Season 3 Episode 9

Stranger in a Strange Land

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • A Jack-centric episode.

    All things considered, I thought that this was a really great episode. I would definitely have to say that I think that this is both the best Jack-centric episode of Lost that they've had so far, and it's definitely also my favorite of all the Jack-centric episodes that the show has ever had at this point in time. I really like how this Jack-centric episode didn't really focus on Jack's relationship with his father since I was getting tired of all the episodes of Lost that dealt with Jack's issues regarding his father. In addition to Jack's story line, I also loved the Kate and Sawyer story line in this episode. In closing, I thought that this was an amazing episode of Lost in every possible way, from the script for the episode to all of the actor's performances, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • Great episode which provides further valuable insight into Jack's head and heart...part of the mystery of his tattoo is explained

    Apparently, many Lost fans didn't like this episode much...granted, Lost is a plot-driven show and people like to see things happen. And things did happen in that episode, maybe not mystery-related things, but things happened: Kate and Sawyer get back to their island, even though Kate repeatedly tries to get Sawyer to turn back for Jack who explains to her that Jack is on his own now. Something that Kate has much trouble accepting. A crucial dialogue between Kate and Sawyer reveals Kate's guilt over sleeping with Sawyer and provides much insight into Kate's head and heart. Juliet's trial or rather the canceling thereof through Jack is another event that marks the episode.

    However, I believe what makes Lost so unique and worthy is that as much as it is plot-driven, it is the characters that make this show truly great. The psychological aspects are almost always mind-blowing, and without the characters the island wouldn't be much. It is the whys and the hows of those characters' behavior in the context of the island that makes this show so great; and one of, to me the most intriguing, special character is Jack.

    Often the really good ones are also the really boring ones. Not so with Jack. While he undoubtedly has a truly good and kind heart, he is a very complex man and I'm always happy to learn more about him and get into his head.
    The issues with his father obviously run very deep. He is constantly struggling to prove to his father, to the world, but above all to himself that he has what it takes, that he has the will to make it work. This constant struggle with himself, his lack of faith in himself combined with his unique commitment and sense of responsibility, and with his truly good heart lead to a troubled and complex man, or as Kate called it, "damaged goods". The fact that he always tries to move beyond anything any other person could bear, that he always wants what is good for the individual people he cares about and the group he's responsible for demonstrates immense strength. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others, something that is perfectly expressed by his credo: "Live together, Die alone" (unlike Sawyer's which is "Every man for himself"). There is an altruism there paired with human fallacy that make him such a complex, intriguing and appealing character. He needs to fix things and people so much that he is often blind to the things that are whole. His commitment and his fear of not having what it takes never allow him to let go. And while that can lead to a self-destructive path, it is this very attitude that enabled him to save many people, many lives, among these Charlie's. Unlike many other men of science, Jack is anything but cold or unfeeling. Rather the very opposite: while he believes in reason he does not lack the ability to believe and has immense ability to love. He puts his faith in people and is guided by his heart, as his father said about him: "He always does what's in his heart". The fact that he doesn't deny anyone his help, not even his enemy, that his integrity is so comprehensive that he will stick out his neck, not only to ensure the safety of his friends, but that of Juliet who is in trouble, that he never abandons his principles, is stressed in this episode…and if you ask me, these points cannot be stressed enough. He's also very contradictory, or surprising. Next to his bedside manner, which from a guy like Jack we'd expect to be impeccable but really isn't, the probably most unexpected or contradictory aspects about Jack are his tattoos, and his master skill in poker. That particular skill, not only enabled him to get back the medicine for the people he's responsible for, but also provided some hilarious scenes between him and Sawyer :) In this episode the background of both those aspects is finally explained. Jack's quest for himself after his divorce lead him to Thailand, where an admittedly horribly acting Bai Ling, not only "sees" who Jack is, but because of Jack's insistence also marks her words forever on him. Those words, words that directly contradict his father's accusation that he doesn't have what it takes to make decisions, have a kind of liberating, maybe even redemptive effect upon Jack who forces his "gifted" acquaintance to brand him with them forever. Jack defies Achara's warning who is reluctant to mark him since he's not one of her people, because he never wants to forget who he is again. While the tattoo may not use the words Jack heard from Achara it carries their very meaning to him. However, only a part of his tattoo is explained through his encounter with Achara. The rest has yet to be revealed…and I can't wait for that to happen.
    Interestingly enough, Juliet is given a mark that identifies her as well, thereby providing a link between Jack and Juliet

    A truly great episode which was brilliantly written throughout, very well executed by Matthew Fox and which provided further valuable insight into Jack's psyche.
  • GREAT!!!

