to answered some time), it showed the rest of Sawyer and Kate's escape and little bit more info on Alex's boyfriend. However I thought it was a resonable episode, it had a few good twists (plane hostess came back), little bit of an adventure with Jack saving Juliet, which was pretty good and a introduction of a new charchter. It also had a nice emontial scene, as Jack appears to be falling in love with Juliet and sadness that Alex and her boyfriend can't be with eachother. However it's was Saywers snappy lines which helped it from being a dreadful episode. I wasn't dissapointed from this episode as I wern't expecting much and it won't an episode which I will always remember. However it was a good episode, and I did not get bored, and I hope for a 'WOW' episode next week (or something quite funny and interesting as it's a Hurley flashback :-)
  • What were they thinking? Since when does Thai babes write Chinese? Why spend half the episode explaining the origins of the tattoo?

    Now now, I seriously think the Lost writers are getting quite Lost themselves. Imagine if the Prison Break writers write 3 whole seasons of the guys trying to break out of jail. Who would still watch it in Season 3? Maybe i still would but i'd become WAY too frustrated, like i am now, watching LOST! Seriously, this episode was very close to an episode in season 2 where Hurley and Sawyer spent the whole episode searching for a frog. It leaves you wondering how it contributes to the show. Is the frog maybe a mutant from the experiments the Others are conducting? Is the frog actually a symbol of Sawyer's alter ego? It leaves you puzzled for half a day only to realise, it has totally NOTHING to do with the whole Lost plot! Same as the Thai tattoo babe story... So for those of you who are still scratching your heads wondering what "He who walks amongts us but is not one of us" really means, please don't kill yourself over it.. Come on, Lost writers. Even though it's difficult to write when there's no proper end season plan carved on stone, you can do better than this. Season 1 was great! Solve some mysteries (if you can) and let the poor Lost characters do something new... Again, Season 1 was fantastic!!
  • and it was that.... the first episode from the third season to end quietly, without any stress or revelation at the end.... I see it as an episode to calm things a little bit.

    and it was that.... the first episode from the third season to end quietly, without any stress or revelation at the end.... I see it as an episode to calm things a little bit.

    Favorite moment: when the little girls asks about Ana Lucia... that was unexpected... so they arent really like the others, because they dont know that much

    the rest I think most of the people already told what was bad on this episode. Its the least interesting episode on this season since its beginning, but it wasnt really that bad, I think Fir+Water was so bad and comparing to this one.... this one was fantastic...
  • Any episode focusing on Jack is great.

    Not one of the best, but still a great episode focusing on character development. We learned a little more about Jack, and that is great. This episode was less focused on "the others" and that is great in itself. I'll continue to be along for the ride - this is the best show on TV right now. Maybe a lot of people are getting turned off becuase it seems to much like life - you never get everything that you want and not everything goes the way that you want. The best thing to do is keep watching and see where they take us. Go LOST!!!
  • What has happened to lost?

    Bored! Nearly gave up watching half way through. Unfortunately for Lost this show can not be stretched out for too many seasons before fans get bored of being treated like idiots. A few more nothing episodes like this and I think I will give up. Big secrets will be revealed? Really, where? Boring flashback that didn't make sense, Jack shouts and gets angry once again for no reason, then forced some girl to give him a tattoo, whoop-de-do! Maybe I missed something, it is possible I fell asleep at some point. But can’t bring myself to sit through it again to check. At least I got a good laugh when Jack went from calm to shouting yet again in a split second.
  • Is not the best episode ever but at least we get a mini-break.

    Those who have started reading my Lost reviews know by now that the Lost lives we, fans, lead in between episodes can be very thrilling. Always scooping for clues, elaborating new theories.

    This episode might not be the best episode even, but knowing that fewer episodes are left before season finale, I, personnaly, am glad that this episode was more storytelling. I could actually enjoy it without having one million new questions. - This is why propably I am posting my review a little late.

    I rated this episode 4.8 just below average because it's a warning - Producers and writters should start building up the finale from now on.

    One positive thing is the appearance of the other Oceanic 815 survivors. I am already anticipating why they seem to be the "chosen" ones.

    ... and so they all rolled-over and one fell-out. There were 5 episodes left and the little one said: "Where is the EXIT!"
  • Summary? Why? Jack-centric episode in every way that reveals some things about Jack, but I am unsure why/what exactly. I mean, honestly, it can't be that simple...the meaning of Jacks tatoo? To sum up: Jack in phony Phuket.