    I can't help it. I love it. This episode wuz great, but it wulda been better if the flashbacks tied in more with what wuz happening on the island, even tho it tied in with Isabel askin him if he knew what it meant. But i liked it so i still give it a 10. Everything else was fine. It wuz an overall good episode. I liked how we are starting to see Jack/Juliet. I thought it was nice how he saved her, and reminded Ben about his promise. It was a well written episode. I wonder what's going to happen tonight.
  • great episode

    This episode returns to Jack, Sawyer and Kate after taking a detour last week to a new character Desmond. The flashback focuses on Jack, he went to Thailand where he got the tattoo on his arm. The present shows something with Sawyer and Kate as well as Ben and Juliet. The episode shows enough events to make it interesting, I had a really good time watching this, the plot was well thought out. The writers surely came up with another good episode. The Thailand scenes looked really good, the myth about Jack was somehow expanded to relate to the present events, I can't wait for the next episode.
  • the Ultimate trick Ben say: I whant you to whant to save my life! To achieve that they make Jack belive he is the one save Juliettes life, and in return Jack whants to save Bens life! Does Jack have a free will or is it Bens will?

    the Ultimate trick
    Ben say
    I whant you to whant to save my life!

    To achieve that they make Jack belive he is the one save Juliettes life, and in return Jack whants to save Bens life, Does Jack have a free will or is it Bens will?

    the A Tale of Two Cities S0301

    in the book club Julliette say:
    Here I am thinking that free will still actually exists...

    the Question is:
    Does Danny still live?
  • I can’t help it; I love this show!!

    I can’t help it, I love this show!!

    While this epi did not live up to the hype, IMO it was very entertaining. I think there could have been more explanation of certain aspects, such as why Achera wasn’t allowed to tattoo Jack. Was it only Jack, or is it anyone who isn’t from Thailand? Is that why she had to keep her job a secret in the first place – to keep Jack from asking? How did everyone know that he got the tattoos? Did she rat him out? Why did they have to beat him. If they were going to give us an explanation, it should have been a much fuller one. It certainly didn’t deserve a full episode, but this was just a little too sketchy.

    I was hoping that when they revealed the status of those who had been kidnapped, it would have been in more detail. It’s good to see that Cindy and the children are well cared for, but what has been happening with them? So, what was the point of seeing them walking around barefoot and dirty and wearing raggedy clothes in past episodes? And what were they watching – Jack sleeping? Why? Made no sense whatsoever.

    Why oh why did Sawyer let Carl go without finding the location of their homes? Sawyer is a smart guy, so why did he do something so stupid? Is it a calculated risk on Sawyer’s part? Does he think because Carl believes he will get killed if the Others get him, that Carl will find his way to their camp and help them willingly? I hope something like that happens, and not that Sawyer was ignorant to the potential of Carl. Kate couldn’t believe it either that Sawyer let him go. It was nice, though, to see Sawyer’s soft side.

    I was sorry to see that Sawyer and Kate are not progressing smoothly in their relationship. Hopefully it’s just a bump in the road. It looks like Juliette and Jack may have a budding relationship.

    Isabelle is a great name for the sheriff! Ben’s still the boss though. What’s the purpose of marking someone. The mark is where it can’t be seen! Was she branded? What right did Ben have to get all huffy about Ethan, the surgeon, being killed when Ethan was the one who hung Charlie and kidnapped Claire? And according to Alex when she was helping Claire escape, Claire was going to be killed by them after her baby was born.

    As always, looking forward to next week!!
  • Great episode Very adventourous and well worth the watch Stuff can be done to improve the story though.

    Jack recalls the time he spent in Bangkok, Thailand, and the interesting people he met while he was there, including a talented tattoo artist and the formidable Sherry.
    Its a great episode, iam being soft though giving it a 10 but i thought it was a very adventourous episode and is on a whole getting really exciting. I dont know who the people on the island with jack are. I really cant wait to find out what happens next. I did not however understand this episode too well. With sherry and the thailand situation and her gift. It was slightly out of character. But as a whole lost is improving and hopefully will continue to get better
  • We learn about Jack's tattoos and, although the flashbacks seem out of place and forced, the island scenes made up for it.

    Although this wasn't a killer episode it was a transitional episode that needed to be shown. Yes, this episode wasn't awesome but it I think that next weeks episode will redeem this one and show that it was necessary. Myt only major complaint is that the flashbacks seemed forced and were a little dissapointing. The writing wasn't as good as LOST usually is during the flashback scenes and Bai Ling completely ruined what could've been a very cool story. She is a terrible actress and I really hope they don't make another casting mistake like that. The flashbacks told of Jack's "soul-search" in Thailand and how he got his tattoos. The story about Achara's gift was a little shaky and not very compelling but I think it was very cool of the producers to tie in Matthew Fox's actual tattoos. Either way, the on-island scenes made up where the flashbacks lacked. There are a number of minor questions that need to be cleared up later in the season--Whats up with the marking? Who, specifically, is Isabl? Why did Jack make the deal? What have the kidnapped people been doing all this time? etc. The scenes with Kate and Sawyer were full of great acting and writing and the final scene with Giacchino's new score wass beautiful. I can't wait for the season 3 soundtrack. In every series there needs to be transitional episodes during the season and I think this episode moved the story forward a great deal and will payoff over the next few episodes. Next week looks great! Hurley! Overall, this was an enjoyable episode that should not be remembered for it's flashbacks.
  • A transitional episode!!

    ABC completely over exaggerated with the 3 mysteries being revealed, but Damon and Carlton(Producer and writers), said what ABC said was wrong in there podcast a couple of days ago. To the episode though. I liked the episode alot, I mean it was a transitional episode, but those arn't bad either. We're finally off of the "alcatraz" island, and now it looks like we'll be on the main island for now on, until Locke, Sayid, and Kate go to "alcatraz" island to get Jack back, only to find out that "The Others" have left. So overall the episode was good. The next episode doesn't look like it'll be a pivetal episode except for the fact we'll get a heart-warmful reunion. In two weeks it looks like that'll be the episode to watch, Sayids flashback episode "Enter 77".
  • Great one

    This episode was really good. It focuses once again on Jack, the others, Kate, and Sawyer. I thought Sawyer's lines were hilarious! I loved how he called Karl "Bobby", it cracked me up! What was up with all the Sawyer and Kate fights? Also, Why did Juliet get "marked"? I'm so confused by that. Jack's flashbacks weren't as good as I was expecting, but they still weren't BAD. So we see Cindy and the kids again... I'm not sure even what to think about that. lol. I'm really freaked out with this Isabel lady... She has an annoying voice! haha I wonder who she is 'supposed' to be. I thought she was in charge at first, but I guess that Ben still is. Really good episode, although it didn't answer much like it said it would in the previews.
  • This episode was just great and exactly what I expect from this series. Many questions are answered, and they lead to more questions. It was pretty cool to get all those informations and to see that lost actually moves forward again.

    Brilliant episode that reveals many answeres. While the story writers strengenth the bond between Juliette and Jack(Which we all feeled in the last episodes I guess), we see some old characters again, that we might nearly have forgotten. We can learn somethings about the islands and the relationship of the others. ALso some of their punishment methods are shown and it is clear that everything they do has consequences for them. Also the riddle of Jack's tatoo is kind of solved. Just amazing!!!
  • Any episode focusing on Jack is great.