    You know...this episode was actually prety OK. But what annoys me are the moments of stalling dialogue lifted from The X-Files. Like the scene at the cage:

    "What do you do here?"
    "We watch"

    Yeah, DUH...we know...but what? Maybe you forgot, but 815 crashed and then you, a flight attendant, survived but was quickly abducted and so on...and here you are - talking in riddles...sorry but I laughed at that. Just not credible.

    Clearly people on these islands have a real appetite for observing people or the world. We GET it, JJ. It felt like Mulder having a long winded conversation with some "Deep Throat" character, endlessy delaying even the smallest disclosure.

    And give the early speculation among fans about Jack's tatoo from day one, it was really not suprisiong that they did an ep on it...but for what? Jack's "marked" with a special tatoo revealing him and/or his destiny? "He walks among us but he is not one of us?" Makes sense (maybe)....just saying, there could have been more pay-off here, and less mythology mumbo-jumbo.
    In the end, the creators can spinm this whatever way they want, and it leaves the episode feeling somewhat hollow.
  • I can't get over how this once great show has gone to the dogs (that hiatus didn't help it much either). What are the writers thinking?? Is the dullness of the last few episodes just part of a greater scheme that I simply don't get?

    The only significant revelation in season 3 so far (at least for us boys): Evangeline Lilly is getting hotter by the minute. Anything else noteworthy? Not really.

    During the months-long hiatus I almost completely lost interest in the show, especially since the first part of season 3 didn't do much to glue me to the screen. Hoping that the show would pick up pace after the break turned out to be wishful thinking - it is just sooo boring. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just too stupid to "get" what's going on, and that a much smarter person actually still enjoys "Lost" - maybe I'm just missing something?

    This show is on valium - it moves with the pace of an unconscious snail. The producers need to get their act together, and fast... or "Lost" is really lost.
  • We find out how Jack got his tats. Wow. That's, like, the 127th most important question raised in the show.

    Kate and Sawyer row back to the (original) island's shore with hypno-kid, who goes back to save his GF before becoming even remotely interesting, invalidating all of his scenes in this episode. Some lip service is given to the Kate-Jack-Sawyer triangle, but is more confusing than meaningful.

    Meanwhile, Jack´s knight in shining armor complex makes him save Ben so he can save Juliet. Equally uninteresting, but at least consistent. Jack is apparently charmed by Juliet shooting one of the others to save Kate and Sawyer, while the Others - not so much. The new Nazi-inspired-other Isabel eventually reduces Juliet sentence, and she's "Marked". We will from now on know where to pin the "Kick me" sign.

    Jack's flash back takes us to his own marking back in Thailand. After several sexcapades with Jack, a woman who is able to see the true nature of people reveals to Jack that he is a leader, but as such is doomed to be ever lonely. For some reason, Jack finds that fact appealing, and asks her to tatoo that on his arm. He promptly gets beaten by the locals for getting this forbidden gift. He then gets beaten up by the audience for behaving illogically, speaking in riddles, and generally being unable to carry the weight of an episode.
  • Big mysteries still not fully answered, but Jack's character is revealed just a little bit more

    The previews for this episode stated that there would be some major questions answered. The most important, I thought, was what had happened to the children that were taken. We find out that the children are in fact ok, and with the 'others', but that was hardly the answer I was looking for. Have they been brainwashed? Who is thier caretaker? Have they been through any testing like Walt was? Where are they kept? If the writers are going to give a big answer to a 'big mystery', they should deliver! However, I do feel this episode was good in showing a bit more of Jack and how his character developed. We get to see him try and find himself in the flashback, and try and re-establish feelings of trust and companionship with his developing relationship with Juliet.
  • Not one redeeming feature.

    There was nothing to this episode whatsoever. No character development, no suspense, no drama, not one good laugh, no revelations, no gripping plot, flashback was pointless, the 'revealer' at the end was pointless, badly played with Carl, badly played with Sawyer and Kate, badly played with Juliette's court case, badly played with 'the sheriff', very badly played with the reappearance of those who were taken...

    They had a lot of potential to turn all these little happenings into something gripping - wow, look, our captured plane mates are alive! Wow, look, they're going to kill Juliette! But no - this was the worst... episode... ever.
  • I can't understand people!!!

    I really cant understand why some people cant agree about this show. I think its a good episode because give us some answers, because show us what will be in the next episodes. I know its not like the exciting episode that we watched before, but you cant judge all the show by one episode. Sometimes the series need the episodes like that, they are midpoints or keys for open the door or I dont know maybe to understand all of the story...
  • What a pretentious peice of crap!! It had potential but the music at the end was so bogus, I was waiting for Celene Dion to appear.

    The episode had the smallest original cast ever. Let's get back to the island and see if Hurley will ever lose weight.