    Not one of the best, but still a great episode focusing on character development. We learned a little more about Jack, and that is great. This episode was less focused on "the others" and that is great in itself. I'll continue to be along for the ride - this is the best show on TV right now. Maybe a lot of people are getting turned off becuase it seems to much like life - you never get everything that you want and not everything goes the way that you want. The best thing to do is keep watching and see where they take us. Go LOST!!!
  • I seem to be the only 1 but I really enjoyed this ep. Got to know more about how the others operate, their ethos and morl stand points. Stuff about Jack's tatoos was interesting but need explaining which I'm sure will be clarified in

    Thought this episode was incredibly well written. While it may not serve the overall arc of hugely there were a lot of good psychological insights.

    Sawyer was brilliant and hilarious as usual and the banter between him Kate and Karl was very entertaining.

    Found last episode to be very predictable and so enjoyed this one. In heavy drama you need and enjoy the odd golfing episode.
  • I didn't like the back story at ALL

    The main story to this episode was strong, but the back story fell apart. Something wasn't right. Anyway in this episode Jack's and Juliet's relationship met at a new level, he saved her life, now she owns Jack. It was nice to see Ben once again. What by the way was the mark thye put on Kuliets back? Strange. I'm not sure yet if i like this new 'Others' woman Isabell. Overall i liked most of the episode. I thought doing an episode on Tatoos was a weak idea at best. But i look forward to next week's episode 'Tracia Tanka is dead'. But so far so good. Things can only get better for Jack... right?
  • great getting more stuff happening, but is it with those flash backs

    this eposode was devently not my favoret, but it answers to some of my quetions. like Jack's tattoos, even though it was a stuped thing, and what island the others live on. i didn't like the Jack flash backs at all. i don't care how got the tattoos i just wanted to what they mean! i want to get back to the beach and back to Kate and Sawyer. their going to have to talk more about what happened between them. they cant just leave it like that. i think it should be Kate and Sawyer then Jack and Juliet. i hope Alex gets back to Karl soon.
  • I like angry Jack. Overall the story moved forward but the answered questions that were promoted weren't as big as they were made to seem.

    I gave this a 9.6 instead of an 8.6 because people are giving this episode a 3. I don't understand what is going on with people and the rating system....anyway. The flashback was hyped up because of Bai Ling but it was average. The secrets were hyped up but I really didn't learn anything accept what Jack's tattoo means and even that is vague and has no impact on the show. It might in Season 50. Jack and Juliet are getting closer, Sawyer and Kate hit a speed bump, she's having second thoughts about sleeping with Sawyer already. Ben told Jack that Juliet is one of them and that she will never really care about him. Sawyer and Kate learn that "the Others" have backyards. Alex was confirmed to be Ben's daughter. We also know that "the Others" don't live on the second island, they live on the "main island" with the rest of the Losties. There was a weird Cindy appearance. Overall it was still a good episode.
  • This episode was about Jack coming into his own again. First season he was "reluctant hero", second season he was "tragic/frustrated hero" and after this episode he seems to accept the idea of a leadership hero role. I loved this episode. Good for Jack

    This episdoe was given a huge lead in by the advertisers that said that three huge things were to be revealed. When that didn't happen, many people were disappointed. However, this episode, when examined alone, was a great character development for Jack Shepard, and for a few other characters. The spark of first season was seeing these apparent strangers overcome some of their past mistakes and insecurities by opening up in this strange new location they were forced to make a home on. Everyone released a smile thinking Charlie gave up drugs or John Locke could magically walk. Jack proving he could be a leader when his father always said he couldn't, Kate getting a new shot at freedom, etc. A lot of second season lost that spark when some of the flashbacks got too serious and complicated and when the island became confusing and highly hostile. Tonights episode showed a character flashback in a positive and inspiring light again, giving it some magic of first season. Jack can do this. He can be the leader he chooses to be. He made some great decisions and compromises this episode. Kate and Sawyer showed some of their true colors and character definitions again AND we got a deeper look at the society of the Others. Okay, so they didn't give us all the answers we were looking for. But they gave us something. They should stop talking the show up. First season was popular because the audience talked the show up. Stop talking up the commercials and delivering little. That way, we can enjoy the episodes for what they are instead of condemning them for what they turn out not to be.
  • Jack talks to the Others, Kate and Sawyer talk to each other. Juliet gets marked. And it all goes very slowly.

    This episode gave us some new information, but I still feel like it dragged a bit for me. Again with the days of traveling back to the beach to get back with the rest of the survivors. I hope it doesn't take as long as it did for the tail-section people. Jack does meet up with some of the people that were taken, and gets a little miffed that they seem to trust the Others. A little girl asks about Anna Lucia, and Jack just shouts that they should go about there business. I would really like to have seen him tell them that Anna Lucia was dead because the Others put Michael up to it. We find out that Jack got his tattoo by practically forcing the girl he was seeing to do it. She tells him he is a leader, and his tattoo says "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." I wonder, does it mean he's not one of the Other's, or not one of the survivors. Sawyer confronts Kate about sleeping with him, because she thought he was going to die, and she doesn't deny it. And why doesn’t anyone mention to Alex that they think she may not actually be Ben's daughter. Maybe at least someone will tell Russo that her daughter is ok. I think I would give this episode a B+.
  • Underrated episode.

    People really seem to have a problem with this episode, but I think it's an example of trying to read too much into things that are unimportant or explained later on indirectly (we'll see).

    I enjoy Jack episodes, so I suppose I'm biased, but it was nice to see that he was eventually able to move on from his divorce and find himself in Thailand. The cultural parallels between his marking and Juliet's branding were a nice touch -- both are outsiders for their leadership abilities.

    I'll respond briefly to two problems another reviewer had: 1) It's clear that Ben knew Juliet was going to be executed and that he was going to let the law unfold as written. The only reason he commutes her sentence is because Jack makes a deal with him and, we suspect, he's looking for an excuse to let her off since he has feelings for her.

    2) Jack yells at the crowd of people, some or all of them kidnapped survivors, because they're staring at him like he's a sideshow freak. Obviously they've been turned somehow, and if the writers don't decide to tell us how it happened, it was probably unimportant. I suspect as we learn more about the Others' culture we will understand how they turn people. No biggie there.
  • Big mysteries still not fully answered, but Jack's character is revealed just a little bit more

    The previews for this episode stated that there would be some major questions answered. The most important, I thought, was what had happened to the children that were taken. We find out that the children are in fact ok, and with the 'others', but that was hardly the answer I was looking for. Have they been brainwashed? Who is thier caretaker? Have they been through any testing like Walt was? Where are they kept? If the writers are going to give a big answer to a 'big mystery', they should deliver! However, I do feel this episode was good in showing a bit more of Jack and how his character developed. We get to see him try and find himself in the flashback, and try and re-establish feelings of trust and companionship with his developing relationship with Juliet.
  • I can't understand people!!!

    I really cant understand why some people cant agree about this show. I think its a good episode because give us some answers, because show us what will be in the next episodes. I know its not like the exciting episode that we watched before, but you cant judge all the show by one episode. Sometimes the series need the episodes like that, they are midpoints or keys for open the door or I dont know maybe to understand all of the story...
  • A great character piece about Jack, executed and directed with skill, creating a lingering mood reflecting the themes of connection, leadership, and loneliness.

    This episode was well directed and kept up the pace with the plot and dialogue interspersed with the flashbacks to keep the audience interested. The episode also didn't dumb down any of the dialogue for the audience, like when Jack countered to the sheriff of the Others that she knows what the tattoo says, but doesn't know what it means. I loved Jack's maniacal laughter when the little girl asked him about Ana Lucia, as he's dumbstruck by their ignorance and inability to see or question what the Others were doing to the Losties. Jack's hostile manner seems completely justified after all the offenses the Other's committed against the Losties. I could see clearer parallels being drawn to the idea that the Others are deemed the "good" sheriffs and police people, the Losties are the "bad" criminals, bad seeds, and guilty people, and the kidnapped people like Cindy are like the ignorant mass public who are like sheep who just see black and white. I could see parallels drawn to the Bush administration, their treatment of Arab detainees for suspected terrorist activities, and the unwillingness of the American people to call them on their ends justifies the means trampling of civil liberties. Similarly, the Others are kidnapping, experimenting, and hurting the Losties without clear regard to them, and think that they are still the "good" guys. Other aspects of the episode that were wonderful were the glimpses of Elizabeth Mitchell which made you understand why Jack was falling for her. The scene where Jack applied aloe to Juliet's mark, and in which she tentatively reached for his hand was marvelous. I'm totally loving how Jack's bond and connection with Juliet has grown, and how he took action to save her and show her that he cared.
  • It was a good way to fill the plot before the reunion. i wasn't to crazy about the fb.