    Does Jack ever shave? Does his stubble ever grow? Does he smell?

    Anyway, the medical view of the operation wound was disgusting as was the "mark". The eposiode plodded along to a silly ending. If they are going back to their "backyards" don't the lost people already know where they are?

    Why would Sawyer and Kate beach instead of going back to the camp by water? Let't walk throgh the woods so we can argue and leave the canoe which would be useful behind.

    Since when should anyone listen to Sawyer? What a loser besides bein the bigget A-hole on TV.

    Oh well might as well keep watching to suffer along with the Castaways. Where's Giiligan when we need him?
  • Episode where we went one step forward and two steps back.

    This episode really went nowhere. It was about Jack's tattoo. Another mysterious person is added on the list. It explained little about the others, nothing about the camp of good guys, a little about Jack, but alot of other branches of stories. Others houses (eventhough we saw them at the beginning of the season), other characters (tattoo artist and Sheriff?) now where did she come in? where was she went all the other stuff was hitting the fan? and most of all WHY CAN'T SOMEONE ANSWER JACK'S QUESTION? he was asking alot on this episode, but nobody anwered him. Ugh...frustrating.
  • Jack's past become clearer, Kate and Sawyer settle their differences and Juliet is to be killed by the others for killing one of their own, so Jack bribes Ben, if Juliette dies he'll let Ben die as his stitches have become infected and he needs a doctor.

    Jack's relationship with Juliet seems to be developing slightly, but the same can't be said for Kate and Sawyer, she seems to start remembering what Sawyer's like, plus she's having regrets about leaving Jack behind, I think the writers have led us on the believing Kate and Sawyer would get together but she really would prefer to save Jack and resolve group issues than have a relationship.

    Jack's past was interesting and gives more meaning to his puropse, his past is very meaningful to the main storyline. Also, the others are re-locating to where Ben refers to as 'home'.
  • i'm a little undecided ...

    ... about how to rate this episode. to start with, to find about jack's tatoo had been on top of my thingsireallywouldliketohaveanswered-list when it came to "lost" but strange enough i didn't really care too much about the flashback even though jack is my favourite character on the show. these flashback sequences were way too strange and chilly for me and looked somewhat of like a pure matter of duty. after i had thought that i might have figured out some things about the "others" and that they might just be "your ordinary islanders next door" after all, they seem to be much more of a secret to me now and i'm wondering, whether they might be some really strange religious cult. after the producers had promised to answer some important questions in this episode i'm puzzled even more right now than i was before and i don't quite get for instance what saywer's up to since he seems to have realized that he has lost kate after all and i'm a little concerned about what seems to be quite a strong fraternization between jack and the "others".

    still, in an overall picture i quite liked this episode and while i've been writing down all this critism above i can't really figure out why. guess, there have been some really nice little scenes like the one between jack and alex for instance that made them up. alex seems to grow a stronger character every time she appears and i guess i like that.
  • I have an interesting question for the viewers of this show. It's more of a puzzle...

    It is about Jack's tatoo. My observation is in my opinion a proof for wather or not the show is reinvented episode by episode or it was very well prepared from the beginning.

    1. Jack had the tatoo from the first episode and the tatoo was made for this show only, that meaning that it is not a real tatoo that Matthew Fox happened to have and they invented a story for it now. That means that they knew from the beginning that the show was gonna go this way.In this case, I consider this episode to be a very good one, revealing, deep and most of all, in my opinion, with a great importance for the upcoming ones. 2. The tatoo is a real tatoo that Matthew Fox happened to have. I couldn't find any pictures with him before the show.
    And now they've just invented a story for it.
    (that scene where u can see his arm without the tatoo...let's be serious...anything is possible with a little editing today...or why not a good make-up artist :))

    3.Maybe i'm just dissapointed of the turn that the show took in the last episodes...It looks a little fabricated on the way. They should have finished it previous season if u ask me...or, we're all gonna have a BIGGGGG surprise and LOST will turn out to be the best show on TV till now...
  • I like angry Jack. Overall the story moved forward but the answered questions that were promoted weren't as big as they were made to seem.

    I gave this a 9.6 instead of an 8.6 because people are giving this episode a 3. I don't understand what is going on with people and the rating system....anyway. The flashback was hyped up because of Bai Ling but it was average. The secrets were hyped up but I really didn't learn anything accept what Jack's tattoo means and even that is vague and has no impact on the show. It might in Season 50. Jack and Juliet are getting closer, Sawyer and Kate hit a speed bump, she's having second thoughts about sleeping with Sawyer already. Ben told Jack that Juliet is one of them and that she will never really care about him. Sawyer and Kate learn that "the Others" have backyards. Alex was confirmed to be Ben's daughter. We also know that "the Others" don't live on the second island, they live on the "main island" with the rest of the Losties. There was a weird Cindy appearance. Overall it was still a good episode.
  • And I thought the past quality of Lost is back...Ah, sweet naivity!