    Ok so tonights eppy was Jack centric. I am not a huge fan of the Jack fb or of Jack, but throughout this season he has been getting better and better. The fb were kind of there just to fill in the time. i mean yeah it was interesting to learn about Jack's tattoos, but it wasn't imperitive that the audience knows. i wish there had been more revealed. i knew though that this was going to be a filler eppy because next weeks and Enter 77 will be the one where questions get answered. a lot of people are complaining that there isn't enough of the beach, well this episode needed to happen so that it could show Sawyer and Kate gettiong back to camp, otherwise people would complain that they made it back to camp to fast. I thought the stuff that happened on alcatraz was interesting. there were a couple more things revealed about how the Others live, and their legal system. I also liked the spark between Jack and Juliet. I think they both did an excellent job in this episode. I can't wait for Ben to be out of that bed, i want more of him and his story. The stuff between Sawyer and Kate was really sad. i mean it was good acting by both Josh and Evi, but it was bad conclusion to their relatioship, i hope the writers either end it better or do soemthing that keeps it still alive. it was also necessary to have that so that when they reunited with the beach dwellers they wouldn't have this relationship, and also it makes for good dramatic tv.
    all in all i liked the eppy and can't wit for next week.
  • Finaly the mystery of Jacks tatoos are explained i realy enjoyed this episode as it gave us a bit more of an insight into the others

    Finaly the mystery of Jacks tatoos are explained i realy enjoyed this episode as it gave us a bit more of an insight into the others and brought back an old face from the second series; Cindy the air-hostess but i found myself asking why Jack couldn't simply ask what they were watching instead of shouting yet again rather than raise yet another question for viewers to ask but i was also interested in "the others" branding, court system, "better life" and who Jacob is and why God loves him so much Jack of course had the best line: "That's what it says, that's not what they mean."
  • There is alot to take in at this point as this episode is split, we have 3 of them leaving the island, Jack having flashbacks to his time in Phucket and Juliet having to face a court of the others, for her actions taken in the last couple of episodes.

    The 3 in the boat are half way across when Kate says that they have to go back for Jack, Sawyer disagrees saying it was Jack's wishes for them to leave him, Karl in a semi-daze tells them that if they go back they will kill them both, then mutters "God loved you as he loved Jacob" and passes out.

    Tom goes into the room Jack is being kept in and tells him they are going to move him, Jack says is that your way of saying you are going to kill me, Tom asks him what kind of people does Jack think they are, so he rattles off a list of crimes only to get told, would you like some stones for your glasshouse and is moved to the bear cages outside, possibly the one Sawyer was in.

    He settles down and shortly after Tom brings him a sandwich, Jack says he likes it the way Juliet does it, lightly grilled and with sticks in them, he asks after the other woman, the figurative sheriff, but when he is asked about himself helping out Kate and Sawyer he remains still and ends the conversation.

    Kate believes that they should be heading around the shore, not into land, Sawyer argues saying they have no food, water or a map to navigate around the island and that they can go and camp on the island for the night. They get onto land and whilst it is still light Sawyer offers mardy Kate some fruit, who refuses and Karl tells them they should not fight as they are lucky to be alive and to be together. They talk to Karl about things, like projects, back yards and names of made up constellations.

    Juliet is escorted to Jacks cage and asked if he'll help with Ben, as he has got an infection around his stitches. Jack refuses to help Juliet of Ben. Later Isabelle, the sheriff, approaches Jack talking chinese and asking if he knows what it means as it can be hard to translate, he says he does. He is taken to a room in the hydra where he is asked to explain questions regarding claims that Juliet asked him to kill Ben, he remains very silent and lies and says that he made it up to cause disdain amongst the ranks.

    From Jack's flashbacks we learn that he spent about 6 weeks in Phuket, most of which is spent with a tattoo-artist / personality seer, but he makes her see into him and then tattoo it to his body, but she doesn't want to as he is an outsider, not allowed, but he insists, the following morning he is beaten by her brother and friends and told to leave the beach and country.