    After the last week's episode, I was extremely happy and enthousiastic to see that Season 3 can bring excelent episodes again. I truly believed the quality would not falter again...and I couldn't be more wrong.

    Ok, so we can see what Jack and company are doing. We even get introduced to MORE new characters and get absolutely no answers. Is that surprising anymore? No. Jack's ''I was in Thailand and slept with a local girl who looks like a prostitute'' flashback was one of the worst in the existence of Lost. It was not only boring, but absolutely unnecessary, stupid and meaningless (I'll be glad if Jack's tatoo proves to be SOMETHING more, but I'm pretty sure it won't).

    Kate and Sawyer's attemps to actually have a serious conversation didn't turn out well as Sawyer's one-liners are quickly becoming tiring and Kate's feelings for Jack and Sawyer can't interest anyone but hardcore fans of love triangles. I wish they reached the camp quickly so we can see good old Locke, Sayid, etc.

    There were, however, some positive aspects of the episode: Alex is becoming more and more interesting character and I'd love to see her escape the Others and join the 815 survivors, which is in my opinion not likely to happen. The end was also quite promising, but I'm losing faith in this series again. Let's see how it continues.
  • Jack recalls the time he spent in Bangkok Thailand and the interesting people he met including a tattoo artist and the formidable Sherry.

    Interesting. Finale get to know what the tattoos say and mean. I think what they mean is very interesting. We get to see more of the others which is cool and OMG Cindy and the kids were there! That weird Shriff lady wow! They have a shriff and backyards! Thats just cool! As much as I liked this flashback I think they need to cut back on Jack's flashbacks and have some other characters that didn't have as much as much flashbacks. I really want to see a flashback of Ben or more of the others and Nikki and Paulo. I so hope Juilet and Jack hook up. I am so a Juilet and Jack fan!
  • Not one of the best

    I found this to be one of those episodes where you don't learn much and was left wanting more but better. A tattoo on Jack's arm was about as good as it got. You did not find out what it totaly meant or why he got a kicking on the beach because of it. I am getting fed up of the others island and don't find anything with them I would like to know more about. However it left you with the cliff hanger of were the boat was heading and where they were taking Jack. Lets see more of the old island. I am missing Locke and his quirky ways
  • why should we care any more?

    im getting really sick of lost.
    they act like its ok that they dont tell us anyting, and we should just keep watching and care about the new charecters.
    well its not ok, tell us whats going on and then devolpe the show more, dont devolpe the show and charecters when we have no idea what the hell is going on.

    i know, thats the way its been since season 2.
    but now its getting to far, and Sawyer and kate had a chance to ask carl what is going on but they didnt, and jack had a chance to ask alex, but they dont even care anymore so why the hell sould we care??????
  • the Ultimate trick Ben say: I whant you to whant to save my life! To achieve that they make Jack belive he is the one save Juliettes life, and in return Jack whants to save Bens life! Does Jack have a free will or is it Bens will?

    the Ultimate trick
    Ben say
    I whant you to whant to save my life!

    To achieve that they make Jack belive he is the one save Juliettes life, and in return Jack whants to save Bens life, Does Jack have a free will or is it Bens will?

    the A Tale of Two Cities S0301

    in the book club Julliette say:
    Here I am thinking that free will still actually exists...

    the Question is:
    Does Danny still live?
  • Jack saves Juliets life as Sawyer and Kate embark on their island

    Finally an episode less boring than the former ones of the trird season. This time we got to take a pick of Jacks life on vacation, and how he got his tatoos,I must admit it was a pretty strange and mystic story. It was nicely linked with one of the episodes from the first season, where Kate asks him about his tatoos. As for Kate and Sawyer, are they going to argue all the time now? What? Now Kate misses Jack? O is it just her desire to keep everyone alive, because this remains for me unclear, maybe next time it will resolve.
  • Not Very Good

    In this episode nothing really happend it was just showing you kate, sawyer and carl going back to the other island. carl wanted to go back to the other island to get alex and he new if he went back then they would kill him. the other half of the episode was about jack and how he got his tatoo.
    He was on an island and he was hanging out with some asian chick and she said that she can tell who people really are.
    Jacks story was "He walks amongst us but he is not one of us.".
    Next week sawyer and Kate will go back to there original camp with locke sahid and those people.
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