    The following day Jack is like and feels like an exhibit, as the ones taken by the others are outside the bear cages, Cindy the stewardess is there, but the qustions are making Jack angry and he shouts at them to leave which they do. Alex comes to see him, breaks the cctv camera and lets him out in order to go and see her father, to get Juliet's execution stopped, which they do after he has promised to see that Ben is looked after properly.
  • I have an interesting question for the viewers of this show. It's more of a puzzle...

    It is about Jack's tatoo. My observation is in my opinion a proof for wather or not the show is reinvented episode by episode or it was very well prepared from the beginning.

    1. Jack had the tatoo from the first episode and the tatoo was made for this show only, that meaning that it is not a real tatoo that Matthew Fox happened to have and they invented a story for it now. That means that they knew from the beginning that the show was gonna go this way.In this case, I consider this episode to be a very good one, revealing, deep and most of all, in my opinion, with a great importance for the upcoming ones. 2. The tatoo is a real tatoo that Matthew Fox happened to have. I couldn't find any pictures with him before the show.
    And now they've just invented a story for it.
    (that scene where u can see his arm without the tatoo...let's be serious...anything is possible with a little editing today...or why not a good make-up artist :))

    3.Maybe i'm just dissapointed of the turn that the show took in the last episodes...It looks a little fabricated on the way. They should have finished it previous season if u ask me...or, we're all gonna have a BIGGGGG surprise and LOST will turn out to be the best show on TV till now...
  • I liked it!

    Jack has flashbacks of how he got the tattoo. He meets a woman with a gift of seeing who people really are and marking them. She marks him against her will and locals beat him up and tell him to leave.

    Jack is moved to Sawyer's cage. Juliet has killed one of the Others, so she is on trial. Sawyer, Kate and Karl get to the other island. Jack saves Juliet's life by making a deal with Ben. He has an infection, so Jack agrees to take care of him. Sawyer talks to Karl about Alex.

    This episode was great! The flashbacks didn't make too much sense to me though. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • Awesome.

    Juliet is put on trial for killing Pickett. With Jack and Ben's help, Juliet does not receive the death penalty. The Others and Jack begin their journey to the Others' homes, which are located on a different island. Flashbacks show Jack getting his tattoos during a strange vacation in Thailand. I love Kate and Sawyer - they have a awesome bond together, you can't help but enjoy watching them together. I love Jacks scenes he is awesome and is my second favourite character on this show. His back story is really good too - plus he is so hot. I also love Tom, he is pretty cool. The scense with Juliet and Jack are great in this episode too. I love the way Jack is getting questioned in this episode - awesome storyline. The scene between Sawyer and Carl is great too where they're talking about women! Great episode.
  • A good episode, but Bai Ling ruined the flashback.

    This episode picks up where Not in Portland leaves us. Jack is trying to prevent Juliet from being executed for killing Danny Pickett to save Kate and Sawyer. The on-island parts of this episode were good, but the flashbacks were terrible. I'm not a big fan of Jack flashbacks anymore in the first place, as he's had too many. Add Bai Ling's horrible acting in to the mix, and that ruins it. Although it was nice to see what Jack's tatoos meant, which we've been wondering since 1x06 "The House of the Rising sun".

    The episode finished up The Hydra island storyline, which was getting a little old. Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell's acting was amazing, and the episode ended with a beautiful score by Michael Giacchino. Overall, apart from the flashback, this was an okay episode.
  • and it was that.... the first episode from the third season to end quietly, without any stress or revelation at the end.... I see it as an episode to calm things a little bit.

    and it was that.... the first episode from the third season to end quietly, without any stress or revelation at the end.... I see it as an episode to calm things a little bit.

    Favorite moment: when the little girls asks about Ana Lucia... that was unexpected... so they arent really like the others, because they dont know that much

    the rest I think most of the people already told what was bad on this episode. Its the least interesting episode on this season since its beginning, but it wasnt really that bad, I think Fir+Water was so bad and comparing to this one.... this one was fantastic...
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